Scandal s03e05 Episode Script

More Cattle, Less Bull

I don't think it is a matter of the President showing leadership.
At this point, I'm more interested in him not showing certain things.
A star is born.
Previously on "Scandal" At 15, Josephine Marcus walked into a maternity ward pregnant.
But when she walked out, there was no baby and no birth certificate.
Pete Foster tattooed the Navy flight plan for a secret mission called operation remington.
There were five of us on the ground and one plane flying air support.
That pilot was the President.
So why does this guy go get a tattoo saying he was the pilot? Maybe for the same reason your father wanted him dead.
- What the hell is this? - A reunion that is long overdue.
What? It's just astonishing, that's all.
We're almost finished with dessert and you haven't once accused me of any crimes against humanity.
I think we're making progress.
No? You know what I've learned? Mnh-mnh.
I've learned that accusing you of things means nothing.
It leads to power games and moves and you making my friends kill people.
So instead of speaking my mind, instead of being the brave, outspoken girl my mother taught me to be, I'm chewing my food, fulfilling my contract.
And when we're done, I'll go home and immediately try to forget this ever happened.
Until next Sunday, when we do it all again.
How fascinating, that you think that's your mother's legacy, being brave and outspoken, when everything you've become, everything you are, is clearly because of me.
I think you mean in spite of you.
Two sides of the same coin, my dear.
Thank you.
As for Making your friends kill people, that's something Huck brought on himself.
He leaves me alone, I'll leave him alone.
Jake, too.
They're done with dinner.
He's on his way back.
How far away's the restaurant? Three minutes, four with traffic.
- Great.
How convenient for him.
- You need to move.
- I'm moving.
- Move faster.
- Really? - You are going to be compromised.
I'm gonna be compromised? Look, I understand the stakes here.
I'm a spy, too.
You got it yet? - No.
Where is he? - He's in the driveway.
What? So much for traffic.
I have to re-arm the alarm system.
Just just wait.
I can't.
He'll see the alarm's disabled.
- He'll know you're there.
- Damn it! Alarm system's disabled again.
You're free to go.
Come on, come on, come on.
Almost there.
You got it yet? Come on, come on.
You got it? Yeah, I got it.
- Is this the - The resolute desk, yes.
John-John used to peek out from that little door there.
- It is something! - Mr.
Bergen Leo.
You can call me Leo, Mrs.
- Is this the original? - Leo Looks like the original.
My God.
Leo, I'm sure you're wondering why we've invited you here today.
You are gonna ask me to run the President's re-election campaign.
- Yes.
- We want you and your strategic brilliance, your unconventional thinking, and of course, your penchant for throwing an elbow or two every once in a while.
We're offering you a chance to stand at the center of what's going to be the best-funded, best-organized campaign this country's even seen.
Top talent only, Leo.
What do you say? Perhaps this is a conversation best had between you and me, Cyrus.
- Certainly - No, no.
I am in this to win, so don't treat me like the first lady.
Think of me as simply a member of the team.
In this conversation, Fitz is not my husband.
He's our guy.
Your guy has a few things going for him.
He's a decorated vet.
He survived an assassination attempt.
He's great on his feet.
But he's got problems, big problems.
Character problems, credibility problems, penis problems, as in he can't keep it in his pants.
He's also got Mm-hmm.
A marriage problem.
I'm sorry, ma'am, but he has a "his wife is a frigid shrew" problem.
All candidates have problems.
It's why people like us exist.
Yes, but I won't work for a loser.
Losers? (Scoffs) We're talking about a sitting President.
Cy, I don't care about his problems.
I care about optics, how he looks.
The man looks unhappy.
He looks beleaguered.
He looks like hasn't had a good Ma'am, I apologize screw in a long time.
He looks like a loser.
Your guy's heart isn't in it.
He's gonna lose.
Don't get me wrong.
I appreciate the big show, the invitation to the oval office.
But as hallowed as this office is, right now it smells like desperation.
Like losing.
It smells like Nixon in '74 in here.
I don't do losers.
Besides, we all know I'm really only here because you destroyed your relationship with Olivia Pope.
Thank you for the offer, but I'm due on the hill to meet with Josie Marcus in 20 minutes, so best of luck.
You don't need branding, congresswoman.
You seem to have a very strong grasp on who you are and what you believe in.
I don't need my ass kissed, Ms.
You don't need branding.
You need discipline.
You need gravitas.
You do not feel Presidential.
