Scorpion (2014) s04e03 Episode Script

Grow a Deer a Female Deer

1 WALTER: Previously on Scorpion Last night was worth waiting three years for, huh? Patel's out, and you're in.
The alderman seat's yours, if you want it.
If I uncuff him without a direct order, I violate a half a dozen federal statutes.
Collins! (laughing) Agent Gallo, you're under arrest for instigating an escape.
I want a lawyer.
Gonna need one.
SYLVESTER: Fellow aldermen, I hold in my hand an impassioned plea to restore the after-school science club to Madison Elementary, which was cut due to lack of space.
It is my understanding that the library basement is now available.
I submit it be allocated for use by the science club so that young minds may flourish.
So, what do you think of the opening? SUPER FUN GUY STATUE: My Whoopee Cushion of Doom will blast you to atoms! (whoopee cushion noise) PATTY: Better review than I'd give you.
I know you.
You're the reporter from the West Altadenia Shopper.
Patty Logan, here to get your autograph? Really? My political career has just barely taken flight, but already a signature worth getting.
On this internship release form.
My school has a deal with West Altadenia city hall.
They provide internships with aldermen, our civics department provides them with good PR.
Seems I pulled the short straw.
Short straw? You endorsed me.
And you still lost the election.
If Patel hadn't been caught taking a bribe, you wouldn't be in office.
You're a rookie politician.
I can't waste my internship on someone who knows less about the town than I do.
What do you know? You're 14.
And I know you're not saving the science club with that turd of a speech.
The library basement is the hottest 500 square feet in town.
Old folks club wants it for Strummin' Seniors.
Rotary club has their eye on it.
And Rage-a-holics wants to hold meetings there, and you don't want to piss them off.
Sly, if I may.
I heard your speech from the kitchen, I think it was logical and reasoned.
Thank you, Walter.
Don't encourage him, because his science club is toast without cookies.
Oh, reminds me: my toast.
I've been covering West Altadenia for the Shopper since sixth grade.
A pothole doesn't get patched without me knowing about it.
And what I know is, if you give a simple batch of shortbread crisps to the right person, you get your basement.
Go on.
Not until you sign the release form.
Let me work for someone else.
I won't be blackmailed.
Then I'll ask my civics teacher to change my assignment.
I was hoping we could avoid unpleasantries.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've never gotten a tardy and I'm not starting today.
Get a new alderman.
See if it bothers me.
I was rejected by high school girls all the time at your age.
I am used to it.
That's telling her.
(door opens) Allie.
Are-are you okay? I've tried calling you for about 20 minutes, it's been busy.
Sorry, I've been running tests on my new robocalling system.
It's part of my alderman responsibilities.
Have you heard from Cabe? No, I haven't seen him since last night.
He was gonna see you.
He didn't make it.
He called and told me that he'd been arrested by the FBI.
Arrested? For what? He wouldn't say.
He said it was a mistake and that he'd take care of it and be back by morning, but he never showed.
W-Why didn't anyone call us? ALLIE: He didn't want to worry you guys, but I didn't know who else to go to.
You did the right thing.
Where is he? Federal courthouse.
(door opens) (lock buzzes, latch clicks) Aiding and abetting the escape of an inmate? That's how you got arrested? What the hell are you doing here? Bailing you out.
I'm gonna explain to the authorities that you had to remove Collins's ankle cuff.
Won't make a difference.
Carson, the new Homeland director, he's clearly got it out for me.
We were stopping a cataclysmic extinction event.
Me uncuffing Collins, after Homeland approved his prison furlough, made Carson look bad.
Now he's gonna have me take the fall.
Bottom dollar, Carson pulled strings to make sure my public defender is a fourth grader.
JOSH: Actually, I'm 24.
I'll be 25 in October.
You're his lawyer? Josh Mitchell, Esq.
Cabe, I'm gonna talk to the prosecutor, and figure out our next steps.
