Seinto Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Meiou Shinwa (2009) s02e09 Episode Script

The path of Righteousness

1 I just wanna know what my life is for Winning every match I have to play I haven't felt like this before The truth is gonna be revealed today I really don't have anyone to slay No need to live this way Love will fill the world and it will reign supreme forever! Saint Seiya, we're calling out for you Saint Seiya, help us to come through The nebulae of confusion The clusters of trepidation The whirlpools of indecision Will lead us to the realm of Athena With greater sharpness! A circle of blood? The Pegasus Saint! Splendid.
Let's see what you can do! Three gods have fallen, and one alone remains Oneiros.
Gather, my brothers! Wh-What is that? Did they revive? I told you.
We abide in a different dimension.
They combined? Episode 22 The Path of Right Oneiros You've united with your brothers and their power? You only defeated my brothers' temporary vessels.
If I summon their souls, they will regain their power.
But in the end, you're just clumping together.
I'll beat you all up at once! Pegasus Meteor Fist! This is your fist? Pathetic.
I'm not done yet.
Next time Stand back, Pegasus Saint.
I shall be your opponent! Who fights me is irrelevant.
I'm right here! Idiot Your physical attacks are futile.
There are four souls in this body, each acting to protect it.
I am one within four, and four within one.
No human could ever defeat me.
He regenerated It seems the time for games is over.
It goes against Hypnos's order to capture you, but I will now annihilate you, body and soul, so as never to reincarnate.
With this, the Guardian's Oracle.
I've heard of that.
It's said that once, it decimated an entire nation, in a single blast.
If he uses it here What does that knowledge gain you? What can you possibly accomplish? Guardian's Oracle! Foolish Saints.
Were your bodies and souls destroyed? What? They survived my Guardian's Oracle? Athena's staff? Impossible! Sasha Why? Lady Athena came here personally, to free Sisyphos's soul.
Sisyphos's liberation is my responsibility.
I've come so far, but now, I must rely on Lady Athena herself.
No, El Cid.
You've done well to make it here.
I shall not squander the path you've opened for me.
El Cid And Tenma.
Your battles have created an opening into the Dream World that brought me here.
I am grateful.
Sasha I see.
That slash It created a rift, giving Athena an entrance? How presumptuous.
But if Athena herself has come here, it makes this much easier.
I shall destroy Athena and end the Holy War here.
He's readying that attack again? Then there is one task I must fulfill To protect Athena, at all costs! You're almost dead.
No matter how your Cosmo burns, you can do nothing.
A certain man once told me, many times that Athena's love is our hope.
Try as often as you like.
Nothing will change.
Don't you understand that it won't work? Look behind you.
What? Jumping Stone! He's trying to use that rift to force me outside? Fighting here, in the dream world, will endanger Lady Athena.
So first, I must drag you out! I'll help Sasha, too! Leave this dream! Pegasus Comet Fist! We've returned to reality.
That shape, where the sky shattered Is that Sir El Cid? What is that monster? And another Saint's there? Who is it? We can't just stand here! Lacaille! Rusk! We're going, too! Yeah.
Rusk, what's wrong? No It's nothing.
Are you frightened, Rusk? Yes.
Aren't you scared, Tsubaki? That monster Were I alone, then perhaps.
But I have you two and Sir El Cid! With my companions by my side, I fear nothing.
Rusk, we're going! We'll fight together, with Sir El Cid! This time, we'll help him! Yes! We did it, El Cid! You're buying time for Athena to rescue the Sagittarius Saint? You thought you'd win by getting me outside the Dream World? We won't know until we try.
Sir El Cid! We're here to help! Tsubaki! Lacaille! Rusk! I told you, so many times, to remain in the Sanctuary New Saints? I'm in an unpleasant mood right now.
So curse the moment that brought you here, to face a god! A-A god? Retreat, you guys! We shall not! Sir El Cid! Today, let us fight with you! Housing Argo! All right! We did it! Cute.
