SEAL Team (2017) s02e17 Episode Script

Paradise Lost

1 Previously on SEAL Team JASON: What, you're staying here now? Yeah, you know, I just trying to focus on the thing that matters most in my life, being a Navy SEAL.
My name is Sergeant Miller.
My mission is to turn you into an officer.
Something's wrong with you, and I'm-a find out what it is.
- But what about the loans? - It's too late to apply.
How could you miss the deadline? I've got my own life and our life I have to keep running when you're gone.
You're drinking too much.
Ignoring the family.
This isn't the man I married.
This is the broken sailor I found.
I don't want that man to come home from the Philippines.
DAVIS: I'm gonna miss this.
12 weeks without your barbecue.
That's not the only thing you're gonna miss.
- Hey, Zell, what's up? - How you doing, man? - Hey.
- Good to see you.
So you're still in, you're still grinding? Yeah, you know, pays the bills.
Not as much as that should, though, am I right? - JASON: Hey, where's your radio? - On the hill, so the PLA track away from us.
Should buy us a few minutes.
ERIC: Spoke to PACOM command.
They're not exactly thrilled that our boy Clay left an encrypted communication device in the hands of the Chinese.
We need command to be happy with us or our lives are gonna become extremely unpleasant.
Come on right now.
- Sweet Lord of the Rings.
That's it.
That's enough for today, boys.
Ah, it was enough two hours ago.
We brought something to share, to thank you for everything you've shared with us these past few weeks.
- OTHERS: Oh! - JASON: What is that? Snake wine.
That is one big ass tequila worm.
Even in death, the cobra's poised for battle.
To Bravo Team.
- Cheers.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Are you nuts? You're gonna drink that? The venom's harmless.
Almost always.
Clay! All right, all right, I'll do one, I'll do one.
- No, no, no, no.
Slow your roll there, 6, you're a baby.
- You're low on tough.
- RAY: You gonna be sick.
: You gonna get sick.
I'm gonna show you how Texas drinks some Filipino snake venom.
That's right.
- Mmm.
- Yeah.
- That's easy.
- Yup, there it is.
All right.
Clay, you're up.
RAY: Oh, come on, Jay.
Come on, man, not the hat.
- Come on.
Come on, let's go.
- Just went from bad to worse.
There it is.
- JASON: The snake venom! [HISSING.]
Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta! [CLAY COUGHS.]
ERIC: Gentlemen.
This is Unit 3 Commander Shaw.
He, along with our friends at NAVSOG Command, wanted to get a glimpse of the intensive and targeted training that Bravo Team is conducting, along with our partner forces.
Yeah, right, we were just, uh, you know, having a little fun, that's all.
So if we'd come by earlier, you would've resembled Tier One professionals.
I'm sorry, sir.
Did not get any on your boots, you're good.
It's unfortunate timing, sir.
I'm sure they're all very eager to get back to work.
: Yeah.
Who the hell is this guy? Regional Commander Shaw from what I'm hearing, this guy can't even operate out of a wet paper bag.
Jason, take a breath, all right.
You're not the one who just had an hour-long earful.
What's his problem with you? Commander Shaw takes issue with the Bravo Team culture.
What's that mean? Well, to start with, he wants us to look more professional.
- Haircuts, uniforms.
It's a joke, right? We're out there busting our asses and he's more concerned about our fashion sense? - It's not about fashion sense.
- What's it about? It's about Mexico going sideways.
Really, Mexico again? It's about not taking out Zaman.
It's about Clay pulling the stunt with the radio.
Commander Shaw believes that a lax culture has contributed to operational missteps.
- Yeah, well, he's wrong.
- Yeah, well, he's also senior rank, - so wrong doesn't matter.
- You gotta be kidding me.
Any other unit does those operations, there's not gonna be missteps, there's gonna be casualties, - a lot of them.
- Jason! It doesn't matter, Jason.
If Commander Shaw wants things in Bravo to change, then guess what? They'll change.
Start with our uniforms.
What's our move, Davis? It's simple.
They're patrolling in predictable patterns.
The entry point's exposed every 11 seconds, yes, but it's not We have plenty of time to rush in and grab the flag.
We're not doing that.
What, you're not fast enough? They're not dumb enough.
If they're moving in a predictable way, it's a trap.
You got a better idea? Yes, Evelyn, I do.
- Watts.
- Yeah.
How'd you like a battlefield promotion? [HELICOPTER WHIRRING.]