I do not trust you with the nuclear codes.
You're charming, but you're easily flustered.
You're fresh, but you're inexperienced.
You feel like a high schooler visiting college for the weekend.
I can change that.
I can help you push the undecideds in your party off the fence and into your camp.
Thank you, Ms.
That's all the time we have.
Oh, she's hired.
Josie, we have more candidates to consider.
- Leo Bergen's outside waiting.
- Send him home then.
And can you clear the room? I need a moment alone with Ms.
Sorry, Candi.
You, too.
My little sister.
She's very protective.
Now, truth is, I don't really need much of a campaign manager.
Then why did you just hire me? Because you fix problems, and I've got a big one.
I had a baby at 15.
Gave it up and never looked back.
How many people know? My mother, God rest her.
She covered her tracks.
Candi doesn't even know.
But I'd say there are about five other people back in Red Springs who could talk if they wanted to.
You were a teenager who made a difficult choice in a difficult situation.
We can spin this any number of ways to galvanize your base and solidify female support.
That baby's a grown woman now.
She's out there somewhere living her life, and she deserves her privacy.
I'm not gonna use this for political gain, okay? - Not now, not ever.
- Congresswoman Did you hear me? You heard my problem.
Now go ahead and fix it.
I'm gonna need you all on the next flight to Red Springs, Montana.
The sex is great.
I think most guys would be happy with twice in one morning.
I wasn't trying to sneak out, David.
It's I didn't want to wake you up.
It's just gonna take a while.
He's got everything seriously encrypted.
- Who are you talking to? - It's nobody.
Correspondents' dinner? Yeah, I guess.
No, I'll go.
- Why are we stopping? - Sadly, we're here.
I thought we booked the suite.
This is the suite.
Let's just find these people, shut it down, and get out of dodge.
Aside from Josie's mother who died years ago, there were five other people who knew she was pregnant The doctor who delivered the baby, the nurse who assisted him, her high school best friend, her cousin.
Don't forget the baby daddy.
Billy Joe Lee.
Seriously? Billy Joe Lee? Three first names? Okay, Abby, let's just start with the doctor.
- Wait, what about me? - Baby huck it.
Help him track down the nurse.
Huck? Almost didn't know where to look for you.
Someone I haven't seen in 20 years, and then it struck me You're exactly where I left you.
Standing in the shadows.
Pulling my strings.
You act like this is personal.
Oh, it's personal to me.
- What you did to Pete Foster - Pete Foster committed suic Don't lie to me.
You've wanted him dead from the beginning, and you finally got your way.
So who's next? Who else has to die to protect a secret that no one on this planet is looking for? As we speak, our computer specialists are tracing the ip address that accessed These files on Pete Foster from the Navy's server.
Someone is looking.
You got something? Surveillance footage of a meeting between command and potus.
Sounds like they were talking about remington.
So the President's in on it? Why the hell would they say he flew that mission when he didn't? Maybe because he was doing something else, something they wanted to cover up.
Also, command knows someone's digging.
- He doesn't know who.
- Yeah, I think he does.
Jake Ballard? Get in the car.
You know I have a phone.
It works.
I even answer it sometimes.
Maybe I wanted to get in your head.
I got to play in a game with Lebron James.
Perk of the gig, but like everyone else, he took it easy on me.
That was never a problem with you.
It's been a while.
Oh, I'm sure it has.
Here we go.
Ready? Ah, come on.
Should've fouled me.
I don't play dirty.
Oh, you changed your game? - That's game.
- Uh, no.
Nice try.
It's win by 2.
Come on.
Thought you didn't play dirty.
Well, when in Rome, right? - What the hell does that mean? - You tell me, sir.
You were supposed to watch her, remember? That's it.
You lied to me.
I'm not talking about Olivia.
Hello? How would you like a job? Been there, done that.
No, thanks.
Not that.
A smaller job.
We're looking for dirt on Josie Marcus.
I've got a kid running the show out in Montana, but He's in over his head.
Josie Marcus the congresswoman? Right now she's great for us.
She's killing in the Democratic debates, landing some punches on Reston before he wins the nomination.
But if she were to win this thing It'd be Fitz against a woman.
You want the job? I think it's a bad idea for me to work for the White House right now.
Can't blame me for trying.
Harrison? You've got company in Montana.
White house has got a team down here.
Oh, and doctor was a dead end.
He died two weeks ago.
Well, here's the addresses for these three.
The last one, the nurse, she retired 16 years ago, bought an RV.
