SEAL Team (2017) s03e05 Episode Script

All Along the Watchtower: Part 1

1 - Previously on SEAL Team - Where do you want the glasses? - I don't care.
Tell you what.
- Coffeemaker? - Why don't you choose? - This is your life now.
Time for you to start turning this cave into a home.
This is Dr.
Natalie Pierce.
She is a research physiologist at the NHRC's Department of Warfighter Performance.
Bravo Team's your lab rats, right? You passed Bravo down to all of us.
It's on the young bucks to keep it going.
That means I got to get this Green Team pick right.
What the team needs is a guy who's gonna complement his teammates and not compete with them.
Let's all welcome the newest brother to Bravo Team.
- Drumroll.
- Vic Lopez.
Vic Lopez! - Sonny, you can't keep doing this.
- What? People are gonna see right through it.
Well, what's there to see? - I just come to check on you.
- You and Davis? How long have you two been playing house behind the team's back? What do you mean? What? He said something to you? We can't be together, Sonny.
There you go.
DEVGRU golden ticket is no joke.
Whatever weapons you want, they'll hook you up with in your personal cage in the armory.
This is what you got in yours? My sniper suite.
Lately, I've been rolling with the MP7 here.
The 4.
6? We didn't have those at Team 2.
Well, the MP7 is great, but not for everything.
- Caliber counts, right? - Mm-hmm.
We'll hit the range soon and mess around with it - if you're down.
- I'm in.
Strange finally being here.
Don't go patting yourself on the back just yet, young brother.
Your race just began.
As far as the weapons go, outside of any team requirements, you're pretty much cleared hot to carry whatever you want, but most guys just carry the HK416.
- Mm.
- Sonny, he'll roll with a machine gun.
You know, if we bring one.
And Clay and I, we go back and forth as lead sniper, but even still, he carries a 14.
5, 416 with glass even if the rest of us are rolling short barrels.
And Jason? Jason Hayes, my guy.
Well, he will use whatever.
22, nine millimeter.
Hell, give the guy a slingshot or a stick and he'll make it happen.
Look, Vic nothing to overthink here.
Okay? No need to mess with what you've been doing so far.
Stick with what you know, what works for you.
- All right.
- Okay.
And I'm not here to mess with what's been working for Bravo.
Bravo's had its ups and downs.
Battlefield and off, but you're coming in at the right time.
Everyone's in a good place now.
All right.
Just, uh don't ever touch my stuff.
Okay? And we're good.
- You understand? - All right.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Great, you gotta be kidding me.
This has obviously got to be either Full Metal or Brock, right? Doesn't know how to make coffee.
One of the two of you.
All you've got to do is put coffee in the filter.
That's all.
And press "on".
Look at you.
- Yeah.
- Nice eyeliner there.
Sonny, what, did you forget the rules in the champagne room last night? Yeah, you reach for some forbidden fruit there, huh? Yeah, right.
Sonny hasn't reached for a piece of fruit in his life.
Look at him.
Jace, is there a reason why we're here? Okay, 'cause unless Scarlett Johansson's in a charitable mood, I am going back to bed.
You're not going back to bed.
We're gonna run some CQB drills.
Got to sharpen our edges.
Are you forgetting that we just took down a fortified floating prison? We're as sharp as Ginsu, brother.
If you're seeing something we're not, enlighten us, Jason.
Just make sure you speak extra slow so us sled dogs can understand.
We can always do better.
Plus, we've got to break in a new teammate.
That new guy's been here for five minutes, he's already rubbing me the wrong way.
Hey, new guy, you got a cold sixer for old Sonny over here? 'Cause the way he's whining, he's gonna need it stat.
Damn, Sonny, who did that to you? And how'd they like to be our new breacher? Oh! At least this guy hit me from the front, Ray.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? You tell me, since you're so interested in my business.
You got something gnawing at you, Sonny, you want to share with the group? Nah, I'm just hungover.
We good? - Yeah, sure, boss.
- Good.
Jock up.
Shoot house in five.
Full Metal, make some coffee on the way out.
Do something right.
- Oh.
- Oh, Jason.
Pierce, I'm sorry.
- Didn't mean to run you over.
- Natalie.
And I did not mean to run you over, either.
Last week, I mean.
I feel like I might have come at you too hard.
You coming at me hard? No.
Telling me that what, my body's, I don't know, one step away from being scrap heap? Tell you what, that was fun.
- We should do that again sometime.
