Scandal s07e03 Episode Script

Day 101

1 [Cheers and applause] [Cheers and applause continue] [Brakes squeal] Okay.
Welcome home, Mr.
Thanks, Luther.
[Insects chirping] [Door closes] Reporter: Former President Fitzgerald Grant arrived in Rutland, Vermont, today to begin life out of office.
Reporter #2: You got to wonder, what's he made of? Will Grant go the way of Jimmy Carter and blossom out of office or fade away like George W.
Bush? Can you imagine such a-a charismatic, lightning-rod figure thriving in a small town, being a regular Joe America? That's not what I'm wondering.
What I want to know about is that kiss.
No, seriously, is that kiss at the White House today with Olivia Pope a natural goodbye or a sign of things to come? - Well we don't know.
- Ooh, well.
- Drama.
- We'll have to keep an eye on that.
- Yeah, you were thinking it, too.
- [Laughs] [Remote clicks] [Remote thuds] [Sighs] [Alarm blaring] [Groaning] [Sighs] [Sighs] All: Good morning, Mr.
Good morning.
Who are you? What are those? Mr.
President, my name is Tad.
Pleasure, Ted.
The boxes? It's Tad, actually.
Walker hired me.
I'm your aide.
Those boxes are some things from the White House, your storage unit in Santa Barbara.
Walker thought you could get a head start on filtering through some things for the Grant Institute.
This is your housekeeper, Linda.
Martin is in charge of the grounds.
Jeff's going to be your chef.
Rhonda will be with you when I can't be.
It's Tad.
Where were you working before this? Senior Aide for Senator Boyd.
- Great guy.
- Yes, sir.
The first thing I need you to do for me Anything, Sir.
Is to fire all of these good people.
Make sure everyone gets a year's severance.
Sir? Then I'll call Senator Boyd and make sure you get your job back.
It It sounds like you're firing me.
I am.
After you fire them.
This is valuable experience.
You can call me Ted.
I don't mind.
Thanks for your service, Tad.
I have spent eight years being catered to, watched over, cajoled.
I haven't carried my own pen, gone grocery shopping.
I can count on one hand the number of times I've made a turkey sandwich.
I like turkey sandwiches.
I want to make my own turkey sandwiches.
One more thing I'm driving.
[Chuckles] Oh, you're free to operate your vehicle on the grounds, Sir, but As much as I'd love the press to practice their pithy captions on a shot of me driving in circles in the backyard you know that's not what I'm talking about.
No President has driven on public roads after leaving office, Sir.
It's good to know I can still make history.
[Peaches & Herb's "Shake Your Groove Thing" plays] Shake it, shake it Shake your groove thing Shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah Show 'em how we do it now Shake your groove thing Do you have a Fresh Mart card, Mr.
President? I'm I'm sorry? A Fresh Mart card.
I don't think so.
How about I use my card for you this time and you can fill out this application and bring it back with you the next time you come? That's really nice of you.
We do more out on the floor Just swipe on the machine right there.
Groovin' loose or heart to heart We put in motion every single part - [Machine beeps] - Declined.
Let me see.
You see this sticker? We're bumpin' booties, havin' us a ball, y'all I need to activate a debit card.
Fitzgerald Grant III.
Shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah Sorry to have let you down.
[Piano music playing] [Smoke detector beeping] Reporter: You've been sleeping underneath this statue for 10 days now.
Tell everyone why.
It's time America confronted its violent, racist history.
General Raymond Cyst was a Revolutionary War hero, but he was also one of the most heinous and vindictive slave owners on record.
He fathered slaves, which simply sugarcoats the truth.
This man raped women he held captive and imprisoned his own children.
Why is that not documented alongside this monument? Why, as a black man, should I be asked to celebrate someone who would have gladly kept me in chains? Certainly a hot take, but how long are you planning on staying out here? I'll sleep in the freezing cold until this statue comes down.
There you have it.
