Scandal s04e09 Episode Script

Where the Sun Don't Shine

Now, we're never gonna find him.
The raid will turn up something.
And when it does, we will find him.
Open it.
Thank you, baby.
Thank you for getting me out of there.
Maya, where's Rowan? When is the last time you saw him? Did they show it to you the place where your father kept me? Did you see it? If you're not willing to cooperate, if you don't tell us everything you know What are you gonna do to me? Not a damn thing.
My daughter is here now.
Olivia Pope is here.
You so much as lay a finger on me, and we will Sue your ass.
Tell 'em, Livvie.
Handle them.
You haven't charged her.
That's what I'm talking about.
This is a violation of my rights.
They haven't even told me what I'm being accused of.
Murder, terrorism, treason, to start.
Charge her, and lock her up.
As for my father, hunt him, find him, and kill him.
Olivia! How many times do I have to tell you to stay away from my house?! I know Javi must be upset, and I just wanted to explain Javi? Did you contact him? Did you talk to my son? I need to talk to him now.
- Javi?! - No! He's not here.
- He is.
- He's at a friend's house.
He's here in his room.
I traced his phone.
Oh, baby, are you okay? Javi, baby, are you okay? What did you do to him? Did you fill his head with your lies about being a spy?! Did you scare my son with that tired-ass crap?! Did you? Did you?! The situation on the ground in my country is critical.
Every minute without military intervention The U.
is committed to preserving democracy in west Angola.
You have my word, Ambassador.
Thank you, Mr.
Thank you, Ambassador.
Thank you, Sir.
Say it, Cy.
I don't want to second guess you, Sir.
You know I don't want a war, but they attacked us in our backyard.
They have to pay.
There need to be consequences.
We have to retaliate.
But two months down the line when the first shipment of body bags are unloaded from a C-130 at Dover all for something that, at best, vaguely resembles democracy? What's your plan? I don't have a plan yet.
Well, come back to me when you do.
Yes, Sir.
What? Did you get my messages? Quinn, what? Kubiak's dead.
He spotted Huck in his surveillance van and attacked him.
Huck killed Kubiak? - Is he - No, he's fine.
Huck was on Elizabeth North.
That's the thing, Liv.
They were meeting each other.
Kubiak, Elizabeth North, and get this the vice president.
Of the United States? Are you sure? I saw it with my own eyes.
And North and the vice president are screwing.
Liv, saw that with my own eyes, too.
It's gross.
Are you still on Elizabeth North? I lost her.
I kind of had to take care of Huck.
Do you want me to get back on her? You know what? Never mind.
How can I help you? You can'tOr won't.
- Excuse me? - My phone.
The one I overpaid you to debug.
The one you claimed was infected by my daughter's computer.
I got a second opinion.
Turns out it was bugged by Cyrus Beene, so you either knew that or you're just straight-up bad at your job.
I thought you and I understood each other, had a mutual respect going on.
There's a special place in hell for women who don't support other women.
There's a special place in hell for women who spout that tired quote to justify their bad behavior.
You lead a very exciting life, Liz, consorting with a wide range of murderers, prostitutes, even a vice president.
My life's not half as exciting as your pal Cyrus'.
We're not at war yet.
The president is still considering his options.
Because there are other ways to retaliate without I'll call you back, Senator.
Elizabeth North just paid me a visit.
Something's coming.
We need to prepare.
I just got a question from the Times about photos of you.
Sexy-time photos of you.
The man in the photos his name is Michael is working for Elizabeth North.
- Our own party.
Of course.
- There's more.
Elizabeth is in bed with your vice president, both literally and figuratively.
News hit the wires.
- Photos, too? - Just a bulletin.
Hold it.
- Photos are out.
- Oh, Sir.
Oh, Sir.
Explicit gay sex is how we're describing these photos, leaked to BNC just minutes ago.
We're still looking to confirm reports that the other man is indeed a prostitute.
The White House has yet to comment, but this is hardly good news for the president, who is already facing pressure to declare war against West Angola.
Sir, again, I am so sorry.
- How are we handling this? - For now, we stall.
White House Counsel's Office is reviewing the photos to determine their authenticity and legal status.
But you can confirm they're of Cyrus Beene.
- Not at this time.
- Why? Does Cyrus have a twin brother we don't know about? Really, Ashley? Really? What the hell is going on over there? With what? West Angola? Flu scare? Get your flu shot, David.
You know I'm gonna have to investigate this.
So let him investigate.
What will he find? When I found out Michael worked for Elizabeth North, I deleted all my e-mails and texts, which, in retrospect, doesn't look great.
But it's not illegal.
