Scorpion (2014) s03e01 Episode Script

Civil War / More Civil War

1 Previously on Scorpion Will you please marry me? No.
I can't.
I'm married to someone else.
Ralph, I was so worried about you.
I'm so glad you're okay.
I'm glad you're okay, too.
You took my son into the canyons, near landslides and accidents, and you brought him home safe.
Meet my new trainee.
Tim Armstrong.
So I wanted to ask if you, uh, would like to go to the Lake Tahoe Jazz and Heritage Festival.
Oh, I Wi-With Tim.
You're a genetic fluke, so freaking what? It doesn't matter.
What matters in life is love.
You pushed your love out the door to spend the weekend with another man.
Come on, where are you going? I'm gonna stop Paige.
I love her.
I'm a moron.
(jet engines whooshing) MAN: Blackjack 1, am I imagining things, or did you just pull a quick nose-up with a tight rollback back there? Roger that, Blackjack 2, and if I were a MIG, I'd have set up for a high-side gun pass and lit you up.
I would have barrel-rolled right out of the situation.
(instrument panel beeping) What the hell? Was that a curse word, Blackjack 1? I don't think I've ever heard you What's wrong? (instruments beeping) I'm accelerating, but not at my command.
Plane is nonresponsive.
Same here.
Gaining altitude.
Stick is dead.
Lost all comms to Ranger.
Can you connect with base? (instruments beeping) No joy.
Stand by to eject.
Punch-outs a no-go! (jet engines rumbling) Woodrow, are you trying to lock in on me? I'm not doing anything.
My bird's gone rogue.
June, get off of my six! Morales, my slammers have gone hot.
You have to shake me now.
FEMALE NAVIGATION VOICE: Five miles from destination, Tahoe Crystal Lake Resort.
Almost there.
What do I say when I see her? Poetry.
Poetry? Paige, to Tim, please say Nada, but say sí to my giant medulla oblongata.
How much tequila have you had? Enough to write that poem.
Look, Walt.
Just speak from your heart.
Can you do that? No.
Then try this.
You can't spell "hypothalamus" without "us.
" Huh? Hello? Walt? You go get 'em, tiger.
Let's find Happy's hubby.
PAIGE: You know, I can't remember the last time I had a Nutsy Cluster bar.
I can't remember the last time I had a date go so sideways.
(chuckling): Oh, come on, it's not your fault.
No, it's just, this place is famous for its 24-hour dining room, so I figured we would get a late meal, sit on the terrace under the moonlight.
Instead it's Nutsy Cluster bars from the vending machine.
(laughing): You could not predict that the board of health would close the place, and, you know, the reservation mix-up was a fluke.
Let me ask you something.
Mm-hmm? Were you a little bit relieved that they messed up our adjoining suites? What? No.
Why would why would you ask that? (exhales) Honestly? I thought I picked up on a vibe at the garage that maybe you wanted to stay there.
And look, I know this is weird, like, we've only been on a couple of dates, and then Walter sends us on some romantic weekend getaway.
And, you know, I thought maybe you would be relieved that the only rooms they had were single rooms on opposite sides of the resort.
Look, what I'm trying to say, Paige, is I like you a lot, and if there's anything holding you back in L.
, then just let me know.
I'll understand.
There's nothing holding me back.
You sure? Yes.
Well, that is good news.
(phone rings) And that is Cabe's ring.
(Paige chuckles) And I have to answer Cabe's ring.
I'm so sorry.
Duty calls.
Hey, boss man, what's up? I hate to ruin your weekend, but I need you back here pronto.
We got a problem.
(phone buzzes) (phone beeps) Cabe, why are you calling so late? CABE: Where the hell are you? I'm at the garage and the doc said you went out and I need you back here now.
Uh might be a while.
What's "a while"? Seven hours.
CABE: Seven hours? What the hell are you doing seven hours away from here? Tahoe.
Oh, boy.
Telling me.
You can destroy your personal life later.
Right now, I need you to get to Plimpton Airfield.
It's just south of the lake.
I sent a plane to pick up Paige and Tim.
N I cannot get on a plane with them.
You can and you will.
I need Team Scorpion and all I've got is a drunk behaviorist.
Hungover behaviorist.
(bottle clatters) Happy and Sly are on their way.
I need you to move your ass because what I'm about to tell you is gonna make all our other cases look like warm-ups.
Happy's on her way? Yeah.
And you need a pot of coffee and some mouthwash.
In that order.
Okay, strapped in, ready to go.
Still waiting on one more.
One more? Who? (door closing) Hello.
Hel-Hello? What are you doing here? Well, all our talk about jazz music made me want to go see the festival, so here I am, but Cabe called, so no music for me.
All right, wheels up.
Time's wasting.
Cabe! We got here as fast as we could.
You brought the kid?! He's 11.
I'm babysitting.
I can't leave him alone.
You were scared to take the bus at night by yourself.
Shouldn't you be sleeping? Any developments since you called, Cabe? No.
Admiral Horton Pace should be here shortly to fill us in more.
What we do know is all signs point to the F-130s being hacked, and whoever did it has had them engaged in a dogfight for the past hour over the eastern Conejo Valley.
They've worked their way south to where they're just a few miles from our current location.
Waking up half of Los Angeles in the process.
I bet the press is all over this.
No, we told them that the jets were running combat simulations.
We can't have the world know that we're not in control of our own warplanes.
All other aircraft has been grounded and disabled.
You look terrible.
He's right, you look like you're gonna be sick.
Yeah, 'cause I'm looking at you in pajamas.
You know, we rushed over here.
Where's Happy? She's on her way.
It should be very comfortable.
What about the others? Paige, Tim, Walter.
They just landed from Tahoe.
They'll be here any minute.
Walter went up to Tahoe? Oh, boy.
Mom's gonna be confused.
(door opens) Navy personnel will be here soon.
Grab a coffee, perk up.
It's gonna be a long day.
Before the others get here, we should talk.
Let's skip your rejection of my proposal because you're married.
Great surprise, by the way, and get to the lies.
I've never lied to you.
Really? I hacked L.
County records.
There's no marriage license for you, so either you're not married or you deleted the evidence so I can't find out who your better half is.
One, I am married.
Two, I didn't delete anything.
Three, I don't lie to you.
Four, I'm in love with you.
That's gonna make things weird for your anniversary, won't it? Is it Collins? What? When he kidnapped me he said you couldn't say yes to my proposal.
Why would he say that? The same reason he talks to sock puppets, because he's bat poop crazy.
All right, you're being truthful-- not Collins.
Doc, look, do you trust me? No.
Do you love me? Yeah.
Then if your love is stronger than your distrust, please understand that I'm in a situation with another guy who I don't love, who I have never loved, but that's all I can tell you.
Why? Toby, that's all I can tell you right now, but if you give me a little bit of time, I will fix it and tell you everything, okay? Crap.
Now I trust you, too.
Now, there are two F-130s screaming across L.
, so we've got more important things to worry about.
WALTER: Sly, Cabe filled me in earlier.
On your way back from Tahoe.
Shouldn't you be sleeping? Sly, while we're waiting for the admiral to get here, link up to the naval base's operating system.
See if we can find a back door into those planes.
I am already into it.
What is that nonsense? Uh, this is Super Fun Guy Cuckoo Clay.
I'm stressed and it helps.
Two-two hands.
Okay, look, does anybody have a read on where these plane are right now? (planes roaring overhead) There's your answer.
