Scenes from a Marriage (1973) s01e06 Episode Script

In the Middle of the Night in a Dark House Somewhere in the World

1 SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE Johan and Marianne have been married for ten years.
Since they never quarreled, they both believed they were happy.
One day, Johan tells his wife he has met another woman and that their marriage is over.
When several years have passed, they plan to finalize their divorce.
One summer evening, they meet at Johan's office to sign the papers.
However, this task turns out to be easier said than done.
During the preceding year, Marianne has succeeded in finding herself.
She feels assured of herself and enjoys life once more, while the opposite applies for Johan.
His grand plans for the future have gone down the drain, and the authorities that fund his research have humiliated him.
He feels hostile, crushed and insecure.
He is still involved in a demanding and draining relationship with Paula.
Suddenly he balks at getting divorced.
This triggers a brawl between Johan and Marianne.
The brawl turns into an altercation that leaves them drained.
Long-suppressed aggressions surface, and the atmosphere is hostile when they sign the papers.
- Hi, Mom.
I seem to have dozed off.
How's your foot? The pain is gone, but I feel a bit handicapped.
When can you go back to work? Not for another week.
- Do you get any sleep at night? - Just a little, but I mustn't complain.
Would you like some tea? Miss Alm brought out the tray 30 minutes ago, so I've already had mine.
Sorry I'm late.
I had a client I couldn't get rid of, and sometimes I must make time to listen.
I understand.
- The tea's still nice and hot.
- Would you like some toast? - No, thank you.
- How about some crackers? No, I'm on a diet.
How ridiculous.
I work out daily, and Henrik and I play tennis twice a week.
It's good for me.
By the way, there's something I'd like to know.
Are you coming to the interment of the ashes? - What's the date? - The 18th.
Let me see if I'm available.
Sorry, I can't make it.
I'll probably be in court all day.
Will it be in Uppsala? That was your father's wish.
Your brothers and sisters will be there.
Please, Mother.
The interment is merely a formality.
That's a matter of opinion.
Could we change the date? The others can make it.
And it's our wedding anniversary, but perhaps you've forgotten that.
- Won't that be needlessly upsetting? - Not for me.
In any case, I can't be there.
Well, then, that's that.
By the way, the girls send their love.
They plan to drop by tomorrow.
Now, isn't that nice.
Eva and her boyfriend came to see me.
She was wearing a dress and was quite ladylike.
Her boyfriend looked nice too.
They stayed and talked for an hour.
Karin's more difficult.
She's the image of her grandfather.
Poor Dad.
I didn't mean to slight your father.
I didn't think you had.
I've thought quite a bit about our marriage.
I've had time to reflect on things, with my bad foot and all.
What conclusions have you reached? None at all, surprisingly enough.
What do you mean? We had a good life.
We had our disagreements, but we never quarreled.
We never stooped to insults.
We kept silent instead.
It was better that way.
The hostility would fade, and we'd forget our differences.
We never nursed grievances, Fredrik and I.
I miss him, but I don't really feel any more alone than when he was alive.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- Why? Both of us were always busy, he with his pursuits, I with mine.
May I ask you something? Ask whatever you like.
Please don't think I'm tactless.
I don't think you are.
How did the two of you get along in bed? Your father was more interested than I was.
What more would you like to know? He took what he wanted, and I never refused him.
I considered it my duty to be at his disposal.
He had other women as well.
What about you? - Me? - Did you have other men? During our engagement, I fell in love with another man and wanted to break things off.
But my parents told me not to do anything rash, and that was that.
Did you ever hate Dad? What do you mean, hate him? When you married, you entered a contract entirely in his favor.
Didn't you ever hate him for it? I liked him.
And we were as blind as kittens.
We had no idea what we were getting into.
That's not possible.
That's not what I meant.
What do you mean? I wonder how it would have been if we had confided in each other.
If we had spoken freely.
You didn't? No, our parents taught us a rule.
"Cope with your own problems.
" And you never regretted it? Not exactly regretted.
But I can't help thinking about our heroic silences.
It must have been hard on your dad.
He was such a lively person.
Much more vibrant than me.
Do you reproach yourself for it? I don't know.
But it's ghastly.