She's off the grid.
- Well, you know, I could run her through the - I'll find her.
Have you seen the way he's been treating me lately? He's completely freezing me out.
Yeah, well, you went all "drill, baby, drill" on him.
Yeah, he told us.
You're grounded.
Let's go.
Can I help you folks? You were best friends with a Josephine Marcus in high school, is that right? Hell, yeah, I'm Josie's cousin.
Who's askin'? Me and Josie High school sweethearts.
You got that right.
You had a baby with Josie.
We're here to see that never gets out.
Now hold on a minute.
I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about.
That right there is a whole can of worms that don't really need to be reopened.
Our point exactly, Billy Joe.
Oh, I'm so relieved to hear we're all on the same page.
There's 10 grand in this case All yours, no questions asked.
We just need you to keep a tight lid on that can of worms.
We want you to keep on being Josie's friend just like you said by keeping the past in the past.
Take the money, Lee Ann.
Start a college fund for your kids.
I'm beginning to see your point there.
Yeah, you could buy your own thoroughbred.
Nah, no way.
I couldn't live with myself.
What do you do for a living, Billy Joe? Cement plant foreman.
All this cash, you could cut your hours in half, - work four days a week.
- Ah, I'm not good with idle time.
Cement plant? You wear a suit to work? It must get awful dusty.
Speaking of work, I'd best be going.
- Cyrus' bitch-boy.
- Go stall him.
I've got something, sir, something that's gonna cream this cream puff.
- Just tell me what you got.
- An interview with the baby daddy.
About to go live in a few minutes.
There's hope for you yet, Ethan.
You lost, loser? Huck, I need dirt on Billy Joe Lee, and I need it fast.
Miss whelan, say hello to Jamie Roberts of KMTU.
Jamie, nice to meet you.
You know, I could give you an exclusive.
"White House attempts to meddle in Democratic primary.
" It'll go national, guaranteed.
That's not what this is.
Hotel he has a standing hotel date at the Broken Spoke Inn going back over two years.
Billy Joe Your wife know about the Broken Spoke? Wha wha - Hmm? - Hey was she a good kisser? Do you really want to ask me that? Well I don't kiss and tell, but I will tell you what a fine job she's done Representing this district up over in congress there.
She really Sir? Sir, please say something.
I can hear you breathing, sir.
Yes, I am breathing, Ethan.
I am breathing very deeply, because I am trying my very best not to have another heart attack.
I'm so sorry.
- She has people here.
- Who? We got poped, sir.
Leo bergen turned down the job.
Of course he did, because they cut me out.
I told you I needed to be there, Mara.
Who's Leo Bergen? This will not stand.
If Cyrus Beene thinks he can cut me out of this campaign - the way he did the last one - Easy does it, Sal.
Daniel Douglas, don't you have somewhere to be? I gotta go cart the German chancellor's hubby around the golf course.
Last time, the fool lost two dozen balls, and I got sunburned looking for them.
I assume Bergen's attending the correspondents' dinner? Why? Never you mind.
We lost Leo Bergen.
You should give him a call.
I have bigger problems to deal with.
- Fitz! - And so do you, Mellie.
It's Cyrus' job to worry about my re-election, not yours.
Leave it alone.
Jake Ballard.
He's the one digging into Remington, right? As always, the less I share, the better for us both.
You need to lay off captain Ballard.
Are we clear? You do not give me orders.
That changes, starting right here, right now.
I have never answered to any holder of your office.
- Don't test me.
- No, Mr.
President, it is you who should not test me.
I gave her a world-class education in the dark arts! I turned her into a frigging trident too, and now she's out there locked and loaded in enemy hands.
So (Exhales) Let's think.
First things first.
We leak the baby to Reston before the debate.
Granted, there's no proof, but you and I both know all too well rumors can do just as much damage.
So we let it slip, and Reston takes care of the dirty work.
Doesn't help us with the long-term problem of finding a campaign manager with half a brain, but - First things first.
- First things first.
I got made.
- By command? - By the President.
We need to figure out where he really was, 'cause he sure as hell wasn't flying cover on that mission.
He's hiding something.
Something big.
And he was there the next day? Yeah.
I met him on the carrier in the Persian Gulf during debriefing.
Ten hours after Remington.
Okay, that narrows it down, but pinpointing Grant's exact location on that day in 1991 means hacking into naval archives, going through base logs, fleet movements, cross-referencing ocean currents.
