SEAL Team (2017) s02e11 Episode Script

Backwards in High Heels

Sir? - What can you get you? - Club soda.
- Mm-hmm.
And for you? - Water.
You want to know why? God, you're so embarrassing.
Mom, switch seats with me.
So I don't get to see the end now? You'll survive.
First leg of the honeymoon is finished.
What's your favorite thing we did in Africa? Um, I'm not sure you want all of our friends and family to hear those details.
Winston! Come on.
Okay, we got to go for now.
- I'll see you later.
- Bye-bye.
You know our family's on here.
And you have 98% positive feedback in beta? Okay.
Send me an invitation.
If my team thinks it's as scalable as you say, I'll have a series A offer for you before I leave Barcelona next week.
So you don't think Rashid should be starting goalkeeper? Defense is not the problem.
The forwards do not seem interested in scoring goals.
You can't do that! Get on the microphone! Don't move! Don't move! Do not move! Get on the microphone! Get on the microphone! Tell everyone to calm If you want to live, everybody, stay in your seats and remain calm.
Everyone, turn in your cell phones and electronics to the stewardess.
Anyone who disobeys will end up like this man.
Now! Come on! Thanks so much for cleaning up.
I thought I told you guys to clean up at least.
A disaster.
What are you doing? Cleaning this up for you.
There is no "pass.
" I'm taking you to the range 'cause you need - to learn how to shoot.
- No, I don't.
Yes, you do.
You need to learn how to shoot.
What's gonna happen when Grandma's not here or I'm not here? Who do you think's in charge? - You would be the one who's in charge.
- I know how to dial 911.
That's great.
You know how to dial 911.
All right, so what happens when you do dial 911? How long does it take for them to get here? The world's not full of bad guys.
You only see it that way because of your job.
Not because of my job, all right? You're going to college soon.
I'm not gonna be around to look after you, so you need to be prepared.
For what? I'm going to college, not Yemen.
- It's not a joke, Emma.
- I know.
You want to keep me safe.
But guess what, I am safe.
And so is Mikey.
I don't need a gun.
But if it makes you feel better, I'll take Krav Maga classes or something.
Oh, that makes me feel a whole lot better.
I didn't die in Mexico.
Um, here's-here's your-your stuff.
This is everything that I could find.
- Okay.
- Yeah, I-I could have just - brought this to you.
- It's all right.
I have a thing in-in town tonight anyway, so This looks like it has everything.
All right.
I'll see you around.
Oh, um, before I forget.
I probably shouldn't have this.
- All right.
- Okay.
Bye, Stella.
Davis, I feel like Operation Change of Scenery is a failure, because the long-lost Jonas brother is miserable.
Look at those pouty lips.
I don't know.
Was the objective to cheer him up or just to get him out of that smelly apartment? Well, if it was smell we were worried about, we shouldn't have come to a place with Natty Light and three decades of Drakkar Noir - clinging to the walls.
- Drakkar Noir.
Well, look, it is a proven fact that you cannot dance and be sad at the same time.
So - No, not me.
- Let's go, Clay.
Come on.
I'm just No.
Clay, Clay's not a dancer.
He's not a dancer.
Just not gonna do it.
You realize it is bad manners to decline a lady's invitation to dance.
- Thank you.
- Okay, well, then, why don't you be Mr.
Chivalrous - and take the lady dancing, Sonny? - Yeah.
That's gonna be up to you there, cowboy.
Come on.
Put your spurs on.
I'm gonna get us some more beer.
Get me a whiskey.
I'll get you a cosmo.
All right.
You don't really want to dance, do you? Oh, hell no.
I'd rather be bull-kicked in the gut.
- Good.
- Sonny don't dance.
I saw what you were doing, though.
Hmm? - Doing what? - Oh, yeah.
Trying to make me jealous, asking that big ol' stud - Clay Spenser to dance.
- Sonny I was just trying to be a good friend to someone who needs one.
- Uh-huh.
- Uh-huh.
- Do you want to talk about it? - Talk about what? What happened when we got back from Mexico.
Oh, you mean when you kissed me? Uh, hold up, okay? When we kissed.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, you know, it was pretty good, too.
Some might actually say it was great.
What? It wasn't great? I would just say that it can't happen again.
Did I have bad breath? 'Cause I was eating trail mix, and I probably hadn't brushed my teeth Sonny, you know, I really wish you'd take this seriously - for just a second.
- Okay.
- Okay.
We're in the same unit.
- Mm-hmm.