I'm Chad Buddenholzer.
Now back to the s [Remote clicks, thuds] [Sighs] [Lid clatters] [Sighs] [Lid slams] You have reached the voice box of Marcus Walker.
Leave a message.
[Beep] Hey, Marcus, just checking in.
Hope you're having a good vacation.
Um, I forgot when you said you were coming in, but, um just give me a call when you have a sec.
[Cellphone beeps] [Ray El Vikingo's "Quiero Mojar Mi Garganta" plays] [Man singing in Spanish] [Camera shutter clicking] Mm.
Good morning.
What are you doing today? Working.
Can you not? Work today? Take off.
Show me around Havana, then come back to my hotel and kick it by the pool.
I cannot miss work.
And I wouldn't want to deal with the hassle of your hotel anyway.
What are you talking about? [Scoffs] Don't worry about it.
I'm not good at that.
Hotels like yours They're not for people like me.
It's a hotel It's for everyone.
It's an actual pillar of the hospitality business to be accepting of everyone, and you'd be my guest.
I show with up you, they're gonna take one look at the color of my skin and assume I'm a Jinetera.
A prostitute? You'd argue with them.
I'd be embarrassed in my own city.
The reality is they don't want black Cubans disturbing tourists' good time here.
You're not supposed to see Cuba.
You're supposed to see the country they want you to see.
I'm black.
Lo siento, guapito.
You're a gringo.
[Door opens] [Door closes] So much for love, for love, for love, for love, for love [Man singing indistinctly] So much for love, for love, for love, for love, for love So much for love Tell me that you want me Tell me you don't trust me anymore Fitz: Mr.
Walker! Mr.
Welcome to Vermont.
I'm glad you're here.
Why are we stopping? [Panting] To take a look at your future.
Right now, you're looking at an empty field.
In 2023, you'll be looking at the Fitzgerald Grant III Presidential Library.
You did this? Deal closed yesterday.
Took a lot of work.
But it's perfect.
I want this to be more than just a museum.
I see a wing dedicated to Brandon Parker and the preservation of Civil Rights in this country.
[Chuckles] I think that would be great, Mr.
We have a real opportunity to change lives.
Without restrictions, without politics.
This is our next chapter, Marcus.
It's going to be a good one.
Another mile? Yes, Sir.
Mellie Grant has decided which piece of legislation she'll attempt to tackle, and it is, indeed, an olive branch to the other side of the aisle.
The House is reportedly working on an amended version of Francisco Vargas' education bill that would provide free college to all Americans.
- However - That's ambitious.
- Mellie might need me on this.
- Can't.
The fight over this bill is going to get ugly.
I can't imagine it would be unwelcome if I made a statement that helped nudge things forward, win over the public.
100 days.
Out of respect for the new President who's trying to step out of the shadow of the previous President Whom she happened to be married to.
Also, you've got plenty to do.
- How far along are you with that list? - [Sighs] I hate asking people for money.
What am I offering these people? It's all been teed up for you.
We're hosting a donor dinner here next month.
Call them, make the invite.
250K for the plate, then, at dinner, we talk real cash.
Some folks are willing to drop 5 mill just to get a brick with their name on it in the hall of your library.
What's this? I didn't know you were into guns.
Governor Fitzgerald Grant.
That was a gift.
From who? What else? You want to discuss something else? Let's discuss Olivia.
What about Olivia? How much is she going to be featured in your library? "Featured"? I don't mean to be indelicate Which means you're about to be.
Monica was hardly featured in Clinton's library, and he caught flack for it.
You're comparing Monica Lewinsky to Olivia Pope? I'm not.
At all.
Which is kind of the point.
Olivia worked in your White House, advised you, ran your campaigns, lived with you.
She was America's first-ever First Girlfriend.
She stood tall in front of the American people and assured them you'd be okay after you got shot, and now she's the Chief of Staff to the President that succeeded you.
Olivia is Hillary Clinton, Beyoncé, Oprah, and Sista Souljah all in one.
