Scorpion (2014) s03e04 Episode Script

Little Lost Boy

1 I love dancing I love dancing With you With you Ooh.
(lock buzzes) (loudly): Thank you.
(music stops) Collins.
Guess you know why I'm here.
I never thought I would say this, but it is such a pleasure to see you, Tobias.
Let's make this quick.
Why rush? Seeing you miserable, and longing for information that only I can provide, is nothing short of magical.
The day you abducted me, you said Happy wouldn't be able to accept my marriage proposal.
You knew she had a husband.
Tell me his name.
(inhales) Oh, my God.
You're so desperate.
She dumped you, didn't she? No.
We're still together.
Tell me his name.
How is she handling you tracking down her better half? Begrudging acceptance.
Now, tell me his name.
Only if you talk to the prosecutor about reducing my sentence.
I don't like this place.
Real criminals in here.
Was that your plan? (laughing): Just to agree to whatever I wanted? And then screw me over, because as desperate as you are, you and I both know that you would never let me out of here.
Do you like Batman? I don't.
Good guys are such a yawn.
The bad guys, they have real pizzazz.
So in honor of the great super villain, The Riddler Hmm The water doesn't lie still, but the water still lies.
Add 50, and your answer will be revealed.
If you can figure out that head-scratcher, you'll find the name of Happy's hubby.
What do you mean, "add 50"? Guard! Considering you have the lowest IQ in all of Scorpion, I do wish you the best of luck, Tobias.
Third lowest IQ.
Yeah, if you count the waitress and the cop.
(lock buzzes) Excited for your field trip, Ralph? I hear that museum has some amazing cars.
Oh, you should check out the '71 AMX.
It has this super fast Happy told me everything to look for.
She is the expert.
Well, we should leave soon because there's some political rally and traffic's already terrible, and I have to take you to LAX.
(clears throat) Tim isn't capable of driving himself? Ralph.
TIM: She's just doing me a favor, buddy.
But you know, this surveillance seminar that I'm going to, it's only supposed to be for Homeland trainees, but if you would like, I could share some of our secrets with you.
Like how to spot a suspicious person in a crowd.
Toby taught me one trait to be wary of is an overeagerness to connect.
It's a sign of duplicity.
But did he tell you that once you've spotted a suspect, the best way to ID them is to analyze their gait? See, it's a characteristic as unique as a fingerprint, except, you don't need their prints to get it.
That's actually pretty cool.
PAIGE: Well, speaking of gait, why don't you use yours to refill your water bottle before the field trip? Hmm.
Rhetorical question.
(sighs) Geniuses often feel isolated, so they can be guarded when people try to get close.
He is just a kid who loves his mom.
Okay? Trust me, when I was his age, I was ten times worse to my stepdad.
No, Ralph is gonna keep challenging me, and he is right to try and protect you, because you are an amazing woman and he is grateful to have you in his life.
Just like I am.
You don't know how refreshing that is, to spend time with someone who is a normal, well-adjusted, regular human being.
Oh, come on.
I know I haven't been around the team as long as you, but they're not always that bad, are they? (pounding) Guys, please? We're almost done.
You said that two hours ago.
And it's really smoky in here.
What are you doing, anyway? Just a project which will make humanity eternally grateful.
I'm fixing the hot dog.
I didn't know hot dogs were broken.
Ready? Mm-hmm.
Gather round.
Are you tired of not having enough room on your hot dog? Are you tired of condiments constantly falling off of your hot dog? Are you frustrated with traditional tubular meats? Never been a problem.
For anyone.
What is this madness? If so, I proudly present the U-Dog.
With its revolutionary U-shape and increased surface area, allow for 50% more condiments and 100% less mess.
I wrote a jingle.
(blows harmonica chord) It's the U-dog It's a me dog It's an I-can't-believe-what-I-see dog It's a fill-it-with-chili- and-cheese dog It's a U-dog.
I think we need to retest your IQ.
Elia suggested I find something to fill my time with constructively.
I should always be using my gift.
For U-Dogs, right.
Well, um, I-I know you're busy, but have you completed the team evaluation? Homeland needs it to re-up our contract.
(grunting) Yeah.
It's all there.
Don't mind the sauerkraut.
You-you just, you just stamped these satisfactory.
You didn't even fill out the comment section.
