Secrets and Words (2012) s01e04 Episode Script

The Crossing

'Kathleen, are you there? Kathleen? 'You must be out.
'The flight home was fine, got home about an hour ago.
'I'll try you on the mobile.
' You should've woke me.
You weren't in till late and you're a pain in the morning.
It must run in the family.
Oi, where are you going with them? They're my only pair.
Well, now I'll have to wash them, or I'll smell of lavender all day.
That's the idea, Dad.
Now come on, or we'll be late.
Hello, Brenda.
Can I call you back? I'm still at work.
'I thought you were going to hand in your notice?' What? 'Well, now Mum's gone, what are you waiting for?' I like my job.
'Standing in the rain? Minimum wage?' Brenda, did you want anything in particular? 'Just wanted to tell you I got home fine.
'It's beautiful weather here, bright sunshine.
' Great.
'You going to be OK?' I'm fine.
'Well, I won't keep you.
' Yeah, I got to go, I'll call you back later.
Wait there! Right.
Kathleen, I did this picture for you.
Ooh, let me get my glasses.
Hope you like it.
Oh, Megan, that's lovely.
It'll have pride of place on my mantelpiece.
See ya! Ah, pretty princess pictures, how sweet.
What's wrong, didn't your mum want it? Go away! Not the only thing she doesn't want.
You all right? She's as good as gold at home.
Helps out around the house and everything.
Look, I'm trying my best, you know.
It's not easy on your own.
We've started a support group in school, which we hope will help emotionally-troubled children.
She's not mental.
She gets a bit tearful and that Obviously we're aware of the circumstances at home You mean my wife leaving me? But her behaviour has become increasingly disruptive.
but we want you to know that we're here to help you both.
We're doing fine.
Mr Williams, Megan is a nine-year-old child.
Ten, actually.
She's ten tomorrow.
Why not let this be a new chapter for her? Make a fresh start? Brenda, it's two o'clock in the morning.
Can't this wait? 'How did you know it was me?' Who else at this time? 'Kathleen, I ring you early and you're at work, 'I ring you later and you're asleep.
What do you want me to do?' Try midday.
'Right, tomorrow then.
'Why don't we do a video chat?' No, Brenda, I don't think so.
'I go to all the trouble of setting it up for you and you haven't even turned it on.
' I can't start using computers at my age.
'You're not that much older than me, 'I don't know how I'd manage without mine.
Look, Kathleen, I'm in Canada, not Carshalton.
'If you're not going to visit, 'at least this way neither of us will forget what the other looks like.
' Brenda, it's the middle of the night.
I'll ring you tomorrow, all right? 'Fine.
' Da-da! Happy birthday, Meg.
Oh! It's off me.
Oh, thanks.
Oh thanks.
We'll go the cinema after school.
Ask one of your friends if they want to come as well.
No! It could just be us? I'd like that.
Are there any other cards? Anything from Mum? No.
Hello, 24-7 Plumbing? I'm sorry to hear that, Mrs Fleming, but it's a bit tricky today.
No, no, no, I realise that, it's just it's my daughter's birthday.
It's all right, Dad.
We can leave the cinema.
Well, as it's you OK, all right, be there as quick as I can.
Thanks, Meg.
Can't afford to knock jobs back, Dad.
Walk home with Kathleen, after school.
I should be back before bedtime.
Have a good day, love.
Do I have to go in? I don't feel well.
I'm in enough trouble with the school as it is.
Why not make today a fresh start, eh? Did Miss Jones suggest that, Dad? Hello.
Been here long? My dad just dropped me off.
Can you walk me home after school today? Course I can.
Have you used your new computer yet? It's my sister Brenda's.
I'm sending it back to her.
Computers aren't for me.
I'll show you what to do.
Hey, did you see The Simpsons last night? "Homer! I don't want to leave Springfield.
"I've dug myself into a happy little rut here, "and I'm not about to hoist myself out of it!" You sound just like her.
Think so? Doing anything special today? Your art class? It's my birthday today.
I'm ten.
Oh, Megan, I wish you'd told me.
Happy birthday.
Have to have a special tea later, then.
No, it's all right.
Dad's working late.
That settles it.
No arguments.
Right, all clear, off you pop.
Bye, see you later! How did it go with Megan Williams' dad? He couldn't promise to keep to any regular meetings because of his job.
He's a plumber, does late call-outs or something.
Must be tough on her.
We'll have to keep on top of that one.
She pushed Mia Taylor on the floor yesterday.
You ready, Meg? Yep.
How was school? OK.
What did you learn today? Not much.
Miss Jones was going on about the Christmas show.
Oh, right.
You in it? No.
Do you want to be? Why don't you just have a go? It's good to try something new, you know.
Like computers? I don't like singing and dancing much anyway.
