SEAL Team (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

Santa Muerte

1 - Previously on SEAL Team - Who is Luis Castillo? He's Doza's most trusted lieutenant.
El Lazo.
He's former Mexican Special Forces.
Many fear El Lazo more than Doza.
He's killed at least 100 people.
We find Lazo, we find Doza.
Carla, help us, and you can go back to your life.
- He will kill me.
- MANDY: Nobody's answering at Carla's.
We're on our way now.
JASON: I got eyes on Lazo.
He's in the silver Mercedes heading east.
MANDY: Jason, I have a bad feeling.
I think we could be burned.
Nothing about this feels right.
SONNY: We're pinned down from all sides.
Havoc Base, we have troops in contact.
JASON: Go through 'em.
Where the hell is our QRF? That's good copy, Bravo 3.
QRF is getting spun up now.
They drove right into a setup.
El Lazo knew that Bravo was following him.
- How? - I'm gonna get on it.
Ray! Lazo, Lazo! Wait, wait, we need him alive.
- Go! Go! Come on, let's go, let's go! - [HORN BLARING] Pull him out.
Come on.
[GRUNTING] Let's go! Ah.
Ah! How long until ISR reaches Bravo's position? 25 mikes.
Break contact east.
Go, go! Brock! [GROANS, GASPS] Son, hold that building! Move, move! Move it! [GROANING] Get him in there.
Get him in there.
Hey! TRENT: Last man! [GRUNTS] Havoc, this is Bravo 6.
We're still taking heavy contact.
Bravo 6.
QRF is 30 mikes out.
Hey, everybody good? - What? - Yeah, I've got all my parts.
I don't know! We got to go! Any way but that way.
Follow me.
Hold up here.
- Trent, he's bleeding out.
- I got him.
JASON: Havoc, this is 1.
Notify QRF we're five blocks east from our position.
- RAY: J, the church.
- Move.
Last man.
- Get Havoc our location.
- Roger that.
JASON: Colonel, stay here.
We're low on med supplies.
Couldn't get to my main aid bag.
RAY: Havoc, this is Bravo 2.
We are currently trapped inside a church on the north side of Calle El Camino and Pladano.
How copy? ERIC: That's good copy, Bravo 2.
QRF is loading up.
- ISR inbound.
- RAY: Roger that.
Havoc, this was a coordinated ambush.
Doza had to know that we were tailing Lazo from the club.
There had to be a leak.
Strong copy, Bravo 2.
We're working on that problem now.
Let's focus on getting you out of there.
Roger that.
Bravo 2 out.
[QUIET, INDISTINCT CHATTER] We got a leak? Could be anybody.
Well, not just anybody.
Somebody with operational details.
Somebody close to us.
Back's secure.
We're moving upstairs.
Copy that.
Keep me posted.
Drove right into a damn ambush.
Way outside the QRF.
Jason should've called off that tail.
I know.
How's he doing? Internal hemorrhaging into his abdominal cavity.
He needs secondary care ASAP or he's gonna bleed out.
Do whatever you need to do to save him.
You understand me? We lose him, we lose Doza.
We lose Doza, we got nothing, we're back to square one.
Saint Jude, the patron saint of lost causes.
So we must be in the right place, no? [LAUGHS SOFTLY] Yeah, I guess so.
Hey, you know, Jude is revered for listening to the petitions of the good and the evil.
The cartel? They venerate him.
[GRUNTS] Yeah, well, I suppose you need a special kind of saint in a place like this.
How long till Doza's men get here? Not long.
CLAY: Hey, come on.
Let's go, let's go.
Hey, upstairs is secure.
Come on.
Get in here.
Found this.
We used some of the gauze for my little boo-boo.
- It'll help.
- This way.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- He call anyone? - No outgoing calls or texts, but there's a landline upstairs, too.
JASON: Colonel, I need you over here, I need your help.
I speak English, poco.
Who are you? We're your friends.
We're here to help.
