SEAL Team (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

Outside the Wire

1 Previously on SEAL Team.
I don't think that I can be with you anymore.
I'm sorry.
Andres Doza, the head of the most lethal cartel in Mexico.
He executed an American DEA agent.
MARTINEZ: Lieutenant Lopez is not going on this raid.
It's too dangerous.
I'm from Telporo.
I'm known there.
Hard to trust a soldier who doesn't fight.
It's good to see you reconsidered.
Stand by, exfil and SSE.
Collect all phones and anything you can find.
We don't move now, the HVT is gone.
Why isn't Jason pursuing? Well, the target was Gonzalez.
Are you questioning me right now, Mandy? We don't stand a chance of getting Doza if your head is back home.
- Give me the phones.
- Here you go.
That's from Doza.
" Marked for death.
My family.
Now do you understand? (FLAGPOLE CREAKING) Morning.
You, uh you sleep last night? Did I sleep last night? Whoa Ah, just worked on my Cirque Du Soleil routine all night.
Next time I'll bring my wires.
(LAUGHS) Yeah.
Now that's the Jason Hayes I know.
Always turning to a synthesis of circus dance styles to ease your mind.
Thinking about Mike and Emma? Yeah.
You got a lot going on, brother.
Doesn't leave a lot of time for yourself, you know, you you to process all you've been through.
Got to have a clear head for this mission.
What's that mean? I'm clear.
I'm crystal clear.
I know.
But you blaming yourself for Lopez's situation does not help.
See, I challenged Lopez and he took the bait.
And now the man's family is marked for death.
That's just war, brother.
Bad things happen to good people.
Lord knows we've seen plenty of that, right? But you get yourself personally involved in trying to change that reality, there's no way we can get the job done.
(PHONES BEEP) Oh, work calls.
(INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) ERIC: Right, Bravo 1, this is Havoc Base.
Continue moving straight ahead north.
Approximately 400 meters.
JASON (OVER RADIO): Copy, Havoc.
We'll update you once we have eyes on.
Until then, we're flying blind.
While Doza is popping bottles, living like a royal, we're cooped up in this van looking for a burner phone.
RAY: Looks like all the numbers we got off the phones in the Gonzalez raid were dead within an hour except this one.
Whoever owns this cell, they're connected to Andres Doza.
It's a good lead.
I still got a bad feeling.
You and your bad feelings.
All right, 100 meters.
From your 12 o'clock, you'll hit a market square.
Phone's pinging from that location.
You follow the guy who has that phone, he'll lead us right to Doza.
DAVIS: He's moving pretty slow, sir.
It appears the HVT's on foot.
Bravo 1, be advised.
HVT is likely on foot.
You see anything? Yeah, I see a lot of things.
How are we supposed to know who this guy is? Havoc, we got nothing out here.
Anything else you can give us? Bravo 1, we read his location as 70 meters north of your pos.
60 meters.
30 meters.
All right, boys.
We're here.
Right here.
Havoc, this is 1, we're pursuing on foot.
Bravo 1, this is Havoc.
HVT appears to be 15 meters north of your position; you should see him.
Dial his phone to positively I.
him when he picks up.
All we have is a phone number.
If we dial it, we might spook him.
Doesn't matter.
If you don't dial him, we're gonna lose him.
Dial it.
There's too many people out here.
(SIGHS) He's right.
Is he? All right, Bravo 1, stand by.
We're making the call.
Monero, call the target's cell phone, make sure that that caller I.
reads "unknown.
" Roger that, sir.
Stand by.
All stations, Havoc Base is gonna dial the possible HVT.
Key in on anyone who picks up their phone and acts in an erratic way.
Got him.
Guy in a blue Armani suit.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING) In the white Mercedes.
JASON: Havoc, this is 1.
We're following a white Mercedes.
Possible HVT.
Hello there.
- MAN (OVER PHONE): Yes? - Sending a photo in for I.
Put every FRS resource on it now.
Bravo 1, maintain eyes on.
A-firm, Havoc.
We still have him.
HVT is in a white Mercedes.
Trent, watch your distance.
Backing off.
Havoc, this is 1.
Target is still moving east.
On our three.
What's our rules of engagement? Don't fire unless fired upon.
Mad-dogging us kind of feels like engagement to me.
MANDY: Dante Vega.
Born in Guadalajara.
Long rap sheet for a 30-year-old.
Doza starts them young.
Most of his crimes link with people in businesses with cartel affiliation.
