Scavengers Reign (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

The Wall

[Electricity crackles]
[Footsteps thudding]
[Footsteps thudding]
SAM: It was amazing.
My brother and I would go down
there every day during
the summer. [Chuckles]
Sometimes we'd make fire and
we'd barbecue, shoot squirrels.
So, how about you?
You do any wandering
or exploring where you grew up?
- Get in any trouble?
- I wish.
Not much going on where I'm from.
Just an endless, lonely sprawl
of rusty metal beams
and crumbling concrete.
I remember one time on a job,
we had to dock on a moon for
an overnight refueling.
[Sighs] And I was
working with this guy,
and we couldn't sleep
so we went out
for a little walk, right?
And this is an unmanned dock.
So we're totally alone,
no other living things
out there in any direction.
We get back to the ship,
and right in our path,
where we just were,
staring at us,
there's this skull
of some creature.
- Weird. [Growling]
- Right?
And it gets even weirder.
My friend was convinced that this was
some kind of bad omen
specifically for him.
He became totally
obsessed with it.
Wouldn't stop talking about it.
And then, I shit you not,
a year later to the day, he dies.
- Totally unexpected. Boom.
- Whoa, Jesus.
I mean, he put so much
significance on this random thing.
But then it happened,
it actually happened.
Well, how did the skull
get there?
I don't know.
Total mystery.
Damn, that stuff smells.
Sam, don't.
[Footsteps thudding]
Okay. Time to go.
I guess it doesn't matter how
that skull got there.
There's always a million
rational explanations
for why anything happens.
I think we just can't help the instinct
to give meaning to things
we don't understand.
But it was like
he manifested his own death
- from something that wasn't even real.
- Well, it was real to him,
and I guess
that's all that matters.
I just couldn't
imagine giving up
that kind of control over
my own life. You know?
Well, shit.
Are you listening?
- Could you give me a hand?
- I'm sorry, Azi.
What were you doing?
Oh, I was observing
a string of insects.
It was in the middle
of a cargo move and then bam.
Total shutdown.
FIONA: Probably just
a simple electrical short.
I don't know how you're
so patient with these things.
Got it.
Good as new, Azi.
- Levi, are you online?
- I am, Azi. Fully operational.
Bring it back if
anything else goes wrong,
and we'll do
a complete overhaul.
Come on, Levi.
Levi, time to go.
Hop on.
Of course.
Looks pretty deep,
but I can see
a little bit of light
on the other side.
Maybe we can get through.
[Thud, growling]
Hey, look down there.
I don't get it.
Those things are
about as big as we are.
How did it get through?
Tracks on the ground.
So there's definitely a way
to get to the other side.
[Roaring in distance]
Uh, Ursula?
Come on. Come on.
[Footsteps approaching]
Kamen, there's been
a coolant leak
- for the mining equipment.
- How much did we lose?
We patched it, but I estimate
we've lost 13% of our supply.
And why is this my problem?
Well, the batteries
for those machines are made of
an alloy that has to be kept
at a sub-freezing temp.
On our current course,
they would melt down
- before we reach the colony.
- I'll handle it.
Should we tell the flight crew?
Our entire mission
could be compromised.
I said I'll handle it.
SAM: Run!
We're almost there.
Just a little further.
Hold up a sec.
There's something over here.
Wait. What?
No! What are you doing?
[Breathing heavily]
[Groaning softly]
SAM: Oh, God, oh, God
oh, God.
Ursula! Are you okay?
That was incredible. I-I
can't believe what I just saw.
Wait, what?
What the hell were you
doing in there?!
I don't
I don't know.
I think we were
talking to each other.
No, no, wait, that's not
quite right.
It's hard to explain.
I just it was fascinating.
Talking to who, Ursula?
You're not making any sense.
If you just go back in
there and try
Go back in?
Are you crazy?
We're trying to get out of here,
in case you forgot.
There's still a long way to go,
and we can't be sitting
around wasting time!
It wasn't a waste of time. I
Look, it doesn't make a difference.
Can we just move on?
[Engine whirring]
Ugh, what's gotten
into these things today?
They're way more active
than usual.
LEVI: I'm picking up some small
tremors from the ground.
- It might be making them uneasy.
- You mean like an earthquake?
No, they aren't following
the pattern of an earthquake,
but the magnitude
is slowly increasing.
Marvelous. Well, just let me
know if it becomes a problem.
I will continue to monitor.
Gonna grab some more water.
- Azi!
- What is it?
I'm detecting a number of
unknown life-forms coming our way.
I suggest we leave
as soon as possible.
I don't know what to do!
We're gonna get crushed!
What are you doing?!
Lighten your grip,
follow the sway of the herd.
Follow their movements.
Now can you tell me
the "big news"?
I got the position!
You got the job?
- Mm-hmm.
- Wow.
I'm so happy for you.
You've worked so hard for this.
- But, wouldn't that mean
- You should come with me.
I don't know, Kamen.
I can't just drop
everything and leave.
- I like my life.
- Of course you can!
We can work together.
It would be amazing!
Look, every one of these
long haul ships
has a robotics department.
They could definitely use you.
You keep saying we're "in a rut."
This is an opportunity
to change all that!
I mean, look at
this place, Fiona.
What else could it offer us?
I suppose.
Come on, Sam, look at me.
Can we just talk?
I'm just saying, well,
I saw something in there
and decided to check it out.
I can't describe exactly
what it was,
but I've never seen
anything like it,
and I just wanted
to get a closer look.
I don't know.
It was profound and
Ursula, I'm not trying
to be an asshole
or treat you like a kid,
but we survive out here
because we work together,
we're a team.
You hanging back by yourself
to check something out
is a stupid and dangerous
impulse right now.
Sam, if it was dangerous,
I wouldn't have done it.
Why don't you trust me?
We're not just responsible
for ourselves here.
There may be people alive
on the ship,
and we need to wake them up
and go home.
And I can't do this
without you, okay?
- That's where we're at.
- Well, I can do this without you.
[Sighs] Sam, wait,
I'm sorry, that was not
Look, it's fine, alright?
If we keep going this way,
I think we'll be back on track
in a few ah!
Sam, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine,
I'm fine.
It's the same shit
from before!
God, this stuff stinks.
[Creature growls]
[Sam screaming]
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