I know it's been hard lately, but it'll get better.
Just be strong and true to yourself.
I'll try.
Right, one special birthday tea coming up.
Let's get started.
But first Now it's a real happy birthday.
Thank you.
I just thought she might for my birthday.
Have you asked your dad if he knows where she is? He doesn't like to talk about her.
He gets upset.
I know it hurts him to think about her.
Thanks, Kathleen.
I finished early.
She been OK? Good as gold.
Meg, the school said you were fighting again.
Mia pushed me so I pushed her back and she fell on the floor.
She started it.
Come on, Meg.
This has got to stop.
I get the blame for everything.
Meg! This isn't like her, Jimmy.
No, I know.
Keeps happening, though, doesn't it? What's that all about, then? I don't know.
Come in.
I haven't done anything wrong.
Take a seat, Megan.
Miss Jones tells me you don't want to be involved in the Christmas show.
Because this year, we've decided we're going to ask some children to write stories to be read out in front of the school.
And we know you're very good at that and so we'd hoped that you would write one too.
Yeah, I've got lots of stories! Can you have a story about a dragon in a Christmas Show? Why not? Sounds great.
And all the parents are going to be invited in to read them out.
My dad won't.
It's a great way of including the parents in the school.
He's he just won't.
Well, why don't you ask him? Why don't you ask Kathleen to read your story with you? Yes, she does people's voices and everything.
There you go, then.
I'm sure she'll be as excited as you are.
But, Megan this needs to be a new start.
No more disruption in class.
Kathleen! Hello, love.
I'm writing a story for the Christmas show! Brilliant.
It's about a good dragon and a bad dragon.
Me and you will read it out in front of the whole school.
You can put on your funny voices and everything.
See ya! 'Kathleen, it's Brenda.
'Are you there? 'You said you'd call.
'It's 4.
15, your time.
'Kathleen!' Oh, Kathleen! Megan, I really need to have a word with you.
No, no, no, Kathleen! Mia doesn't believe you're going to read my story with me for the Christmas Show.
Oh, I'm really sorry, but I knew she wasn't going to do it.
You are, aren't you? Oh, great! We're rehearsing after school in the hall.
See you then! "And hast thou slain the Jabberwock? "Come to my arms, my beamish boy! "Oh, frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!" he chortled in his joy 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe All mimsy were the borogoves and the mome raths outgrabe.
Oh, well done, Megan! Aw, thanks for doing this, Kathleen.
Megan hasn't stopped talking about you.
Is Megan here? I really need to have a word.
She's just running an errand for me.
I have to say she's been a great help with this.
Here's your script.
We'll be practising every Monday and Thursday and everything you have to say is highlighted in yellow.
Don't feel very well.
Kathleen? Kathleen! 'Kathleen? 'If you're screening my calls again, I'll be furious.
' Kathleen? 'What is going on?' Kathleen! I've got your script! Kathleen.
Oh! I didn't see you there.
I just want to say, thanks for doing that show thing with Megan.
Oh It's really good of you.
Jimmy? Yeah? I don't want to let Megan down, but Oh, don't worry.
No-one's expecting you to be like Meryl Streep or anything.
I'd better get that.
Might be money.
Julia, I've told you 'Be reasonable, Jimmy.
She's my daughter.
' Tough, you've made your bed.
Turning work down, then? I've not seen Meg looking this bright for ages.
She's, um she's done a chart with all the rehearsals on, everything.
I really appreciate it.
Oh, the next practice is Monday at four o'clock and is it OK if she walks back with you afterwards? Cheers.
'Once upon a time, 'there lived a very beautiful princess called Princess Annabella.
'She lived in a pink castle with the King and Queen, 'and everyone said she was the fairest in all the land.
' Well done, Mia.
Now Mum? 'One day, the King told Princess Annabella as she was nearly 17, 'she would have to be married to a prince soon 'and princes from all over the place started queuing up 'outside of the castle to see how beautiful Annabella was.
' 'Princess Annabella told the King she didn't want to marry any of the princes 'lining up outside the castle 'because she didn't love any of them.
' 'The King was angry, and told her she would have to choose 'one of the princes who had come to see her.
' 'Annabella locked herself in her room and cried and cried.
'Nobody could get her to leave her room, 'not even when the Queen got the cook to bake her favourite cupcakes.
' 'Kathleen! I'm writing a story for the Christmas show!' And me and you are going to read it out in front of the whole school! 'One click, and hey presto, Canada in your living room! 'Here is your script.
' 'Everything you have to say is highlighted in yellow.
' Hi, can I come in? Yes, yes, of course.
Just going to the chippy.
Can I bring anything? I was just wondering if Meg could walk back with you after practice on Thursday? I've got a really big job on, and it'd really be a great help.