We're talking about months and months of congressional hearings if we take this on.
Special prosecutors.
Until the Counsel's Office gets a bearing on what these photos are and where they came from, I'll have no further comment.
We can't confirm or deny until we know if we're fighting this or not.
Are we fighting this? Mr.
President? We fight this.
I've drawn up a preliminary contract.
Excuse me? A three-year initial term, in which Michael receives $1 million per year of marriage.
What? Michael will be required to repay you in full with a million-dollar penalty if he violates any of the terms of the contract confidentiality, public appearances, random drug testing.
So, Cyrus would basically own me.
You mean as opposed to just renting? Marriage is the only way to sell this.
America loves a love story.
America will forgive anything for love.
Otherwise, it's just another D.
sex scandal.
I'll I'll do it.
I'm in.
Cyrus? Wait.
Just a minute.
You're in? Why is that, I wonder? You are now the most famous gay hooker in gay-hooker history.
You could write a book.
Sell it to Hollywood.
Play yourself in the porn version, "Inside Cyrus Beene.
" You know me better than that.
I don't know you at all.
I was in the closet for 40 years.
I spent four decades having sex with women, between the thighs of women, which I, for one, never enjoyed or quite understood.
In that whole time, I only ever slept with two men.
One of them was the love of my life.
The other was a prostitute, which was, admittedly, a terrible decision on my part.
But this this this just seems cruel and unfair.
I'm sorry, Liv.
I can't I won't do that to James.
I am not gonna marry this person.
This is all the footage from last night? Front, back, restrooms.
You name it.
- Thanks.
- Pleasure.
Rowan's cleaning house.
- What's that? - A kill card.
It's the shutdown procedure for B613.
They don't just hire some movers? There's always been a plan in place in case B613's identity was compromised.
That card came off someone who tried to kill me an hour ago.
Just about everyone who worked at B613 is now considered a loose end.
Well, what about the numbers station? We can warn the others.
I checked it.
Already corrupted.
Rowan's using it to call unsuspecting agents home, then killing them.
Huck, run these plates.
Traffic cams, gas-station security cams everything.
Black Lincoln town car.
Wha wait.
You're going after Rowan yourself? He's coming after me.
I plan to get to him first.
Watch your backs.
Where are you going? Out.
Where's the fire, Robin? Rowan's cleaning house on B613.
He's got targets out on all the agents, made up some kind of playing cards with our faces on them, and he's taking us out one by one.
I thought you should know.
Oh, that's funny to you? Oh, snap.
You like me.
I don't like you.
You don't want me dead.
I wanted to warn you.
You like me.
It's sweet.
It's life-affirming.
Get out of the car.
Doesn't the fact that we could both go any minute make you want to just Affirm life, Robin? Sorry I'm I'm late.
Am I late? - Yeah.
- Where are we? I tracked Andrew, Elizabeth, and Kubiak's cellphones over the last six months.
And they've only ever been together in the same place one other time before last night.
When was that? The night Caitlin was murdered, they were all at Jeremy Winslow's law firm.
We need to find out why they were there that night, what that meeting was about.
Everything at a law firm is billed to a client staples, pencils, air.
If we can identify the client, maybe we can figure out what they were talking about.
I hacked into the law-firm network, and there was nothing about a meeting, or them even being there that night.
We need to get inside.
I bet there's something on paper.
Lawyers still love paper.
It's weird.
Access to the firm is advanced biometric, multiple modalities.
We can't get in.
We'd need a fingerprint.
Well, we do have a finger.
You have a finger? Caitlin went to the law firm that night looking for her dad.
She must have seen the secret meeting with Elizabeth North and the vice president.
When she tried to leave, she fought with Dan Kubiak over that folder with pictures of Olivia.
I think I found it.
Client code 15226.
Can you find a name? Waco.
Like Texas? Oil, maybe? Jake.
- Take it.
- Why? You need it.
I don't need a gun.
Why would I need a gun? For protection.
Your father is cleaning up.
That's a kill card.
You know as much as any agent, so you're a threat just the same.
I know how to shoot a gun, I just choose not to.
I've gone my whole career without needing one.
You've gone your whole career without going up against your father.
My father wouldn't kill me.
I'm sure he thinks the same about you.
All right.
Refresher course.
Glock 26.
You hold it up.
You're ready to fire.
Heart, hips Head.
That's how you get a stop shot.
What about a kill shot? We don't have to stay here, you know.
Say the word, I will stop trying to find your father.
We can pack up and leave all of this behind.
We can close Pandora's box And go back to the sun.
The sun went down a long time ago, and it's not coming back up.
Sorry I'm late.
I got held up.
