Secret Diary of a Call Girl s04e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I know you better than you know yourself.
If you screw it up again, you'll break his heart.
Make a decision .
break his heart.
I love you, Hannah.
No matter how intense things are at home, when it comes to work, there are some opportunities you simply have toexplore.
You must be Belle.
We spoke on the phone.
Let's go.
Oh! Oh! I have to say, Belle, I thought your book was Oh, thank you.
I thought your book was just'Wow!' It's sexy.
It's uncompromising.
It's risky.
It's risque.
Erthat was the plan, so that's We think it's absolutely perfect for the big screen.
DK adores it.
And DK is? Dava Kristin.
The hottest new actress on the indie scene.
Says the producer.
That's funny.
Seriously, Belle.
I think, if you give us the rights to this book, we could have a total hit on our hands.
OK, so, we already have a director attached - Leon.
He's a huge name on the circuit.
You have no choice but to love him.
So, Belle.
What I suggest we do is fly you out to New York to meet them.
Really? Yeah, really.
DK has a slot free tomorrow.
Get you on a BA flight tonight - Heathrow to JFK, with a US ETA of 11:35 tomorrow, first class, all expenses paid, champagne.
Don't tell me you're not tempted.
"Oh, my goodness, there she is, looking gorgeous.
Belle is definitely the star.
" Look.
I'll give you my card.
Um, well, the thing is, I can't possibly go at the moment to New York.
I have so many responsibilities and it's I'm just asking you to think about it.
Ooh! Ooh! Call me later.
Wow! Ben? Poppy? Anyone? I can at least think about it.
Girls Just Want To Have Fun I come home in the morning light My mother says When you gonna live your life right? Oh, Mother dear, we're not the fortunate ones What? This is me just thinking about it in a very mature andadult way.
Whoo! Just wanna, they just wanna Poppy! Hi.
Are you all right? Um, well, I was gonna go and see my mum But what if I can't handle it? No, you'll be fine.
I was thinking maybe you could come with me? Really? Um I'm just so busy today.
It would really helpme.
The thing is, Poppy, I've got to get ready for a client.
Um When is it? Charlotte, hi.
Something's come up.
I need a favour.
Finding the pressure too much? No.
I just I need you to swap a client with me.
I'll take your four, you take my two.
Silence! What? Not you.
Listen, you won't be in there long.
He comes in five.
You just need to stick a finger OK.
OK? Said it once, won't say it again.
Bye, now.
Tricks of the trade, eh? Do you charge more? What? For the gross stuff? Blow jobs, anal, golden showers.
Crystal, I'll call you back.
Would you consider yourself a feminist? Yeah.
I believe in equality and freedom of choice and I think women should be able to do what they want.
This is it.
This is it! Somebody save me Save me Somebody save Are you gonna be OK? Yeah.
God! I have to get this.
I told you I'd call you back.
Lookyou can't call me when you're stuck on a role play.
How the hell would I know what Catwoman sounds like? No, no, no, I think it's more like Raaoorr.
What? Can't you come in with me? Belle.
What a lovely surprise.
Well, Poppy asked me to come, so Hello, darling.
When were you gonna tell me, Mum? Were you ever gonna tell me? Eventually.
When I thought you could handle it.
Handle it? My whole life's been turned upside down.
I could've gone mental.
See? This is exactly why I didn't tell her.
She's so prone to melodrama.
Mum, that is so unfair.
Belle, tell her.
Tell her how calm I've been.
Well, I think, all things Well, if it wasn't for you, Belle, we wouldn't all be here now.
When I entrusted Poppy to you, I didn't expect you to let the cat out of the bag.
You can't blame me.
You sent me to live with an escort.
How could the cat stay IN the bag? Actually, I think I've been very discreet.
Obviously not discreet enough.
Hang on a minute.
I didn't ask her to come and live with me.
In fact, she's just been one more thing I didn't need.
Thanks, Belle! Yes, very charming, Belle.
Why are you both attacking me? This is not my problem.
You two, sort it out amongst yourselves.
Mumeverything I thought I knew about you has been a lie.
Everything I have done, I have done for you.
You've never wanted for anything.
Mum, I'm visiting you in prison.
No need to make such a fuss about it.
You don't understand at all, do you? You don't even care.
Poppy, don't.
Don't! Don't speak to me! I don't want to see you ever again.
I said I'd call you back.
No, no, no, no, you can't shoot Batman.
Batman's got to win.
Fuck's sake.
Crystal, I'm just Are you all right? What's going on? Poppy? My handbag! Fuck's sake.
And everybody's gotta learn some time Everybody's gotta learn some time And everybody's gotta learn some time Mm-mm mmm Good news, Han.
I'm making Mum's tajine.
We are going Moroccan.
Fucking hell, what happened to you? Don't laugh, all right.
