Scandal s07e01 Episode Script

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1 Tragic news out of Washington this morning Vice President Luna Vargas has died of an apparent heart attack.
The question now is who will become this country's next Vice President.
After a speedy confirmation, it's official Cyrus Rutherford Beene has been sworn in as the country's next Vice President.
Well, folks, President Mellie Grant certainly came out swinging last night in her very first address to a joint session of Congress.
Grant's remarks on everything from healthcare to foreign policy to uniting the country left many wondering how, exactly, she's gonna get it all done.
[PUBLIC ENEMY'S "FIGH THE POWER" PLAYS] Fight the power The aim of President Grant's very first legislative initiative is to give free education to every American And by "free," you mean "worse," right? If President Grant and Olivia Pope are somehow able to pull off the impossible and, God forbid, get this bill passed, then the state of education, like everything else that's been made free and undervalued, will start to decline.
And I, for one, will not stand of it.
- soul - Brothers and sisters Hey, listen, if you're missin, y'all Swingin' while I'm singin', givin' what you're gettin' Knowin' what I knowin' While the black band's sweatin' And the rhythm rhymes rollin', got to give us what we want Senator Michaels.
Thank you for being punctual.
Summoning me to the principal's office isn't gonna get me to change my opinion about this bill, Ms.
Oh, that's okay.
I don't care about your opinion.
- [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] - What I care about is your vote.
I'm voting no.
It's going to have to be a yes.
My vote is no.
That's final.
You need to vote yes.
Now, you hold on there a minute, Missy.
In what world Before you do all of that, you should know that I have an envelope.
See? It's packed with a great deal of information photos, copies of e-mails, reports, a couple of fascinating videos.
This envelope is hot.
This envelope makes careers.
Not mine, because, well, I'm already me.
And it certainly won't make yours, Senator.
You know whose career this envelope will make? Journalists lots of journalists.
It'll also benefit your wife.
She gets the truth.
How do you think she'll react? I think she gets mad finally lets go of all that "Cleave unto one's husband" crap you spout, because, let's face it even Jesus would tell her to leave a man who does what's in there.
Pope ma'am you cannot This is blackmail, and I Mine.
What? Before you asked "In what world" I'm answering "Mine" in my world.
This is my world.
You're in my envelope-filled world.
And in my world, which way do we vote on free college, Senator? Fight the power Fight the power Yes.
Fight the power Fight the power We've got to fight the powers that be Senator Michaels is a yes on the Vargas bill.
- That's fantastic.
- Nicely done! That leaves us, what, 12 votes shy? - Is that a problem? - No problem at all 7 of the 12 come from states who favor this bill.
It's the other five that concern me.
So, let's hit the airways, put the spotlight on some of these hold-outs.
Already on it I have coms orchestrating a social-media blitz, and a spot booked on "Pryce of Power.
" Smart.
Pryce gets a lot of eyeballs.
I'll be happy to get in front of his camera.
Uh Uh, we were thinking that Liv could do the TV rounds, and you could whip up the votes on the hill work your magic, twist some arms behind closed doors.
We thought you could start with Greenwald.
- Mm.
- Did we? Well [STAMMERS] w-wherever we need me.
No! David, please.
We're suffering here.
- You have friends.
- Who told you that? Important friends, high-profile friends Are you really gonna sit there and tell us none of them have a problem in need of fixing? - Affairs to hide? - Dirty secrets to protect? Murders to cover up? The only problem in need of fixing here is that you decided to change the name of this place.
It's one letter.
Olivia Pope and Associates is legend in this town.
You trust OPA.
Quinn Perkins and Associates What is that? QPA? It's a babysitting service.
Or cupcakes.
It's cupcakes delivered by babysitters.
Did you just call me a babysitter? He's a waste of time.
We need to start advertising, hit the airwaves.
Been told my whole life I've got a voice for radio.
- More of those or switch it up? - Baby's maybe feeling a yogurt.
David, so help me, you're not leaving until we get a client.
