Secret Invasion (2023) s01e06 Episode Script


FURY: This is the promise.
While you work to keep my home safe,
Carol Danvers and I
will find you a new one.
You're tellin' me
there's a million Skrulls
walking amongst us right now?
PAMELA: We need a single commander
whose war power is total and unchecked.
Therefore, I nominate Gravik
to the post of Skrull General.
PRISCILLA: Would you have loved me
if I'd never changed?
If I'd been my true self?
You had another chance to kill
Fury today, and you didn't take it.
FURY: What DNA did Gravik steal?
G'IAH: Only a few samples.
But he took those because he couldn't
find what he was looking for.
What was he looking for?
Something he called "the Harvest".
I got a deal for you.
Bring it to me in person,
I'll call the whole thing off.
And bring some iodide pills.
The reactor room can
be a touch aggressive.
This is the first time
you called this number in years.
I have dialed this number
a million times.
This is just the first time
I pressed send.
(CHUCKLES) Oh. Well,
that's cold consolation.
You sound far away. Are you?
Far enough to where it makes sense
to keep going the way I'm going.
Know if you'll be coming back?
Um, I'll, uh I'll let you go now.
You don't have to,
if you don't want to, darling.
Take care of yourself.
RHODEY: Mr. President,
we need to stay focused
on honing your response
to the attack on your motorcade.
Respectfully, we still need time
to confirm that this was in fact
an official Russian act.
President Vladimov
has strenuously denied responsibility.
Oh, he's "strenuously denied it".
Then I guess we're all right then.
President Vladimov is a bald-faced liar
and I've got 30 dead Russians
on a motorway to prove it.
We cannot rule out the possibility
of a false flag attack.
Did you take a stupid pill with your
breakfast this morning, Admiral?
What happened on that motorway
was an all-out assault on our republic,
orchestrated by the Skrulls
and the Russians
who are giving them safe haven.
Our commander-in-chief
is still nursing internal injuries
from an assassination attempt
that he barely survived
by the skin of his teeth.
So, unless you have some actual evidence
to back up this ridiculous
false flag proposition,
I suggest you move on to doing what
it is you were summoned here to do,
which is present
the President of the United States
with his options
for a military response to Russia.
Put it on the monitor.
What are we looking at here,
Colonel Rhodes?
Real time satellite imagery, sir,
this is the Russian tanks
taking positions
on the Finland and Ukrainian borders.
Now, sir, if I may,
I've taken the liberty
to prepare a rough copy
of your remarks to the nation.
The American people
need to hear from you, sir.
They need your leadership.
They need to understand
who's responsible for this.
And it's the Russians, 100%.
There's your proof right there.
Make the call, Mr. President.
- SONYA: You have to get him out of there.
- Who?
The President, you bloody idiot.
Fury's headed straight for you.
Fury? Why are we concerned about Fury?
We got enough security for him.
For what? Target practice?
Fury's lost it.
He wants Ritson stopped
before the bomb is launched.
Move the President now.
Where is everybody?
Locked away.
Looks like it's just you and me, Fury.
All out of pills? That's
a shame, ain't it?
No more protection for you.
How about a drink instead?
Yeah, I wouldn't say no.
There you go.
To the last stand of
the great Nick Fury.
Rhodey, what are you
We're taking you
to safety, Mr. President.
Hey. We're moving
the President upstairs.
- What about the others?
- Clear!
- Tell 'em to start hunting.
- Copy that.
Sweep every floor.
Lock down the elevators.
National security threat.
Bet you never would've thought
your last 20 minutes on Earth
would be spent down here,
having a drink with me.
- You see these tremors?
They're natural at this
level of exposure.
It's once the shaking
gets above the elbow,
close to the heart, that's
when you need to be concerned.
I look concerned?
Of course without the pills,
the symptoms are gonna accelerate.
Fury, tell me you got a backup plan.
Your little Avengers on standby?
What about that
invisible cloak and shield?
(COUGHS) You're too
busy playing dress-up,
using my skin like a costume.
A costume, Fury? Do you
not recognize this skin?
Huh? This face.
This was the first human I killed.
And you know why I killed him?
I killed him because you told me to.
Oh, wow.
You don't even remember.
The first mission you sent me on.
You know, I was young. I tried my best.
I wanted to give everything
to impress my hero.
You know, the one who
promised us a home.
But this man
This man, Fury, he had a wife.
And he had children.
Yeah, all right, maybe
he was a bit misguided.
But I killed him because of you.
I killed him and I killed so many more.
And everyone I killed took
a little piece out of my heart.
- Well, you're not the only one.
- No.
But I am the only one
brave enough to admit it.
Talos was weak.
And we wandered in the shadows
for 30 years because he was weak.
He turned a war people into
a band of beggars and what,
I'm supposed to emulate that?
I'm supposed to be like Talos
and put my trust in you?
You pimped us, Fury.
You put us out to work for you
and when you were done with us,
you threw us away.
So, first, I'm gonna kill you.
And then I'm gonna take
a flamethrower to humanity.
And just so I am absolutely
clear about this, Fury
You look at me. Look at me.
You did this.
All the bombs and the blackouts
and the massacres and the wildfires
and the imminent removal of humans
from their habitat, that is all you!
The species you spent your
entire adult life defending,
they were condemned to die
the day I realized
you weren't a man of your word.
You know, Fury, you really
should've kept your promise.
You're You're right.
You're right, I failed you.
I failed you.
I knew within a few years of searching
that there was no other planet
out there for you.
I knew the only way for me
to keep my end of the bargain
was to build you a home here.
Why didn't you do it?
Because it's easier to save
the lives of eight billion people
than it is to change
their hearts and minds.
Even for Nick Fury?
Even for Nick Fury.