I'm gonna look for vulnerable ports on the military wireless server networks.
And I just got the navy's radar feed up on our monitors.
They're circling L.
Okay, how was the world's most awkward plane ride? Oh, good gravy; you didn't tell her.
Refuse to engage.
Oh, please.
You could hack in your sleep.
I'm hardly a distraction.
You know, I read this article about this guy in San Pedro, who has the two largest aluminum foil balls in SoCal.
He charges a buck to see them.
Do you know what I admire most about this guy with those giant balls? You know what attribute really stands out for the giant balls guy, Walter? I will tell her how I feel when I get the chance, but right now, there are out of control F-130s screaming across L.
, so we have more important things to worry about.
Where have I heard that before? (door opens) Admiral.
Cabe Gallo.
Any updates? No.
All we could obtain is a brief recording of the pilots.
MORALES: Plane is nonresponsive! WOODROW: Same here! Gaining altitude! Stick is dead! After that, the hackers cut the comms.
Best tech minds in the government couldn't crack it.
Uh, we're the best tech minds in the government.
You being smart with me? Actually, we're smart with everybody.
The world's superpower can't control its aviation, I'm getting sass from this guy and a giant baby in his underwear? CABE: They don't mean any disrespect.
It's just them being themselves.
Can I talk to you for a second? Quick question.
This might be the biggest case that this team has ever had, and I'm worried that Walter might be a little unfocused.
No matter what it is, Walter always gets the job done, so Yeah, well, what about him just appearing in Tahoe, saying he was there to hear jazz? I mean, do you believe that? I mean, he obviously wanted to see you badly enough that he was willing to drive through the night to do it.
- So - I don't know.
I I hope not.
Things are much simpler if that's not the case.
Really? How so? (quietly): Hey.
Did you, uh, mess with my marriage records? Absolutely I did.
You want Toby to find out who you're really married to? Just focus on the matter at hand.
(speaking inaudibly) Speaking of which Excuse me.
Excuse me! Guys, we could use all hands on deck.
And we are right here with you, Walter.
I just need everyone fixed on-on the case.
(chuckles) And like I said, we are right here with you.
Okay? It's not like I can help you hack a military computer.
(rapid beeping) PACE: Good God.
Woodrow's locked on Morales.
Woodrow, you are locked in! It's not me! My fire control is completely disabled! Al, you're right in the crosshairs.
Oh, God.
They can't eject.
We got to disarm those weapons now.
What do you think we're trying to do? They're heading towards the ocean! (whooshing) (beeping) (trilling) Guys, the comm link just went live.
Why would they turn her comms back on now? This is Blackjack 1, Lieutenant Commander Woodrow.
Does anyone copy?! Blackjack 1, this is Admiral Pace.
I'm here with Homeland Agent Cabe Gallo and an independent team.
We're trying to get you landed safely.
I have no control of my aircraft.
I'm currently in an auto-loop pattern.
I just shot down my wingman, Lieutenant Morales, over the Pacific.
No, no.
Lieutenant Commander What's her first name, Cabe? June.
June, this is Dr.
Curtis with Scorpion, the team the admiral just mentioned.
Listen carefully, you didn't shoot down your friend.
Yeah, hackers who took over your plane fired that weapon.
You're responsible for nothing.
(phone rings) I need to take this.
Woodrow, fill in Agent Gallo.
Give him a full debriefing.
First, my airspeed increased independently.
Then altitude.
I lost all flight controls and communications.
One system failure after another.
That's why the hackers turned on her comms.
They wanted us to hear, blow by blow, how an F-130 was systematically usurped.
They wanted June to debrief us so we could hear how good they are at their jobs.
It's-it's an advertisement, a psychological tool.
They are smart.
This is just the beginning.
I just got off the phone with D.
Four U.
destroyers have been cyberjacked and positioned 300 yards outside of Miami, Boston, Portland, and Long Beach.
High-explosive BGM missiles are pointed directly at each of those cities.
All of our aircraft, our battleships have been grounded, and we've shut down our nuclear silos.
The United States, as of right now, is a nation without defense.
Scorpion 3x01 Civil War @elderman USS Hawthorne, USS Crittinden, Corbett, and Rooney, all under hacker control.
HAPPY: Are you evacuating the cities? We do that, the story gets out we've lost control of our military.
CABE: I can think a few nations that would act immediately, if they knew we were defenseless.
Okay, can't you manually disengage the missiles on the destroyers? Most ships' magazines have automated blast doors.
Assume they've been closed by the hackers and the crew's been locked out from the missiles.
Exactly what happened.
And you know that for certain? You've been in contact with the ship? Yes.
Their comms are working.
If he can talk to the ships and we can talk to June, can the hackers hear us right now and any plans (quietly): we might devise? You know, I'm not too worried about these hackers! Took 'em an hour of joystickin' around to bring down a plane.
If they had real skills, they'd have June doing scissors and rolls right now.
Someone shut that guy up! What are you thinking? Okay, see? The punks that are behind this don't speak English.
If they did, they'd have sent June into a tailspin, 'cause I just called 'em out, and they are egomaniacal, highly intelligent, and antisocial.
So are we.
But they are businessmen.
They positioned ships at the four corners of the country.
Why? Symbolic.
"We got you boxed in.
" They are trying to prove themselves to potential clients who want to bring the U.
to its knees.
These guys are bright, 18 to 25-- because young people are driven to prove themselves-- and-- if I had to guess-- Eastern European, because instead of focusing on our monetary system or electrical grid, they went after our military.
These are children of Cold War parents who grew up hearing about the mighty U.
war machine.
And I bet they smoke those skinny Euro cigarettes.
That's how you profile.
WALTER: Okay, let's assume Toby's right.
I am! So, Sly, focus on Eastern Europe, see if we can track the signal that's hacking June's plane.
If we find the hackers, we end all of this.
All right, Ralph, do you think you can run a rehash check, see if they're pulling this off with a DDoS attack? Sure.
But can I get some Fruity Moons or something? You find the European hackers, I'll get you Fruity Moons.
Lieutenant Commander, can you stay with us while we sort this out? Don't have much of a choice.
Happy and I will jump on the Dark Web, see if anyone's bragging about what they did to Uncle Sam! SYLVESTER: No need.
I just traced the hack to a section of Sofia, Bulgaria.
TOBY: Eastern Europe.
Wow, who could've predicted that? Looks like they jumped onto a signal from a Pentagon white shoe out of Long Beach.
What's a white shoe? Pentagon keeps nondescript buildings in most U.
They're there to maintain relay signals for military operations.
WALTER: That's how they're controlling the ships.
They're infiltrating white shoe signals in Boston, Miami, Portland, and here.
TOBY: They're using our own signals to control our ships? Like when a bully makes you hit yourself.
So if we can get to the white shoe office in Long Beach, then I can I can hack their server, see if I can figure out a way to disrupt the hacker's signal.
Then I tell the authorities in the other three cities how to do it, and then we kill the signal simultaneously and regain control of the ships.
Now, Toby, I left my car in Tahoe and Paige's is at her house, so we'll need to borrow yours.
Okay, but I just had it washed in '08, so be careful with it.
Really? So you and Paige? Why not Sylvester and Paige? No, Sly will be with you and Cabe on the way to Bulgaria to find the hackers.
Oh, so you stay with Paige and you ship me off to Bulgaria? Tim Easy, buddy.