And UCMJ says that that kiss was illegal.
And fraternization is a really big violation, so was it worth jeopardizing our careers over? I feel like this is a trick question, Davis.
Yeah, come on, man, you can't deny that this is fun.
Yes, I can.
I have to.
We both do.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
And it was great.
Yeah, see? I told you it was.
Clay! What are you doing, buddy? Ah, here I thought you ran out without paying the tab.
Just 'cause you win a pool game, doesn't mean you get to keep the pool cue.
Yeah, let's get you back inside.
Let's go, Patrick Swayze.
Brady, it's freezing in your truck.
Who are they? - What did they want with you? - Know what? He is all yours.
You guys have a good evening.
Hey, have you lost your mind? What were you going to do? I-I thought that was What are you, like, Jackie Chan with this thing? Flight 916, belonging to Tunisama Fida Airlines, en route from Tunis to Barcelona, has been hijacked by armed members of the Brotherhood of Islamic Jihad.
- Hey, boss, you seeing this? - Yeah.
Think there are Americans on that flight? International flight.
Airplane takedown.
That is the unicorn of special ops.
- Unicorn, huh? - Mm-hmm.
Didn't you say that about the GOPLAT takedown? - Pow.
- No, that was the white whale.
That was pretty good.
No, two completely different animals.
- This one is much rarer.
- Right.
Only four in history.
Come on, you got a better shot than that.
Too bad it'll be going to Delta Force.
Normally, it would.
But all the CAG teams that are typically available are currently forward deployed.
That mean what I think it means? Yeah, it means, wrap it up here.
We're wheels up for Qatar in 30.
What do you say, Sonny, huh? Want to go hunting some unicorns? Tunisama Fida Airlines, flight 916, left Tunis for Barcelona today at 1300, local time.
Shortly after takeoff, armed members of the Brotherhood of Islamic Jihad in the Levant took it over and forced the pilot to redirect to Doha, where they landed just over an hour ago.
How'd they get the weapons on board? Help from sympathizers in the Tunisian ground crew.
Authorities have them in custody, but they're not saying anything that'll make our jobs easier.
Manifest shows 83 hostages on board, including the flight crew and the passengers from all over the world, 22 from the U.
We'll be coordinating with the brass and the bureaucrats from Qatar, North Africa and the EU.
Europeans are sending British SAS forces.
Well, they're gonna get there seven hours before we do.
Which means the Redcoats will have a chance to bag the unicorn before we land.
Not likely.
There are more European hostages than Americans, so the EU is jockeying for authority.
And they prefer to negotiate.
- What are their demands? - Bet you it's more than a meat lover's pizza and a side of wings.
- They want prisoners released.
- Oh.
These guys hijacked a plane - to leverage a jailbreak for friends? - 50 friends in prisons in the U.
, U.
, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
And they want them transported to their plane in Doha.
In exchange for the hostages? Well, that makes our job easy; we just wait till the hostages - are clear, and then take them.
- They are also demanding fuel and clearance to take off.
If their demands aren't met within 24 hours, they will kill the hostages.
Mandy and I are already in touch with our counterparts on the ground in Doha.
It's gonna be a long flight.
Let's get some rest.
You talk to him about last night? - Is he all right? - Oh, yeah.
Last Last night was the result of trying to drink away a run-in with your ex.
You know, a a messy but necessary step in the relationship recovery cycle.
What do you know about relationships? Oh, easy, Davis.
He just needs to rub some dirt on it, walk it off.
What'd I do? So you figure out when you're gonna tell the guys about OCS? You know, I don't leave for a few more weeks, so I'd rather skip the cake-eater cracks the whole time.
Well, you never know.
They may surprise you.
I didn't realize you were awake.
What, do you think I sleep sitting up or something? Hungry? Want some? Not gonna eat that stuff.
You got any updates on anything? No assault yet.
- SAS standing by.
- All right.
When we land, we'll give them a good push, huh? Get them going.
It's a partner op, Jason.
We're equals.
I'm not in charge; I don't think we should be throwing our weight around on this one.
I know how to play nice.
What? You really think I'm gonna mess up a partner op? Questions are being asked about what happened in Mexico.
Mexico's done.
It's finished.
All right? Anyone who didn't have boots on that ground they can't judge.
Brass is just doing their jobs.
And that means that eyes will be on us.
So - You want me to play nice? - Hmm.
Yeah, well - I'll play nice.
- Thank you.
Doesn't mean I like it, but I'm gonna play nice.