- Con armas.
With guns.
- RAY: Padre, we're very sorry for bringing this all to you.
We will try to get out of here as soon as possible.
We don't want to cause you any more trouble than we already have.
Did you tell anyone that we are here? You saw my phone.
Did you tell anyone that we are here? No.
They woke me coming up my stairs.
Whoa, whoa, you-you slept through a gunfight that was taking place two blocks away, but we woke you? [SPEAKING SPANISH] He says they're firing and shooting every night, so he's used to sleeping right through it.
[CONTINUES SPEAKING IN SPANISH] But he's not used to American soldados in his quarters.
How do you know we're soldiers? I live among soldados.
Cartel or not, you have the same eyes.
This Saint Jude.
He's popular with the cartels.
They come here? - They got a saint for these scumbags? - Sonny.
SONNY [GROANS]: Of all the churches we pick, - it's a cartel one.
- Narcos come here, yes.
But I have no love for them.
No love.
[SPEAKING IN SPANISH] He says he hates the narcos, and Doza's killed many, many, many friends of his.
But because he's a priest, he can't turn his back on them.
[CONTINUES SPEAKING IN SPANISH] Because if he did, they would kill him, too.
We should bail, boss, while we still can.
Coppertone's right.
We are low on ammo, and Doza's guys are gonna find us any minute.
If we move Lazo, he could die.
Lazo's gonna die no matter what.
Not before we get the information we need to get Doza.
He's former special forces, J.
You really think we're gonna crack him? Waiting for the QRF, period.
Sonny, you and Brock, overwatch, up top.
Clay, take the colonel, up front.
Ray, take the padre.
You're with me.
Is Jace serious? His call got us into this trick bag.
I trust Jason.
We're low on ammo, QRF is 30 minutes out.
You want to wait here? You trust that? The call's been made.
Now, you heard the man.
Get to your positions.
Let's go.
Bravo 2, QRF is moving out.
RAY: That's a good copy, Havoc.
Any movement on our leaky ship problem? Negative.
We'll sort if out after QRF.
Bravo 2 out.
[SIGHS] We're safer if we wait for them.
They got to Carla.
She gave up Lazo's name.
They probably tortured it out of her.
I don't see any signs of torture.
It wasn't Carla who gave us up.
Had to be someone from the inside.
What makes you so sure? How did Doza know we got to Carla in the first place? Let's go! [DOG BARKS IN DISTANCE] He's stable for now.
Your men left you, Lazo.
Slithered away like snakes.
RAY: We're your only shot at life; that is, if you talk.
But who? Not contractors.
Contractors would be dead by now.
DEA DHS, no.
- Special forces.
- That what you think? Sí.
I see myself in you.
- There's no you in me.
- [CHUCKLES] There is.
Much more than you think, my friend.
Doza's in the city.
I want to know where he is.
Of course you do.
Tell me where he is, you get to live.
Where is he? Where's Doza? - [SPITS] - EFRAIN: Demonio.
LAZO: Sí, padre.
Be advised we have three enemies window shopping for American scalps.
Got about 10 minute max before they come knocking.
3, I need more men down here.
Roger that.
My men are getting close, right? Huh? Sit down, gringo.
[CHUCKLES] - 6, to me.
- Stay afraid.
You're gonna die soon! We can't take them externally, all right? Someone's gonna spot the bodies in the street.
Take him inside.
100% they're gonna be checking in with their superiors.
Couple minutes of silence and the rest of them - will be all over us.
- [SHARP EXHALE] I'll tell you what, you better start praying that QRF shows up before Doza's cavalry does.
All right, look, here's the PLAN: we're gonna wait for them to come inside, we're gonna take them quietly.
That's gonna buy us a few minutes, got it? Want to kill these lights? - Yes.
- No.
Offerings are made 24/7.
Dark church is a red flag.
Might as well announce we're here.
All right.
Right, of course.
JASON: So that's the plan, all right? Ray and I, we'll deal with this scumbag, get the information we need to find out where Doza is.