- [DOOR OPENS] - Excuse me? I-I'm looking for Quinn Perkins and Associates? Yes.
Hello! Oh, thank God.
Um, are you available? Get lost, David.
My dad, he's been overseas leading a religious studies symposium.
He calls me every day after his class no matter what.
And then two days ago, nothing no call.
Well, he may have just lost communication, a problem with his cellphone overseas.
No, this isn't a regular overseas My father's in Bashran.
[SIGHS] Your father's in Bashran like, Bashran Bashran? I-I know, but he's a scholar.
And this isn't his first trip.
He teaches there regularly.
He knows the place.
He knows how to be in touch, so if he's not calling, then something is wrong.
I'm I'm sorry.
I [CHUCKLES] lost track of time.
There's no need to apologize.
I just, uh I mean, I didn't mean to be late.
" '91.
Lafayette '91.
It's good to see you.
Good to be out of the house.
You can leave the house.
And go to my workplace.
You can go wherever you want, Dad.
Because you have cameras on me at all times.
How many times are we going to [LAUGHS] I don't have cameras on you.
Olivia, cameras are Chapter 1 of the "How to Imprison Your Dad Handbook.
" Cameras would mean that I think you might run, which would be silly.
Cameras would mean that you're not heeding my advice which would be a mistake.
Cameras would mean I believe that you don't enjoy having dinner with your daughter every week which would hurt.
Ask me about work.
How is work? Good.
I think we have a real shot at getting Vargas' free college bill through.
So you got Senator Michaels.
Did he put up a fight, or did he stand down with a whimper? I presented Senator Michaels with the facts, and I'm thrilled that he saw the light.
The light.
[CHUCKLES] That light is something.
How is the President? Mellie is good.
So, Mellie is in formation.
Happy to let you hold all the cards, wield all the power happy as your puppet.
Mellie and I are a team.
You don't play team sports, never have not well, anyway.
Dad, it's my turn.
I'm changing the rules.
This, what I'm doing, is better.
[CHUCKLES] You are like looking into the window of my past.
You are me.
No matter how much I tried, all I could create was me.
There is a reckoning coming for you, Olivia.
You think - [BOTTLE CLINKS] - you have it under control.
You think you have all the power buttoned up inside you behind your eyes, lighting you up.
But one day you'll glance into a mirror, and you will discover that some of that power is missing.
The lights are going out.
Then? You'll have some difficult decisions to make.
Do I want that power back? Who am I willing to hurt to get it? Now I can say this because I know You cannot have it all, Olivia.
Watch me.
- "The whole people" - Please don't quote me Adams.
"The whole people be willing to take upon themselves - the education" - [SIGHS] - "of the whole people" - She's quoting Adams.
"and must be willing to bear the expenses of it.
" Terrific.
Founding fathers.
I am very impressed.
My question Yes, Curtis, what is your question? Who pays for it? Who gets stuck with the check? The ones who can afford it corporations who've gone decades without paying taxes.
"Sacrifice" wasn't always a bad word in this country.
Why is it always Washington elites constantly lecturing regular folks on what they should sacrifice? Was that your Mercedes I parked next to this morning? My mom is an immigrant.
My father was a longshoreman.
I was the first in my family to go to college at 24, after I volunteered building shelters in Central America.
I could spend the next six shows dismantling your anecdotal systemically racist, "pull yourself up by the boot straps" argument.
But I'll keep it simple It doesn't fly.
I wasn't ready for college at 18.
It's reasonable many Americans don't want to foot the bill for someone's six-year keg party.
That's very narrow thinking, Curtis.
And your head is in the clouds, Ms.
Do you honestly believe what you're saying? I don't say anything I don't mean.
That's why I'm sitting where I am, and you're Olivia Pope.
Okay, you are supremely talented.
But keeping it real? [SCOFFS] It ain't one of your talents.
I think you're losing your audience, but to get back on track college is a benefit to almost every individual who attends.
So, if we're telling it like it is, let me run down some numbers, real facts that will actually Unfortunately, that's all the time we have here today.
