Scandal s04e11 Episode Script

Where's the Black Lady?

Charlotte? Get me Jake Ballard.
Find Cyrus, and I want the heads of the C.
, the FBI, and the NSA in my office yesterday.
- Did you hear me? - Yes, Sir.
Only Uh Agent Fielding.
I didn't call for the Secret Service.
Can I help you? We're here to help you, Mr.
Help me? The vice president thought you would have trouble following his instructions staying on the straight and narrow, not calling in your friends in the FBI, the C.
, the NSA.
He told us it would be difficult for you not looking for Miss Pope.
He told us you would need our support.
Well, that's why we're here, Mr.
President to support you, to help you, to watch you.
The Secret Service takes their orders from me, not the vice president.
I don't think that I've been clear.
I'm not talking about just the secret service.
There's also White House aides, pages, staff, military guards, a couple of secretaries, oh, and a few of the valets and butlers in the residence.
Consider us all your support group.
We're watching you, keeping an eye on you all of us at all times.
Cameras, listening devices, every phone call, every toilet flush.
See? We care.
You should be grateful for all this support.
It would be a shame if Miss Pope was beheaded.
Don't you agree, Mr.
President? They don't call this the Crown Jewel of the American Prison System for nothing.
We'll be seeing you Sir.
Glad you're here.
Thought you'd be gone for the night.
With all I have to get home to? Who do you put on your guest list for your arranged marriage to an opportunistic sex worker? I need you to gather the joint chiefs first thing in the morning.
You all right, Sir? I'm fine.
Are we talking about west Angola? I thought direct military action had been taken off the table.
Well, now it's back on.
Joint chiefs first thing, Cy.
I spoke to a couple of schools today about volunteerism, giving back to the community, and no one listened.
No one cared, including me.
Oh, and they changed my agents today.
No warning.
I have to talk to the Secret Service.
You get used to people.
Then they're gone.
It's Dress.
You're awfully quiet.
Everything all right? Yeah, it's fine.
Just Long day.
It's caught in your hair.
I started sleeping with Andrew again.
Not that long ago.
I mean, obviously before I found out he was also sleeping with Elizabeth North.
I wasn't gonna tell you for so many reasons.
It's humiliating, but We're partners now, right? I don't want us to have to hide anything from each other anymore.
I thought being with him would make me happy the way Olivia makes you happy.
I thought he would actually be there for me.
I thought he was my chance.
But Now I think this is better what we have.
It's a partnership.
It's clear.
The things we've done.
You know my dirty secrets.
I know yours.
The election Stop Talking.
Fine! Mister President, I hope you're calling to tell me you've started dropping bombs.
I need something from you.
You're in no position to make requests.
I'm in a position to make this one.
I'm not going to do a single thing you've asked until I have proof of life.
You trying to buy yourself some time, Mister President? I'm the only person on earth who can give you your war, Andrew.
Olivia Pope could be halfway around the world by now as far as either one of us knows.
I've been assured she'll be kept alive, but I'm afraid that's all I can offer.
Then I'm afraid I can't offer you anything at all.
Proof of life.
You want your war? I want to know she's safe.
Those are my terms, and nothing gets done until you meet them.
My name is Olivia Pope, and this is a copy of today's Clarion International.
I have been taken against my will.
I have been offered food and water, and I have not been tortured or abused in any way, - which you know damn well is a lie.
- Stop.
Did you see the guards outside? Now If I wasn't here to protect you and keep things civilized They would tear you to pieces.
Now Read the card.
I need A glass of water, please.
My name is Olivia Pope, and this is a copy of today's Clarion International.
I have been taken against my will.
I have been offered food and water, and I have not been tortured or abused in any way.
To ensure my continued safety, you must DE declare war on the nation of West Angola.
Do this within the next 48 hours, and no harm will come to me.
Refuse, and I will be killed.
Wait a minute.
I only saw it once.
- I need - Your copy.
Watch it as many times as you want.
Have fun.
