Scavengers Reign (2023) s01e09 Episode Script

- The Mountain

[Creature grunts]
This field guide you made,
I think there's more
to this planet than we realize.
[Wind whistles]
I think we can use it
to our advantage,
create real sustainability here.
Let's get some rest.
There's always tomorrow.
What's all that for?
Clay. For building.
What are you doing in here?
We need to get closer
to the environment.
We need to become one
with this place.
[Insects chittering]
Aren't you going to eat?
This food is
making me feel sick.
[Breathing raggedly]
Oh, my God.
You feel hot.
Let's go lie down.
[Light buzzing]
[Buzzing stops]
[Rapid footsteps]
[Door opens, closes]
[Breathing heavily]
[Breathes raggedly]
No. [Gasps]
No, no, no, no!
What happened to you?
What happened to you?
Don't touch that.
Follow my finger.
- Huh.
- "Huh"? Huh what?
Your breathing
is abnormally slow,
and your pulse
is barely detectable.
But this thing inside of you
appears to be thriving.
- Thriving? On what?
- [Sighs] On you. It's a parasite.
Sam, I know
you're feeling fine,
but I think this is
only going to get worse.
- I'm worried for the both of us.
- Why don't I just rip it out?
I'm afraid that's the only thing
keeping you alive.
And if you pull it out
you might die.
But I feel okay. Really.
You've been acting like
a completely different person.
- How do I know I can trust you?
- I'm telling you, I'm back.
- Ask me anything.
- Okay.
What was the first thing
you said to me
when we stepped foot
on this planet?
I asked you if I should
have stayed up there.
Mm-hmm. Do you remember
why you asked that?
'Cause I I felt like
I abandoned my crew.
- I mean, they're my responsibility.
- Alright. Okay.
And, um, can you
tell me something
about your life
before the mission?
- Like what?
- Anything.
An experience or memory
that comes to mind.
[Breathes deeply]
I remember, um
I-I-I'm on an
island somewhere. I
I'm looking for something.
I'm running towards a juniper tree.
And then I see her
sitting under the tree,
waving at me.
Sarah. My girlfriend.
Yeah, we took a trip together
before I left.
But we had to break it off
because, well, you know.
Wow, I didn't take you
for the romantic type, Sam.
You find that hard to believe?
No, I don't find it
hard to believe.
You just never mentioned it.
Well, listen, Sam,
you seem okay enough.
Let's keep an eye on this,
and we can get it taken care of
when we get to the medical
facilities on the Demeter.
- Just stay focused.
- Yeah. Let's just get there.
[Animal calls]
[Insects chirping]
We can't make it over.
We're going to have to
find another way.
Do you want to try
North or South?
We're gonna go the most
direct route.
That means climbing here.
Is it safe to climb?
Well, it won't be a problem
for me and Barry.
There's no type of terrain
we can't handle.
But we could use someone
like you.
Kris, maybe we should just take
a second to think this over.
We're going to be
sitting ducks up there.
We haven't had time to process
what happened to Terrence,
and I don't think he would want us
making a rash decision
because of that.
Well, thanks for letting
me know what you think
- Terrence would've wanted.
- I'm sorry.
I know you've had a lot of
close calls in this place
that have left you scared.
I get it.
But if you want, I can show you
how to never be scared again.
Our climbing method works best
with three people.
AZI: Wow.
Come on, Azi, you first.
Trust me.
[Creatures croaking]
[Insects chirping]
- SAM: Whoa. What is that?
- I'm not sure.
But they're not moving.
Let's get closer.
It's just their shells.
Hmm. They must have molted
and left them here.
It looks like we're gonna have
to get past these mountains
one way or another.
What if we followed the river?
What? You have a boat?
[Both grunt]
AZI: It wasn't your fault, you know.
- What wasn't my fault?
- Terrence.
I know. I just wish
I could have helped him.
He was my best friend.
- I should have told him that.
- I think he knew.
I hope so.
Climb with your feet.
Keep them quiet.
- Quiet? What do you mean?
- Place them correctly
and shift your weight down
all in one move.
- That's smart, Barry. Thanks.
- Yeah.
I know a lot about this, so I
can tell you more if you want.
My friend Mia is a rock climber.
She talked about us
going together
when we got to the colony.
Maybe I can use your tips
to impress her.
Who's Mia?
Mia is one of the other
passengers on my ship.
She was in cryo-sleep
when we had to evacuate.
I hope she's still there,
safe and sound.
What's she like?
- She's thoughtful, kind, funny.
- Is she cool like you?
[Chuckles] Yeah, I'd say
she's pretty cool.
I have to meet her, then.
Hopefully you will.
Ask Kris.
You're doing good, Azi.
Remember, up here we have to
rely on each other.
That trust can be the difference
between life and death.
Copy that.
You, me, and Barry.
That's all that matters.
We're almost there.
This next leg
is going to be the real test.
We're going to have to
free solo.
Barry will go first
and find the best path.
- You and I will follow.
- Right, I'll follow your lead.
That's what I like to hear.
Sam, you staying with me?
- Yeah, great. I feel great.
- Stay focused.
I'm focused, but it's weird.
The soil here is dead
completely lifeless.
I felt the change as we were
floating down the river.
Nothing can grow here.
But look, these crystal
structures poke through
and part the soil
and climb towards the sky
to create a home
for whatever those things are.
My feeling right now
is that I am that soil.
[Creatures chittering]
- Whoa!
- H-H-Hold on! Hold on!
Whoa! Whoa!
[Breathing heavily]
They're harmless.
Keep moving.
Azi, climb!
[Creature chitters]
[Wind whistling]
- Do you feel that?
- What?!
You're free.
That fear you were carrying
with you is gone now.
You left it at the bottom
of this mountain.
If there's anything else you
have to let go, let it go now.
Are you fucking crazy?!
Pull me up!
[Breathing heavily]
Past fears and attachments
only get in the way.
Think about what you want to
bring with you going forward.
- Ugh. I do want to help you.
- Good.
Because helping you helps me.
But if you ever
pull that shit again,
you're going to get
a stark fucking reminder
of what fear is.
I'm just trying to prepare you.
You don't seem to realize,
when we get to your ship,
no one's gonna be there.
It's just going to be you,
me, and Barry.
Your friends are already dead.
We'll camp here for the night.
- Whoa!
- Aah!
[Both screaming]
All in all, you did good.
You're getting stronger.
- I am?
- Yeah. It's good to see.
You're gonna
be an asset soon enough.
Soon enough,
I'm gonna be an asset.
I thought I'd be able to see
the Demeter from up here,
- but I can't find it.
- Oh, we're close.
We'll spot it when the siren
goes off in the morning.
I guess you're right.
I want you to know, Azi,
we're doing this for our people.
The equipment and valuables
on that ship
will make a real difference
for our colony.
We're getting close. I can't
wait to see what's on the ship.
I'm just nervous
it's too late, Barry.
Don't be nervous.
Nervous climbers fall.
- That's another tip you can tell her.
- Maybe.
Thanks again for helping me today.
It's time for bed, Barry.
Leave Azi alone.
I am leaving her alone.
[Sam grunts]
Come on, Ursula, come on.
Ugh. Fuck.
[Clears throat, sniffs]
[Breathing heavily]
Hey. Oh, I'm so happy
you made it.
Let me look at that hip.
Ursula, I need to
put pressure on it.
Sam, what were you about to do?
What were you gonna do, Sam?!
Nothing. Nothing.
[Chuckles nervously]
I'm s
I'm sorry. [Sighs]
I'm sorry.
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