- I just need you to know the entire aim of my work is to keep operators in the field thriving - for as long as possible.
- I'll tell you what.
If I have any lack of thriving, all right, I'll give you a call, I'll come find you.
I've been around long enough to know you guys always think you're right, but if you're not improving, you're falling behind.
You know what, I have a system that works for me, and it works.
I don't need milks that are made out of nuts.
All right? Or wheat grass shots.
I'm out.
I asked your teammates about you in our intro consultations.
They said you're the best because you're never satisfied.
Any chance to get an edge, they said you'll take it.
That's what I'm offering you.
An edge.
That's the real thing.
You're all aware of the ongoing situation in Yemen.
A five-year civil war has ravaged the nation.
Widespread famine, food insecurity and civilian bloodshed.
Bravo's been tapped to help prevent one more torch from being thrown into the inferno.
Ambassador Nicole Marsden is traveling to North Yemen to ease tensions between two tribes there, the Bakil and the Hashid.
You'll be working as her security detail.
The whole country's in turmoil.
Why is she focusing on these two tribes? The last thing that Yemen needs in the midst of a civil war is another civil war.
The tribes represent a stabilizing influence in the region if they can remain on peaceful terms with each other.
State has requested a Tier One PSD for three weeks.
That lengthy of a deployment, it'll take a minute to get all the pieces in place.
The ambassador's eager to get to work.
So we'll send a two-man advance team right away, the rest of the unit joining within 48 hours.
Ray, run lead on ADVON.
Pick a swim buddy.
I'm in.
Anything to put Vah Beach in the rearview mirror.
Somebody got you on the run, Sonny? No, just rather get in trouble over there than here.
Yeah, well, an itchy Sonny on a mission of peace.
Uh, I love you, brother, but I don't think that's gonna work.
Spenser, go pack your gear, brother.
A three-week PSD look, if Sonny wants to go, - I'm-I'm good with it.
- But I'm-I'm not good with that.
So get geared up, man.
Come on.
All right.
Whatever you say.
Guess he is.
Hey, I don't want you hurting yourself.
You know how sorry I am.
It's not like I wanted this.
It hasn't been easy for me either.
- And I get it, you're angry.
- Angry? Have I ever been angry with you? No, but look at your face.
You're spinning out.
You're throwing hands in bars.
You don't need to do that.
Your opinion of what I need to do ended when we did.
Hey, Hendo.
Let's hit it again.
What, you didn't get enough of me yesterday? Tap out, dumbass.
Is that all you got? Meant to give this to you before you take off.
First day sixer.
Not sure what they're drinking over in Northern Yemen, but this probably beats it.
Can just leave it there.
Wanted to ask you something.
Thought Jason and Ray had all the answers around here.
So, ask.
Well, you were the last new guy.
Got any advice for me? I haven't been the new guy in a long-ass time.
If I ever was.
Well, look, I didn't mean any disrespect.
I You want me to be real with you here? You weren't my pick.
Look, I had my say about you, and if anyone would've listened, you wouldn't be standing here right now.
'Cause in my opinion, you were second best.
This "aw, shucks" attitude thing, the-the whole humble thing you got going on, everything about you so clean and tight, I don't trust it.
You have to prove yourself to me, and the only way to do that is by showing up when our ass is in the fire.
Till then, you can just stay out of my way.
We all know you wanted the other guy from Green Team, but give Vic a shot.
He's on Bravo.
I'd call that a hell of a shot.
I'm saying give the kid some time, maybe a little grace? Not every new guy's gonna light-switch some HVT their first day out.
Some people have got to pay more dues than others.
It's not the type of gig you learn on the job.
You either hit it hard, or you get out of the way.
You haven't seen the kid in action yet.
You know, all your talents, Spenser, ESP is not one of them.
And if you're doubting my gut on this, remember it's the same gut that pushed for your spot on Bravo.
Look, my issue's not with you, man.
You're doing your thing.
I'm just trying to do mine.
You don't know what that is now.
I get it.
New new guy makes you just one of the pack.
Golden boy becomes middle child.
It's just part of the team guy cycle.
Embrace it.
Don't resist it.
Embrace it.
I got no problem being one of the pack.
You are gonna get your chance to stand up and stand out, Spenser.
But it just may not happen the way you think it is.
Patience gonna pay off, I promise you that.
You guys lonely without your entourage? Does feel like we're traveling a little light, right? Welcome to Yemen.
Agency's had me embedded here for a few weeks, taking the temperature.