Thank you, Ms.
Pope, for coming on to the show.
We'll see you tomorrow Same time, same Pryce, more power.
- We're clear.
- We still had 30 seconds.
Oh, did we? I could've used those 30 seconds.
- I think you made your point.
- I think you made your point.
I appreciate it.
Your point being that you can't stand getting schooled on your own show.
30 more seconds would've given me 30 more chances to watch you squirm.
- [SCOFFS] - [LAUGHING] You don't quit, do you, Ms.
Pope? You have no idea.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] Joshua Stewart PhD from Princeton, professor of Comparative Theology at Georgetown, known for doing field work in some of the roughest places on Earth.
No kidding Nicaragua in the '80s, Eastern Europe in the '90s, Iraq.
- Not bad for an egghead.
- After his wife died, he even took little Madeline on some of his expeditions.
Daddy-daughter trips to all the hot zones.
Wait, how old do you think our kid needs to be before we can take it to Myanmar? 2? 2 1/2? Stewart was last seen at the university that hosted the symposium.
Huck, can you hack into its security system? You expect me to just break into the government facilities of one of the most mysterious and impenetrable nations on the planet? You guys take me for granted.
Here's something.
He sat on the same bench, next to the same man two days in a row.
What Who's his buddy? Wrong question.
Right question is "Who is on that same bench" at the same time the very next day?" The day after Stewart disappeared? [KEYBOARD CLACKING] What do you see? Nothing.
I mean, there's no one.
Stewart's pal.
Well, can you get an ID on that guy? I have enough definition for a QR scan, but it'll come up empty.
- Wait.
Why? - The secret meetings, the the hyper-awareness of all the surveillance cams, passport full of gnarly stamps.
He's a fellow traveler.
Oh! No way.
That's good.
Fellow traveler What the hell is a fellow traveler? [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] [KNOCK ON DOOR] Quinn, it's late.
Exactly, which is how you know this is something, a something you don't want any calls or e-mails about because GITMO.
Also, I need to pee.
I was driving by.
Can I come in? What do you want, Quinn? We have a client missing person, but the thing is [INHALES] we're pretty sure he's one of yours.
What do you mean "One of mine?" He's a spy.
CIA we think.
We could be wrong, but if we're not I'll see what I can find out.
We're doing everything we can on our end Quinn, I said I'm on it.
Thank you.
Look, I really need to pee.
"How you doing, Quinn? How pregnancy?" [SIGHS] "How's my godchild doing in there?" - Rude.
- [SIGHS] - JAKE: What's that? - Work Actually something I'm gonna need you to take a look at.
What are you doing? We're not finished.
We finished.
Well, let's finish again.
Did you not hear me say I have work for you? Yes, ma'am.
[SIGHS] Okay.
Get back in here.
[GRUNTS] Work can wait till morning.
I'm sorry.
I am.
[SCOFFS] I thought we were clear about what this was.
I think "convenient" was the word.
Along with "safe.
" And "secure.
" "Easy.
" So, why are you making it difficult? [SIGHS] Let's finish.
[BREATHES HEAVILY] [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] REPORTER: As the deadline draws near, President Grant's ambitious backing of the Vargas bill seems as though it may remain only that ambitious.
The former President Grant is keeping his opinion to himself.
When reached for comment at his residence in Vermont, the two-term president declined to answer, "saying" There can only be one President at a time, - and right now? That's Mellie Grant.
" - [KNOCK ON DOOR] - [DOOR OPENS] - Sources close to the President say the final vote is far from settled, and caution against So, I looked up Quinn's professor.
- And? - He's definitely CIA.
So, Quinn was right.
According to Langley, Stewart's one of our most valuable assets in the Middle East.
He helped the CIA thwart four credible terror attacks in the past three years.
His post at the University of Bashran is a cover, and he's currently our most reliable trader of information amongst our assets in Europe and Asia.
The fact that he's missing is big.
The President has a few minutes.
- You can brief her, and we can - No.
We're not gonna tell the President about any of this.