MAN: Okay, move, move, move, move.
WOMAN: Go, go, go.
Get on your feet.
This exercise is over.
Meyer, Shocky, put them in the Humvee.
- Roger.
- Will do.
EVELYN: Nice work, Davis.
Davis, you killed it.
Nice work.
MILLER: Get in formation! Impersonating an instructor.
Was that your bright idea, Watts? It was mine, Gunnery Sergeant.
You proud of yourself, Davis? Cheating your way through the mission? We won, Gunnery Sergeant.
We'll see.
RAY: Oh, oh, Sonny, you got yourself about a bottle-a-day habit there with that sauce, you trying to marinate yourself with that? All this running around we're doing, I need something to keep the calories up so my pants don't fall down.
You know, that's about all we've been doing is running in circles, man.
We might as well deploy to a summer camp.
We get it.
We understand, all right? Poster Boy here, he's itching for a little action, just a little mish.
Kid Vicious, why don't you get yourself a roll of quarters, head down to the arcade, and blast some Space Invaders? [LAUGHTER.]
Sonny, you know, it was really nice of you to support the local culture and buy that shirt here.
The real question here that everybody's asking is why you seem so content.
Dude, we've been here for three weeks sitting on our asses, and you're not climbing the ceilings.
What's going on, buddy? Well, man, I am the don of the Philippines.
Okay? I enjoy the Gucci missions.
Basking in the glow of the red-light district'd be my guess.
He hasn't invited me to any late night outings.
Any of you? - Nope.
- JASON: I think he's sneaking around these little dirty alleys.
And he's a little too embarrassed to bring a wingman, right? Either that or he's sweet on a particular dancer, and he wants to keep her all to himself.
RAY: That it, Sonny? You got a special girl? They all have a special place inside Sonny Quinn's big heart.
No, no, no, no, that's a dodge.
- You're lying, man.
- Sonny, she got a name? I mean, this girl? Do y'all know that Blackburn's been counting cards every time? Counting the lies at this table.
Yeah! Yeah! I want to get my money back! Sonny, what's-what's her name, man? Hold on, what's her name, buddy? - Blackburn.
- Yeah, I ain't counting cards.
- I'm out.
- I'm out.
I got to run an errand, fellas.
Okay, it looks like it's between me and Poster Boy here.
I'll tell you what, make it a little bit more interesting, - I'll throw in a 20.
- OTHERS: Ooh! - The boss man.
- Big money.
SONNY: Come on.
- All right, I'll, uh - RAY: Don't do it.
I'm gonna, I'll-I'll-I'll call you and - widen another hundo.
- OTHERS: Oh! Spenser, the man is about to drop a quarter mil on Emma's education, you got to leave him with a couple pennies.
All I hear are gnats talking.
I appreciate your help right now, Ray, but let me deal with this.
He's bluffing, okay? Spank him.
Let's go, let's do it right now.
I'm out.
Aw! Come on! - JASON: What do you have? - Wasn't a bluff, man, I got Aces and eights.
Right there.
Guys, time out, that is bad juju right there.
It's called the dead man's hand.
It's what Wild Bill had the night that he got schwacked.
So what I'm saying is, Clay, [LAUGHING.]
: you best stay away from me right now.
You know what? If my bad luck brings a couple of gunfighters, I'm good with it.
All right, all right.
It's about time for Naima to get up.
I'm gonna take a walk, give her a call.
SONNY: Ooh, this is real money right here, boys.
You know what? - How much you clean up? - [CHUCKLES.]
Back home, I can't stand country music, but put it 9,000 miles away, and all of a sudden, it's Kind of beautiful.
You with the Services? Navy.
You? Air Force.
C-20 support services, glorified drink cart pushers.
Only excitement I had all week was the other night, right here.
That right? I saw the most interesting-looking man walk in, sit and drink alone.
SEAL, I bet.
Was gonna introduce myself, but he looked like he had a lot on his mind.
How did I lose you? WATTS: Davis, you're a genius.
I'm calling my spot in your squad.
We're gonna kick the Crucible's ass.
Crucible? Shipboard firefighting.
Heard it gets about 200 degrees in there.
Intense, huh? What's wrong, Davis? Afraid of a little fire? [CHANTING IN DISTANCE.]
Take it 14 hours straight didn't quench your appetite for work.
Well, when you're tracking the wicked, the whole bit about "no rest" really holds true.
Well, I figured you didn't eat.
Took a guess.