I guess "ghastly" is far too dramatic a word, but it's extraordinary that you can spend a life together without Without really touching? Yes, perhaps that's what I mean.
So now you think it's your fault? You mean I should be sitting here with a guilty conscience? Well, I'm not.
We did our best.
But then again It sounds stilted if you put it into words.
He's vanished into the darkness, taking his life along with him.
The funny thing is that he's taken my life as well.
I guess this is what's called facing the truth, isn't it? May I ask one more question? I guess I can't get out of it.
Why were you so angry with me when Johan and I divorced? He was the one who walked out on me.
I wasn't angry.
I was sad.
- You criticized me so.
- I did? I thought you might side with me.
You could have helped me out, but you didn't.
Why was that? It was the other way around.
I know I told your father that we shouldn't interfere, and that we should behave as usual.
Your dad was furious, not me.
It just goes to show Heavens, I have to run.
Do you really have to? I'll be here on Monday around 5:00.
Then we can have dinner.
I'm afraid I have dinner plans.
But I can stay until 6:30.
Can't you bring your dress so you can get ready here? We'll see.
It was so nice talking with each other.
Let's do it more often, Mother.
Pop into the kitchen and say hello to Miss Alm, or she'll be upset.
Oh, my goodness.
I will.
Good-bye, Mother.
Give my love to Henrik and the children.
Henrik's away and won't be back until Monday.
Bye, dear.
Come in.
Am I disturbing you? Please do.
What are you and your wife doing this evening? We're busy.
What a pity.
I'm throwing a little party at my place.
You're welcome to drop in for a while.
There'll be seven or eight guests.
I'm sorry, it's impossible.
- Well, have a nice weekend.
- Likewise.
Couldn't we get together sometime? I'm too busy.
- Are you tired of me? - Come now, Eva.
Just tell me if you want out, instead of making excuses.
It's over between us.
Well, isn't that dandy? I had to pry it out of you.
I didn't want to hurt you.
Oh, that's right.
I'm sorry, but I really have to finish this damned report.
Why, of course, my dear.
I won't disturb you.
Well, thanks for everything.
You were an awfully sweet lover.
- Even if you're a tad absent-minded.
- Thank you.
You earn a high score yourself.
Is there someone else? - To be honest, yes.
- Who? - I'm not telling.
- Someone I know? - Possibly.
- I bet it's Lena.
It is Lena.
It certainly isn't Lena.
Oh, well.
She's good-looking.
But isn't she too young and flighty for you? I'm telling you, it's not Lena.
I don't care anyway.
Bye, darling.
Yes? - Hi there.
- Hi.
- Have a nice weekend.
- Likewise.
These long weekends with the family are a damn pain.
I heard you were assigned to a survey.
Should I congratulate you? - I don't see why.
- I suspected as much.
For the next two years I'll be out of the loop.
- What a bore.
- Anyway, the survey's idiotic.
When it's finished in two years, it will be completely worthless.
It's nothing more than a political smoke screen.
Get a load of this.
- Why don't you ask to get out of it? - I have.
Our supervisor is the biggest clown in the Swedish civil service.
Before we know it, he'll be a member of the government.
What did he say? He spoke in riddles that I had to interpret as best I could.
It wasn't all that encouraging.
- Well, see you.
- My newspaper.
Have you screwed Lena? - Honestly, no.
- But you have the hots for her? - How about you? - Well, yes.
I don't think I'd dare.
Have you given up? Call it what you like.
Well, I keep in shape.
Exercise, tennis, swimming.
I watch my weight too.
Just in case things get up close and personal.
The bare facts, you know.
Bye! You're such a bastard! Not because you don't care for me, though.
It was fun while it lasted, and we both knew it wasn't for life.
But you're a jerk for not telling me that you'd had enough.
Do you know what's wrong with you? You're so fucking spoiled and stuck-up that everything bores you.
You'll be so bored, you'll fade away and blend into your bookcase.
You're cocky, smug and spoiled! You're lazy to the bone! You want everyone else to live for you.
Remember when you had that checkup and found out you'd shrunk an inch or so? Talk about the truth! Why don't you fight back? Raise hell? Why pretend to be humble when you're always so proud? This is so interesting You're so pompous, so spoiled that That what? I'm fond of you, silly man.
