Secret Diary of a Call Girl s02e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you think "This could be it.
" "This could be enough.
The rest of my life.
" - Morning.
- Hi.
- You ok? - Yeah.
You? I was wondering if you wanted to meet up for something to eat later? Yeah.
I mean, if youwant to.
That's why I asked.
You expecting someone? No.
Excuse me.
What? You don't call, you never write.
What do you want, Stephanie? I'm here to make your day.
Little proposition for you.
One last job? As I said, I'm here to do business.
And, strange though it may seem, I'm not keen to discuss it here.
You're not coming up.
Ashamed of something? Not done the washing up? Or is there a doctor in the house? You can't just turn up here.
If you answered your phone I don't own a work phone any more.
I've told you, I'm retired.
Well, that's what I told the client.
He immediately upped his offer to £1,000.
What client? What does it matter? You're retired.
Stephanie! A gentlemen caller who's tired of eastern Europe wants to try a little of your English rose.
Oh, please! Apparently your reviews speak for themselves.
No, I don't wanna do it.
Is that your final answer? Yeah.
Sorry you had a wasted journey, but I'm not interested.
Well, you know where I am if you erchange your mind.
Can you help me? There you go.
You look great.
Really? Wish I could come and watch you.
Ah, medical conference, it's beyond dull.
It's a morning of consultants and old buffers.
Yeah, it beats shredding at MH-fucking-Credit.
Come on, let's go.
I know.
Not great.
But I will tell him.
I just need to get another job first.
Er, it's hopeless.
Completely unemployable.
I'm losing it, you know.
Come on.
There must be something you can do.
Let's look at what we're working with, all right? You're a 20-something arts graduate.
Andwhat are your skills, exactly? I can put a condom on without using my hands.
I don't even know what half of these jobs are and they're all shitty pay.
And horrible bosses.
The same thing day after day - So freelance.
Preferably sex-based.
If not actually having sex, then talking about it.
Sex therapist.
Ugh, listening to people.
Asking questions.
Agony aunt.
Writer! Writer? Yeah.
Yeah, why not? Write about what you know.
Come on, you must have loads to write about.
It's hopeless.
This is why I started escorting in the first place.
There's nothing I wanted to do that paid as well for so few hours.
So you're gonna go back to it.
You're talking about it like that.
No, I I can't.
You know, and I don't want to.
I've got Alex now.
And that's all I need.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for Hannah Baxter.
She works for MH Credit.
Oh, she doesn't work here any more.
Once .
upon a time .
there was an escort .
Like all working girls Belle had her favourite clients.
The ones she would find hard to give up.
I knew there was something I missed about London.
Congestion Charge? Black cabs? No.
So, how was New York? Seductive.
There's nothing wrong with that.
You can be in the best place in the world but you're still chained to your desk.
You know, I almost feel sorry for you.
That's what I wanted.
Come on.
God, I've missed you.
Six months away.
The whole time I thought about you.
Imagined you.
And here you are.
And it's true.
You're flawless.
You're just not looking closely enough.
There's no one else who can do what you do to me.
To the client I'm a treat.
A luxury.
Something special.
We should go.
New York.
A weekend away.
On me.
You'll buy me pancakes? You do what you just did to me again .
I'll make you pancakes.
Belle? Hm? Your phone.
Hm? Hello? You're gonna kill me, but I need to meet you in Grimsby at half two.
What? There's a guy who comes to the bar, James.
He's a publisher's assistant.
His boss might be interested in your book.
W-w-what book? The one you're writing.
I told him you're a middle class ex-schoolgirl and it's all a big secret and everything.
And his eyes lit up.
Ben! Whoa, it's OK, it's just a chat.
He said he can't promise anything, but it's worth a try.
No, I'm not going.
Don't be ridiculous.
Hannah, I've gotta go.
I'll see you there.
I'll - No! Don't be late.
Shit! Hiya.
It's Ben and Belle.
We've got a meeting with James.
He's just on another call.
Please, take a seat.
Could be you.
You and Melv, pressing the flesh.
Don't, Ben.
Don't what? Joke about this.
I don't even know what I'm doing here.
You're here because you wanna write a book.
No Hey.
You want me to write a book.
You're so fucking desperate for me to go straight.
