Scorpion (2014) s04e22 Episode Script

A Lie in the Sand

1 WALTER: Previously on Scorpion CABE: A great fella like you can meet two special women in one lifetime.
You worry too much.
So did I.
Maybe that's why the pregnancy didn't take.
WALTER: Paige, uh, bad news.
The lecture was canceled.
It's probably for the best.
I'm glad you could make it.
I'm psyched.
Is there something that you want to say? I-I'd never told you that you're the love of my life.
Y-You told me you love me before.
Wanted you to know.
What are you lying about? I really don't want to do this.
Shut up and drop your pants.
Never thought I'd be unhappy to hear you say those words.
Palms down, stick out that rump.
Hey, gang, I brought bagels.
I don't even want to know.
He's just getting a shot.
(yelps) Oh, please.
Woman up.
I thought Happy was getting the shots for IVF.
She is.
But since she hates blood and getting needles, we made a deal.
For every shot I get, he gets a saline goose in the keister.
It's forced solidarity, but solidarity nonetheless.
CABE: Strange, but all right.
Good morning, Cabe.
Only since Doc pulled his pants up.
(softly): Oh.
Just the people I wanted to see.
Do either of you have connections at Cal Polytechnic? No.
Why are you whispering? I don't want Walter to hear me.
Remember that lecture he and I were supposed to go to but it got canceled? The speaker is gonna be at Cal Polytechnic next month, but it's sold out.
I know.
It's just well, I sort of feel like there's something that Walter wants to tell me but my instincts are screaming that he's withholding.
Really? I-I haven't picked up anything from him.
It's weird, 'cause my EQ radar is pinging all over the place, and we just had such stressful cases lately, and he's been working nonstop on that Gettleman pitch, and I just thought if I could take him to the lecture, we'd have a nice night together, he'd relax, and maybe want to open up to me and let me know what's been on his mind.
I don't know, but maybe I'm being crazy.
Am I being crazy? - Yeah.
- Yes.
(clicks tongue) Okay, well, either way, don't tell him that I'm trying to get him tickets because I want it to be a surprise.
- Won't say a thing.
- Scout's honor.
She's getting you lecture tickets.
I fail to see the problem.
The longer she keeps her head in lecture land, the more likely it is she's gonna find out that you already went to it with Flo.
We've established that was innocent.
What was that for? Jerks don't get coffee.
TOBY: No, Walt.
You're the child if you fail to see that there is an inverse relationship between time and innocence.
If I kept a box hidden from you for a long time, w-when you finally opened it, wouldn't matter if there was just an innocent pebble inside.
The fact that I obscured it from you for so long makes it suspicious.
Now imagine instead of a pebble, it's the cute scientist next door that you have kissy dreams about.
You said that dream didn't matter.
Oh, come on.
HAPPY: Listen, I have waited for a family my whole life and Scorpion is it.
And I am about to turn my ass into a pin cushion so I can have more family.
I am not gonna let you blow up our family 'cause you're a knucklehead.
Scorpion won't blow up.
There's no reason why Paige will find out.
And if she did, I would just tell her the truth.
I didn't mention it to her because it's a trivial matter.
Instead of poking into my business, you guys work on your end of the Gettleman pitch.
Need to land that contract.
No more distractions.
Guys, monitor tree.
Stat! So much for no more distractions.
Can you Sly, what's going on? My pen pal, Alex, just texted me he is in trouble.
It's life and death.
Since when do you have a pen pal? When I was a kid, I saw a commercial for sending books to children in need in Africa.
I was assigned Alemeyahu or Alex.
We've been friends since.
Oh, thank goodness.
Thank you for reaching out to me.
Oh, my.
I must say, I am nervous meeting the great Team Scorpion.
Sylvester has told me of your exploits.
Uh, Alex, Sly said you're dealing with a life and death situation.
Behranu, our village elder, is quite ill.
He's a widely revered leader.
He's even respected by the violent militants that have taken over much of Murabi since 2014.
The militants want to expand into our territory, but they are willing to discuss peace in deference to Behranu.
They will only negotiate with him.
This would save thousands of lives.
Talks are far from complete, and Behranu's taken ill and fuel is running out.
Don't you mean time is running out? No.
Behranu has heart failure.
He's being kept alive by a ventilator.
The generator powering our clinic is running out of fuel.
And yesterday, mortar shells destroyed the only mountain road that leads to the fuel depot.
And if the generator runs out of fuel Ventilator stops working.
Behranu dies along with any chance of finishing those peace talks.
And Alex's community is decimated by militants.
We only have 36 hours of petrol left.
Alex, I'm sorry, but we're not suited to rebuild a mountain road.
That is not what we need.
Please, open the file I just sent you.
That is a five-mile pass that reaches the fuel depot, but it is full of buried ordinance from the war of '88.
And if not for the land mines, that would be a perfect shortcut to the fuel depot.
When I was a kid, my pen pal wanted a postcard from Hollywood.
Yours wants us to clear a minefield? Maybe we don't have to clear it.
Maybe we just have to map it.
Now, over time, land mines leak explosives into the soil, so there must be a way to chemically ID the leaks.
We have to get Florence in on this.
PAIGE: Oh, she's still in Berlin.
She's pitching her company to investors.
So we won't use chemistry.
Use biology.
Uh, we can get engineered saprotrophic soil bacterium from a college research lab.
What the hell is that? TOBY: It's a bacteria.
Eats hydrocarbons.
Use it to clean up oil spills, but it also gobbles up toluene.
And what the hell's that? It's the explosive that leaks from the land mines.
We spray the ground with bacteria, it ingests the toluene.
And then the soil above the land mine, it's gonna glow green.
So we'll see where all the things that go boom are buried.
We drive around the mines and we get the fuel for Alex.
I will make a laser so we can see the bacteria glow in the sun.
Toby, give me a hand.
I'll get us a plane.
I'll grab the gear.
I cannot thank you enough.
We are on our way.
WALTER: Hey, Sly.
Need your help with the mapping software while we're on the plane.
Um, Walter, I noticed that it was your first instinct to include Florence in this mission.
Now, I was just wondering if there was any possibility that I told you at the softball game and I'm telling you now, there is nothing going on.
(scoffs) Worst drive ever.
That road had more bumps than a herd of pregnant camels.
No wonder they can't transport the elder.
There's zero chance he'd survive that.
Sylvester, you are here.
(laughs) And Team Scorpion in my village.
We can sign autographs later.
Clock's ticking.
What's the generator status? Less than two hours of fuel left.
Which means your elder and potential peace also have less than two hours.
Uh, this is gonna be close.
Did you get the trucks I asked for? Secured.
I apprentice with a plumber, so I borrowed his pickup, plus the fuel truck, of course.
Let's load up and head out.
Wait! First we must get approval from Behranu himself.
Behranu must look into your eyes to see your intention is pure.
Then he will approbate our endeavor.
PAIGE: All right, let's do it.
Cabe, Toby, with me.
We'll pay our respects while you three get the gear on our trucks.
Cala is an assistant in the clinic.
These are members of Team Scorpion.
Agent Gallo, Paige and Toby.
You're Dr.
Toby Curtis? Alex has told me much about you.
You hear that, Cabe? I'm huge in Murabi.
ALEX: This way.
These are the Americans who have come to help us.
He deems you pure of heart.
He wishes you well on your journey.
Well, let's go.
Madam, one moment.
ALEX: He's indicating you are troubled with pains in your soul.
Oh, um, well, I'm just worried about his village.
Pure intentions.
Troubled soul.
We got to move.
Let's go.
I'm gonna stay with Behranu.
Oh, and skip the ride through the deadly minefield? Nice try, Doc.
No, I'm serious.
There's some red marks on his hand.
Makes me think he's been misdiagnosed.
I appreciate the concern, but I am a licensed medic.
Okay, but trained professionals can be wrong.
Not me, but, you know, other people.
He might be suffering from polycythemia.
It's a rare blood disorder.
It mimics heart disease, causes those respiratory issues.
Isn't it more likely a man who is almost 90 is having heart problems as opposed to a rare disease? Yeah, but if it's what I think it is, Behranu could live to be 100 if treated properly.
And you want him to stick around so you can keep those militants at bay, right? CALA: Jelani.
Can it hurt to explore Dr.
Curtis' theory? Let me discuss it with my patient.
All right, clock's ticking.
We got to move.
Doc, you stay here.
We'll make the gas run.
Okay, let's turn this no-man's land into no-mines land.
(laughs) The famous Scorpion humor.
You're really loving this, huh, kid? Yes.
And I love wearing one of the comms.
I feel like a real Scorpion.
Okay, you're up.
Spread the biological mix as wide as you can.
Happy, laser.
Scanning the road.
And the data link is live.
HAPPY: I spy with my little eye something green.
Sly, the laser should be sending analytics to your laptop.
SYLVESTER: Multiple land mines detected.
GPS pins dropping now.
Paige, you should have them on your linked tablet.
PAIGE: Got them.
Showing us exactly where it's safe to drive.
Safe is a relative term.
Okay, we're on our way.
(beeping) To your right a little bit.
Easy now.
PAIGE: Okay.
I'd avoid that right side there.
Aah, on the right.
There! It is the Tree of Life.
It's sacred to most of Murabi.
Never seen it with my own eyes.
CABE: Hate to break it to you, buddy, the Tree of Life's dead.
It's taking them long enough.
Be patient.
They are dealing with our elder.
They won't take risks.
Well, your whole village is at risk if we can't save this old coot.
No offense.
None taken.
Thank you, by the way, for your medical texts.
The Circulatory System by Dr.
Mitchell Green, An Overview of Neural Pathways by Dr.
Foster What, did Sly send you those? I thought I lost those books.
That thief.
I-- you know, I'm glad you enjoyed them, and all, but I will be a great doctor, like you.
So that I can repay the village that adopted me.
The village adopted you? When I was a child, my town was overrun by the same militants who threaten us today.
They killed many.
My parents included.
Jelani took in our refugees.
Found a loving family to adopt me.
I will repay them by learning medicine and helping our people.
Well, if Behranu gave you a once-over, I bet he'd only see a pure heart, too.
We took Behranu's blood.
We will send it to the lab for tests.
It will take a week or so A week? He do-- no, no, no.
He doesn't have a week.
A-And neither does your village, if he dies.
We are not in America.
We don't have the equipment to run the tests.
All right, then, just trust me: I'm right.
I will not trust the health of our elder to a stranger.
The medicine that you're using to get the fluid from his lungs thickens his blood.
That exacerbates the problem caused by the polycythemia, which, I assure you, he has.
You want me to take my patient off of medication without any definitive tests results? Absolutely not.
CALA: Jelani.
He is a very learned man.
He is an outsider.
And he is not to see Behranu.
Ready? Okay, hold on Gas tank's almost full.
Two more minutes.
Something on your mind? Oh.
You read it on me, too? Huh? PAIGE: Walter, you would tell me if there was something serious going on.
With you, or us.
Yeah, of course, if I thought that there was something serious to convey, I absolutely would.
(man yelling in Sudanese Arabic) Haboob, haboob! What is a "haboob"? It means a sandstorm.
What the hell is that thing? A storm made out of sand.
It's right in the name.
It's 80 miles wide, and headed to us fast.
And east.
It'll blast through here and hit the village.
If we try to outrun it but can't, the sand will interfere with the GPS signal.
So our only shot at saving Behranu is racing a sandstorm through a minefield? Classic Scorpion.
Scorpion 4x22 A Lie in the Sand If we don't move, that storm will be on us in two minutes.
Can't we just get in the truck, roll up the windows, and wait for the sandstorm to pass us? No.
Haboobs can last for hours.
TOBY (over comms): We don't have that kind of time.
That generator is running really low.
We got maybe 70 minutes of fuel left.
People, we got to batten down the hatches if you don't want to get sandblasted! (horn honks) There's a haboob coming, there's a big haboob! Tank's full! Let's put the pedal to the metal! Okay, Happy, you drive the pickup truck, I will navigate, and we'll take the lead.
Paige, you come with us.
Sly, you watch the GPS, and tell me where to drive.
All right, people, let's move.
Tanker full of gasoline riding at high speed through a minefield.
Don't worry, Sylvester.
This is just like the time you and Paige drove fast to outrun the tornado in Vietnam.
Wasn't it you and Paige running from the tornado? Hmm.
There's no way we can get the fuel here in time now, is there? Never say never with Scorpion.
Let's hope Behranu is still alive when they get here.
What is it? Well, Jelani doesn't want me near his patient, but what if I can test his blood without touching him? HAPPY: Okay, heading into the minefield.
I can't see the mines, O'Brien.
I am counting on you to be my eyes.
Okay, I'll call out the turns.
WALTER: The vibrations from our speed may cause detonation.
Hang on.
Uh, right, 35 degrees! Uh, hard left! Right, one o'clock.
Left, 11 o'clock! WALTER: Straight, 40 feet.
A little more left.
Now go right.
Left again-- no, no, right! Right, right, right, right! You're a genius.
You got to know your right from your left.
We are racing through a minefield in the Hindenburg.
Cut me a break! Left! (shouts) Guys! Sandstorm is getting closer.
Sweet pecan sandie.
All these twists and turns aren't helping.
It's giving that thing a chance to catch up.
Left! It seems like it is speeding up! SYLVESTER: We're not gonna make it! HAPPY: We got to stop before the storm hits and we lose GPS, and drive right into a mine.
(tires screech) WALTER: Just as expected, GPS is done.
Wonder if it's also affecting the comms.
Doc? You read me? We are immobile until we can think of a plan.
A lot of static, but I copy.
You confirm your theory on Behranu yet? Gathering supplies now.
Oh! Bingo.
Treasure hunt complete.
That's it.
This is like a pirate's treasure map.
Treasure maps tell you how many paces, but without a starting landmark, you're completely lost.
If I can find a landmark, I can use my eidetic memory to keep us oriented without the GPS.
How are you going to find a landmark? With all the sand in the air, we can barely see in front of us.
I know, but I think I see something.
There's the Tree of Life.
As long as I can measure the exact distance between the Tree of Life and that front bumper, I can get us out of here.
(tree creaking) It's gone, isn't it? The sandstorm.
It's upon us.
Well, there's nothing we can do about that now.
Did Jelani see you? No.
Why do you need Behranu's used IV bag? I don't need the bag, I need the bit of Behranu that's left in the tube.
What are you doing? (grunts, hisses) I'm improvising a hematocrit CALA: To determine red blood cell count.
You really did read my medical books.
Now let's see if you can tell what I'm doing with the olive oil.
CALA: It stopped halfway down.
Yep, because I do not have polycythemia.
Now, try Behranu's blood from his IV tube.
CALA: Right to the bottom.
Telling you what? Behranu's blood is too thick.
That's because he does have polycythemia.
His bone marrow produces too many red blood cells, thus more iron in his blood, thus his blood is heavier That's why it sank faster! Behranu doesn't have heart disease.
That's an excellent diagnosis, Doctor.
Ideas, people.
We're stuck.
ALEX: Come on, Scorpions! You're going to do what you always do.
You're going to take whatever you find around you and use it in some crazy way to save the day.
Right? Kid, all we have are plumbing supplies and spare tires.
It's not enough to get us through a minefield.
Actually, maybe they are.
See? Land mines aren't powerful explosives, relatively speaking.
So, they're meant to blow straight up, killing whomever steps on top of them, but causing very little damage to anything nearby.
If the mines blow up a couple yards ahead of us, assuming the shrapnel doesn't get to us, they're no big deal.
So, you're gonna make a mine sweep out of PVC pipes? Minesweepers have a long row of spinning metal flails to thump the ground ahead to explode the mines before a vehicle can roll over them.
We don't need a long row of flails.
We can explode only the mines directly in our wheel path.
CABE: All right.
Well, you clear the path with your pickup, and we'll follow.
Since it is polycythemia, I can fix Behranu with a couple of pills.
Your village elder will be up and elding again in no time.
Your olive oil test is far from definitive.
But I'm open to a course of medicine.
It'll take a few days for any pharmaceuticals to get here.
That's excellent.
Thank you for trusting me.
Uh, in the meantime, I need to relieve the pressure on Behranu's heart with a little old-fashioned phlebotomy.
JELANI: You want to drain Behranu's blood? Bloodletting went out in the Middle Ages.
That cardiac pressure will kill him.
He needs this procedure until the proper medication arrives.
Behranu is old and frail.
Blood loss could kill him.
Doing nothing will kill him.
If I see you go anywhere near our elder, I'll have you arrested.
HAPPY: Okay, my end's connected to the grill! Waitress? PAIGE: Done! Last of the spokes in? WALTER: Roger that! CABE: All right, let's blow up some mines! (grunts) These scarves are incredibly inconvenient.
It's good for covering your lying face.
Comms out.
I heard you at the fuel pump, carefully choosing your words so you're technically not lying to Paige.
I'm not comfortable with how this is playing out either.
Paige's EQ meter picks up everything, and I don't want to mislead her, but now is not the time or the place for this discussion.
We're literally in the middle of a minefield.
Not nearly as big as the minefield you're creating for yourself, dumbass.
Comms in.
All right.
Let's see what happens.
CALA: I checked on Behranu.
His vitals are no better.
His heart's been pumping that thick, sludge blood for months.
It just makes his cardiopulmonary system so weak.
(sighs) He needs meds, and he needs to stay on that ventilator to get stronger, but none of that matters if I can't relieve the pressure on his heart by draining some blood.
Jelani won't ever allow it.
(sighs) You think you could talk to him? I cannot go against the man who helped save my life.
He gave me a second chance, a family.
You wouldn't understand what it is like to fear losing your family.
Cala, I know that that is a really scary feeling, but if we can't keep Behranu alive, those peace talks fail, and then you're gonna lose all the things that are important to you, anyway.
Crap, you really feel them, don't you? They're bouncing around like lottery balls.
But it's working.
They're okay.
ALEX: It's just like that time Sylvester pushed a boulder down a hill to detonate buried munitions so you could save everyone when Scorpion was marooned on that island.
You kind of laid it on thick with Alex.
I might have gotten carried away.
(explosions) Hey, Happy.
Got an ETA on that fuel? Things are kind of bleak here.
Not really rosy here either, pal.
We have homemade minesweepers and we're driving through real bad Look out! Happy.
(coughs) Walt, Happy, are you all right? We're okay.
Happy But maybe not for long.
Why not? Because there is an activated mine right under Walter's head.
Cabe, are they okay? We're getting to 'em now.
Stay in the tracks of their skid; we know that's safe.
SYLVESTER: We're outside the car.
Whatever you do, don't touch it.
You shift this thing and the window breaks any more, the mine's pressure plate releases.
Then the mine detonates and shrapnel hits the gas tank.
Which will cause another explosion.
And we all blow up.
I don't like being a part of Team Scorpion anymore.
Guys we need a plan.
How we gonna get them out now? TOBY: You need something to hold down the mine's trigger.
With what? We're surrounded by sand.
That's it.
We need to fill the cab with enough sand to offset my and Walter's weight.
A bucket fell out of the truck.
I'll go get it.
How are we gonna get the sand in the cab? If Happy rolls the window down, it'll shake the truck and then Boom.
Don't remind me.
Oh, there's a hole in the windshield.
I'll hit the lights for you so you can see where you're going.
Stay close to the truck.
Based on patterns we've observed, I doubt that there's another mine within ten to 12 feet of this one, but I can't be sure.
Hole's small.
It'll take a long time to get enough sand in there.
Not if we can build a funnel.
