SeaChange (1998) s04e07 Episode Script

Paradise Reclaimed (7)

1 Kevin, what happened to my house? I think the last king tide would have been the final straw.
So I sell you my caravan park for nothing, and then later you give me double its real value back? You'll be selling to a trust that I have nothing to do with.
A trust called Jelly Enterprises? You need to address me as your honour.
Well, how about I address you as a massive pain in the arse? Ignore them, their marriage is a bit of a train wreck.
Who else is gonna fight to keep this place free from sand mining and fined $500,000 so that I can build my marine centre? Radio Riley here, folks, all the way around the Bay.
But whose bay is it anyway, eh? You see, I had a listener phone up this morning to ask what's with all this argy-bargy going on at the caravan park? Looks like a mass exodus, they tell me.
So if you know anything, pick up the phone and give us a call.
Hold up, hold up, I'll help you out.
Oh, thank you.
You're very dressed up for someone who's unemployed.
Well, as a matter of fact, I start my new job today.
That's going to put a dent in your kayaking schedule.
What have Striplands got you doing now? Head of habitat destruction? Not working for Striplands.
Still local though.
Actually, that was part of the attraction.
And the crying baby in the office next door and the almost daily character assassinations from my neighbour, yeah, all a joy.
No, it's a big developer from Hong Kong.
They brought me on as an environmental consultant.
- Do you know what they're developing? - Not yet.
But if you play your cards right, I just might tell you when I find out.
What's with all the worldly possessions? Can you sign this reference for me? "Stone Bolt is hard-working, diligent and personable.
" Got it off the web.
What do you need a reference for? Oh, I'm shifting back in with Mum on the south coast.
There's a job going down there with Parks and Fauna.
They're building an animal rescue centre.
Stone, no, no, no, no, no.
You'll be fine.
Let's be honest, there's not a lot going on here and that's not the real reason I'm going.
I've been evicted from the caravan park.
Why would Kevin evict you? He didn't.
He's still away.
The new owners did.
What's going on here, Bob? Don't look at me, I'm just carrying out orders.
Who would order you to evict the entire population - of the caravan park? - Don't worry, it's only temporary, and they get first priority, absolutely first priority, once the doors are open again.
On what? One some 20 storey apartment monstrosity? 10 storey.
And they left out the word 'luxury'.
They left out the word 'insane'! This is your bloody Pearl, isn't it? What happened to reinventing yourself? You won't get away with it.
You're bankrupt.
And Kevin would never agree to this anyway.
I don't think Kevin will care now he's sold the caravan park.
I don't believe you.
Oh, look, I'd love to stay and shoot the breeze, Laura, but I'm a busy, busy man.
Kevin? Laura Gibson, call me back when you can, please.
It's urgent.
This says Jelly Enterprises.
It makes no sense.
He's not even legally allowed to run a business.
No way.
- Princess! - Dad! - Jules? - What's with the welcoming committee? - Surprise! - Just local peasants.
Jules! Is it really you? Dad and I decided to make it a surprise.
We know how much you love surprises.
Everyone, everyone, folks, folks, may I present the new face of Jelly Enterprises? Jules Jelly? The one and only Jules Jelly.
All right, calm down, calm down.
I just want to say a few words.
Firstly, I'm thrilled to bits to have Jules back home.
She is the crucial part of my plan for the future of our town.
Paint us a picture, Bob.
Imagine if you will cocktail hour on your very own private jetty.
Yes, basking in a golden sunset.
Forget the jetties! You've pushed people out of their home.
Well, that's a small price to pay for - Sorry, Dad, can I - .
long-awaited progress, Miranda.
Before we go on, there's an oversight that we'd like to address.
Starting with an unreserved apology for any distress caused by the poorly handled eviction from the caravan park.
Eh? I'm arranging interim accommodation for all of you.
And we're happy to help with any of your storage needs.
Who's forking out for that? As we build this flagship development, we are determined to work with the entire community to promote local businesses, all the while preserving the unique environment that makes this place is so special.
Look, let me take a look around here for a bit and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions at the pub.
I'll shout you all a beer.
Look at her, rocking those heels.
You think they help? - Help what? - With the power trip? Just amazed she can walk in those.
Oh, I bet she can run, Zac.
I bet she can run.
