Secret Ingredient (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Hors D'Oeuvre

[Speaks in Korean]
It’s time to go to the airport.
You sure you won’t change your mind?
Yes, I’m sure.
Your flight to Jakarta is scheduled for 10:00 pm.
Okay, thanks.
Take care.
Jack! Are you going to do this all day?
No, Chef.
Damn Novice chef! What’s he even doing here?
It’s not that hard.
I’ll show you. Okay?
The first thing you’ll do is twist the head,
- pull it out.
- Hm-hmm.
Then you just twist that.
And then it will come off.
- Yup, exactly.
- Ah, okay.
Don’t worry about it.
- You’ll get the hang of it.
- All right.
Maya. Uhm
All right, listen up.
Now that we’re almost through
with the lunch service,
I have two announcements to make.
First, on Wednesday night
there will be a big event.
Mr. Mark Davis, part of our board of directors,
he will be staying here at the hotel
and celebrating his birthday here
at the Palm Garden.
I’ve been told that he flew all the way from America
just to personally sample my food.
We are going to prepare the best meal
that he’s ever had in his life.
I’m thinking a 12 course meal,
with some new dishes to add.
And everything has to be absolutely perfect!
I will not accept even the slightest mistake
on such an occasion.
Do you understand?
Yes, Chef!
I know we don’t have a lot of time,
but I know we can pull this off.
You know how I know?
Because this is my kitchen.
And my kitchen stands only for excellence.
Do you get it?
Yes, Chef!
Second announcement.
You may all know that we have an opening
in the rotisseur (meat chef) position, right?
I’ve decided to create a challenge
for whoever wants to move up
and take the spot.
All right. You will need to prepare
a meal worthy enough
to be added to our 12 course menu
for Mr. Davis’ birthday celebration.
Whoever’s dish Chef Arif deems worthy enough,
will be added to the menu.
And you will be promoted
to the brand new "Chef de Partie”.
All right! Let’s get back to your stations
and keep working!
Yes, Chef!
So, who do you think is going to win?
Hard to say, Chef.
I mean, Charles has been the most consistent.
But Maya
she’s the best at technical execution,
I’m just not sure if she’s good enough
to produce a good enough dish on her own.
It’s the only thing I know.
So I hear that Mr. Davis is bringing a chef
all the way from London with him.
Are you worried about it, Chef?
No, I’m not worried.
Don’t worry Chef,
we’re going to make them drool for your food.
They’re going to enjoy it.
[speaks in Bahasa]
There’s that Korean guy, Jack.
We still have no clue as to what he’s doing here.
How long has it been?
Two months.
I heard from the Hall Manager that his family
is rich.
Why would a rich Korean come here?
And work in a kitchen?
Maybe he killed someone
and he’s on the run.
Do not mess with him.
He’s dangerous.
Why’s that?
You see that guy?
They say the Korean did that to him.
That’s not true.
Leave him alone.
But he slows us down in the kitchen.
Give him some time,
he’s trying to adjust to a new country.
At least, he’s trying his best.
[speaks in Tagalog]
That looks delicious, Maya!
Please take some. I made too much.
Get some.
You want? You can get.
[Speaks in Tagalog]
I mean, that’s a lot.
How do you have the energy to cook every night?
I just love doing it.
It’s how I relax.
You know, why don’t you sell it?
I sure could use meals like this
after a long day at work.
That’s a great idea. We can earn a lot.
I can’t. It’s not allowed. I could lose my job.
[Maya, I’m waiting for your payment.]
[Maya, your debt.]
[Maya, pay your debt.]
[speaks in Tagalog]
You okay?
Is it the debt collectors?
Why are they texting you?
Your payment isn’t even due yet.
It’s because I owe them a lot.
That’s why I need to compete tonight
and get that promotion.
I am determined to win.
It’s the last chance I have to pay off my debt.
So unfair, it’s not your fault
that your mom was sick.
All right! Break’s over!
Back in!
Let’s go!
I'm concerned about the competition.
Stella, I didn’t know
we were supposed to have partners.
I’m the only who doesn’t have one.
Christine begged me to be her partner.
We’re both in pastry and I still owed her a favor.
It’s okay, I understand.
I just have no idea what to do.
We will find someone.
I’m sure there’s still someone out there.
You think so?
- Do you have a partner already?
- Hm-hmm.
I teamed up with Ajish from the grill team.
If a challenger gets promoted,
his assistant takes his place.
Sorry Maya, nobody wants to work in vegetables.
There’s more.
Listen up!
You have exactly one hour
to complete this task.
Mine, mine, mine!
Hey! Hey, I need that!
Hey, I need that!
I need that too!
Excuse me!
Hey, I need some of that too!
Got it, got it, got it.
They took all the ingredients!?
What’s this?
I set aside some of the shrimp I deveined today
plus some other ingredients.
I figure it was going to be chaotic
so I planned ahead.
Yes, yes! Great job!
Good job, good job! Come on, come on.
Come on, come on!
I’ll show you what we can make with it.
- Hurry, hurry!
- All right, all right.
- Hurry up!
- Okay.
Whose dish is it?
Mine, Chef.
It's quite a unique flavor. Don't you think?
I agree, Chef.
It’s very bold attempt.
Thank you, Chef.
What’s taking them so long?
You didn’t mess up, right?
Because as long as you didn’t
Maya should be the sure winner.
I don't think I made any.
Looks like we have a winner.
It's quite a unique flavor. Don't you think?
I agree, Chef.
Thank you, Chef.
the flavors are lacking.
It’s a little under seasoned.
Okay, Chef.
Good effort, Maya, but moving on.
I am determined to win.
It’s the last chance I have to pay off my debt.
I’m really sorry, I thought we had a
It’s okay. I didn’t think I had a chance anyway.