Best-case scenario, this guy's been taken by the Bashrani Armed Forces.
Psychological torture is an art form for them.
He'll talk.
Or he's in the hands of a fringe terror group, and they're carving him up to see what he knows.
He'll talk.
We can't let that happen, not in Bashran, not in a country that's this close to having its own nukes.
He's an American hero.
Yes, and if we want him to stay an American hero, we need to kill him.
Jake [SCOFFS] If he talks, he's a traitor and a weapon.
If the Bashranis turn him, if he gives up his sources, he threatens the safety of every CIA asset in the region.
We need to kill him.
We need to kill him, and we need to do it without Mellie or Quinn or anyone else in this town knowing about it.
I put together a plan.
We can do this off the books using the B613 budget.
It's all in there.
All I need is your go-ahead.
We're not killing one of our own.
They have him.
He's not ours anymore.
Look, this is your call to make.
But I'm here to advise you and my best advice? We need to do this quickly.
I need to think about it.
- Liv - I said I need to think about it.
Killing a patriot? Being Command.
Vice President, thank you for coming out.
[SMOOCHES] - Coffee? - Mmm! Always a treat to get out of the office.
How's the family? How is Emily liking Princeton? Couldn't be happier.
Excellent! Don't think I can't see your angle.
You mean subtly pointing out that despite your folksy taste in restaurants, you're a Democratic senator whose granddaughter attends one of the priciest schools in the country? You see, Diane it's sharper than an angle.
It's actually a point.
It's not that I have anything against the Vargas bill.
Then why do I hear rumors you're planning to oppose it? Where you go, a bushel of other Dems will follow.
They will, which is why I wanted to speak to you personally.
[SIGHS] Free college It was supposed to be ours a Democratic initiative.
So, you like this bill, but you're gonna tank it out of spite? Work with us, Cyrus.
If we burn this thing now, in four years it could be your game-changing legislation.
We're barely 100 days into Mellie's term.
You want me to row against her so that I can take my chances in a presidential election 3 1/2 years away? I want you to take the long view.
Don't hand this win to Olivia Pope and the president she chose.
You worked for a Republican, you ran as a Democratic VP to a martyred Latino, you serve as a Republican VP to a woman you're gay, you adopted a black baby, you served time for a crime you didn't commit.
You, my friend, are the liberal dream every box checked.
This climb doesn't end with Vice President, Cyrus, not when you could have the mountaintop Not when you could be President Beene.
When you're ready to talk about your future, give me a call.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] QUINN: The White House is on our side.
Olivia Pope has promised they will do everything they can to bring your father home, Ms.
The second we hear something I am never letting him out of my sight again.
When my dad gets back, it is a university job for him, I swear.
Thank you thank you, all.
[SIGHS] [INHALES SHARPLY] - Okay, what's for lunch? - You didn't tell her.
That her father might be a spy? Of course I didn't tell her.
Ooh, let's order from that vegan place on 18th.
- Again? - You have to tell her.
That place doesn't serve food.
She didn't hire us to play therapist, Charlie.
She hired us to find her dad that's it.
Uh, curry bowl, save the chutney, extra yams this time.
Well, what about our kid? Are we not gonna tell our kid who we really are, or are we gonna spend our lives pretending? All our client wants is to find her father.
What she doesn't want, I can assure you, is to know that he's a spy.
Have you heard back from Liv since last night? Uh, no.
She said she'd call.
Why? Just wondering.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] The body needs to come home.
It won't be as easy, bringing the body back.
But his daughter deserves a funeral.
We can't be having this conversation.
Quinn doesn't know I'm here.
Nobody does.
They think you're helping.
Get us a body, and nobody needs to know it was you who killed him.
Why would you assume I'd kill him? Liv, he was a spy.
That's what they do to spies who get caught.
That's not what I'm asking.
I'm asking why you'd assume I would do that? Because you're one of them now.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] You wanted to see me, Madam President? Where are we on Joshua Stewart? I brought the President up to speed on our rescue plans.