Shouldn't you already know the steps? When did you pass the bar? A week ago, Tuesday.
That's great.
A prepubescent public defender? Let's get you a top flight advocate.
Been on a lawman's salary for 40 years.
What I got saved up won't even cover a decent retainer.
Never mind my representation.
You mind telling me how you guys came up with a half mil bail? I dove into some savings.
HAPPY: I promised some online wrenchers vintage bike parts at good prices.
Same here, except comics instead of motorcycle stuff.
TOBY: You know those blank checks you get with your credit card bills? So a loan for 19%? 19.
On the business.
You put Scorpion up as collateral? The garage, everything? It was either that or leave you in prison.
It was jail, not prison! I can handle myself.
TOBY: You know, Cabe, you have a very weird way of saying thank you.
Listen to me next time, and then I'll thank you.
Don't argue with them, it was my fault.
Stop it right there.
You hesitated to release Collins.
You knew it was breaking the law.
I was the one who yelled at you to hurry up and do it.
When was the last time anybody convinced me to do something I didn't want to do? TOBY: Yesterday.
When Walter got you to uncuff Collins.
Weren't you just listening? Ow.
I take full responsibility.
The buck stops here.
Is that why you told Allie not to call us? Machismo nonsense? I didn't want to be a burden, now I am.
Family's not a burden.
What's a burden crippling debt, so I took on a case while you were bailing Cabe out.
Without discussing it first? Could be a year till we get Cabe's trial date, and we're waiting to hear from his lawyer, so in the meantime, while we're trying to keep Scorpion above water, we need to bail ourselves out of a half a million dollar debt.
The client is Wildlife Animal Guardians.
It's a charity, so it won't pay top dollar, but since we're currently at our bottom dollar, I suggest we get to work.
(sighs) ADISSA: A poached rhino horn.
We intercepted a case on the black market.
Problem is, we have no idea where it came from.
Could be Africa, Malaysia, India.
People are still killing these animals for their horns, huh? TOBY: They're ground up, and then they're sold in vials worth a fortune in Asia for their purported medicinal benefits.
They think it gives a little goose to the old gooty.
A $213 billion industry destroying wildlife worldwide.
CABE: Often funding other operations.
Human trafficking, drugs, terrorism.
I called Scorpion because I read about the DNA sequencer you'd developed.
We've used it on spies in Cuba.
And monkey poop.
The number of horns we intercepted indicates that they are ramping up their operation.
They could wipe out thousands of rhinos at the end of the month if we don't act fast.
My hope is you could sample the horns we intercepted and identify the subspecies of rhino.
With that information, we should be able narrow down the geographic region the horns came from.
PAIGE: And if you can figure out where they came from, you can notify the proper authorities and nail the poachers.
Piece of cake.
Adissa, does your organization work closely with law enforcement? Yes.
But we've only been able to arrest low-level foot soldiers.
That just disrupts business a day or two.
You could go after wealthy buyers, but basic economic theory dictates that you'll always have someone to take their place if demand is high.
CABE: Best way to nail an organized crime unit is to cut out the middleman.
Eliminate distribution, the organization is left topless and bottomless.
Like certain clubs near the airport.
Got the results.
That quickly? That's impossible.
I ran the sequence on an online database.
The horn came from a crash of rhinos in a region of five valleys in the nation of Bozatta.
Still a pretty big swath of land.
Well, we can narrow it down.
All we do is match the DNA in the horn to DNA samples on the ground.
Oh, no, more poop? Well, rhino dung is full of DNA.
And parasites, and bacteria.
We get a match on dung in a specific valley, we'll know that's where the poachers are working out of.
ADISSA: Then the authorities move in.
This is exactly the help we need.
I'll make arrangements to fly you all out immediately.
Okay, team, let's get packing.
Um, I had to surrender my passport as a condition of bail.
I can't come.
Oh, okay.
Well, you can QB from the garage.
