Scandal s07e05 Episode Script

Adventures in Babysitting

1 OLIVIA: Why? Why do you insist on making things so hard for yourself? Do you think I enjoy punishing you? I don't, but you don't seem to appreciate how generous I've been with you, the privileges I've allowed.
- Olivia - Do not open your mouth.
Speaking to me is a privilege, being able to work on your dinosaur is a privilege, the ability to do anything take a walk, read a book, use the bathroom by yourself is a privilege.
And until you are able to prove to me that you can appreciate nice things, you will not be allowed to have them.
- Do you hear me? - I hear you.
No! Speaking to me is a privilege! You do not have privileges.
Do you hear me? Good.
It's important that you hear me.
It's important that you listen very, very carefully because you are going to deliver Fitz a message for me.
Are you ready? Go home.
FITZ: What does that mean, "Go home"? Go back to Vermont tonight.
Don't hesitate, don't pack a bag, just go.
And once you're there, stay there.
- I'm gonna speak to her.
- Don't.
Speaking to Olivia is a privilege, and if you don't go home tonight, it is a privilege that you will lose permanently.
I'm sorry I brought you into this, son.
I shouldn't have done it.
Now, go home.
Late last night, rebel forces in Bashran staged a coup, overtaking the presidential palace in the capital and killing hundreds of duty-bound soldiers and innocent civilians.
We must use our military might to remove these violent rebels from power and reinstate President Rashad, the rightful Bashrani leader.
This is not just for Middle East peace, but for global peace.
To defend Bashran long-time adversary of the United States? Who among her advisers actually thinks that sending American soldiers to fight trigger-happy insurgents is a good idea? This isn't stirring up a hornet's nest, this is poking a nuclear-armed bear.
We knew the announcement wouldn't be received warmly.
- But these numbers - Are preliminary.
The American people can be convinced that this war is in their best interest.
It's not the American people you have to worry about.
Why do you say that? Constitutionally, only the United States Congress has the authority to declare war.
It doesn't matter what the people want, and it honestly doesn't matter what the president wants.
Without full congressional approval, war is a nonstarter.
Congress can be convinced.
I'll take some meetings.
Remind those folks on the Hill that war is good for business, and polls are harder to read buried under piles of cash.
Perhaps it's time for me to return to Bashran, meet my enemy face-to-face.
You'll be executed.
Give us time.
We will get you your country back, I promise you that.
Stay Yasmeen.
- Your niece? - If I am to stay, she needs to be taken out of school.
Anyone coming after me will come after her, too.
I need Yasmeen somewhere where my enemies wouldn't think to look.
Okay, Yasmeen, you can hang out here for now.
Feel free to make yourself at home.
But first, we need all your devices.
- [SETS BOX DOWN] - Okay, sure.
Just give me a minute to make some calls, send some e-mails.
You pulled me out in the middle of class.
I didn't get a chance to let anyone know where I was going.
Let's keep it that way.
Look, I know it's a lot.
Trust me, all of this is for your own good.
Come on.
Movie theater rules.
If it lights up or makes noise, it goes into the box.
I'll get this stuff back when I return to Dartmouth, right? I'm gonna go put all these away.
I'm sorry, Yasmeen, but you won't be going back to school.
You mean, like, ever? Is that what you're telling me right now? Your uncle was almost assassinated in the White House.
If these people can get to him there, they can find out about you where you live, where you go to school.
He's worried.
So, yes.
That's all you had to say yes.
[SIGHS] Okay, um, any idea where I'll end up? [SIGHS] As soon as there's a plan in place, you'll go with your uncle back to - Bashran.
- Eventually, yes.
I look, it's going to be okay, Yasmeen, I promise.
Our job, our only concern, is to keep you safe.
We're gonna be here for you no matter what.
I have a meeting with members of the Armed Services Committee this afternoon to go over the latest Bashrani intelligence.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] They might be swayed to support the war if we reassure them that American casualties will be minimized.
Liv? There might be an easier way.
The coup was engineered by a coalition of two Bashrani political parties the Asha and the ZTF.
So far, they've successfully shared power, but should one of its leaders be killed and the other party blamed for it It would lead to some serious infighting, the coup implodes, Rashad swoops in like a hero, he takes his palace back, restores order.
There wouldn't be a single American casualty.
I told you it would get easier.
Being command.
What are you doing? - Whatever's necessary.
- Did you not get my message? I got your message, and I'm staying.
That's not an option.