I'll play you a Sista Souljah record sometime.
I think you reference things you know I don't know to prove a point.
All I'm saying is Olivia is important.
People, the world They care about Olivia.
When I was driving in from the airport last week, there was a house with "Olitz" written on the front in Christmas lights.
- What? - It's your name and her name, I think.
I got that.
It's just That's crazy.
We You need to decide which portions of your relationship you want to highlight and if she gets her own wing.
Does Cyrus get his own wing? Did you neck Cyrus on South Lawn - in front of 40 million people? - I spent 8 years in the most powerful office in the world, running the most powerful nation in the world, and you're basically telling me I've been reduced to a man who loved a woman.
Welcome the plight of almost every successful woman in the history of mankind.
When's the last time you went to a bar? Excuse me? Let's go to a bar, get a drink.
I want to get out of the house.
[Sighs] Luther's head is going to explode.
There's protocol and advance work that has to be done, and it's hard to do on the fly.
So you'll make the arrangements.
One drink, then we'll head back and do some work.
Two beers, please.
No problem, Mr.
You been following this? Crowd spiked after Kendrick Lamar retweeted Steve.
Fitz: Brave kid.
I've seen one black person in Vermont, and he's on TV.
You've been counting black people? All black people count.
We like to know if people start getting frisky with hoods and tiki torches, we have someone on team close by.
- [Chuckles] Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
That is delicious.
[Sighs] That used to be me.
Hmm? Five years ago, I was him Steve.
Marcus: Raising hell, stirring the pot, shining a light on ignorance and injustice.
This kid is literally willing to freeze to death to get the attention of the mayor and the governor.
Sounds like you miss it.
[Sighs] Looks cold, but Yeah.
I don't know.
Did I change more people's lives screaming up and down the streets of Rosemead or in the White House? I know what I'm supposed to think, but [Sighs] Honestly, I don't know.
[Sighs] We're gonna do great things.
As soon as we can get out there, we are gonna make a difference.
I need you.
We're a team.
Have you talked to her? No.
You haven't spoken to Mellie? I thought you were asking about Liv.
I haven't spoken to Olivia.
I haven't spoken to Mellie.
What happened with you two? Ah, nah.
[Laughing] Nuh-uh.
I'm not talking about dating your ex-wife.
Isn't that what guys talk about at bars? No.
I think Mellie's an amazing person.
She's gonna be an amazing President.
That's her focus.
She's focused on that.
Which I can respect.
She doesn't need any distractions.
Liv and I tried.
And tried.
She's not here.
At some point, you have to let go.
You've let go? You think I haven't? I'm asking.
Like I said She isn't here.
Olivia was my Communications Director.
She ran my second campaign.
That's how she should be featured.
Same as Cyrus.
Olivia didn't define my Presidency.
If that's what you want.
That's the truth.
[Inhales sharply] Finish this one and head back? No! Let's have a few more.
Those calls can wait till morning.
Marcus: Six huge donors for your library.
They've already dropped $250,000 for the plate, but we want more.
Jim Whale is the guy we want to target.
- Deeper pockets than the rest.
- Fitz: Got it.
I can't find my cufflinks.
You know, we can hire you a valet.
I like doing stuff on my own.
Steve's losing his audience.
Who? The kid trying to get a meeting with the mayor to have the General Cyst statue taken down.
The weather's getting worse.
We could easily put some pressure on Mayor Shumpert with a meeting.
Uh, I empathize with the kid, but the last thing we need to do in our new town is stick our nose into local politics.
Particularly on an issue this complicated and divisive.
Is it? Complicated? Let's get this over with.
[Soft piano music playing] Fitz: To be clear, I am not much of a golfer.
And as we walk up to the first tee at Pebble Beach The Prime Minister, me, and two-time Masters Champion Bubba Watson I'm feeling okay.
But then Bubba takes out his brand-new driver, and he catches me eyeing it and says I have to give it a try.
