Secret Invasion (2023) s01e01 Episode Script


ROSS: Yes?
I'll be right there. Don't move.
PRESCOD: Imagine a world
where information can't be trusted.
Not very hard, is it?
News service says one thing,
website says another.
Society starts to fray.
All we can turn to
are the people we care about.
But what if those people
weren't who we thought they were?
What if the ones closest to us,
the ones we've trusted our whole lives
were someone else entirely?
What if they weren't even human?
Agent Prescod, respectfully
uh, what exactly are you talking about?
And that's only the beginning.
Five global terrorist strikes
within the past year.
Each one claimed by a different group.
It's business as usual.
That's precisely
what they want you to think.
Argentina attacks Colombia,
Colombia attacks the Philippines.
A violent chain reaction
consuming the globe.
Do you realize
that the entire world is at war?
Well, the atmosphere has been tense.
There is an architect to that tension,
Agent Ross.
These attacks are escalating.
If they hit the soil
of the major power Oh.
So you You think the same people
are behind all of this?
Not people
-Come on, Ross, you know the stories.
This didn't start yesterday.
It started 30 years ago
when the Skrulls found Earth.
Carol Danvers and Nick Fury
promised to find them a new planet.
But now (CHUCKLES)
now they don't want just any planet,
they want ours.
Look, can't you see it?
All these groups, they're the same.
Skrulls could be anybody,
anywhere, at any time.
And there is only a tiny handful
known to live on Earth.
-That's barely enough to
-To what?
You have no goddamn idea
what you're talking about, Ross!
There could be thousands of them,
tens of thousands!
And you would never know.
Okay, Prescod, let's play a little game
of forest for the trees, shall we?
Yes, Skrulls can shapeshift.
Yes, they're looking for a new home.
But, as you say,
the only Skrull contact
has been through Nick Fury.
That means they're our allies.
Then where is Fury?
He's on S.A.B.E.R.!
God And if I'm gonna bring him down
for whatever the hell this is,
I need to give him something
more than just theories, I need evidence.
All these other attacks,
they would be nothing compared to this.
This is the one
that sets the world on fire.
I stopped filing reports at the office.
Don't know who I can trust anymore.
Other than you
Hey, Prescod, look,
I'm here to help. Okay?
So So let me take this
and I'll give the information to Fury.
I need an extract. Fast.
I need an extract.
Academica Metro Station,
six blocks northeast.
Show me your hands.
-It's me.
What the hell are you doing here?
I'm chasing him.
He was one of you.
No, he's
He He's one of them.
Welcome back to Earth.
He's upstairs.
Is that from home?
Santo Millika.
That's a Skrull sky plant.
Soren. She brought the seed with her
wherever she went.
And it's changed since she planted it.
It's adapted to the planet.
Yeah, well,
you always believed that was possible.
I still do.
I am so sorry.
Me, too.
Soren loved you.
But she worried, mate,
that it would take something like this
to bring you back to Earth.
And I guess she was right.
FURY: Tell me about Gravik.
Let's Let's just
talk about you first, yeah?
We've been helping you for all these years
to ensure that you kept your promise.
But after The Blip, you were different.
And then you disappeared.
Carol Danvers disappeared.
And so did G'iah.
Hold it. Your daughter?
Disappeared too Where?
She was young.
Angry that our people
still don't have a home.
Many of them are upset.
I got kicked off the Council,
pushed into exile.
But, Gravik
Gravik, mate, he took your abandonment
that much harder.
Come on.
HILL: Gravik is now the newest member
of the Skrull Council.
He preys on the collective rage
of young, displaced Skrulls.
FURY: Where is his ass?
He's here. He's in Russia.
Skrulls are immune to radioactivity
and Russia has the most abandoned
nuclear plants on Earth.
But here's the thing.
These plants, they're not on the books.
And we don't know where he is.
Well, what else do we know
about his plans?
Well, he's already made them.
This is what Agent Ross's imposter
was trying to cover up.
Schematics for a dirty bomb
intercepted by Prescod.