Maybe you can watch over Ralph this weekend after he gets dropped off from school? Paige, that work for you? Absolutely.
Relegated to babysitter.
Look at this terrain.
I am hoping to see a West African common loon.
I'm looking at a West Altadenia common loon right now.
This is one of several compounds around the world to rehab and protect endangered animals.
Don't be alarmed by the firepower.
It's protection from poachers.
Well, the magazine capacity and firing speed would surely put a hitch in the giddyup of any bad guys.
(quietly): "Hitch in the giddyup"? I thought we left Cabe at home.
ADISSA: Don't be alarmed.
I'm very well-trained and will have my rifle on the plains.
Let me show you our medical facilities.
Thank you, officer.
Top veterinarians volunteer their services.
These incubators house rare peacock eggs to maturity.
And this is Solomon Ebke.
A retired general of our nation's military.
He runs security for the compound.
Solomon, this is Team Scorpion.
We can't thank you enough.
Poachers are a threat to many animals on the endangered species list.
Your help is paramount to our success.
Well, when we're done here, the poachers will be the ones on the endangered species list.
Which one are you, Cagney or Lacey? Okay, I think it's time we break into groups and go dung diving.
Hey, hey.
Um, after we're done with this case, how about you and I change our tickets and stay a few extra days? See the plains of Africa.
If I've learned anything from '80s supergroup Toto, they're spectacular.
It's a free honeymoon.
What could be more romantic? (flies buzzing) I think I'm gonna be sick.
I've been taking stool samples for four hours.
Do you want to switch jobs? No.
Please, just run the test.
Okay, Walt, about to get the scoop on some poop.
Yeah, okay, keep me apprised.
Oh, over here.
(sniffs) Mm.
Animals were just here.
Dung can't be far away.
You mean like that giant pile of crap right there? (flies buzzing) I'll get samples.
He seems to be taking to the safari life.
TOBY: I got a theory on what's going on with our dung-smelling Magellan.
Care to share? Not yet.
I want to watch this monkey in his unnatural habitat a bit longer.
Hang on.
Sly, say that again.
All right, Walt.
Drop the droppings.
Let's move it.
Sly got a hit.
(quietly): Ooh.
CABE: Hey.
Look who finally woke up.
How'd you sleep? (sighs) Camper still smells like Ray.
How'd the couch treat you? It didn't.
Was up all night working with the team.
That's a lie.
They were flying all night.
You didn't get any sleep because you're upset that they bailed you out.
They shouldn't have gotten involved.
Scorpion is too important to risk for one man.
Isn't it the Marines who say, "No man left behind"? Shut up and eat your eggs.
(sighs) Hello, gang.
Any progress? Yeah, several smelly pounds of it.
We got a match.
The poached rhinos came from this valley.
Which means the poachers aren't far from here.
We just need to alert (gunshot) Whoa, poachers might be closer than you realized.
Africa has been nice, but we got to go.
Happy, follow us! We're Oscar Mike! SYLVESTER: Oscar Mike?! Why are we following him towards the gunfire?! Sunglasses don't mean he's Cabe! CABE: Walter, do not go towards the gunshots.
Hello? When the hell did everybody stop listening to me? WALTER: There.
He has a gun.
(gunshot) ADISSA: Hey! Let's go.
(animal mewling) He shot this poor deer.
It's a spotted munt deer.
Only about five left in the world.
Hunted to the brink of extinction because its organs are wrongfully believed to cure cancer.
This animal alone could be worth half a million on the black market.
That means he won't leave it behind.
He's going for reinforcements.
It's suffering.
It's a through-and-through abdominal.
Sutures can stabilize her, but if we don't get her to the animal sanctuary, she won't survive.
Well, let's throw her in the back of the Jeep.
I get that there's only four of them, but there's only one Sylvester Dodd, and I'm an animal, too, and I'd really like to preserve me.