And then The Blip came.
You know,
the last thing I felt
before I flaked off?
What's that?
Relief that I didn't have
to fight anymore.
That I finally had a way out.
- But you're right
- Clear the floor.
- Move! Move!
- Clear the floor.
Agent, your weapon.
FURY: I wasn't brave.
Agent Cannon, floor three, status?
Agent Cannon?
FURY: Do you know why
I came back to Earth?
You were the youngest Skrull on my team.
I felt responsible for you.
Agent Johns, floor two, code four.
FURY: I should have taught you
that you never give up the fight.
Because I failed you,
and failed your people,
I've decided to give you what you want.
Is that what I think it is?
Carol Danvers' DNA.
Along with the Avengers', that
you and your team collected.
The Harvest.
In exchange for what?
That you take it, take your powers,
go to some other planet,
wipe out some other species,
I don't give a damn.
Just leave Earth the hell alone.
And leave it now.
Call off the strike and
save your people.
Oh, Fury.
I think the radiation
is eating your brains, mate.
- Watch that door.
- AGENT: Yes, sir.
I need a gun. Give me
your gun, God damn it.
It's pure.
- You really wanna die.
Okay, we can move him in here.
No checking behind the doors?
You really are a Skrull.
Whatever it is you think
you're doing, but
No buts. Just yours back
into the hallway. Go on.
What the hell?
You might wanna aim that gun
to your left, sir.
Shoot him right now, Mr. President.
I'm not here to hurt you,
sir. But he is.
You killed my mother. My father.
You're flailing. You're weak.
FURY: He is a Skrull.
And if you don't call off the strike,
you're going to kill the man
he's replicating
along with some
of the world's greatest minds.
Wait. What?
Skrull rebels have kidnapped
dozens of world officials.
Along with Colonel Rhodes.
He and other world officials
are being kept in pods
beneath the Skrull compound.
You nuke that, you nuke them.
Please tell me this isn't true.
Are you listening to this insanity?
Of course it isn't true.
Mr. President, listen.
Just stay the course, all right?
And all our enemies will be gone.
RHODEY: Mr. President, listen to me
Sir, you're looking at your enemy.
You wait another minute,
he and the rebel Skrulls will win.
G'IAH: Sleep.
For Christ's sake, Ritson,
what have you got to lose?
FURY: She's right.
Just delay the strike.
If I'm wrong, you can send me
to prison and flatten Russia.
You're just like your father.
- Just like them.
(PANTING) Jesus,
somebody give me the phone.
Colonel Rhodes?
How long have you been in here?
Whoa! Colonel Rhodes, I've got you.
You've been held hostage
for a long time.
RITSON: We all witnessed
the terror attack
that was carried out on my motorcade
earlier this week in England.
The terrorists responsible
were a shape-shifting alien-born
species known as Skrulls.
That is why tonight I'm
presenting to Congress,
for immediate emergency authorization,
a bill that designates all off-world
born species enemy combatants.
We know who you are.
We know how to find you.
And we will kill every last one of you.
Love what you've done with the place.
I'm sorry.
For what?
Not being here.
(SCOFFS) I can take care of myself.
I know that. But you shouldn't have to.
I I know who I am
when you're not here.
It's when you come back
that I start to wonder
Did you fall in love with me?
Or the face that puts you at ease?
I love you, Priscilla.
I'm here to ask you for one last chance.
I'm leaving tonight.
Then I guess this is goodbye.
If you can find a way to forgive me,
you know where to find me.
We meet at last.
Unless you have an army
crammed in the back of that car,
I advise you to go back
the way you came.
Oh, I haven't come for fight, G'iah.
With your special abilities,
it would be a lopsided affair.
Who are you?
A friend of a friend.
Your people need a leader.
You'll need resources to fight this war
that Ritson has launched on your people
and I can get them to you.
And let me guess, you're doing this
out of the kindness of your heart?
(CHUCKLES) Oh, God, no, don't be silly.
My father entered into a deal
like that. It didn't end so well.
Yes, let's be sure not to repeat
the mistakes of Talos and Fury
and leave love and
friendship out of this.
I will use you and you will use me
and together we'll make this
planet safe for both our people.
I was relieved that we
made it out alive.
FURY: I was relieved, too.
Until I watched that
hateful-ass speech you made.
Putting things back together
was never gonna be easy.
AGENT: What the hell is all this?
This is how the enemy got so good.
FURY: You took a bad situation
and made it worse.
That's real one-term-President stuff.
But we have to act now.
Before the hit squads you inspired
kill off the Skrulls who
still wanna help us.
FURY: Now you've got dumbass vigilantes
killing innocent humans, too.
When they're not getting
killed themselves.
Call off your war.
RITSON: Give me a break.
There's only one way this ends.
The old Nick Fury would have known that.
And if you truly care about the
Skrulls, get 'em off my planet.
(SIGHS) Hold a minute.
Sounds like peace, doesn't it?
Yeah. That's all I want.
- Priscilla
- Varra.
Now that humans know we're among
them, I'd like to use my birth name.
Well, Varra. Good news from S.A.B.E.R.
The Kree said they are open
to peace talks with the Skrulls.
The Kree make peace.
Reminds me of that old joke.
What do Skrulls call good luck?
Bad luck.
- Stop it. It's a good thing.
- I need your help.
- My help?
Yeah, with this, you know,
this peace summit.
You're the best diplomat
the Skrulls have ever had.
I'm no good with people. You are.
- You've got your own way.
- Yeah, well, I'm sick of it.
And we're better together.
Well, at least, I am.
Please, come with me.
VARRA: I'll help you get started.
But then I've gotta get back.
All my work is here, darling.
And it's never been more important.
I just wanted to tell you that
That I love you.
As I am.
Only as you are.
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