Yes, I did.
I wrote, "no comment".
The team could use some positive feedback.
Every Friday, they get a paycheck.
That is their positive feedback.
People need more than that, Walter.
Sly, raise the walls two centimeters to increase mustard capacity, and get stats on average mouth size.
SLY: On it.
Fine, ignore me.
Just remember, you created Scorpion for people who feel ostracized and unappreciated, and now you have your chance to show them your appreciation, but you don't.
In your parlance, that's, uh, illogical.
TOBY: Water doesn't lie still, but the water still lies.
Add 50.
Question is, 50 what? I don't know what's more grotesque, the stench of U-Dog, or you discussing our personal life with that lunatic Collins, and then falling for his little trap.
This is your doing.
You are the trap that I have fallen into.
Where are you headed? Uh, picking up Ralph from his field trip.
Oh, I'm coming.
PAIGE: Sure.
You want to be surrounded by children? I already am.
So the combustion engine is nothing more than a device that creates a controlled explosion.
(engine starting) (children exclaiming) Hi, Daniel.
How about we go over there? (car engine continues revving) Is that better? Your screen froze.
Want some help? The tablet has a flaw in the EO-52 operating system.
If it freezes, or you forget your password, tap the power button quickly three times, while swiping left.
It'll turn on, bypass the login and take you straight to the command prompt.
A little trick my friend Walter told me.
DANIEL (automated voice): Thank you.
Of course.
The engine was loud and you couldn't communicate.
It's hard when people don't understand you.
Should we get back to class? No.
A good one.
Come on.
(indistinct talking and laughing) (Paige chuckles) Relax.
They don't bite.
At least not after the third grade.
I don't get it.
There are busses here.
Why pick him up? Uh, we-we talk in the car.
Is that what parents do? They look for ways to spend time with their kids? That's that's kind of the whole point of having children.
It wasn't for my parents.
PAIGE: Oh, there's Ralph's class.
Why is security leading them away? Hey, what's going on, Ralph? Something's up.
They clustered us together, and ushered us out.
WOMAN: I always come early to pick up my son, because he doesn't like the noise of the busses.
How could you not know where he is? (shouting): Daniel! That's my friend's mom.
MAN: I checked in all the busses.
He's not there.
Oh, my God.
Does he know your number so he can call you? My son has nonverbal autism.
The only way he can communicate is with his tablet.
That's how we can find him.
I unfroze his tablet.
I remember the serial number; we can track it.
Excuse me.
I-I overheard.
I work for the government; we might be able to help.
My son can track Daniel's tablet.
It has no locate function; you can't track it.
Scorpion can.
What's Scorpion? The smartest people in the world.
48, 49, 50.
Grapes? Yeah.
It's the only thing I had 50 of.
I am desperate.
(phone rings) Frustrated Riddle Solvers Incorporated.
You riddle, I fiddle.
Paige? What the Slow down.
Guys, we got a problem.
Missing kid.
Paige, fill 'em in.
It's not just a missing kid.
It's a nonverbal boy with autism.
Daniel Klein.
The mother is terrified.
CABE: There's a division of LAPD that specializes in this.
PAIGE: They've been notified.
AMBER alert's been issued.
WALTER: Well, the thing is, people with autism have minds that work differently than most.
You can't really follow the standard missing person protocol.
Kids with autism often wander off, and the results can be tragically fatal.
The odds of finding him alive drop with every passing minute.
Which is why Scorpion needs to get down here.
Walter, I know this is not a typical case, but this is Ralph's friend.
And he's out there alone and he's scared.
Okay, Cabe and I are heading out.
Okay, be sure to take Alameda to avoid the traffic from that political rally.
RALPH: Sylvester, Daniel uses a tablet communicator.
I saw the serial number.
I just texted it to you.
You can try to trace it.
On it.
Guys, uh, not trying to be morbid, but have the authorities check nearby rivers and storm drains.
Kids with autism are often drawn to bodies of water.
It's a common pathology.
Problem is, it can result in a drowned child.
Is this everything for the exits? All our footage.
It doesn't help.
The school buses are blocking the camera, so we didn't catch Daniel leaving.
Remember when I was talking to Tim today about suspicion markers? Yeah.
Why? I saw a man with two markers that Toby taught me to look for.
He had his hat pulled down an inch lower than normal.