No reading under the covers tonight, okay? "Bed" means bed.
Now, what do we say? Good night, room.
Good night, moon.
Good night, Jane.
Where is Olivia? I don't know! I don't know! Please, let me go.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Someone took Olivia.
Tell me what you know, or I will go in that room, and I will cut that girl open in her bed and make you watch.
I don't know who took her.
I swear.
But but I'll find out.
I-I promise.
I'll find out.
You'll find out? Find out.
I'll be back.
What did you do? We wanted a war in West Angola.
I'm getting us a war in West Angola.
That's what I did.
By kidnapping Olivia Pope? You need to calm down, Liz.
A man came to my house last night some henchman of Olivia's.
He threatened me.
He threatened my daughter.
This war was your idea from day one.
You said it would be good for the country and good for the party and good for us.
That's what you said, but now you want to quit the team in the middle of the game because you don't like the play-calling? Doesn't work that way.
Winslow is gone, Liz.
Kubiak is gone.
It's just you and me.
And I'm gonna be the next President of the United States.
I don't think you want to miss that train.
So take a deep breath, get your head right, and get the hell on board.
I'm not recommending any pardons.
The man killed Jerry Grant.
Which is why I'm not recommending a pardon.
I'm simply My name is Olivia Pope.
I have been taken against my will.
Why would the justice department even consider a pardon petition from Tom Larsen? I'm simply bringing the petition to the president's attention.
Well, now he's aware.
Petition denied.
Is that your order, Mr.
President? Refuse, and I will be killed.
President? What? Just need you to deny the pardon petition.
For Tom Larsen.
It's ridiculous, absurd, and offensive, I know, - but the Attorney General seems to think - Oh, again, with the - I want to see him.
- You want to consider the pardon petition, Sir? For Tom Larsen? If the man who killed my son is gonna ask me for a pardon, he can ask me directly.
I want to see him.
Thank you for considering my petition.
I'm not considering your petition.
I would never consider pardoning you for what you did.
I'm sorry about Jerry.
I am.
I didn't have anything against him.
He was a nice boy But he was a boy.
And you are a man, a great man, and I had to choose between a nice boy and a great man, and I chose the great man, and I am not sorry about that.
I am proud of that.
He was a sacrifice.
I am a sacrifice.
There are sacrifices that need to be made for greatness, brush that needs to be cleared for the path of history.
I need to know who I can trust in the White House.
- Is that why you're here? - Yes.
In my detail, who can I trust? Where can I speak privately? A "face that launched a thousand ships.
" - What? - Helen of Troy Menelaus got her back, but it took him 10 years of war.
Will you launch a thousand ships to save Miss Pope? You know about this? Who can you trust in your detail? No one.
Where can you speak privately? The only place you could ever speak privately.
I need a minute.
It wasn't my idea.
It was Agent Larsen's.
Tom? The people who took Olivia are all over me, everywhere.
Except here.
He reminded me of that.
I got it this morning proof of life.
How is she? Alive for the next two days.
I can't make a move, or they're gonna kill her.
I'll delay going to war as long as possible, but you need to find her.
Do this within the next forty forty-eight hours Refuse, and I will be killed.
Declare war War.
Refuse, and I will be killed.
Do this within the next 48 hours, and no harm will come to me.
Refuse, and I will be killed.
Is there a coded message? There's no unusual syntax or repeated phrases.
I can't find any sign of a cipher.
What about a location? The room is windowless, so no changes in light, and the microphone never picks up any ambient sound.
There's no way of telling where this is filmed.
Play it again.
Did you see that? - No.
- What? That.
She takes a drink of water, 17 seconds, then holds the glass up for four seconds.
So? - Okay, what are we looking at? - That.
She's showing us a reflection in the glass.
That's why she asked for the water.
I need a glass of water, please.
That's our guy.
Can you enhance it? Uh, there's too much data loss at this magnification.
I can use the adjoining frames of video to create a re-pixelated composite image.
Might be good enough to form an I.
She's dropping bread crumbs.