That's why I'm hard on you.
And I feel a bit sorry for you.
- How kind.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Let me know when you tire of Lena's firm young breasts and long for my flatter but more maternal charms.
It's not Lena.
Well, she's a great secretary.
And I'm sure she's very sweet.
But she's too young.
You'll get hurt.
I've told you, it's not Lena.
- I've got my intuition.
- Yes, you do.
- I can tell you're deeply involved.
- Maybe I am.
And it can't be anyone but Lena.
Hi there.
Are you ready to go? Then I'll pick you up.
That's not a good idea? How about Karlaplan, over by Narvavägen? What do you say? I'll be there in two minutes.
What fun this is! I went out to the summer cottage yesterday and turned on the heat, and I cleaned and stocked up on food.
Just like old times.
When was I there last? Seven years ago.
- What about you? - I don't spend much time there.
Henrik's not fond of the seaside.
The girls and I go out there occasionally, but they have their own lives nowadays.
How's your husband? Overworked.
He suffers from high blood pressure.
How's your wife? She's in Italy for a rest cure.
Isn't it amazing they're both abroad at the same time? It's practically indecent.
That's what's so nice.
The place hasn't changed much.
It's a bit dilapidated.
It needs fixing up, but we can't afford it.
Put the car away or Erik will see it and come over.
- Imagine the gossip if he saw you.
- I will, dear.
Aren't you going to do it now? I'll do it later.
This does feel kind of strange.
Why don't we lie down on the bed? Come on.
This is silly but I'm as nervous as if it were the first time.
But it's not.
Come on.
It's been nearly a year now.
It was the day before my birthday.
And today's August 28.
You seduced me.
I did.
- Did you ever go see the last act? - No.
We must have looked funny sneaking out of the theater.
- What made you decide to do it? - I don't know.
The second I entered the theater, I saw you sitting there all alone.
You looked so lonely.
It seemed natural to pounce on you.
I was terribly pleased.
So was I.
You said, "Let's go.
" And you blushed.
No wonder.
I had such a hard-on.
You got me pretty hot too.
We hadn't seen each other for two whole years.
That's right.
Two years.
And now it's our first anniversary.
What do you mean? It's not our first anniversary.
It's our 20th.
We got married 20 years ago.
That's right.
Twenty years.
An entire lifetime.
We've spent a whole grown-up life together.
Isn't that strange? My darling my sweetheart.
It feels strange to be in this wretched old bed together.
Our hotel rooms were better.
More anonymous.
It was wrong of us to come here.
We should have gone to Denmark.
There wasn't time.
This is fine.
It isn't fine at all.
I know.
We'll call Fredrik.
He has a cottage nearby.
How will we get in? - I expect a neighbor has a key.
- This'll never work.
There's no harm in trying.
Fredrik? Johan here.
How are you? I've never been better.
Listen, this is a delicate matter.
Are you alone? Could I possibly borrow your cottage for the weekend? Exactly, but it's not what you think.
Very pretty.
Young? Almost too young.
It's a sticky situation.
Thanks! That's great.
I owe you one.
Don't say a word to Birgit.
Women don't understand things like this.
Right then.
The key's under the stone step.
Yes, blonde.
With a fabulous figure.
I'll call you.
I really appreciate this.
Give my love to Birgit.
No, better scratch that.
- Here it is.
- Nice place.
Here's the stone step.
It must be here.
- Let's clean up.
- Yes, let's.
What's wrong? Are you crying? You're so touching.
I'm being silly.
Touching? Well, I'll be damned.
It's the truth.
My dear, beloved Johan.
- You've grown so small.
- You think I've shrunk too? You're better this way.
Soft and gentle.
You used to look so tense and guarded.
You don't say.
Are people mean to you? I don't know.
I've stopped being on the defensive.
Someone said I'd gone slack and gave in too easily.
It's not true.
But I've accepted my true dimensions with a certain sense of humility.
It makes me kind and a bit mournful.
You had such great expectations.
No, you're wrong.
Those were my family's expectations.
I really wanted to live up to them though.
So I tried to fulfill other people's expectations.
When I was little, I had modest aspirations for the future.
- What did you want to do? - Haven't I told you? - You might have, but I've forgotten.
- It happens.
My poor knees.