And he checked behind him twice in eight seconds.
TOBY: You're right.
That is unusual.
HAPPY: Pulling up the interior footage.
I-I've been tracking the Wi-Fi networks in a small radius around the museum.
I've got a signal for Daniel's tablet moving east on Temple just past Spring.
I'll send it to your devices now.
There's Daniel.
Looks like he's entering a parking structure between Temple and First.
(tires screech) RALPH: Daniel put his tablet down to play the driving game.
That's the man I saw.
HAPPY: Toby, linking to your monitors.
Good work, Ralph.
He's definitely up to something.
Now, the question is what.
You got to be kidding me.
(laptop chimes) I've got a ping on Daniel.
He's on the second floor.
I'll go on foot.
You drive to the exit and head him off.
(grunting) (tires screech) They're close.
Thank God.
PAIGE: He's really into that garbage can.
He's looking for something.
But it's an awfully specific place to search.
Almost looks like a dead drop.
A dead drop? A-a covert handoff.
One person leaves something in a public place for someone else to pick up.
TOBY: And the museum is the perfect place.
It's crowded enough that they won't be noticed, and the loud engines provide cover.
Circling around to the exit.
Do you see him, Cabe? Negative.
He wasn't on the second floor.
I'm tracking the dot.
Excuse me.
Right there.
He just took Daniel's communicator.
Why would he do that? TOBY: He must have thought it was for him.
That was a mix-up.
HAPPY: The man making the drop-off must've been late.
That's got to be him now.
His tablet's the same as Daniel's.
TOBY: Oh, Daniel must have thought someone moved his tablet.
He took theirs by mistake.
Not good.
(indistinct chatter) HAPPY: Cabe, you're not tracking Daniel.
You're tracking the guy that took his tablet.
TOBY: And from what we've seen, he may not be a nice guy.
Copy that.
I'm on him now.
Excuse me, sir? Yes.
I'm trying to find an electronic tablet that was lost at the Auto Museum.
You weren't there by any chance today, were you? As a matter of fact, I was.
Hopefully I didn't grab the wrong one.
Wife gave it to me for Christmas.
Feel free to take a look.
(grunting) PAIGE: Cabe, are you okay? (grunting) I'd say that's a no.
(grunting) (grunting) (groaning) (grunting) (tires screech) Cabe.
Get down, get down.
I'm okay.
Where did they go? Guys, they got away.
JILL: What about my son? I-Is there any sign of my son? No.
Just his tablet.
So they had his tablet and Daniel has theirs.
TOBY: And I'm guessin' theirs is trackable and they're trying to find it.
JILL: If Daniel saw someone coming after him, he'd be terrified.
TOBY: Yeah, that's probably why he ran.
He sensed danger and he took off.
He-he was smart.
He took care of himself.
SYLVESTER: Except now we have a child lost in the city, and we have no idea where he is.
CABE: It just got worse.
I saw a brand on that guy's chest.
An initiation rite for the S6.
International mercenary ring.
And if they're in town, they're up to something big.
And that tablet has got to play a part in it.
Which means they will do anything to get it back.
We have to find Daniel fast.
Before they do.
Scorpion 3x04 Little Lost Boy @elderman HAPPY: Ronen Cole and Lars Owens.
S6 operatives.
Smuggling, murder-for-hire, black ops.
No clue what they need the tablet for, but it's probably not to play Pokémon Go.
So Daniel's somewhere in the city with mercenaries after him.
LAPD has alerts out to all mobile units but nothing so far.
They'll never find him.
Walter Anyone who's approaching this like a normal missing persons case will never find him.
They'll fail.
Daniel's autism means he sees the world in a unique way.
So to track him, we must try, no matter how imperfectly, to imagine things from his perspective.
TOBY: Since every child with autism is different, the expert on Daniel is his mom.
Jill, can you please tell us more about your son? Daniel doesn't experience the world like we do.
Daniel experiences sensory overload.
Sounds are magnified.
Lights appear blindingly bright.
Even with noise-cancelling headphones, quiet sounds are very loud.
The world's built for the neurotypical.
For people like Daniel, it can be dangerous and frightening.
When Ralph's scared, books comfort him.
What-what comforts Daniel? I don't know.
He likes to watch trains.
The predictable rhythm of the clickity-clack soothes him.