And what kind of weather blew in the ambassador? Particularly nasty storm system by the name of Musa Khawlan.
He's a new leader of the Bakil tribe.
Militant, ambitious, stoking a hatred of the Hashid tribe.
Well, nation's crashing around you.
Misery loves a target.
Khawlan's threatened violence against Hashid leadership.
They've responded in kind.
Ambassador Marsden is determined to meet with both sides and reach a détente.
American diplomat involving themselves in tribal conflict? Is that courage or ignorance? That's Ambassador Marsden.
She's aggressive in her diplomacy.
A risk-taker.
Coming from a gambler like you, now I'm interested in meeting her.
You know they still talk about you over at Green Team? - Yep.
- That prank you pulled with the PT Cruiser.
You know, they still can't figure out how the hell you got it all the way up there.
- Seriously, you - Fold these.
Make sure you steam my underwear.
Hey, you all right? Oh, yeah.
Nut punching the new guy's one of my sacred duties.
Seems like the past couple days, you got something on your mind.
Uh, just getting chafed sitting stateside - like I always do.
You know.
- Yeah, I don't know.
Just seems like since we got back from PACOM, being home has been a lot easier for you.
Like, I don't know, like something's changed in you.
Listen, if I ever change, you go right ahead, and you punch me in the face.
I think someone's already checked that box, Sonny.
Yeah, well, maybe I did flirt with it a little bit.
Settling down with someone.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- How was that? - It's not for me.
No, I'll tell you what.
There are two people on God's great earth that won't ever change, shouldn't ever change.
And those two men are standing right here.
So you, uh, you talk to that physiologist yet? - You meet up with her? - Yeah.
That lady's got some nerve saying that some of my habits need, uh, modification.
- You believe that? - Well what kind of habits? I don't know, I was hungover as hell.
I wasn't really listening to what she was saying.
She just kept wagging her jaw on and on and on and on.
Guess some people can't recognize perfection when they see it.
Is that what I'm staring at right there? Hey, if it ain't broke.
See you, buddy.
It's an awfully public place to meet a man wearing a bull's-eye.
Tribal crown doesn't come with an office? Imam Sahan refuses to bow to the threats.
He wants his Hashid brethren to see him out in the open, unafraid and in control.
Optics are important.
Yeah, well, control's a cute idea.
Sure you can trust Sahan, Ambassador? Maybe the idea is to put the bull's-eye on you.
Then it's a good thing I brought you guys along.
Imam Sahan.
Madam Ambassador.
- Thank you for meeting.
- Mm.
Bravo 1 to Rampart.
Anything on overwatch? Negative, Bravo 1.
OP 1 and 2 have checked in all clear.
OP 2, this is Bravo 1.
How those rooftops looking? We're alone up here, Bravo 1.
Copy that.
Keep an eye on that alley.
Enough! The Bakil are led by a madman! He would see my tribe driven from our lands.
- Imam, if I may - It is an insult to me that you would meet with such a man as Musa Khawlan.
The ambassador meant no disrespect.
Imam, meeting is the only way to talk, talking the only way to peace.
Peace, the only way to life.
There goes low profile.
OP 2, biker making entry.
You got him? A-firm.
Hold on and watch his hands.
I believe you'll find my proposals entirely reasonable.
A framework for peace with the Bakil.
And, Imam, you should know this.
If I were going to insult you, it would be about this atrocity of a pastry you recommended I try.
Let's hope your proposal is not equally amusing.
- Madam Ambassador.
- Imam.
Um, I'm sorry, you must be confused.
The nut milk tasting is tomorrow.
You know, embracing people who want to help me is not one of my strengths, okay? As a door kicker, I think I'd be worried if it was.
Look, I don't want to waste your time, I don't want to waste my time.
You got it? So this program of yours, it's gonna extend my run as an operator? The government's put a lot of time and money into making you the leader that you are.
You won't do anyone any good if you're mothballed.
What are we talking here? Like, uh how's this work? We look at the way you move, fight, sleep, eat, breathe.
We are honest about the damage, the issues, and we figure out ways to help you do every single one of those things better.
I just want you to know that I'm a meat eater.
Understand? Burgers, steaks.
I like to grill.
I'm a die-hard carnivore.
Got it? - Copy that.
- Yeah? Although, I mean, I-I know this amazing Brussels-turnip burger.
I think maybe you should give it a try.
You're just hitting my trigger points.
Walking backwards here.
Look, Mike Richards would still be playing if he'd been on my program.