I can't send an e-mail without crashing this motel's DSL.
Then Rowan knows.
He's gonna send agents after us.
We're running out of time.
I have a program that could help, but it's on my office computer.
What exactly is this program supposed to do? - Because it's not doing it.
- Well, if you did what I told you, it should be accessing the Navy missions flown by the President.
You mean the stuff they would have erased? Were you even in B613? Maybe we should search by plane type.
It is searching by plane type and date.
Oh, hold on.
A list just came up.
Um How do you print? - What are you doing here? - Well, I went by your place and you weren't there.
It's late, and I know all your people are out of town.
So I was worried.
I'm fine.
I just, uh I forgot my phone.
Phone's in your hand.
You forgot your secret Fitz phone.
The White House correspondents' dinner is Saturday.
I haven't missed a dinner in You know I vet his jokes? Used to.
Every year.
There's an art to it.
You can't be too funny.
You have to sort walk this line between Presidential and This year, I got my invitation, and I'm just You're waiting for the phone to ring because maybe he needs you to Vet his jokes.
Oh Hmm.
Come on.
I'll buy you a burger.
Come on.
This our nurse? Yeah.
- Hey, I found her.
- Grounded.
I don't know why you people won't let that family be.
That other boy already tried to talk to me.
- That other - The one with the dark hair and the slick suit.
Looked like some kind of a mannequin.
I told him to get lost.
Oh, no, we aren't Y'all are all talking about an abandoned baby.
That baby wasn't abandoned.
- No? - Of course not.
That family took care of it, like families do around here.
That baby didn't go nowhere.
It stayed right here in Red Springs.
Louise wouldn't have it any other way.
Louise? Josephine's mama.
Can I speak to you alone? Could we have a minute, everyone? You didn't put the baby up for adoption.
Your mother decided to take care of the problem the best way she knew how Keep it in the family, raise Candace as your sister instead of your daughter.
When I got pregnant, we moved away for a while so no one would ask questions.
And then when the baby came, the nurse changed the birth certificate, and Candi became my sister.
Bing, bang, boom.
Just like that.
She doesn't know.
It would devastate her.
My mother was her mother in every way that matters.
It only took my team a day to dig this up, and the people you're up against Reston, the White House The only way for you to stop them from destroying you with this is to address it head on.
And then what? I'm supposed to just sit back and watch them rip apart my family? How bad do you want to be President? I never planned for life in the public eye.
I had a career in the military, and I was fine with that.
And then my husband died in that stupid war, and I happened to voice my outrage.
I didn't expect people to listen to me.
And I certainly didn't expect people to vote for me.
But they did.
And now you're here.
And tonight, you're standing in front of the nation and saying you want to be the first female President.
You don't get to do that without making your personal life fair game.
Coming after me is fair.
Coming after me? Yeah, I signed up for that.
But Candi, my sister Off limits.
How bad do I want it? Not that bad.
You asked for me, sir? - Sit.
- Sir, if this is about the Josie Marcus thing How do I get rid of B613? I want them gone.
Don't Sir Okay Don't ever Say that again.
That is impossible, Mr.
Nothing is impossible.
What if we eliminated their budget? A few years ago, this guy at the OMB Comes across a very, very strange line item in the federal budget.
It's been there for years, but no one's ever mentioned it until this one person, this one man points it out.
And what happened? He committed suicide.
That's how they took care of it, and that's how they'll take care of us if they start to see us as enemies.
Only in your case, it won't be suicide.
It'll be a lone gunman on a grassy knoll.
Just ask Kennedy.
This is something you can't control, Mr.
What you can control is winning re-election.
That's what I'm focused on, and if you're smart, you'll focus on that, too.
- Couple more days, huh? - Unfortunately.
So sorry to miss the correspondents' dinner.
Now I'm gonna have to talk to people from work all night.
You ever try to party with bureaucrats? Help me.
I'll call you when I get back.
You got issues.
What? You got issues, I'm just sayin'.
Let's just get out of here.
Where's Quinn? Hardware store, returning some stuff.
These are used.
Actually, they're improved.
That router's now pulling - and the shielding on the cables - I can offer you store credit.
What a thrilling compromise.
With Governor Reston still leading in the polls, upstart Congresswoman Josie Marcus hopes to gain momentum in this next Democratic primary debate answering questions submitted by ordinary Americans.
It's going to happen.
You're going to get ambushed.
I know how they operate.
I know Cyrus Beene.