We're right near Union Station.
WALTER: Train stations are dangerous for any kid, let alone a boy with autism who has difficulty filtering information.
He could get confused and wind up on the tracks.
Let's go.
SYLVESTER: We could hack the station's security cameras from here and try to find him.
Uh, Jill, you can't leave.
I need to find him.
I know, but with those men out there, it's too dangerous.
And, besides, you're the expert on Daniel.
Our best shot is if you help from here.
(loud indistinct chatter) SYLVESTER: The station's extra crowded thanks to the political rally.
And with 52 cameras and 24 tracks, we will never find Daniel in time.
Sly's right.
We need to narrow the search parameters.
This morning, Tim said someone's gait is unique as a fingerprint.
Ralph, can you access the museum footage from here? And if so, how long will it be? (beep) Done.
HAPPY: I see what Paige is suggesting.
We measure Daniel's stride by comparing it to the length of a known object in the same frame, like the AMX next to him.
RALPH: And use the AMX's length and video frame rate to measure Daniel's speed.
SYLVESTER: Then we run a simple Geo-mapping program over the live footage and cross-reference.
Just got to Union Station.
There's no sign of Daniel yet.
(loud, distorted chatter) (trilling) HAPPY: Done.
Average stride is 26.
018 inches.
Speed 2.
937 miles per hour.
Scanning for those variables now.
(distorted chatter) (beeping) There.
He's on Track 12! WALTER: We'll get him.
He boarded the train to Rosemead! Excuse me.
Excuse me! Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Has anyone seen a 12-year-old boy, curly blond hair, gray hoodie, plaid shirt?! (indistinct chatter) Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Sorry, sorry.
Wrong kid.
We don't see him.
They can't find him.
Where should they be looking? He likes places that are quiet and confined, especially when he's scared.
Sly, let's go help them look.
All right.
(groans) (train hisses) Cabe? All right.
We got a train full of civilians.
We can't have a shootout.
You go close the door, I'll take care of him.
(grunts) (gunshot) (screaming) (grunting) Walter, open the door! I can't.
They're jammed now! It's all right.
I'm Homeland Security.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Sly, call LAPD.
Let 'em know there's a man-- Caucasian, about five-foot-eleven, wearing and Army-style jacket, currently fleeing on Track 12.
They got to get him.
Walter, we got a kid to find.
I wanted him to have more independence.
I-I thought he was ready to go on this field trip.
This is my fault.
Oh, no, I-I blame myself, too, when things go wrong with Ralph.
We're just single moms doing our best to raise special kids.
She's barely functional.
When you have kids, you just worry and stress all the time.
When does that end? Never.
I could be 100, Ralph would be 78.
He'd still be my child.
I'd still worry about him.
I don't get it.
He's not on the train.
He must've run in through the west-side door and immediately decided to leave the car through the east-side door.
We assumed that he stayed on the train.
It was a simple miscalculation, and we shouldn't be making stupid mistakes like this.
We can beat ourselves up or we can figure out where Daniel is.
'Cause if S6 can track him to this station, that means they're tracking him right now.
What are you muttering to yourself? Quiet and confined.
Now, Jill said that Daniel seeks out places that are quiet and confined.
Too many people on the train.
That's why he had to get right off.
He was looking for a place that was quiet, more soothing.
Guys, I g I got to try to get into Daniel's head space, figure out where he went from here.
CABE: Hey.
We may have something here.
Not much to go off of, but the serial number on this S6 gun's been dissolved.
I thought it looked strange, so I sent a photo to Happy.
Happy, tell 'em what you told me.
From the pattern left behind by the chemicals, looks like they used a mix of nitric and hydrochloric acid called aqua regia.
It's been around since the 14th century.
We're looking for a medieval bad guy? No, we're looking for a chemist, and the FBI has short list of chemists that farm out to the underworld.
We'll follow it.
Happy, you know a lot about this stuff, so I'm gonna come pick you up.
TOBY: Oh, geniuses! Quiet and confined enough for you? Oh.
Yeah, Daniel could've slipped off the train and then into the hatch.
What's down there?.
We'll find out soon.
I'm just accepting this won't be sanitary.
Okay, service tunnels.
Electric cables, plumbing pipes.
Not exactly cozy.
How do we know he even came down here? A-hem.
Found his headphones.