You could wait outside the door.
And have you find a way to make a weapon from the toilet seat? I don't think so.
It's not going to work using me as bait.
He won't do it go to war.
The president doesn't negotiate with terrorists.
Honestly, I don't care.
I get paid either way.
But for argument's sake, let's wager.
$1 I bet you that he will go to war for you.
$1 says he does it.
Because president or not, he's just a man a sad, terrified man who's lost his Olivia doll and wants her back.
Call me a romantic, but I wager a dollar that he loves you, and that's what makes the world go 'round emotion, sex, jealousy, insecurities.
Bush invaded Iraq to avenge his daddy.
Clinton bombed Serbia so we'd forget about Monica.
Napoleon well Napoleon The president will go to war, Olivia, and he will meet our demands.
History says so.
Love says so.
I say so.
I'll wager you that.
Is it a bet? "Their demands.
" What? You said he'd meet our demands, which would be accurate if you were the one calling the shots, but you're not.
Out there, someone else has the power, real power.
They make the demands.
You follow orders.
You're a pawn, a puppet.
You are a pretty thing, aren't you, huh? It would be such a shame to return you damaged, wouldn't it? Now If you're not dressed and ready to go in 30 seconds, this is the last bath you'll get.
Qr-10 facial recognition isn't picking anything up.
He breaks in and scoops up Liv in less than 30 seconds.
The guy's a pro.
He's got to be on a database somewhere.
Well, I can reach out to foreign contacts Interpol, Mossad, MI6.
Excuse me? Where's the black lady? What? The black lady, the one in charge.
Olivia's not here right now.
Can can we help you with something? I want to talk to the black lady.
Olivia may not be back for a while.
If you give me your name My name is Rose, and how long is "a while"? Are you sure I can't help you, Rose? - Are you the black lady? - No.
Then you can't help me, can you? I'll be back tomorrow.
are under rebel control.
Air strikes are a nonstarter, given the amount of civilian casualties they'd endure.
Ground troops give us better odds, but these two rivers here and here mean we can only approach from the west and south.
- Those rivers are seasonal, yes? - Correct, Mr.
So waiting the four to six weeks - for dry season to begin - Four to six weeks? Excuse me for talking out of turn, but that's too long a wait.
I'm making sure our soldiers don't walk into an ambush.
And if we wait for the rivers to run dry, how do we know the rebels won't use that time to plot and execute another attack on our home soil? You're talking about hypothetical risks.
Tell that to the shrapnel in my ass.
Vice President, I think that's Your room, your call, Mr.
I'd just hate for you to forget that waiting has consequences.
Cyrus? Cyrus? Cyrus.
Flacks at state are asking who's on the list for the coalition for West Angola.
What's your point? My point is, um, who is on the list for the coalition for West Angola? Fitz hates the vice president.
We all hate the vice president.
Anyway, the list for the coalition? So why is he listening to him? Why is the vice president listening to who? Why is Fitz listening to the vice president? Why is the vice president suddenly in? The vice president is not in.
I'm out.
He is not listening to me.
Everything is fine.
For once, everything around here is fine.
Red I don't know who is on the list for the coalition for West Angola.
I didn't know there was a coalition for West Angola.
Get out.
Get out! Now.
It failed.
Do it again.
I ran it 22 times.
Qr-10 doesn't recognize the facial image.
- No chatter? - No chatter.
Nothing from your contacts? Nothing.
Where are you going? Where are you going? Huck.
If you scream, I'll break her neck.
Snap it like a twig.
You didn't do what you promised, Lizzie.
If you hurt my daughter, Olivia Pope is dead.
So What to do? What to do? Good night, Sir.
Good night.
Fitz, are you coming to bed? If you think you have the right to be mad about me and Andrew What is it? What's going on? What is going on? Fitz, what are you Fitz.
In 24 hours, I'm gonna kill Olivia Pope.
What? Andrew has her somewhere.
I don't know where.
But if I don't send troops to West Angola, she will be killed.
It's a coup.