Sly can handle whatever the hackers throw at him tech-wise, and you two are necessary law enforcement in a foreign country.
It's a logical way to divide workload.
Oh, yeah.
It's a load, all right.
Well, if you don't agree with my decision making, perhaps you should change your Homeland assignment.
TIM: And perhaps you should just tell us what you were doing in Tahoe, Walter.
Okay, this is not the schoolyard.
We got some serious work to do.
Got it? Got it.
Got it.
Tim, Walter's the boss.
We follow his lead.
Yes, sir.
Truth is, as much as I hate flying, I am excited to get out of this garage.
Between Tim and Walter and Happy and Toby, it's too tense.
I'm getting out of my jimjams.
All aircraft are grounded.
How are you gonna find a plane that can go at least Mach 4 and get you to Bulgaria in two hours? Don't worry, I got an idea.
TOBY: Um, speaking of planes, if the hackers pick up that we're messing with their signal, they will drive June's plane into the ground.
Or, if this takes too long, there's always the chance she runs out of gas and crashes.
That's exactly what we want.
It's not what I want! No, no.
Hear me out.
If June does a fuel dump, the plane will plummet instantly, because swept-wing aircraft have the glide capacity of a rock.
Sly can calculate it so it nose-dives for our garage.
And with the engine off, the hackers won't be able to control the plane.
Then we just get the plane's original, unhacked firmware back onto the jet's computer.
And I can do it with this.
With a stud finder? You know, I can't go near stud finders.
They always go off.
You've told that joke before, okay? Happy.
Data can be sent over the lasers.
I can send new firmware directly into the jet's comm system.
WALTER: It has an independent battery.
Even with the engine off, it can accept the data.
HAPPY: And it's housed in the nose of the plane that will point towards us as it falls to Earth.
By "us," am I safe to assume you're gonna put me in the path of a plummeting F-130? I will build the laser from the stud finder, some laser levels, and Sly's laser tag guns.
You will prep the firmware.
WALTER: Okay, June, you'll have to be no more than 500 feet from the rooftop to guarantee that the download works.
So I'll have seconds to restart my engine solely on fumes, pull out of a nosedive, and skim over rooftops to a safe landing somewhere? Aha.
The safest bet is the L.
riverbed, four miles east of here.
Million-to-one shot but it could work.
(whooshing) Almost ready.
Happy, laser update? Don't worry about me.
Do your job.
God forbid something goes wrong, we get crushed.
I'm really concerned for your widower.
Think he'll handle it well? Okay, that's it.
We're done talking.
I was walking Down the street one day Feeling lost and all alone HAPPY: Paige, how goes it with you? Uh, to be honest, it's kind of awkward.
She meant: how close are we to the Pentagon office? Oh.
Yeah, we're not that far out at all.
Sly, are the calculations ready for June? Getting the final specs now.
June, I need to know the entire weight of your plane, including you and your flight suit, the wingspan of your plane, and your current velocity.
Oh, hey.
You Bruce? Yes, sir.
We talked on the phone.
I have to remind you that all you were told is highly confidential.
You repeat any of it, it's a felony.
I'm a Vietnam vet and a patriot.
My lips are sealed.
And I got this baby fueled and prepped.
It'll hit Mach 4, have you in Bulgaria faster than you could get home in L.
And it's not computerized at all? Nothing to hack.
And you secured us a pilot? You're looking at him.
I know what you're thinking, but I was a good pilot back in my day.
How many missions? None.
Right after my training we had a fire in my barracks.
I burned my hands bad, so they grounded me.
I helped others get ready to fight, but I never got to do my part myself.
So, please, let me serve my country.
Okay, okay, June is ready.
Is this guy gonna take us to meet our pilot? Oh, poop.
I've got the main power cable and two back-ups in case of failure.
Okay, I'm almost done.
Hook them up.
Huh? Jerry.
- What are you doing? - What? Nothing.
Norman, Jared, Vern.
You're calling out men I know to see if I show guilt markers? - Maybe.
- Vern's my deli guy.
Yeah, I've seen how he handles your provolone.
You're an idiot.
No, I'm just hurt and angry.
Do you have any idea how what I'm going through feels? It feels like you just took my heart and tore it from my body and then just shoved it right up my (plane engine roaring) and then it just lies there, covered in flies.
Even the dog doesn't want it, even though he ate it in the first place.
That's what's left of my heart! Hate to interrupt the fighting, but I need to make sure your heads are in the game before I dump my fuel.
We're fine.
Toby's shutting up now.
Good because if the hackers keep up this same loop pattern, I'll be over you again in minutes, and once my tanks are on empty, I'll be heading into a complete vertical nosedive.
Yup, straight down right at us at terminal velocity.
Oh, for Pete's sake, don't say terminal.
I can't take - So - So, I Okay, go first.
I'll go f yeah.
Can you, um? Hmm? Oh, yeah.
So, I'm gonna take you at your word that you were in Tahoe for the festival, but Tim Tim does not take me at my word.
That's his prerogative, but I told the truth.
Be that as it may, you heard the admiral.
The U.
is being forced into civil war, our weapons being forced against ourselves And we don't need Scorpion turning against itself, as well, but with me and Tim and Toby and Happy, we are, and that's not ideal when the stakes are high.
I Understood.
So, for now, just steer clear of Tim.
Understood? On you On you I would risk it all Just tell me this is no mistake I'm making It is kind of confusing that you'd give away tickets to a jazz festival and show up, anyway.
(plane engine roars) Uh we should put our comms back in.
I never thought that I would try again.
Two kilometers from the fuel dump.
We're positioned.
Bring her in nice and steady.
WOODROW: How about extremely fast and out of control? Forgive me, getting a little beaded up about this plan.
Beaded up: sweaty, worried.
I know my pilot terms.
Lieutenant, that fancy plane you're flying, all the minds who designed it, compared to us they're morons, so no need to sweat it.
(quietly): She should be terrified.
Okay, you should be in position in two, one Ring the admiral's doorbell.
That means dump the fuel.
That one I didn't know.
Here goes.
Engine's shutting down.
Oh, man, here she comes.
Right for our butts.
Firing the laser.
Uh, two degrees north.
How we doing down there? The laser's locked on your nose.
Uploading the firmware.
WOODROW: Estimating I'm three nautical miles from your roof.
You might want to bail.
We bail, the laser could shift and you'd die.
We're staying.
If these are our last moments together, I propose we die with no secrets between us.
I'll go first.
Sometimes when I'm alone in the garage I sniff your work gloves.
Great, now I can die disgusted.
Guys? Another time? The mix of lavender hand cream and motor oil reminds me of your emotional dichotomy.
WOODROW: Ten seconds to the envelope.
Past that I can't pull out.
That jet's getting awfully big.
Eight seconds.
Okay, now your turn.
Who is your husband?! (computer beeping) Punch it, June! Hit the deck! (screams) Made it.
riverbed is my bingo.
Fuel's at zero.
I'm setting down.
Thank you to you and your whole team.
Hey, you okay? Yeah.
You gonna answer that question or what? I've given to you my heart and my soul, more than I've ever given to anyone.
Now, in your head that may not add up to 100%.
The one percent is the price of admission to Happyland.
You have to pay.
I am not an open book.
Get used to it! I'm not in Happyland! I'm in AngryWorld.
Next stop Resentment Town.
That's your team we're listening to? Ah, not if I can help it.
I'm gonna take this comm out until we land.
