Scandal s07e11 Episode Script

Army of One

1 Mellie.
Answer me.
What did you do? What I had to do.
You had to make Jake your Chief of Staff? Please tell me.
After everything Please tell me you are not this stupid.
- Stupid? - And naive and reckless and foolish, but most of all, stupid.
You wanna know what stupid would be, Olivia? Allowing myself to continue believing all of your lies.
Proceeding to play this great big game of pretend that you have so skillfully set up.
I would be stupid if, for one more second, I actually trusted that there is only us.
That you and I are sisters just out there, doin' it for themselves.
Can you imagine? I assume he showed you the kill folder.
Jake Ballard has his own motives, Madam President, his own complexes.
This isn't about some silly little folder, Olivia.
This is about you killing Rashad.
I killed Rashad, but, Mellie, you know why.
You said you wanted that treaty.
- You said - No more lies.
- What is it with you? - I'm not You didn't kill Rashad for a treaty.
You didn't kill him for peace in the Middle East.
You didn't even kill him because you thought Rashad was a bad man.
You killed him because you thought I was a bad president.
You know what? We don't have to do this.
[SIGHS] Mellie.
- You have to go.
- You're angry.
- I get that.
- I'm not angry.
It would be a mistake to allow that anger to cloud what is really happening here.
This is Jake coming between us, getting in your head.
- Don't let - I'm not angry.
Or confused.
Olivia, you have to go.
Don't do this.
Don't do this.
[SIGHS] [BREATHES DEEPLY] You have until the end of the week to announce your resignation.
If for some reason you choose not to do that, I march into the briefing room, and I announce your termination.
You have to go.
Washington is abuzz this morning over unconfirmed reports that Olivia Pope is out as White House Chief of Staff.
There has been no official comment from the Grant Administration, which has only solidified the rumor among Washington insiders, many of whom are already speculating about who Ms.
Pope's replacement might be if the reports are, indeed, true.
Chief of Staff? You should be so proud, baby.
Now, I know you've been vetted before, Jake.
But, still, I have to ask Is there anything we need to know about anything we could've missed previously? Vanessa and I have an open marriage.
- Jake.
- I see.
A-A-And by "open marriage," you mean She's been sleeping with someone else.
Is sleeping with someone else.
So we're just gonna put it all out there.
We have a deal.
It works.
It shouldn't be any concern.
We're careful.
Exceedingly so.
But in the interest of transparency, I think it's something you should know.
Shouldn't be a big deal.
Not like you asked Russian hookers - to pee on you or something.
We're finally getting what we want.
You should be just as proud as me.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] As long as she held all the cards, our hands were tied.
But there's a window now.
We have a chance.
We can bring a case against her.
Put her away for good.
Without the White House in her corner, we have a real shot.
- Because she no longer runs the Oval.
- Yes.
- And you know that because? - What? How do you know she no longer runs the Oval? We saw it.
You were just sitting next to me.
We both saw it on the news.
And who makes the news? Who bends the media to her will? Who creates the stories that are witnessed and reported and fed to the public? Who decides what reality is? "We solve problems, manage crises, save reputations," damn it.
Yeah, if the giant is down, it's not because she's dead.
The giant is licking its wounds, but only for a moment.
She will rise again.
That's all the more reason why we act now.
Before she rallies and our window closes.
No, I don't think so.
- But - No.
- You heard? About Liv? - You kidding? My Olivia Pope Google Alert went bonkers maybe two hours ago.
I have a call in to David to see if there's any truth to the rumors.
- Who's the guy? - He's from the State Department.
He's a client.
Or potential.
I know you're grieving.
We all are.
But the firm is strapped.
So we either need to take on new clients or start talking about closing up shop.
- Which, with Quinn's death - No, no.
No, no.
I-I think Quinn would want us to do whatever it takes to stay in business.
But maybe we want to swing for someone with deeper pockets.
Government employees? Not exactly rolling in dough.
- Funny you should say that.
- It's insane.
I-I wouldn't have even known anything was wrong except I-I wanted to get a hot dog, you know, from the guy with the cart outside my office, and I didn't have any cash, so I hit ATM on Mass.
And when I looked at the balance on my statement, I just about crapped myself.
I would've, too.
$12 million? $12 million.
I told the bank about it.
They said it wasn't a mistake.
The transaction was legit.
Which made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever until I checked my e-mail.
This is in Russian.