You know hockey, huh? Just what I picked up playing center at University of Wisconsin.
- Ugh, a Badger.
- Mm.
What do you say? Want to get started? Yeah, I'll hit you up.
You know, think about it.
When I'm back, maybe.
Okay? See you, Natalie.
Okay, got it.
Thanks, Mandy.
Intel from a local source says there's a funeral procession near the diplomatic compound.
Popular Bakil elder.
Naseem Absi, an honorable man.
Well, we got a few hundred hopefully honorable Bakil mourners heading the same direction as us.
Mandy and GRS will follow for support.
Always fun to have the Agency and their spotless record along for the ride.
They're still doing dollar draft nights at the Sandy Frog? Sorry, ma'am? That was the deal when I was at Naval Station Norfolk.
Worth the trip to Vah Beach, long as you stayed clear of those SEAL Team knuckleheads.
I didn't know that you served.
Five years as a JAG.
Thought I'd be Atticus Finch in dress blues, battling injustice.
How did that lead to Foreign Service? It didn't.
I separated, earlier than my C.
would have liked, actually.
Realized the impact I wanted to have on the world wouldn't happen inside a courtroom.
JAG's a good career choice.
Big gamble to leave that, right? That's what everybody told me.
"Keep paying your dues, be patient, don't push it.
" And now you feel like you're having an impact? Still hear the same old song from the same kind of people.
"Diplomacy's a process, don't rock the boat.
" But guess what.
Boat's been corroding in the same toxic water for decades.
We all got to start rocking it.
Yeah, I bet that hasn't won you a ton of friends.
People don't really appreciate a maverick streak.
Something tells me you like making waves, too.
Yeah, well, Navy's not real big on vessel rocking.
Man in that casket was a man of peace.
He remembered that the Bakil and Hashid tribes were descended from two brothers.
And you're here to get others to remember that, too? Mm.
I'm here to get people to focus on what unites rather than divides them so they don't kill each other.
Yeah, well, the ones who focus on division are always louder, so let's get you inside.
Ma'am, I really think we need to get you inside the residence.
We're-we're good.
Hey, we're good! We're good! It's celebratory.
You know, Senior Chief Perry, yeah, might be a good idea head on in.
Yes, ma'am.
Ambassador's safe inside.
She's, uh She's got Mandy captive, trying to get Agency Intel from her.
Lady's something else.
Tell you what.
More focused on the task at hand than her career.
Not exactly following the politician playbook.
She's definitely got a rebel streak in her.
That's for damn sure.
Ray, crowd stopped in front of the compound.
They're not moving on.
That doesn't feel right.
No, neither does that.
Tire fires.
They're signaling.
Doesn't take much to turn grief into rage.
Yeah, or a funeral into a riot.
20 minutes to touchdown.
Looks like you didn't sleep, huh? No, not much.
It's all the same stuff as the regular teams, we just get better ops.
Doesn't feel that way, though.
You remember your first time out? Lot different back then.
It was June '01.
Thought I was signing up for life as a peacetime Frogman.
Few months later, the world caught fire.
20 years later, little did I know, I'd still be fighting that fire.
War since I was in first grade.
But that combat, look what it shaped DEVGRU and the teams into.
- I'm proud to be a part of it.
- Oh.
C-Come on.
This kid sounds like he was conceived and raised in a DoD lab.
Hey, I would've taken that over the deal I got.
Oh, what do you think, we all made it here with a life of Betty Crocker and father-and-son Scout trips? Please, Victoria, spare us your tragic emo origin story.
Don't take it personally.
He's sleep-deprived.
Actually, Sonny's always sleep-deprived.
But you know what? Little advice: whatever you have in the rearview mirror, - uh, keep it there.
- Roger that.
As far as I'm concerned, my life started when I joined the teams.
We're about to land.
Well, Command wants you sitting tight on the tarmac.
There's a situation developing near the compound.
We don't want to inflame it.
What's going on? Big group of fighting-age males just joined the crowd.
Definitely not mourners.
Guys are carrying bags.
They look heavy, too.
And I got a guy 200 meters south of building one on a radio.
Looks like he's on watch.
Two more on the street with radios.
Source on the ground says a number of local shops shuttered early.
Something in the air.
Check out that rooftop.
Carrying hard cases.
Could be journalists, camera gear? Yeah, it could be bowling balls, too, but something tells me they're not.
And these tire fires, they're not, they're not random at all.
They're evenly spaced and choking off all the entries and exits to this area.