Now that you've had your moment of victory, you'll have no regrets.
Guardian's Oracle! No! Run! Sir El Cid! I couldn't protect you.
I'm sorry It's my fault.
No We are satisfied In the very end, we were able to fight alongside you As Saints, we are proud.
Sir El Cid Forge your blade into the ultimate blade Tsubaki, Lacaille, Rusk.
Damn you! Idiot.
You want to die? Then I'll finish you now.
Don't let your feelings master you.
That's fatal.
Then, are you all right? I I I'll never forgive them! Those were my men! I'm sorry.
Make your heart a blade, Pegasus Saint.
So that you will never lose the path The path of righteousness! You should know well, that path is paved with many lives.
That path is paved with many lives.
El Cid You have mastered your skills, and your heart is strong as steel.
That is the result of your self-mastery, and of training to your very limit.
But those aren't the only important things to the Saints.
Then, what else do you deem necessary? You know the answer.
The path is narrow, and the blade fragile.
And I shall now destroy both.
Pegasus Saint.
This next attack will decide it.
Will you help me? Of course! I'll do anything! Just ask.
His regenerative and offensive power derive from the four gods' souls.
I will discover their locations and separate them.
For that to work, I require a moment's opening.
At my signal, attack Attack with all your might! Right! So you're prepared to follow the fragile path? Then I'll finish you in an instant, like the others.
With my Guardian's Oracle.
I never thought I would rely on another's power, let alone that of a young Bronze.
But very well! Your final throes? Farewell.
I won't let those be the last, you ass! Impudent.
Well done.
We did it! El Cid! Are you all right? Then, in that single moment, he attempted to separate our four souls.
But he used his Cosmo as a blade, in a body running out of blood.
He's nearly out of power A rusted blade.
It's over.
I won't let it end.
It's not over yet! So which of you did that blade dissect? Too easy.
El Cid risked his life to buy us a chance.
I won't waste it Damn it! I won't let anyone else die! I'll take one of your souls, no matter what.
You think you can defeat me, given my current state? You underestimate the gods.
Oh, no We finally found you, Tenma! Yato! Yuzuriha! We don't see you for a second and suddenly you are beat up you know that? Quit doing that.
Sh-Shut up.
I didn't choose to be like this! Anyway, is this the monster that destroyed the forest, Tenma? Yeah.
But El Cid tore him apart, so he can't concentrate enough to use that attack.
We must finish him, before he regenerates! I see.
And you were trying to do it alone? Don't forget about us, dummy! Guys Let's go! Me first! Unicorn Gallop! Dazzling Dance of Beautiful Flashing Kicks! I'll finish it Pegasus Meteor Fist! Did we do it? Respect your superiors, child.
No matter how many your numbers, you're still feeble.
You're wasting your time.
Damn it You're still standing? I told you.
I'm taking one of your souls.
Impressively stubborn.
But our body is gradually repairing itself.
The next blow will be the final one.
My Guardian's Oracle will annihilate you all! The distant memories have lost their colors nakushita iro wa tooi hi no kioku I open the old artbox silently furui e no gu no hako sotto akereba osanai tomo ga itsumo ita yo ne My childhood friend was always there, kawaru koto nai ano egao with an unchanging smile.
futari de yume wo egaita Our dreams were drawn kokoro no CANVAS on the heart's canvas mada iro asenai The colors have not yet faded.
kimi no te to boku no Holding hands, we experience the warmth from the past te wo kasaneta hino nukumori hito wa naze itoshisa to nikushimi wo Why do people have love and hate Were we born like this? awase motte itsumo ikiru no darou Happiness and sadness are intertwined, yorokobi to kanashimi wo karama setsumuida seishun no towa no kizuna forever shackling our youth.
hana no kusari yo chain of flowers~ Sisyphos, the reason you refuse to wake from your dream It's because of that day, when you brought me to the Sanctuary.
On that day, I bid farewell to Tenma and Alone.
On that day, the gears of our fate began to turn.
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