Cabe said dudes with guns are coming back to collect this critter.
Critters, plural.
She's pregnant.
What? TOBY: Uterus is punctured and amniotic fluid is leaking.
This womb is compromised.
Based on the crown/rump length, I'm guessing it's halfway through its gestation period.
It's way too young to survive outside the womb.
CABE: Damn it, get out of there.
I am not there to protect you.
Okay, you guys heard the angry man in Los Angeles.
Let's skedaddle.
No damn way.
You want to let this mother and baby die? It's not my preference, but I'd really like to let this baby live.
Paige, I respect your motherly instincts, but there's just no way this fawn can live without a womb.
It might be insane, but can we build one? SYLVESTER: Not "might be.
" It is insane.
Hold on.
I've seen you geeks build a gun with a paper towel tube and a urinal cake.
You crafted a submarine escape hatch from an oil drum, so if it's possible, figure out a way to build this kid a-a womb.
Actually, a kid is a baby goat.
Toby, you're playing with fire.
WALTER: Paige.
It's impossible.
PAIGE: Walter.
You ever want to see me naked again, you figure this out.
You heard her, team.
Let's save these deer.
Scorpion 4x03 Grow a Deer a Female Deer An artificial womb.
Warmth, protection, oxygen, everything a mother gives, minus the crippling guilt.
So, we got to build that first because baby's weakest.
Then I can triage mama.
Even if we build this perfectly, odds are high that mama and baby will die.
ADISSA: Poachers might be back soon.
I'm giving Solomon our coordinates.
All right, team.
Time to order up a little womb service.
My medical bag has sterile salt water with antibiotics that will sub in for the amniotic fluid.
The truck's heat sensor will help us keep the baby at 99 degrees, the exact temperature of a real deer womb.
A cassava root's cell walls will act as a placenta, providing oxygen, which will reach the baby via the umbilical cord, plastic tubing from the poacher's water bag.
Now all we need is something soft to create a wall for the fake womb.
The windows.
We can melt the edges together to form a bag.
It will be a while before Solomon arrives.
I hope the poachers don't get here first.
Well, I will keep them at bay if they (gunshot) Was that a gunshot? It was unintended.
My mistake.
CABE: Walt, I say this with love, but you better put that gun in Adissa's hands or when I see you I am gonna put my foot in your Copy.
HAPPY: There's still enough plastic here to make a womb, but only a single layer.
Well, it'll have to work.
Right, Walter? SYLVESTER: Guys, I've been searching the poacher's bag for matches so we can melt the plastic and I found some.
Look what else I found.
His sat phone.
That will have all his contacts in it.
Every scumbag he works with.
You could kill the whole operation.
Yes, but it's encrypted.
You've got to crack it.
Linking it to you now, Ralph.
RALPH: Got it.
It's as good as Mother Nature.
Hurry up, Doc, she's in pain.
Bedtime for Mommy Deer-est.
Tough crowd.
Won't that hurt her? It's just gonna make her sleep so that I can remove the baby.
Don't worry.
It's gonna be as easy as A-B-C-section.
No? Out cold with a strong pulse.
I'm ready.
I'll assist.
TOBY: Perfect.
Happy, be ready to cut the umbilical cord and connect the baby's end to the plastic tube.
You know how I feel about blood.
Yeah, well, we need the mitts of someone who's hooked up a million fuel lines.
Happy, get your ass over here and do what he says.
Bring enough hand sanitizer? We came here to examine dung, so to answer your question, no.
Short clamp.
A sponge.
No other doctor in the world could do this.
That's just what I need to hear before removing this little one.
(grunts) A not-yet-ready-for-prime-time girl.
Is it working? Might be a surprise, but this is my first time super-gluing an umbilical cord and plastic tubing.
Got it.
This should hold tight.
Squeamish, yes, but when the pressure is on, she's rock solid.
Sly, hand sanitizer now.
