Secret Diary of a Call Girl s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

and condoms.
I always use black cabs, not many cabs.
But at least you get a different driver each time.
They know what I'm up to, and I know they know.
It's just a game we play.
Everything in here is important.
But the only essential thing on an all-night-job is this A lot can happen on an all-nighter.
:: board.
de presents:: :: Secret Diary Of A Call Girl:: :: Season 1- Episode 3:: :: Correction: icon:: The biggest grown market in escorting is something called the "girlfriend experience".
Now, that doesn't mean, getting paid to be rude and to force him trying to work out what's wrong, no This is a particular service.
I've never been a very good girlfriend in real life.
But for one night only, I am the perfect girlfriend.
Some of my clients, they’re not just after sex.
They want the intimacy, the exclusivity of a real relationship.
What's wrong with that? We all want to be held.
So it's 7:30 and from this moment on, I'm on the client's time.
His treat for the night, a gift to himself.
Ashop Prissad.
My first.
I lost my virginity to him professionally speaking.
Sweet, clean, considerate.
So I kept him.
My perfect regular.
- Hey.
- Hello.
Couldn't you have brushed your hair? Couldn't you have bought a new suit.
There you go.
Oh, yeah! Great, thanks.
Of course, they cancelled that.
Officially, the most depressing book I've ever read.
Can't ask for from that.
So? Usual? Lovely, thanks.
Yeah, he's married.
But his wife hasn't had sex with him for 5 years so suppose they're both breaking the marriage contract.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
Ooh! I love your lipstick! You never There you go.
- You look lovely.
- You look pretty good yourself.
Shell we? Sometimes, on these occasions, the client will take me out.
Maybe a film or a western play but I never get to see the second half.
You see, most clients are like Ash, just too excited.
I thought, we've had upstairs an order room service if, uh, if that's okay.
Next job: get the client his fast orgasm, get those endorphins flowing.
He relaxes, and I can pace out for the rest of the evening.
How was your shower? Good.
- Still sore? - Bit.
Maybe I can help you with that.
An South-African Chenet Blanc, thank you.
So, how we're gonna spend the rest of the night? I mean, just the way he walked on the office pisses me off.
Smiling all the time.
Never trust an Isegrim.
The 3 rules of conversation in the escort client relationship.
Number 1: So, Ash, global warming, will it eventually lead to an apocalypse? Keep it lined.
Tell me, can a revitalised Tory party ever really win over the northern bureau? No politics! And perhaps the most important of all Does your wife know you take out No inflamentary topics.
And the people like us, we really should be in charge of everything.
Yeah they'd surely will do.
I know it will sound odd, but I never actually sleep with clients.
Hello? - I'm bored.
- I'm on level 4.
You bastard! How did you get through the concert? Skill and general excellence, my friend.
So go on, how was the gig? It wasn't a gig, exactly.
It was more like a electric-acoustic performance piece.
Fuckin' no, you poor, poor bastard.
I know.
God, I played the same thing for 2,5 hours.
At one point, I thought he was dead.
Oh, nice work! Ah, Vanessa says "hi", by the way.
Oh, yeah, sure she does.
God, I'm bored.
Entertain me.
I'd know what you office tarts do.
Play with your hole-punch.
Photocopy your arse.
You should listen, I gotta go.
Yeah, me too.
- I gotta speak tomorrow to you.
- Alright, it'll be breakfast.
Ben? Ash, gone for cigarettes.
Won't be long.
Yes Madam, I'll serve between 7 and 10 in the hotel restaurant which is on the 4th floor.
Thank you.
Room 302.
Very nice lady.
- Nice, yes.
Lady, no.
- No, no, no, no.
- She's a tranny.
- No, I don't believe you.
- A scar.
- What? No Adam's apple.
Alright, start a question.
Couple coming down the stairs.
Uh, you want me to say "mother and son".
- By the way, he's touching her hip.
They're clearly lovers.
- And? And from the bags under her eyes, I'd say she's a mum.
Girl, you are on form tonight.
Room 242, married with kids.
Left me in charge of that child.
Baby listening service.
Gay you, Marry Poppins.
I'm gonna get a beer.
Hope, you don't mind me asking, but do I know? - No, I don't think so.
- Are you on TV? Or a model? It's just, you seem very familiar.
I'm quite well-known in certain circles.
- Really? - Really.
Actually I'm looking for a bit fun, and I think you are too.
- Sorry, not tonight.
- So why not tonight? You're here, I'm here Normally the agency's got supplies part on investigation.
I'm gonna have to do my own tricks.
The body language: confident, cocky even.
Shoes: Rosetti.
The watch: RS.
This is a man who knows what he wants, so you should be quick into the So what's it gonna be? Wait here a moment.
- What room you're in? - 914.
- This baby monitor.
- Yeah? - How does it work? - Through the phones.
I need it.
Room 504.
They've been fed so there won't be any problems.
I'll be in room 914, on this occasion you'll need me.
You're moonlighting! You're a bad girl! I know! What? I've always been a good fatale.
I want you to take off your corset.
You're very directive.
I like that.
In charge.
And your stockings.
It's usually my role to tell people what to do.
I wanna watch you come.
What you reckon? Oh, it's good.
You're good at it.
Did New York last year.
- Pardon? - Marathon.
Helps with that sexual stamina.
Yeah, I can see that.
Everyone always, uh, I can just go on, and on, and on, yeah and on - That's good.
- Yeah.
What do I do? Who's your daddy? If you ask them first, 90% of them all say "no".
but, hey, once he's up Was different.
Sure, I can't get you a drink before you go? No, no, fine, thank you.
- Sure? - Yeah.
I had I had a wonderful time tonight.
So did I.
He wants me to tell him that he's different from all the rest.
All clients think they're special, the only one.
And the truth is, he is the only one.
The only one on this floor.
God, I slept well.
We should get up, have breakfast Can I skip it up? The last job of the all-nighter.
Well, it'd be rude not to.
Thank you, Belle.
- For, you know, everything.
- My pleasure.
I will call you, yeah? Might as change the day, my wife's got her tonsils removed on Wednesday.
When that's finished, just let me know.
See ya.
Is that you, darling? Yeah, time for us night hawks to crawl under the rocks from where we have come.
Beautiful said! There you go.
Don't do that No, no, it's fine.
I couldn't have done it without you.
- It's all part of the service.
- All part of the service Maybe the "girlfriend experience" is like me as a real girlfriend.
Starts out all exciting and passionate, then I get bored, sleep with someone else and leave.
So that's it.
The all-nighter.
You play some games, you read a book, you find a friend.
and during the small hours, one that you're won't enjoy in bed, you do everybody else does when they're on the night shift.
You think of the money! Good morning, Benjamin.
Alright, and how are you? :: Correction: icon:: Being an escort involves pain.
But sometimes pain can be pleasure.
Now get off the carpet, you disgust me! You do this job long enough, you wanna kick the shit out of him, eventually.
Are you going to do whatever I tell you? I'm sleeping with this bloke who's quite into S/M.
And then do the kitchen.
I can't even come around your flat anymore.
This isn't about you.
Deal with it.
I don't want you to be nice to me.