You know You've played my hand.
Now I have no choice but erasure.
And I don't mean the delightful synthpop duo.
What is this? Oh, I'm literally and figuratively sweeping away the proposal.
It's hereby rescinded.
Like hell it is.
What do you care? You're married.
I am going to fix it.
My proposal was a contractual offer: all of me for all of you.
You can't meet my terms, so, offer off the table.
Pardon me.
CABE: Okay, NATO's granted us permission to land under the cover that we're U.
military delivering the Valkyrie for Bulgarian training.
We've been combing through the Eastern European Dark Web and the name that keeps coming up regarding criminal matters in Sofia is one Dimitri Borosevich, aka "Na Skunks.
" What does that mean? The Skunk.
He appears to be the underground kingpin of the city.
Yeah, international warrants for wire fraud, identity theft, gambling rings Well, Sofia isn't a big town, so if he's not behind the hacks, he'll be getting kickbacks from the people who are.
Find the Skunk, find the hackers.
Putting together cultural protocols for Bulgaria.
There's a few things you'll need on the ground.
This isn't an engineering or mechanical issue, so pardonne.
Gentlemen, when we touch down I recommend expediency.
Won't take the Bulgarian military long to see through that training jet story.
TOBY: All right, I'll just give you Bulgarian essentials.
No is yes, yes is no.
Come again? It's unique to the country.
For "yes," they shake their head.
For "no," they nod up and down.
No way that could cause confusion.
I agree completely.
That felt way too odd.
(tires screeching) No one's around.
Government building on a Saturday.
It's abandoned.
You can get us in here? Well, you can't be friends with Happy Quinn for seven years without learning stuff.
(exhales) Okay.
WALTER: Okay, I'm into the Pentagon server.
Three minutes and we'll shut down the signal controlling the Corbett.
Boy, that thing looks mean.
CABE: If things get hot, don't be a hero.
You're a civilian.
You get on that plane and go home.
I am not gonna abandon you guys.
Good luck.
TOBY: Hey, found more on El Skunko.
Latest arrests: four in the last two months, all for gambling.
All out of one building in a slum in the Nadezhda area of Sofia.
I'll send the address.
So, what are we supposed to do when we get there? Just politely ask to meet the Skunk? (laughs) That's like walking into Little Italy and asking to see Don Corleone.
You got to make him want to talk to you.
We got to get in his game, take enough of his money to get his attention.
Doesn't seem like the type of guy who'd take too favorably to that.
Well, looks like you'll find out, Sly.
I am? Why me? I mean, do you really want me and Cabe running odds on dealt hands? No, you're the man for the job.
I had the consulate get us ten grand for a gambling stake.
Cabe, is that the car you got for us? Yeah, I told the embassy we needed something so we'd fit in.
We're not gonna fit in that! Just downloading the last of the software and then done.
Should be done in a minute or so.
Uh, Toby, Walt's almost ready.
How are Sly and Comms don't work in here.
The walls are aluminum, forming a Faraday cage.
The windows are protected by, uh, scrambling data technology.
The Pentagon does not like bugging.
(takes deep breath) Beautiful view.
Um so there might have been another reason why I drove to Tahoe, beyond my interest in jazz.
Oh okay.
I believe that this team functions best under the policy of openness and-and honesty, and I wasn't honest earlier, so, Paige uh, for a long time I've wanted to tell you something and - Walter.
Oh, my God.
I know.
It's a big deal, so it's time that I-I finally say it.
No, no.
Walter, look, it's coming right at us.
Oh, boy, that's a missile.
Flight speed of their ballistic missile, 800 kilometers an hour, or 497 How long do we have, Walter? 50 seconds.
No, no, it took over a minute to get up here by elevator.
Stairs are too slow.
What do we do then?! Here, I have an idea.
Hold Sly's Cuckoo Clay.
Okay, how did the hackers know we were trying to interrupt the signal? Must've been monitoring connection traffic from that server room.
Either way, Walt and Paige have 38 seconds until kablooie! Not good.
(both grunting) Yeah, thanks.
(clangs) Oh, boy.
Okay, now, cover your hands in Sly's Cuckoo Clay.
It will protect our hands but also has a low coefficient of friction so we'll slide down fast.
Descent should only take a few seconds.
Fewer if we fall.
HAPPY: Okay, how long until the missile hits? 20 seconds.
We got to go faster! I'm going as fast as I can! What do you mean there's a missile headed for them? How is "missile heading for them" confusing? We're getting closer.
I can't believe this is happening.
WALTER: Get down! (Paige gasps) (exhales) That was close.
I think we're okay.
(creaking) The cable's gonna snap! What? Get us out of here! Okay.
(grunting) Open! Open! (grunts) All right, hurry, hurry.
Hurry, okay.
All right, get out.
(grunting) Walter.
(gasps) (both coughing) You okay? Yeah.
We got to get out of here.
(sirens wailing in distance) Happy? Toby? Why don't we have comms? We're outside.
The heat from the missile ionized the air, and it's disrupted the signal.
We need to get back to the garage.
We have a transportation problem.
Toby's having a bad 24 hours.
(phone rings) Uh, hey.
TIM: Paige, are you okay? It's been radio silence! WALTER: Yes, Tim, we're both fine, thank you for a You promised.
But the Pentagon is going to need a new relay server.
And a new building to put it in.
Guys, the destroyers are still under hacker control.
Their signal wasn't even interrupted for a second.
They spoofed a signal to the white shoe office to sniff out anyone who could be posing a threat.
They're not really using the Pentagon relay system.
They must be using a satellite.
Sending code directly to the ship's operating system.
TIM: And the U.
can't shoot down any satellites because we disabled all our missiles this morning.
Can you hack the satellite? I need to get back to the garage.
Uh, Cabe, we're stranded.
Homeland can get you a car.
Wait, why? Where's my car? Toby wants to know where his car is.
(crowd screaming) Oh, my God.
Kind of all over.
What does that mean? We just texted you Homeland's local office.
Okay, I'll-I'll call 'em.
Cabe, those guys are smart.
You need to find them soon.
We will.
So long as Sly wins at baccarat.
All right, kid, we got to jump.
We just got to where we're supposed to be.
This is Skunk's HQ.
Total dump with chauffeurs and nice cars out front.
Translation: it's a casino.
I think you guys are significantly overestimating my gambling abilities.
TOBY: No, you can take that house blindfolded and deaf.
Which you will be, essentially, because I'm sure they jammed communications to prevent cheating.
Listen, Sly, these guys, they're just animals.
All you got to do is gain their respect, okay? Be the alpha.
Control the game.
Own the room.
He's right, Sly.
Someone tries to take something from you, you take it back.
Don't ever let someone take something from you that's important.
Think Timbo's talking about the waitress.
CABE: Remember, the fate of the free world may be in your hands.
You win every cent you can as fast as you can to draw Skunk out.
Okay, I-I guess.
But, uh what exactly are the rules of baccarat? Oh, good, you're here.
Yeah, I want to use my phone to begin a trace of satellites in geosynchronous orbit over Los Angeles.
What? Did you get Homeland to send a car? I did.
I also accidentally saw one of your texts.
"Hello, Mr.
This is the concierge "at the Tahoe Crystal Lake Resort.
"We got your message and are happy to change your reservation from adjoining rooms to separate singles.
" You changed the reservation? There's, uh, an explanation.