Welcome home, Princess.
Welcome home.
How good is this? All back together.
I was just telling Jules how hard it is for a business minded man to be in a town that won't let me flex my muscle.
Meaning you're an ex-con on parole and a bankrupt who can't run the company? There's no need to be blunt, Princess.
Your vision for the Pearl, Dad, is genius.
With a few tweaks, it'll be brilliant.
- What sort of tweaks? - We can discuss it later.
- Oh! - But right now I just can't believe you're here.
Here's to the Pearl.
Hear, hear.
The Jelly's greatest legacy and the crowning glory of Pearl Bay.
And Jules, your room is still exactly as we left it, even the posters of the Backstreet Boys because I know that You love it that way.
Thanks, Mum.
I'll go settle in.
- Robert.
- Ow! You have to stop pretending that we are living under the same roof.
You need to make Jules aware of our situation.
Darl', our brilliant daughter is a sophisticated woman of the world who's about to save this town's bacon.
We cannot allow her to be dragged down by our petty concern.
Robert Jelly.
Kevin's home and mine are not petty concerns.
You need to understand that you can't just bulldoze your way around.
Yes? You need to take a long, hard .
look at yourself.
I know how much you loved living at Kev's caravan park with the surf right there and your veggie patch.
Yep, it sucks.
I'll lose all my zucchinis, there's a batch of tomatoes that only need another day or two Maybe you shouldn't roll over so easily.
Stand up and fight.
Is it even worth the effort? Money wins every time.
Have you ever heard of squatters rights? - I did that once.
- Were you a squatter? Well, more of a starving artist but it goes hand-in-hand.
I changed the locks, they couldn't get me out.
You can do that? Don't look at me, no.
I'm really sorry about your home but I can't be part of this conversation.
Of course you can do it, it's your home, mate.
It's worth fighting for.
But they've already put up those wire fences.
We can fix that.
To get to the other side Get to the other side Get to the other side Get to the other side.
- Oh, it's lovely.
- Oh, really? So, Jules is your Hong Kong honcho it turns out.
- Hi! - Yeah! - And a local, I hear.
- Yeah, you've come a long way - since high school.
- Has she told you what a nightmare I was in high school yet? No! I definitely was but I appreciate you pretending to forget.
- Oh, yeah.
- There's so much to catch up on.
Apparently you've got a new addition.
Who's the lucky father? I've got no idea! Well, I will have to hear all the gory details - over a drink sometime.
- Yeah, cool.
Oh, don't forget our meeting, Findlay.
I look forward to it.
Me too.
Me three.
She's impressive.
"And in 2017, lawyer turned property developer Jules Jelly launched her first zero carbon" Lawyer.
with solar panels and vertical forests.
" Hey, Miranda.
Jules, hi! I was just in with Fin working on the Pearl.
He mentioned you've got plans for a marine centre? Uh Yeah, no, it's something that I've been campaigning for for a few years on and off.
More off than on lately, I guess? Because of Joe.
Yeah, well he's been my main focus for a little while.
Of of course.
So, your work seems to be very environmentally focused.
The central part of the package these days.
To be honest, I'm driven by all kinds of ambition but being able to help the environment is a bonus.
It must feel good.
So, do you have a prospectus? Your marine centre would be a fantastic addition to the Pearl.
I don't think so.
Is it the idea of working with Jelly Enterprises? Yeah.
Look, your marine centre could be this town's saving grace.
Something to show for the years of work you've put in to protecting Pearl Bay.
Look, we're under a bit of time pressure though, so we'd need to send a submission in within the next 48 hours.
Think about it.
Can I ask you about Fin? Yeah.
We've just been getting along really well.
I don't want to step on any toes.
Oh, no, we're not He's single.
It's good to know.
You OK? What on earth possessed you to tell Jules Jelly about my marine centre? Vision.
Personal ethics? OK, you might feel comfortable being owned by the Jellys - but I don't.
- Well, just say no then, Miranda.
I put forward an environmentally positive asset because that's what I always try and do.
It's quite literally what my job is as an environmental consultant.
I don't think it's really fair to lump Jules Jelly in - with her father.
- Are you serious? You've only been here five minutes.
I could be wrong but she seems a tad more professional, don't you think? Your marine centre is a great idea, and you've got nothing to lose.
