School Spirits (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Ghostly Girls' School

1 My sophomore year, that's when it started happening.
I can't come up with any other explanation for what I saw.
My belief in the supernatural has changed.
Something was wrong.
Something was very wrong.
It wasn't this joke anymore.
We couldn't protect ourselves.
Something was holding us there to really see this.
[SCREAMS] Everything was intensifying and becoming more dangerous.
My lungs just clamped shut.
I was being strangled to death.
[BELL TOLLING] [CRICKETS CHIRPING] I remember one day coming back from the gym.
I jump in the shower, and I just I'm thinking as I'm washing my hair that something's not right.
Something made my skin crawl.
It felt like something was watching me.
And I remember looking out of the corner of my eye, and I could see there was something there.
I snapped my head around to look.
[SHRIEKS] It just It didn't make any sense.
I knew what I saw, even if it was just for a second.
It was right there, inches in front of me.
When I was applying to go to college, I had gotten into every other school, and then when I received my acceptance letter to sweet briar, it was the first time that I cried.
The standards are really high there, so it was a reach for me.
Yes! Unlike other campuses that I went to, bigger schools, it just had this homey feeling.
When you drive onto the campus of sweet briar, you go through these brick walls, and immediately I was like, "This is a whole new world.
" Unlike other schools, there's something that just drew me in.
There was something that just felt right.
Sweet briar college was founded in 1901 as an all-women's college, and at that time, most of the existing all-male universities and colleges wouldn't accept women.
I first met all my friends through swimming.
Oh, my god, I was trying to find you last night.
I saw professor I met Dani the first time that I came to sweet briar.
She's kind of the ideal sweet briar woman.
She's upbeat.
She works hard.
She's, like, my best friend, my sister.
Laure, I met on my recruiting trip with Dani.
They were the first two people that I met.
Basically, the team is my family.
We're together 24/7.
- Chemistry? - yeah.
When I met Dani, we were in the same dorm, and we just became close, close friends, so we decided to room together.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] It was the first month we had moved in.
It was around 3:30 A.
When I had to go to the bathroom.
The only way to get into the bathroom is through this heavy door that makes the It's the loudest door I've ever heard.
I'm the only one in the bathroom at this time.
I went into the far stall, so the farthest away from the sink.
[WATER RUNNING] And all of a sudden, the sink turns on.
You can hear someone come in and out of the bathroom.
If someone had come in, i would've heard the door open, and there was nothing.
Hello? [WATER RUNNING] And suddenly, the faucet turns on again.
[WATER RUNNING] No one had come in and out, but I felt another presence in the room.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [WATER RUNNING] That's when I started to get a feeling that I didn't want to open the stall.
Who is it? And I was alone, and there was no water around the sink.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] I kind of didn't want to tell anyone about it.
I didn't know how to explain it or if anyone would believe me.
I didn't feel right talking about it 'cause it scared me.
I didn't know what was going on with Dani, but one night, I was having trouble falling asleep, so around 2:00 in the morning, pretty late, I got up to use the restroom.
It was dead silent when I went out into the hall, and no one else was up.
[HEELS CLICKING] [CLICKING STOPS] I distinctly heard footsteps other than my own right behind me.
[HEELS CLICKING] [FOREBODING MUSIC] I saw my reflection, and I saw the reflection of a young girl standing right next to me.
[CROWS CAWING] To realize that something can do whatever it wants to do to you with such hate toward you is probably the scariest thing that could ever happen.
[SCREAMS] [BELL TOLLING] [HEELS CLICKING] [CLICKING STOPS] I distinctly heard footsteps other than my own right behind me.
[HEELS CLICKING] [FOREBODING MUSIC] I saw my reflection, and I saw the reflection of a girl in a white nightgown.
It looked like we could have been touching.
Realizing that there was something standing next to me that I couldn't see freaked me out.
Her nightgown wasn't from this time.
It was older.
It was floor-length, all white.
I turned and ran back to my room, thoroughly startled.
It felt like there was still someone behind me.
I can't come up with any other explanation for what I saw, other than there was actually something there.
I don't know.
I have so much work to do.
I'll call you.
All right, see ya.
What's the matter? Nothing.
Seriously, tell me what's wrong.
I told Dani what I'd seen, and when I started really telling her what I experienced I thought I heard these footsteps behind me.
She listened and got very serious.
And I saw my reflection, but I wasn't alone.
Getting me to admit that I had seen something possibly paranormal was huge, 'cause I didn't believe in that sort of thing.
She had on this white dress, and she had this blonde curly hair.
After hearing about this, the more I thought about what had happened in the bathroom.