Did you also call the dining room, pretending to be the board of health? What the hell did you do, Walter? Alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha You don't have to say it out loud.
Private club.
My friend's looking for a game.
Private club.
Here's our membership.
Claim check for guns.
Tough joint.
This way.
(indistinct chatter) Alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha (quietly): Okay, uh, we are six-sevenths of the way through an eight-deck shoe.
Should make counting a little bit easier.
Uh, banker, player, tie.
I will bet on player.
That's me.
(chuckles) Because I believe in myself.
He just bet 8,000 on a single hand.
I'm gonna stay on the natural.
Go ahead.
That's a five.
You can draw.
That's a bust! Ooh! This is fun.
They're gonna get very pissed very quickly.
Paige, uh, maybe we should stay in one place so that the-the Homeland car can find us.
I'm walking to the freeway off-ramp.
They can find me there.
Uh, maybe that is more efficient.
It is not about efficient, Walter! It is about getting away from you! You're-you're upset.
Wow! You are a genius.
I'm gonna take this out so the team can't hear what I'm about to say.
You can actually leave the comm in.
We're still within range of the missile ionization.
I am taking this out as an indicator of me doing whatever the hell I want without some stupid genius telling me what to do.
Fair enough.
Why did you call the hotel? Uh, because, uh Because you are a jealous infant who can't find your own way to happiness, so you choose to disrupt the happiness of everyone else.
Well, not intentionally.
I can't believe you sabotaged me.
I've been waiting two years to tell you this, Walter.
You were wrong.
Oh! (laughs) That's what's called hitting the tie.
You know, statistically, betting on the tie is an idiotic move but not when you know what you're do Ah You are doing quite well.
You and friends would like to go VIP? Uh, yeah, that sounds like fun.
He did it.
We're gonna meet the Skunk.
(phone rings) Yeah.
This is Admiral Pace.
Get me Gallo.
TOBY: Sorry, he's out of comm range watching Sylvester play baccarat in an underground Bulgarian casino with a criminal named Skunk.
What? HAPPY: How can we help, Admiral? Get word to Gallo that all the nuclear subs have returned to base except for one.
Ohio class, the Clayton.
It's gone missing off the coast of Southern California.
Are you saying the hackers are controlling a sub with nukes on it? That's exactly what I'm saying.
(phone buzzing) I would like to explain myself.
I don't want to hear it.
There's no excuse.
That's true.
But there is context.
I don't care.
I went to Tahoe to tell you I love you.
TIM: Hey, Walter? We're out of the card room, and your comm's up and running again.
And when we get out of here, we're gonna have a little talk.
Scorpion 3x02 More Civil War So, we're just gonna stand here, or one of you guys gonna ask us to dance? Oh, you must be Skunk.
It's a pleasure.
Baccarat is practically a coin flip, but you hit 15 hands in a row.
You cheat.
No, once the shoe is down to two decks, it's the simplest math.
He's a math genius.
We're just trying to get your attention.
CABE: We wanted a meeting with the main man in Sofia.
We knew that wouldn't come cheap.
Your reputation precedes you all the way to the U.
(whispering): Yes is no, no is yes.
Oh, I mean, um You're really something.
You got my attention.
Who are you? We do financial reappropriation in the cybersphere.
Online bank thieves.
Yeah, we farmed out a job to a group in Sofia, hackers, gave them all the Intel on the bank, paid them their fee, they stole the cash, never turned over a dime.
Too bad for you.
We figure anybody working this area pays you regular tribute.
So, for their address, we'll give you the money we earned, our ten-grand buy-in and a finder's fee if the Intel nabs the punks.
(grunts) I'm okay.
Which are missing? Ace of diamonds, two of spades, king of clubs.
Only people who can pull off what you say are called "The Bootleggers.
" I give you information, you give me him.
Me? (chuckles) For just one game.
There is Chinese whale, Chingwe, been wiping me out.
He plays today.
I want back my lev.
I think you might need to find another math genius to help you win back your lev.
(clears throat) Okay? I um (under breath): Excuse us.
Kid, these Bootleggers have taken out a fighter jet, controlled four Navy destroyers, and now they have a sub with nukes on it.
We're talking the balance of the free world here, Sly.
(whispering): So, pretend to scratch your ear and take your comm out.
Give it to me.
It can't be found on you.
We'll be back to get you after the threat is neutralized.
You're serious? As a heart attack.
Like the one I'm about to have? Okay, Skunk.
You got a deal.
So, the hacked sub is somewhere off the coast of California, but whether it's going north or south is anyone's guess, including the sub captain.
Okay, they're in communication with Admiral Pace, but their sonar, depth finder and radar have all gone dark.
The fastest way to find the sub would be to use the sonar capabilities of the USS Corbett.
But the Corbett's under control of the hackers.
Yeah, so we'll need a top-down approach.
You get it? Top-down? 'Cause the Corbett's being controlled by a satellite that's above them.
It's top-down I'm gonna clean up some more confetti.
WALTER: Top-down? That's brilliant.
We can't destroy the satellite because the missiles are grounded, but if we can disrupt the satellite's signal before it gets to the ship, then we can regain control of the destroyer.
But even if we disrupt the signal, you can't reprogram the Corbett's computers without physically being on the boat.
You try to go out to that destroyer, Walt, I guarantee you the hackers will use the ship's weaponry to turn you into Swiss cheese.
And it's moot, anyway, because we have no way to disrupt the hackers' sat signal to the ship.
Yes, we do.
What about it? If we create a metallic shower, like confetti, in the air above the ship It will interfere with the satellite signal long enough for us to regain control of the destroyer's computers.
Except the forecast only calls for a chance of silver with a light drizzle of copper.
How the hell are you gonna make it rain aluminum? Easy.
Happy just needs to borrow her father's flatbed, get to the weapons museum where Cabe got the Valkyrie from, and then commandeer a trebuchet.
Paige and I are gonna visit your friend in San Pedro, Toby, the one with the giant balls.
Sor I'm sorry, what? Drop your pants.
Pardon me? You change.
Look like us, or Chingwe gets suspicious, won't play you.
I have an issue with changing in public.
Chingwe, he's good player, hmm? Clever.
Smart cheater.
You outcheat him.
Uh uh, no.
I intend to play with my intellect because cheaters get hurt.
Don't worry about his gunmen.
We have our own.
Shooting starts, just hit the deck.
(lightly gasps) Once you've taken him for three million U.
, we'll shut down the game.
You go home.
Final touch.
It belonged to Oleg.
What happened to Oleg? Turn left in 1.
3 miles.
You know, you haven't said a whole hell of a lot since Walter said he loved Paige.
I'm concentrating on the mission.
You're stewing.
I'm not st (sighs) I feel like Walter was dishonest.
Well, this might sound odd, but behaviorally, that might be progress for Walter.
Yeah, well, he and I still need to have a little talk.
Does that include him getting slugged in the mouth? It's an option currently being considered.
Well, move off it.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
Besides, if you even get in a glancing blow, you'd probably pop his head off.
These guys are smart; they're not sturdy.
You okay? Happy and Toby are a minute out.
I know.
I heard their call.
It's very kind of that gentleman with the aluminum balls to let us rent his truck.
You've said that three times.
Just acknowledging a human kindness.
Walter, accept the fact that by sabotaging my weekend with Tim you acted horribly.
Also accept the fact that this topic won't be discussed until I am ready to discuss it.
Okay? You are not in control.
It's good to know.