I can help you get your act together.
Gee, thanks! Wait.
I understand that this was your home but it's about to become a construction site.
Stone, just bugger off.
Or we'll sue you for every construction hour we lose.
Go for it, I can only pay in veggies.
I'm so sorry to have to get you guys involved.
Don't you apologise for this.
It's their job.
Yeah, it's not like Lil and I have anything better to do.
Lil? Are you Lillian? You were only a kid when I left.
No more chubby cheeks.
Mum says I've got great bone structure.
No, no, that's what I meant.
I'd kill for that jawline.
Oh, thanks.
Bob, can we just talk about this? There's no need to be so aggressive.
He cut a bloody great hole in the new fence and he's refusing to leave.
So cuff him and get him out of here.
Sorry, Stone, you probably will have to move on.
It is a construction zone.
No, I'm sending my ground.
You haven't got any ground to stand on anymore! I know this is awkward but we're kind of on a timeline with Earthworks.
- Stone! - This is my home and I'm not going anywhere.
Is it absolutely necessary to press charges against Stone? He just wanted access to his garden.
Surely we can sort this without going to court.
No, there's a principle at stake.
You let one off lightly and then before you know it, the whole lot of them are jumping over the fence.
Do you hear yourself, Bob? He's just a kid.
It seems like you have a personal interest in the case, Laura.
If we take it to court, you'd have to step aside.
That would be a pity, wouldn't it? It'd be pretty hard to find another magistrate.
It's hardly a valid reason to drop a case.
Hello? Hi.
Laura, I am so sorry about what happened back there.
It's nothing personal, you know what Dad's like.
I do.
And I understand you have strong feelings about the development.
I was talking to Findlay and I remembered where your land is.
Used to be.
- So I feel for you.
- Thanks.
But the marine centre is a positive.
I'm thrilled to be working with Miranda.
- Sorry - This is cute.
Did you just say you and Miranda? She didn't tell you? I know, who would have thought.
But it would be a wonderful extension to the Pearl.
I'd hate to see it all fall over over something silly like construction works.
What do you mean? Oh, no.
I just know Miranda would love your support.
But I will leave you to it.
A marine centre to inspire visitors with wonder for our oceans and the life within them, with guided tours over the reef, interactive historical and futuristic displays all premised on a marine protection zone spanning the entire breadth of Pearl Bay.
This is what you've been sitting on? - You don't think it's over the top? - No way.
You kidding? It's ambitious.
I love your passion.
Nothing wrong with telling people how you feel, is there? Hey.
Mum, hi.
We're working.
- On your marine centre? - Who told you? One guess.
Should I go? Yeah, that's fine.
You don't think it all sounds a bit too good to be true? I don't want to miss out on opportunity based on ancient history and old grudges.
Jelly Enterprises is not ancient history.
- Jules isn't necessarily her dad.
- No, she's far more impressive.
Look, this isn't how I imagined my marine centre happening.
But all my imagining is getting me absolutely nowhere.
I'm a single mum and I am telling people to stop using plastic bags and stay off the plovers' nests and fish in the right spot.
This is actually my chance to make a proper difference.
You do make a difference.
Every day.
Just promise me you'll keep your eyes wide open.
So they're still gonna press charges? I don't know but I've really backed myself into a corner with this one.
Surely Stone just needs some kind of shit hot legal representation.
Oh, yeah.
Oh god, I should go.
You should stay, you should definitely stay.
We have to go Laura.
You remember my ex-wife? And ex-magistrate.
Well, this is synchronicity.
You replaced me, now I'm replacing you.
And Port Deacon's been keeping me busy.
We recently pulled apart a drug smuggling ring.
Would you believe the local pharmacist was the brains behind the operation? Good to hear you kicking goals.
You know me.
Love a challenge.
I'm surprised they could spare you at such short notice.
A legal rep from Jelly Enterprises put the call in saying it was urgent.
Jelly Enterprises, that's a name you can't forget.
They said she was full of hot air, making demands for almost any other magistrate.
Sorry, don't take it personally.
I'm sure it wasn't directed at you.
I'll be your lawyer.
I doubt I can afford you, you're really good.
Thanks but what if I said I was pro bono? - I like him too, but - No, no, I mean for free.