[WATER RUNNING] You know what? Um, I got to show you something.
Having that comfort of knowing that there was someone else who had seen these things or had stuff happen to them kind of made me feel a lot better about it and able to talk about it.
It made me feel like I wasn't alone.
That's her.
Coming into sweet briar, the first day I had heard people talking about ghost stories on campus.
There was this little girl who She kind of, like, shows up in random places or does weird things.
But it was just a fun story.
I never expected paranormal things to happen to me.
Sweet briar college was founded by a successful plantation manager named Indiana Fletcher Williams.
Indiana only had one child, her beloved Daisy.
Daisy was given an elite education.
She had tutors in foreign languages coming and visiting her at her home.
Daisy loved reading, and she loved to draw and paint.
And she played piano.
Before Daisy's death, she had a very luxurious childhood.
The paths that students today take back and forth between their dormitories and their classes is a stone's throw away from where Daisy grew up at the plantation house.
My sister came up to visit one weekend where I had nothing going on, and I showed her around campus, and we were gonna go visit my friend who lived on third floor of meta glass, which is a freshman dorm attached to the cafeteria and the bookstore.
It's one of the newer buildings, so it has an elevator.
And my friend lives on third floor of meta glass.
[GIGGLES] So tell me about this Rob.
[ELEVATOR BEEPING] [CREAKING] What's going on? [CLATTERING] All of a sudden, we passed the third floor, but you have to have a skeleton key to get to fourth floor.
You can't just press the button.
[ELEVATOR BEEPS] [OMINOUS MUSIC] When the elevator door opened to the fourth floor, there was a chair directly in front of us, as if someone was just sitting there facing the elevator.
[RATTLING] [BELL TOLLING] We were gonna go visit my friend who lived on the third floor.
[ELEVATOR BEEPS] [CREAKING] What's going on? All of a sudden, we passed the third floor, but you have to have a skeleton key to get to fourth floor.
You can't just press the button.
[ELEVATOR BEEPS] When the elevator door opened to the fourth floor, right in front of us was a chair from an old desk, like, a really old desk, facing us, as if someone had been sitting there, waiting for us to come up.
[BUTTONS CLICKING] [PANTING] It was like something was holding us there to really, like, see this.
After that night in the bathroom, I kind of figured that it was Daisy.
Daisy? Daisy, is that you? [RATTLING] [GASPS] That's when I saw the chair being moved.
Daisy, stop it! Daisy, stop! [RATTLING STOPS] [ELEVATOR DINGS] [GASPS] After I said, "Daisy, stop," that's when the elevator door shut, and we went down to third floor.
Even though it kind of startled us, it was kind of like she was not a threatening spirit.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] [COUGHING] Daisy was suffering from an inherited disease from her father and would have been coughing and having troubles breathing.
Today we would call this disease antitrypsin deficiency, but in that day and age, all they knew was that she was suffering from a liver condition, and it was not treatable.
Daisy, Daisy, sweetheart! [SOLEMN MUSIC] [COUGHING] Breathe in.
Over the next couple months, despite the constant care of a doctor and the money that Indiana would have been pouring into this, Daisy worsened, and January 22nd in 1884, she died.
Indiana was devastated upon the death of her daughter.
She never truly recovered from Daisy's death.
Indiana turned her grief into a future promise that what her own daughter had been denied, which was a full life and a full education, she took all of her resources and devoted them so that other young women could do exactly that.
She found ways to commemorate her daughter's death, and the idea that she finally decided upon was to give land and money to found a college for girls and young women.
Daisy is buried on the former plantation in an area called monument hill on the campus of sweet briar college.
Every year we have this tradition where we walk up to monument hill together, place a Daisy on Daisy's grave, and kind of, like, say a few words for her and, like, thanking her and her family for dedicating this place to us.
The purpose of the school is to let each and every one of our students finish the life that Daisy couldn't.
So after that, i felt better.
It's kind of comforting to know that someone could love this place just as much as we do and want us to prosper.
She wasn't there to threaten anyone or hurt anyone.
She was there to watch over the girls of sweet briar.
The next day, I woke up, 5:30 in the morning Just a regular morning For morning practice for swim.
After I leave my dorm, I kind of just am thinking, you know, "Get there as quickly as possible.
" Because, you know, it's scary in the dark by yourself.
[WIND BLOWS] I was walking behind the athletic center, and all of a sudden, there was a cold breeze that went right over me.
It gave me chills.
[WHISTLES] And that's when I heard something whistle at me.
Dani? Dani, is that you? Sarah? You guys, come on.
I thought at first maybe it was one of my friends playing a joke on me, or it was someone calling a dog.