I'm sorry it had to come to this.
Had to come to what? MELLIE: Olivia.
In here.
What did you tell her? Everything.
I told her everything.
You killed Luna Vargas? He shouldn't have told you.
- Oh, my God.
- You had deniability.
He took that away from you.
I need to just stop.
Luna was a mother, a friend.
She wanted you dead.
She was behind her husband's assassination, and you were next.
There are other ways to fix things.
I did what I had to do, and now, it's me who carries the burden so you don't have to.
This gets out, I go down for it.
What's done in my name is done by me, Olivia.
You conspire against the government, I conspire against the government.
You commit murder, I commit murder.
There's only us.
Isn't that what you told me? So, where was I when you killed Luna? Where was I when you diverted funds from the Pentagon to fire up your what do you call it your B613? I was protecting you.
Shut it down! This stops now.
Shut it down and get me congressional approval of this war in Bashran the old-fashioned way.
The hard-earned, above-board, legal way.
- It's not the smart way.
- It won't Enough! [SCOFFS] If I ever hear about B613 again, Olivia, so help me God, I will not be so forgiving.
Get me my war.
Cribbage? Don't give me that look.
You're a millennial without Internet access.
I'm here to help you.
Then give me back my phone.
No can do.
Look, this is for your own safety.
If you try to use your phone, they'll trace it.
So, for your protection, we've removed all temptation.
- How? - We incinerated it.
- What?! - Sorry.
I hope you backed up all your texts.
What the hell?! Calm down.
We're just trying to keep you safe.
Go away.
I never asked for your stupid protection! [SOBS] [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] Mr.
Vice President, I tried to stop him.
Laser Beene, I told her you're expecting me.
It's all right, Hannah, I was expecting him.
He's shadowing at my meetings today.
So, what's on the agenda? I'm ready to get my larnin' on.
You look nervous, Senator, but I want you to know that I get it.
I'm asking you to vote "yes" on taking our country to war.
That's no small ask.
No, it certainly isn't.
Senator, I don't like the idea of yet another endless war on the other side of the world, and I'm sure your constituents don't either.
But I can tell you that President Grant has full faith that this war won't be endless.
Victory is not only possible, it's a foregone conclusion, and with it, we'll finally have the nuclear arms treaty that has eluded us for decades.
[CELLPHONE BEEPING] Senator, I hope I don't sound callous, but there's another potential silver lining here.
With any war, there are logistics contracts to award, which means there are jobs to be had, which could be very good news for both you and your constituents.
That's, uh, well, that's an interesting point.
Are you suggesting you might have some influence regarding such contracts? [BEEPING CONTINUES] Mr.
Vice President? [CLICKS TONGUE] Apologies.
So, I think we understand each other, Senator.
What do you say? Can I count on your support? [SIGHS] [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] [DOOR CLOSES] I gave you one job! And I completed it.
I delivered the message to Fitz like you asked.
Clearly you failed because he went to White House and told Mellie everything.
Okay? You do understand what this means, don't you? That Mellie knows about Luna Vargas, B613, all of it.
What do you want from me, huh? Keep passing notes back and forth between you and your little boyfriend like we're 9 years old at recess in the schoolyard? I told you what I wanted! And I did it! And yet, I have received nothing in return.
- You want to be rewarded - Mm.
for going behind my back and conspiring? I want my bones!! Who you are what you have become, every single thing about you makes me sad.
No bones for you.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] Okay, I'll pick up the rings, Charlie's on cake duty, and, Huck, you are good with getting the flowers? Yeah, but I don't think the florist likes me.
- What? Why? - I don't know.
I complimented her on her pruning shears.
- They're very sharp.
- Okay, you pick up the rings, I'll handle the flowers, Charlie's still on cake, Abby, you've got Yasmeen for the night.
- Uh, she's not here.
- Make sure she stays here.
- Well, did you check - I looked everywhere.
She's gone.
Well, who was supposed to be watching her? I stepped away to write my vows.
Oh, good.
I hope you finished them.
- I have a draft.
- It won't be easy to track her.
We took her phone.
So, start with the cams in the lobby and go from there? Ah, that won't be necessary.
Damn it, she texted someone from my phone.
[SIGHS] She sent them our location.
I can use the metadata to track whoever she contacted.
I'll pull the car around.
[SIGHS] I am sorry.
She started crying, and I was giving her some privacy.
I messed up, okay? You better hope we find her before someone else does.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] I've been in this bar I don't know how many times.