They found his headphones.
They're his only protection against sensory overload.
Without them, he has nothing.
No, he has us.
And he's lucky he came down here.
The signal to his tablet can't be tracked as long as he's underground.
So S6 has no idea where he is.
Until one of the tunnels he followed leads him outside, And then they're right after him immediately.
So we better split up.
Pick your tunnel.
No, no, no, no.
No, three people searching blindly is inefficient.
Let's think first.
You're right.
Daniel chose a path based on the input he received in this spot, then followed the tunnel that was least discomforting.
Yeah, they all seem awful and terrifying.
The question is what was Daniel's perception of these tunnels? Guys, get your phones out.
Paige, we're gonna send you audio recordings from each of these tunnels.
Then I'll walk you through isolating the sound on my audio software and then Jill will tell us which way Daniel went.
Into the dark.
Uh, wait.
Perhaps we do each tunnel together.
Three recordings of the same audio could yield a more accurate No time to be a scaredy-wuss.
(squish) I don't know why a bear would use a tunnel as a rest stop, but that's what it feels like I just stepped in.
Okay, I've uploaded the audio files.
Here's Sylvester's.
SYLVESTER: but that's what it feels like I just stepped in.
Okay, play it again without Sly.
That means taking out the red sound wave.
SYLVESTER: but that's (indistinct chatter) Voices, passengers.
That should lead to the station concourse.
He wouldn't have gone towards people.
WALTER: Okay, then call up Toby's tunnel.
TOBY: All right, fun facts about tunnels.
Tunnel of Love, 1987 Bruce Springsteen album, tunnel vision a sight defect, the Chunnel SYLVESTER: You're yammering.
Who's the scaredy-wuss now? Okay, I've isolated Toby's voice.
(whooshing sound) I'm hearing a whooshing sound.
Daniel would follow water.
Toby's tunnel.
Let's go.
He can't swim or gauge how treacherous water could be.
If he ends up in the wrong place RALPH: Even if he does, he wouldn't go in immediately.
But he would go in eventually Ralph? I'll work on the U-Dogs.
He's trying to help, he's just Different? I know.
And thank God for it.
He's been a gift to Daniel.
He's the only kid at school who makes an effort with my son.
Who isn't scared of him.
And Daniel's told me all about Ralph.
You have a wonderful boy who doesn't judge people who are different.
Oh, well, he's-he's spent a great deal of time with people who are different.
People who might have their challenges but, at their core, they're really gentle souls.
CABE: Freeze, dirtbag.
HAPPY: Move an inch and you're ventilated.
You Calvin Hollowell? Calvin the Chemist? HAPPY: No, he's Calvin the Cobbler.
The guy's holding a beaker.
Shut up.
HAPPY: That your handiwork? Guns are not my thing.
Lie to us again, and I'll figure out the exact chemicals you used to dissolve that serial number off that pistol, cook up a batch and put your hand in it.
Just airing out this dump.
The guys who hired you to do the gun work, where do we find them? No idea, they found me.
They tell you why they wanted the gun wiped clean? They didn't talk much.
(through mask): And what other work have you done for them? Dissolved the rifling on the barrel of a sniper rifle.
So it had a completely smooth bore? Why? That ruins accuracy.
Like I care.
They pay, I do it.
Get your cell.
I want whatever number they called you from last.
And we're watching you.
What? This place is full of toxins.
The water, do you hear it? It's not open water, thank God.
It's this enclosed pipe running into this building.
SYLVESTER "Montague's Wheat Ale and Stout Brewery.
" Well, it must be their brewing water.
All right, let's check it out.
Daniel? Daniel? Um, guys? Oh, boy.
What do you mean he's walking the edge of an open grain silo? Oh, my God, he's found a vestibular playground.
He likes to balance on the edge of things.
He'll run around the edge of a pool without fear of falling because when he's trying to keep balance his mind is calm.
All right, this is good.
If he falls in, he won't drown.
No, it's actually very bad.
Silo deaths are common.
You fall in, the grain shifts and you get sucked under.
The weight on your lungs pushes air out faster than water.
It's essentially a dry drowning.
It happens fast.
TOBY: Mercenary coming off the rafters.
Oh, this is very bad news.
Okay, okay.
Get away from him.
WALTER: It's okay, Daniel.
You're all right.