How will we know if it's working? Blood in the tubing will mean her heart is beating.
Look at that.
Blood from her body into the root and then the oxygenated blood returns.
Damn good engineering, Doc.
Thanks, darling.
Walt, send this little girl to her womb.
All right, look, these are the jokes, folks.
Incredible work, team.
Now hurry up and get the hell out of there.
We're packing up.
Put this over her.
I got munt deer slobber all over me.
My dad and I might not agree on much, but he sure was right about Boscoe.
Boscoe? When I was a boy, I found a stray mutt.
He was dirty.
He chewed up the furniture.
He left me presents in my sneakers.
(clears throat) So, when Dad finally decided to give him to another family, I was thrilled.
That's why I like birds.
They keep their distance.
Getting up close and personal with an animal? A real hassle.
Animals are my life's work.
Never too late to switch careers.
TOBY: Guys, we got a problem.
She's down to 97 degrees.
If she reaches 95, and at this rate, she will in a matter of minutes, she'll die.
We-we have to warm her up.
Car engine? No, that's too hot.
It's gonna cook her.
Light a fire.
That'll melt the womb.
No, what we needed was two layers of plastic to retain the heat, which we had until Walter Gallo blasted the window with a shotgun.
"Walter Gallo"? What does that mean? It means your psyche is having you mimic Cabe because you blame yourself for his arrest.
You feel guilty he's not here, and now you're making him be here and that fawn is gonna die! That's nonsense.
I'm not channeling Cabe.
I'm sorry, I couldn't hear over your sunglasses.
One more comment and my foot and your ass are Oh, boy.
PAIGE: Children, if we're done, temperature is going up.
SYLVESTER: Brilliant.
Nature's best source of soothing warmth, a mother's bosom.
Well, you're one hot mama.
TOBY: That's a smart fix, but it's only temporary.
Body heat is only gonna last for so long.
She's never gonna make the two hour drive to the compound.
We have to find a more efficient way to keep the baby warm.
Okay, I'm checking U.
satellite maps.
There's a Danish oil exploration camp about five miles northeast.
They must have controlled heaters for the cold days out here.
I can modify one to warm the womb.
Okay, uh, let's split up.
Now, uh, Sly and Adissa, take mama deer to the compound.
The rest of us will take the baby to the Danish camp.
I'll call Solomon and divert him to the camp.
He'll provide protection on our way back to the compound.
But you and I will be transporting the animal worth a fortune without protection from poachers?! Wonderful! (deer mewling) I think she's in distress.
Then comfort her.
Comfort her? How? (deer continues mewling) Here.
Nuts and seeds.
You need your strength.
You're eating right out of my hand.
Just like Boscoe used to do.
(gunshots) What did I say about animals?! They are always a hassle! (gunshots) SYLVESTER: Cabe? We need help.
Two poachers on ATVs are after us.
You still have a weapon, right? Yes.
Just a second Scratch that.
No weapon.
Well, what else do you got to work with there? A spare gas can, uh, ah, some duct tape.
Um, shotgun shells.
And a pocket knife.
All right, well, we can make an explosive.
That sounds dangerous.
So are the poachers.
Do what he says.
CABE: Open the cap and stick a shell in it.
Then I want you to insert the knife into the spout so it's touching the shell.
Then invert the spout back into the can.
(bullets ricocheting) CABE: The knife will work as a firing pin-- it'll create a spark.
They are coming up behind us.
Sylvester, you all right? Yeah, we're safe.
For now.
Thanks, Cabe.
WALTER: There's Solomon.
(horn honks) I took the liberty of gathering items you might find useful.
I can modify this flameless battery-powered camp stove-- it should warm the fawn.
SYLVESTER (over radio): Guys, we have a problem.
(engine sputters, dies) We're out of gas.
The poachers will call for backup and return with more firepower.
Do you have any more fuel? I had a whole can of it, but you made me turn it into a bomb.