He was caught twice carrying marked bills.
He must be a bagman for the cartel.
He collects money around the city.
- This is good.
- Yeah.
Follow the money, it'll lead us right up the Doza food chain.
We could lose him if he turns his phone off.
How long to get a permanent surveillance team on him? An hour.
Then Bravo's gonna have to keep eyes on him until then.
Bravo 1, stay on target until CISEN can get surveillance team in place.
JASON (OVER RADIO): Roger that.
Bravo out.
Havoc, this is 1.
HVT is parked.
Heading into a Heading into a club at our 11 o'clock.
Business registration is to an LLC called Las Carpinteras Erótico.
Gentlemen's establishment.
It's a strip club.
Finally something I can be happy about.
We need somebody on the inside to keep eyes on him.
It's safer to wait for him to come out, right, boss? Guy's got to leave the strip club eventually.
That's debatable.
JASON: Know what, it could be a ditch point, a back way out, a tunnel it's-it's too risky.
Clay, Sonny, you're tourists on a bender.
Get inside.
Sending Sonny into a strip club.
Is that profiling, boss? My natural habitat there, Clay.
No offense taken.
(MAN WHOOPS) What do you say, Sonny? I say welcome to the promised land.
American, yes? Yeah.
You want a dance? Oh, he's got a girlfriend.
Oh, so do I.
Oh, you do? Yeah.
- Well, where is she? - (LAUGHS) (GRUNTS) This is why I love strip clubs.
Bravo 6, what's your status? Uh, we got eyes on him.
JASON: Check.
What's he doing? Yup, he's, uh, enjoying the scenery.
He didn't come in here to lose a tail.
Permanent surveillance team is 30 minutes out.
He moves, you let us know.
Captain America, we need to focus on the target, not on the lady, okay? Come on, just playing the part, buddy.
(GUNSHOTS) (SCREAMING) (MURMURS) SONNY: Bravo 1, three fighting-age males just engaged our HVT.
Hold fast, we're coming to you.
That's a negative.
We're solid.
The shooters just went out the back door.
(TIRES SCREECH) Our HVT was ambushed.
He's down hard.
Stone cold, boss.
(MAN SPEAKING SPANISH) SONNY: You know, if God was trying to cure me of, you know, strip clubs, today was a good start.
You know, what's that, uh, psychological term that they use? - "Negative association"? - Yeah, that's the one.
Yeah, maybe I'll take up Sunday brunch instead.
"Café" in Spanish means "coffee.
" You're just a regular Rosetta Stone, aren't you there, Sonny? (LAUGHS) Look at that, Bam Bam perking up.
- Coming out of his funk.
- RAY: Middle-of-the-day hit.
This place is more Wild West than Texas.
Hey, there's nothing more wild and West than Texas.
Don't get on my list, Ray.
What the hell happened out there? What? Vega didn't turn his phone off.
That's a capital offense in the Doza Cartel.
Jay, 20,000 soldiers, and in 24 hours they managed to weed out the one dude that didn't get with the program.
Those guys are smart and they don't play soft.
Yeah, but Mandy should've seen that coming.
She should have seen that coming, Ray.
It's hard to see a public execution coming, boss.
You can't fault her for not being able to see the future.
I can't fault her? She could've blown our cover.
Doza killed a DEA agent.
I hear you.
Look, we all want to get Doza, brother.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Need some help? Yeah, sure.
What you got? - SD, batteries.
- Got it.
Hey, you know, I, um, I never asked you about Danny, if you were okay.
Well, that's sweet of you to ask, but why are you asking now? - Just wondering.
- Eight months later? Yeah, you know, the way that you, uh, the way you dealt with it, never complaining, I mean, even though, I'm sure, something like that really hurt.
Yeah, well, it hurt like hell, but time helps.
Look, I know it's cliché, but it does, and friends really make a difference.
Everything okay with you and Stella? Perfect.
What are you two chuckleheads talking about? - Nothing.
- Nothing.
Oh, it don't sound like nothing.
Sonny, you just creeping on people, or do you need something? (WHISTLES) Just came to get my hat.
That's right.
Hook 'em, baby! (WHOOPS) What, is it always sunny in Doucheville? - (LAUGHS) - Why you got? You got, you got - your glasses on indoors, buddy.
- Let's go, let's go! - Bye.
(GUNSHOTS, SCREAMING) ERIC: Only thing they took was Vega's phone.
Left his bag of cash.