They're roadblocks.
Yeah, this is coordinated.
Feels like they're setting up on us.
I agree.
There's nothing spontaneous about this at all.
This is Bravo 2.
What's your ETA? They're holding us at the airstrip.
Something about civilian unrest.
I don't know how many of these guys are civilians.
This is starting to look like a coordinated assault, J.
I understand that, Jason, but No, you don't understand.
All right? They need us.
We're ten klicks away, roads are getting blocked off.
Yeah, and as I said, the brass thinks that adding more troops to the scenario is a bad idea.
Look, Ray knows what he's looking at.
This thing lights off, I got two of my team guys and three contractors going up against an army.
Look, I am pushing every way I can, Jason.
Stand by.
The whole Intel shop's digging in.
Bakil social media, local news, any whiff of what might be brewing.
Mandy's already I.
'd several known Bakil hardliners in the crowd.
It's a funeral for a tribal elder.
Could just be paying their respects.
Giving them the benefit of the doubt.
I'd rather give us the benefit of a visual.
We're on station.
Smoke from the tire fires sure ain't helping us.
We'll get a clearer picture.
Are there any other entry points on this compound? A delivery hatch.
Where? Come on, man, you're the damn security chief.
You got to help us out here.
The southeast corner.
It's locked, fortified.
Okay, in case of emergency exfil, where's the helo landing? The roof.
GPS coordinates are there.
The vehicles in this motor pool.
They're exposed.
Is there any cover we could move them to? Nothing like that.
What about an armory? Anything on site? Yes, down the hall.
But it won't be enough.
What? This is not an embassy.
This is a temporary residential outpost.
We are not equipped to repel an attack.
Yeah, well, clearly, you're not, but we need your help.
- Do you understand? - I cannot stay here.
I'm sorry.
You're not leaving.
I'm sorry.
Let him go.
God help you.
He knows.
He knows what's coming.
They got to the security team.
Yeah, well, screw him.
He'd just run when the shooting starts anyway, right? Fine.
No JV team in our way now.
Damn straight.
Let's go.
Entire compound staff is here.
Panic level started at a seven.
I think we're down to a five.
Five will work.
All right, everyone, listen up.
You're gonna remain sheltered down here, okay? You are safe.
So stay calm.
Wait for our instructions.
Okay? I'm gonna head out.
Ma'am, we need to pin down an exit plan immediately.
Breathe, Daniel.
The plan right now is to shelter in place.
That changes, you'll be the first to know.
Seems like you got this, uh, this peacekeeper thing down.
It's all a cover.
Don't tell.
I'm not buying it.
Feels like this is what you were born to do.
Took me a while to discover it, anyway.
I always envied people like you.
- How's that? - Hmm.
Must've found your calling early to rise to the top so young.
I hope you were born to fight.
The people here need you.
Yes, ma'am.
I understand.
All right, let's go.
Get in, gear up.
All right? Get the ground transportation unloaded.
Let's go.
I thought the, uh, Pentagon fun police was holding us here.
Tell you what, the longer these cake-eaters deny the situation, the worse it's gonna get.
- We're rolling out against orders? - No.
Just want to be ready.
When we get the go, we go.
Got it? Fighting-age males are sticking around, but the rest of the crowd's clearing out.
Sheltering from the storm.
Take overwatch on the south roof, cover down on any activity at the back of the rear gate.
Got it.
This is Bravo 2, Havoc.
We got troops in contact.
I say again, troops in contact.
I've got a man down.
Send 'em now.
All right, boys, we're cleared hot.
Let's load up.
Hand me that, come on.
You're gonna be okay.
We got you.
Come on, you guys, let's give them some room.
No pain meds in the armory, but did find some ammo.
And these Reagan-era flak jackets.
Haven't heard anything but small arms.
Yeah, well, they saw a shot at us and took it, but you bet your ass they'll be coming back with a lot more.
All right, I'm going to, uh, head back up to the roof.
- Go.
We're good.
- All right.
Found these in the armory.
How many? - Eight.
- Perfect.
One for each of my people.
I don't need one.
Ma'am, that's not how this works.
Okay, this won't be a conversation.
Might not be how it works, but it's the way it's gonna be, Senior Chief.
Bakil leadership, Musa Khawlan, thinks the ambassador is here to side with the Hashid.
To knock them down.
That's what we've been able to piece together.
The source of this rage, it's a misunderstanding.
They were looking for a fight and you're the excuse.
I have to do something.