CABE: Okay, listen up.
You can't run carrying a 70-pound munt deer.
So it's time to hunker down and get tactical.
How do I do that? CABE: During the Revolutionary War, George Washington was surrounded and outnumbered, so his men lit several campfires.
The British saw that, and they thought the Bluejackets were still there while Washington's troops were escaping across the East River.
There are no rivers here.
You got to make them think you're somewhere you're not.
So check your surroundings.
Look around you, Sly.
What do you see? Think.
Nothing but brush.
The western peregrine.
They utilize a unique defense mechanism, and we're gonna copy it.
(device beeps) Perfect 99 degrees.
Hey, Sly, whatever you're planning, be careful, those guys are killers, be it animal or human.
You be careful, too.
I stripped the insulation on these prongs.
Touch 'em, and you'll feel 'em down in your gooty, and not in a good way.
Let's get back to the compound and reunite her with her mommy.
Dangerous passage.
I'll lead.
I'll go with you.
You guys follow and keep an eye out for poachers.
POACHER: Tire marks.
Over there.
They can't be far.
We just need to figure out which direction they went.
There you go.
Look at the dummy nest, you dummies.
Come on, Jane, eat.
Jane? Yeah.
Jane Doe.
Don't like that she won't eat.
Heart rate is over 200.
She's dehydrated due to blood loss.
She needs medical attention.
Well, we can't move until the poachers follow the fake boot prints.
I made them nonobvious as to not be suspicious, but come on.
(cell phone vibrating) Hello? They won't let me change my assignment, so I'm stuck with you.
(whispering): Patty, not now.
What the hell? Keep working the phone encryption.
PATTY: I'm gonna make the best of the situation.
That means baking shortbread crisps whether you like it or not.
CABE: Excuse me.
Who are you? I work for Alderman Dodd.
Assume the oven in your garage works? Hey, hey, hey, hey, wait a minute.
I have great news.
Well, that's good.
After the day I'm having, I could use some.
Prosecutor is offering three years.
Three years?! I know, it's pretty good, right? - I've got the paperwork right here.
- But I'm innocent.
PATTY: If you're innocent, don't sign.
Do you guys have a mixer? Who's that? I have no idea.
So you're out of jail and okay.
Would've been nice to know.
Allie, I didn't want you to be worried.
You call and tell me you're arrested, then radio silence.
I don't know what's going on and I leave message after me Do I look like I'm not worried? She looks worried.
Shut up.
Uh, Mr.
Gallo, these kind of conversations are supposed to be privileged, I think.
Is there some place we could go? I'm about to tell you where you can go.
Three years is a solid offer.
Three years?! PATTY: Don't take the deal.
But you should apologize to that lady.
Who is that? I have no idea.
The federal sentencing guideline is seven years.
The sentencing for an innocent person is zero.
ALLIE: You're talking plea with your lawyer and you haven't even told me.
Don't you think I'd care that maybe I won't see you for three years?! He's not my lawyer.
Uh, yes, I am.
No, you're fired.
Now you're not.
PATTY (chuckles): Ooh-ooh, roasted.
I didn't take the bar four times to be treated like this.
You know what? He's got the right idea.
You guys are out of vanilla extract! Who the hell are you?! I cracked the sat phone.
It's a network of connected lines.
If I call all the numbers in the network, each phone will ping off a local cell tower.
I'll be able to track every poacher's location.
Dialing the network now.
We'll be able to ID every guy in the network, the grunts, the buyers and the middlemen.
(cell phones ringing) (quietly): Ralph, your plan is working.
(cell phone ringing) I can still hear ringing in my comms.
Yeah, me too.
But it's not coming from Sly's location.
Oh, Walter! CABE: Walt.
If Solomon's phone is ringing, clear your throat.
(ringing) I never answer "blocked caller.
" (clears throat) Walter, Solomon is a poacher! (cell phone ringing) (phone ringing) So, um, who do you think it is? Is he making a fist? Not good.