Any word from Dan Kubiak? That idiot's still M.
Olivia Pope is on my ass, and the president still hasn't declared war.
Want to talk about it? Not at the moment.
The Cyrus Beene scandal has only gotten worse for the west wing, a presidency already struggling with pushing their second-term agenda.
Several Senate and House Leaders on both sides of the aisle are strongly urging Cyrus Beene to resign.
You ever read Nixon's resignation letter? "Dear Mr.
Secretary," "I hereby resign" "the office of president of the United States.
" "Sincerely, Richard Nixon.
" That's it.
The most important document of his presidency.
Completely artless.
- So here's how it's going to work.
- Cyrus.
I'm going to hand you this letter, and you're going to accept it.
You'll say, "Thank you for your service, Cyrus.
It's been an honor.
" To which I will respond, "The honor, Sir, was mine.
" Once we've done that, I'll return to my office.
There will be a man there waiting for me.
He'll take my badge and escort me to my car.
You, Sir, will immediately summon Red and discuss what kind of statement to make.
She'll want you to bury me.
You'll say no, but she'll insist.
Listen to her.
Build yourself up by knocking me down.
You have a war to fight a bad war, a stupid war.
And if this were two days ago, I'd stop you from fighting it.
But this is today.
And today, Sir, I'm today, s Sir, I'm a joke.
A punch line.
I am of no help to you, Mr.
The only way to help you now Is by leaving.
I don't accept this.
"Thank you for your service, Cy.
It's been an honor.
" - Cyrus.
- "Thank you for your service, Cy.
" "It's been an honor.
" "Thank you for your service, Cy.
" "It's been an honor.
" Please.
Thank you for your service, Cy.
It's been an honor.
The honor, Sir was mine.
Why hasn't the president issued a statement? The president is currently dealing with a terrorist attack on American soil.
He's a little busy ensuring that it never happens again.
Next question.
Is it true you've been subpoenaed by the Attorney General? That's all I have for you right now.
Thank you.
I'd like to direct your attention to the evening of March 25th.
That evening, Mr.
Beene deleted all records of telephone calls and all e-mail correspondence with the prostitute whose services he had solicited.
Were you aware of that fact? No.
Did you assist Mr.
Beene with the potential destruction of evidence on the evening of March 25th? Absolutely not.
Do you have an alibi for that evening? Ms.
Whelan, I asked you a question.
Do you have an alibi for the night of March 25th? Let's go off the record.
I-I don't think we need to get into this, David.
I'm gonna be a little bit of a hardass here, okay, for the transcript.
Don't get too rattled.
Back on the record.
Please remember you are under oath.
Let me ask you again do you have an alibi for the night of March 25th? Yes.
Who? Leo Bergen.
Where were you with Leo Bergen the night of March 25th? David.
Whelan, we are on the record.
At his house.
The whole night? Yes.
Thank you, Ms.
- That will be all.
- David.
That will be all.
Your phone, Charlie.
Just turn it off.
What's that? A kill card.
It's the shutdown procedure for B613.
You came here to kill me? No.
- Maybe - Screw you.
I had to kill you or someone would kill me.
It isn't exactly the greatest system, Robin.
You lying Sack of Crap! No! I was on the fence! Doesn't that mean anything to you? Worst part is, you wanted to screw me before you did it! - I got something.
- What? Rowan's license plate popped up on a traffic cam outside Roanoke.
Well, there's a B613 switching station outside of Knoxville.
He could be headed there.
Or he's going to Mansfield.
Small town.
Out of the area.
Level 7 safe house.
You're right.
That's it.
Thanks, Huck.
What are you doing here? Remember this? What are you doing here? "Songs In The Key Of Life.
" Remember the first time I played this for you? What are you doing here? I don't get sentimental about many things.
Sentimentality is a weakness.
But despite the many ways that family can hurt you and manipulate you and deny the very fact that their success is a product of yours, it is impossible to wipe away the pleasant memories no matter how hard one tries.
I told you I was leaving you alone, but that wasn't enough.
Apparently you're only going to be happy when I'm dead.
You're not leaving.
You were never leaving.
You can never leave me alone because you have no place to go.
The only life you have is the sad, twisted one you built here.
The one where you lurk in the shadows, pull puppet strings, and pretend the world couldn't exist without your protection.
You can't disappear, become a normal person, because, dad, you are not normal.
You're a sick, lonely man who only knows how to lie and call it love.
Could you be more ungrateful?! You're my flesh.
There would be no Olivia Pope if not for me.
As difficult as it is to admit, I have failed as a father.
And it saddens me because I bled and toiled and allowed myself to be hated, all for your protection, all so that you could believe that you were truly special.