Cheeseburger and fries good? You are a god, Blackburn.
Yeah, well, I'll remind you of that one of these days.
So, any particular wickedness clouding the horizon here in paradise? Rising chatter about the Moro Liberation Front's activities.
The usual churn of piracy and trafficking, but nothing actionable yet.
Copy that.
Well, you, uh, need the world's finest assault team for dessert, just give us a call.
I was just, was angry, I was violent.
I lost my dad, and, um, I wanted to fight the whole world.
But enlisting, making the teams, I mean, it helped me turn all that anger, all that fight into something powerful, something useful.
I mean, I stayed angry for a while, but all of a sudden, I had a life.
You know? A church, a home.
People counting on me.
- Like your team.
- My team, my wife, my family.
I became very, very good at living up to expectations.
Of being who they needed me to be.
But that's not who you really are? It's the role I've been playing.
Clothes I've been wearing and scripture I've been quoting.
But There's someone behind all that.
The real you.
Or maybe there is no real me.
I mean, maybe I'm just going through the motions and there's nothing behind any of it.
Mm, I don't know about that.
I mean, a guy like you? I'm sure you have more faith in yourself than that.
Not enough whiskey in this bar to get us started on faith.
What do you mean? You spend so much time looking at the world through faith that you just let it blur some ugly things you should've been seeing the whole time.
Or maybe you're thinking too much.
- Okay.
You got, you got jokes.
You're funny.
All I can say is, for my life, it's automatic.
There's not a whole lot of thinking involved.
Constant motion means I am not tied down with anyone's expectations.
I'm not living for anyone else.
That's a neat trick, Christine.
Well, it allows me to be whoever I want to be.
To do whatever I want, with or without whoever I want.
everything okay at home? What do you mean? Well, last night, you were still gone when I racked out.
Yeah? Three hour phone call with, uh, Naima, I just wondered What? You worried about my roaming fees? [DOOR OPENS.]
We're good.
He's buttoning [LAUGHS.]
: He's bent over, inspecting something.
I was like, "What are you doing?" RAY: Settle in.
A ten-story monster of steel, veins pumping with pressurized explosive fuel, just waiting for a stray bullet to set it off.
A gas and oil platform.
And with the regional surge in GOPLAT construction, you will eventually be called upon to recover one of these bad boys.
That's right.
And luckily for you boys, we did a successful GOPLA takedown last year.
So what we are gonna do is we're just gonna run these through a couple of the operational procedures.
SONNY: And also, where to get the best shark-deterrent accessories.
Not how to swan dive from 70 feet high.
- Ain't that right? Mm-hmm.
- 70 feet high? It was at least 90 feet.
SONNY: It was 55.
- The whole thing was in flames.
- RAY: Children.
Children! Can we focus, please? We got the classroom, and then we got outside.
Please turn to page three.
That's where we'll go over the multipoint infil that we like to use when we hit a GOPLAT.
MILLER: You will continue down the corridor, extinguishing all flames you encounter, executing all preventative procedures so that the fire does not spread.
You ready, Davis? DAVIS: On my movement.
Close the damper on the left.
MAN: Damper closed.
DAVIS: Each clear, moving forward.
Approaching engine room.
MAN: Hey, hey! [SHOUTING.]
DAVIS: Moving forward.
MAN: Clear, clear! Clear! DAVIS: There.
Help me! Help! MAN: Davis! [TAGALOG POP SONG PLAYING.]
After action review? Doesn't that normally follow action? Yeah, it usually does, but you know what? Hey, Shaw.
All right? He wants these filled out now after every training session.
"What were the obstacles? What were our challenges? What did we have to overcome?" You know come on, seriously? I'd rather have a coffee enema in Mosul.
Why don't you kick this waste of time down to, like, Clay or-or Brock? 'Cause then you'd be admitting you're taking Shaw seriously.
Listen, all right? This guy can make things a lot worse for us.
I don't want anything changing for Bravo Team, got it? So you play good soldier for a little while - and he backs off.
- Right.
I don't know if it's gonna be that easy you know what? These pigeon sticks are really smelling.
You're taking my food, man, I paid good money Not taking it, I'm putting it somewhere else, Ray.
You know that we're in trouble if we eat street meat, what might happen.
Sonny, I've seen you eat a lot weirder things than this.
We got those, uh, ladder races tomorrow.
Hmm? - You're looking pretty confident.
- Yeah? Want to place a little wager against, uh, against me? Sonny, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna take any more of your money, dude.