Our rescue plans.
The President agrees that bringing him home is the best course of action.
I need you to tell me the point of seizing power if you can't make the tough call.
I make tough calls all the time.
Do you? You want to ask Luna Vargas about me? Yes.
You murdered Luna in the best way possible.
You made one tough, dark, amazing call one.
I liked it.
I respected it.
But it was one call.
There are gonna be 1,000 more.
Do you have another call in you? I'm making another call.
This is my call.
My call is no matter what, Professor Stewart is a patriot.
My call is we bring patriots home.
My call is hope over cynicism.
My call is murder will not be policy in my White House.
Except we're not talking about your White House, Liv.
[SOFTLY] We're talking about B613, your B613, because that's the real job rebuilding B613, hiring agents, creating infrastructure, protecting the Republic.
You want a hopeful White House? That's fine for you when you are Chief of Staff.
Pick daisies and dance.
- But your job as Command - Careful.
Olivia, j I'm trying to help.
When your father started B613 This isn't my father's B613.
It's mine.
I run this show.
I decide.
You? Do what I say.
Bring my guy home alive, Admiral Ballard now.
[DOOR OPENS] You needed me? Where are we with Greenwald? She's having a little trouble remembering whether it's "party before country" or the other way 'round, but I think I can set her straight.
You'll have to.
Without her vote, there's no bill.
Was that it? No.
The Rangerette Future Leaders program is arriving in an hour and a half.
I need you to stop by, say a few words.
- The Rangerettes? - Mellie was planning to do it, but she got pulled into a meeting with the Bashrani Ambassador.
You're serious? You want me to meet with the Rangerettes? Is that going to be a problem? [HUFFS] Liv Because the last I checked, you're second-in-command to the nation's first female president, and the Rangerette organization is dedicated to the education and empowerment of young women.
But I'm inferring, based on your barely hidden contempt, that meeting these young future leaders of this country doesn't sound important enough to you.
Is that right? Of course it's important.
I'm happy to go.
Clear my afternoon for this Rangerettes business.
See if Jenkins can meet Thursday instead.
And call Senator Greenwald for me.
Tell her I'm ready to have that drink.
I'm so glad you think so, Ambassador.
I've been told that Bashrani tea is legendary.
I was worried we'd disappoint.
Well, I've had nothing but Starbucks for weeks, so I'm an easy mark.
- [CHUCKLES] - But this is particularly delicious.
So, Ambassador Marashi, we have ourselves in a bit of a situation here, - wouldn't you say? - A situation? Relations between our countries have never been better, and, big picture, we share a common goal of a nuclear treaty.
So if we can find a resolution to this problem that makes everyone happy Madam President, I don't mean to interrupt, but I'm honestly not sure what problem you're referring to.
Ambassador, if American assets are being held prisoner in Bashran, that is a problem, a big problem.
In the past, a problem that big would most likely be solved with costly sanctions, termination of diplomatic relationships, and, potentially, the full weight, might, and vengeance of the United States Armed Forces.
But, like I said, no one's looking to stir the pot.
Ah, now I understand.
I understand that it must be difficult, being in a position like yours for such a short amount of time.
You must be being presented with a massive amount of information and intelligence on a daily basis, and it must be difficult to try to figure out whether this information and intelligence is good or bad.
Don't worry I know you're just doing your job.
I don't take offense.
But I will take another cup of this wonderful tea.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] [CONVERSING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] Has the Ambassador brought up our asset yet? Hold on.
Apparently his son, little Farid, is getting bullied at school.
[CLICKS LIPS] Totalitarian regimes They're just like us.
This isn't working.
I know you think I'm wasting my time, but I'm not.
I'm looking for a better way.
How long has Stewart been missing? About 72 hours.
Why? The first 24 are relatively easy.
I got through the waterboarding by pretending I was 6 years old again learning to swim in the public pool.
The German Chair? It's just a really intense yoga session.
The dogs, though You can negotiate with a human, but a hungry dog snapping at your face, your genitals I lasted 81 hours.