Got it? - Good luck with that.
- [LAZO WHEEZING, COUGHING] [CHOKING COUGHS] - Can't stop the internal bleeding.
- [WHEEZING COUGHS] What's he need? Blood; got one bag O negative with us.
Universal donor.
JASON: Give it to him.
It's the only blood I have.
We give it to him, I'm screwed if I need to transfuse one of us.
[SHARP EXHALE] Give it to him.
Can't talk dead.
Jason, he ain't gonna talk, period.
Give him the blood.
You're gonna risk it on this scumbag? Give it to him.
Up front.
[GRUNTS] [COUGHS, GRUNTS] [CHOKING COUGHS] That's our only blood bag? Yeah, and my guess is we're gonna need it, 'cause the weather report says 80% chance of raining bullets.
- What you just say? - MARTINEZ: I said, enough.
Questioning the man that leads you is the fastest way to death.
Lazo? He's our only way right now to Doza, okay? Yeah, I'm aware of that.
But he ain't gonna talk and we're being asked to sacrifice a lot.
Yeah, well, I would have sacrificed everything to get Doza.
I've never been this close.
You two understand that we're dealing with a virus? See, here everyone is born infected.
The cartel is their only choice.
How hopeless is that, huh? There's no escape.
They're in the slums, in the skyscrapers of Polanco, in Congress, and look, even a priest, hmm? A priest, he can't even hide in the house of God.
Lazo dies, this virus will spread.
Well, the virus has already spread, amigo.
And it's about to come knocking.
¿Comprende? JASON: Bravo 6.
Move the padre before the fireworks start.
3, you're with him.
Let's go.
Yeah, roger that.
Hey, Padre, let's go.
In the back.
Here, here.
No, this way.
Down, keep your mouth shut.
What's up? Something's bothering me.
- About? - Martinez.
RITA: Only a few people outside Bravo Team knew we had Carla.
Lopez has been marked for death.
You and I have been working on this for months.
That leaves Martinez.
Martinez backed Jason's plan real quick.
Made it easy to set up that ambush.
Now he's pushing for Lazo to stay alive.
What if it's not about Doza's location? You think it's about getting Lazo out alive? Yeah.
And getting us killed in the process.
Martinez? No, no, no.
I-I don't believe that.
We're missing something.
Are we? He's been fighting the cartel for years, it doesn't track.
Unless Unless what? Unless they flip him within the past few days.
His family has been hiding in Zacatecas.
Well, if Doza got to his family, Martinez would do anything to save them.
Would he? Wouldn't you? If they got to your brother, your sister? I hope I never have to make that choice.
This is Bravo 5.
Three of Doza's men.
25 meters south of our location.
My men are here.
Yeah, and they're about to die.
LAZO: More will come.
Yeah, and they'll die too.
And you with them, Lazo.
Unless you tell us where Doza is.
[CHUCKLES] Doza is everywhere.
Doza is part of everything and everyone.
Soon as we start slinging bullets, I'm gonna shoot this guy in the face.
Havoc, this is 1.
Need an ETA on the QRF.
DAVIS: Bravo 1.
QRF is 15 mikes out, ISR should be over your position in 5 minutes.
Copy that.
Standing by to stand by.
If the enemy comes at us quickly, we're not gonna have enough ammo.
We're taking our chances; we're staying here.
You got a problem with that, Spenser? Can't get Doza if we're dead.
I'll post overwatch.
- J, you sure? - Yep, I'm sure.
- I got something to say.
- What is it, Sonny? Ain't about staying or going, either.
Okay, look, we were ratted out, we all know that.
My concerns are with Martinez.
Not gonna lie, J; I've been having the same thought.
I don't see it.
Well, maybe you've been focusing on something else.
Why don't you go post security? Brother, you got to at least consider the fact that Martinez may not be who we think he is.
Let's go ask him.
- Come on.
- Okay.