I need to speak to Khawlan, clear this up.
The man's busy waging war on us.
I know where he is.
A mile from here.
I need to get to him now.
You know that can't happen.
It has to happen.
The only way this ends without more bloodshed is if I go to Khawlan and convince him.
I'll drive myself if I have to.
Ma'am, the rest of my team is ten minutes out.
They land, we'll have enough guns and enough men to load everyone up and get out of here.
Then I will personally drive you to whatever kamikaze peace mission you want, but you will not go alone.
Are we clear? You're right.
We'll wait for your people.
Thank you, Senior Chief.
Thank you, Ambassador.
Everyone, let me show you how to put these on.
2, this is 1.
How copy? This is Bravo 3.
Inter-squad comms aren't gonna work till we get closer to 'em.
- Copy, 3.
- Bravo 1, this is Havoc Base.
We will relay between you and Bravo 2 if necessary.
Be advised, Bravo 2's position is under increasingly heavy attack by small arms and mortars.
- How copy? - Solid copy.
No relay necessary at this time.
Bravo 3, this is 1.
Hold your course; we're two blocks to the compound.
I got your six, boss.
Right turn here, right turn.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Havoc, this is 1.
I need ISR on our position.
Enemy is blocking streets.
We're gonna need help with our route.
We need a visual on that compound.
Bravo 1, ISR is required on station above the diplomatic compound.
We cannot divert it to your position at this time.
Copy that.
No way we're making that turn.
All right, Full Metal, we got to reverse out.
"Ass backwards toward the tire fire" is gonna be the title of my memoir.
All stop, all stop, all stop! Bravo 3, what do you got? Sonny, move! Move, Sonny, move! Boss man.
Melt 'em.
Clear this way! Bravo 2, this is Bravo 3, radio check.
Try him again.
Bravo 2, this is Bravo 3, radio check.
Bravo 2, this is Bravo 3, radio check.
Bravo 3, this is Bravo 2, I hear you Lima Charlie.
How me? Bravo 2, Tangos on our six.
Had to ditch the vehicles, heading to you on foot.
Copy that, Bravo 1.
Continue to the rear gate.
We'll open it as soon as we have visual on you.
Copy that.
Bravo 2, this is Havoc.
You should have a visual on our guys at your one o'clock, right about now.
Copy that, Havoc.
We've got 'em.
Ray, rear gate.
Bravo 1, hold what you got.
We've got enemy activity at the rear gate.
Bravo 2, this is 1.
We got enemy coming on us hard.
You got to get that door open.
You move now, you'll be stepping right into an ambush, brother.
Yeah, we're gonna have one hell of an ambush here if we don't move.
Bravo 2, this is 1.
We have to move now.
Bravo 1, we're trying to clear them from the rear gate.
That's your only way in.
Hey, hey, it doesn't have to be.
Delivery hatch, southeast corner.
It's locked.
Bravo 1, change of plans.
Stand by, everybody.
Stand by.
- Boss - Yeah, yeah.
Take 'em out.
Bravo 6, what's your ETA on that entry? That door's barricaded.
I'm working the problem.
Bravo 6, get that door open! 6, get that door open now! Move on me.
Move on me.
- Move, move, move! - Go, go, go! Havoc, this is 1.
We're inside.
Move, move, move, move.
That's a good copy, Bravo 1.
What was that Ray said? If he brought me here, I was liable to disrupt the "Kumbaya"? Sonny, you'd been here, there wouldn't be a city anymore.
Yeah, sounds peaceful to me.
Let's go find Ray, figure out evac.
Ambassador, Master Chief Hayes.
- Rest of our team is outside pulling security.
- Thanks for coming.
Pleasure to meet you.
We're gonna get you folks out of here.
Keys to the motor pool vehicles.
How you want to do this? Motor pool's got five vehicles.
Split the evacuees up in three, shooter and driver in each one.
Double up on the ambassador.
- We'll use ISR to help guide us to the airport.
- Yeah, okay.
Okay, we got to move.
We got to get your people out of here.
Everybody, listen up.
Ensign Davis, do you believe you can find them a safe path to the airport? This is verging on a Blackwater Fallujah scenario.
And I don't want these boys hanging from a bridge.
- You understand? - Yes, sir.
Three soft-skinned vehicles evading an unknown number of enemy for six miles.
And we'll be with them for every inch of it.
Sonny, Brock, Metal, pull the cars around here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Incoming! Havoc, this is 1.
We have no way out of here.