Now, I was in my 20s, an officer in the Navy in tip-top shape.
This Stewart guy's a 100-pound bookworm on the wrong side of 60.
How much longer do you think he's got? But it's not about him anymore.
This is about the engineer in Natanz who puts them behind schedule every time they get close to a working nuke, the archaeologist at Tepe Sialk who reports on troop movements from the Isfahan Province, the palace guard who keeps us informed on their president's location.
If they're taken, you won't have to worry about 100 Bashranis anymore, because you'll be too busy worrying about the lives of 400 million Americans.
You're not wasting time, Liv.
You're out of time, and so are they.
We need to shut this down.
- No.
- Send somebody in there.
We keep listening.
- Liv.
- Keep listening.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] "Guess what, girls? Here's another old, white guy.
" I brought hand sanitizer.
Bless your pink little valedictorian heart.
10 minutes, and then you interrupt me with a phone call.
MELLIE: Cyrus.
Madam President.
Olivia said you couldn't field this one? Oh, I thought I was gonna be tied up all afternoon, but change of plans, so Actually, I'm glad I caught you.
I wanted to thank you for all your help on the Vargas bill.
That's quite unnecessary, Madam President.
We are gonna get this thing passed, you and I.
We are gonna honor Frankie's legacy.
Anyway, I know meeting with everyone can be a grind.
It can be but also the job.
Just thank you.
They told me Luna Vargas had that heart attack, and you have been at my side ever since.
And I just wanted you to know that [SIGHS] I appreciate it, is all, Cyrus.
Of course, Madam President.
Look at us working together.
- Hmm.
- [GIGGLES] It's a wonder why we spent so many years trying to destroy each other, when all this time we could've been friends.
Okay! So, which one of you is planning on running for president one day? - [GIRLS CHATTERING] - I like to see those hands.
- [MELLIE CLAPS] - That makes me very happy.
This is where I was told to stand.
Your assistant wouldn't let me wait inside your office, so I've been trying to call you.
You shouldn't have made Mr.
Pryce wait outside.
- Nice of you to say.
- She should've told you to go home.
But then we would've missed out on this incredibly public and awkward exchange.
What are you doing here? Okay.
Now that you ask, uh, I came to see if you still wanted your 30 seconds.
Dinner you and me, tonight.
You came here to ask me out.
Uh, no, I came here for a media summit with the Communications Office.
But since I was in the neighborhood, I figured [INHALES SHARPLY] Yes.
Yes, I came here to ask you out.
You realize it's the middle of the day? Well, I wasn't talking about right now - [CELLPHONE RINGS] - but if you insist on being taken out for the best meal of your entire life right this moment, I suppose I can clear my afternoon.
See? There.
You're smiling.
I am, but it's nothing to do with you.
[SCOFFS] I don't buy that for a second.
I think she was telling the truth.
Madam President, good news.
We got Blackburn.
He's voting yes, which means as soon as Cyrus flips Greenwald, we'll be OLIVIA: Jake, what are you You're not the only one with good news.
We've located our missing spy.
We have? We have.
Admiral Ballard's team has been able to pinpoint his location.
He's being held in a compound near the Turkish border.
That is very good news.
There's a SEAL Team aboard the USS Alston in the Persian Gulf.
If they start prepping now, we can stage a rescue, and The plan has changed.
Since when? Rescue takes time.
Time means dead Americans.
But Jake has taken me through all the possible scenarios I'm sure he was very thorough.
[SCOFFS] So you're killing him? A surgical strike is the best option.
The only option.
-If I could just have a moment You can't, Liv.
You've made your case.
Now Jake's made his.
It will be quick, quiet, under the radar You're killing a man who has spent his life protecting It's what we're doing, Olivia.
Jake, talk to me about strike logistics.
I want to know exactly how we're gonna get this done.
[SIGHS] Here's some aerial photographs of the compound.
You'll notice how isolated it is.
I need you to do me a favor.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] We have helo touchdown.
JAKE: No chatter on coms.