I'll represent you for nothing.
- Really? - Yeah, that's what I'm offering.
In fact, I insist.
Right, so, it's war.
I just need to see your paperwork -- receipts, gardening implements, maintenance, anything.
Did Kevin give you a lease? He's more of a handshake type guy.
There you go.
Have a New Man.
- It's great.
- I think so.
You doing OK here? Yeah.
It's been all right.
Pretty slow, picks up on the weekends.
I honestly thought that you'd never stay.
Neither did I.
I'm glad we were wrong.
What about you? What about me? How's your bloke? It hasn't been the perfect love story.
It's over.
I'm sorry to say it but I could see it coming.
How are you, darling? Hey! Is it true that you representing Stone against the Jellys? Someone has to protect his rights.
Rather than your daughters.
Not helping, Stella! Neither are you, Mum, because if you win and the evictees go back, that means you've shafted Miranda's Marine Park.
How about that? I am simply defending an innocent man, otherwise he'd be out on his own with no resources.
I think you're trying to prove a point.
I'm doing my job, like you are.
We're two professional women doing what we think is best for professional reasons.
Yeah, nothing to do with that other magistrate getting up your nose? Or proving yourself to your teenage nemesis? My money's on you, mum.
So, since Mr Bolt has limited financial resources, I have offered to assist him.
It's highly irregular.
I'm aware of that, but I'd be grateful for the court's discretion.
All right.
In this special instance, I'll allow you - to act as his legal support.
- Thank you, your honour.
The defendant claims adverse possession.
- Squatters rights? - Yes.
The caravan park has provided low-cost accommodation for tourists and transients since its establishment in 1934.
Mr Bolt has lived there for many years without a written agreement and in that time he has performed significant improvements.
Such as? A portico, vegetable garden, the produce from which he shares with his neighbours.
- And a kubb pitch, your honour.
- Kubb? A Scandinavian yard game, I believe.
A combination of chest and bocce.
I can see improvements have been made to the premises.
And you have my sympathy.
However, given the land was sold prior to the claim and given the defendant has no formal lease, he doesn't satisfy the requirements to claim adverse possession.
I find his occupation unlawful.
Consider this a warning, Mr Bolt.
Thank you, your honour.
Mr and Miss Jelly, construction is free to continue.
Mr Bolt will be appealing this decision, your honour.
Of course.
Court adjourned.
All stand.
Don't worry, Stone.
It's not over.
Bloody hell.
That's a first full survey of the reef in about 10 years.
Yeah, it actually looks really good, considering the general battering it's taken with pollution and warming.
I reckon between your footage and mine, there should be enough for me to update those old maps in my proposal.
For sure.
I was thinking, a glass viewing station with a walkway all the way out from the marine centre.
- Mm.
- Too much? No way.
I mean, there's not many reefs of that quality so close to the shoreline.
It's brilliant.
It would cost a bomb though, constructing something like that.
Oh yeah.
Big business means big money.
Think you're getting the hang of it.
Do you reckon that Jelly Enterprises would support something like that? I honestly can't see why not.
I mean, she's financed some of the first zero-carbon high-rises - in Hong Kong.
- Did you ask or did you Google? Google.
And you didn't? What else did you find out? She has 7000 Instagram followers.
- It was just duediligence, like you.
- Mm.
Hey, how did you go? Pretty crap.
I lost.
Oh, mate, I'm so sorry.
It's fine.
It'll be good for the marine centre.
Oh Laura! I wasn't expecting to see you back here.
Thought I'd make some space for you.
I know that wasn't the outcome that you wanted in there today.
I'm happy to follow due process.
Must be a very difficult situation for you.
More difficult for Stone.
He's homeless.
I was referring to the application.
Pardon? Sorry, I assumed somebody would have told you.
I've applied for the magistrates position.
What? I wasn't sure that you wanted the job.
You're only on the reserve list as a part timer.
The Justice Department has suggested that I stay put until they make a decision.
Here? In my office? Laura.
I'm allergic to orchids.
Do you mind? Oh, hi.
Consolation prize? I take it you heard about my defeat.
Small town.
My ex is making her presence felt.
She certainly is.
She's after my job.
- Yeah, she told me.
- Oh.
You heard it from her.
- Yeah, we've been speaking.