I've never seen it this dead.
Turns out, this is what it looks like when a former president wants to grab a drink.
[LAUGHS] Thank you.
[GLASSES CLINK] So she been treating you good? I assume the two of you are working together.
President You can talk freely with me, Jake.
Things must be slow in your world right now, I take it.
Things in my world couldn't be better.
I've got my institute, we're doing great work.
- I am good.
- I'm glad to hear it.
I was just asking about you.
How you doing? I'm great.
So, Liv's keeping you busy, then? You should probably just stop now.
No shop talk.
I get it.
So, how are things at home? Are we allowed to talk about that? How's your wife? How's Vanessa? [SNIFFS] You're wasting your time.
By trying to catch up with an old friend? Being here in D.
You are wasting your time.
You told Mellie all about Liv's deep, dark secrets, and now you bring me here, say it's to buy me a drink.
Why? You put Mellie on notice, and now it's my turn? - No.
- Taking away all of Liv's toys.
That'd be nice, right? Not gonna happen.
I'm not gonna waste my time, not when she's a lost cause.
You don't believe that.
I know you don't believe that.
You have no idea what or who you're dealing with anymore.
You're trying to go back in time, make her fit some image that you can't bear to let go of instead of letting her become the person she's always been destined to be.
And who's that? Command.
Appreciate the drink.
Always a pleasure.
No, n absolutely not.
The man wants to be a beacon of hope.
All I'm asking is that you let him You're asking me to sit across from President Rashad, the most elusive world leader on the planet right now, and go easy on him after years of being on the wrong end of human rights issues.
His record is less than perfect.
I don't know what you think this is, but you don't get to call me up whenever you want and expect me to just do whatever you want.
[CHUCKLES] I'm sorry that things between us aren't working out the way you pictured.
Maybe you mistook me for the kind of woman who scribbles your name on a notepad with little hearts.
I'm not sure what I did to give you that impression, but I apologize if I hurt your feelings.
We're not talking about my feelings, we're talking about you telling me how to do my job.
I'm not telling you how to do your job.
I'm telling you you have an opportunity to do the right thing.
You have a chance to play a tiny role in the greater good.
I can't make you show up.
That's on you what to decide.
Do you want to build peace, or do you want to pull a man's pants down on television to spite me? Which side of history do you want to be on? This isn't just about me or my ego.
This isn't even about the people of Bashran.
This is about rogue vigilantes, sworn to destroy the United States, who have seized control and are now on the verge of having access to nuclear weapons.
That threat is real.
Defeating these rebels and returning me to power is the best and frankly the only way to deal with it.
CURTIS: Many Americans don't see the difference between you and these rebels.
They read about your record on human rights abuses, how you treat women and immigrants in Bashran.
In fact, I have to be blunt and say that I very seriously considered not inviting you to the show because I couldn't say I disagreed with them.
I see.
So, I did some homework.
And the truth is that you've secretly, out of the public eye, diverted funds to open shelters for battered women, offered safe havens for refugees persecuted in neighboring countries.
Why are you so shy about touting these endeavors? There are long traditions of discrimination in my country against women, against minorities.
We're making progress, but there are many like these rebels who want to drag us backwards.
I see a bright future for Bashran with opportunity for all.
But we cannot do it alone.
We need the help of the most powerful nation on Earth to fight these forces of darkness and ensure safety and democracy for us all.
The United States has its own complicated history with change and those opposed to it.
What? I wanted to make sure you're seeing this.
- Sometimes due to ignorance - [SIGHS] Cyrus made a lot of headway on the Hill yesterday.
I'm pretty confident this interview is going - to go a long way toward - Liv.
Yes? I'd really like to hear the end of this.
impossible without change.
This will be a struggle, but it was your own general George Patton who said, "Better to fight for something than live for nothing.
" I see someone [DOOR CLOSES] someone else clearly did his homework.
Thank you so much for your time, Mr.
Vice President.
Between Rashad's little speech earlier and your encouraging words just now, I think I'm ready to put my doubts aside.
Senator Klein, thank you for your support and your vote.
[CELLPHONE BEEPING] [DOOR SHUTS] Oh, hey, another one down.
So, now he decides to pay attention? What do you mean? You've been beep-boop-booping on that phone for two days.
If you want to sit around and play video games, do me a favor and stay home.
Eat churros in your sweatpants and have a grand old time while I do my job and get the president her war.
I'm not playing video games.