I'm not doing it.
Oh, come on, please, the-the Quinns are legendary climbers.
We were the first to adopt the, uh, opposable thumb deal - Oh, here we go again.
- I bet you didn't know that.
I'm not gonna take any more of your frickin' money, dude.
We're not doing it, buddy.
You're off.
- I'm off? - It wouldn't be fair.
- What the hell are you talking about, I'm off? - You're off.
I'm never off.
I'm always on.
I don't know, man, there's something Maybe that stripper girlfriend of yours, she got you a little She put some sort of voodoo curse on you or something.
Mm, she ain't got no voodoo on me.
There is a she, you're gonna admit there's a she? Sonny.
Hey, look, Clay, it's a lot more complicated than it seems.
She got a big heart and she got real big dreams and last thing I want to do is compromise that.
This is getting weird.
I'm just saying, I feel like I'm talking to my therapist - [LAUGHS.]
: or something.
- Oh, get the hell out of here, dude.
Look at me.
- Here we go, all Mr.
Feels over here.
- Hey.
The second that them bullets are flying, you'd best believe that Sonny Quinn's gonna crush some skulls.
Yeah, I never had a doubt, man.
- Come on.
- Yeah? Oh.
MARK: Come on, no.
Jay, Jay, don't get me wrong.
- The big blue machine serves its purpose.
- Okay.
Right, a decent soldier puts in 20, - gets his, gets his pension - Yeah.
the pride of service and a few good stories, right? Mm.
But what about a guy like you? Come on.
Exceptional performers deserve more.
I assume it would be on the record if You saying that I was, what, exceptional? - Don't ask me to spell it.
- That's what I thought.
I mean, like, this whole TED Talk, it's great, I'm sure it's landed you a lot of operators, but why me? I got a whole stable of thoroughbreds from every branch.
And when it comes to simple security ops, yeah, they crush it every time.
But my business is growing, Jay.
I need leaders.
Alphas who enter a room and leave no doubt who's calling the shots.
Navy's the only job I've ever known.
That's it.
So, tell me.
How much does it cost? I'm sorry? The school your daughter wants to attend, what's the tuition? Well, look.
Tuition, we're looking upwards of $50,000, $60,000, maybe.
That's not to mention, you know, living in the city, so, it gets up.
You could make that in about two months.
Pick and choose your assignments, work the way that works for you, spend more time with your family.
No more "good idea" fairies, no more command headaches.
Asking me to leave the team.
I don't know if I can do that.
Your team knows how much you've given.
Now it's time for you to get something in return.
MILLER: Wake up, snowflake.
What happened? You panicked.
Rest of you, back to the barracks.
Enough drama for today.
Get yourself straight, Davis.
- [JEERS.]
Losing your touch there, Hayes.
- Snuck up on you.
No, no, I saw you.
- You're a liar.
Gin and tonic, please.
- Uh-huh.
- Gin and tonics, coming in, all right.
Good to see that you're taking a break.
Yeah, well.
You know, I thought unplugging for a minute would be a nice distraction But? [SIGHS.]
I just remembered I turned 25 in this dump.
- 25? - Mm-hmm.
That is quite a long time ago.
Cheers to that.
- Smart ass.
Point is, I'm wondering if I'm cursed to an endless cycle of anti-Western chatter and faux-Western decor for the rest of my life.
- Right, right.
I get it.
- Right? I get it, 'cause I've been through this place more than once, I'll tell you that.
You ever think about when to give it up? No.
There's always gonna be another mission.
Don't they all kind of start blurring together for you? Not about the mission.
This our, my country.
The team.
I got a lot more to do.
What about you? You're thinking about walking away, huh? [SCOFFS.]
I never walk away.
You know, we were here that time talking about Emma's future and your home - and how complicated it all is.
: Yeah.
- In my life, I don't have that kind of complicated.
At some point I might want it.
What do you mean? Family? - All right, I'm [LAUGHS.]
- What? - You said it.
- Maybe not, like, - full white picket fence, okay? - No, no.
But, just a little less jetlagged pursuit of evil.
MILLER: Get on your feet.
You afraid of fire, Davis? Who isn't? Uh Gunnery Sergeant.
Different for you, though.
Froze you.
I inhaled smoke.
I spoke with the infirmary, they said you were clear.
You will be expected at this afternoon's PT.
Is that a problem? 'Cause if it is, you can DOR.
- CLAY: Yeah, it is.
- All right.
Coming in.
Look at that.