I did.
We had the best dish out there.
Arif didn’t think so.
Well I disagree with Arif.
Our dish was a hundred times better.
You know what
You want to get some coffee?
At this hour?
I know a place.
You like dogs, right?
Hello, my boy!
Nice to see you!
It's always good to see you.
So it’s okay for us to stay at this hour, right?
Just have fun.
Thank you, thank you so much.
- Hello, little one. Come here.
- Oh, hi!
- Hi!
- So May is an old friend.
I come here to see her from time to time.
Especially since I got to see these little fellas!
I thought
we might need this after a day like today.
How did you know I like dogs?
I had a hunch.
What happened?
Can I get you?
He seems comfortable with you.
You seem to know your way around with dogs,
even people.
I got a lot of practice where I come from.
Do you miss home?
I miss the home I once knew.
The one that had my mom with it.
Where is she now?
She passed away a few years ago.
- Uhm, sorry. I shouldn't have asked.
- Oh no, it’s okay.
She was sick for a long time.
Must have been hard for you.
Yeah, but
I didn’t mind.
It was just me and my mom
for as long as I can remember.
So when she passed away,
I didn’t quite know what to do with myself.
This is why you love cooking so much.
She taught me everything I know.
And I cook somehow to feel
closer to her.
[speaks in Korean]
She must be in a better place now.
That’s nice.
You know, I had a Korean friend
in the Philippines growing up.
- In the Philippines?
- Yeah.
Were you guys close?
I don’t know.
We were so young then
I don’t remember much now.
It’s getting late, we should probably go but
Thank you for this. This was really nice.
I’m glad. Uhm
I’m just going to tell May
that we’re going to head out.
Okay. You go back there and get better.
Thank you.
[speaking in Korean]
Wow You’re really a fraud.
Hey, I did you a favor.
How dare you put me in the kitchen?
I'm peeling shrimp all day!
It’s the perfect hiding place for you,
and I can’t believe you’ve lasted this long.
And my fingers always smell like shrimp.
I’d stay all night peeling shrimps
if there was that pretty chef next to me.
Have you confessed yet?
Confessed what?
She doesn’t know who I am.
Oh, right,
you're supposed to be Jack Lee over there
not Seoul's Prince Gu Ha-Joon.
But why are you still hiding this from her?
It's not that simple.
I just want her to treat me as who I really am
not LB Group’s Gu Ha-joon.
You’re going to win her with your personality?
Good luck man, your personality isn’t that great.
Should you be talking to me like this?
Don't forget, I'm still your boss.
Good to see you.
Haven’t seen you in two months.
Yeah, good to see you too.
How long are you going to keep this up?
I seriously don't know.
He’s getting worse.
You need to come back before it's too late.
Can you taste this, please?
What's going on?
What is this?
Ah, Chef, we received the first delivery
but it got delayed because of the traffic.
It’s a bit off.
A bit off?
Are you suggesting that I should serve
this garbage to my guests?
Change the menu right now.
Chef, we don't have enough time.
Yes, Chef?
Can you prepare your shrimp quiche?
Yes, Chef, I can do it!
- Then do it, quickly.
- Yes, Chef.
Yeah, sure.
Okay. This is hot.
It smells good.
Hmm, as I thought.
Not spicy enough.
Double the paprika.
- And add ginger to give it a kick.
- Yes, Chef.
I have a lot riding on this dinner, Maya, but
I trust you.
I trust you that you can execute this brilliantly.
Yes, Chef.
Hi, Mr. Davis.
It's a pleasure to have you here, Sir.
Thank you for having us.
What are you doing, Jack?
Aah! Just
I got a leg cramp.
Okay. I have to get ginger and paprika.
Are you going to be okay there?
Ah, yes. I’ll be alright.
Have you met Chef Luke?
He’s from London
and is the latest James Beard awardee.
Nice to meet you.
It’s a pleasure. I’m a big fan.
We’ve come a long way
to taste your food, Chef Arif.
Thankfully, everything has been great
so far.
But here, this lady
is also a renowned gourmet.
She's quite a well-known influencer and knows
everybody worth knowing in Korea.
Hi, I’m Chaerin Song.
Thank you for coming tonight.
In fact, Chaerin is the daughter
of my most important business partner.
She came to Bali for a vacation
and stopped by on my father’s behalf
to celebrate my birthday.
Wow, thank you for sharing
your precious time with us.
I wish there were more chefs like you in Korea.
All of your dishes have been very good
very traditional,
wouldn’t you say, Chef Luke?
Yes. I agree.
Very classical.
I think the meal would be more perfect
if there was more of an oomph
to your food?
- Oomph?
- Yes.
Something that’s so unforgettable,
that when you go back home
you still think about it.
She’s definitely a foodie, right?
Look, Arif.
You know, I guess, I'm looking forward
to that last oomph as well.
I mean, you got to keep up
with those trends, am I right?
Maya, we’re in trouble
- All right. Ready for plating?
- Yes, Chef.
All right, ladies and gentlemen
We have a shrimp quiche brined in black tea
with truffle manchego cheese.
- Please, enjoy.
- Thank you.
This is exceptional.
Was this the oomph you’re looking for, Ms. Chaerin?
Yes! This is it.
Oh, no. Thank you so much.
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you so much. Thank you
I’m glad you liked it, Sir.
It was great.
It’s a pleasure.
Thank you so much. Thank you, Sir.
It seems like
it’s okay.
Honey What’s wrong?
What is it?
You’re choking?
Oh, f♪ck.
Please, Chef,
give me one more chance.
I want to make a dish using a kepel fruit.
I’ll bet my job on it.
I’d hate to lose you.
- Those are Maya’s ideas you stole.
- Jack, it’s okay.
You don’t know how things work here.
Who do you think you are?
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