(horn honks) Oh, good.
They're here.
We brought the solution, straight from 300 BC.
Okay, let's get set up fast.
I'll call Admiral Pace and make sure he's downloaded our plan to the three other cities.
She doesn't know what I muttered over the comms.
What, about being in love with her? She doesn't need to know that.
And, besides, what you heard was out of context.
Oh, put it in context.
I'd prefer that we forget it happened.
Right, we'll pretend you don't love Paige and I'll pretend Happy isn't married to some yahoo.
What's amazing is the sanest thing we'll do today is launch an enormous aluminum ball at a battleship.
I'm teaming with her today.
I will set up the trebuchet and dial in the trajectory.
Okay, I'm heading to the marina to hotwire you a boat.
Once the satellite signal is blocked, you need to be on the destroyer.
You'll only have two minutes to reprogram the system.
Actually, 90 seconds.
Okay, authorities in Miami, Portland and Boston have all collected their aluminum and are creating their projectiles.
After what happened with the high-rise in Long Beach, Admiral Pace believes that if this doesn't work, the hackers will launch all remaining missiles onto U.
Walter, this is a real gamble.
Remember, no talking.
Your accent gives you away.
He's got to think you're one of us.
Happy, I spoke with the captain of the Corbett.
They're expecting me.
HAPPY: Are you expecting what the hackers will do when you get close? They'll open fire with the forward guns? This is not bulletproof, and neither are you.
Yeah, well, I have a plan.
Dodging bullets in a boat is not a plan! Ready? TOBY: This has a shot if Walter can make it out to that ship.
No gunfire yet.
Maybe the hackers aren't looking through the ship's security cameras.
(rapid gunfire continues) You were saying? Toby, prepare to fire the trebuchet.
I don't have much time here! Okay, all the other cities are ready for the order.
Three seconds, I'm through this rope, then it's great balls of fire.
Three, two one.
Fire! (gunfire) Happy, progress report! We need phosphoric acid and aluminum to eat the rust.
Anybody got a soda? A cola? Oh, I have a Dr.
Shazz in my bag.
I packed a midnight meal for the proposal celebration, which, of course, never happened.
Okay, just get it! Okay, Paige, help me re-tie the trigger rope.
On it.
CHINGWE: 200,000.
MAN: Here you go.
Two cards.
Uh Drink.
Have a drink.
It's tradition.
Do not offend my guest.
How many cards? One card.
Uh Yes.
One card.
I understand.
You have to discard.
(sighs, groans) (groans) (whispering): He destroyed a straight.
What is he doing? (grunts) Genius, huh? What kind of genius busts a drawn straight? A confused kind.
Why can't you guys just nod "yes" and "no," like every other country? "Fresh Rinse of Bel Hair Cuts and Shampoo.
" "Warlock's Chest Comic Store"? I use punch cards.
It's silly if you don't.
It's like leaving your money on the table.
That was a poor choice of words.
I'm sorry.
Bus pass? With stamp for U.
government employee discount.
Online bank thieves? I doubt it.
Your friend with the slick hair, his name was Gallo, huh? "I won big for Skunk.
He's taking me out for a celebration dinner.
" We're not actually going to a celebration dinner, are we? The guns keep on firing whether I go forward or retreat.
I'm dead if you don't hurry! Faster, Toby! Oh, you know, rust, corrosion, you never see it forming, and then one day it's there.
You know why? I know why.
And it's not because of the analogy you're about to make.
Because of neglect.
Because of foreign elements like air and water reacting with the iron.
Elements the iron never saw coming.
Elements the iron was completely blindsided by.
Guys, Walter's being shot at.
All I'm saying is PAIGE: Oh, boy! Miami, Portland, Boston, launch your balls! It worked! The hackers don't have control of the guns anymore.
Captain, do you have a status report? CAPTAIN CONNIFF: We have control of the vessel.
Walt, get the hell on that boat.
Was a hell of a ride in, Mr.
I'm Captain Conniff.
The bridge, Captain.
You don't stand on ceremony.
Well, if I don't reprogram your firmware within 90 seconds, your ship goes back into the hands of the hackers.
We're losing our aluminum cover.
Ten seconds.
The firmware is reprogrammed.
All the other ships have to do is open this e-mail and click the file.
All the ships have the file and the instructions.
We have a clear sky.
Did this work? (computer beeping) Yep.
Portland, Boston, Miami are back under Navy's control.
We're manually disabling all weapons till this threat is gone.
It's a good start.
Now we need to find that missing nuclear sub.
We may be taking the stinger out of this operation soon.
Tim and I are pulling up to the hacker location Skunk gave us.
(brakes squeak) (car door closes) That's the building.
Hey, hold on, that's the building, too.
Oh, man, every apartment on this block is 236 Cherkovna.
TIM: There must be 50 units.
There's no way we got time to check them all.
Listen up.
I got 500 American for some information.
Are all these units 236 Cherkovna? 236 A, B, C, D.
All right, which one of them has a bunch of teenage boys with computer skills? I tell you for a thousand.
You know, the only thing I hate more than street drug dealers is one that makes my job harder.
TIM: Listen.
You get them out here, you get your grand.
Okay? You're a very angry man.
(Cabe groans) I think they knew we were coming.
Now we're stuck in the middle of Bulgaria with no leads and no time.
(groaning): Thanks.
Maybe not.
(grunts) Stick with him! (dog barking in distance) Give it up, kid.
No idea what you just said.
(grunting) I'm pretty sure that was Bulgarian for "ow.
" (grunting) (sonar beeping) Nothing.
So sign of the sub.
Best course of action is to get this ship to shore before something else goes wrong.
WALTER: What's that over there? That's just an air pocket created by a massive school of fish.
It's nothing.
Uh, it depends if the air is made of oxygen or something else.
The Pacific herring will pass gas to create distracting bubbles to confuse predators.
You think the fish are farting away from the submarine? Possibly.
Just hold the sonar for a moment.
Let's see what's coming up behind those fish.
I want to find this missing sub as bad as you do, but there's nothing Over there.
(sonar pings) From the west.
I'll be damned.
That's the sub.
This is Walter O'Brien, a government tech contractor on board the USS Corbett, trying to contact the Clayton.
Do you copy, Clayton? Clayton, do you copy? This is Captain Braden of the USS Clayton.
I hope you have some info regarding our whereabouts.
We've been flying blind for some time now.
WALTER: Captain, you are headed due east.
Your craft is approaching the McEwan pipeline.
Okay, now we know where I'm at, but I still don't have control over my ship.
WALTER: Understood.
Finding you was step one.
Bringing you and your nuclear weapons in safely is step two.
Just not sure how to do that yet.
Oh that's our answer! When I was a kid, I got a metal detector for my birthday, and I tested it out by putting it up against our old tube TV.
It created a magnetic field that ruined the set.
Dad was not happy.
So you want to create a magnetic field in the water to disrupt the hackers' link to the sub's computer system.
We can use the McEwan pipeline.
It's metal.
If we put enough strong magnets inside, it'll create a palpable magnetic field.
And when the sub passes through the field and the hacker'' signal is disrupted, we reboot back control, and the Clayton quickly gets to the surface and powers down the sub.
Once we power down, they won't be able to retake control of the vessel.
We just float, wait for rescue.
One question-- how do we get magnets inside a pipe that's full of thousands of gallons of oil? We hack the system and drain the pipe-- I can swing it.
