Scariest Night of My Life (2017) s01e13 Episode Script

Her Own Strength; Fright or Flight

-August 18, 2002.
-December 12, 2011.
-August 29, 1982.
-December 1st.
June 15, 1991.
-was the scariest night -was the scariest night -was the scariest night -was the scariest night was the scariest night of my life.
GREG: I wake up to a noise, and it struck me as odd.
I started feeling a little bit uneasy in the apartment.
I've never seen anything like this.
Something isn't right here.
I started feeling like I was being watched.
[ Dog barks ] I can't understand what I'm actually seeing.
[ Children laugh ] GREG: In 1986, I lived with my family.
I have a twin brother who's a fraternal twin.
His name's Jeff.
We shared the same bedroom.
We'd spend a lot of our time doing what normal kids would do.
I'm gonna jump all the way over there.
[ Heavy breathing ] -Ready! -[ Laughs ] GREG: Growing up, we had a fantastic childhood.
Boys, I got a drink here for you if you want one.
BOY: Okay, thank you.
There was never any issues.
Our parents were pretty typical.
[ Laughs ] It was kind of like the typical semi-1950s family kind of style home.
I'll just beat your father, and then we'll continue.
[ Laughs ] Okay, we'll make this move.
Now you guys need to get ready for bed.
Bedtime was usually around 9:00 on a weeknight.
Go! Brush your teeth! -Good night.
[ Clock ticking ] Jeff falls asleep, and I'm having an issue actually getting to sleep.
Kind of half in, half out of it.
But I wake up to a noise.
[ Thumping ] It's a distinctive noise, and it struck me as odd.
It was as if a plate or a cup was being placed on the counter, and it was quite repetitive.
[ Thumping continues ] It seemed entirely out of place, but I'm just pretty much assuming maybe it's my mom or dad that are up making something to eat or cleaning up.
[ Thumping continues ] And usually at this time of night, everybody's in bed.
There's no reason for anyone to be up.
So I decide to get up and go investigate.
[ Thumping continues ] Make my way down the hallway.
And I come into the kitchen.
And there's nobody in there.
So I go and grab a cup out of the cupboard, went to the fridge, grabbed the juice, poured myself a glass, and as I placed this plastic cup on the counter [ Thump ] it was quite a striking resemblance to what I had heard.
So I kind of kept repeating the sound with adding a bit more force until it sounded almost like the noises I was hearing.
[ Thumping ] For some odd reason, I found it more fascinating than anything.
I didn't really know what to chalk it up to.
So I went back to bed.
And just as I'm coming down the hallway, I hear the same sound again.
[ Thumping ] I stop to listen.
It's almost like it was a game.
Like a knock-knock game or something like that.
[ Thumping continues ] So, what do you think that noise was? I don't know maybe just a raccoon or something.
As I'm passing my parents' bedroom, I can actually hear my mother say to my dad, you know, "Did you hear that?" You guys heard that sound too, right? Sweetie, it was nothing.
I've been hearing it all night.
We heard the same thing.
It's nothing.
It's nothing.
It's probably just the wind.
You're fine.
Why don't you go back to bed? But I remember it was crazy to me that they heard it too.
So I go back into my bedroom, and as I get into my bed, I can hear my brother Do you know Mrs.
Pillsbury? GREG: Yeah.
She's so strict, this one guy was wandering around the classroom.
He's actually expelled for wandering.
chit-chatting about the day and what we're gonna do tomorrow.
And we can invite, like, all the kids we know.
That would be really coo-- And just mid-sentence, he just stops talking.
Jeff, Jeff! Doesn't respond to anything I say.
Jeff! But just as this happens, my ears pop.
[ Pop! ] It's as if I kind of have this hissing, ringing sensation.
Right away, it triggers me, like something's off.
This is a weird night.
I laid back down, rolling over onto my back.
I'm starting to realize something isn't right here.
I look to my doorway at the foot of my bed, and fully upright are these two silhouettes.
GREG: I had heard strange noises from the kitchen.
And when I got up to look, nothing was there.
[ Clock ticking ] I was seeing strange beings.
Everything in my gut was telling me to get out of here.
[ Screaming ] [ Clock ticking ] You can't see any features, and one is as tall as the doorway itself.
It appears to be a man.
Seemed intimidating just based on the size.