Your boyfriend has orchestrated a bona-fide American coup.
And what kind of president would I be? What kind of monument if I indulged in this war? If I sent thousands of people to their deaths to save the life of one person no matter who that person is to me.
I can't do that.
Right? Our son died so I could stay in office, so how can I dishonor him now by giving in and negotiating with terrorists, even if it means Liv dies? I can't do it.
Right? I thought you loved her.
Don't tell me we've been through all of this for a cheap screw.
I love her.
Then you know what you have to do.
My fellow Americans, moments ago, under my orders American forces began their first stages of military operations in the effort to free West Angola Don't do it.
From those who would replace its freedoms and democracy with tyranny From those responsible for attacking our vice president on our own soil.
These attacks are the opening stages of what will be a broad and concerted campaign against the rebel forces in West Angola.
To protect our nation Is this really happening? It's really happening.
And the very idea of our existence.
We face an enemy with no regard for the conventions of war, an enemy that will not hesitate to use innocent civilians as shields.
We cannot allow them to have the last word.
And I promise you, they won't.
May God bless and protect the men and women of our armed forces.
And may God continue to bless And may God continue to bless The United States of America.
The United States of America.
Who's the puppet now? That was very nicely done.
Where is she? I know it was difficult for you.
You got your war.
Now let her go.
Fitz, come on.
We both know a round of drone strikes does not constitute a war.
And if Olivia Pope were back here right now, she'd have you out of West Angola by the end of the day.
Wars take time.
And we need that time if we're gonna get your second term back on track.
We've got a lot of work to do.
But there's no limit to what we can accomplish if we do it together.
We'll have to regain the party's trust, of course, which will mean rolling back gun control and equal pay, education.
And then there's defense spending.
You're never gonna let her go, are you? Honestly? That depends entirely on you.
The black lady she's still not here? Look, I'm sorry, ma'am, if you could just tell me what the problem is I gave my friend Lois a medical-alert bracelet a couple of years ago right after John passed.
But do you think she'd ever bother to wear it? No.
Said it made her feel old.
Well, we are old.
And now she's missing, and I have no way to try to find her.
That's why I need to talk to the black lady.
- She's the one who knows Lois.
- Wait.
Who's Lois? Lois is my friend.
She won't answer her door, her phone.
Her car is still in her garage.
She gave the black lady her spare key.
Lois always said she was nice, trustworthy, and helped people for a living.
Hold on.
Why does the black Olivia have Lois' key? She lives right across the hall from her, but I've knocked on that door a hundred times.
And I guess she's missing, too.
Nothing in the kitchen.
- Maybe she wasn't here.
- She was here.
Are you sure that it's Liv's? Oh, she wears it for him.
She never takes it off.
So she was here.
She left it for us to find.
They were watching Liv's apartment from here.
You'd need monitors, sound.
You could do a whole setup with a hand truck.
Easy in, easy out.
Maybe use a cell signal? No, this building is old.
The walls are thick.
The plumbing is copper.
You couldn't rely on a cell signal for precision work.
So you'd need an Internet connection.
Like that.
You think you can figure out who was the last person to log into this network? Got something! An unauthorized intrusion into the neighbor's WI-FI.
The I.
's registered to this guy.
That's not the guy from the water glass.
Check for known associates.
That's the guy in the glass.
Got him Ian Woods, A.
Claude Jolie, A.
Martin St.
I want you to take a look at this N.
report on the war.
See if it does a good enough job outlining our long-term strategy before it's released to the media.
I don't need to read that report.
I want to hear your thoughts.
Take the report, Cyrus.
You want to hear my thoughts? Really? Now? After you sent 15,000 troops into West Angola, after you went on TV and told this nation we were at war, after all that, you want to hear my Thoughts? Thank you for asking, Sir.
28 men and 3 women.
That's how many casualties this war has cost us already.
My thoughts are with them the 31 service members who have lost their lives in an unnecessary war.
Does your report even mention their names? Does it reveal the reason why they were sent into battle in the first place? 'Cause I sure as hell don't know it.