Kid, just give me the tablet and I'll leave you alone.
He's gonna fall.
Daniel, just give him what he wants.
It's okay.
LARS: It's all right.
Come on, you can give it to me.
Just give me the backpack.
There you go.
There you go.
Daniel! (yells) I'm going in.
I'm going in.
Walt, you jump in without a plan, your weight just pulls you both under.
Daniel, quick, take a deep breath.
We will get you out.
Healthy 12 year-old with a full set of lungs.
He's got 80 seconds.
Paige, start a countdown.
We need to create a pulley system.
I'll gonna go in, you two pull us out.
With the weight of the grain pushing down on you, if we don't yank you out properly, we sever your spinal cord.
Then do it properly.
Okay, we can use the ropes from the sign, a-and the kegs for counterweight.
Let's go! 66 seconds.
Most of the stress on your shoulders and glutes, two of the larger sets of musculature in the body.
You need to grab the kid from behind, under the shoulders for even weight distribution.
31 seconds.
Hurry! TOBY: Get in there.
In 28 seconds we pull you out, and you better be holding Daniel when we do.
He's lighter than you, he won't be at the bottom, feel around by your knees, that's probably where he stopped sinking.
Copy that.
Okay, deep breath, buddy.
(inhales deeply) They'll never get him.
There's no time.
RALPH: There is time.
There's 19 seconds.
That's all Walter needs.
We drop the kegs, there's a good chance we maim Walter and don't get Daniel out.
That's why you're gonna push the kegs over.
PAIGE Ten seconds.
TOBY I don't see any movement.
I don't feel good about this.
Maybe they're out of air.
Maybe we should pull 'em up now.
And what if he doesn't have ahold of the kid yet? Two seconds.
Screw it, drop the kegs! What the hell? The downward pressure of the grain was more than we realized.
We need a bigger counterweight.
They're out of air, Sly, give 'em the damn counterweight.
Oh, man.
(yells) (panting) We did it! They're out! (Jill panting, Paige chuckles) (inhales deeply) Oh (coughs) It's okay, Daniel.
It's okay.
(panting) (groaning) He's scared but unhurt.
(whimpering) Maybe these will help.
I think these belong to you, Daniel.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
(door closes) LAPD's got nothing, and Homeland's coming up blank.
We got mercenaries in this city and we don't know what they're up to.
All we know is they have a tablet they're willing to kill for, and a sniper rifle with a smoothed-out barrel.
Which I've been thinking about.
Let me float a crazy theory.
You wouldn't make that kind of weapon unless you know you can get your hands on smart bullets.
How? They robbed the DARPA lab? PAIGE: Something tells me I'm not going to like smart bullets once they're explained to me.
HAPPY: Good assumption.
They're GPS, laser-guided, experimental and illegal.
Once they lock in on a specific point, they will reach that point, even if they have to go around buildings, moving objects, whatever.
They have their own directional system, so they don't need rifling in the gun they're fired from.
That could be why they needed the tablet.
The tablet could have the targeting software for the smart bullets.
Look at this.
Oh, thank you.
He opened his mapping app.
He put a pin in the Jenderman building downtown.
Why? DANIEL: I opened their tablet.
Ralph's trick.
I showed him what you taught me.
"Their" tablet, meaning S6? File had date.
He opened a file on their tablet with today's date.
That's where he found the building.
If they're using modified weaponries and smart bullets, we're talking about an assassination, and this building is where it's gonna go down.
(tires squealing) (grunts) (exhales) It's after 5:00; it's closed for the day.
I'm on the lock! CABE: Somewhere in this vicinity is a very specific location that can only be seen from this building through windows and non-opaque glass.
SYLVESTER (over comms): But even without a direct shot, the bullet can still pinpoint a geographic target.
The bullet will get where it's told to go.
The problem is, there's a million different windows and locales that can be seen from that building.
And that's why you have to get in.
HAPPY: Yeah, I'm going as fast as I can.
(indistinct chatter nearby) Hey, fellas.
Remember that Diaz rally we've been dodging all day? Where is it? SYLVESTER: The One Wilton Building.
Three blocks from where you are.
I've got a live feed of it up now.
It's about to end.
Meaning the candidate will be leaving for his motorcade soon.
That's the perfect time to take him out.
If he is, in fact, the target.