We got plumbing supplies.
We can do this.
Jelani, fuel delivery's delayed and I don't think you have much more time with the ventilator.
What the hell? Fuel's almost gone.
Ventilator is running on fumes.
His oxygen level is critical.
He's unresponsive.
Damn it, man.
I need to let his blood.
No! You and your team promised fuel.
You promised to save him.
Stay away! Faster.
We need almost 300 pounds of sand to offset their weight.
In order to ensure that trigger stays depressed, we need to not only put the sand inside the cab, but also on top of the window, which means Walter needs to be completely covered.
I can pull my jacket over my head, give myself a pocket of air.
God, he's being buried alive.
Yes, but it's his only shot.
Okay, that should be enough weight to offset Happy.
Happy! You're clear! See you on the outside, Walt.
Help me get sand in the window.
He's almost covered! He's gonna suffocate.
He has a small air pocket.
He can pull it off.
Walter? Walter, can you hear me? He can't answer you, he's trying to conserve air.
Walter, listen to me.
Just like you wanted to tell me something when I was in that plane, in case things went badly, I need to tell you something now for the same reason.
If things go bad I don't want there to be anything between us and I know you're keeping something from me.
I don't care what it is.
I love you.
When you get out of here-- and you will get out of here-- please talk to me.
Tell me what's going on, okay? Whatever it is, we're gonna be okay.
That's enough weight.
Walt, climb out.
Climb out now, Walt! Walter! He's not coming out.
Come on out, damn it! Walter! Guys, he's not coming out.
Sand's too heavy.
We got to dig him out.
No, you shake up the truck, you blow us up! Walter! Just push up to my voice.
Walter! Walter! Oh, thank God.
Steady! Steady.
Get him away from the truck just to be safe.
The minesweepers broke off.
Let's get them and put them on the fuel truck.
All right, I'll give you a hand.
(groans) I heard what you said.
I have been keeping something from you.
The lecture wasn't canceled.
It wasn't? You you went without me? Yes.
And I I b I am so proud of you.
You showed real EQ.
You knew I didn't want to go to the lecture, so you told a white lie to spare me a boring night.
That's what you've been so guilty about lately? Yeah.
(knocking on window) Some help with the minesweepers! Hey, rest.
I'll help.
Don't look at me like that.
Give me that comm.
You just made things a lot worse.
You let her think that you went to the lecture alone, but the truth is just lurking under the surface and it's waiting to blow up in your face.
Well, I have this under control.
Nothing's gonna blow up.
(explosion) You were saying? Guys, our generator's dead and we need that ventilator on.
CPR's only gonna keep Behranu alive for so long.
If the move I'm about to pull off doesn't work, he's not the only one who's gonna need life support.
Doc, what are you planning?! (sighs) Something the Brits call a "bloody mess.
" Uh, how-how is he? He's still weak.
I can help take the strain off his heart and you're gonna hate me, but I don't care.
Hey, hey-hey-hey-hey, grab him! Stay back.
I'm trying to save our people, as is Dr.
He will not let Behranu die.
The only way he lives is to relieve the pressure on his heart, and the only way to do that is to drain blood.
Go get help! - Thanks, kid.
- Always knew I'd use a scalpel to save lives, just not like this.
Things sound crazy over there, Doc, just hold on, we're not far off.
He's bleeding all over the floor.
You're killing him! - How will we know if this worked? - Behranu will wake up.
If he loses much more, he will be dead.
Just hang on, any second now.
(door opens) Step aside.
Oh, get out of the way.
Get on the ground.
Don't move.
Doc, what was that? That was the sound of time running out.
It is okay.
I will reattach the IV and stop the bleeding.
No, a little longer.
He'll regain consciousness.
You have caused enough harm.
(groans) Look, he's awake.
Call off your goon so I can treat him before he dies.
Uh, let him up.
Uh, I broke the connector, I'm gonna need another one and some forceps to stop the bleeding.
(hums) Okay, I'm almost done.
Great, all sealed up.
And I need a new IV bag.