Fine, snap-stagramming, whatever.
[CLEARS THROAT] What am I looking at? I have an algorithm I use whenever I'm considering a new product.
I pop a bunch of numbers in consumer research, et cetera, et cetera and it tells me whether or not it's worth moving forward.
And it's never been wrong.
So, what? You've been working the whole time? I have.
For you.
And the data's clear, Cyrus.
This war, it's a crappy product.
All right, remember those phones that had the exploding batteries a few years ago? The company had to recall millions of them.
Cost them billions.
Last year, they release a new model that fixes the problem, except no one wants to buy it because they only remember the last crappy product the company sold them.
So, what do you suggest? You sell people a bad product, and you're gonna find that it's difficult to get them to buy anything from you ever again.
[SCOFFS] Show me those numbers again.
What were you thinking running off alone like that?! There are people out there who would want you dead.
- Oh, she wasn't alone.
- Who the hell is this? This is Gillian, her girlfriend.
We found the two of them at a rest stop off I-70.
You called your girlfriend? Charlie, you're not in a position to be miffed right now.
You weren't even gonna let me say goodbye.
I had to do something.
Well, I'm sure this is all very romantic, but the only thing you've done is put Gillian in danger, too.
I haven't told anyone where I am, I swear.
And I'm the only one at school that knows who she really is.
Her secrets are my secrets.
If someone really wanted to make you talk, you'd talk.
Everybody does eventually.
Please, just let us go.
Let you go? Are you out of your mind? We'll go somewhere where no one knows us change our names, start over.
- Yes.
- Really? I was talking to her, and I was saying, "Yes, she is out of her mind.
" This is ridiculous.
I've done it before.
I've been pretending to be a regular American college student for three years.
I can do it again.
We found you at a rest stop.
You really think you'd make it out of the state before someone unfriendly grabbed you, pulled you apart piece by piece or worse? The only thing you two are gonna do is sit right here until I figure out what happens next.
[FOOTSTEPS RECEDING] Quinn, did you hear a single word she said? She's terrified.
That's why she ran off.
People do stupid things when they're afraid.
Oh, I see.
Is that why you gave her your phone? - Because you were afraid? - What? No, I You said, "People do stupid things when they're afraid.
" You must've been scared out of your wits to do something as stupid as that.
Knock, knock.
Thank God.
I need some good news.
It's been in drastically short supply.
Ah, well, sadly, I don't think that's about to change.
You don't have the votes.
Congress is split 50/50.
You're looking at a tie.
That shouldn't be a problem.
In the event of a tie, the vice president casts the deciding vote.
That's why I'm here to tell you that the vice president is going to vote "No".
No? That's right.
[SNIFFS] What? What? What do you want? It's what I don't want what America doesn't want.
Cyrus, you need to stop, and you need to think, because if you don't give me what I want here, I'll consider that an act of war.
And I know you understand why you wouldn't want me as your enemy.
Well, that certainly escalated quickly.
- This is amusing to you? - Oh, no.
It's all very, very scary.
I'm sure that I can expect your B613 goons to show up at my house in the middle of the night.
No vice president is safe from the wrath of Olivia Pope.
But, I-I what what happens then, hmm? You hurt me, you've lost me for good.
You still don't have my vote, you lose your war, and you lose an ally.
You lose a friend.
No one can govern by themselves, Liv.
I'm still your friend.
And as your friend, I'm telling you, this war is a loser.
America doesn't want it.
I don't want it.
You shouldn't want it, either.
Have you heard the news? Your people give you an update yet? - Sit down.
- No? Then let me save them the time.
We're not gonna get this war, which means we're not going to get this treaty, which means the Middle East gets to keep developing its nukes, which means not only the lives of countless American citizens will be put at risk, but the entire world.
I said sit down.
When have I ever listened to you?! [SIGHS] Are you happy now? Did it make you feel good running to the principal's office and tattling on me? - Yes.
- Oh.
- I'm delighted.
- Hmm.
I am ecstatic.
I feel great.
I told Mellie the truth.
Somewhere along the way, you misplaced your white hat.
I've just handed it back to you.
I see.
So, you think I've suddenly turned into some power-hungry boss bitch who thinks she can play and use the president like a pawn? Fitz, I've been doing that for years.
At least ever since I put you in that office.
Listen to yourself.
I stole B613 right out from under you.
It was actually easier than I thought.
But then again, you make everything so easy.