Well, I'm terrified at this point, but he's insisting.
And I remember my dad used to have a rule that you don't argue with guys named Bubba.
- [Laughter] - So, I take it.
I tee up, address the ball, practice swing.
Everything's feeling pretty good.
I'm thinking, "I might pull this one off.
" So, I swing that driver full force and ground the club into the dirt a good foot behind the ball, take out a monster chunk of grass.
Seriously, there was, like, a cannon exploding into the turf at Gettysburg.
And the thing about these pro drivers is the flex in the shaft is insane.
It's like a coiled spring, so this damn driver bounces out of my hand and flies through the air.
And from that point on, everything is in slow motion because Bubba's club is careening toward the Prime Minister of Japan, specifically for the Prime Minister's head.
And as I stand there, staring helplessly, only one thought is crossing my mind "There goes our trade deal!" [Laughter] What did you say? To the Prime Minister? What else? I asked him for a mulligan.
[Laughter] Cheers.
Now, that's a damn fine cigar.
Romeo y Julieta? Courtesy of our friend Marcus.
He recently went to Cuba.
Muchas gracias, Chico.
Fitz: Look, Jim, I know we haven't always seen eye-to-eye on a lot of things Mr.
President, I underestimated you when you were in office.
This time, I'd like to bet on you.
I'm not afraid to jump on the bandwagon.
Well, when the whiskey's dried up, it's time for me to do the same.
[Laughs] You know, I wouldn't be much of a politician if I let you leave without writing a check.
Then I guess we're gonna need some more whiskey.
Shouldn't have dismissed the help.
What? Scrounge us up another bottle.
The Bowmore.
You can get it yourself.
You love independence, right? [Laughs] Well my doctor did say my LDL cholesterol was 181, so I could use the exercise.
[Camera shutter clicking] What was that? You can't leave.
I haven't fired you yet.
I've always wanted to say this You can't fire me because I quit.
What the hell is your problem? My problem is is that I'm stuck in a freezing-ass town with a lonely, sad-ass man who can't do anything for himself.
This is because I asked you to get a bottle of Scotch? Did I not say please? No.
You didn't.
I'll do that next time.
That's not the point.
What is your point? [Scoffs] Forget it.
Why are you so angry? You have to ask? No, not now Always.
You're always pissed off about something.
Always wronged, always looking for something or someone to be angry about.
Not everyone is out to get you, Marcus.
I'm sorry, it was inconsiderate of me, but Of course there's a but.
You work for me.
And you will behave professionally.
If you have a problem, you speak to me privately.
Behave? Behave?! Oh, let me guess I said the wrong thing.
You can't control who you are.
You're just proving my point.
That I'm an angry black man.
That you're a bitter human being! You don't know anything about me except that I keep your Internet running, arrange your days out, and laugh at your stories! You know how many times in the past two months I had to hear you talk about Bubba and his damn clubs? Six! Six times! I hate Bubba Watson, and I don't even know him! You said we were a team.
That you needed me.
But I didn't think that meant that I was going to be a glorified valet! This ain't Buckingham Palace, and you damn sure don't have a crown on your head.
You don't know anything about me.
You are an insane narcissist, the worst kind of entitled because you don't even realize you are entitled! I have given everything for my country.
I've heard you say that before.
Is it true? Really true? I don't need to defend my record to you.
Your record? Your accomplishments? Are Olivia's! A black woman held you up, and now you're screaming to everyone about how well you fly.
And what does she get for that? A stained reputation.
[Chuckles] You took the first woman who successfully managed a Presidential campaign and turned her into just another home-wrecking black ho.
I guess you can call that an accomplishment, except people like you have been doing that to black women for centuries! I know who I am.
What I am, what I've done.
I am not constantly trying to cultivate and maintain some image that may have been real once, but hasn't been for a long time.
No one begged you to get off the streets of Rosemead and run for mayor That was your choice.
No one made you jump from OPA to the White House.