Get some rest.
Are you in charge of the EU's interests here? I am.
Claire North.
- Mandy Ellis.
- Commander Blackburn.
Why hasn't an assault been ordered? Because so far, negotiations are yielding results.
The hijackers have been reasonable.
They've agreed to an hourly check-in with a hostage negotiator from Qatar's Ministry of Defense, and at each one, they've made concessions.
Such as? They allowed the airport to resume operations.
They agreed to free half of the hostages before they leave, as opposed to all of them after they land in Iran.
And as the U.
and Israel are not releasing prisoners, next, we need to ask them to reduce the number they want in exchange for the hostages.
What's an acceptable number of terrorists to release back into the world? I've seen their list.
British embassy siege in Riyadh, 51 victims.
Paris school bombing, 112 teachers and children killed.
Hamza al-Moussa attacked a mosque here in Doha.
37 victims, and that is just a fraction of the blood on the hands of everyone your reasonable hijackers want freed.
I understand that we're dragging our heels on the assault because we want to protect the innocent lives on that plane.
But let's make sure that our negotiations don't ignore the innocent lives that will be lost if you give in to their demands.
Your concerns are noted.
Right, yes, so we breach in here, - left and right - Sir, the Americans.
Master Chief Jason Hayes.
Sergeant Major Nigel Wickham.
Sorry, we thought when they said American special operations that Delta was gonna come.
This is their area of expertise, no? Look, don't get caught up on the color of the uniform.
We all train the same, so Any news on the assault? Uh, yeah, we're still fine-tuning a plan.
Now, is that Brit slang for wasting time? There's no way they're gonna get green-lit for this assault.
Right, well, uh, in our country, we like to save lives any way necessary.
Even diplomacy.
Well, it sounds like caving in to me.
Look U.
doesn't negotiate with terrorists ever, but we're here to help and assist, so tell us what you have.
Right, well, we're thinking of breaching the overwing emergency exits, splitting left and right, and then we'll clear in opposite directions.
What about the cockpit? Hijacker behind that fortified door, soon as he hears you guys coming in blazing guns, he's gonna kill the pilot and the copilot.
One of our snipers will take him out with a .
50-caliber round soon as we breach.
50? Way too big.
Go right through Tango, could injure the hostages.
Mm, well, the windscreen glass is 22 millimeters thick.
Anything smaller than a .
50 won't penetrate.
Use two snipers, 300 Win Mags, simultaneous shots.
Both bullets won't hit at the same time, first one will weaken the glass, second takes out the Tango.
No risk of overpenetration and collateral damage.
That's a good idea, Ray.
Assuming we're cleared hot, we have to make sure that our assault team is around the same FREQs and crypto.
Petty Officer Davis here will make sure that we're coordinated with your comms.
You two are snipers? Right.
You're gonna link up with Rufus, and you're gonna work out the cockpit problem.
Master Chief, when you're ready, let's get the rest of your boys briefed.
Let's go.
It's Wentz and Foles, brother.
Both great QBs, both can't call the play at the same time.
Charlie 1, this is Bravo 3.
I pass Chelsea.
How copy? Bravo 3, this is Charlie 1.
That's a good copy.
It's time for kickoff.
Charlie 1, this is Bravo 3.
I pass Arsenal.
3, this is 1.
You got no shot on goal.
First class is dead.
What do you think, Master Chief? We were close, the entry was strong, but Too damn slow is what it is.
- Mind your step, Master Chief.
- Too slow.
My-my step? - I did not call the exercise - Okay, look.
We take that long to clear, we're gonna kill hostages.
Real simple.
What we need is an explosive breach.
Much faster; go in through the front - and the rear of the plane.
- Right.
Okay, mate, and then, if the explosives over-pressurize the cabin, we risk injuring the hostages.
Kairos? The chance of injury from over-pressurization is small.
It's worth the risk.
Not in my opinion.
Look, this is what we do.
We send in a group with a fuel truck.
We disguise them as ground crew, then we distract the hijackers.
That will give us time for the breach.
What is this, 1977? That may have worked for the German GSG 9, but we don't exactly look like Qatari mechanics, now, do we? With all due respect, Master Chief, this is an SAS operation, and that means I'm in charge.
SAS operation.
Doesn't mean you don't have to listen, though.
Everything okay? I just need some air.
I need a breath.
It's not easy dancing backwards in high heels.
We have no assault plan.
We have eight hours to deadline.
That's assuming the hijackers stick to their plan.