Bacall, you are now in our service.
Please enjoy your signing bonus.
We'll be in contact with further instructions.
" I just can't figure out why they would want me.
You do work in the State Department.
Yeah, mid-level.
I haven't had a promotion in six years.
I'm I'm nobody.
This makes me out to be some kind of super-spy.
I can't figure it out.
I should have plenty of time while I'm spending the rest of my life behind bars for treason.
I like my life the way it is.
It's small, but it's mine.
I just want all of this to go away.
Can you do that? [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] [DOOR OPENS] Madam President.
Thank you for coming.
I know our working relationship is evolving, Jake, but to be clear, I am not someone you can summon.
Oh, apologies.
No, that wasn't the idea.
What? Our relationship is evolving.
If I'm gonna be your Chief of Staff in command, I want to start from a place of trust.
Full transparency.
This isn't Olivia's B613 anymore.
My intel is your intel.
My tools are your tools.
[STATIC CRACKLES] [BREATHES DEEPLY] Maybe we better get you some better tools.
You really don't want to do this.
[CHUCKLES] I really, really do.
This only ends one way, AND YOU KNOW IT: You lose.
You took Chief of Staff.
It was a good move.
But you forgot one thing.
- Oh, yeah? What's that? - You can't take Command.
[SIGHS] Can't you just reboot the entire system to flush out the virus? I could if it were a virus.
But this? This looks more like phreaking.
- "Freaking"? - "Phreaking.
" With a P-H.
Back in the '80s, hackers used a whistle that came in a box of Cap'n Crunch to break into AT& and get free long distance.
It's very old school.
You're tell me the most sophisticated computers in the world were brought down with a toy whistle? I'm saying whoever did this wasn't born yesterday.
Shouldn't you have a team of armed guards with you, lady? We turned those fools' lights off.
No way they're not coming after you.
It's just Jake and a skeleton crew back there.
The real guns and money are still with me.
How long can we keep 'em off the network? How long do you need? As long as it takes for him to come to his senses.
Well, that's asking a whole lot.
My father said you can do anything.
Have you talked to him lately? He and I didn't end so good.
He and I didn't end so good, either.
Let me see what I can do.
"Phase 2"? Just waiting for your green light.
She's having a tantrum.
Once the system is back up and running, I'll put some surveillance on her.
Make sure she doesn't do anything to embarrass us.
That is not a tantrum.
That is a hungry lion loose in a preschool.
Vice President Beene is asking to have a minute of your time.
Send him in.
Shut it down.
- Mr.
Vice President.
- Admiral.
Stopped by to tighten the screws, did he? - What are you talking about? - Ballard.
What's he got on you? Is it K-Karen? Did she get in trouble again? Is he using your family against you? Tell me what it is.
I can help you.
Why does everyone assume that I'm the victim? [SCOFFS] Jake is still here because I want him here.
Not because he has something over me.
This is the man who killed Rashad.
At Olivia's request.
At Olivia Request? [SIGHS] We should be giving that man a potassium-chloride injection.
Not a promotion! What the hell is wrong with you?! Liv is out, and Jake is in.
That is all you need to know.
So either get on board and be my vice president or be someone that I have to deal with.
But I promise you.
You do not want to be someone that I have to deal with.
Not today.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] ROWAN: You have a very large head, little one.
Which is very, very good.
Because it means you have a very big brain.
Oh, yeah.
[CHUCKLES] My daughter had a very large head and a very large brain, so - [LAUGHS] - Mm-hmm.
So you're in good company.
- [COOS] - Mm-hmm.
I'm not sure who's enjoying that more.
You or her.
To be honest, me either.
[SIGHS] I've gotta ask Is this why? Is what why? Is this why you're in denial? You know this is our moment.
That we have a real shot at taking Olivia down.
But you also know that if we do that, Robin and I will leave, and your house will be empty again.
You don't know what you're talking about.
You like having us here.
You like having a baby in your house.
You're happy.
And it's making you soft.
Soft? You're losing sight of the goal.
I'm sorry.
I know you don't want to hear it, but we are not your family.
We are not here to play house.
We are here because Olivia is I said, "That's enough.
" You don't want to play tough with me, girl.
Don't push me.
Not while I have your child in my hands.
- [ROBIN COOS] - Mm.
If there's anyone here who's misreading the situation, it's you.
[COOS] You say I've gone "soft"? Hardly.
This child This child is soft.