Did you honestly think you could come here, buddy up next to my father, worm your way back into my life, and make any kind of difference? I'm sorry, Fitz.
I really am.
But you can't.
You can say all the nasty things you want.
I'm not going anywhere.
What's it gonna take? When are you going to leave?! When I see someone I recognize.
When I see Olivia Pope, and when you do, too.
So, do me and yourself a favor let me know when she's back.
JULIA: Word from Capitol Hill today is that President Grant doesn't have the votes she needs for her proposed resolution authorizing military intervention in Bashran.
Now, the setback is a blow to the Grant administration, which had hoped to reinstate ousted President Farid Rashad and renew negotiations on a nuclear treaty with Bashran's neighboring country of Dakal.
You are absolutely not going back to Bashran.
You do not have the support or the protection - of the United States - I understand your concerns, but I cannot abandon my country.
You mean a country whose people have turned on you? Whose government has been thrust into chaos and turmoil by anarchists waiting to put your head on a stick? It's better than putting my head in the sand and pretending none of this is happening.
I'm not asking you to pretend.
I'm asking you not to die.
- Madam President.
- I don't [SIGHS] What? I don't know how I could be any more clear.
You are a passionate and brilliant leader.
But this isn't your fight or your country or your call.
I already told you my biggest fear is failing my people.
And not returning to Bashran to protect the citizens who've put their faith in me all these years would make me a failure.
A coward.
God, I hope you brought some muscle with you because that girl's not gonna go gentle into the good Bashrani night.
I need you to keep Yasmeen a little longer.
[SIGHS] Are you sure? Because there's a bacon General Lee here with your name on it if you take her with you now.
I'm sorry, not yet.
Maybe not for a while.
The situation in Bashran, all our plans, any hope of nuclear agreement it's all a mess right now.
Yeah, well It's a mess here, too, if it makes you feel any better.
- Yasmeen took off on us.
- What? Don't worry.
We found her and her girlfriend.
Yeah, hot and heavy.
Now the whole office hates me because I'm sending the girlfriend back to school and nipping young love in the bud, or whatever.
It's hard to be the boss.
True, but I blame myself for this one.
I was so worked up about my stupid wedding, I didn't treat Yasmeen like a client.
I didn't ask, "What do you want?" What? Sorry, one sec.
"What do you want?" You didn't ask her.
You know cardinal rule.
Olivia Pope 101.
I would've saved myself a lot of trouble if I just asked that one simple question.
What do you want? But whatever.
Live and learn.
I'd be harder on myself if it wasn't so hard being myself right now.
Mm, will you take these union rings? You'd be doing me a favor I'm good.
Good night, Quinn.
FENTON: Well, I'm off.
I hope I didn't embarrass you.
[GRUNTS] Fascinating stuff, really.
Have a drink.
Seriously? Seriously.
I owe you one.
[GLASSES CLINK] [POURING] To you[SIGHS] for saving American soldiers from marching into a quagmire, and for saving me from being the guy who sent them there.
[GLASSES CLINK] Don't mention it.
[SIGHS] You know, push comes to shove, I'll always choose data over tact.
[CHUCKLES] I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.
Not the best attributes for politics, I guess.
It's a charming foible, one I've come to admire.
What are you saying, Cyrus? I would never have said this a few days ago.
[INHALES SHARPLY] But I think you might actually be good in politics.
You mean that, Cy? I do, Fentsie.
[BOTH LAUGH] What do you want? Excuse me? It's something I've never asked you.
Something I should've asked you a long time ago.
- You went behind my back.
- I know.
It won't happen again.
But in order for me to help you, I need to know what the goal is.
So, what do you want? You know what I want.
- Remind me.
- You're gonna make me say it? Is that what you need? This isn't about me.
I want President Rashad.
I want him alive.
I want him.
[SIGHS] And I want that treaty.
I want America to feel safe again.
I want the world to feel safe again.
I want this war.
I want it all.
Then we'll build an international coalition, start a real campaign here at home to sell the importance of this war to the American people.
- [SIGHS] Olivia - As for Congress, we'll find a way to do it without them.
We are not starting a campaign.
We are not making some tidy, little sales pitch to the American people.
That will take months, and we don't have that kind of time.
President Rashad doesn't have that kind of time.
He will be dead and buried in a matter of months, so, no.
I'm sorry, but we need to do something now.
What are you saying? I'm not saying anything.
I'm the president.
I don't need to know any of the details.
What I need is to guarantee myself some semblance of deniability.