One Wilton is due east of this building with the Hidoko Tower between it.
Hidoko has a clear glass atrium which would allow the shooter to zero in on Diaz's motorcade, pull the trigger, run off without anyone knowing where the shot came from! I'm in! Paige, you contact Homeland.
Tell them to reach Diaz's security team.
They cannot leave the building.
I'm gonna go get this bastard.
I'm coming with you.
You're gonna stay put.
You've been acting strange today.
I think that speech went well.
(indistinct radio chatter) Sir, I'm gonna need you to wait here.
I just received word there may be an attempt on your life.
You pull that trigger, I'll pull mine.
Guys, I have him trapped on the east side of the tenth floor.
East side of the tenth floor? From that angle, he wouldn't have a clear visual of the motorcade.
It doesn't make sense.
Oh, no.
Diaz isn't the target.
It's much worse than that.
He doesn't have an angle on the motorcade, he's gonna take out the building's backup propane generator.
It will take out the bottom floor of the building, and everyone in it.
There's hundreds of people at that rally.
I know I said to keep him inside, but you need to get everyone out of that building.
I know it's contradictory, but you need to listen to me.
Just take your hands off that weapon.
I see your finger so much as move, I fire.
I'm at the target.
LARS (over walkie-talkie): I have eyes on the building.
Diaz is still in the blast zone.
Take the shot.
Don't do it.
(gunshots) He fired; he fired the smart bullet! Shots fired! Everybody down! (screaming) Blocked the bullet.
We have Diaz to thank for it.
(exhales) CABE: Guy I shot is willing to dish on his S6 buddies and the people who hired them, if prosecutors go for life over capital punishment.
It was good work.
Same to you.
Same to all of us.
Scorpion saved a young boy, stopped an assassination-- that was a full day.
Hey, good work today, kiddo.
Um, yeah.
Okay, thanks.
What's up with your girl today? Happy? What do you mean? She's weird off.
Not your usual weird and off.
Something different.
Who knows? Look, I'm focused on my puzzle, so unless you can tell me who the 50th emperor of Rome was, please be on your way.
It's Numerian.
Oh, boy.
I'm so smart.
PAIGE: Thank you so much and good luck in the election.
Well, that is a a very grateful candidate.
(phone buzzing) (phones chiming) Look at this.
More gratitude.
Dear individual team members, your efforts in support of Scorpion are valued and appreciated.
It is in all our best interests that you keep up the good work.
Cordially, Walter.
You're all very welcome.
Never been so moved.
It's an improvement.
(phone buzzes) Oh, it's Jill.
Uh, guys, Daniel wants to video chat.
Okay, they're good to go.
Okay, honey.
Go ahead.
I want to thank you for helping me today.
For saving my life, and especially for understanding that even though it might not look like it, there's a person and mind inside of me.
I have always felt like an outsider, but you taught me that when outsiders work together, anything is possible.
Thank you Team Scorpion.
PAIGE: Thank you, Daniel.
Actually, my text was inadequate.
A more fitting evaluation would be that you're incredible teammates and when we work together, anything's possible.
Way to piggyback, Walt.
The water still lies, add 50.
The Roman numeral for 50 is "L", so Water plus "L" It's you? Toby, please.
Walter and Happy are not married-- No way.
You married Happy.
You son of a bitch.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
(grunting) (groaning) I'm gonna kill you.
(grunts) Get up here, get up here.
It was strictly for my green card.
There was nothing romantic about it.
You could have told me days ago.
I have been suffering.
Your reaction is the reason why I stayed silent.
I did not see this coming.
Once Cabe lets me go, I am on you like a honey badger.
Stop! It was six years ago.
His visa was up.
He was a friend in need.
If I divorce him now, before he has citizenship, he'll be deported.
Walter's gone, Scorpion over.
So you just have to wait about two years until I get my citizenship, and then you can get married.
Two years? - Yeah.
About that, Walter - Uh-huh.
I don't want to get you kicked out of the country, I don't want to mess up the team, but I kind of need that divorce now.
W-w-w-wait why the rush all of a sudden? W-w-we-we've been waiting years.
'Cause she's in love, jackass.
CABE: Oh, man.
That's not the reason.
But I think I know why she was acting so odd at the Chemist's.
I need to be able to marry Toby, Walter because I'm pregnant.