What? You pretend to be OK with what I do.
What I did.
What I DID.
But you're not.
And this is, I dunno, this is like some way of kind of legitimising it.
That's bullshit.
My friend's an escort but it's OK, she writes about it.
Bollocks! You know what? I have kept this a secret for years.
I haven't told anyone.
And now you want me to just let them all in.
So they can read and point - Hannah, will you - Don't! Where are you going? I'm going.
Might have to reschedule.
Alex, it's me.
Can you call me as soon as you can, please? Cheers.
One last job? Apparently, your reviews speak for themselves.
Alex, can you please call me back? I really need to talk.
You know where I am, if you er change your mind.
Hello? You left a message.
What do you want? I've gotta get back to theatre.
AlexI love you.
You know that, don't you? I've gotta go.
We should - Please can you - Don't work too hard.
Well, well, well.
Forgive me if I don't look surprised.
Ah, escorts.
They're like boxers.
Retire every year, then surface for a rematch a little fatter, more desperate, and further down the rankings.
Who's the client? What's it matter? It matters to me.
Well, his name is Simon.
He sounds American.
He's only in the city for a week.
Why don't I call him? Name a price.
Leave the rest to fate.
Simon? It's Stephanie.
I've had a word with Belle and she's prepared to reconsider.
Obviously on her own terms.
One hour£5,000.
My pleasure.
The Molton, 9:30pm it is, then.
The Royal Suite.
Don't worry.
They say it's like riding a bike.
Belle! Hey.
You've thought about this, have you? What are you doing? One last job.
Yeah, but, what if it isn't? What if you can't give up? What if Alex finds out? Alex won't find out.
But he might.
Bloody hell, babes, I saw you when you were split up andyou were lost.
No, no, you don't do this, all right? You don't tell me what to do or how I feel.
You're nothing like me, Bambi.
I'm not being funny.
I know she's your mate, but .
she was really horrible to me.
And I was only trying to help.
What? You know Make sure she'd really thought about it.
Make sure he's bloody worth it.
Bambi, what are you talking about? She is taking a booking.
This is a sensible decision.
It's a lot of cash.
And I'm only doing it for the cash.
It's not like anyone'll know.
There's always anxiety when you take a break.
First day back at the office, first day back at term.
I'll just see if the uniform still fits.
What? These ones are bloody expensive.
You're really worried about her, aren't you? No.
Do you think we should go and do something? She's a big girl, Bambi.
It's not up to us.
I just don't think she knows what she's doing.
There's no other job like it.
Maybe actors waiting for the curtain or athletes before the gun.
That feeling.
The butterflies, the knot in the stomach.
I've missed this part the most.
The mystery.
Who will be on the other side of the door and what will he want? Bit dressed up for the office.
I didn't want you to come.
I'd hoped that you wouldn't.
But I knew you would.
Because I think that you love this job.
More than you love me.
And when you stopped .
it was like a light had gone out in you.
You look like you looked when I first met you.
Thethe hair and the make-up.
It's a different hotel, though.
It's cheaper.
I'm a rich American, remember? I didn't .
want any of this.
But I wanted Hannah.
I didn't want Belle.
They're one and the same.
We never quite got it right, did we? We got everything right.
You all right? Come on, we're really worried about you.
You can stay if you want.
My bed.
Promise I won't touch you.
Got the line down the middle.
I won't cross it.
You're a terrible shag.
I'm glad you're here.
The first thing you should know about me .
is that I'm a whore.
In escorting .
as in life .
you don't always get the ending you expect .
but it helps if you write your own story.
Studio two.
Bloody hell, babes, you look like a transvestite.
Thanks, Bambi.
A pretty one.
Yeah, thanks for your support.
Today sees the much anticipated publication of The Secret Life Of A London Call Girl.
Tell us, how does it feel to be the latest literary sensation? Actually, it feels pretty good.
When you're working as an escort how do you manage to keep your emotional life separate from your work? Erit'sit's difficult.
It's probably the hardest part of my job.
Have you ever been in love? Yes.
It was wonderful.
I didn't actually think I had it in me.
And then it broke my heart.
Do you think, now that you've found this new career, you'd ever see yourself giving up escorting? Never.
A girl's gotta do her research.