Definitely Doza's men who killed him.
JASON: Yeah, well, seems to me that somebody should've seen that one coming.
CISEN recovered the Mercedes.
GPS tells a story.
Backlog of addresses.
Multiple visits to local businesses likely under Doza's control: bars, nightclubs, construction companies.
- A-Any private residences? - RITA: No.
But one business stands out: uh, the Reyes Talent Agency.
Yes, it's legit and owned by a very successful businesswoman, Carla Reyes.
So why's a cartel bagman stopping by a business like that? Don't know, but there will be a Doza connection.
We just have to figure it out.
Yeah, figure it out.
We'll just figure it out right before you send us into another setup, Mandy.
Average work.
You know damn well that wasn't a setup.
What the hell was that? Really? That was me publicly questioning you.
Why? I'm sorry, do you not like that? You don't do that.
- Not to me.
- Oh, not to you? Okay.
You can just go to Harrington.
You can ask him questions and doubt my mission readiness here.
- That's fine, right? - Different.
Different? How's that different? That was me doing due diligence.
This was you reacting.
You doubted my mission readiness.
You doubted that.
Why? Why? Because you're not made of steel, Jason.
- You lost Alana.
- (GROANS) You waved off Mumbai.
You've been away from Ray for six months.
Why wouldn't I have doubts about where your head is at for an op like this? Next time you have doubts, just come to me.
Right? Talk to me, talk to me.
Oh, right, because Team guys are famous for talking about their feelings.
I'm sorry, feelings? What do feelings have to do with this? - You lost your wife, Jason.
- (GROANS) Your children have one parent now.
That feels like something, right? I don't know how those feelings might change decisions you make in the field.
Look, with D.
and SOCOM micromanaging this operation, everything had to be squared away, including you.
- I was doing my job.
- Just doing your job.
Just let it go.
You're here, right? Right, I'm here, Mandy.
I'm here with a knife in my back.
(ABRIL SPEAKING SPANISH) (CAR DOOR CLOSES) (SIGHS, CLEARS THROAT) (ABRIL CONTINUES SPEAKING SPANISH) As the Americans say, huh, another swing and a miss? It's not the first time an op's gone sideways on us, all right? We'll find a way.
Juan and Abril have been together for a very long time.
They're childhood sweethearts.
They're gonna be safe from Doza here.
I shouldn't have pushed him to go on the Gonzalez raid.
What's your story, Colonel? You married? - Sí.
- Yeah.
A wife and a son.
You're not worried about 'em? Ah, not anymore.
I sent them to Spain two years ago, outside of Doza's reach.
That's good.
Must be nice to know that, uh, they're safe.
Ah, safe only because they're 6,000 miles away from everything that they know and they love, from me.
- Meanwhile, Doza is still here.
- Yeah.
His daughters, they go to school maybe six miles from this very spot.
You have children? Yeah, I got two.
Their mother, if she's like my wife, she's a saint for putting up with all of this, right? She is a saint.
Too good for me.
They're all too good for us, Jason.
We'll find him.
We'll find him.
Hey, buddy, what are you doing? Oh, you know, just trying to get a little Skinemax.
We should get out of here, man.
Let's go, let's go back downtown and go hit another club or something, you know? (LAUGHS) I don't know if that's such a good idea there, Fabio.
Come on.
You're always hounding me how I need to get after it.
Let's go.
Let's get after it, buddy.
- Come on, let's go.
- L-Listen, I hate the fact you're forcing me to be the voice of reason right here, but a man was gunned down right in front of us, and you now want to go outside the wire - to go to another club? - Yup.
It's not happening.
You're losing your edge there, Sonny.
I suggest you go into your cage.
Call Stella.
She'll keep you from climbing the walls.
All right? I'm gonna sit here with an ice-cold beer.
- (SIGHS) Disappointed, buddy.
- Yep.
You have fun sitting on your little ice-cold beer there.
I will.
Carla Reyes.
Self-made, built her own talent agency.
No records, no criminal history.
A pillar of the community and very well-respected.
Why do I have the feeling you're about to take some of the shine off that respect? That's for sure.
Two of her clients models were found murdered last year.
Tortured and hanged.
So how does this connect Doza to them? We believe Carla Reyes has been providing "models" to the upper level of Doza's cartel.
Hooking them? Yes.
So, have the local PD bring in Ms.
Carla Reyes and make her squeal.
Not that easy.
High chance of leaks with the Mexican police.