You're a phony.
If Olivia made anyone in this room, it was you.
Question, Marcus Did you go down to Cuba to start a revolution? Did you do something about the hundreds of thousands of people living in poverty in that country? Or did you drink cheap rum and lay by the pool at your fancy hotel? You want to be an activist, you can be one! But you don't want to.
You want to be in the game.
Playing with the big boys.
You want what I have power.
And you have latched on to whatever person you can to help advance that goal.
Olivia, Mellie, now me.
Power? You're a joke.
You're a coward.
Where I come from, you got to be able to back that up.
You are a coward.
- Say it one more time.
- You gonna hit me? No, because you wouldn't dare say it again.
That's what I thought.
Get out of here you coward.
[Grunts] Is that what you wanted? Let him go.
It's fine! [Panting] I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
- [Door opens] - [Sighs] [Door closes] Another reason that I'm here today I want to begin by saying just a few words about the tragic events Tragic events in [Telephone ringing] Um [Ringing continues] Yeah.
Oh, um Okay, yeah.
Put him through.
Marcus: Hey.
It's late.
I know.
I'm sorry, that sounded [Sighs] How are you? I'm good.
Good! Yeah.
Marcus? I'm quitting.
[Sighs] What did he do? He doesn't have any respect for me, and frankly, he's lazy.
[Chuckles] You are in stage two of a relationship with Fitzgerald Grant.
Stage two? Stage one was when he showed you that he was passionate, capable, inspired, when he made you feel like you could conquer the world with him.
You fell for Fitz Grant III.
Same way I did, same way Liv did.
Stage one.
Stage two You realize he is exactly what he was raised to be Entitled, selfish, unmotivated.
You wonder why you're with him and where your own life went and why you gave it all up for him.
Stage two is long, and it is painful.
But you will survive.
And on the other end, stage three.
[Chuckles] When you realize he has something you don't that almost nobody walking this Earth has.
It's magic.
The world responds to it.
You'll try, but you'll never be able to learn it for yourself.
You'll just see it in action and [Sighs] understand why you're there.
[Inhales deeply] He's challenging and complicated, but he is a golden ticket to change the world, and he is yours.
Don't quit.
- Don't give up on him.
- Mellie He's a good man with an incredible gift that he didn't ask for.
He has lived his entire life in the eye of a hurricane, and now? [Sighs] The weather's changed.
[Sighs] I'm proud of you.
[Chuckles] Thank you.
I'll let you go now.
[Insects chirping] Marcus? Thank you for calling.
You're welcome, Madam President.
[Cellphone beeps] [Sighs] Close the door.
Now casually walk over and close those blinds.
Give me the gun first.
Son, if I wanted to kill another President, you'd have been dead 30 seconds ago.
What's going on? You haven't seen anything strange in the house since you arrived, have you? The noises, mechanical noises, hmm? Uh, lights? A sensor that you can't explain? No.
Echoes while using the phone? Uh, interference with the cable? A new Secret Service agent? - No.
- Anyone bring in a new appliance that you haven't asked for? A new lamp, a television? This is crazy.
- Answer the question! - No! What is your problem? My daughter.
Olivia Pope.
She? Is my problem.
She's your problem, too.
She's the problem of every living, breathing human being who cares about our Republic.
You have been had, robbed, bamboozled.
Hoodwinked? Isn't that what comes next? I love that movie.
"You have been had, robbed, bamboozled, hoodwi" Your pocket got picked! Olivia has shoplifted B613 right out from under you.
You love that movie.
Boy, the movie you should be paying attention to is the one that stars Olivia as Command.
Is now Command? I don't believe you.
What part don't you believe? That she's capable of deceiving you, or that she's capable of being Command? Because if you don't believe She came from me! But she's not you.
If If she's running B613, if she's Command, she's gonna do it right.
- [Scoffs] - She'll run the whole thing differently.
Oh, she is different.
I had checks and balances.