I'm not running against the White House.
No, but they're running against you.
When the trap is sprung, acknowledge it without hesitation.
Note that you were exercising choice, and restate your support for access to contraception.
Then insist that the privacy of the child you gave up be fully respected.
Like I said before, I'm not admitting to anything.
Please welcome to the stage the candidates for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.
Governor, the recent revelation of President Grant's marital infidelity is considered by many to be a moral failing.
Do you think it should disqualify him from seeking re-election? That question is nothing but unadulterated liberal bias.
Really, who the hell is running this thing? Don't sweat it.
We're getting to the good stuff.
Moral authority he once may have claimed has been wholly compromised.
The voters - She looks good, right? - Strong.
Integrity, candor These are qualities that we look for in a President.
As everyone knows, I have publicly and forthrightly taken personal responsibility for my past actions.
Regrettably, I'm afraid the same can't be said for one of my opponents here this evening.
Say good-bye, Annie oakley.
Congresswoman Marcus, anything you'd care to share with the American people at this time? I I What is she doing? What's the matter with her? Congresswoman Marcus? I th I think what Governor Reston is trying to say is I had a baby.
and I had a baby.
I made a mistake.
I was young and stupid, and, uh, he was a boy with a nice smile and a shiny yellow pickup truck, and I thought I was in love.
I don't know if any of you remember what you were like when you were 15, but I was not ready to be a mother.
I knew that, and my mother knew that, and she did what she thought was right.
She really she really did the best she could, so she helped me keep the baby a secret.
And when the time came, she helped me Say good-bye and put her up for adoption.
So it wasn't the perfect choice, but it was my choice.
It was a choice we made so that baby could have a better life than the one I could give her.
I mean, I could tell you this That a day hasn't gone by in the past 30 years that I haven't thought about that baby girl and the choice I made for her and hoped to God it was the right choice.
So that's it.
There you have it.
That's the truth, folks.
Aren't you gonna buzz me or something? I must be out of time.
Oh, my God.
She just won America's hearts.
Olivia Pope.
The gift that keeps on giving.
You were 15? 30 years ago? Candace You handled that beautifully.
I just destroyed the most important relationship in my life.
I'm glad you found that beautiful.
You're fired.
That was well-done.
The debate, Josie.
I got fired.
She fired me.
She's an idiot.
You're calling me.
I'm calling you.
I'm hiding from Mellie in the bathroom.
I just dug the phone out of the trash.
Oh, how are you? Are you freaking out about the White House correspondents' dinner? I am freaking out about the white house correspondents' dinner.
- Who's vetting your jokes? - Me.
You can't vet your jokes.
You're not funny.
I know that.
Wait, I'm funny.
You're funny, but you're not funny.
- And you're funny? - I'm funnier than you.
I I feel a ashamed.
Like I don't have the right to make jokes, because I am the joke, the guy who can't keep it in his pants, like my father, you know? Dive in.
Own it.
Mock your image.
You start out strong, something like, "I see a lot of familiar faces here tonight, "including one or two who inexplicably haven't been accused of sleeping with me.
" That's good.
Laugh at yourself.
It will make it impossible for them to laugh at you.
I love you.
What about I say something to the press about how much they've hammered me? Something like - "You're welcome.
" - Exactly.
All right, uh, so we have to say something about Sally.
Let me see.
They wrote me a bunch of jokes.
You tell me which ones you like best.
I'm definitely not saying that.
I might lose you.
There's barely any reception up here.
Still in Montana, huh? Yeah.
Looks like I might be here another 24 hours.
That's too bad.
Funny, I've only been to Montana once, but I seem to remember it looking a lot different from this.
- More cattle, less bull.
- Checking up on me now? If you didn't want to go, why didn't you just say so - instead of lying to me again? - David What? Come on, let's hear your excuse.
What is it this time? I'm sorry.
So am I.
I've narrowed the President's location to a 100-mile radius where he could have made it back in time to meet you at your naval base - post-mission.
- And? Iceland.
Iceland? What the hell was he doing there that he needed a cover for? I don't know.
All right, check which aircraft carriers might have been off the coast of Iceland that day.
Take me to the correspondents' dinner.
Take me.
I'll pick you up at 6:00.
Ah, that's good.
That Liv's got you, that you're going.
She needs this.
You okay? - So far, so good.
- Good.
Now we must find our table.
- Right here.
- Oh, good.
We're the only ones here.
When can we sit? This flask belonged to my great grand-daddy.