Prescod had been monitoring
a new radical group called the AAR,
Americans Against Russia,
which he believed to be the next
Skrull front for a terrorist attack.
Gravik's trying to start a war between
Russia and the United States?
That was Prescod's theory.
And he's gonna use this bomb to do it?
Does he have the materials for that?
HILL: A weapons cache in Kazakhstan,
raided the same day
that Prescod was killed.
TALOS: We brought you here for a reason.
If he succeeds, um,
your species will cease to exist.
I'm going for a walk.
You're going for a walk in Moscow
at night?
(STAMMERS) Well, you're gonna stand out.
RHODEY: We have a situation,
Mr. President.
RITSON: Concerning?
RHODEY: Agent Fury.
We've just received word
that he's left S.A.B.E.R.
What do you mean, "He left S.A.B.E.R.?"
Well, I can try to think of
a different word. Abandoned, departed
Agent Fury is building up the most
complex aerospace defense system
in the history of mankind.
-He can't just leave.
-No, I agree, sir.
And unfortunately,
we also intercepted an encrypted message
from Agent Hill to Agent Fury.
We haven't been able to decode it yet,
but we know they're old friends.
Given the fact that I could reach
neither Agent Hill nor Agent Fury,
they're effectively AWOL.
Deal with it.
RHODEY: Yes, sir.
Let's see, large Black man, Moscow.
Well, it could either be Nick Fury,
or the ghost of Paul Robeson.
Okay, go ahead, take the hood off.
Oh! Damn, and I was hoping for a command
performance of Ol' Man River.
Good to see you too, Sonya.
So, did you just have me extraordinarily
renditioned by a group of your thugs?
Were you lot extraordinary?
You usually only
scratch the surface of mediocrity.
You must be finally
putting it all together. Well done.
Okay. You can go. That's That'll do.
"Extraordinary," well, that's wonderful.
It is so good to see you.
You look amazing.
-FURY: Love one.
Do you have some sort of clock fetish
that you've been
-keeping from me all these years?
SONYA: It was an old English spymaster
that started the tradition.
A clock goes up
when your time in circus is done.
And I like to think I still have
a few juggling acts left in me.
Oh. Make yourself at home, Fury.
my drink of choice as bourbon.
I might have welcomed you home,
but I still haven't forgiven you
for destroying my expensive flat.
You mean city.
It's bottom shelf piss for you or nothing.
So, what are you doing in Moscow?
Same as you, trying to kill
the Skrull rebellion in its crib.
You know the rebel leader personally,
don't you?
I knew him.
Is that why you came down
from your space station?
You feel responsible?
What do you know about a heist
at a black market storage facility
in Kazakhstan?
It happened couple days ago.
Doesn't ring a bell.
You know, I may not know
when a Skrull is pretending to be a human,
but I sure as hell know
when a human is lying.
You know damn well
what was in that storage vault.
The fact that you don't know
tells me all I need to know
about this new, rather old Nick Fury.
I think that Thanos's snap changed you.
Taught you that no matter
how hard you fight for what's right,
there's always someone stronger
to undermine you.
You seem to forget this "old Nick Fury"
has 30 years
of hands-on experience with the Skrulls.
I know the nature of this threat
way better than you ever will.
Is that your idea of an offer
of some sort of collaboration between us?
We used to work pretty well together
back in the day.
Back then, you would've seen
my rather mediocre bag men
coming a mile away.
The fact that you didn't see them
means you haven't a hope in hell
of seeing Gravik and his rebels coming.
Which makes you as a partner
rather pointless.
I let your men take me
so I could get to you.
I mean this as a friend, Fury,
but go back to your space station.
You're in no shape
for this fight that lies before us.
I'll have one of my thugs
drop you back at the safe house.
That's all right, I'll walk.
If your memory jogs about
that Kazakhstan thing,
call a brother.
GUARD: What do you want?
Home in my own skin.
Take your natural form.
Welcome to New Skrullos.
What's your name?
When's the last time you ate, Beto?
I don't know.
-This can't be.