But instead of gratitude, I get scorn, ridicule, mockery.
And worst of all a daughter who sends in her clan of good, old boys to kill me, your own blood, every chance you get! It is your life that is sad.
It is you who cannot be normal.
It is you who have no comprehension of love.
So, what? Your stomach turns every time you look at me? Well, let me be the one to break it to you, Olivia you are simply looking in the mirror.
You Olivia Watch yourself.
Aah! Are you kidding me? Are youKidding me? You j you you just shot your own father.
Y-you just shot me.
Never, never in a million years did I think that you would be willing To pull the trigger.
It was the night before your first day of kindergarten.
You were You were so anxious that you couldn't sleep.
I brought the record player into your room And put on that album.
Stevie wonder sang.
And you were out in 10 minutes.
No matter how hard you try to deny it You will miss me when I'm gone.
Oh, God.
Oh, crap.
Oh, my tooth.
The new one? Yeah.
I wasn't gonna kill you.
I was supposed to, but I I wouldn't have.
I don't believe you.
I can't kill you, Robin.
You hurt me.
You hurt me first.
Granny died.
Granny Fran? Oh, no.
When? A few weeks ago.
- You knew she was sick.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I just I-I didn't it was bad at the end.
I helped her along, made it quick.
- Didn't want her to suffer.
- Of course.
Look, I'm sorry.
I should call you more.
I know you don't have I should call you more.
But you ruined everything, Charlie.
No, you ruined Huck's whole life.
I guess maybe I could un-ruin it.
How? I have these files on B613, all the stuff we did.
I got orders to steal them from this storage locker, replace them with blanks.
I was supposed to give them all back to command, but I kept a few for myself, you know, as insurance.
You think it'd help? Thanks.
Hey, baby.
I need some information.
I need to know where he could have gone.
How should I know? You know something.
He kept you in a hole, alive.
And he what, he visited you? Once a week? - Every day.
- Every day.
He visited you every day.
He's got some sick, twisted obsession with you.
He keeps you locked away, pulls you out once a day to admire his pet in a cage.
You have to know something.
You spent years watching him.
You have a PHD in his crazy.
You have to have some idea where he is, where he could have gone.
I want some answers now! Girl, you need to move on.
All you two do is talk about each other.
You're just like him.
I'm nothing like him.
Really? Way I see it, you're serving at the pleasure of a president, running around with boys from B613.
And look around, boo.
I'm in a cage.
You're visiting me.
You planning to come every day or? He ruined you.
Cry me a river, Livvie.
I have to go.
Goodbye, mom.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I heard you resigned.
Not exactly packing light.
Oh, that.
That was James' side.
I couldn't bear to use it.
So, where to? I'm thinking Europe.
They have a long history of accepting failure and disgrace.
Sienna Rogers called me "A Gay Stereotype" this morning.
I worked so hard, 30 years of I clawed my way into the most powerful house in the world, and it's all gone.
I look in the mirror, and I don't even know who I am anymore.
Eh, a gay stereotype.
Yes? I need you to listen to me very carefully because I'm going to speak to you right now the way the Cyrus Beene I know would speak to you.
I don't When did you decide to let them ruin you? Excuse me? So your life's unfair.
So what? That's how it is.
So, they're mean-girling you in the press, they're calling you names that hurt your little soft spots deep inside? Well, so what? That's how it is.
So you lost someone you loved.
You lost the one person who felt like family.
Well, guess what grow the hell up because that is how it is! The Cyrus Beene I know doesn't hide in his half-empty closet and wet his pants like a little bitch baby.
The Cyrus I know is a patriot.
He bites the bullet, and he does what it takes to serve the Republic at all costs.
So, I want to know, right now, in this moment, who you are.
Because the pathetic shell of a person I'm looking at right now doesn't deserve to stand on the presidential seal in the oval office, let alone tell the president what to do.
- Who are you, Cy? - Liv.
Who are you, Cy?! - Liv! - Who are you, Cy? I am one of the most powerful men in the world.
Who are you!? I am one of the most powerful men in the world.
Oh, yeah? So, you're not a bitch baby? I run this country.
I'm nobody's bitch baby.
I don't know.
You still sound like a little bitch baby to me.
I am not a little bitch baby! Then show me! Prove it to me right now! Show me who you are, Cyrus Beene! When's the wedding? - We haven't decided.
- Summer.
Well, summer, maybe.
I have to ask the question I know my audience is asking.
Engaged? Now? Some might see that as fairly convenient.
I was scared.
I am scared.
This is very scary.
But the pictures coming out made it clear.