Madam President, the coast is clear.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] Take him out.
We're a go.
Good luck, gentlemen.
Pope, I hope you're here with a case of that delicious tea your boss served me yesterday morning.
Otherwise, I have nothing more to say.
And what is this? I've always been impressed by the importance of family in your culture.
Children, parents, it's the deepest of bonds.
Their success, your children's health, it's everything to you.
Joshua Stewart I want him back.
I told you.
We don't have him.
That is live feed taken from the scope of an M96 sniper rifle.
You can stick by your lie, but you should know the consequences.
SEAL: Got movement.
- Go, go, go.
- [ GUNFIRE] SEAL 2: Guard down.
On me.
All right.
Coming up.
WOMAN: The target's holding cell is down that hall.
This is my son! Yes.
And that hostage is someone's father.
We value family, too.
Do you have a clean shot? Yeah.
But we are bluffing, right, Liv? We are bluffing? Liv? Answer me.
Take the shot in five four three - tw - No! Please.
I'll make the call.
Please don't do this.
Please don't hurt my son.
[SEAL SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY] Is that his cell? SEAL: All set? [EXPLOSION] Go, go, go.
- All clear.
- Clear.
The target is not here.
I repeat We do not have eyes on the target.
Where is he? JAKE: He must've been moved.
- Moved? Where? - [DOOR CLOSES] Deeper in the compound, maybe I see a couple possibilities.
MELLIE: Where have you been? I'm sorry to interrupt, Madam President, - but you need to take this.
- Olivia, if you can't tell, I'm a little busy at the moment.
Take a message.
It's Ambassador Marashi, Ma'am.
Thank you, Mr.
Professor Stewart has just been delivered to the United States embassy, unharmed.
WOMAN: Abort mission.
Repeat abort mission.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] I've thought about your offer.
It makes a lot of sense.
I thought you'd see that.
Unfortunately, your plan has one significant flaw.
It's wrong.
Come again? Ask yourself why was free college part of the Democrats' platform? The answer is because it's what's good for this country.
- [TAPS DESK] - Diane, America needs this.
And America will get it.
But from the party that promised it to her all along.
This win [SCOFFS] can be ours.
Come on, Cy.
What's four years? It's four years too long is what.
It's four years during which every high-school freshman in this country won't work as hard as they might if they believed their government gave a damn about 'em.
Four years of high-school graduates moving into low-skilled jobs because they can't afford to take on student loans.
And, yes, it's four years during which your granddaughter, Emily, will finish her career at Princeton without worrying for a second if her family can afford to keep her there, after which she'll have access to opportunities beyond what any mere high-school graduate would even be able to dream of.
The ability to pay for college, Diane, it's one of the many things that keeps the rich rich and everyone else screwed.
But now, right now, we have the opportunity to fix that.
We have a willing President, an enthusiastic House, and enough Senate votes with your say-so to turn this into law.
So like I said, your offer makes sense, but it's morally bankrupt.
And if you and your little cadre of cynics show up tomorrow and vote against this bill, I promise both the President and your constituents will hear about how another fat-cat politician would rather hand the other side a loss than give regular Americans a win.
[DOOR OPENS] So how's that for "taking the long view?" [DOOR CLOSES] [SIGHS] I love a happy ending.
I love a big, fat paycheck.
Usually the Pryce is right, but, yes, occasionally the Pryce is wrong.
and tonight I'm taking the L I said it couldn't be done, but I've just got word that President Grant has all the votes she needs in both Houses of Congress.
Every American will have the chance to go to college.
I got to hand it to her That unity ticket she keeps talking about - [KNOCK ON DOOR] - might be more than just ta Hey.
May I come in? No.
Liv, I'm sorry.
I Di [SIGHS] It was wrong of me to go to Mellie behind your back.
There's no need for you to apologize.
This was my fault.
That is very clear now.
No, you were right about the Professor, and I was wrong.
Obviously I was right about Stewart of course.
But that's not what I'm [INHALES SHARPLY] You overstepped.
You went around me to Mellie.
