Seinto Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Meiou Shinwa (2009) s01e06 Episode Script

Floral Funeral Procession

1 I just wanna know what my life is for Winning every match I have to play I haven't felt like this before The truth is gonna be revealed today I really don't have anyone to slay No need to live this way Love will fill the world and it will reign supreme forever! Saint Seiya, we're calling out for you Saint Seiya, help us to come through The nebulae of confusion The clusters of trepidation The whirlpools of indecision Will lead us to the realm of Athena As expected of the strongest warriors in all of Athena's Saints.
Chapter 6 A Funeral Procession of Flowers So, this is a Gold Saint? But, in such a situation, how are you going to stop me? Besides, my men are already on the way and the village will be annihilated in no time.
Your men will be annihilated instead.
What!? Did you think there was only one demon rose trap? Is that the village which Lord Minos was talking about? We're already pretty close to the Sanctuary, but let's follow orders and turn all the villagers into blood sacrifices! Yeah! We will take revenge for our comrades who were killed by the Pisces Saint! Kill them! The scent of roses? This is Bloody Rose.
After being hit by that, the enemy can only await death.
It pierces right into the heart.
Your men will die when the roses turn red! Those roses are a terror.
No, the real terror is the Pisces Gold Saint Albafica Indeed the Cosmos of my men have faded away.
I've just killed your men! Why are you laughing?! Excuse my manners.
As expected of a Gold Saint.
You're worth destroying! Is this the bloody mist which sent Niobe to his doom? I guess it's more interesting like this.
So, will you pierce through my body first? Or will I crush your body into pieces first? I told you.
You can break my arms, crush my legs, or even smash my face! However, I will never let you pass! Well said! Crimson Thorn! Frankly speaking, I didn't expect someone so beautiful to have such a strong fighting spirit.
But you're not strong enough.
You don't have enough strength to walk your own path, the strength to carry things through the end, nor the strength to defeat others! Why you! Petals? I enjoyed playing with a doll like you.
Albafica Father! Could something have happened to Lord Albafica? Don't worry, Agasha.
He's one of the peerless Gold Saints.
Oh? So this is the village he wanted to protect? I see.
It's so peaceful.
But I'll destroy it! It can't be Run, Agasha! Father! Father! Pull yourself together! Don't worry about me Hurry to the Sanctuary You can get help from there.
But! Live on.
Hurry and go! This can't be happening.
Lord Albafica will come and protect us! He promised! He'll be here, I'm sure! I know he will! This is bad.
The petals will probably fall off before I get this to the Pope.
Umm, thank you very much! Umm! Don't come near me.
I just wanted to thank him.
Yet he was so mean.
Now, don't say that.
He has his own reasons for avoiding people.
He believes that his body will bring harm to others.
Why? His blood has been tainted with poison after years of poison resistance training.
He's afraid that his blood will endanger others, so he avoids them.
I see.
At that time, it seemed like I understood something.
Father! I'm going to return this cape to the Sanctuary.
It's likely that you won't be able to give it back to him directly.
That's alright! He's strong and kind.
I just wish to send some of my respects and thanks to him, even a little will do Just like on that rainy day, he has always been fighting alone.
I seem to have an affinity with roses today.
That rose Are you related to Pisces? Then I shall kill you too.
You're the one who was fighting with Lord Albafica? Yes, I expected Gold Saints to be strong.
But it was enough for me to have fun.
Lord Albafica wouldn't lose! What? Actually, the Saints of Athena will never lose to you people! Moron! Oh really? Okay then.
But I'm in a hurry, so please excuse me.
I don't have time to listen to the babbling of a weakling.
A Gold Cloth? Leave this to me.
Hurry up and escape.
No This isn't Lord Albafica.
Oh, you've appeared, Shion of Aries.
Are you here to avenge Pisces? The Specter who's able to defeat the Pisces Gold Saint Are you going to attack this village too? As the first of the 12 Houses, it's natural that I'll stop you.
Besides I don't like the way you do things! So, this is what they mean by "history repeats itself".
I'm very sorry, but you'll end up just like Albafica.
Hurry up and begone.
What!? His arm is moving on its own It's too troublesome to continue torturing you.
I'll just rip your neck apart and end your life.
It's over! What? A black rose? Could it be?! I'm sorry, Shion.
I've given you much trouble.
I can still fight.
Impossible! I should have broken all the bones in his body.
Sorry, but can I ask a favor of you? Don't let anyone but the enemy near me.
What makes you go to such extremes? Albafica of Pisces.