Sarah? Laure, I know it's you.
Come on, guys.
There was nobody around me.
I didn't hear any footsteps or laughter, which you would have heard if it was someone making fun of you.
You guys, come on.
All of a sudden, I see about maybe a 6-foot dark figure.
It just looked like a giant man, and the most distinguishing thing about it was that it was just all black.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] All of a sudden, my body kind of just froze.
[BELL TOLLING] It's about 5:30 in the morning, just a regular morning, for morning practice for swim.
All of a sudden, I see about maybe a 6-foot dark figure.
It just looked like a giant man.
And then all of a sudden, he just vanished.
My body kind of just froze.
My stomach was, like, quivering.
I couldn't breathe, and I just felt like i was about to pass out.
[SPOOKY MUSIC] [MAN MURMURING INDISTINCTLY] The first thing that went through my head was, "Run," but I couldn't move.
[MAN MURMURING INDISTINCTLY] He was singing a tune, almost like somebody singing to, like, a little girl.
[MAN MURMURING INDISTINCTLY] [RAGGED BREATHING] [INTENSE MUSIC] [BREATHING HEAVILY] It took me maybe about seven to ten seconds before I actually started running to get away from it.
Just okay, calm down.
Explain to me what happened.
When Chloe told me about her experience, it really concerned me, because Daisy never had the intention to scare someone.
And I asked her what the figure looked like, and she said it looked like a tall 6-foot guy.
But there is no way for a male to get onto our campus without going through the security gate and having his name taken down and his car.
And if you are a guy on our campus, you have to be accompanied by a student, no matter where you are.
Whatever I saw was not something playing a joke on me.
It was something that was coming to get me.
[CREEPY MUSIC] Every time I have to go back there, even in the daytime now, I feel unsafe.
This was not Daisy.
It wasn't this joke anymore.
It wasn't this funny little prank.
So after hearing this, I kind of did a little research on my own.
And what I found out is that there was a man, Lucien, who was Indiana's brother and Daisy's uncle.
Indiana was one of four children, and three of the children inherited plantations, and the fourth child was disinherited by their father, and that individual was Lucien Fletcher.
Later, in her will, when Indiana left $750,000 to found a college for women, Lucien did not get a penny.
And Lucien was absolutely furious.
After knowing this, it all started to make sense why he would want to drive us away, why he would want us gone.
There was a weekend where my friend had come, and she had slept on a blow-up mattress that was set up right in between Dani and i's bed.
Good night, girl.
Good night.
And the day after she left, Dani and I were just too lazy to put the mattress away, so it was still sitting in between our beds.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] [RAGGED BREATHING] I was having a dream that I was being choked.
It just felt like there was, like, a board, like plywood or something, just being pressed down very hard on my throat.
[GASPING] So I woke up and instinctively just shot up in bed, trying to get whatever this was off of me, and that's when I noticed this figure.
[SPOOKY MUSIC] It was terrifying.
It looked like there was someone sitting at the foot of the blow-up mattress.
It was facing away from me.
It wasn't moving.
It was just this dark shadow.
It was a figure.
It looked like a person just sitting there.
I instinctively wanted to get as far away from this thing as I could, but I didn't want to move at the same time.
Dani, Dani, wake up! I woke up to Sarah yelling at me.
There's something there.
Like, not just yelling, but, like, frantic, like, "Something is wrong.
Get up.
" Do you see it? I look over, and I see this black figure sitting on the edge of the air mattress down by our feet.
What is that? She was seeing what I was seeing, which made it even more petrifying.
[INTENSE MUSIC] [BELL TOLLING] It looked like there was someone sitting at the foot of the blow-up mattress, but neither one of us was brave enough to get up and turn on the light.
Yeah, i-i see something.
I kept seeing the figure just sitting there, and it looked to me like every time we spoke [GASPING] It's moving.
Its head would turn towards the direction that we were communicating.
I wanted it to be over.
I just turned my back to it and faced the wall.
And suddenly, it started moving directly at me.
[SCREAMING] What's going on in here? My next-door neighbor, she came in, yelling at me.
[PANTING] The blow-up mattress was partially deflated, as if someone had been sitting on it right where we saw them, but there was nothing there.
So that's when we both realized that what we saw was actually something sitting on the edge of our air mattress.
I mean, we can't pretend like it didn't happen, but We talked about it being a dream, but there's no way that the two of us had the same dream.
The indentation on the mattress I know, I saw it too, but it could've been anything.
That is when i immediately thought, "Lucien.
" I've been waiting for you.
We know from various records that Lucien was a troubled individual and had a history of unstable behavior.