Justdon't laugh.
Looking good! Hey, know what'll sort you out? No.
Come on.
Poppy's out.
We've got the place to ourselves.
Yeah, I know she's out.
She just drove off in my bloody taxi.
I went with her to see Stephanie.
Is she OK? Ben, I had to walk, yeah, for miles.
I go out of my way to help her and she throws it back in my face.
Well, she just found out her mum's a prostitute, Hannah.
That's not normal for everyone.
I'm gonna get ready for a client.
I thought you had the afternoon off.
I've got commitments, Ben.
But when am I gonna see you? I don't need no TV I don't need no news All I need is a bumpin' beat To bump away my blues I don't give a damn what the people say I'm gonna do it my way, gonna do it my way Ooh.
Come in.
This is for you.
Thank you.
I've er I've never done this with anyone but um, but Charlotte.
That's not a problem.
I'm sure we can make it work.
I'll just get changed in the bathroom, then.
Just through there.
Is it terrible this is where I feel most relaxed? Just me, the client, money changing hands.
Simple, uncomplicated sex.
Mummy! I'm ready to come out now! What the fuck?! You didn't tell me! I take it you're at the appointment? Yep.
You assume correct.
Are you Are you with a client? No.
I'm cooking.
Charlotte, he's wearing a nappy.
I know.
Quaint, isn't it? Quaint? No! Oh, come on, just treat him like a baby.
Like a baby? How like a baby? Tut-tut, Belle.
Can't you handle it? Come to Mummy.
Come on! Babies, eh? They're just always thirsty.
Ooh! Ooh! Hungry boy! Ooh! Where could Henry be? Could he be Henry? Henry, no! That's my bag! Give me that! Bad baby! Very bad baby.
Bath time? Ucky! Ucky! Ucky! OK, OK.
Ucky! OK.
Tom, hi.
I got your message.
Belle! I was hoping for a decision.
It's the end of the day.
Time is ticking on your get-away.
I know, I know.
It's just I've had a lot on my plate.
If only you knew Yeah, OK.
Oh, er, Tom.
I'll call you back.
If you change you mind, there is a ticket with your name on it.
Later! Wow! Oh! Incy Wincy spider climbed Again.
Incy Wincy Again.
No, shh, sleepy time now.
Lullaby And goodnight Sorry.
You OK? Yeah.
This is my favourite hour of the week.
I never want to leave.
When it's over, I think 'Can I go back out there, where everyone wants a piece of me?' At work.
At home.
Sometimes the responsibility feels too much.
Yeah, I know I'm supposed to be able to cope - boss, fatherhusband.
Sometimes it's just so nice to have someone take care of me for a change.
You know? Yeah.
I know.
Sometimes you just have to do something for you.
I need you tonight I need you tonight Hey.
Is that? Looks like someone went out and got themselves hammered.
Sounds like they're having a good time, though.
You know, I was thinking maybe Oh, Ben! What? I can't believe she's doing this! I was gonna suggest that maybe we go out and maybe talk.
No, I am not gonna let her behave like this in my house! You're over-reacting.
Oh, am I? Yes! What are you doing? Ignore her.
She's just some sad old hooker.
Excuse me? But don't worry.
I won't make you pay for it.
I'm not that sort of girl.
Get out! Get your stuff.
Get out.
Get out.
I can't believe you just did that.
You can't just do that! Poppy, it is not OK for you to shag random men off the street.
Why? That's what YOU do! What were you thinking, letting her bring him back? It's not that bad.
Ben, she's supposed to be our responsibility.
She's YOUR responsibility.
I didn't ask for any of this.
I only wanted to move in here with you and try and have a normal relationship.
You just let her walk all over you.
It's fucking embarrassing.
Don't make me sound like I'm a twat.
Ben, she's 19 years old! Yeah, and she's just had a fucking massive shock.
I think you forget how hard it is, Han.
Not everyone can take this kind of shit in their stride.
The lies you're told, the lies you have to tell, the constant insecurity.
If you think about it, this is a completely fucked-up situation.
Yeah? Maybe you shouldn't have moved in with me in my fucked-up situation.
Ten decisions shape your life You'll be aware of five above Seven ways to get ahead Seven reasons to drop out When I said, 'I can see me in your eyes' You said, 'I can see you in my bed' That's not just friendship, that's romance too You like music we can dance to Sit me down Shut me up I'll calm down Han? Hannah? There is a time when we all fail Some people take it pretty well Some take it all out on themselves Some they just take it out on friends Oh, everybody plays the game And if you don't you're called insane Don't, don't, don't, don't, it's not safe no more I've got to see you one more time Soon you were born In 1984 Sit me down New York City, here I come! You're amazing.
I know.
But I suppose you miss your darling Belle? Good riddance to her.
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