Secret Diary of a Call Girl s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Sex work, like lots of things in London, is about class.
I'm educated, so I'm expensive.
I'm expensive so I attract a certain clientele.
And some of them are connoisseurs.
We start shooting next month.
Take Mitchell Rothman He's one of my more international clients.
Film producer, a multi-millionaire.
And like all Americans a great tipper.
And I get the impression he knows his escorts.
Belle, can I say something? I am not a stranger to this.
And I think you're kind of great.
Thank you very much.
I think you could take the next step.
Do you know Diamond International Courtesans? Yeah.
Do you want to get nominated? Really? Mmm.
I know them.
They listen to me.
You've got what it takes to be a courtesan.
You've got a lot of class.
- What I've got is cl-aaass.
- Cl-aaarrs.
- Cl-aaass.
- Cl-aaass.
:: board.
de presents:: :: Secret Diary of a Call Girl:: :: Season 1- Episode 7:: :: Assembling: fatbrat:: I'm a high-class escort, but there's a whole level above me.
They only have a few long-term clients, but they earn a fortune.
I really want to be one But it's not up to me.
I'm Della.
How lovely of you to come.
- This way.
- Thank you.
- You're not nervous, are you? - No.
A little bit, yeah.
- You know Mitchell Rothman? - That's right.
He's a good sort.
Is this examples of your wardrobe? - Ah yeah, I though you said I should - Absolutely.
- Shall we dive in? - Sure.
Anna? Shall we go through one or two things? How old are you now, just for the record? OK Well Our clients, they like their companions like their wine: Expensive and mature.
A man who wants company for weeks wants someone with life experience.
Something to say.
I'm actually 27.
I don't know why I said four.
We're a sisterhood.
We're not an agency.
Fiona and I felt there wasn't anywhere providing real upmarket quality in this industry.
So we thought we'd do it.
That's impressive.
This is nice.
Where do you wear this? Ah dinners.
If I go to a party or a ball.
Yes, this is the right colour for you.
You should avoid, um that.
Why do you want to be a courtesan, Belle? It's a good question.
Um I'm ready to take the next step up the ladder.
I've got great communication skills, and I'm always looking for a new challenge.
At this level, it's not about the man.
It's about the woman.
Languages, etiquette, golf, knowing how to ski We're not just about servicing the client, if you will.
We're genuine companions.
What you might call life-style sponsors.
But it's still fucking in the end, right? They spoke to me in French.
I did German and Spanish.
"Je ne parle pas" a lot of French.
Look, I know things haven't gone very well so far, and what I said in French was that I grew up in a small town called London which is very picturesque, but people who know me would say I'm clever.
I'm discreet, I'm strong, I've read every feminist book since Simone de Beauvoir, and I still do what I do and I am very, very good.
I like her.
I'm a courtesan! They said I need new clothes, and I need to do another language, and I need new photos, which I totally need your help with.
But I did it, Ben.
I'm in! OK.
Call me back.
Is that weird? Asking your ex-boyfriend to take photos of you in your underwear so rich strangers can decide whether they want to pay to have sex with you? That's right, isn't it? There's something I have to do first.
So I won't be sent to any more stag dos 'by mistake', and I won't be putting bits of sponge up myself during my period, and I won't be giving you I'm with Diamond International now.
It's been lovely, ladies.
Aren't you forgetting something? - Last week? - Yeah.
Hang on.
I'll give you a receipt.
Photographs have a huge impact on the sort of client you get.
The more expensive you are, the less flesh you flash.
Cleavage is good.
But no nipples.
Not at this level.
Pointing your toes is great if you wish your legs were longer.
But then so are these.
The lean-back is a good one for hiding a tummy.
But if you're still not looking classy enough go monochrome.
That actually looks professional.
Yeah, you scrub up OK.
- Are you deleting them? - Yeah.
Well, don't! They're nice.
I can't keep photos of you on my camera, Han.
She shouldn't be looking at your camera, Ben.
How's the house-hunting going? Yeah, it's good.
We're looking in St.
Very nice.
Actual grown-up place Well, you can't keep on renting after you're married.
What do you know about real life? You're going to be an uber-whore.
So Am I the first patron of the new, all-improved Belle? Yes, you are, Mr.
You deserve to be treated like this.
You deserve everything.
That's why I want you to have this apartment.
What? This is your apartment.
If you want it.
- No.
- Yeah.
No! Oh, my God!? to these stairs! I'm still working nights, but I get five people under me and a lot more money.
And the new place belongs to one of the partners? Yeah, from the LA office.
The lease on this place runs out next month, so Are these yours? No, Mum, I stole them.