TOBY: Walter, you are not Cabe.
Maybe it's trouble calling? Huh? Why would he punch him? That isn't his strong suit.
(grunting) (yells) If it can take down a munt deer "Trouble's calling"? You could do better? Prescription? Bed rest.
That's actually pretty good.
Do I sound like that? Footprints! Uh-huh, this way.
(truck door closes) (engine starts) Go! (gunfire) What now? It worked.
Compound, here we come! Strange for someone who dislikes animals to throw his body over a deer to protect it from bullets.
Just drive.
Get on a dextrose saline IV stat.
SYLVESTER: Okay, mama's at the compound.
Where's her kid? We're minutes out.
And a kid is a baby goat, but we have a fawn.
RALPH (over radio): Stop! Oh, come on, Ralph, it's just wordplay.
No, stop now.
There's a poacher roadblock ahead.
I'm still tracking their phones.
I can see them all gathering.
CABE: Solomon was leading you guys into an ambush.
I've called the Defense Department.
They've notified the Bozattan military.
They're on their way.
So we'll wait here until they get rounded up.
Negative-- I'm seeing three to four poachers closing in from behind.
We can't stay put, we can't move back, we can't go forward.
Our little girl here's running out of time.
Cabe, how far is the compound as the crow flies? Well, it's a half mile due east over a hill.
We're making a break for it.
Out there? With the poachers? Walt, I don't want to get mounted over a fireplace.
The tall grass will shield us if we stay low.
Hurry, let's move, let's go.
(monitor beeping) The surgical team is prepping the OR in "B" wing so we can clean her wound and wash it with antibiotics.
Your team did a great job.
(beeping falters briefly) Is that an abnormal heartbeat? Yes, but she's dehydrated.
It's standard to have a few.
I'll be back for her when the OR is ready.
(beeping continues) Poachers found your Jeep.
They're entering the grass.
Are these too salty? Kid, could not be a worse time.
Mm, no, it's delicious.
Knew the recipe was wrong.
Ah, this is an interesting development.
CABE: Keep as low as you can, guys.
Any lower, I'd be a groundhog.
Or a politician.
SYLVESTER: Toby, Jane's abnormal heartbeats are speeding up at a common ratio, geometrically increasing rate.
By my calculations, in 210 seconds, she'll have 130 abnormal heartbeats a minute.
Her heart won't be able to withstand that, where's the vet? Uh, she's prepping the OR in the "B" wing, wherever that is.
You don't have time to look for them.
You have to shock her heart.
Is there a defibrillator nearby? Yes! But it looks like it hasn't been used in a while.
(gun clicks) Get up, and give me the animal.
I said get up! Hand over the munt deer.
Now! (electricity discharging) Run! POACHER: This way! RALPH: Run, Mom! They know where you are! Are you kidding me? (steady beep) No, no, no.
Not yet, I-I don't have any conductive gel! (grunts) Or do I? Yes.
A water and alcohol mix will conduct electricity.
There we go.
(whirring) (panting): All right.
This might sting a little.
Come on.
I can't lose you like I lost Boscoe! No.
(beeping) Oh.
(panting) That's a good girl.
That's my girl.
WALTER: The wildlife center.
Guys! We're almost there.
Get your heads down! (bullets ricocheting) This animal has no heat source, open up an incubator! (grunts) Here.
(panting) She's okay.
You need to regulate this hot box so she stays at 99 degrees.
Great job.
She's gonna live.
And I know you didn't do it just to see me naked, but you're gonna get to anyway.
What's taking so long in there? Jane's going to be fine.
And her baby? Your friends are with her now.
She's going to make it.
I have more good news.
The Bozatta Army captured the poachers.
And with the data your friend decrypted from the satellite phone, the entire operation is going down.
Boscoe would be proud.
Got a text from your mom.
They're a few minutes out.