I had limitations.
Olivia has none.
It is her throne, it is her crown.
She's Command, she owns the Oval.
She is the dictator of a country that does not know it no longer exists.
There is no American way.
There is only Olivia's way.
There is no truth.
There is only what Olivia will have us believe.
There is no justice! There is only Olivia killing Vice President Luna Vargas on Inauguration Day! Who runs the world? One girl.
You need to take care of this.
I left Washington.
I did my time.
It's my past.
Olivia's my past.
If you're telling the truth, if she's Command then you handle it.
Pay attention! I can't handle anything.
I'm not in charge anymore.
I have no power.
Ha! And I have to go.
She'll notice if I'm not back before dawn.
I just want I want [Sighs] I thought I was raising a champion.
America's hope.
I really did.
Maybe I disciplined too hard, or I taught her too well.
My child is slipping away.
The woman that we love is disappearing into the darkness, and I just want [Whimpering] help.
I need you to help me.
I need you to help her.
Pull her back before she is gone.
Decide quickly, because she doesn't have a lot of time.
[Door closes] [Chair creaking] [Vehicle approaching] [Engine shuts off] [Sighs] What are you doing? My dad gave me this gun.
A couple of weeks after I was elected Governor.
It was a gift.
Cyrus once told me, he said one day, when all the attention is gone, when I'm out of office and no one's President anymore, I would use this gun to blow my own brains out.
You're not.
Right? No.
I'm not.
[Sighs] You throw a mean punch.
[Chuckles] I can hardly move my jaw.
[Sighs] I said some things.
You did.
So did I.
We don't know each other very well.
We should work on that.
[Sighs] Marcus.
Yeah? Is Olivia Pope everyone's world or just mine? When the hundred days is up, I need to go back to Washington for a while.
Am I allowed to ask any questions? You wouldn't like the answers.
Before we leave, I'd like to do something meaningful.
I'd be happy to help you with that, Sir.
[Stevie Wonder's "Heaven Help Us All" plays] Heaven help the child who never had a home Heaven help the girl who walks the streets alone Heaven help the roses if the bombs begin to fall Heaven help us all Mm Heaven help the black man if he struggles one more day Fitz: Steve.
If he turns his back away What are you doing here? Usually get a warmer response, but I totally understand.
Fitzgerald Grant.
Pleasure to meet you.
[Sighs] You should go.
Why? Because I don't want all these cameras to see me walk away.
You're quitting? I lost.
If he turns his back away No one cares anymore.
The only way you lose is by quitting.
You are doing the right thing, which isn't easy.
Heaven help us all I'm so cold.
I know.
Heaven help us all You can do this.
Heaven help us Lord, hear our call We got you something.
Those ones are looking pretty ragged.
Oh, yeah Heaven help the boy who won't reach 21 Thank you for your service, Steve.
And good luck.
Heaven help the man who gave that boy a gun Sir.
Uh, sorry.
Would you mind? A s-selfie for the 'Gram? Not a problem.
Lord, Heaven help us all Heaven help us all, yeah [Camera shutter clicks] [Dinging] Finally, movement today in the 100-plus-day standoff between student activist Steve Candles and Vermont officials over the removal of a memorial dedicated to controversial Revolutionary War General Raymond Cyst.
Rutland mayor, Susan Shumpert, has agreed to a sit-down with Steve after the visit from former President Fitzgerald Grant re-engaged public enthusiasm in Steve's cause.
Whoa, whoa Heaven help us all Heaven help us all Help us all Heaven help us all Lord, hear our call When we fall Oh, oh Help us all Now I lay me down before I go to sleep [Crowd cheering] In a troubled world, I pray the Lord to keep Keep hatred from the mighty And the mighty from the small [Elevator bell dings] Heaven help us all Oh, yeah Oh, help us all Heaven help us all Oh, help us all Heaven help us all Lord, hear our call - [Elevator bell dings] - When we fall Oh, oh Help us all Hi.