I couldn't hide anymore, and I realized I didn't want to.
I can apologize for breaking the law.
I can apologize for disgracing the president.
But I just can't bring myself to apologize for falling in love.
- They're soulmates.
- They're criminals! Oh, come on! Cyrus Beene apologized.
And that's supposed to magically absolve him of his crimes? I mean, prostitution? How's that for good, old family values? Oh, don't get all puritanical on me, Brooke.
It's "Pretty Woman.
" It's romantic.
And if these early poll numbers are any indication, America agrees.
Saw your interview.
It was very moving.
I'm marrying a whore.
At least I know what I'm paying for, right? I'll pour you a scotch if you'll tell me what I should do about West Angola.
Glasses are in the other box.
Despite increasing pressure from his fellow Republicans, the president has held firm in his refusal to send troops into West Angola.
Sources inside the White House are emphatic there will be no war.
I'm hearing word on the street that your husband isn't going to war after all.
Doesn't sound like it, does it? Do you understand what that means? Fitz has lost the party.
It's Mr.
President, Liz.
Not "Fitz.
" I'm sorry.
Did I do something to offend you? I thought you and I were on the same page.
Because we're both screwing Andrew? That doesn't make us friends.
It just makes us both at risk for the same STDs.
I don't blame you.
I know as well as the next gal how generous Andrew is in bed.
He isDedicated.
But he's weak.
Certainly not a presidential contender.
So, when the next election rolls around, I'd make damn sure you bet the right horse, because when it comes to screwing someone, I'm not nearly as gentle as Andrew.
From me, it will hurt.
You're free to go in, Ms.
It's okay, Charlotte.
Another time.
Just hear me out.
I will hear you out when you are in the back of a police car.
I'm calling 911.
Please? I need you to know why I'm like this.
I need you to read these.
Just read them.
It's the last thing I'll ever ask you to do.
Your face.
Oh, I'm fine.
I figured it out.
It's not the city.
It's an acronym.
West Angola Commercial Organization.
It's a subsidiary of the west Angolan government.
Jeremy Winslow's law firm manages their American assets.
Thanks for seeing me.
May I? West Angola? Isn't that the country that bombed the vice president? Who, as you may recall, is one of our friendly neighborhood conspirators.
Do you think that's a coincidence? In fact, I know it's not.
This West Angola thing.
I wish I could say I was surprised.
Most administrations, someone tries to kill the vice president, you hit them back.
But you're not most administrations, are you? You see that? He's checked his position in relation to that column.
Now look what he does.
He changed positions.
Like he knew he'd be safe there.
He knew the explosion was coming.
Watching me get my ass blown off should have been enough for you.
Unfortunately, you don't respect me enough to care.
And maybe I knew that.
Maybe I knew you'd react that way.
If this is about them getting the war they wanted, - why take pictures of Liv? - I don't know.
It's the one piece of the puzzle that doesn't make sense.
You're just in time.
You look happy.
You're coming in? I found two bottles of Du Bellay at this tiny, little wine shop in Adams Morgan.
Liv, I need to talk to you about your father.
I don't want to talk about my father.
I also got you beer something imported the guy said would amaze you.
But it's beer, so Liv, I had him.
I had your father, and I lost him.
There's Gettysburger warming in the oven.
I also went to that pizza place that names the pies after first ladies.
I got us a Dolly Madison, so unzip your pants now because we are eating.
- Liv.
- I don't want to talk about my father.
I'm done talking about my father.
I'm obsessed with all these albums.
This collection, it's amazing.
- I almost had him.
- Let it go.
This one.
This is one of my favorites.
Man, do I love you.
I want Vermont with Fitz.
I also want the sun with you.
So I'm not choosing.
I'm not choosing Jake.
I'm not choosing Fitz.
I choose me.
I'm choosing Olivia.
And right now, Olivia is dancing.
I'm dancing, Jake.
I'm free.
Now, you can dance with me or you can get off my dance floor.
I'm fine dancing alone.
I've never had sex on top of the piano.
Cold? Mm, slippery.
I'll get a blanket.
Don't move.
Where would I go? Maybe I'll grab a pillow.
For cushion.
I'm thinking maybe we should do it against the piano.
Because if we both climb on that thing and it comes crashing down Well, one very loud.
And two painful and hard to explain to the paramedics.
But, hey, I'm willing to go for it, but we are very athletic, I'm telling you we could break a piano.
Or am I being an optimist? Liv? Tell me, Mr.
What's the one thing in the world you can't live without? The one thing that, if it were taken away from you, you would do everything in your power to get back? What did you do to her? What did you do? How you likin' that war now, Sir? Liv?