I used to read this to you.
I know.
Why don't you take it for Jackie? Well, don't you want it? I won't need it.
You should take it.
It'll be nice for the baby.
Hannah, I know you've always belonged to your dad.
- Ohhh, Mum! - No, I know that.
It's just I understand what Jackie's doing.
The same thing I did.
Your world I don't know at all.
What do you think, Dad? We're so proud of you.
I thought about getting you a cat.
But then I thought that's way too much responsibility.
Then I thought about getting you a fish.
But then I remembered that you find all fish - strangely depressing.
- strangely depressing.
The man at the shop said that's the lowest maintenance you can get.
- Ohhh! Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Being at the top of my profession means I'm completely in charge.
I sift through the applicants, judging their spelling and grammar.
Some of those go on to a conversation.
And a small number of those I arrange to meet for a sort of mutual interview.
My name's Rupert.
It's a filtering process.
Some of them want a paid mistress, a holiday companion, - and others are after a female friend they can fuck.
- Today or tomorrow But they all want something more than sex.
- I'll be in touch.
- I'll be in touch.
Au revoir.
- So, have you got yourself much of a list yet? - I've got four now.
- That's including? - That's including yourself.
You want to watch that.
You don't want more than that.
The more guys a courtesan sees, the less prestigious she is.
I'll remember that.
We're filming in Scotland next month.
I want you to come out and join me.
- Really? - Sure.
They've got me this little place.
It'll be charming.
Do you know what I found? I found that with the dinners, and the taxis and the ballet dating cost me just the same.
And these were very nice women.
But divorced and complicated, or crazy and young.
Well, you do tend to date actresses.
I married actresses.
I dated waitresses.
What did you study? Politics and economics.
- Really? - No.
I changed to English when I saw the hours.
You could do so many things.
Mitchell, you're not trying to save me, are you? Hell no.
I live in the real world.
They need me on set.
I was saying I'm sorry I couldn't make it.
I had to come to Scotland.
Ben? Ben? Ben Hello, look, the signal's shit.
You're demanding.
What the hell are you doing? Christ! What, you think that's cute? Great.
This is how it's gonna be, huh? I was just wondering if there was a time when all the women get together at all? Not that often.
I mean everyone's so busy and diffuse.
Of course, yeah, yeah But you're doing well, though.
I heard you had one of Mitchell Rothman's places.
Did you? Has he got lots of places? Yes.
Unusual man.
He's got girls in places all over the world.
He's what we call a collector.
But Mitchell's well, isn't he? Yeah yeah, everything's fine.
What is it? What's up? I'm so fucking bored and lonely.
Jesus, Hannah, you call me over in the middle of the night because you're bored? Serpico's on.
I hate Serpico.
It's you that loves Serpico.
All right.
We won't see Serpico.
Vanessa, I won't be long.
Can we talk about that later? Do you want another cocktail or just a cup of tea, Ben? No, I understand, I understand Well, thanks for that.
That's just fucking brilliant.
- What? - You knew exactly what you were doing.
- What? I asked you what you wanted to drink.
- Just So she knows you're with me.
It's not like we're fucking, we're best mates.
I'm going to be your best man.
You know what? You are bored.
You are lonely You never see any of your university friends, your family You've lied about it all.
You've alienated everyone! For this For all this shit.
Don't go.
Yeah, Vanessa wonders what I'm doing here at midnight.
Of course! Because she knows, Hannah! Shit, at our wedding, she's going to be sat there next to me in her dress.
And you're going to get up and give your speech.
And every single person in the room's going to be thinking: "why isn't he marrying her?" Belle? I'm sorry, Mitch.
It's not for me.
Yeah, it's nice.
- So what are you now? - An independent escort.
I always thought "courtesan" sounded a bit silly.
I like short appointments, I like lots of clients.
Don't want to be a paid wife.
I can always be your security.
What? Not in a pimpy kind of way.
Seriously, though.
Wouldn't Vanessa mind me calling you with names and addresses and everything? Wouldn't that cause problems? I've called it off.
What? The wedding.
We're not getting married.
And I don't want to marry you.
I know.
When I realised that, I realised I don't want to marry her either.
Hi, Mum.
You need to press it down really hard.
Yeah, Ben's here.
Hello, Mrs.
B! She says do you want to come for Sunday lunch? Only if she does her lamb.
He said yes.
Can I come too, though? That's the thing In London, you can keep secrets.
You can be anonymous, you can be whoever you want.
But as long as one person knows you entirely and loves you still it's the best place in the world.
:: Assembling: fatbrat::