That's not about being wrong.
- That's about being too comfortable.
- Wait.
I don't know I made a mistake with you.
We are very, very good together.
We have a skill.
And I was weak.
But no matter what, I never should've let you back in my bed.
You're sleeping with the boss.
You got comfortable.
You got familiar.
You forgot who I am.
You forgot to be afraid, and you overstepped.
Are y You're not serious.
Don't worry It won't happen ever again.
This is over.
Liv, come on.
Go home to your wife, Admiral Ballard.
Cyrus didn't take the bait.
Looks like he's Mellie all the way.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] The President of Bashran is irate and is refusing to even discuss a nuclear treaty after our military incursion into his country.
So I've scheduled a call with the British Prime Minister.
They were at Oxford together.
If anyone can help smooth this over, it's Why don't you call the British Prime Minister yourself? Or would you rather put an earpiece in my ear and feed me lines? Mellie Here's how this works.
You give me counsel, I make decisions.
You support that decision no matter your No.
Actually, that's not at all - If you ever cross me again - Cross you? I saved you.
If I can't trust you, then [SIGHS] - This is my office.
- This is not your office.
It belongs to the people, to the Republic.
This office is sacred.
You don't own it, you lease it Four years with an option for renewal.
You protect it, you serve it, and you don't decide the best way to do that by yourself.
I didn't.
I listened to your advice, and I chose a different course.
And now I'm stuck cleaning up after you, which is is why I need to get you on the phone with - the British Prime Minister.
- I don't care if this tiny dustup with Bashran causes World War III.
The only thing I care about right now is making it crystal clear that you follow my orders.
You have my back.
You don't sneak around behind it and freelance after I give an order.
[SCOFFS] There's three things you need to know about me that you should already know, but I clearly need to reiterate.
One, you do not ignore me.
Because, two, I am right, always.
It's frustrating get used to it.
And, three, there is only us.
["IT TAKES TWO" PLAYS] You and me That's all there is.
We have it all the people, the pulpit, the purse strings, the guns, all of it.
Everything ours to deploy in the defense and betterment of the people and office we serve.
But the men outside these oval walls? They want to take it all away from us.
Because they are terrified.
Because they are outraged.
Because they have come to the realization that all those centuries of misogyny and privilege and status quo are finally over.
That is why you never listen to a man over me.
Your success as President is my only agenda.
I, alone, have your back always! You want to keep the barbarians at the gate? You want to hold these walls? You want to keep having it all, reverse the tides of injustice, redraw the map, flood the darkness with light, earn our place, and make it so that a woman holding this office is no longer a novelty but the norm? Then you have to stop thinking of me as an employee and start thinking of me as what I am.
And what is that? The boss.
Put your faith in me, and me alone, and you will become a monument.
Ignore me, allow them to come between us, and you will become an asterisk.
It takes two to make it outta sight Yeah! Whoo! It takes two to make a thing go right Yeah! Whoo! It takes two to make it outta sight Yeah! Whoo! It takes two to make a thing go right Yeah! Whoo! It takes two to make it outta sight Yeah! Hit it! The situation that the Base is in I'm kinda stingy, that's why I don't wanna lend A funky rhyme to a foe or a good friend There's a car waiting outside.
East exit, just beyond those curtains.
It'll take you to the District Hotel.
The bellhop out front his name is Mike.
Mike works for me.
Mike will give you a key room 523.
Inside that room, you'll find a connecting door.
The door will be unlocked.
I want the ducats 'cause this is Rob Base's world I'm on a mission, you better just listen I'm going to get up now.
Yeah! Whoo Let's give it oh, I don't know 30 seconds? Yeah! Whoo Then you come.
Yeah! Whoo OLIVIA: So, you tell me, which one do you want to be? It takes two to make a, it, it, it It takes two to make a, it, it, it A monument.
It takes two to make a, it, it, it It takes two to make a, it, it, it I want to be a monument.
It takes two to make a thing go right Yeah! Whoo! It takes two to make it outta sight [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING]