Scream (2015) s03e01 Episode Script

The Deadfast Club

- Hello? - MAN: Is this Nancy Givens? Nope.
Wrong number.
Oh, sorry.
Who am I speaking to? Becky.
Who's this? - Are you over 18, Becky? - Barely.
Good enough for me.
Hey, I'm calling from your local service provider with a seasonal survey for our customers.
- I'm really busy.
- It's just a few questions.
Let's start with what's your favorite scary movie? [GASPS.]
Look, don't call back, okay? - [DOORBELL RINGS.]
- BECKY: Ow! - Damn it.
- What are you supposed to be? - [DISTANT KIDS SHOUTING.]
I'm Florence Nightingale.
Aren't you supposed to trick me or something? - [BECKY SCREAMS.]
I paid a lot for these bad boys.
Trick or treat! Happy Halloween, punk.
KIDS: Trick or treat! BOY: Deion, where are you? [RUSTLING.]
BOY: Deion? Is that you? TOMMY: Rawr! Your costume sucks.
Now give me your candy, you loser.
BOY: Hey, stop! Give it back! Give it back! DEION: And D-Day Elliot cuts to the left.
Another spin move around a defender.
DEION: There you are! Been looking all over for you.
I scored.
Got a Twins bar at the last house.
Half for you, half for me.
What's up with you? Where's your candy? BOY: Tommy Jenkins stole it.
Tommy Jenkins is a bitch who can't keep up with me on the field.
Where'd he go? BOY: He ran away after he chucked my candy over that fence.
DEION: Then why are we standing here? BOY: Deion, wait.
You can't go in there.
- That's where Hookman lives.
- "Hookman"? Let me guess.
Tommy Jenkins tell you that? BOY: He He said the dude's got a straight-up hook for a hand and slices up kids like us.
Well, I ain't gonna let no Hookman stop me because Hookman doesn't exist.
BOY: Easy for you to say.
Nothing stops you.
You're D-Day Elliot.
Damn straight.
And I got you.
- BOY: Shh! Shh.
BOY: Hey, over here! BOY: Found it! I found it! BOY: I got you, bruh.
I got you.
- No, I got you.
Running late today, D-Day.
Son of a biscuit.
Hey, yo, Deion! Hey, get up here where you belong, bruh.
- What's good, Hawkins? - Man, you are, D-Day.
Like, too good.
That's why I got 12 carries the past four years.
Being your backup is really harshing my chances with the ladies, you know what I'm saying? Ain't nothing like that, White Chocolate.
If it was, I'd have more than just San Diego State trying to come see me play next week.
BETH: VIP treatment.
Must be nice.
Takes them an hour to wand my face.
You ever think about, like, not sticking that crap in it, Beth? Would you think I'm pretty then? Tsk, I I don't know.
You still freaky as hell.
I mean, but maybe we can talk about it.
You wanna cut? I mean, it's cool.
You can take my spot.
Telling me to cut is a bad idea.
Like, really bad.
MAN: All right, keep the line moving.
MAN: Empty your pockets.
- MAN: That's it.
MAN: Mm-hmm.
MAN: What's in here? [SCHOOL BELL RINGS.]
Deion Elliot? Deion Elliot? [WHISPERS.]
And that's what happens when the school makes exceptions.
I'm here, Mrs.
You know the rules: if you're not in your seat when the bell rings I do, and I'm sorry, but Coach will murder me if I get detention.
Sit down, then.
BOY: That's a cool shirt! MRS.
PELL: Olivia Reynolds? Liv? Pretty sure I'm staring at you staring at - Sorry, Mrs.
Here, obviously.
Now is not the time for distraction! My fellow students, it's time we focus.
Donald Trump trying to tear us black folks down, y'all.
Today, it's Weaver's lunch subsidy under attack.
But what about tomorrow? Go see Manny and sign this petition.
Make sure your voice is heard! Deion Elliot! We from the same block, so don't you dare try ducking me.
Kym's a lot to deal with sometimes, huh? All the time but I still love her.
A disturbance? Hell, no, Mrs.
I will not be silenced.
First Amendment.
You hear me? Do you hear me?! [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING OVER HEADPHONES.]
Is this seat taken? Um no.
None of them are, actually.
Babe, Homecoming Week is coming up, and I know you're new here and all, but you're supposed to wear my jersey to the game.
It's tradition.
Yeah, well, it's too bad I'm not traditional, then.
Come on.
We've been circling each other since the day you set foot in this school.
You and me getting together, it's destiny.
Yeah, well, I'll think about it.
And until we do, don't call me "babe.
" - Hey, Deion.
Come here, I need you.
- What's up? Liv, meet the second best player on the team.
The second best? Who we got better than D-Day? Oh, you mean you.
I was trying to get Liv to wear my jersey to the game, and I was hoping the great Deion Elliot would do me a solid and - put in a word.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
If I was you, I would definitely take that jersey.
It's the cleanest one on the team, so Oh, why is that? All's Avery does is hand the rock off to me.
Ain't that right, Avery? Nice to officially meet you.
- DEION: Hey! Kym.
Come on, we came to Weaver to get away from the sirens.
Yeah, Weaver's supposed to be different, but I just got a detention from Mrs.
So right now, it feels pretty much the same.
Well, dang.
I'm sorry.
- You good? - I'm curious.
Who's wearing your jersey to the game, D-Day? - [CHUCKLES.]
- Other girls are asking me, is all.
Ah, well, tell them other girls that it's nothing personal, but the only one who gets to wear my jersey is my mom.
That's a mistake.
You just made them want it more.
Hey, there.
I'm looking for Marcus.
DEION: I got your stupid notes! Now what? You scared, huh? Look, I ain't got time for games.
You got two minutes to show.
- You messing with my ride, Elliot? You messing with me, Collins? What are you talking about? We just got here.
Who's we? LIV: Hey, you okay, Deion? What happened? - DEION: Nothing I can't handle.
- That's how you roll, right? If it was up to D-Day, he'd do everything himself.
Wouldn't even need a team.
You don't know me, Avery.
I can promise you that.
AVERY: I know we've been playing ball together for four years, and all you care about is racking up them yards and getting that golden ticket to some fancy college.
The truth is you'd have it by now if they really wanted you.
- Avery, stop.
- Liv, please stay out of this, okay? This argument, it's been a long time coming, way before you ever stepped foot in school and Deion started making eyes at you.
You don't even care if we win or lose, do you? As long as you get yours, to hell with your teammates.
Oh, but you care about them boys? What's that supposed to mean? It means I see you for who you really are.
- Maybe the others don't, but I do.
- You know what I see? Weaver bent the rules to let you come here and you don't fit.
Football's all you got, and you know I got options, and it eats you up inside.
Seriously, guys, stop.
Shouldn't you be saving this for the other team? Yeah.
Yeah, I gotta go to practice.
Hey, enjoy the walk.
Maybe your broke ass will have a car one day, too.
Leave him alone, Avery.
Why are you being such a dick? Why are you defending him? You're supposed to be with me.
I'm not supposed to be anything.
You don't own me.
It probably wouldn't take much, though, would it? You know what? I'm leaving.
AVERY: The hell you are.
Try that move on me.
- What's going on here? - AVERY: I don't know, ma'am.
I was just on my way to practice when Deion assaulted me for no reason.
- That's a lie.
Avery started it.
- MRS.
PELL: Well, I'm finishing it.
This was your second chance, Mr.
Please report to detention.
That's not fair.
You didn't see what happened.
And if you're so keen on Mr.
Elliot, I think it best you accompany him.
Detention, you two, now.
Okay, welcome to detention.
My name is Mr.
Blah, blah, blah.
Look, I'm not gonna stand here and read off all your names, mainly because they're so complicated.
What do you want, headphones? It's Amir.
Amir Ayoub, actually.
Thanks for proving my point.
I work at my parents' donut shop after school.
They really need my help.
I'm only here on a technicality.
I don't care.
Yeah, I don't care why any of you are here.
It's my job simply to make sure you do your time.
And that there is the problem with this school.
And society.
- Kym, don't start.
- I'd listen to your gay BFF.
The gay is always silent, unless he doesn't want it to be.
- All right, I can speak for myself.
- But you don't.
And Fitch needs to know that people are more than their sexual orientation.
- Ah! Great, the jock and the cheerleader.
Now it's a real Breakfast Club.
- What is that supposed to mean? - Google it, Kym.
I think you'll appreciate its textured presentation of institutionalized teenage oppression.
Fitch, I I can't be here right now.
- Okay? I got - [SNAPS FINGERS.]
He doesn't care.
And now that that's settled, I have papers to grade.
I'll be back at 4:00.
And if anyone needs anything, talk to Gene Simmons over there.
She's done this more than I have.
Who are these kids? I've never seen them before.
Well, they all been here.
You just ain't noticed 'cause you've been the "It Girl" around these hallways since you moved to the A this year.
The last I checked, you and I never really had a conversation, so I don't think the "It Girl" label really applies.
Oh, well, last time I checked, you were definitely taking Avery's jersey and getting into his car.
And that's a deal breaker.
Well, your judgment is clearly better than mine.
But that doesn't make him my boyfriend.
I might have grabbed your number from one of the other cheerleaders.
- So I'll send you my info just in case.
- Oh, okay.
- Huh.
Hey, are you Are you okay? [CELL PHONE CLICKING, WHOOSHES.]
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to creep you out.
No, no, it's not It's cool.
I just gotta take care of something.
Okay, so The Breakfast Club is a comedy from a hundred years ago about a group of white kids from different cliques who get thrown in detention together.
Eighty-nine percent on Rotten Tomatoes.
It's better than it sounds.
Maybe my favorite film.
- Really? - No, dork.
I'm a horror girl.
But Fitch is right, the six of us pretty much cover the entire nauseating range of high school stereotypes.
It says there's only five characters in the movie.
Six works.
It's better, actually.
Let me guess.
No gays? The jock, princess, the geek, the rebel.
Unh-Unh, don't you dare try stuffing me in one of your boxes.
- What about you? - That's easy.
She the basket case.
And can you put that thing out? Manny has asthma.
Is this seat taken? Hey, points for the callback.
- SHANE: What's up, misfits? Shane? What are you doing here? Last time I checked, detention is for students, not dope-dealing dropouts.
Come on, Kym, I got a big sale.
I got reds, got blues, got all the colors of the rainbow.
Hey, speaking of, y'all wanna party tonight? Check it.
Does Mr.
Fade have a DJ yet? I'll tell you what.
Why don't you bring your ass out ask him yourself? KYM: I heard of this guy before.
Throws pop-up parties all around town.
Supposed to be legit.
- Twenty bucks? - Yeah, and worth every penny.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Especially yours.
I hate parties.
Always full of people.
Yeah, well, I got a good feeling you're gonna like this one.
How about I convince you in private? Fine.
You're all free to go.
Just be back by 4:00 so we don't have to do this again tomorrow, okay? And they say romance is dead.
If it ain't, these two weirdos about to kill it.
All right, I'm here! Where you at? [CELL PHONE RINGING.]
Is he dead? Too many hits to the head, maybe? Ah! [PANTING.]
- Did y'all see it? - See what? Somebody just jumped me.
Some kind of Ghostface.
- Thought I was the freak.
- I'm being serious.
I can prove it.
He must've erased the messages to make me seem crazy.
Then he's doing a hell of a job.
I gotta go.
KYM: Yep.
Definitely one too many hits to the head.
- BOY: Down! Ten-hut! [BOYS SHOUTING.]
I could've hit that hole, and my feet are still killing me from last night's shift.
- Hey, Mama.
- Hey, baby.
- School called you? - Sure did.
You mad at me? I'm not happy about you getting detention, but you're a good boy, Deion.
Then why are you here? It's almost Halloween.
Look, Mama, this ain't got nothing to do with Halloween, okay? White boy said something that I didn't like.
I just lost my head for a minute, that's it.
Okay, okay, but you sure you don't wanna talk about it? I can call that fancy doctor in Sandy Springs.
Oh, what? No.
Look, Mama, you're not hearing me.
I'm good.
Hey, ain't no shame in it.
It's pulled you through rough patches before.
You can tell that to San Diego State.
They got one more scholarship to give and they gonna give it to somebody in their right mind.
Listen, don't put so much pressure on yourself, baby.
You're having a great season.
You could chill some.
I'll be able to chill when I go pro.
And I'll buy you a house out West.
You can put those sore feet of yours in the ocean.
Well, that's sweet.
When I finish my night classes and my career gets back on track, I'll be buying my own house.
Just promise me you're good, and it's not like last time.
Mama, I promise.
I'm good.
I'm not seeing ghosts anymore.
- Hey, Dad.
- I'm on my way to work.
You seemed a little quiet at dinner.
Is there anything I should know? It's a long day at school, that's all.
Detention has a way of making the school day longer, doesn't it? Uh I I didn't know you knew.
Look, I know we're still settling into Atlanta.
I'm at a new precinct, you're at a new school.
But I need to know you're on the right track.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I'll do better.
I promise you can trust me.
I'm a cop, Olivia.
I don't trust anyone.
Is Deion home? I tried calling, but he's not answering me.
Then he making a big mistake.
Name's Jay.
You want something to drink? I want all the drinks, but right now I just need to find Deion.
Do you have any idea where he is? JAY: If he took my advice, he's probably at the Old Metro Station blowing off some steam.
There's a big party that way tonight.
So, how do you know Deion? I'm his brother.
Half-brother if you wanna be specific.
His mom, our dad Sounds complicated.
No, it's pretty simple.
Let me break something down for you.
You seem like a nice girl and all, but the only thing Deion care about is football.
Yeah, I'm not trying to distract him.
It's not your fault, but you are distracting as hell.
So anyway, What you need to talk to Deion about? - It's - Complicated? Yeah.
How old is he here? That's not Deion.
That's Marcus.
Man, who is this? GHOSTFACE: You don't recognize my voice? I thought we were blood.
Man, quit playing.
We both know you ain't Marcus.
The only thing we know is that you have no idea what's under my mask.
Man, quit calling me.
All right? I ain't got time to play these games.
Aren't you curious about who I'm gonna kill? Or do you only care about yourself? That's your rep these days, isn't it, D-Day? I don't give a damn what you think about me.
Then I'm gonna make you care.
I'm gonna carve away at Deion Elliot, the man, the myth, the legend, bit by bit.
Find what lies beneath.
Beneath what? You're the one wearing a costume.
I'm wearing armor.
That's the only way to survive high school these days, isn't it? But I'm gonna find the seams, stick my knife in it and cut through your bone and meat until it scrapes against what matters most.
- Oh, yeah, what's that? - The truth.
Who you are, who your friends are on the inside.
The only question is, who dies first? Kym? Amir? Manny? Beth? Liv? - You stay away from her.
- Too late.
She just got to the party.
- But will she make it out? - Okay, okay.
- I'll play.
- Then come to the Old Metro Station.
Better hurry, or there's gonna be blood on your hands and mine.
- Amir?! - You actually know my name? Shut up! You the one messing with me? I don't know what you're talking about, I swear.
- Then why are you here? - I went to Shane's party.
And it sounded dead, so I came back here to get my DJ equipment.
I keep it in my locker so my parents won't find it.
What about the costume? - SHANE: Welcome, welcome.
- MAN: Thanks, brother.
Whoa, Deion Elliot, I'll be damned! Now it's a party.
Don't sound like it.
Oh, yeah, that's the point.
We don't want cops shutting us down.
But wait till you get inside.
Oh, it's a silent disco.
That's why I didn't hear anything before.
So, your DJ situation? Oh, it's lit.
We got DJ Wysper spinning as we speak.
You said I could talk to Fade about it.
- Well, where is he? - Ah He's around here somewhere.
- Could you be a little more specific? - No, no, I can't.
Everybody knows that nobody knows who Fade really is, you know? Kinda like Banksy or Batman.
- Everyone knows who Batman is.
Oh, wait, whoa.
One more thing you gotta put on first.
- You'll love this.
- How you know about this? - About what? All I know is it's Halloween and girls love theme parties.
- AMIR: We going inside or what? - No, we not.
Go home.
- What? No.
Why? - I got my reasons.
Just go in the house, lock the door and keep your head down.
That's literally every other night of my life.
- So, what if I don't? - Ima tell your parents where you at.
Best be on my way, then.
So, you satisfied? With the party? Yes.
With you, not yet.
KYM: Boom! Hand on boob.
Pay up.
- Adios, Mr.
Big fan of your play.
Please tell me you didn't bring me here just so we can watch other people make out.
I brought you here so you'd get in the game.
So pick a dude, any dude, and ask him to dance.
- See where it goes from there.
- I hate dancing.
Name one thing you don't hate.
Admittedly, harder than it should be.
- I do love Midtown.
- Too good for your own hood, huh? We both used a fake address to get into Weaver, Kym.
- Pretty sure it was your idea.
- I was thinking about our future.
It's all about academics for us right now.
So, I guess you're right.
The romantic stuff can wait.
Well, Midtown is my future.
It's where I can be myself.
Just gotta make it these five months.
Survive high school and move a hundred blocks to Georgia Tech.
Five months and a hundred blocks.
That's my plan.
So, what's your sad sack, no-dancing-self gonna do if I don't get into Tech? Don't even.
I'll burn the place down if you don't.
What the hell, Avery? I'm sorry.
I had to do it.
I saw you walk in.
I couldn't take my eyes off you.
Because whatever we've been doing, it's done.
Are you even going to give me a chance to explain? I don't need you to explain something I already understand, so understand this.
I would never be with somebody who says those kinds of things.
I get it.
All right.
Yeah, you and Deion, huh? No, you don't get it, because I'm not some trophy for you to win.
No, babe, wait.
I told you, don't call me "babe" and don't touch me ever again.
I thought you were different, but I guess you're just like all the rest.
Drop dead, Avery.
- I'm here.
- GHOSTFACE: You look scared.
You're the one scared to show your face.
I'm right beside you.
And I brought a real knife with me this time.
Told you I was here.
So here's the game.
I want you to confess your deepest, darkest secret to your new friends.
- Man, I hardly know any of them.
- Good.
That'll make baring your soul to them all the more humiliating.
Look, I had reasons for doing what I did.
Let them be the judge of that when they see who you really are on the inside.
If you don't, you'll be seeing the insides of someone else or maybe your own.
- Deion, you're bleeding.
- I know.
I know.
It's okay.
No, it's not okay.
We need to talk.
Yeah, I know that, too.
Come on.
Hey, is there any way everybody can hear me through their headphones? [MIC FEEDBACK SQUEALING.]
- Hey, everybody, you with me? - [MUSIC STOPS.]
- I need to talk to the Breakfast Club.
So if you know what that mean, get your ass on the bus.
Look, y'all gotta leave.
Okay? Y'all in danger.
We supposed to leave the best party of the year? - Boy, you crazy.
- DEION: Kym, I'm being serious.
Somebody's threatening to kill one of y'all.
Let me guess: Ghostface.
This doesn't make any sense.
- I know, I know.
- MANNY: No, I don't think you do.
Not that many at school even know who the rest of us are, so why would anyone wanna kill us? This is about Marcus, isn't it? - How do you know about Marcus? - I was about to ask the same thing.
I had a brother named Named Marcus.
We went out on Halloween when we was kids.
I got you, bruh.
No, I got you.
Help! Help me! Help me! Come on! Help me! Help me! Help me! DEION: I left him there.
I left my twin brother to die.
I got ahold of the cops and my mom, but I didn't run fast enough.
By the time we got back, Marcus was dead.
Now somebody is wearing this costume I mean, we all are, and threatening to kill all of us.
It could be a sick prank or joke or whatever, but I don't want to take the chance of somebody else getting hurt because of me.
All right? So, please, just leave.
Come on, Manny, let's go.
Liv, I'm not that person anymore.
Okay, I made a bad decision.
It's gonna haunt me the rest of my life.
I don't even know It's okay, Deion.
I know the feeling.
- Hello? - AVERY: Where you going, Beth? I like your piercings.
I have something else you can stick in your face.
Oh, yeah? - Depends on who's doing the sticking.
- Who do you want me to be? Well, definitely not Avery Collins who hooked up with me at that blackout kegger freshman year, then never called me again, and whose number I still have in my phone for some reason.
AMIR:? Is he dead? Asking for real this time.
BETH: I don't know.
It's so different than the movies.
- I'm gonna be sick.
- Come on.
Puke over here.
- I thought I told you to go home.
- I slipped in the back.
I didn't wanna miss this.
- The party, I mean.
- Hey, who cares? We gotta bounce.
The cops are gonna be here any minute.
My dad is a cop.
I I do not wanna be here when he shows up.
Cops only around when you don't want them to be.
Screw this.
You're all on your own.
Shane's right, we gotta find somewhere to go and figure this out.
Go where? I know a place.
KYM: So somebody has it out for Deion.
What the hell does that have to do with the rest of us? And why are we in this janky tattoo shop? Because I work here.
Can't answer the other question, though.
Look, I don't know, all right? I don't know how y'all got caught up.
Or maybe you were right.
Maybe it's just a prank.
Someone died, Manny.
A prank that went too far, okay? Maybe it'll just stop.
KYM: Mm-mm.
"Show me your insides"? - What does that mean? - It means we're in a horror movie.
That's your life, Edward Scissorhands.
- Not ours.
- Okay, that's not even a horror movie.
And it's your life now, too.
Don't you guys get it? We're being hunted by a killer here.
Killers have codes and horror has rules.
Wait, I didn't know that horror had a playbook.
Well, it does, and it plays by it, meaning I've got some bad news, you guys.
We're not the type of characters to make it to the end.
- What are you talking about? - Okay.
Relax, Princess.
You have "Final Girl" potential.
The rest of us, goth, geek, gay, not a chance.
We're usually the first body that drops.
Okay, well, what about me and Kym? Don't take this the wrong way, but you guys are black.
In horror, that's pretty much an insta-kill.
But Avery was one of the whitest people I've ever seen.
I mean, he practically glowed in the dark, so why did he die? Because he wasn't who he said he was.
On the inside.
Deion's right.
Avery pretended to be a nice guy, but deep down, he was a total racist.
Does that jive with your freaky rules? Let's hope not.
Because if that's the killer's game, we're not the Breakfast Club.
We're the Deadfast Club.
And I'm pretty sure we're all gonna die.
If we were trapped in a horror movie - [MAN GRUNTS.]
How do we survive? The type of horror movies that Beth's talking about are white people in white people places, making dumb white people mistakes.
Smith & Wesson got my back.
Storage closets are a classic horror hiding place.
We're already getting cut up left and right.
Your brother is alive, Deion, and I can prove it.