It was holding the hand of what appeared to be a smaller child.
I can't understand what I'm actually seeing.
So I'm just trying to take it all in.
I'm realizing that this isn't something normal.
As I'm looking and taking all this in, my ears pop again.
[ Pop! ] And then all of a sudden, just as quickly as they appeared, they just vanished.
Everything seems back to normal, and I turn over to my brother and I say, "Jeff, Jeff, did you see that? Did you see that?" See what? They were -- They were just there! I don't see anything.
What are you talking about? You're dreaming.
Go back to sleep.
And I'm kind of blown away that he didn't see it.
The fear started to kind of creep up on me.
I couldn't really fully understand what had just happened.
So I decide to get up and I'm gonna go tell my parents.
When I had to cross through the doorway from my bedroom into the hallway, I was thinking, if I turn a corner, are they gonna appear here or are they gonna appear there? Mom, Dad, I saw, like, shadows in my room.
Honestly, there's probably nothing there.
You probably just had a bad dream.
Look at me.
There's nobody in your room.
Come on, let's go back to your room.
You're fine.
GREG: I'm kind of to the point where I don't want to go back, but I have to turn back and go to my bedroom.
The only little bit of solace I have is at least I know my brother's in there.
And as I get into my bed Did you see that? They were right there! Just go back to bed.
-I saw the -- -Look, just go to bed.
It's all in your imagination.
And trying to explain it was just as crazy as it sounds.
It was upsetting to me.
Maybe I just had a bad dream, you know? It's just my mind playing tricks on me.
So I kind of almost believe it didn't happen.
It's easier to believe that it was just a dream.
I decide, "All right, this is enough.
I'm gonna just close my eyes and fall asleep.
" [ Clock ticking ] And maybe only for minutes, I had my eyes closed.
[ Pop! ] And then my ears popped again.
And I knew from that, something was gonna happen.
I'm in a panic, because I don't want to have to deal with what this is.
There's something off about this thing entirely.
I'm now far more nervous than I was before.
So I open up my eyes, and again they're right there.
So I pull the blankets over the top of my head thinking "I can't see them, they can't see me.
This blanket's somehow gonna protect me from what's going on.
Maybe I'm still dreaming, or who knows what it is?" And I slowly take the blanket away, and they're still there.
The larger shadow appears to let go of the hand of the small child.
[ Child giggles ] The child starts frolicking towards the foot of my bed.
[ Child giggles ] And it's as if this thing is wanting to come to play.
And I don't want any part of it.
Everything in my gut was telling me to get out of here.
And then it starts skipping, making its way to the side of my bed, towards my shoulder, towards my head.
And actually now I can't move.
It's as if something has shut me down.
I'm doing all my might to actually move, to call out to my parents.
And it turns sharply towards my face.
It's almost unbearable.
I don't know what's coming next 'cause it's getting closer to me, like up to my shoulder and head.
This thing was getting invasive.
This is bad.
This is not gonna end good.
[ Screaming ] The terror was even worse, because there's nothing I can do.
I can't move.
I can't even scream.
All I can do is move my eyes, to a point where I think I couldn't even breathe.
[ Woman wailing ] And then it starts to talk [ Child giggles ] in this high-pitched, disgustingly creepy screechy, maniacal voice.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I've never heard anything like that before.
I haven't heard anything like that ever since.
[ Child giggles ] I'm not gonna hurt you.
[ Giggles ] This thing's actually talking, and I can actually hear it.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
GREG: This thing's gonna talk to me, why is that the first thing that it says? I'm not gonna hurt you.
And I didn't believe any of it.
Everything inside, all the alarms were going off inside like I have to get out of here, but I can't move.
I can't even turn my head away to look away from this.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
[ Giggles ] GREG: And it's still talking the whole time like it's on a loop.
Ha ha ha, not gonna hurt you.
Ha ha ha, not gonna hurt you.
Everything is telling me I'm actually not dreaming.
At that time, I wished I was dreaming.
[ Giggles ] And I can still see the entire room, I can still see the hallway, I can even hear the house kind of settling.
The bigger one didn't seem to have much to do with anything.
I don't know if it was just looking on, and even that was entering my head what this one was gonna do, 'cause at first I was far more intimidated by the larger figure, but this child or whatever it was was far more terrifying than anything.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
[ Pop! ] Then all of a sudden, my ears pop.