You see that Nick? This baby stopped a yankee bullet from ripping right through his heart.
Madame vice President.
Is the ladies' room packed as usual? That's not fair.
Please feel free.
I'm not here to urinate.
I need to talk.
What can I do you for? What if I were to run for President of the United States? Hypothetically, of course.
Hypothetically? You'd get clobbered.
Sluttiness aside, Grant is still a sitting President from your own party who to anyone's knowledge has not done anything illegal.
Grant would kill you in a republican primary.
I'm not talking about the primaries.
What if I were to run as an independent? You want to run for President of the United States as a third party candidate? Hypothetically.
- So good to see you.
- Thanks.
Nice to meet you.
Olivia, thank you so much for coming.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I can't tell you how much I relish this opportunity to finally say something to you all that has been long, long overdue.
"You're welcome.
" I like your new boyfriend.
Is he married? No.
Just I'm sorry.
That was below the I am sorry.
Hear me out.
I see many familiar faces here tonight, including a few who inexplicably haven't been accused of sleeping with me.
I'd like you to come back and run Fitz's re-election campaign.
What? Do you remember what it was like four years ago, Liv, what we were like? Fresh and young and full of ideas, and Now, four years later My God, look at us.
Congress has stalled everything we've tried to push through, approvals are in freefall, people want change, and of course that's exactly what the democrats are running on, but that's I'm not even worried about all that.
Anyone can fix that.
That's not why he needs you.
Mellie He needs you, Olivia.
He is tired and broken, and It isn't the job.
It's doing the job without you.
He's not alive when you're not here.
He can't breathe when you're not here.
He doesn't have the will to run, much less win, when you're not here, because you You're everything to him, Liv.
He needs you.
So I need you.
Come back.
Come back to us.
As you all know, I'm running for re-election.
Thank you.
And out on the campaign trail, at every step of the way, the first lady will be by my side.
And believe me, I mean by my side.
Does he know what you're asking me? No.
No, but I'll get him on board.
Of course he'll get on board.
You and I, we've always wanted the same thing, Liv.
For him to be the man we both know he can be.
And after what we did, we owe him this.
A chance to run on his own steam.
And win.
I thought I'd surprise you tonight.
I thought I'd just put on this dress and come over.
Only I wasn't able to get out of my car.
I wanted to go with you tonight.
I wasn't lying about that part.
I just I couldn't.
I wanted to surprise you, so (singsongy) surprise.
I saw your ex-husband at the dinner.
Why didn't you tell me he'd be there? I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
Start telling me things.
That's what normal people do.
Not that we're normal people.
You go ahead.
I'll get a taxi.
What? I wasn't your date tonight.
I was your excuse so you could see him, and I knew you needed to, so here I am.
But dinner is over, and I am done.
Jake I don't play second fiddle to anyone, even the President.
Good night, Olivia.
Harrison, what are you doing in the office this late? Candace and I talked all day yesterday, and we're still a long way from okay, but that's not why I'm here.
I hated what I had to do up on that stage.
And I resent the hell out of you for being right about how to deal with it.
But having that weight off my shoulders It's been freeing.
What can we do for you, Josie? I think I can still win this thing, and I want you by my side when I do.
As much as I appreciate the offer, Josie, I don't think I'm the right person for the job.
I respectfully disagree.
So please just sleep on it.
And if you wake up tomorrow and you feel the same way, then tell me no.
What the hell are you doing? How was the dinner? Did it make Liv happy? She's happy, yeah.
But not 'cause of me.
Thought I sent you home.
I came back, 'cause I think I figured something out.
The reason why Fitz was in Iceland, the reason he lied about being in Iran during operation Remington.
I think I figured out what the cover-up is.
Tell me, Huck.
Huck, what was Fitz doing in Iceland? There was a plane crash that day.
Couple of hundred miles off the coast of Iceland.
A 747 carrying 329 passengers.
They attributed it to mechanical failure, but a fisherman reported flares in the sky, none of which I was able to confirm, because all of the satellite footage of those coordinates had been erased.
You're suggesting The President shot it down on behalf of the US government.
Why, I don't know, but that's what the evidence is telling me.
And by evidence, you mean These two coincidences The location of the crash and the missing satellite footage? Two things make a coincidence.
Three things make a conspiracy.
What's the third thing? The passenger list.
Fifth name from the top.
"Maya Lewis.
" She never took her husband's name.
What was her husband's name? Pope.
Liv's mom.