The base has several decommissioned rail guns.
They're full of industrial-grade magnets.
Uh, Captain, call the base.
Tell them we're on our way! (folk music playing over radio) You know, Bulgaria is lovely.
But not always.
Like in 1928, when you guys had that massive earthquake, and then America sent a bunch of aid to help rebuild the region.
America and Bulgaria getting along! You lost me 250,000 lev.
There's no talking your way out of this.
(sighs) Wait a minute.
I only lost 210,000.
There was still chips on the table when I was getting pulled away.
Why don't you shut up? I lost exactly $209,420.
And the bulge in this guy's pocket is approximately 1.
75 inches thick, which makes sense, since the international standard for currency paper is .
0043 inches thick.
400 $100 lev bills would be 1.
72 inches thick, which is just about my estimate.
I said be quiet.
No, you be quiet.
What are you saying? In short, Mr.
Skunk, the gorilla next to me has pocketed your money.
He's liar.
(whimpers) Pull over.
(owl hooting) I cashed in the chips.
I forgot I put money in the pocket.
Honest mistake.
Let's go.
(grunts) How many magnets do we need? Happy said at least 12.
You hack the pipe yet? Uh, to completely shut off oil flow for good would take hours, but best I can do is make the pipeline run a diagnostic test.
That'll stop the oil flow for about 12 minutes, thus draining the pipe, but once the time's up, the oil flow restarts.
Anyone still in the pipe drowns in oil.
Oh, sounds lovely.
Got the reboot protocol ready for the sub, but you guys have to hurry.
The ETA for the pipeline is ten minutes.
Soon as we're out of the hatch, drop this on the pipe, the charge will electrify the magnetic field.
Where did you get that? Let's just say the officer's club doesn't have air-conditioning anymore.
You're a real live wire, you know that? Guys, time's a factor.
Right! Shutting off oil flow now.
Happy, Paige, let's get in that hatch and get that pallet inside.
(grunting) Where are your friends? Listen, I'm not Walter, so I can't make heads or tails of what's on this thing.
My best guess is that after the hackers realized that people were onto them in the U.
, they ran off, set up shop in some other locale.
This guy stayed behind with his tablet to keep the link to our military assets connected until his pals could finish up.
Walter, do you copy? Cabe.
I got nothing off this kid.
His tablet's gibberish.
He doesn't speak any English.
His pockets are empty except for some cash, an employee I.
card to a movie theater, and a gum wrapper.
He works in a movie theater? Apparently.
Why? Most theaters show movies digitally now, so that's 900 gigabits per second, so its movies are beamed by satellite, which means that theater is one of the only places in Bulgaria that has the bandwidth necessary to implement a military-grade hack.
This jerk sent his pals to the movies.
Interpol will be by to get you before it gets too cold.
(grunts) (groans) My glasses.
My glasses.
(gasps) Are you okay? No.
My friends and I are in a lot of trouble, and I know it sounds crazy, but millions could die, and they don't even know it.
I need to use your phone.
I'm afraid I don't own a phone.
Well, what about that thing? Uh, plays white noise only.
I use to remove distractions when I converse with nature.
Well, I can fix this to call my friends.
It is my husband Mikael's, but he won't mind.
What you need is yours.
(chuckling): Oh, thank you.
The sub is two minutes from the pipeline.
Guys, I need an update.
We're going as fast as we can.
It's dark, the fumes are terrible, and we can barely see where we're going.
(both scream) (both grunt) You guys okay? Happy?! Yeah, we're fine.
Dirty, but fine.
Look for the hexagonal 13-C seal.
Put the magnets along that seam.
I found it.
Sonar's picked up mass readings of the magnetic field.
It's working, but you guys have to hurry.
TOBY: Really hurry! In a few minutes, the pipeline's diagnostic is over and you are gonna drown in liquid dinosaur.
(muttering): Hmm, let's go up here.
(radio warbling, static crackling) Thank you, Bilyana.
Oh, you have done so much in so little time.
It's so peaceful here.
You know, I work really I really work better in a more calm environment.
Where I work, everyone is so mad at each other.
I really envy you and your husband's solitude.
(chuckles) You see, Mikael? We got it so good, even American is envious.
Oh, that is Mikael? A ficus? Yes.
Well, I hate to radio and run, but I-I just need to reset this crank so I can get a call up to my pilot.
It's time to finish our drive.
Thank you for your help.
Shall we? (clanking) Okay, that's the last of them-- is that enough, Walter? The magnetic field is strong, and the sub's already entered it.
But it won't disrupt the hackers' signal unless there is an electric current running through it, so get out.
Sub's halfway through the field.
Toby, get the current ready.
I'm holding old Sparky as I speak.
You drop that wire while Paige and Happy are still inside, the current's gonna ignite that residual oil, and they will be burned alive! Hey, Tim, I'm a genius.
I know how fuel and electricity work.
(grunts, gasps) Move it! I can't help it if I'm not wearing men's combat boots.
They're called steel-toed work boots, and they're headed for your butt if you don't grab my hand! (grunting) TOBY: Guys! Give or take 20 seconds, and you're covered in oil! Not in the fun, bikini-wrestling way! The sub's almost out of the field.
We're losing our window to regain control of the vessel.
(both grunting) Run! You have ten seconds! Where the hell are you guys? Right here! Light it up! (electrical humming) PAIGE: We dropped the wire! The magnetic field is perfectly charged.
But the sub's past through range.
We missed it by seconds.
BRADEN: Confirmed.
But I still don't have control over my ship.
TOBY: Uh, Walt, remember when you tried to screw with the signal from the Pentagon office and they destroyed a high-rise? What do you think they'll do now? (alarm blaring) Sounds like retaliate.
What you hear is a nuclear missile going into launch prep sequence.
The hackers are launching a warhead? It's more peacocking.
They're showing buyers the full extent of what they'll do if anyone tries to screw with 'em like we just did.
Preliminary data guarantees a strike on the continental United States.
Cabe, we've got countdown on a missile that travels 14,000 miles per hour, and the only way to stop it is you getting to those hackers and snuffing the signal that's controlling all of this.
I'm driving a two-cylinder lawn mower, and I've got it floored, and we're still a few minutes from the theater.
(alarm blaring) That's gonna be a problem 'cause this missile launches in less than three minutes.
And I just ran the coordinates.
It's headed for Cody, Wyoming.
TOBY: Population 10,000.
Hackers made a very strategic choice: demonstrate their destructive ability without completely crippling the country.
Because crippling the country is what they're going to be selling for billions.
We're looking at a blast radius of three miles, immediately vaporizing all of Cody's residents.
With the fallout affecting millions.
I can assure you none of that is going to happen.
The missiles won't fire because we can manually disengage our reactor, causing the sub to sink.
The missile can't fire without power.
And your ship can't resurface, and you and your men die.
BRADEN: There's only 110 of us.
It's a good trade.
Sir, you can't do that.
You're only in this situation because I slipped on the incline and we didn't get the wire on the pipe in time.
Walter, it is my fault.
BRADEN: It's what we signed up for when we volunteered, ma'am.
WALTER: No, no, Captain.
I understand the greater-good concept better than anyone, but you're not thinking logically.
With respect, we can find a way He's thinking like a military leader.
I only want to hear from geniuses at this moment.
What? Cabe and I are the only ones that understand this situation, Walter.
PAIGE: Hey! If we want to stop America from attacking itself, we need to stop attacking each other.