We grow only Skrull produce here.
Drink Skrull wine, wear Skrull skins.
Whatever dangers you risked getting here,
know, they're worth it.
BETO: Thank you.
You're very welcome.
We're over 500 strong now.
BETO: So, is everyone a part of
The resistance? No.
Gravik provides refuge.
But if you do choose to be a warrior,
there is one advantage.
Oh, yeah? What's that?
You get to leave.
Everyone else stays in the compound.
The warriors keep our human form,
the longer we're attached to our shells,
the less likely we can be identified
by humans and Skrulls alike.
Wait here
and someone will get you a proper room.
Prove your loyalty
and Gravik will reward you.
What's behind there?
What is your name?
BROGAN: Warrior.
What is your fight?
BROGAN: Skrullos.
PAGON: What is your dream?
BROGAN: Home in my own skin.
Bring him his shell.
Americans Against Russia,
your dreams are about to come true.
Take his face.
MAN: No!
Now take his mind.
SONYA: Skrulls have infiltrated
the ranks of major world powers.
MAN: Where is the proof?
How about the arrival of Agent Fury?
For a man who sworn off Earth,
he would not have returned without cause.
You got that right.
Gravik has something very big
up his sleeve.
But the immediate threat
remains the bombs.
Five specialists in Moscow
are capable of building such an explosive.
My money's on this one.
Vasily Poprishchin.
Former Chechnyan rebel,
owns a high-end gallery
in the city center,
restores pigmented paintings
and radioactivated bombs.
MAN: Send in a raid now.
SONYA: If by "now" you mean,
"Wait until a Skrull rebel
picks up a device
in order to follow them to their hideout,"
then, yes, I totally agree.
She's cheeky.
Yeah, 'till she sees
an ugly-ass Skrull like you.
Then she goes into hunting mode.
I'm considered good-looking
amongst my kind.
I know a bunch of good-looking Skrull.
And you ain't one of them.
HILL: All right, guys,
what is the play here?
I say we visit this Rusky bomb builder.
Sonya will already have agents there.
Who we will incapacitate.
TALOS: Hold on, stop.
You're talking about
attacking MI6 operatives?
FURY: Talos,
let me explain something to you.
We're no longer
in "just a war" with Gravik.
We are in a race with Sonya Falsworth,
who celebrates a scorched-Earth policy,
meaning, she will annihilate
any and everyone
who's ever even heard the name "Gravik."
You wanna save innocent Skrulls,
you'll have to hurt some people.
All right
FURY: Look, Gravik knows that
mercy's your weakness.
Time for you to prove him wrong.
Yeah, okay.
PAGON: Fury's in town, G.
Is he?
Our man says it's nothing to worry about.
He's washed up, walks with a limp,
can barely see with the good eye.
I see you've kept the circle tight
on this one.
We're the circle. No one else.
Is that to protect me, or the cause?
You are the cause.
I'm not the cause.
Cause is home.
Yes, sir.
GRAVIK: We go tomorrow
and we don't stop until Earth is ours.
G'IAH: What about it?
BETO: This place is massive.
Come with me.
Zirksu will drive you.
You take the cash to this address.
You deal with Poprishchin and no one else.
He'll give you two bags.
You get 'em to the Moscow safe house
undisturbed and intact.
Where's the bloody coffee?
FURY: What's our MI6 status?
All set.
You Poprishchin?
FURY: Oh, shit.
TALOS: I got it, mate.
Not bad for a 136-year-old.
Well, you know,
I'm not even 40 in human years.
I haven't even gone
on my midlife crisis shopping spree yet.
What'd you get for yours?
The Avengers.
any of your shitty paintings.
Then exactly what do you want?
Some damn good answers.
I've got eyes
on a possible person of interest.
Initiating foot pursuit.
I'll keep you posted.
Yeah, just keep me informed.
I'm sorry, but you gentlemen
will have to call at another time.
-I'm late for an appointment.
-Oh! Oh, who you meetin' with?
My wife, Mister
Ooh! Damn, this is nice.