Everything's back to normal.
And I could actually move.
I pop right up and I bolt right into my parents' bedroom.
Mom, Dad, the shadows came back! They were there, I swear! Honey, there's nothing in your room.
You're having a bad dream.
Come on.
They were, like -- the small one, he -- Come on, sweetheart.
She brought me back to bed.
Now at this point, too, now Jeff's awake again.
Good night.
He was alarmed even how afraid I sounded, so I tried to keep him awake for a few minutes as we talked back and forth.
So, what did they look like? There was a tall one and a short one, but they were just like shadows.
Like, the little one ran over and skipped towards me.
I believe you, it's just I didn't see -- And again, he just stops mid-sentence.
Either he's fallen asleep or he's messing with me.
And all of a sudden again, my ears pop.
And my heart's pounding because I know what's coming.
I don't want to do this again.
Jeff, Jeff, Jeff! Jeff, Jeff they're coming! I'm saying "Jeff, be awake! Wake up!" And I get nothing.
I'm afraid of what's gonna happen next.
And then the figures appear again in the doorway.
And I was entirely frozen again.
I can't do anything at all.
And then he starts proceeding his way, coming down the side of the bed.
[ Giggles ] And there's nothing I can do.
I can barely even breathe.
And it's as if he's right in my ear.
And it didn't feel good at all.
And all the while still, the big shadow figure's in the doorway.
And then all of a sudden, the bed depresses on my hip.
GREG: It was so scary.
I was entirely frozen.
[ Clock ticking ] I can't move.
It's as if something has shut me down.
And it turns sharply towards my face.
[ Screaming ] [ Clock ticking ] It's now on top of me.
And I can feel the hands were cold.
The fingers were long, and they were coming into my stomach.
I don't know if it was trying to get at me or get in me.
I couldn't tell.
It was horrible.
I'm trying to yell.
Nothing can come out.
That's the first time I ever thought I was gonna die.
I had never felt more helpless.
This was it.
No one could help me.
I actually remember kind of choking for air, trying to reach out for -- I don't know if I just clammed up too and held my breath out of sheer panic at this point, but just when I couldn't take anymore my ears pop again, and then everything's gone.
Everything's back to normal.
I realize I can move.
My stomach hurts.
I'm finally just now gasping back for air.
Finally I can breathe.
It was as if I was being choked.
And I lift up my pajama shirt and I can see, like, abrasions all around my stomach.
JEFF: Greg, what happened? I launch out of that bed to go back into my parents' room.
Greg! -Honey? -What's going on? The shadows came back.
Oh, honey, what shadows? What are you talking about? The two ghosts came back and the mini ghost, like, jumped on me.
You're fine.
I'm hysterical, and I could tell how my mom reacted at first was more of an "Oh, okay, here we go.
" Here, what hurts? What's wrong? What's going on? [ Gasps ] Oh, my God.
GREG: She could see -- She was actually panicked.
They let me stay in the room for that night.
And that was the scariest night of my life.
It was really tough to go back and sleep in that room the next night or the night after.
My mom would have to stay with me or I would purposely fall asleep down in the TV room with them and even make them carry me to bed.
I never wanted to go back and sleep in that bed again.
Not in that bedroom.
I didn't even want my twin to be in that bedroom ever again.
We lived in the home for over a year before anything ever happened, and there was never any issues.
And around that time, we had a bunch of rocks in our backyard that pretty much occupied half the property, so my father decided to haul most of them away.
And he unearthed this old plow that farmers would hook up to a horse or a donkey and actually till the land with, and it was a good three to five feet in the ground.
And I spent a great deal of time actually playing on that.
I think that's where the connection is, that there was something to do with my dad unearthing that plow.
The big man and the child had something to do with that, and a connection with me for playing with it or interacting with it might have drawn it out.
When I was 25, my father and I decided it was time for me to get my first apartment.
MAN: So you're gonna love this place.
Wow! Within your budget.
You'll love it.
MICHELLE: We'd looked at at least three to five apartments before finding this apartment.
Go ahead.
Go inside.
There you go, Dad.
It was absolutely gorgeous.
I love it! This is incredible.
It's perfect! I was very surprised when I did tell the person who was showing it that I really liked the apartment, but I could not afford it, and he actually was willing to work with me.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
I was shocked, excited, because I was getting this beautiful, beautiful apartment.