What's wrong? We were set up.
I led us into an ambush.
No, you made the right call.
It was a good one.
I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about how.
How did they know that we were coming here? You just said you were set up.
We were set up.
" [SOFTLY]: Yeah, we.
We were set up.
It must have been someone from the inner circle.
Huh? It's not one of your men.
So, it must be one of mine.
Or even me.
Yeah? You're hiding something from me.
Yes, I am.
I'm gonna take your weapon from you.
Don't move, Colonel.
When? During the ambush.
Why didn't you tell us? Why didn't you say something? Because I knew that you would use the medical supplies to save me.
Lazo has to stay alive.
Lazo, alive.
You find where Doza BROCK [OVER COMMS]: All call signs, we have three enemies outside the front door.
[MEN SPEAKING SPANISH] Stay low, okay? We'll fix you up.
JASON [OVER COMMS]: Cover all positions.
We're gonna take them inside.
We're gonna do this very quietly.
Stay low.
[GUNSHOTS] Bravo 1, we got eyes on the third enemy target.
Hold what you got.
Wait till he comes inside.
¿Bueno? - He's got a phone.
- No clear line of sight.
[GUNSHOTS] - Did he take a slug? - Back in the ambush.
He didn't say anything 'cause he wanted to keep Lazo alive.
- Help me move him.
- Here we go.
[GRUNTING] I told you, more men will come.
- Shut your mouth.
- Get to your positions, will you? Boss.
Martinez didn't rat us out.
So who? All right, look, radio Havoc, tell them about Martinez, - see if they can get to Mandy.
- Copy.
[LABORED BREATHING] Master Chief Hayes.
Last rites.
Bravo 6, I need you on the first deck.
Bring the padre.
- Bravo 5, keep overwatch.
- Uh, check.
LAZO: Are you ready to die, amigo? Are you, Lazo? Huh? When you meet your maker tonight, what are you gonna say? Everything you done in life, everything, it's all been bad.
You got no chance, boy.
Not in front of God.
JASON: Padre, give him his last rites.
They will keep on coming until this whole place crumbles to the ground.
No one can stop them.
No one.
Not here in Ixtapaluca.
He's gone.
CLAY: A good man died because we kept that scum alive.
Hey, how about a little respect, huh, Spenser? He sacrificed his life so we could continue the hunt.
Shouldn't have taken a bullet in the first place.
What the hell is wrong with you? What is it that you think that you see is going on here, huh? I see you wanting Doza for Lopez.
Now for Martinez, man.
Look, Jason, maybe it's clouding you.
No, it's driving me.
That drive, does that take, does that take priority over our team? Never.
Feels that way, man.
It feels like it's - feels like it's personal.
- It's not.
You're missing it.
Most of what we do, what is it? Infil, hit target, exfil, mission complete.
Stir, rinse, repeat.
This one's different.
Not personal.
This guy Doza, he's pure evil.
Rips families apart, tortures them, viciously kills them just because he can.
That's what drives me.
Failure's not an option.
Every decision I've made has always been about mission success and what's best for the team.
That's it.
Don't ever doubt that.
Got it? Roger that.
LAZO: Padre Sí.
He's Catholic.
He wants last rites.
I cannot deny them.
Well, he's not gonna get it.
I'm saying no.
You have no right to do that.
I have the power, Padre, and I'm saying no.
Jason, you are going too far.
No, I'm not.
He's not afraid of this life.
I think he's afraid of his next life.
That's what he's afraid of.
No confessions, no last rites.
You're gonna meet your maker, you're gonna meet God with the blood of everyone that you've killed all over your hands and God is gonna spit you out.
Tell me where Doza is and Padre here, he'll give you your last rites.
Go to hell.
JASON: Even the worst sinners, they go to paradise when they repent.
Isn't that right, Ray? You got ten minutes, tops, before you're dead.
You tell me where Doza is, only God knows how many lives you're gonna save.
You don't tell us, anything less than that, you're gonna be eating roaches in hell.