[CHUCKLES] And her neck is very soft.
Imagine if I took my hand this hand and began to apply pressure right here.
- How would you feel about that? - Don't! I haven't done a thing.
And, still, you feel it, don't you? That nausea rising up, deep in the pit of your stomach, right up to the back of your throat just at the idea someone might hurt your child.
That's biology.
That's Mother Nature's special little trick.
I know you want to take Olivia down.
I won't allow it.
I can't.
Because of my biology, because of my nature, I can't let anyone hurt my child any more than you would abide someone hurting yours.
[CRYING] You give her to me! [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] Huck, you've been tracing that Russian e-mail for an hour.
You have to have found something.
I'm finding plenty.
This thing's got a trail, but it's a trail that keeps leading in circles.
And every time I think I'm about to figure out exactly who sent it, I end up right back where I started.
It's really impressive.
Robert, buddy, you got to give us more info.
I have told you everything.
There's gotta be something you're leaving out.
ABBY: Boy, I'll say there is.
Hotel receipts.
Dozens and dozens of midday meetings that seem to have slipped your mind.
A-All right.
That's That's That's nothing.
That doesn't seem like nothing.
Seems like you've been having meetings that you don't want us to know about.
Seems like you've walked in here acting like a little lost innocent when, actually, you've been getting up to something you shouldn't.
No, no.
You've got it wrong.
Is she wrong, though? Because if she isn't, you should tell us.
- It's not a deal breaker.
- Charlie, it's treason.
Like you've never committed a little treason.
It isn't treason! I'm having an affair, okay? I'm sleeping with a married woman.
- Um, guys.
- So why didn't you just say that? Because it isn't any of your business.
It isn't pertinent.
She's not even Russian! - Guys.
Guys! - Who is she? WOMAN: Robert Bacall is being identified as the source He's sleeping with Vanessa Ballard.
We're hearing from our sources that Mr.
Bacall has been feeding intelligence to Russian agents, using his position at the State Department and his secret relationship with Vanessa Ballard wife of NSA Director Jake Ballard to access state secrets.
Now, the scope and seriousness of these breaches You've been sleeping with a woman who's married to the head of the National Security Agency, and somehow you didn't think that was pertinent? $12 billion being paid to him directly.
Through her husband's employment at the NSA, Vanessa Ballard could have had access to a panoply of state secrets.
- [CELLPHONE CHIMING] - In his capacity as NSA Chief, Admiral Ballard oversees the gathering and analysis of foreign intelligence as part of his I wrote a draft of your resignation letter.
Tell me what you think.
You're attacking my wife now? "In light of the ongoing investigation - into my wife, Vanessa" - Command has dignity.
"I've decided to withdraw my name from consideration for the job of Chief of Staff.
" Command has pride.
"I also resign as Director of the National Security Agency" This needs to end! Do you hear me? "and will surrender my security clearance unt" I was promised a smooth transition.
And now it would seem that the wife of my pick for Chief of Staff is not just having an affair [LAUGHING] She's allegedly selling state secrets - to the highest bidder! - S-She's not selling state secrets.
- She's just having an affair.
- I don't believe it.
We're launching a full-scale investigation into the matter, Madam President.
If there's any evidence of a breach in our national security Our national security is intact, Madam President, I assure you.
I can also assure you my wife is not spy and Bob Bacall has never freelanced for the Russians.
Then how did that money get in his account? Olivia Pope, Rosen.
She's framing him for espionage.
Olivia Pope.
Madam President Enough! Today was supposed to be a good day.
I was looking forward to today.
Today was the day I was supposed to get my yearly mammogram.
Do you know how long I've been waiting to get my yearly mammogram? Since I moved into the place.
Because apparently no one's ever had to schedule one of those things for any other sitting president.
Go figure.
And it's not like there's a mammography machine in the White House Medical Unit.
Damn thing would just be sitting there, collecting dust! [SIGHS] Ballard is right, Rosen.
This was Olivia Pope.
So launch your investigation and prove it.
Then make it go away.
Don't ruin this day for me, gentlemen.
You can go.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Madam President.
- [DOOR OPENS] - [SIGHS] [DOOR CLOSES] Drinking alone? Celebrating, actually.
Don't know if you heard, but Mellie's let her Chief of Staff go.
Has she? You gonna offer me one of those? Wish I could.
Unfortunately, I don't drink with my enemies.
I'm sorry about what happened with Fenton.