[ Clock ticking ] The day I moved in, my father helped me move in boxes and different items into the house, as well as my dog, Chaos.
[ Chaos growling ] MICHELLE: Oh, come on.
You're not that old yet.
No, not yet.
What's with Chaos? Chaos was acting very strange.
Normally he would be a very playful, cheerful dog, but he was not checking out the apartment too much.
He was staying by my side almost the whole time every time I was in the apartment.
I don't know I think.
It's just been a long day.
He's probably tired.
[ Chaos whines ] Yeah, me too.
So I'm gonna head out.
Thank you again.
-Love you.
I'll see you out.
Okay, get home safe.
-Have fun.
Thanks, Dad.
[ Screaming ] All right, buddy, it's just you and me.
[ Chaos whining ] Okay, Chaos? Chaos was not eating his food, his water that I put down.
He wouldn't even go near it.
Hey! Even with treats or anything else like that, I could not get him to eat.
What's the matter, pup? He was acting stranger and stranger, so it did throw up some caution as to why he was acting this way.
[ Electricity crackles ] [ Clock ticking ] That evening, you know, I started settling into my apartment.
I called and checked in with my dad.
Honey! How's it going? Oh, pretty good.
Doesn't sound so good.
Yeah, getting there.
Chaos is kind of acting a little weird.
He asked me if I wanted him to come and spend a night with me just to get comfortable.
And at that point, I said "No, not yet.
" I'll be okay.
Just getting used to the energy in here and everything like you said.
Okay, honey.
Listen, love you, okay? Love you.
[ Electricity crackles ] I started feeling a little bit uneasy in the apartment.
I started feeling like I was being watched.
I went around and did the typical things that you would do when you live by yourself.
Locked the doors.
[ Clock ticking ] I was going into the bathroom, and I was going to take a shower before dinner, but the bathroom seemed like it was a lot colder than the rest of the apartment.
It was very strange.
The heat was on, but the temperature was so cold to the point where I was deterred away from wanting to take a shower.
Chaos always used to follow me everywhere, and I used to try to coax him to come into the bathroom and lay on the floor mat while I was taking a shower, and he refused to come in that bathroom.
Come on.
Come, Chaos.
[ Clock ticking ] So at this point, things are a little bit strange.
I'm feeling a little bit uncomfortable.
I decided I'm just going to cook dinner and go to bed early.
[ Telephone rings ] -Hello? -Hey, honey My phone rang, and it was my father.
-Pretty good.
-Whatcha up to? Oh, I'm just making dinner, making some stir fry.
Father: Ooh, I'm jealous.
I love when you cook.
[ Chaos barking ] All of a sudden That's so weird.
The TV just came on.
And Chaos is going nuts.
I think I should go take a look at it, okay? -All right.
Chaos started going absolutely crazy in front of the TV, barking at the TV.
[ Chaos barks ] [ Electricity crackles ] What? I turned the TV off, and as soon as I turned the TV off, the lights started turning on and off.
At this point, I was totally freaked out.
I was incredibly scared.
I am thinking that there's something going on here.
[ Electricity crackles ] So at this point, things are a little bit strange.
The heat was on, but the temperature was so cold.
And all of a sudden [ Chaos barks ] Chaos started going absolutely crazy in front of the TV, barking.
I was totally freaked out.
I was incredibly scared.
When the lights were going on and off, it was so frightening.
[ Electricity crackles ] There's no way that the electrical in this apartment could be that bad.
The lights actually went on and off for at least 45 seconds.
It seems like forever.
Until it stopped.
When the lights finally did calm down and came back on as normal, I started thinking why was this going on? Okay, it's okay.
Why did this Realtor give me this apartment for such a cheap price? It's okay.
Chaos, calm down.
Maybe there was something being covered up.
[ Clock ticking ] So after that, I decided that a nice, hot shower would be something that might relax me before I go to bed.
Hey, buddy.
I tried to get Chaos to come into the bathroom with me Hey.
[ Smooches ] but he wouldn't, so I left the bathroom door open.
The bathroom was actually still very cold, which was a little uneasy.
But I said "I need to do this.
" So I turned the water on as hot as I could take it.
And all of a sudden, I just got this feeling that something was over me.
