Scandal s06e12 Episode Script


615 Natural evolution The fiercest predators are always the most susceptible to change.
The slightest shift in the food chain, and [Snaps fingers] they're wiped out forever.
[Laughs] I can't believe that the United States Government has an '87 Andres.
[Laughs] Gift from the French PM.
What I always liked about you, why we always got along, was at our core, we wanted the same things.
At our core we are patriots.
These people? They boxed us both in.
They handed us our asses.
[Laughs] You kind of just have to tip your hat to 'em.
[Laughing] I see plenty Chianti, but no Grenache Not seeing any! [Bottle shatters] You actually think you can kill me, or was this some convoluted way of killing yourself? Do you want to die, Cyrus? This country needs Frankie Vargas! I need Frankie Vargas.
[Wine key clatters] He was better than us.
He was better.
I'm truly sorry for your loss.
We need to get back to work.
Let's not pretend like we're some unified team.
Should we give up? [Exhales sharply] What the hell, exactly, are you fighting for, Liv? Is it justice? The Oval? Do you even know? Jake Him? What? When did you two start sleeping together again? You think this is about Fitz? I don't know, Olivia, but when isn't it? I don't have time for this.
Look, I don't know much, and I am pretty twisted myself, but I do know that doing the same thing over and over again when you know the end result is the definition of insanity.
I would prefer it if you didn't call me crazy, and I will refrain from calling you pathetic and weak and jealous.
I'm sorry.
You know he's not the answer.
You know this place, this prison, is not your place.
I'm not looking for anyone to save me.
Are you sure about that? I saved him, I've saved you, and I don't have time to sit around nurturing your feelings because I have to save Mellie.
I wish you could put whatever this is aside and help me.
How you holding up? [Exhales] Great.
Just fantastic.
[Sighs] Everybody can plot and scheme all they want, but the gun is to my head.
One wrong move, and I won't let them.
I don't think there's m I won't let them.
Do you think I did the right thing, fighting for the Oval? [Exhales sharply] Or do you think Cyrus is right, and that I was just being greedy? Depends.
Are you gonna sit here and mope, or are you gonna make the world a better place Fight for equality, protect the environment? My hands are tied.
You know I can't do anything right now.
Mellie, you're gonna be President.
You have power whether these fools recognize it or not.
Until they decide to bash my head in with a 9-iron.
[Sighs] Why didn't I just let Cyrus take it? Because you're Mellie Grant.
You don't give up.
You know what I'd be telling Cyrus right now if he were in your shoes? If you'd let him win? I'd tell him to go home.
I'd say he's too selfish and egotistical, that he can't see clearly.
But you are strong and clear-headed, patient, exacting.
You're a leader.
So let us worry about the gun to your head.
We need you to do your job.
We're now receiving a report Woman: They've cleared the drone.
- Why are we still in here? - I'm sure there's a good reason.
- Find out.
- Probably above our clearance level.
And we are being told that it now You're lying to me.
I know as much as you do.
You're telling me you can't get to the President His own Chief of Staff Even after the situation has been cleared? I don't make these rules up.
Believe it or not, there are things out of your control in the White House even at my level.
Not when I'm running things.
And if you're lying to me, if you're daring to mess with me by keeping me here for any reason You'll kill Leo? We're not together anymore.
I'd point you to my friends, but thanks to you, I've lost them, too, so threaten me all you want.
I have nothing left for you to take.
The drone's been cleared by the bomb squad.
I don't think we can keep up this charade much longer.
You don't have another drone in your pocket, do you? We don't need another drone.
These are bugs, cockroaches.
Why are we sneaking around? We should confront them head-on and crush them.
- They'll push back.
- So? I don't know if you've noticed, but the guy over there in the navy blue suit? He has an entire military at his disposal.
Let's fight blood with blood.
It's not our decision.
Not our decision? Mellie is the President-Elect.
If we take them on, she suffers the consequences.
If she's not up to that Who says I'm not up to it? I'm done losing.
If they push back, we'll push back even harder.
What are you suggesting? I'm naming my own VP.
[Exhales sharply] No.
What? - Cy - I don't want it.
David: So, it's not Jake, it's not Cyrus.
Who's left? It has to be someone pure, someone unimpeachable, someone who's brave enough to step into this mess with us and not back down from the fight.
Quinn, stand down.
It's over.
Or it will be very soon.
Quinn: You got it.
Good luck.
Everything okay with her? [Sighs] Yep.
We're officially off the clock.
[Computer beeps] - Do you want to grab a bite? Huck? What? I said do you want to grab dinner? Well, it depends.
Would you rather hang out with me or Charlie? Why are you asking? I just got a hit on Charlie's location.
[Camera shutter clicking] [Car door opens] Robin, what are you Chew.
I don't want you to choke.
I have some things I need to say.
[Exhales sharply] Huck told me about your conversation yesterday.
Look, I get it.
He and I have history.
It was confusing almost losing him.
I had a lot of feelings I needed working out.
Robin, I-I don't No, keep chewing.
My point is, I don't want to act like you're worrying about nothing.
I don't blame you for feeling threatened.
You saw something.
It was love.
But it wasn't this kind of love.
Quinn-and-Charlie love.
Look, I didn't want to lose Huck.
I never want to lose Huck.
But you? You I don't think I could even live without.
That's why I want to marry you.
You're my life.
You're my heart.
Reel it in, Robin.
You're embarrassing yourself.
Oh, sorry.
Got a little - [Giggles] - Sorry.
The situation at the White House looks to be under control as Secret Service clears what's left of the scene, a stark contrast to the events of earlier today when an unauthorized For Pete's sake.
They're recapping now, and we're still here.
How does it feel to be so utterly useless that no one bothers to come collect you? We just received word that any moment now, President-Elect Mellie Grant will be making a statement from the White House Briefing Room.
Let's take you there live.
What statement? What the hell is she doing? That's the first thing you learn.
Presidents rarely do what you want them to do.
They're like kids in that way You got to keep your eye on 'em.
So, what a day, right? [Laughter] And not just a day A week, month, campaign.
And the minute you think it's over, new uncertainty raises its head.
I've had enough of it, and I'm sure the American people have had their fill, which is why I am proud to announce my choice for Vice President of the United States of America.
Luna Vargas.
[Reporters clamoring] Luna: I'm sure you all have a million questions, and Do you like being in Secret Service? Do you find it rewarding? Because it's over if you don't open that stupid door right now.
I'm gonna be your boss, you son of [Door buzzes] It's about time! Olivia Pope.
How nice to finally make your acquaintance.
I took Mellie back.
I am now her chief of staff, and you are now our prisoner.
Is that right? Where should we stick her? Guantanamo? Too nice.
Maybe something cold and damp a few thousand feet beneath the Pentagon? Care to do the honors? Of all the mistakes you've made Your mistake was thinking you could take what's mine.
And should you make that mistake again, remember this.
[Handcuffs click] You can't take Olivia Pope.
Olivia Pope takes you.
I don't see Peus being too happy about this.
He's gonna be furious.
You ready for a fight? It's the least I can do.