That chair belonged to Louis XV.
It's priceless.
Everything is priceless till it gets
blown to bits in a hail of bullets.
Agent Keller, anything in our file
about this one having a wife?
Yeah, has an ex-wife,
lives in Miami with a soccer player.
Oh, so we gonna go ahead
and call that a lie.
Everybody gets one.
Nobody gets two.
So, last chance.
Who are you going to meet?
Perhaps we'd all be more comfortable
in the gallery space
where there is more natural light.
You got any more of these comfortable-ass
Louis XIV chairs in there?
How about a dirty bomb?
Or you keep that in a crate
in here somewhere?
I'm sorry, I do not know this term.
Dirty bomb?
Boom, goes the dynamite! Lie number two.
I just told you.
Everybody gets one, nobody gets two.
You going to shoot me?
Maybe. Well, probably.
-But not right now.
Where are the bombs?
Your name's not Keller.
Your name is Talos.
I got this.
You sure?
TALOS: This is my fight!
I said no!
Tell me where the bombs are!
You betray your own people.
Come on.
I said no.
Where'd he go?
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Last warning!
It's what you always say
but there's always another.
-Give me the bombs.
I know you're angry. This isn't you.
This is not
what your mother would've wanted.
Mum doesn't know what she wants.
Her last words, "Find G'iah."
She's dead.
Why don't you ask
the people that you work for?
Why don't you
just give me the bomb, please?
G'iah, give me the bomb.
-I can't.
-Just hand it over.
And you'll walk away.
'Cause you know that I'll protect you.
-You can't protect anyone.
-G'iah, I know
with the locals?
How do you think
we kept the Cold War from going hot?
Spooks like me buying shots.
You can't say that.
No. You can't say that.
It's good to have you back, Fury.
Is that sincere
or you just covering your bases?
You'll tell me why you abandoned Earth?
Well, building out S.A.B.E.R.
Traditionally, we tell the truth
during our chess games.
Maybe that has changed too, though,
I don't know.
Okay, let's just say
I had a crisis of faith.
So why'd you come back?
It followed me up there,
and I owe it to Talos.
You sure you're not talking
about someone else?
You gonna move?
I haven't decided.
See, that's what I'm worried about.
The Fury I knew
was always three steps ahead.
If I remember correctly, you called me.
Upon Talos's request.
Your lack of contact over the past
few years sent a pretty clear message.
You're not ready for this, Fury.
There's a very real threat out there.
You were never the same after The Blip.
You always told me there is no shame
in walking away
when the steps are uncertain.
So check your footing.
Otherwise someone's gonna get hurt.
Oh, no.
Good work.
I barely made it out.
Someone was waiting for me.
Someone you can identify?
G'IAH: No.
Maybe we postpone the strike.
To the contrary.
Thanks to you, we have the bait.
Thanks for coming to see me.
You don't see me because I'm not here.
I understand. You're taking a risk.
A risk?
Is that what you explained to Mum,
that following you could get her killed?
Your mother died
while you were working for her killer.
So do not take me down that road, G'iah.
You have one chance to save yourself.
And I think you know that.
I think that's why you're here.
The attack is planned for tomorrow.
Unity Day.
There are three bombs.
And Gravik knows you'll be there.
-I don't know.
There are so many operatives in the field.
A hundred, at least.
Fracking pods?
Most of their identities are kept secret,
even from us.
Your mum would be very proud of you,
you know, for coming to see me.
Tomorrow, there are three couriers,
including me.
All the points
near Vossoyedineniye Square.
I'll mark each bag with infrared spray.
G'iah's come back.
I got eyes on her.
(OVER EARPIECE) Two backpacks.
I got her.
Remember we're tracking the bags,
not the people.
FURY: Lot of backpacks in Central Moscow.
G'iah's painted ours with infrared spray.
Infrared. Got it.
HILL: We missed the pass.
FURY: Got one carrier going northeast.
The other one south. Let's move.
Excuse me. Excuse me!
It's empty. They're decoys.
FURY: Hill!
-It was you.
Not me.
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