People in the local community accused him of alcoholism and violence, and a former sheriff in Amherst county referred to Lucien as, "The worst outlaw we ever had in this county," and this included being accused of killing two different people on two different occasions.
Lucien and Indiana did not get along at all.
- [GASPS] - not this time, sister.
He was furious because she had inherited money and land from their father while he was disinherited.
I'm going to take what is mine.
I am going to take what is Lucien threatened to kill Indiana, and Indiana was so frightened of Lucien that she had had bars put on her house to keep him out.
After Lucien's death, Indiana would not allow Lucien to be buried on her plantation, even though it was the family cemetery.
After realizing that it was Lucien, it made sense why he chose us to show himself.
It kind of put a lot of things together for us.
Losing his money and his inheritance from the family when the plantation Which Lucien thought was rightfully his Became a women's college, he would have motive to terrorize students at the college.
That's when I realized that everything was intensifying and becoming worse and more dangerous to the point where we couldn't protect ourselves.
It became frightening.
It became What else could he do? Sarah and I came to a decision that rooming together was probably not the best idea, because being in the same room, more and more would happen, and it was affecting our lives to the point where it just wasn't livable.
Sarah and i will always be friends, but we just decided it would be better to separate.
[WATER BUBBLING] Living with Laure is like living with my best friend and my second sister.
- Roommate! - whoo! We were starting new classes and trying to get in a routine of things and trying to get back into shape.
- Yes, I love it.
- It's gonna be chill.
- Perfect! - love it.
And then one night, my body had given out completely.
We had just had a practice.
It was hard, because we're out of shape.
I remember having a dream of being shaken.
I was outside in my dream on a hill, and two hands were wrapped around my arms And just rapidly shaking me.
[MUTED SCREAM] It was a forceful screaming, like someone was yelling at me and shaking me, but I couldn't look any further than his arms and his hands.
[GASPS] And when I woke up from that [CURTAIN RIPPLING] I noticed my curtain blowing.
The fan was off, and both of our windows were shut.
And I looked at Laure [GASPING] Something was wrong.
Something was very wrong.
[GASPING] [BELL TOLLING] When I first woke up, i noticed my curtain blowing.
And I looked at Laure Something was very wrong.
I was having a dream, and all of a sudden, this man whispers, "Well, hello, Laure.
" I felt another presence in the room.
I woke up, gasping for air.
My lungs just clamped shut, and I couldn't breathe.
It felt like the force of a person was trying to strangle me.
[GASPING] I didn't know what to do.
I was shocked.
I was scared.
She was gasping and freaking out at at something.
I felt like i was being strangled to death.
I look around to see what's going on, and there's nobody there.
It's just Dani and i in the room.
I'm thinking to myself, "What is going on?" [GASPING] [INTENSE MUSIC] No, no! [MUFFLED SHOUTING] No, Laure, listen to me! Listen to me! [MUTED] wake up, wake up, wake up! [MUTED, INDISTINCT YELLING] Laure, wake up! Wake up! Laure, please! [GASPS] Oh, my god! I don't know why, but I finally was able to take a few breaths and figure out what was happening.
[PANTING] [SOBBING] So the next morning, we had morning swim practice that started at 6:15, and I get to the pool, and I take my jacket off.
[WINCES] Chloe, ah.
She barely touched me, and I turn my arm to look at it, and I had this massive bruise wrapped around my entire bicep, and I had no explanation for it.
It looked like someone had wrapped their hand around my arm What is that? And intentionally hurt me.
Oh, my god.
It was from last night.
And that's when I realized that my dream wasn't just a dream.
It was a pretty big bruise.
It almost looked kind of like fingers on her arm.
At first, I thought maybe she had hit herself in her sleep or she knocked her arm against the pool at swim, but when she said that she woke up with it, then I kind of was a little freaked out.
I couldn't have hit something that would wrap around my arm.
I couldn't have hit a wall.
I couldn't have hit a table that went around my entire bicep.
The only answer that came up was Lucien.
He'd finally gotten at me.
[MUTED YELLING] And he made his point.
To realize that something can do whatever it wants to do to you with such a hate toward you is probably the scariest thing that could ever happen to anyone.
My belief in the supernatural has changed, definitely.
And I believe that it could get worse.
Because of the history behind Lucien, he would have motive to terrorize the people who are enjoying the area that he felt was rightfully his through birth.
I think Daisy sticks around to help with him.
She knows him better than anyone else, so maybe she does things as a warning sign.
[WHISTLES] There's always going to be that fear that it's gonna get worse, but that's how life is.
I feel like I'm in a place where I should be, even if bad things happen.
And if he continues to fight back, then so will we.