There you have it, Sir my thoughts.
Some meaningless P.
document isn't going to change them.
Take this report back to your office And read it.
I want beef stew.
Well, that wasn't one of today's specials.
Beef stew.
And then I would like an orange creamsicle for dessert.
Orange that's important.
I know they have the others blue-raspberry, lime but I grew up on the orange ones.
This is the meal I would like, then I would like to be shot in the head! You want to be shot in the head? - Yes.
- Why would you be shot in the head? Because I'm going to die, and I want to decide how! They've got their war.
I've seen your face.
You have to kill me.
I know how this works.
Oh, Olivia.
I'm so sorry.
You've got this all wrong.
I'm not gonna kill you, not anytime soon.
This is a long-term gig for at least the next three years or so, until the end of the president's term.
But after that, sure, yeah, I'll have to kill you, but that's so far down the road there's no point in really even talking about it now.
You shouldn't have killed Otto.
He was the chef, but I will see what I can do about that creamsicle.
We gave Ian woods' sat phone a ping.
It'll respond by connecting to the nearest satellite.
- So - Satellites are Geo-synchronous.
They always fly over the same place.
So we find the satellite, we find Liv.
Got her! No, wait.
She's in Cambodia.
Havana? What's going on? He's bouncing his cellphone's signal across the entire satellite network.
She could be in any of these locations.
There's no way to find her.
Yeah? Elizabeth.
I thought you and the vice president would be off rutting somewhere, celebrating your victory.
That's why I'm here.
I have nothing to do with this.
You have to believe me.
Oh, feeling squeamish? I don't blame you.
Kidnapping's a felony, after all.
A man broke into my house last night - one of Olivia's people.
- What did you expect? You didn't think they'd do everything in their power to get their precious Olivia back? Everything in their power? Huh? You mean like this? Oh.
He'll kill me if she doesn't come back.
He'll find me, and he'll kill me.
Well, Olivia will come back.
Andrew's getting his war.
They'll have to release her.
She'll be back.
You're smart, Mellie, and you know Andrew.
Do you really think he's gonna stop at the war, or do you think that now that he has Olivia Pope now that he realizes how much she's worth he's just gonna keep demanding and demaing until none of us have anything left to give? I'm sure we'll keep that in mind when we're awarding contracts.
But for now, Senator, our focus is the people of West Angola.
Thank you.
Good night, Senator.
You're working late tonight.
The, uh, president asked me to Give him back Olivia Pope.
He told you that? What are your intentions, Andrew? Whose side are you on? - Whose side? - Is it gonna be you and me, or are you and Elizabeth North planning to ride off into the oval together? Because if that's the case listen to me.
Listen to me.
- Elizabeth was a mistake.
- Hmm.
- Fitz forced us to stop seeing each other.
- No.
Fitz forced you to make a choice, and you made your choice.
And it was the wrong one.
Believe me.
None of this means anything to me, Mel, without you.
It's gonna be you and me in the oval.
From now on, it's you and me.
We have to rethink our media strategy for this war, Cyrus.
This is shark week, and I'm the chum.
Ron Ziegler.
From the Nixon administration? He had to explain Vietnam every night for years a master at his craft.
Don't you want to be a master at your craft, Red? Depends do I get to go back in time to a world before the Internet and Twitter and everything else that makes my job about a thousand times harder than Ron Ziegler's.
Cyrus? Take the report, Cyrus.
Moments ago, American forces began their first stages is this really happening? It's really happening.
In the effort to free West Angola.
I need you to gather the joint chiefs first thing in the morning.
Are we talking about West Angola? Thought you should see the damage you've wrought.
Thank God for those policies, eh? Really keeping us honest.
What do you want? What do I want? It's the first question I ask my clients.
Typically, I know what the answer's going to be, but I just need them to arrive at it themselves.
And if I were one of your clients, what do you think I'd say? You'd say you want power, but I think that's a lie.