So, do you really not trust the sergeant major, or is this because you're usually the boss making these decisions? This is not some alpha male pissing contest.
Come on.
It's not about ego; it's about control.
Letting someone else lead my team puts their lives in danger.
I'm not there, I can't protect them.
I wasn't there in Mumbai, look what happens we lose Adam.
Sergeant major, he-he knows what he's doing.
Okay, then.
I got to go.
Target set.
Clay, double-check the range.
Roger, it's, uh all good, 200 meters.
All right, let's go hot, check our zeros.
Range is hot.
Right, the senior chief and I will take the shot.
I'm going down range, make sure the windshield is set.
You want to talk about it? No.
Never seen you shoot a group like that.
Not your style.
Look, brother.
We all have faith in something, right? Whether it's religion, sports, politics, husbands, wives.
We lose that, we flounder.
Takes a moment to get back right.
That's the problem with relying on anything other than yourself, Clay.
Trust yourself.
All right, Ray.
Look, you and, uh you and Rufus, you all take the shot.
I'm gonna spot.
All right.
I ran your concerns about releasing prisoners up the proverbial flagpole, and the powers that be agree with your assessment.
There's to be no capitulating to the hijackers' demands.
- So we're cleared hot for an assault? - Yeah.
How soon will your teams be ready to launch? We're approaching the next check-in.
If we're not ready to launch an assault right away, I need to give the negotiator something, some way to stall them.
Have him tell the hijackers that we're organizing the release of the prisoners, as they demanded, but we're gonna need proof of life.
A live video of the hostages.
That should buy us some time.
And it'll get us eyes inside that plane.
Let's just hope the hijackers agree to it.
We are respecting these people's lives.
We fed them.
They have food.
They have water.
We've identified four hijackers.
Looks like there's a fifth.
They are safe.
The arm at the edge of the frame? They will remain safe as long as you live up to your end of the bargain, and our brothers are released and brought back home.
Oh, my God.
They shot two.
The aircraft door is opening.
I think the time for talking just passed.
All right, listen up.
The hijackers have accelerated their timeline.
They will now kill one hostage every 30 minutes until their demands are met.
Are we meeting their demands? Not yet.
How far away are we, realistically? The current plan's too slow.
It would result in an unacceptable number of casualties.
So you were right.
We need the explosive breach.
Well, it'll work if we combine it with your infil method.
Not that you were wrong.
You just weren't exactly right.
That's a clever distinction.
All right, let's keep in mind that the clock is ticking.
Let's double-time it, fellas.
We want you to talk to the hijackers.
Remind them that we're still negotiating for the prisoners they want released.
But in the meantime, we'll send a crew to refuel the plane.
An act of good faith.
That could help.
Perhaps even stop them from shooting someone else.
Tell them the fuel truck will be ready in an hour.
In actuality, they'll arrive 30 minutes early, approaching from behind another vehicle.
We estimate 60 seconds between the time that the fuel truck is out in the open and the hijackers hit the ground.
That's our only window to get teams in position.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Don't really think you look like airline mechanics.
We're just here to refuel you.
One wrong move, and we'll blow this whole plane.
Get busy.
Tanks are full.
Let them leave.
Havoc, this is 1.
We're passing Man U.
How copy? It's good copy, Bravo 1.
I have Man U.
We have six and a half minutes till the next check-in and they kill another hostage.
Good luck.
Havoc out.
Six minutes, Bravo 1.
Be advised, Havoc, slow is smooth, smooth is fast.
Roger that, Bravo 1.
Bravo 6, this is Charlie 1.
Radio check.
Copy, Charlie 1.
We got eyes on target.
Okay, Bravo, stand by.
Charlie 1, this is Bravo 3.
I pass Liverpool.
How copy? Bravo 3, this is Charlie 1.
I copy Liverpool.
Wait, scroll back to the middle of that shake.
Oh, they've placed hostages in front of the exits.
We blow those doors, we might kill them.
Bravo 6, this is Charlie 1.
On my count.
Charlie 1, this is Havoc.
Stand down.
I say again, stand down.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.
The hijackers have placed hostages in front of the exits.
We cannot blow those doors.
Havoc, this is Charlie 1.
Are you telling us to abort the mission? By my count, we've got four minutes till they kill another one.
Yeah, that's the call, Charlie 1.
You need to pull back.
You know, we do that, it's over.
We don't get another shot.
Look, all we have to do is move the hostages a few feet, right? Havoc, this is 1.