- Jay with the reinforcements.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
SONNY: Jay, I love you.
You, uh, you talk to Blackburn about ol' Commander Buzzkill? Yeah, it felt like a spanking from the principal was coming.
I talked to him, I set him straight.
Told him, as long as I'm there, Bravo team will always remain - Bravo team.
- SONNY: Amen to that.
Hey, let's go, boys.
SONNY: Cheers on that alcohol, there.
Doesn't have any of of them floaty snake things - that'll make you gag.
- Mm.
- MEN: Oh - Okay, in Tagalog, she said you're her favorite Backstreet Boy.
Smackin' the room without you, man.
I'm gonna hit the head.
- JASON: What, you getting all buzzy? Yeah, yeah.
Got this angry Airbnb tenant blowing my phone up right now.
I need to go handle it.
Right, I'm sure they got terrified of what's in your little "forbidden closet.
- Hey.
- How you doing? Good, good.
I saw you with your friends.
Was gonna come and say hi, but I didn't want to interrupt.
I-I, look, I was, um, I was gonna tell you I had a-a real good time the other night with you, talking.
Actually, the best I've felt in a while.
Why is it easier to talk to a stranger sometimes than it is the people you know? Well, you know, no stakes.
Can't disappoint a stranger.
Um, we could keep talking.
I would The guys, um, they can be a bit much if you're not used to them.
Well, we could go someplace else then, you know, just to talk.
: Hey.
How are you? Sorry, uh, sorry I didn't catch you yesterday.
Anything new? Not really.
Davis, you okay? You sound, uh, you sound a little down.
I'm fine.
Oh, yeah? What's going on? So what about Swanny? You talk to him? Yeah, yeah, I talked to him.
He's good, man.
He's just, uh - Swanny? - Apparently he fixed this plumbing issue I had in my apartment now for the past year, so that's good.
Yeah, I'm sure he did, man.
There's-there's not a problem that guy can't blast through.
- Operator's an operator.
I don't know how he does it.
What do you mean? Life after the teams.
I mean, a pipehitter like him, how do you walk away from all this, you know? He works part-time as an EMT.
He's gonna serve his country, he's gonna Yeah, but that's it, man, this isn't this isn't just a job, this is a it's a, it's a, it's a life.
It's a life, yeah.
This is ten times the life most people live.
Look, riding with Bravo is all I need.
That's all you need, riding with Bravo.
What, been on our team for, what, a year? Fully for, what, eight years now? Okay.
You may see things a little differently with time, kid.
All right, well, if I start seeing things differently - Mmm.
- I-I'm-a need to get my eyes checked.
Check, how many numbers am I holding up now, hm? Can you see that? [LAUGHS.]
I don't know what that is.
: That's okay.
- What is this, Jenga? [BOTH LAUGH.]
You know, when we almost lost Sonny, it became clear to me what I have.
I've got five guys around me and one beating heart.
Better than brothers.
Honestly, I feel like I'm-I'm lucky enough to be a part of that, so I'm gonna give it all of me.
Good, and don't forget that, man.
All right? Brothers.
All right.
Just give it all you got and fill up that pitcher, will you? [LAUGHS.]
Bless you, man, - in the name of the Father - Thank you.
Appreciate that.
- and of the Son.
- All right.
- You've been baptized.
- Let's do it.
Let's do it.
DAVIS: Sonny, what happened? Sonny, what's that noise? [PANICKED BYSTANDERS SHOUTING.]
SONNY: Get out of my way! Get out of my way! Get out of my way! [GRUNTS.]
You good? Yeah, yeah.
- You good, Jace? - Yeah, I'm good.
All right.
- Mandy? - Yeah? Hey! Yeah.
- You guys good? - Yeah.
- Ray? Hey, where's Ray? - Yeah.
I'm good.
- All right.
- Mandy? - I'll call it in.
I'll start triaging.
Everyone take a different part of the room.
Let's go.
Telegraph Saloon.
There's-There's, um, casualties.
I don't know, I don't know how many.
- You got him? - I got him.
- Take care of him.
I got you.
Come on.
MAN: The bottle.
He need to wake up.
RAY: Hey.
I got you.
I got you.
Just give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
Lift his arm up.
- Get his arm up! - Oh! Guys! - Sonny! - You good? - Yeah, yeah.
How are the guys? Team's good, okay? We got a lot of people - who need help, all right? - Yeah, yeah.
Oh, it is mayhem out there.
- You're good.