If I had had other options, I'd have taken them.
Ah! At least it worked.
Killing Rashad came with a peace treaty attached.
I did everything I had to do to protect that.
You've done far worse for much less.
This story about Vanessa.
I take it that's you? There's a coup in the White House.
Jake made his move.
Now I've made mine.
Well, I admire your confidence.
Most people who take on the U.
government show a little more humility.
You have some secret weapon nobody knows about? You.
[SCOFFS] Me? [BREATHES DEEPLY] Why would I ever help you? Because you're an adult.
You know how the world works.
And deep down, you know what I did was right, because it's exactly what you would have done.
Mellie's lost, Cyrus.
She's listening to Jake Ballard, of all people.
Jake Ballard.
And if he managed to push me out, don't think he won't do the same to you.
- Really.
A-A-About all of - Robert.
Vanessa said you wouldn't mind.
Otherwise, I-I-I wouldn't I never would ha How hard is it to prove the money in Robert's bank account is from Olivia and not the Russians? Very.
Oh, was that a rhetorical question? We've tried tracing the money a bunch of different ways, and even the reverse promontory point leads directly to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.
Olivia's good at covering her tracks.
[SIGHS] If we know that this is Olivia, why can't we just leak it to the press? Because we'd be playing right into her hands.
Going to war with Liv in the media her home turf without a single shred of evidence is pointless.
She'll spin it.
I lose my job.
Robert here gets the chair.
We're not there yet.
We'll figure something out.
Don't worry.
[SIGHS] Thank you.
For including me in your concerns.
Shut up, Robert.
Eat your melon.
MELLIE: So, it's over? This doesn't have to end here.
We can still make a case to the American people this was a setup.
So you'd like me to out my former Chief of Staff for framing the lover of my about-to-be Chief of Staff's wife? Can you imagine the blowback?! There are other options.
I just need a little more time.
- I don't have any more time! - Madam President.
JAKE: Little busy right now, Cyrus.
This will only take a minute, Admiral.
We are in the middle of something.
And how's that something working out? Not very well, from the look on your faces.
I have a way out of this little Vanessa sitch.
A way that will give Jake his credibility back so you can appoint him Chief of Staff with political impunity.
A way that'll even make Vanessa's affair look benign two birds with one stone, if you will.
Would you like to hear it? Or should I come back some other time when you're both less busy? Mm.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] So, to be clear, you are categorically denying any romantic entanglement whatsoever with Robert Bacall, this apparent double agent? [CHUCKLES] Goodness, yes.
No, my husband is one of the highest-ranked intelligence operatives in this country.
Even if I wanted to, do you really think that I could get away with cheating on him? But the photos of you entering his hotel room Did I meet Robert Bacall at his hotel that night? Yes.
Did I accompany him to his room? Yes.
But for a tryst? No.
For a sting.
The NSA had suspected Robert for months, but they needed final proof.
As it happened, he and I knew each other socially from the campaign last year, so Jake thought that I was the perfect woman for the job.
I got to play spy.
Which, let me tell you, is not half as fun as it sounds.
That wire they make you wear? So uncomfortable.
And those long, boring conversations to gain Robert's trust? I mean, I never thought I'd have to work so hard to seduce a man.
But eventually, that night in the hotel room, Robert did open up to me.
A full confession.
I think he was just [BREATHES DEEPLY] Well, he was relieved to have someone to confide in.
And then I just told him that I had a headache, and I got out of there.
I left the rest to the professionals.
[CLATTER] Last night, Vanessa Ballard addressed her relationship with Robert Bacall, the State Department diplomat accused of being a Russian operative.
Speaking to Noah Baker, Ballard revealed she was part of an intelligence sting to expose the suspected spy.
The revelation has relieved the mounting pressure demanding the resignation of her husband, NSA Director Jake Ballard.
She just went on national TV and confirmed to the world that I am a Russian spy.
What What the hell am I supposed to do now? This is a list of defense attorneys we've used in the past.
You can't go wrong with any of them, really.
Wha Wa Do Do you really think that the lawyers on this list will be able to get me off? They will be able to provide you with the best possible defense.
Or there's a flight to Budapest that leaves in five hours.
Your choice, Bob.
You watched Vanessa's interview on TV last night.
Came here to dance on my grave.
Yes, I watched the interview, but no.
Dancing's not one of my skills.
A private memo written by Mellie to the CIA Director.