I may have an idea how to blow the doors without hurting the hostages.
Stand by.
Roger that, Bravo 1.
Standing by.
3, this is 1.
How many charges do you have? Bravo 1, this is Bravo 3.
We got two slaps and a C6.
Copy that.
Get 'em ready.
Go, go.
I take it you've got a plan? I call it a Philly Philly.
Charlie 3, Charlie 1.
The Yanks are taking the lead on this.
Hand it over to Bravo 2.
Jason, what do you got? 2, this is 1.
We're gonna blow the front landing gear.
On your shots.
Ray, it's on your call.
How copy? Good copy.
How long do you need? One mike.
One minute out.
You heard the man.
Get on the gun.
2, this is 1.
We're set.
On your call.
Roger that, Bravo 1.
Stand by.
I have a tango in between the pilot and copilot.
All stations, I have control.
Stand by.
Three, two One.
Execute, execute, execute.
Hands, hands, hands! Show me your hands! Hands! Hands, hands, hands! Let me see your hands! - Hands! Hands! - Don't shoot, please! Don't shoot! Hands, hands, hands! Show me your hands! Show me your hands! Hands! Hands! Hands! Hands! Hands! Let me see your hands! Hands! Hey! Clear! Havoc, this is 1.
Passing Spurs.
Everybody, listen up! This is a joint military operation.
I need you to stay calm and listen to my commands.
On my command, you will stand up one row at a time.
Your hands will stay in the air, and if you do not keep them in the air, you will be shot.
Stand up, this row.
Let's go.
To the back, to the back.
Hands in the air! Let's go, let's go.
- Hands in the air.
Stay calm! - Let's go! - Move.
Come on, let's go.
- Hands in the air.
Let's go.
Go, go.
Nice and easy.
Go! Despite suffering a 27-hour ordeal, the hostages are healthy and in good spirits.
Nice job.
You bagged your unicorn.
Tricky critters, them unicorns.
Tough to catch.
Turns out you need a hell of a decoy.
Don't touch me.
Qatar and our respective nations consider the losses acceptable.
They, um they're calling this a win.
No losses are acceptable.
Well, some things are beyond our control.
This was a win.
Took both of us.
Just when you thought you were all alone, look who's back.
- You're back.
- I'm back, huh? I'm back.
Why don't you ever call and say you're back? Yeah, well, you know, I love surprising you.
The look on your face is priceless, anyhow.
Where's your brother? - Mm, playing video games in his room.
- Of course he is.
- Like a mole person.
- What is this? Hasn't senioritis kicked in already? - I'm prepping for the APs.
- Prepping for the APs, huh? If I do well on the exams, we won't have to pay tuition for classes that don't teach me anything new.
Okay, well, I don't want you to worry about any of this.
You're the only one who gets to worry or figure out - how to solve problems.
- That's right.
What is that, a concealed carry permit? Look at that.
Krav Maga.
Right? At the Y.
What's happening here? I heard you.
Come on, this is me compromising.
Tell you what.
You better take advantage of this before I change my mind.
So you like my Krav Maga idea? Yeah, of course, you know, I'm gonna have to vet the instructor, obviously, to make sure he's okay.
I can work with that.
- All right.
Sure you don't want a gun? - Yes.
- Positive? All right.
- Yes.
You saving this for someone? Uh, a buddy, but he's-he's late.
So you yeah, help yourself.
Can I get two more? Please? Thank you.
What's your name? What's your name? I'm Marcie.
- Hi, Marcie.
- Hi.
My buddy just blew me off.
You'd be doing me a favor if you had that beer with me.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
So you're a SEAL? Risking your life to go after the worst of the worst, what's that like? How many? How many what? How many team guys have you dated? My guess is zero, but you want to know what it's like.
Can you live with uncertainty? Put half your life on hold for a spin-up? Act like you're cool about the job even though it terrifies you? I'm sorry for whatever happened to you.
But you should know, any woman who makes you choose between her and the team is a bitch.
- Sonny.
- Yeah.
I have neighbors.
What are you doing? I thought you're supposed to be out hound-dogging with Clay, anyway.
Well, you know.
A beer with you sounded better.
And I lost my house keys.
Oh, you don't know how to breach a door? Pick the lock.
Well, I lost my car keys, too.
I think I misplaced my cell phone.
- Sonny - Yeah? - These are lies.
- Okay.
You're right, you got me.
All right.
Then tell me the truth.
Already did.
A beer with you sounded better.
See you around.
See you.