I won't be able to make the practice.
You busy? Hang on.
Broke these last week.
That's why I haven't been able to make any practices.
I need to get them mended.
You should've said.
I thought I'd have time but Do you want me to have a look at them now? No, I'll take them up the High Street.
I'm sorry about Thursday.
OK, no worries.
I've just spoken to Kathleen.
She can't make rehearsal on Thursday.
She broke her glasses last week.
She had them on today.
I've just seen them.
They're broken in half.
You must have made a mistake, love.
The show's in two days and you haven't rehearsed once.
I broke my glasses.
Look, Megan, I really need to talk to you.
I'm sorry I said I'd write the stupid story now! First you're not well, now your glasses! Why did you say you'd do it? And they're all going to laugh at me now.
I don't blame Kathleen.
It's a stupid story anyway.
Hey! Ow! Miss Jones, Megan attacked me! Oh, what now? Mia, sit down.
In the corridor now.
She pushed Now! Megan! I thought everything was going very smoothly.
You were doing so well.
You've written a beautiful story for the show.
Kathleen will be very upset.
She's spoilt everything! What, Kathleen? She's horrible! I don't think Kathleen's doing it.
She's not really turned up so far.
Oh, I see.
Well, I'm sure she must have her reasons.
Are you going to do it with me or not! Megan Yes or no? Yes or no? I can't! I just can't! Megan! Yes or no? Megan, stop it! Yes or no? Stop it, Megan! Yes or no? Stop it, Megan! Yes or no? Brenda, thank 'Save yourself thousands of pounds and ensure' We'll have to get her dad in.
They have to join the family support group.
Nothing else seems to be getting through.
And if that doesn't work? Hello? Hi, it's Helen Jones, the Deputy Head.
Could you come into the school tomorrow morning, please? It's rather urgent.
Well, I've got a job to finish off first.
I'll be there about 11.
Hey? What's going on? Oh, sweetheart.
Megan's told me what happened on the crossing.
But no-one was hurt, were they? No.
But that's not the point.
So if she starts behaving herself? There could have been a terrible accident.
But that's not your jurisdiction.
The road is up to the council.
So if no-one's complained, and the other kid's OK, can't you let the matter drop? She attacked the crossing guard.
What, Kathleen? She didn't attack her! She just grabbed the lollipop.
As you know, we've been monitoring Megan's behaviour, and we feel, if you agree, we'd like to include you both in our Rainbow Group.
You what? It's a behaviour support unit.
You make it sound like Borstal.
She's only ten! It's a nurturing, supportive group.
It helps to promote a safe family environment.
It's been a great help to children who have been emotionally troubled.
This is my daughter we're talking about! I do my best.
From what Megan tells us, she does quite a bit around the house.
She tidies a bit, does some chores.
She's not on the streets, you know! Mr Williams She does the shopping online! Mr Williams, I can't stress enough how important it is to attend this group.
If Megan doesn't respond to The Rainbow Group we'll have to consider other steps.
Social Services? That girl has already had her mum walk out on her and I'm working all hours to keep a roof over our heads! Over my dead body! Kathleen.
It was an accident.
I know Megan didn't mean Not that.
This story you won't read with her.
She's gone out of her way to do something for you.
I just can't do it.
What? Read a couple of lines in a story? The kid loves you.
I'm sorry, Jimmy.
I can't.
Why not? I hope you don't mind me asking but Meg mentioned her mum the other day Wait a minute, what has this got to do with anything? I know you've been hurt but that's no reason why Megan That's got nothing to do with you, Kathleen.
That woman gave up any rights she might've had when she walked out.
The school are threatening me with Social Services.
That girl looked up to you and now you've broken her heart.
Oh, Jimmy.
Jimmy! It's all my fault.
Kathleen It all got out of hand.
Kathleen, please calm down.
I'm so sorry.
I don't want to read the story at the Christmas show.
Could I ask why? My reading.
I I just get embarrassed in front of people.
No shame about that.
It's just a bit of fun, nothing to worry about.
Can't Megan just apologise, then you can let the matter drop? It's not just about that.
Her attitude is It's all my fault.
She's such a great girl, I couldn't bear it if this got her into serious trouble.
And now her dad says Social Services are going to get involved.
Kathleen, we're doing everything we can to avoid that.
I know she'll apologise if you just give her the chance.
Megan, we all want what's best for you but your behaviour the other day could have had serious consequences.
You'll write an apology to Kathleen.
What? But it wasn't my fault.
It isn't the end of the matter, but it'll help.
I'll write it tonight.
No, you'll go back to class and write it now.
Aw, it's very good, Mia.
I'll put you down to go first.
And it's with your mum, isn't it? Yes, miss.
'Kathleen? 'It's Mr Edwards.