MANDY: Doza would find out we're working her and the lead would go cold.
We need names from Carla.
So we got to bring her in without anybody knowing we have her.
Raid her house.
She lives in an upscale high-rise.
Tons of security.
Her office? RITA: Carla has hundreds of people working for her.
Cameras all over the place.
How does she get to work? Drives herself.
JASON: Drives herself? There you go.
Vehicle interdiction.
It's a two-car job.
Isolate her, the lead car boxes her in.
The follow car pulls alongside, makes the snatch, we take her car with us.
- ISR? - No.
A drone over the city would just stand out.
Let's just put a helo up.
Lot of choppers in the sky.
No one's gonna even blink.
I'm coming, too.
I need to help.
MARTINEZ: No, no, no.
You're out of the action.
You stay with your family.
Colonel I can't have your focus in two different places at the same time.
JASON: That's it.
That's the plan.
Go back, do whatever it is you need to do.
Sonny, take care of business.
Right? We'll meet back here at 1500.
See this right here? These boys, they play in a terrible land called Alabama.
It's full of bugs, it's all swampy.
They like to run their mouths a lot, and they wear these big old red shirts.
Now, the thing is, they ain't ever played against Vince Young.
He's a he's like a Greek god, and instead of throwing lightning bolts, he throws a football.
You with me? Now, he's a real American hero.
You know they can't understand you? Yes, they can.
It's all mental.
Give me the ball.
Here you are.
See? Huh? Now, look, this right here, this ain't no American football.
But when in Mexico, carpe diem.
Check this out.
Goal! You like that? That was good, right? Seems like the kids are holding up pretty good.
Tough like their dad.
I'd rather they be happy than tough.
They should be in school, not hiding behind walls.
The worse part? Doza's after my family, and I can't even take up the fight against him.
We're taking up the fight for you.
A few years back, a soldier I knew was marked for death.
He went underground.
When the cartel couldn't find him, they slit his wife and daughter's throats.
They marked his mother, his father, sister and her children.
And the only way he could save them, to stop Doza's men from slaughtering everyone he knew and loved, was to give himself up to the cartel.
They hung him from a bridge across the street from his sister's home.
It's not a happy ending, Lopez.
The rest of his family lived.
His death secured their lives.
Havoc Base, this is Bravo 6.
Got eyes on Reyes' vehicle.
She's about to come around a corner.
Got visual confirmation.
Target on the move.
Bravo 3, you in position? This is Bravo 3.
We're in position at the interdiction point.
DAVIS: We're tracking the target on ISR now.
She's about to hit the first roadblock.
So far, so good.
(BRAKES SQUEAK) Should be another right.
Two more turns, and she'll be there.
Bravo 1, be advised, target is still maintaining a course towards the interdiction point.
Good copy, Havoc.
Getting close to go time, boss.
Bravo 3, stand by.
HVT is heading your way.
Bravo 3 is ready to dance.
JASON: Bravo 6, how's your view? No walkers or joggers in the street.
Nearest car is three blocks behind.
Our window's opening.
HVT is one minute out.
Only got one shot at this, boys.
No pressure.
Bravo 3, we're turning the last corner.
SONNY: This is Bravo 3.
I have eyes on target.
All elements, on my mark.
Hey, h-hold up, hold up.
We got a train coming.
We got a train coming.
You got to be kidding me.
(BELLS RINGING) Come on, come on, come on, come on The hell is she doing? JASON: Havoc Base, this is 1.
I've got a major problem.
HVT is veering off course.
I say again, she is veering off course.
ERIC: Yeah, we're seeing it, Bravo 1.
We're canked.
Go ahead and RTB.
Window won't be there.
Damn it.
Find another window.
- Hey, we can do it another day.
- No! We're not waiting.
- (TRAIN HORN HONKING) - We're doing this tonight.
She goes down tonight.
Havoc, this is 1.
We're not taking a loss on this.
We need a new place to interdict.
CLAY: Hey, Bravo 1, she's about 120 meters ahead of you.
Up ahead.
This vacant lot.
There's not enough room.
If they're a few meters off, they're gonna be in full view of those apartment towers.
That's the only option I see.
Bravo 1, this is Havoc.
There is a vacant lot 500 meters ahead of you.
If you can funnel her in there, you'll have a chance.
JASON: Copy that.
We'll take her there.
Bravo 3, how copy? Havoc, this is Bravo 3.
I read you Lima Charlie.
We're two minutes out.