You're getting old.
So tell me.
You might remember that I had this old uncle.
He had a shop that sold toys and stationery.
I often went to visit him, since I was a sickly child and needed quiet surroundings and fresh air.
Sometimes I got to help my aunt and uncle out in the shop.
I loved it.
My dream was to have a shop like that.
There you have my ambitions.
We should have had a little shop.
How content we would have been.
We'd have grown fat and comfortable, had a lot of kids, slept well at night, and been respected, and we never would have quarreled.
It's strange talking about everything that never came to pass.
You wouldn't have liked living in a small town.
No, probably not.
My dream was to fight for oppressed people.
There were no limits to my ambition.
And I ended up being a divorce lawyer.
Let's clean this place up.
Do you think people who live together can ever be completely honest? - We couldn't.
- Is it even necessary? Do you mean if we had always told the truth and never kept any secrets? Were we even aware that we kept secrets? Of course we lied.
I did, anyway.
You did? At the beginning of our marriage, I was unfaithful to you.
- Really? - Does that come as a shock? I don't know.
Yes, I think so.
It was nothing serious.
I felt crushed by the demands of marriage and motherhood, so I jumped ship for a while.
I'll be damned.
If you wonder about my conscience, it never said a word.
Well, what do you know.
And if we'd told the truth? If I had told the truth back in the spring of 1955, it would have smashed our marriage to smithereens.
I would have broken from my parents, sold our daughters and killed you.
Although, in fact, I loved you.
Do you apply this experience in your new marriage as well? Why, of course.
I lie all the time.
- So do I.
- There.
You see? Does it bother you? Sure.
But what can I do? Does it bother you? I don't know.
My wife Anna isn't interested in those problems.
She has tailored our relationship to our mutual convenience.
Do you love your wife? The question all women ask.
I enjoy having breakfast with her.
And she likes taking care of you.
She says she's fond of me and feels safe with me.
I'm the one she wants, amazingly enough.
It sounds like you've been lucky.
Would I be cheating on her with you if that were the case? Maybe you love us both.
You wanted to know how things are with my husband? Getting married was a big mistake.
We looked on it as a joke.
When did you meet? A few years ago.
To be frank, it was a sexual affair.
I see.
Henrik is very How should I put this? Convincing in that respect.
He truly enjoys sex.
And he made me realize that I felt the same way.
I wasn't all that keen on it before.
So I remember.
- You don't like this subject, do you? - No, I don't.
But it can't be helped.
I was obsessed by this new sensation.
I felt insatiable.
How nice.
For you, I mean.
I became very attached to Henrik, and he was pretty fond of me.
But it wasn't long before I caught him with other women.
What do you know.
I was hurt and humiliated.
Even jealous.
- Jealous, you? - Can you imagine? There was this violent scene, and I told him to go to hell.
- Well, did he? - Yes.
He did.
He said I was too histrionic, and then he left.
Later I begged him to come back.
Then we took a trip and got married.
Since then, we've had our ups and downs.
Mostly downs.
- I'd like to ask you something.
- I know what it is.
You once said I used sex to get even.
I tried that with Henrik, but he didn't pay the slightest attention.
He said my antics bored him, and he would go shower affection on some other woman.
So much for getting revenge.
I stopped acting like that.
I've broken the pattern.
We get along just fine nowadays, don't we? Yes, of course.
Johan, you look so thoughtful.
I was just thinking how everything's fine, that's all.
Couldn't be better.
Only I can't take it! I knew you didn't want to hear the truth.
Do you really think I care about your orgasms with that workaholic? I applaud your emancipation.
Most impressive.
You should write a novel.
The Women's Lib movement would rejoice.
I hope you're not as stupid as you sound.
I don't give a damn! Suddenly it matters terribly.
No, not really.
It's just a taste of the marvelous things life has to offer.
Think of the awareness we've gained.
It's magnificent.
Almost fantastic.
We've discovered ourselves.
It's unbelievable.
One faces up to his insignificance, the other, to her greatness.
Here we are, bad-mouthing our spouses.
They're almost right here in this room with us.
It's mental group sex to the max! It's like a textbook on life.
It's fabulously clever, but I can't stand it.
I know what you mean, but I don't find it terrible.