- Jace.
Oh, God.
I'm gonna get you inside.
We're gonna fix up your leg, you're gonna be okay.
She's gone.
All right.
Hold it in place.
Come on.
- Trent! - Yeah? Got someone over here.
He's wax, not breathing.
All right.
Check his airway.
Airway's clear.
He's got a deviated trachea.
A pinched pneumothorax.
Go get me a straw, some strong alcohol and Saran wrap.
Go, go, go.
Find it.
I'm sorry.
She didn't make it.
Give me the alcohol.
All right, now the straw.
Give me the straw.
Jason, hold his arm.
Brock, get his legs, hold him down.
He's gonna jump.
All right, look.
This is gonna be over in a second.
Hold him down.
Keep him down.
Hey, Sonny! Sonny, give me a hand.
Come here.
- Uh-huh.
- You're good.
Brock, keep on his legs.
Stay with me, bud.
We're almost there.
All right, that should inflate his lung.
Let's wrap him up.
I'm on my way to you.
It was a pressure cooker.
I have photos.
Got it? - Clay? - Yeah.
Clay! Where you going? Got more people out here need help.
Hey! Hey! - You okay? - Sinto.
Sinto what? What's Sinto? - My brother, Sinto! - It's a bear.
Sinto! [SCREAMS.]
Sinto! Hold on.
Sinto! Sinto! Sinto! Sinto! [CHILD CRYING.]
Sinto? Yes.
Come on.
Come with me.
Where's my brother? Your brother's right over here, okay? My friend Sonny's gonna take you two inside.
He's gonna keep you safe.
Okay? - You're gonna be okay.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go, let's go.
SONNY: Clay.
Clay! Clay! Oh, Clay.
Clay, here, look at me, stay with me.
Conscious, not breathing.
- All right, tourniquet.
- Wound's too high up.
- Hey.
- What can we do? Uh, I'm gonna try and improvise a, uh, junctional.
- Get me supplies.
- All right.
- We got to get him to a hospital.
- Flag down that ambulance, - if you can, man.
- Yeah, yeah.
Deep breaths, breathe, buddy, breathe! Breathe! - [SIREN WAILING.]
- Stay with me, man.
- TRENT: Keep your eyes open.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Keep your eyes open.
- Come on! - Hang in there.
- Breathe, buddy, breathe! Breathe, Clay.
Okay? Deep breaths.
You gonna be okay.
- Wait a minute! Wait a minute! - Come on! SONNY: Stay with me.
Stay awake! Go! Come on, guys, move it! Watch your back.
Easy on the neck.
I got full pressure right here.
- Okay, neck's secure.
- Neck secure.
- All right, get these underneath him.
- Yeah.
- Gotta roll him.
Gotta roll him.
- On the count of three.
- Ready? - I'm good.
- Roll.
- One, two, three.
Flip it around.
Flip it around.
Roll him in.
- There you go.
- SONNY: Watch the head, watch the head.
- I got you.
- There we go.
Ready? You good? Got it? Brock! Talk to me.
- Head's secure.
- We secure? - Let's go.
Hand it over, hand it over.
You guys got it? - Let's go, let's get it in! - [GRUNTING.]
- Go, go, go.
- Jace, get his bag! Okay, man.
Mark that.
Listen to me.
Take care of all the casualties.
- I'll call you when I get there.
- All right, copy.
Go, go, go, go! [SIREN WAILING.]
We got you, buddy.
Stay with me, man, you're gonna be all right.
Ordnance was a low-order IED housed inside a pressure cooker.
I recovered this phone belonging to the victim located closest to the blast site.
Pictures taken immediately preceding the blast may have captured images of the perpetrator.
Let's get to work.
- Jason? - Yeah? How is he? I don't have any information.
Blackburn's in there now, trying to get an update.
That's all I got.
All we know is we got seven dead and 30 injured.
Uh, the, uh, Filipino SEAL who took the shrapnel in his arm, he'll be okay.
Yeah, that's good.
That's good.
SONNY: Hey, Jace, uh you think whoever did this, it was aimed at us? Bar's a known hangout for Westerners.
Could've been about that.
Mandy's on top of it.
Yeah, Mandy's on top of it.
Mandy gets the information.
She gets the name she gives that name to us first.
He's in critical condition.
Traumatic injury to both legs, severe blood loss.
When do we get to see him? Yeah, when? Not anytime soon.
His condition was too complex to treat here.
We've airlifted him out, back to the States.