Happy? How close is the fuel? (truck honking) Oh, that's pretty close.
Uh, fuel's here.
Here! The generator's in here.
It's here.
Go, Walt.
Let her rip.
Okay, people, look alive in there.
(motor running) The ventilator's working.
Yeah, your old-timer's gonna be okay.
Look, I'm sorry.
Please forgive me, eh? It's all right.
When you-you care about someone so much, it drives you crazy.
Oh, sweet, ventilator's working.
I can understand the feeling.
Hey, Hap? Please, no more driving around in minefields for a while? Dr.
I spoke with the hospital in the capital.
They are sending the hydroxyurea pills tomorrow.
Well, two weeks of that in Behranu's system, he's not just gonna survive, he'll thrive.
As will the peace process.
Well done, Doctor.
Thank you.
I'd like you to meet my parents.
Wow, it is an absolute pleasure.
Oh, we were so worried.
We couldn't make it here through the storm, but Cala told us you kept her safe.
I kept her safe? No, no, no.
She pulled my bacon out of the fire, trust me.
You guys, you raised an incredible daughter here.
In truth, Cala raised us.
She came into our lives at three years old.
Taught us what strength looks like.
Bring it in.
You are gonna make one heck of a sawbones, pal.
Hey, keep your eyes on your mailbox.
I'm sending you more medical books, I promise.
ALEX: Sylvester.
I still can't believe I got to work a case with Team Scorpion.
You're an honorary member, kid.
Thank you.
And thank you most of all, Sylvester.
I can't believe I got to meet the most incredible man I've been reading about all these years.
That's very kind, Alex, but I may have stretched the truth a bit in my letters.
Don't get me wrong, those things happened.
I just didn't necessarily do them myself.
I wanted you to have a sponsor that you could look up to.
CABE: Are you kidding me? Sly went undercover in prison.
He went down the side of a 20-story building on solar panels.
He captured a snake with his bare hands so the venom could save my life.
He's a regular superhero.
Okay, you're right.
I-I did do those things.
I just felt like it was all of us doing them.
You know what bothers me, though, is that your default is to think that you, on your own, somehow is not good enough.
You have character and heart.
But sometimes you forget that.
Maybe that's why you haven't asked out Florence yet.
Ah, Florence! The tall blonde from next door who lusts after you? TOBY: Next, we're gonna look at how different food groups interact with the hormones you'll be taking.
And the pterodactyls we'll be house-breaking and the maracas you'll be shaking.
Okay, sure.
And you're not listening.
Happy, we got to get through all this fertility research.
I was thinking about Cala.
About her being three, alone, with no family.
Same as me when I was three.
But then those people gave her a family.
When I was a kid, I wished every day for a family to adopt me.
To make me theirs, and they could be mine.
But that never happened.
No one wanted me.
Right now, there is a kid somewhere wishing for a family.
They could be ours.
We could be theirs.
I want to make our dream come true by making a kid's dream come true.
You cool with that? In all my years here all the thoughts and theories and plans that we've devised in this garage that is the best idea I've ever heard.
Thank you.
Good luck out there.
mine clearance team will be in Surayto tomorrow.
The sooner the better.
The sooner Florence gets here the better.
I already have flop sweat.
But I went to the grocery store.
I got flowers.
- (sniffs) They're fresh.
- Relax.
I got a good feeling about this.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Walter, what's this? Uh, it's my copy of Perndon Whitbry's book.
- Why do you have it? - Since I couldn't get tickets to the lecture, I was gonna send him the book to have it autographed as an anniversary present.
But when I pulled it off the shelf, I found these inside.
Land mine's about to go off.
Well, I often keep ticket stubs of particularly interesting lectures.
But why are there two? I saved one for my guest.
You went with someone else? Why didn't you tell me that? Well, it wasn't, uh, particularly, uh, relevant information.
Walter, what are you scared to tell me? Who did you go out with? (door opens, shuts) Hi, everybody.
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
Um, I have no idea what I just walked into.
A buzz saw.