I'm surprised that you're still alive.
If you had died then, it would have been a beautiful death for you.
No matter how many times you try, the results are the same.
The weak will only be toyed with.
But I can't bear to see your beauty soiled by blood and mud.
I shall let you live.
You know, Minos I've always hated my own blood and lived in solitude.
Beautiful or not, that's how I've always lived Just like your deeds, the word "beautiful" deeply hurts my pride too.
What right have you to judge me so? My strength! My Cosmo! And the way I live! I haven't shown you anything yet! Show me then! Let's see how strong you are! Crimson Thorn! You fool! Don't you know that Crimson Thorn is useless on me? No.
The Crimson Thorn is a technique that turns his poisonous blood from a mist into needles But such an amount and strength isn't normal.
Perhaps you're using all of your blood, Albafica? You were so confident, but you're reaching your limit, aren't you? Enough Let's end this.
Lord Albafica! Seems like his spirit and strength are gone.
Aries, are you my next opponent? No, it's meaningless to fight someone who's already defeated.
What? Look at your chest.
Oh, this! The demon rose which was in his mouth.
When? No, Minos.
That red rose isn't a demon rose.
It's a bloody rose, a white rose that turns red by absorbing the target's blood.
No way.
A white rose? That's right.
It was most probably A white rose stained red by Albafica's poisonous blood.
The Crimson Thorn wasn't his real plan.
You underestimated Albafica's pride and tenacity.
I was defeated by a single rose, one drop of poison? How insolent you are, Albafica! Insolent Saints of Athena! Impossible! I'll blow you bastards away along with this village! Gigantic Feathers Flap! I'll destroy everything! Everything! Crystal Wall.
This wall can block all techniques.
Albafica gave his life to protect this village.
Of course I wouldn't let you destroy it.
You bastard It's over? Lord Albafica! Stay away from me! But The petals which Minos blew away have flown here Their scents have faded I have been with these poisonous roses all my life But now This is the first time I find them beautiful Lord Shion! If the Holy War continues, will the Saints continue to die? Like Lord Albafica, fighting, getting injured I I don't want to see the Saints badly hurt! I don't want Lord Albafica to die either! We don't fight to die This is what we have to do.
We live to protect love and justice in the land.
We fight to fulfill our duty, and definitely not to die.
Even if death or anything else might await us We'll keep fighting, until the end of our lives.
But if things go on like this, Pisces' death would be meaningless.
Who's there? Hello, I'm Atla.
Teleportation? I come from Jamir.
Please take me to the Pope quickly.
If this goes on, the Sanctuary will be invaded.
Looks like Minos was able to kill Albafica, the Pisces Gold Saint.
But at the same time, his Cosmo, as well as the Cosmos of his men have disappeared.
I don't really want to do this though The Specters, who have escaped the toils of life might face pain and suffering again.
Rise once again, my Specters.
Come back from the tranquility of death, the eternal peace.
Fight for me once more! As you command, Lord Hades.
The Sanctuary never had a chance to begin with.
Impossible! Specters don't die? Yes.
Then Then, what did Albafica die for? No, not just Albafica, but everyone who died fighting! Calm down, Shion.
We're not helpless.
Lady Athena is making preparations.
She's putting a powerful barrier around the Sanctuary area, to inhibit Hades' Cosmo which resurrects the Specters.
However, it is tough for her to maintain it.
We can only do our best to defeat Hades and end this Holy War quickly.
That's About that, I have an important message from the Elder.
One day.
Hold on for just one more day, and we'll have good news for Lady Athena.
Along with the resurrection of the Pegasus Saint.
the distant memories have lost their colors nakushita iro wa tooi hi no kioku I open the old artbox silently furui e no gu no hako sotto akereba my childhood friend was always there, osanai tomo ga itsumo ita yo ne kawaru koto nai ano egao with an unchanging smile.
futari de yume wo egaita our dreams were drawn kokoro no CANVAS on the heart's canvas mada iro asenai the colors have not faded yet kimi no te to boku no holding hands, we experience the warmth from the past te wo kasaneta hino nukumori hito wa naze itoshisa to nikushimi wo why do people have love and hate were we born like this? awase motte itsumo ikiru no darou happiness and sadness are entwined, yorokobi to kanashimi wo karama setsumuida seishun no towa no kizuna forever shackling our youth.
hana no kusari yo chain of flowers~ Tenma, I wanted to see you.
Let us change this world together Change the living world into a peaceful and serene world of death Cover the land with darkness I'm sure this will make the both of us happy.
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