[ Man laughs ] It felt like heavy air.
It felt like heaviness.
[ Man laughs ] When I opened up the shower curtain, I expected to see somebody there.
Alls I seen was my dog.
But I'm still very scared that something's gonna happen.
[ Clock ticking ] I finally decide to try to relax and watch some TV.
[ Distorted laugh ] [ Man laughs ] [ Screaming ] I literally felt like I walked into a clothes line.
And it actually pushed me backwards over the back of the couch.
[ Man laughs ] It was almost like a straight bar or an arm came across the front of my chest.
The only thing that snaps me back into reality was my dog literally jumping on top of me.
There is no feeling in the world that I could even begin to explain being picked up like that in thin air.
I was petrified.
At this point, I realized that this is not normal.
[phone ringing] Hello? Dad, something just pushed me on the couch.
Okay, slow down.
The dog pushed you? No, no, something pushed me.
And the lights were flickering off and on.
Why don't you just lay down, close your eyes, and I'll see you first thing in the morning.
How's that? Okay.
It was very emotional because I was trying to hold back my tears.
My father wanted me to be able to stand on my own two feet and fight my own battles.
He wanted me to be strong and independent, and he always encouraged me to do that.
I thought that there was a ghost in the apartment.
This is something that is beyond anything that I have ever experienced in my life.
[ Clock ticking ] Decided to try to get some sleep.
I bring Chaos into the bedroom with me, and he was laying next to me.
And I was having difficulty sleeping.
I was staring at the ceiling, feeling like something was hovering over me, coming in and out, in and out.
And to the point where I just said "My mind is going crazy right now.
" I was feeling overwhelmed.
I said "I just got to try to get some sleep.
" [ Clock ticking ] I wake up and I felt this weight on the bottom of the bed.
All of a sudden, I was being held down.
I could not move my arms, my legs.
There was nothing I could do.
I was helpless.
Leave me alone! Leave me alone! When the lights were going on and off, it was so frightening.
There's no way that the electrical in this apartment could be that bad.
And all of a sudden, I just got this feeling like something was over me.
[ Clock ticking ] [ Whimpering ] The feeling was almost as if there was a vehicle parked on me.
I could not move my head from side to side.
I could not move to even take a breath.
[ Panting ] I was taking short breaths.
I remember that because I thought I was gonna pass out.
The more I'm panicking, the more I'm unable to breathe.
I was feeling weaker and weaker.
Those shallow breaths was just not doing it.
I was ready to pass out.
I was so scared.
I was there alone.
I felt like I was being invaded.
I was being pushed into the mattress to the point where I could literally feel myself being almost smothered from that side, from the mattress as well.
And all of a sudden, this thing was there.
This face appeared.
It was translucent, teeth, horrifying.
And it screamed at me.
[ Screams ] I could see straight through its eyes, and alls I could feel was evil.
When this was on top of me, I could feel the coldness on my face from it when it screamed at me.
[ Screams ] I was so scared I was ready to pass out.
I knew I was growing weak.
I could barely breathe.
[ Gasps ] [ Chaos barking ] My dog was the only thing that actually kept me going because I heard his barking.
Because I kept wanting to just I was really regretting that I didn't push more to ask my father to come.
I forced myself to be strong and somehow found the strength to yell.
Leave me alone! Leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone.
As soon as those words came out of my mouth Leave me alone! the weight lifted.
I was frozen in fear because I didn't know what to expect next.
[ Coughing, gasping ] All of a sudden, I felt light.
That's the only way I can describe it.
But I knew that I wasn't gonna give it another chance to do anything to me.
There was something in the apartment that did not want me to stay.
I had to leave.
So that night, I went to my father's.
I somehow survived, and I was lucky to be alive.
And that was the scariest night of my life.
After that night, my father and I did some investigating into that apartment.
And the neighbors asked me how I was making out in the apartment.
And I said not very well.
I said "I'm not sleeping.
I'm feeling like somebody is watching me.
" And they said, "That is Larry.
" "That was the guy that lived in the apartment before you with his wife.
He caught his wife cheating on him, and he actually killed himself by hanging himself in your bathroom.
" And my father actually contacted the Realtor and asked him if this was true.
And the realtor did say yes, it was true.
We figured this was enough evidence to get me out of my lease and into a safe apartment because I did not stay in that apartment again after that night.