Could you pop in' before your afternoon shift? Shouldn't take a moment.
That's fine.
'Great, thanks.
' What's this? Hey, give it back! Quick, pass it! That's mine! Hey! Pass it on! Give it! Mr Edwards told me to write that for Kathleen.
Come in.
Megan? Thank you, Megan.
Is that acceptable? Yes, that's great.
Perhaps? Are you happy with that, Kathleen? Yes.
Thank you.
Very good.
Let's hope we can all move on from this.
Go on, back to class.
Kathleen? Come in.
Would you like a juice or something? Mmm.
"Dear Kathleen, "I asked you to read my story with me in the Christmas show "but you kept making excuses not to do it.
"You knew how excited I was, and how much I was looking forward to it "and how much all the other children teased me "but you still didn't do it.
"You lied about your glasses "and you left me to go to rehearsals all by myself.
"I wanted you to read the good dragon "because you've always been kind to me.
"But now I know you'd have been better being the bad dragon "because no-one good could make me feel this horrible.
"I think what you did was really mean "and I won't say sorry.
" You didn't read the letter, did you? You told me you needed your glasses to read so why didn't you need them today? Megan, I'm so sorry.
I got myself in a terrible state.
I wish more than anything I could be up on that stage, reading your story with you.
You're a very special girl to me, you do know that, don't you? You might think this is a bit strange for an adult, but I'm not very good at reading.
So I try not to.
The thought of reading anything more than a leaflet is just Why didn't you say anything? Sometimes grown-ups have secrets they don't want anyone to know about.
Sometimes you just feel so different you think no-one will ever understand.
I should have been honest.
I should never have let things get as far as they did.
Why do grown-ups always let me down? Well No I know it's been difficult Why didn't you learn to read at school? My mother was ill.
Her and my little sister Brenda needed looking after.
Things were different then.
If you didn't turn up to school, people didn't notice so much.
And then, when Brenda emigrated, it was all left up to me.
Least you had a mum.
I did.
And I'm grateful for that.
But sometimes, more since she's gone, I just wanted to be like everybody else.
But every time I thought about learning, I found some reason not to.
Truth is, I was afraid.
But you were always telling me to be strong and true to myself.
I know.
I thought you were my friend.
Oh, Megan, I am.
You're just like Mum.
Whenever it gets difficult, you just give up, hide away.
I'm better off on my own.
Megan? Sorry.
I've told you to leave us alone.
'Did you give her my card?' She don't need your card.
'I need to see her, Jimmy.
' You should have thought of that before you ran off with your fancy man.
Sorry about that.
This isn't a good time.
I need to speak to Megan.
She doesn't want to speak to you.
I can't get her out of her room, I couldn't get her to school today.
Tell her I'm sorry.
I should have explained everything to her properly from the beginning.
Is this about that bloody show? Talking to Megan has made me realise I've spent too long hiding away from things.
What are you talking about? I've closed myself off from so much.
I need to conquer my dragons, as Megan might say.
What? So I'm making changes.
What? My sister, she gave me a computer, you know, to keep in touch and I won't go near it.
I haven't tried anything new for 50 years but you know what? I'm going to start.
I'm made up for you.
But what has this got to do with me or Megan? I gave up my childhood and most of my adulthood too.
I don't want that to happen to Megan.
That girl needs her mother.
What would you know about it? My mum was on her own.
It was just her and me for years.
I was scared to ask for help.
And then, before you know it, it's too late to ask.
It's not a crime to ask for help, Jimmy.
You got to let Megan be a normal kid.
She needs looking after.
She needs her mum.
I've had enough of this.
Don't let her end up like me - afraid to join in with everyone else.
Right now, she's hurt and angry at me.
But soon it'll be you.
And then you really will be on your own.
You've got to let her mother get in touch.
Put Megan first.
Tell Megan Tell her, I need her help, would you? How long you been here? This came off your mum.
I think we need to have a proper chat.
"And right at the top of the mountain "the guinea pig?" Dad! Sorry, the dragon.
Who wrote this rubbish? Hey! Stick to the lines! You're on! Oh.
Hello, everyone, and welcome to our Christmas show.
We're going to read you a story called The Good Dragon.
Once upon a time, there were two dragons.
A good dragon, and a bad dragon.
'The good dragon was scared, and had to learn to be brave' Go on.
Oh! 'Kathleen?' Told you it was easy! Hello, Brenda! Hi, Kathleen! I'm so glad you're finally online, it'll be like I'm in your living room 24/7! Brenda, I drew this picture of you and Kathleen.
That's great, Megan.
I'm not so sure about Kathleen's hair, though! Hey! You don't look so clever yourself! Now, what do you think of these? Oh, they're lovely.
They're Mum's, aren't they? Yeah, that's right!