Oh? And why would that be? Because you're sitting on one of the most valuable assets in the world and not using it.
Imagine the price I'd fetch on the open market.
"Own Olivia Pope, you own the president.
" Make that known, you're the most powerful man in the world.
Nations, dictators, drug cartels they'd all come running.
You'd be rich beyond your wildest dreams, but, no, you'd rather honor your contract, spend the next three years bringing me food and water.
Yes, you'd be the highest-paid babysitter on the planet, but that's all you'd be a babysitter.
You're saying I should sell you.
I'm saying we should sell me.
I know the market, how it operates, who the players are, how to pull their strings.
This is my wheelhouse.
If anyone can make this work for you, it's me.
So I get rich, and you get what? I get to not spend the next three years counting down the days till the president leaves office and you put a bullet in my head.
We both know I'm resourceful.
You get rich.
I get to take my chances on the open market.
Plus, you'd have to make me look presentable to get top dollar.
And right now, I could really use a shower and a change of clothes.
Think about it, Ian.
It's win-win.
But again, the question isn't what I want.
It's what you want.
Do you want to be a babysitter, or do you want to be a boss? It's up to you.
You read the report? I read the report.
Well do you have any thoughts? Was the message clear? Exceedingly clear, Sir.
I appreciate you sharing it with me.
Evening, Mellie.
It's cold out here tonight.
You want me to get you your sweater? I'm fine.
I took care of everything.
I have something you want the vice president's cellphones.
I've given you everything I have.
I've I've told you everything I know.
I never wanted this to happen.
I'm sorry.
Now, please, leave my family alone.
Official White House phone nothing here.
This is it.
Repeated calls to Ian's number.
Those are the only calls on the phone.
- Got a 717 area code.
- Pennsylvania? The vice president didn't go buy a burner phone in Pennsylvania.
Which means Ian got it for him.
Which means he's probably been working from there.
Pennsylvania? We've been sitting here hacking low-orbit satellites, and she's been a couple hours up the I-83? It's smart reliable infrastructure, no customs, no checkpoints.
There one of the satellites Ian's signal bounced off of is over Harrisburg.
I can use it to zero in on a location.
Okay, we're looking for warehouses or factories near major highways, isolated but with clear escape routes.
- Oh, what about that? - Looks like an abandoned airport hangar.
That would work.
Hey, so why aren't you calling the White House? If I call the white house, they'll kill Olivia.
They can't go get her.
Then it's the three of us? Bust in there and take on God knows how many armed mercenaries ourselves? All right.
I'm down.
I have a better idea.
- I'm saving Olivia Pope.
I want you to acknowledge that.
- Yes.
- I just did.
- Do you see this hat? I don't see a hat.
Use your imagination.
I'm wearing a 10-gallon white hat.
Just for the record.
- Are you done? - I'm done.
David Rosen.
We have a drug raid.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Warrant is on the way.
Be ready.
is on board.
You're all set.
I'm saving Olivia Pope.
Clear! She's not here.
There's nothing here.
Do you think she's alive? She's alive.
How do you know? Mr.
President, you're looking at footage taken by paramedic helmet cams just after first-wave attacks on the rebels in West Angola.
Those are our best numbers as of 18:00 hours eastern standard time.
President? I have Olivia Pope for you.
Who's this? I have what you want.
Put her back on the phone.
Let me talk to her.
Oh, in due time.
I gave you your war.
Let me talk to her.
War? I don't care about the war.
I'm a businessman, Mr.
So let's talk business.
I'm selling Ms.
Pope to the highest bidder.
You're welcome to join.
But if I had to guess, it's gonna cost you.
The woman who controls the President of the United States? She's gonna be worth quite a bit to your enemies, your allies well, everyone really.
I'll be in touch once it all starts.
Good luck.
Quinn! - What? - Chatter.
What? Chatter! - Where? - Everywhere.
Oh, my God.
This is good.
Good? How is this good? Because she's alive, because we can track her.
She did this.
She's dropping us breadcrumbs.
We just have to follow them.