Asking her to corroborate the story Vanessa Ballard told Noah Baker last night.
It's what the law calls "obstruction of justice," and what we fans of werewolf literature call a "silver bullet.
" - I can't use this.
- Why? Cyrus, I asked for help getting rid of Jake.
This takes down Mellie.
She'll be impeached.
And guess who will be president if that happens.
You'd really do that to her? If there's gonna be a snake in the Oval, it might as well be me.
Don't you think? Mellie is your friend.
Mellie's an amateur.
The poor woman.
She didn't even know I was setting her up when I suggested the fake CIA sting as a way out of the mess they were in.
You don't need me for this.
You're a big boy.
You can ride this all by yourself.
It's an easy leak to the press.
Why are you here? Because you're Olivia Pope and you're better at this than anyone else.
You have the credibility.
And you're the better story.
Recently deposed Chief of Staff calls a press conference.
Instead of resigning, she says she's being forced to step down as punishment for uncovering a conspiracy.
You hold up this memo, wave it in front of the cameras.
Committees are formed, charges are filed.
Next thing you know, I'm being sworn in as president.
I need you, Olivia.
Just like you need me.
We're parasites.
Sucking each other's blood to stay alive.
This is the answer, Olivia.
It's the difference between having all the power and no power at all.
Which would you prefer? [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] I, umdon't particularly feel like cooking tonight.
Let's order in.
I am sorry, you know.
I know how frustrated you must be.
Jake Ballard's wife was on TV giving an interview.
She's telling the world she was a secret CIA operative, gathering intel.
Does that mean something to you? I think it means Liv's still fighting.
I think this was a setback, but it's only a matter of time before she tries something else.
I also think it's only a matter of time until she reaches out to you for help.
Which means, sooner or later, you're going to have to choose between Liv and us.
And there is no world where you side with us.
I'm making you a deal.
I will call Charlie.
The three of us will leave, run off to a cabin in Pennsylvania or somewhere, and no one will ever see us again.
If you promise to let us leave, let us live our lives, I promise I won't go after Olivia.
I will give up the justice I deserve.
If you spare us, then I will spare your daughter.
Let's give President Grant some privacy.
Thank you all.
My radiologist will be in shortly to start your mammogram.
Thank you, Major General Owens.
[CLEARS THROAT] Madam President.
I'm sorry, Ms.
The president It's okay, Chelsea.
Have you made your decision? I have.
I won't be stepping down.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry to hear that.
I'm sorry, too.
I've scheduled a press conference for tomorrow morning.
Instead of announcing my resignation, I'll be calling for yours.
Is that so? [BREATHES DEEPLY] Mellie I came here out of respect.
To give you some advice on the best way to resign.
Be classy.
Show grace.
And most importantly, take responsibility for your actions.
'Cause there are women coming up the ranks, hoping for what you have accomplished.
And because you were the first, any mistake you make closes the door behind you.
And I know how you would hate for that to be your legacy.
[SIGHS] Good luck with your exam.
Prevention is the key to survival.
- Hey, where's Bobby Boy? - Uh, gone.
He's rolling the dice with the legal defense.
Well, what next? On to the next client? Should we start placing ads or What? Uh, maybe.
Or maybe we don't.
What do you mean, "maybe we don't"? You said the firm was in danger of shutting down.
I know.
But maybe that's the way it should be.
Get out of town.
You're joking, right? I'm not.
Working this case without Quinn? I don't know.
- It - It felt wrong.
Without Quinn, it it feels wrong.
So maybe it's time to have the harder conversation.
What?! No! Not Look, I-I get it.
I do.
I mean, maybe this was just a bad client.
Robert was a big zero.
The next will be better.
Or it'll be worse.
Come on with the attitude.
It's not the same.
It'll be the same.
Eventually it'll be exactly the same.
What are you talking about? [BREATHES DEEPLY] I'll be back.
Just Just wait.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] CHARLIE: Quinn! Quinn! [GUN COCKS] What in God's name are you doing? Looking for Quinn.
What do you mean, "looking for Quinn"? She left.
An hour ago.
With you.
[SIGHS] [ROBIN COOS] QUINN: I know, I know.
She's the cutest.
What? [GASPS] What is happening right now? How are you here? I wanted you to see your goddaughter.
Obviously there's a lot I don't know.
But there are things you don't know, too.
So, before No talking this time.
No pleading, no speeches.