- Uh-huh.
Obviously, there's unfinished business there.
- Yeah.
- There's stuff to sort out.
Maybe you should just jump right back in and finish it then.
- Hang on - No, no.
It's OK, I get it, I should have seen the signs.
No, no, no.
I don't think you do get it.
You were on the rebound and I have made more than enough bad decisions.
What's happening here between us is not Not a bad decision.
No, I didn't think so.
But maybe we should just press pause of us for a while.
Can we? All right then.
- Oh, hey.
- Hi.
- Tea? - Oh, no thanks.
I'm here to grab Miranda.
We finally got a date to play pool.
She's at a long, no doubt pretentious and expensive lunch in Port Deacon.
With Jules.
Oh right.
So she stood me up for Miss Hong Kong, hey? Sorry, I heard the other news.
Clara wanting your job.
You're going to have to put a stop to that.
I'm not sure I can.
It's out of my control.
I know that feeling.
I thought my life was going in one direction and then it wasn't.
Well, I thought I had a home until it fell into the ocean! What's that all about? I don't know.
What's the universe trying to tell us? Time to move on out of here? Pity your house couldn't take a walk inland like the magic gumtree, hey? What magic gumtree? Oh, Buckets was obsessed with it.
He swore that when the walkers owned your property, the tree was just inside the fence line, and then just before you moved in, it took a walk straight up the hill.
So, this contract says my land was 800 square metres.
Wow, that's much more than what's in the water! - That's probably about half of that.
- Really? Yeah.
This is probably about 400 square metres so if you went back that much again, you'd probably end up about .
uh there? - Where the old tree is.
- Yeah.
On the Walker fenceline! So all this land was mine? You didn't realise that when you bought the place? Zac, my whole life had just exploded, I didn't even know what day it was.
Well, there should be a surveyor's map - with the contract.
- Who knows where that is.
It's probably washed away with all my other things.
Oh, um The map.
The map on the wall in your office.
Clara's office right now.
You need to get it for me.
Oh, the map is courthouse property so that would be a bit like stealing.
No, I just want to borrow it.
Look, I would love to help you .
but Clara scares me so I don't think I can.
Well, don't I scare you? Yeah, yeah, you do.
But just not as much.
I'm sorry.
Uh I've got to get to the pub.
Zac! It's Tuna Tuesday.
The mornay sells out real quick.
All right, a pool date is a pool date.
Would a phone call have killed her? I feel really bad for Laura, you know, but I can't take it.
Take what? - The map.
- She even called me when I got back from Queensland and we were just starting to get back to normal.
- What map? - On the wall.
- What wall? - In her office.
You know what's even ruder is that she asked me to play.
And now she just stands me up.
I hate saying no to her but it's like she and Clara are the bread and I'm just like the Corned Silverside caught in the middle, you know? Yeah, no phone call, no message, no nothing.
If my best friend can't even show up for me, then yeah, maybe I do need to move on.
Where are you going? Special delivery for your demanding ex-wife.
She insists on Tuesday Tuna to go.
We don't do delivery.
But you can give me that bag.
Hello? This is a nice surprise.
Oh, hi.
Yeah, I was I just bought you your food.
And you're taking a picture? Yeah, it's some handyman stuff.
I'm going to clean the glass.
Hey, take a seat.
We can share.
I got heaps.
Look, no, I won't, thank you.
The Tuna Tuesday, I ate some before.
But I'll get this back get this back to you tomorrow.
Off to deal with the devil? Get a job.
Found this at the door, smells kind of musty.
Mm? Think that might be for me.
bring the space into the 21st-century.
That might be harder than we think.
I don't know.
Fingers crossed.
Oh, hey.
Thought you might be here.
I've finished my proposal.
Let's have a look.
I hope that's what you're after.
No, it looks fantastic.
The pictures of the reef are beautiful.
And the underwater observation room is a stroke of genius.
Dad, hi.
Miranda, this is so good.
OK, I'll meet you there.
Apparently your mum's back in the court again.
She just refuses to back off my caravan park.
It had been my belief that the rear boundary of my property was on my fenceline but according to the .
Pearl Bay Shire Allotment map, exhibit A, and this enlargement, exhibit B, my property is actually 400 square metres bigger than I realised it was.