So shut up and grow up because we have about a minute to save 110 sailors and over 10,000 people before that missile takes off.
BRADEN: Negative.
Our duty is to protect our nation's citizens, and I'm about to see it through.
Captain, you also have a duty to your crew.
And if you sacrifice their lives without getting all the facts, then you've failed them as a leader! If my team says they can pull it off, they can pull it off.
From one military man to another, trust us.
And it will require a lot of trust, because I have a solution.
But for it to work, the first thing you need to do, Captain, is allow that nuclear missile to launch.
I'm sorry, Walter.
I-I thought I just heard you say that we should let the missile launch.
Yes! Now, the nuke travels so fast that within seconds, it'll be so far away from the sub that the sub's computer system will no longer control it.
Then the missile's own computer GPS kicks in.
And Walter can hack that system.
I'll redirect the GPS and send it to a deep ocean trench with soft silt, where it will settle without detonating.
That would be the Tongo Trench in the South Pacific.
They have less than 30 seconds to launch.
You better be sure about this, Mr.
HAPPY: From launch to impact in Cody is about 3.
8 minutes.
And once I start messing around with the missile's GPS, the hackers will see what I'm doing and then try and stop us, so whoever hacks the fastest wins.
It's our only option.
TIM: Speaking of hackers, we're here.
WALTER: The servers need to be kept cool so the top floors are easy to ventilate.
Countdown to launch.
In five four three two Launch.
(rocket whooshing) I'm into the missile's GPS.
If the hackers are watching, they'll see pretty quickly.
Uh, they're in.
They're rewriting my code as soon as I finish.
Well, don't let them.
Not that easy.
Their advantage is they already hacked the sub's platform codes, which are also in the missile.
It's like they have an 80-yard head start in a 100-yard dash.
Man, why do we always have to suck at sports? They're setting up a permanent blocking program that'll stop me from redirecting the missile.
WALTER: I can't stop them.
Best I can do is set up some roadblocks that'll slow them down until Cabe gets them.
WALTER: Cabe? Closing in on them now.
WALTER: Hurry! The nuke detonates over Cody in 150 seconds.
Right now, they're finishing a code that guarantees a nuclear strike.
I'm watching their work as I speak.
I'm barely slowing them down.
Cabe, I'm throwing every hurdle I can at them-- they're just an entry key away from countless people dying.
(chuckles) (gunshot) On the ground! Hands behind your head.
You don't move, I won't shoot you.
CABE: Okay, Walter, we disconnected their signal analog style.
Do your thing.
Great work, Cabe.
Entering the coordinates.
Missile redirected.
BRADEN: This is Captain Braden.
Happy to report we have full control over the vessel, and all readings show our missile is headed directly to the Tongo Trench.
Okay, Tim and I will pick Sly up from dinner, and we're on our way home.
Man, we're all sweating it out here, and Sly gets to gamble and have a fancy dinner? Love to trade places with that guy.
American Westerns always let the hero say last words.
(cocks gun) But this is not movie.
That's okay.
All I was gonna say is "duck.
" Hmm? (whooshing) (laughing) (laughs) In American Westerns, the hero sometimes tells the bad guys to try their luck.
But this isn't a movie.
I already racked it.
Oh, I thought I I thought I could you know No.
It's racked.
(clearing throat): Okay, well I thought it was going to be cool, so BRUCE: Big guy.
Oh, thank God.
Here, please, please, please, take this from me.
Okay, all right.
Time to say good-bye.
How did you find out where I was? Someone named Mikael contacted the plane's radio, left coordinates in the woods, I picked up the car, followed you here.
Feels good to have completed a real mission.
You said it was Mikael who called? Oh, yeah.
Funny fella.
Sounded like a girl.
- Let's go find your friends.
- Okay.
Sounds good.
You think that you're wise And you're really all alone When it comes to love that willing Oh, oh, you don't know (voice mail beeps) You have one new message.
MAN: Hello, Ms.
This is the Tahoe Crystal Lake Resort.
We're sorry your stay with us was cut short, but we'd like to offer you (voice mail clicks off, door opens) SYLVESTER: Everybody! I got Papa Carpinni's.
I got lasagna, eggplant parm, chicken parm.
Cabe and Tim are debriefing Homeland.
They should be back soon.
Oh, nobody touch Cabe's garlic bread.
You know how he gets, right? I know how it is to lose at love You know, the reason I love Papa Carpinni's is because they serve their food family style.
And anyone who isn't willing to accept the family-style arrangements at Scorpion doesn't get to eat (snapping fingers) the family-style offerings.
Which is a shame, because in my experience, family style has a lot of great benefits.
We get it.
Your analogy is as heavy-handed as Toby's aluminum ball speech.
Let's just eat.
It's been so tense around here that I wanted to leave you people for the first time in my life.
And when I did, I got so far away, I was in the middle of nowhere, and you know what I learned? Being alone sucks.
You wind up talking to plants.
And you guys are acting mad and-and weird around each other.
And it's different.
And I hate it.
So no.
Nobody gets any food until I hear it.
I'm willing to eat family style.
Toby? Are you willing to eat family style? Is this the whole family? Like, you, me and your husband? Toby.
See? Fine.
I can eat family style.
But it's got to be a family of two.
I promise I will fix my situation.
Actually, I'm not that hungry.
All right.
Papa Carpinni's.
You better not have messed with my garlic bread.
Glad you guys are home again.
Good to be home.
Minute to talk? Sure.
So, uh, earlier today, Tim wanted to knock your head off.
And I stood up for you, not because you're right, but because I care for you, and I know how bad it hurts to lose a woman you have feelings for.
Paige and I are only Stop it, son.
In this area, I'm substantially smarter than you are.
At the end of the day, Paige is an amazing person.
And you messed with her life.
You pulled pranks to disrupt her relationship with Tim.
That's high school nonsense.
Yeah, it wasn't my finest moment.
It hurts me to tell you this, but you like facts, so here it is: She deserves more than you're capable of giving her at this stage in your life.
I thought you cared for me.
And that's why I'm telling you this.
You're not fully formed yet.
You're almost there, but you're half-baked.
And for you to try to go to win the love of a woman like Paige before you're ready is selfish and wrong.
And it's not fair to her.
(sighs) I'm concerned that if I wait too long Uh, I've waited too long.
You could lose her, but it's not about you.
It's about Paige.
It's about the whole team.
It's about Ralph.
These are real stakes, son.
Uh, Tim.
I-I know you wanted to talk with me, but I think I can save us both time.
I'm sorry for what I did.
I won't cause any future problems.
Really? Okay.
Thank you.
Hey, Tim you want a plate? Uh, no.
I'm good.
Thank you.
Uh, Paige and I are actually gonna go pick up Ralph, and then go to Betty's Restaurant.
Apple juice for the kid, live jazz for us.
Ah, I'm pooped.
I'm gonna take my pasta home.
Sly, I can give you a lift.
Walter destroyed my ride, so I guess we'll take the company car.
Cabe, I picked up, so you can clean up.
HAPPY: I'm going, too.
I'll see you guys tomorrow.
Have a good night, Walter.
Yeah, uh, you, too.
(door closes) WOMAN: Hello.
How may I help you? Yes, hello.
Uh, Health Department? Yeah, I would like to make a complaint about Betty's Restaurant.
(sighs) Sir? Are you still there? Yeah, you know, uh, I made a mistake.
(sighs) @elderman