No big, emotional appeals.
- You've already lost.
- Quinn.
Died and came back.
With a gun.
You need to hear Your confession.
I typed it all up for you.
You're welcome.
Look it over.
Everything's there.
Rashad, Yasmeen, conspiracy, murder, treason.
You're going to sign that, turn it into David Rosen, and then Quinn, we can talk all this out later, but right now you're in danger.
you'll spend the rest of your life in prison, where you'll be safe in case I lose my admirable self-control.
Since you died, you don't think there were days - that I wished I was dead, too? - No speeches.
I deserved it.
I killed my best friend.
No pleading! The thing is Even if I wanted to die, I can't.
I'm Command.
I'm too important.
Right now, there are B613-trained snipers across the street, and their scopes are trained on you.
- You're bluffing.
- Any second now, they're going to get tired of you pointing that gun at me, and they're going to take their shots at you.
- Rowan fell for your bluff.
I won't.
- Unless you put that gun down.
If you don't put the gun down, you're going to die.
- This time for real, Quinn.
- Would you shut up?! - Shut up, or I - Drop the gun! [GUNSHOT, GLASS SHATTERS] [ROBIN CRYING] [GROANS, PANTS] [GROANS] [GASPS] Okay.
Liv! Get out! Now! Go! Now! Madam President.
You wanted to see me.
Olivia's arranged a press conference for tomorrow morning.
She knows.
About Vanessa.
What we did.
And she has evidence.
A document, so I'm going to admit to it.
Take the fall before things get any worse.
I'm certain that whatever Olivia has wouldn't hold up in court.
- We can still fight this.
- No! It's over.
[SIGHS] I can leave your name out of it, take this on myself.
But once Cyrus is president? You're on your own.
[GASPS] [GASPS] ROWAN: Almost done.
Almost done.
Almost done.
You lied about Quinn.
Ha! So did you.
You claimed you didn't care what happened to Quinn.
That you weren't, uh What was the phrase? "BFFs forever"? - I was bluffing.
- [LAUGHS] I know.
Then why let me think she was dead? [LAUGHS] Would you have given me back my bones - if you knew the truth? - No.
Well, there's your answer.
I just have to, uh, bandage this up.
She hates me, Dad.
[CHUCKLES] There is a a debate among paleontologists as to whether dinosaurs feel love for their young or not.
For many years, it seemed that they they did not.
Then one day, a team in Montana discovered the remains of the Maiasaura crouching over fossils of three juveniles and 14 nests of eggs, protecting them.
[CHUCKLES] It's something I've been thinking about a lot lately.
[SOBBING] [SNIFFLES] [SNIFFLES] Be sure to clean it twice a day.
Try not to get it wet.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] White House Chief of Staff Olivia Pope will be issuing a public statement this morning.
There has been no word as to what she might say, but insiders speculate she will be announcing her rumored resignation.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] [CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICKING] When I was named as Chief of Staff to the first female president of the United States, I was filled with immense pride and gratitude.
Unfortunately [BEN E.
KING'S "STAND BY ME" PLAYS] Unfortunately, my time working for this administration has come to an end.
Effective today, I am hereby resigning as Chief of Staff to President Mellie Grant.
This is not a decision I came to lightly.
Working in the White House came with its challenges, certainly, but it also came with extraordinary rewards.
Reform at the Justice Department.
Free college.
Nuclear disarmament in the Middle East.
These things seemed like crazy dreams when the administration began, and today, they are realities.
As proud as I am of all we accomplished together, it's now time for me to move on to other pursuits.
To find some new crazy dreams.
I guess we're not the only ones who need new jobs.
Stand by me Stand by me If the sky that we look upon Should tumble and fall Abby.
What? Should crumble to the sea But I will always continue to support President Grant in any capacity that I can.
Because her dreams No, I won't her dreams are bigger than all of us.
They're the size of America.
As diverse and vast as this great nation.
Her dreams take sacrifice vision courage.
And fortunately for the American people, she's not just a dreamer.
She's a doer.
A selfless public servant.
An incomparable leader.
She's the person this country needs to unite us, to see us through the tough times and the good.
[ROBIN CRYING] On a personal note, I want to say thank you to the president for the opportunity to serve, for her confidence in me, for her friendship.
I hope I continue to be worthy of it.
Thank you.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Oh, stand Stand by me Whenever you're in trouble, would you Stand by me? Oh, stand By me