And it in fact extends into exactly the area Jelly Enterprises intend to use as an access way.
The existing development application is therefore invalid and a new accurate one must be submitted and approved by all neighbours, including myself.
But you're not a neighbour, you're house fell on the drink.
Only half of it, Bob.
Someone obviously shifted the fence before I moved in.
Ms Gibson's points are valid and supported by the law.
Since the boundaries of Ms Gibson's property were misrepresented in the original sale, the current DA is provided by Jelly Enterprises is invalid.
The court has no choice but to uphold the legal rights of all other registered interest in the land.
All work on the site is to cease immediately.
Bombshell ruling.
Thanks, Zac.
Thank you so much for your help.
I really appreciate it.
With what? I didn't do that.
Hey, aren't those against uniform policy? Not in Italy.
Or against nature? They're an experiment.
I was trying to see if they'd make me feel powerful.
And? No.
They may have done permanent damage.
Really? No, seriously.
I don't think I can walk to the car.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Thank you very much.
Can we quicken this up? Glass nice and clean now? Yeah, sparkling.
Stealing from a courthouse is up to seven years.
Well, technically, I was just borrowing it.
She must really mean something to you.
You've certainly become a part of this community.
Look, if you coming back has anything to do with me You don't have to say it.
I'm not taking the magistrates job.
It was fun while it lasted.
All 15 years of it.
The last 12 months has been pretty crappy for me.
Just so you know.
I don't want to make you feel bad.
I should go.
We did our best, Jules.
I don't want you thinking that you've failed in any way.
You're the one who's failed, Dad.
Pulling a cheap stunt like that, what were you thinking? Come on, it was a long time ago, I don't even remember if it was me.
They'll have a hell of a time trying to prove it, I tell you.
The point is, we just have to reimagine our vision.
The point is I have been humiliated by you and this town.
What are my investors gonna think? Put them on the backburner.
It'll blow over.
Yes, yes, a break, Jules, that's all you need.
You mean give up? Sorry, that's not how I do things.
Oh, and you two can stop the act.
I know you've broken up and Dad's sleeping in the shed.
I'm not completely stupid.
Sorry, Mum, I am not talking to you at the moment.
My bloody mother! What? Couldn't she pick a different battle? I mean, did you expect her to do nothing? Not helping.
I'm just so - Agitated.
- Again, not helping.
I was so close.
So close.
I don't know, I can't I don't know what to do.
I can't work, I just All right, start by not trashing the place.
Can you just do something to help, please? What What was that? Helping? You are so inappropriate.
Should we just think about this? I've been thinking about this for a long time.
wish for you to go Rough down that old road You're making my heart low Lost in that old world Can I Sure.
I want you to know I've applied for the permanent contract.
I just have to wait for a decision from the department.
Clara left this morning.
So there won't be any competition.
And I told her it was over between us.
I overreacted yesterday.
I'm just glad you didn't throw that pot plant at my head.
Apology accepted then? You didn't actually apologise.
No, I didn't.
Did I? Maybe I did.
I think you should say sorry.
I think you should look me in the eye with feeling and say you were right and I was wrong.
I didn't think I'd mean it.
- Really? - No.
Well, that's just great.
How the hell do we have so many glasses? It's a pub, darling.
I'm glad that's sorted out.
This is Jules Jelly speaking, CEO of Jelly Enterprises.
I was wanted to speak to your operations manager.
Tell her I've got a proposition for her.
My front veranda's someone out there.
I can see how you'd miss waking up to this view.
Nowhere else has felt like home since then, you know? Not London, not Africa.
And now I'm back to living in a share house.
Every Tuesday night, I share my living room with half the town fighting over a dance competition.
We haven't organised our lives very well, have we? Nope.
I guess there are some consolations.
Hey, maybe that tree should be protected.
- What tree? - The magic one that saved the case.
Oh! Yeah, except that's not really magic, someone just moved the fence.
A mysterious benevolence force? Yeah.
Really? Yeah.
I'd much rather believe the tree walked up the hill.
The tree walked up the hill.
No, the tree run at the hill.
In high heels.
Don't wanna live in a city My friends tell me I'm changing The smell of salty air Is what I'm chasing You probably think I'm mad But it feels good to me Because, from now on, I'll live as close as I can To the sea.