(TIRES SCREECH) (SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE) CLAY: All stations be advised, I've got an MCPD cruiser patrolling towards the new snatch point.
There's a chance that he makes us.
Can't risk them seeing us.
We got to distract those cops.
Sonny could handle the distraction, but we need both the cars for the V.
We got Clay.
Not while he's in the air.
You know what? So we call an audible.
Right? We do a helo V.
Helo V.
Bravo 6, we maneuver Reyes into the lot, I want you and the pilot to do a V.
Yeah, affirmative, Bravo 1.
We can make that happen.
The lot's coming up in 400 meters.
JASON: Copy that.
Bravo 3, once we engage, distract the police unit.
SONNY: Roger that.
Bravo 6, stand by.
Three, two, one.
- Hola.
- (MEN SPEAKING IN SPANISH) Sorry, we're having trouble with our rental that we have here it's kind of a piece of junk.
JASON: Havoc, this is 1.
We're passing Rick James.
Say again, we're passing Rick James.
We're RTB.
Uh, El trucko, uh, explodo.
Yeah, we're having, we're having some, uh, some-some tr yeah, trouble.
Do you have you got a oh.
Should've got a Tesla.
(LAUGHTER) (TIRES SCREECH) (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) (GRUNTS) You don't have the right to hold me here.
I haven't done anything wrong.
Who the hell are you? I'm whoever you want me to be.
Your friend, your enemy.
Up to you.
You work with Andres Doza.
No, I don't.
Who is Dante Vega? You don't understand what's happening here, do you, Carla? You've jumped into the deep end of the pool.
You're in big trouble.
RITA: Maria Cervantes, Josefina Perez.
(SPEAKS SPANISH) Your clients.
Their deaths were tragic.
Their deaths were predictable.
You whore a naive girl out to a cartel boss.
One night she's not gonna want to do one thing or another, and she ends up hanging from a bridge.
I don't know what you're talking about.
RITA: Ellas.
It's the kind of beautiful most men cannot afford, yeah? Dante Vega worked for people high up on the food chain in the Doza Cartel.
I want the names of those men.
Talk or I talk.
I tell the world Carla Reyes is cooperating in the hunt for Doza.
- That would be a lie.
- Oh? They would kill me.
Karma's a bitch.
(RITA LAUGHS) Who the hell are you? Right now, I'm your executioner.
That's what you're making me into.
Why not make me a friend? Yeah.
You know what, I'm not gonna lie, brother.
Yeah? There was a moment that I didn't think we were gonna pull it off.
You know what? Maybe our luck's about to change.
So I'm-a ask you a question: is it, is it unpatriotic of me to think that bad Mexican beer is better than bad American beer? It's not unpatriotic if it's true.
Take those two, I'll take these two.
- (PANTING) - RAY: Two and two, let's do it.
- Oh, yeah, that's beautiful.
- (ABRIL SHOUTING IN SPANISH) Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Okay, okay, relax.
(SHUSHING) He's gone.
What about Juan? What happened? Juan! He went to go give himself over to Doza's men to save us.
(CAR BEEPING) (ENGINE STARTS) (TIRES SCREECHING) Hey! Hey! - Ray! - Hey! Jason, this is crazy.
We cannot just roll into cartel territory.
What are we gonna do, huh? They kill him I'm the one who made this mess.
I got to clean it up.
Get in.
Come on! Damn it.
- No! I have to do this! - Come on, hey.
Listen to me.
Get over here.
Get out of the street.
- Get in the car now.
- No.
- Get in the car.
Shut up.
- No! - My family's not safe.
- Get in the car.
We're leaving.
Get in the car, we're leaving.
Listen to me.
You're gonna be killed.
You're gonna die.
And this will hang over your family for the rest of your life.
There's no rest of their lives - if I don't do this.
- Looking at you, dead.
Is that what you want? Huh? - Is that what you want? - J, J, we got to go.
We got to go.
We got to get out of here.
Lopez, get your ass in the car or I'm gonna shoot you myself.
- Get in the car.
- Listen.
You got my word: we're gonna get Doza, we're gonna get your family back.
But right now, we got to go.
We got to get in that car, we got to go.
Get in the car.
Okay? Let's go.
Get in the car.
(MEN SPEAKING SPANISH) (ENGINE STARTS) (TIRES SCREECHING) (BAND PLAYING) SONNY: What do we got here? We're going to this place after.
(LAUGHS) It's time to shine.
It's time to shine.