DAVIS [OVER COMMS]: Bravo 1, this is Havoc Base.
ISR is over your position.
I see what appears to be 20 enemy combatants 200 meters south of your pos.
Ray, Trent, take Lazo up to the rectory.
Bring the padre.
I want you to handle this the way I would want it handled.
- Copy.
- Good.
Clock's ticking.
- Trent, I'll need you back down.
- Roger that.
It's wrong to deny him last rites.
You, nor your friend, are God.
[CRYING] Padre.
We got about ten soldiers coming.
Scratch that, make it 15.
JASON [OVER COMMS]: All stations, watch your ammo count.
Make your shots count.
[MEN SHOUTING IN SPANISH] Hey, Lazo, you really believe in God? - Do you? - [WEAKLY]: Yeah.
Then do all you can to save your soul.
You're a religious man.
[LABORED BREATHING] You'd let me die without confession? Martinez.
You told me his family was in Zacatecas, but he told me they were in Spain.
He probably tells everyone something different to protect their true location.
Who's in Zacatecas? You told me you were an only child, but when I asked you what you would do if they got to your brother or your sister, you didn't deny having a brother or a sister.
It wasn't Martinez they got to.
It was you.
Who is in Zacatecas? My sister, Yolanda.
Her two girls.
[SCOFFS] You're not a cold-blooded killer, Rita.
No, but they are.
I can't lose my family to this.
PADRE: Santa María, llena eres de gracia: el Señor es contigo.
Bendita tú eres entre todas las mujeres, y bendito es el fruto DE TU VIENTRE: Jesús.
Santa María, Madre de Dios, ruega por nosotros pecadores, ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte [MEN SHOUTING] [SPEAKING SPANISH] DAVIS [OVER COMMS]: Bravo Team, QRF is coming in five.
[SHOUTING IN DISTANCE] [BULLETS RICOCHETING] Incoming! [BULLETS RICOCHETING, GLASS SHATTERING] All stations, be advised, I see two enemy combatants outside the north entrance of the church.
You want to die damned? Huh? You're on your way out.
What do you want your final act to be? What do you want your final act to be? RAY: Hey! Lazo! Come on! Okay.
I will tell you Once chance.
No games.
Sit down.
When I joined CISEN, I rewrote my history.
No one knew I had a sister, except a few in the agency.
Someone inside turned, told Doza about her Yolanda.
They sent me pictures of my sister and my two nieces shopping.
They were that close to them.
Then we go get them.
We get them some protection.
There is no protection anywhere, because Doza is everywhere.
Doza will be dead soon.
Then another Doza comes.
Then another Doza dies.
That's what we do.
You don't do this.
Tell him he can't lie.
Not under last rites.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] Where's Doza? [CONTINUES SPEAKING SPANISH] - Padre, stop! Stop! - This isn't right! Where's Doza?! Tell me! It's a safe house.
It's a safe house for when things go wrong.
Padre, give him his last rites.
PADRE: I can't.
He's dead.
Stay low, Padre.
Last box! All stations, this is Bravo 2.
Be advised, I did a battlefield interrogation and have been told to check out the warehouse at the end of the Candela Line.
They told me what they would do to my nieces.
Rape them, and torture them to death in front of my sister.
All because I'm fighting a war that cannot be won.
And even if it could be, is it worth it? Is anything worth that? I am sorry.
Rita? I'm gonna come after you.
And I will find you.
I know.
[GRUNTS] Havoc, this is 1.
We're gonna get shot out of here.
Stand by, Bravo 1.
[GUNFIRE IN DISTANCE] [GUNFIRE STOPS] ERIC: Bravo 1, this is Havoc Actual.
You want to let me in? Password.
ERIC: Rosebud's the password.
Lazo? He's dead.
He sacrificed his life for his country.
He was a hero.
We're at Doza's doorstep now.
Only thing left, we put a bullet in his head.
Let's load up and move out.