I can't abide this cold light directed on my every endeavor.
How I battle with futility.
I console myself with the thought that life is what you make of it.
But it's of no comfort.
I want something to long for.
I don't feel the same way.
I realize that.
I persevere.
I enjoy myself.
I rely on common sense and my gut feeling.
They work in tandem.
I'm content with my direction.
Time has given me a third partner: experience.
You should be a politician.
- Maybe you're right.
- Good Lord.
I like people.
I enjoy negotiation, prudence, compromise.
Rehearsing your campaign speech? Am I so impossible? Only when you preach.
I won't say another word.
Promise me: no more intimate truths tonight.
I promise.
Promise me you won't mention that orgasmic athlete again.
Not a word.
Promise to rein in your awful levelheadedness.
That will be difficult, but I'll try.
Could you possibly I say possibly use your boundless feminine powers sparingly? I see that I'll have to.
All right, then.
Let's go to bed.
What is it? There, there.
Come, sit here beside me.
There, there.
What brings on nightmares? What do you think causes them? - Maybe it's something you ate.
- You think so? Unless there's something in your well-ordered world you can't get at.
Hold me.
I'm shivering, even though I'm hot.
I might be coming down with something.
The girls have been sick.
You'll feel better soon.
Pull the covers up.
- That's nice.
- What were you dreaming about? We were crossing a dangerous road.
I wanted you and the girls to hold on to me.
But my hands were missing.
All I had left were stumps.
I'm sliding around in soft sand.
I can't get a hold of you.
You're all up there on the road, and I can't reach you.
What a horrible dream.
- Johan? - Yes, my dear.
- Are we living in utter confusion? - You and I? - No, all of us.
- What do you mean? I'm talking about fear, uncertainty and ignorance.
Do you think that secretly we're afraid we're slipping downhill and don't know what to do? Yes, I think so.
Is it too late? Yes.
But we shouldn't say things like that.
Only think them.
Have we missed something important? - All of us? - No, you and I.
What would that be? At times I can read your mind, and I feel such tenderness that I forget myself.
Without having to efface myself.
It's a new sensation.
Do you understand? I understand.
Sometimes it grieves me that I've never loved anyone.
I don't think I've ever been loved either.
That distresses me.
Now you're being dramatic.
- Am I? - I know what I feel.
I love you in my selfish way.
And I think you love me in your fussy, pestering way.
We love each other in an earthly and imperfect way.
But you're so demanding.
I am.
But here I am, in the middle of the night, without much fanfare, in a dark house somewhere in the world, sitting with my arms around you.
And your arms are around me.
I'm not the most compassionate of men.
No, you're not.
I don't seem to have the imagination for it.
No, you're rather unimaginative.
I don't know what my love looks like, and I can't describe it.
Most of the time I can't feel it.
And you really think I love you too? Yes, I do.
But if we harp on it, our love will evaporate.
Let's sit like this all night.
Oh, no, let's not.
No? One leg's gone to sleep, my left arm's practically dislocated, I'm sleepy, and my back's cold.
Then let's snuggle down.
Yes, let's.
Good night, my darling.
It was good talking to you.
Sleep well.
Same to you.
This was the final episode of Scenes From A Marriage, called "In The Middle Of The Night in a Dark House Somewhere in the World.
" And while you look at this footage of FÃ¥rÃ, here are the credits.
The actors were Liv Ullman, Erland Josephson, Gunnel Lindblom, Wenche Foss and Bertil NorstrÃm.
Sven Nyqvist and his assistant Lars Karlsson manned the cameras.
Wardrobe, Inger Pehrsson.
Props, Gunilla Hagberg.
Makeup supervisor, Cecilia Drott.
Audio and mix, Owe Svensson and his assistant Arne Carlsson.
Editing, Siv Lundgren.
Script supervisor, Ulla Stattin.
Other contributors were Anders Bergkvist, Stefan Gustafsson, Lars Hagberg, Adolf KarlstrÃm, Kent NystrÃm, Bo-Erik Olsson and Siri Werkelin.
Lars-Owe Carlberg was the production supervisor, and the lab was Film Teknik.
Nils Melander designed the lighting effects on Eastman Color film.
The series was produced on Fårà by Cinematograph.
The year is 1973.