Can't you make anything other than scrambled eggs? No.
Now eat.
You know, without your hackin' and crackin' today, they would have never taken down those poachers.
I'm proud of you, kiddo.
You helped, too.
If you hadn't shown Sly how to make that explosive, he and Adissa and the deer would've been goners.
Feels good helping the team, right? Of course.
But you don't like it when they help you.
I never took you for a hypocrite.
Now, hold on a second.
The team helped you, and you need to accept that help so that they can feel good, too.
You think you're being selfless when you're really being selfish.
(door opens) Mom! Ralph.
Come here.
(laughs) TOBY: Okay.
I'm starved.
Kovelsky's? Can't afford it.
Well, I've got some leftover chicken upstairs.
Well, we got frozen veggies down here.
Potluck soup it is.
Give me another hug.
Want to help me? Sure.
Uh, waitress, you went all turbocharged mama bear today on the savannah.
Even tore me a new one.
I liked it.
Yeah, when it comes to mamas and their babies, I can get a little nuts.
It's okay.
There's nothing stronger than the mother-child bond.
Just came to get my cookies.
Oh, I'm-I'm sorry.
Who are you? Who cares? There's cookies here? I'm Patty, Alderman Dodd's intern.
I'd left extra shortbreads for your team, but they were such a hit I need all of them to grease the wheels of the government.
Um, you don't need all of 'em.
Your loss, Doc.
They were scrumptious.
Ralph doesn't like shortbread.
Yeah, but he sure likes her.
Actually, there might be one thing stronger than the mother-child bond.
This is an interesting development.
That's what I said.
I don't like this one bit.
Glad you're here.
Can you explain this? Mr.
Dodd, this is Tyson Bales.
Want to let you know you've got my vote for the library basement.
Stella Johnson's, too.
Looks like your science club has a home.
You got this done with shortbread crisps? It's simple.
Kim Becker and Kyle Metney both have dads learning the banjo, so their votes were going to the Strummin' Seniors.
You have to win over Tyson Bales and Stella Johnson.
And they don't know you.
Probably don't even like you, since they were friends with the man you replaced.
But know who they love? Santa? Mrs.
Pine, their fifth grade teacher.
She comes to their swearing-in ceremony every year, and then they take her to Sweet Toto's Bakery for coffee and Shortbread crisps.
So you buttered up Mrs.
Pine with the crisps and she told them to support the science club.
That's bribery.
That's politics.
Will you listen to me from now on? Depends.
Will you be nice? I'll be nicer.
I'll take it.
You could've left me a cookie.
TOBY: Gather up, everyone.
Happy and I are setting up a surprise.
HAPPY: Cabe, can you and Sly put the couch movie-style? So today, what, uh, Toby said about you doing Cabe impersonations Uh, it was not, uh, an impersonation.
Live action role-playing? Your point? I think you were having a hard time today because of what happened to Cabe and it affected you in a really, really weird way.
And I want you to know just because I'm your girlfriend now doesn't mean I can't still do my job.
So when you're having emotional stuff, like EQ issues, I'm-I'm here to help you.
Our relationship doesn't change that.
Thank you.
There we go.
Almost showtime.
Uh before you raise the curtain, I would like to say something.
I can fire a crossbow, dance a decent box step make a mean grilled cheese.
Thanks for sharing, Cabe.
I think Grandpa's starting to slip.
But what I'm not good at is accepting help.
You put it on the line for me: prized possessions, money, Scorpion.
I'm sorry for not being grateful.
Thank you.
Our pleasure.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll, uh I need to apologize to Allie.
(door opens) Okay.
(door closes) Well, food's almost ready.
What's the main attraction? Bambi.
My munt deer! It's a live compound feed.
They're gonna let Jane visit her baby every day to keep their bond intact.
Nothing's gonna break that bond.
Not even a punk with cookies.
Huh? Nothing.
Just watch the deer, dear.