Consider it handled, Madam President.
[SIGHS] [DOOR CLOSES] Madam President, you asked to see me? MELLIE: Yes.
I have arranged a flight for you tomorrow.
But not to Bashran.
To Turkey.
Madam President, the plan was to return to Bashran.
I know, but it's safer to enter Bashran through Turkey than from the U.
, especially since you will be returning as president.
I'm sorry? How did you I can't get into details, but I can tell you this coup will not stand.
Are you sure about that? You have my word.
Well, thank you.
I'm sure arranging this was not easy.
It wasn't.
But it was necessary.
[SIGHS] Saying goodbye to you is gonna be much harder.
Mellie, this isn't goodbye.
I'll come back.
I'm committed to this treaty.
Me too.
And to you.
Me too.
You have your country, and so do I.
- What does that mean? - It means that we're sending your uncle home so that he can reinstated as president.
And I get to go back to school? I'm sorry, your uncle thinks it will be safer for you in Bashran.
That's easy for him to say.
You think I'm in danger now.
Watch what happens when I tell the folks back home, "Hey, guess who's coming to Ramadan?" Look, I get it.
It doesn't seem fair.
You got to live a life where you had choices, and now it seems like they're being taken away.
They are being taken away.
Okay, then.
Yasmeen, you choose.
What do you want? I want to be myself.
And I want to be with Gillian.
What if I said that the only real shot you have at both those things is to go home with your uncle right now? I don't see how.
But you love her, don't you? And she loves you? Believe in that, then.
Hey, look, your uncle went on television and told the world he wants to change Bashran, that once he's back in power, the old ways won't hold.
If you go with him, you can help change your country.
And you and Gillian if you stay here and run off together, someone will find you.
[SOBS] But this is how things are.
It might not seem like a fair choice, but it's your choice.
You either risk both your lives to be together now, or you go home with your uncle and trust in love and have a future.
[SOBS] [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] [DOOR OPENS] Are we set? Rashad's on his way to the base.
He'll arrive in Turkey tomorrow morning.
The rest The rest I don't need to know about.
We're back on track, Liv.
It's just us again.
There's one thing I still need you to do.
Hey, how are you? Good to see you.
How's it going? Didn't I make you feel I'm sorry it had to come to this.
Come to what? Like you were the only man Didn't I give you everything that a woman possibly can? Ohhh What's going on? Go home.
Go back to Vermont.
Do not hesitate, do not pack a bag, just go.
Speaking to me is a privilege.
A privilege you have lost.
You've got to be kidding me.
All further communications to me will be submitted through Geraldine in the Office of Scheduling and Advance.
Do not do this.
She will coordinate your childhood visitation schedules and pass along any brief messages you may have.
Break another little bit of my heart now, honey Have a Have another little piece of my heart now, baby I'm sorry.
You know you got it if it makes you feel good [SIGHS] You can go now.
Out on the streets looking good And you know deep down in your heart that ain't right And oh, you never, never hear me when I cry at night And oh, I I tell myself that I can't stand the pain But when you hold me in your arms Well, thanks.
Sorry about the whole running away thing.
Well, good luck, kid, It was nice getting to know you.
Take another little piece of my heart now, baby Hey, break it Break another little bit of my heart now, baby I don't know what to say.
Thank you, and sorry I didn't make it easier.
How'd your girlfriend take it you deciding to go back? Have a She's proud of me, I think.
She wants me to be Bashran's Gloria Steinem.
[CHUCKLES] Your country will be lucky to have you.
If it makes you feel good So come on, come on, come on, come on, and Take another little piece of my heart now, baby [BOTH LAUGH] Break it Break another little bit of my heart now, honey Have a Have another little piece of my heart now, baby What do you want this time? I just want to thank you.
- Like I had a choice.
- Oh, come on.
Am I really so scary? - Scary? - Hmm.
No, I'm not scared of you.
I just don't like you.
[LAUGHS] I was attracted to you, your power, your beauty.
I-I still am, if I'm being honest, but I made a mistake.
And what was that? Thinking you had other qualities human ones.
Oh, I My bad.
I'll see you around.
But when you hold me in your arms I'll sing it again Well, sorry I let her use my phone.
Don't be.
I'm sorry, too.
Take another little piece of my heart now, baby Having kids is gonna be really hard, isn't it? You said it, Robin.
You can have a Have another little piece of my heart now, baby [SIGHS] [SCREAMS] Yasmeen!