Sylvester left a message for me.
He said he had something to ask me.
PAIGE: I have something to ask you.
Did you go to that lecture with Walter? Don't look at him.
I'm asking the question.
You know, Walter said they just went as friends.
Hold on.
You knew? I'm just finding out now.
I-I can't believe all of you guys knew.
- Hey, Paige, Paige, if we could just go ups - No.
No, Paige, listen to me.
We never so much as held each other's hands.
Isn't that right, Flo? We never held hands.
You are so clueless.
You hid this.
You hid it because you knew deep down you did something wrong.
When I was buried alive you said no matter what I told you, it would be okay, remember? - You didn't tell me anything.
I found out! You've been having a cranial affair with Florence for months.
Lectures and working late at the white board and kissing dreams.
Hey, Toby said that dream meant nothing.
Of course it means something.
I don't satisfy all your needs, Walter.
I'm incapable of scratching your intellectual itch because I am just a normal human.
And truth be told, I am completely exhausted trying to convince myself that you satisfy me.
For once, I would like to walk on the beach with you without a marine biology lecture, or go to dinner with you without a dissertation on the inefficiencies of putting parsley on the freaking plate.
Or to hang out with my friends without you looking absolutely miserable.
There is a part of you that is attracted to Florence in a way that you could never be attracted to me.
I worked so hard at this experiment, Walter.
I really did.
It is over.
You're being ridiculous.
I have no feelings for Florence, and she has none for me.
Isn't that right Florence? Tell her.
It would seem that, over the past few months, I have developed feelings for you.
Jaw dropper.
For the record, I was unaware.
FLORENCE: Paige I am so sorry.
I didn't mean for it to happen, but it did.
For what it's worth, Walter, it's not your fault.
When I met you, emotionally, you were nine.
I got you to 15, 16? But I think that's as far as you can go.
I don't blame you.
SYLVESTER: Well, I do.
You said there's nothing going on between you two, but you made her fall in love with you.
How did I make her do anything? Well, you invite her to work with us.
You take her out.
You tell her you dream about kissing her.
You were seducing her all along, Walter.
I was the one who was in love with her, and now you ruined it.
Sylvester You know how hard it's been for me to even consider dating anybody since Megan died.
Don't bring up my sister.
If you were a real man instead of a comic book-reading baby boy, then you would have asked Flo out a long time ago.
There was nothing stopping you, and you're using my sister as a crutch.
Hey! Enough! Family does not lay hands on each other.
Sly, what do you got to say for yourself? I quit.
I can't work for you anymore.
Me neither.
WALTER: Right.
So you're just gonna-- you're gonna dump me and you're quitting? HAPPY: Satisfied, O'Brien? We are in the middle of a minefield, and things are blowing up all over.
Gee, who could have predicted this? I have had it with you two know-it-alls! CABE: All right, listen.
Everybody, just give Walt a beat.
Cabe is right-- there is plenty of blame to go around.
How sweet of you to stick up for your boyfriend.
WALTER: Oh, you're just leaving now, huh? Wh-What about everything that we've been through? The Gettleman pitch coming up, huh? What? You guys, too? Wh-What, are you gonna leave me high and dry? What the hell is gonna happen to us now? Have to say, this is an impressive pitch.
I have one more interview lined up, but I can posit you're in a very good position.
Well, Scorpion 2.
0 is leaner and more efficient than its predecessor.
And we look forward to helping you with your company.
Sounds good.
Thank you for coming in.
Well, thank you very much for your time.
Okay Well, seems my next appointment's already here.
Come right on in.
Is that a centipede on your shirt? That's what you went with? Centipedes are agile and fierce.
Like us.
You could say we are Human Centipedes.
(quietly): Told you not to use that term.
You didn't watch the movie, did you? It was in the horror section.
WALTER: Good luck.
You're gonna need it.
Perhaps we'll see you at the Beauchamp pitch next week.
Don't think so.
What? Too complicated for you guys? HAPPY: Nope.
TOBY: Nope.
We already got that job.
Paige, wait.