Let's go.
I'm glad you finally decided to come out.
Oh, man.
All right.
This is good.
Well, you were getting so damn antsy, and you had that look you were gonna go out anyway, and I am not one to let anybody drink alone.
- That's awfully kind of you, Sonny.
- Oh, yeah.
Two tequila shots.
Yeah, look at that.
- Come on, don't you think? - And yes.
BARTENDER: ¿Dos más? - Okay, buddy.
Cheers, buddy.
- Send that down.
Here we go.
I'll meet you outside.
He's getting the drinks.
All right.
See you.
I don't have any more pesos left.
- See you.
See you - (CHUCKLES) See you.
All right, two more, please.
(SNIFFLES) I am 100% gonna puke up that bean burrito I ate earlier.
'Cause this ground is moving on me.
- (CHUCKLES) - Here you go.
So, uh, you gonna tell me what's up? What do you mean? Nothing's up, man.
That's a tall tale there, son.
Come on.
Something's off.
Look at you.
You're off.
What, are we gonna sit here and talk about our feelings, Sonny, - or are we gonna drink? What is this? - (LAUGHS) - Just down the shot.
- You know, look, I-I just noticed that there are precisely zero photos of Stella in our hooch anymore.
You haven't Skyped with her lately.
And your face is droopier than a Redtick Hound on pot brownies since we got here.
So what's going on? You know, you're actually fairly perceptive for a little simpleminded Southern boy.
(BOTH LAUGH) Texas is not the South.
And wagging your jaw like that pisses off Texans and Southerners.
I-I won't happen again.
All right.
So what's going on? Stella and I, uh, we broke up.
I'm sorry, man.
Thousand lifetimes I meet Stella, we work out in 999 of them.
Not this one.
It gets better.
Piece of advice for you, brother.
Mm-hmm? Don't ever fall in love.
Roger that.
(TIRES SCREECHING) (PANTING) (SPEAKING SPANISH) Let's go get those beers on the roof, okay? Ain't got to ask me twice.
(SONNY LAUGHS) CLAY: You are the worst wingman I was about to close.
She was very nice (LAUGHS): Yeah.
Listen, driftwood starts to look that good after that many shots.
Okay? Hey, where you going? You're all turned what are you doing? Come here.
Let's go.
On the couch.
On the there you go.
(GRUNTING) Oh, man.
Here we go.
Feet up, head down.
There is no choking on your puke, okay? All right? Nobody's burying you in Paris like Morrison.
(GRUNTS) You're a dick.
Morrison O.
ed, you idiot.
Are you nuts? (LAUGHS) Well, hello there, Miss Blind Side.
Seriously? Come on, you're gonna take him outside the wire to go drinking? Hey, look, a field trip wasn't necessarily the best idea, but, boy, oh, boy, did he need it.
And I'll have you know, I did not do most of the drinking.
Oh, yeah.
Give me a break, Sonny.
What? I wouldn't lie to friends.
Okay, so what? This is responsible Sonny? (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
That sounded wrong, doesn't it? (CHUCKLES) That's terrible.
In that case, I'm gonna go get myself some beer and drink the night away.
You're welcome to join me.
Oh, no, I'm-I'm gonna go to bed.
All right.
Good night, Davis.
Good night.
- You know what? - What? I wouldn't be a good teammate or friend if I didn't say something.
What's that, Ray? What do you want to say? You're doing the shark thing.
You haven't stopped moving, avoiding all the stuff that's going on inside you.
Please, spare me the armchair analysis, will you? You're looking after everybody but yourself.
You got Emma, Mikey, Bravo, a-and now Lopez? No, look, I helped Lopez 'cause it was the right thing to do.
- Okay? That's why I helped him.
- No.
That's why I did it, Ray.
- No, it's not.
- No, it's not? What is it? You did it because you blame yourself for the position he's in.
You do.
And it's not your fault, J.
It's just damn bad luck.
- You're latching on.
- Latching onto what, Ray? Any problem that needs fixing.
An injustice that needs justice, a family that needs to be kept together because yours was torn apart.
Is that what you think? - Yeah, that's what I think.
- That's what Ray Perry thinks.
Well, I'll tell you what, Ray.
You want to know what I think? - What? - Here's what I think.
I think you should get off my back.
That's what I think.
Everybody should just get off my back.
I am fine.
Got it? Real simple.
I'm gonna have those beers, if you're coming.
You know what? The beers sound like a good idea.
I'm coming.