Selling Sunset (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

If Looks Could Sell

1 [traffic noise] [Jason] Well, let's figure out who's sitting what on Sunday and Tuesday.
We've got Queens, which is new, at 4.
7, - so I guess we can sit Queens.
- Okay.
Christine, you can sit your own listing on Hollywood, I guess.
I'm gonna do Doheny.
Brett, which one are you doing? Crescent.
- Mary? - I could do one Sunday.
- You wanna sit Temecula for a backup? - Yeah, that works.
We don't do this often, as you know, but we are bringing another girl on to the brokerage.
- Really? - Yeah.
She's gonna be here in a few minutes, so I wanted you guys to be aware.
- From where? - Chrishell.
She was at Crishell.
- Chrishell? - With a K? Katrell? Yeah, I can tell how well this is going to go.
- No, we're open, of course! - I've heard really good things.
She does serious business.
She's got a lot of clients.
Her personality, you think she'll get along well with everybody? Yeah, I wouldn't bring anybody on that I didn't think would gel with all of us.
- Even Christine might like her.
- Watch out.
Where's she gonna sit? She can sit on the floor until she proves herself.
- Be nice, girls, be nice.
- Always! Seriously, she's gonna be naturally intimidated.
- So do your best to - Christine, you heard that? Yeah, just be nice when she comes in.
- How do you say her name? - Chrishell.
Let's get to work I'm Jason Oppenheim, and this is my twin brother Brett.
Together we built and own the Oppenheim Group brokerage here.
We are far and away the number one real estate team in West Hollywood.
We sell a quarter billion dollars a year.
Anyone who's buying or selling in the Sunset Strip and the Hollywood Hills calls us.
Let's get to work Let's get to work It may be our name on the door, but behind those doors is all of the kick ass women that make this brokerage what it is.
[Christine] I am the go-to agent when it comes to selling these high-end homes.
Luxury, glamour, style is my thing, and that's why my clients come to me.
You made the right choice.
This house is amazing.
[Mary] I bust my ass.
I'm always on call.
I was one of the first people to start at the Oppenheim Group.
Jason, he says he does about 20% growth.
I'm like, "Cool.
I'll do about 40% growth every year.
" This is super fresh.
Baby, I'm the real thing [Maya] I'm not afraid to get down and dirty.
It's honestly not always glamorous.
It's just part of the business.
You have to have a vision, and if you do a nice job with nice finishes, you're gonna actually make a million-dollar profit.
[Heather] I have great international connections.
The real estate business is all about building relationships.
[speaking foreign language] If this doesn't sell the house, I don't know what will.
Baby, I'm the real thing [Chrishell] My favorite part of being a real estate agent is I feel like I'm a matchmaker.
It's kind of like falling in love.
I have that passion for working with first-time homeowners.
My job is to take the stress on and let you enjoy the process.
[woman] Mm-hmm.
It's definitely breathtaking.
Cheers to that! - We're a bad-ass crew to hang out with.
- Yeah, you have to have thick skin.
I thought we could work together, but clearly we can't.
When was the last time you were in a relationship? Like, a proper relationship? - You were throwing me under the bus.
- But you could've owned up to it.
Do you have, like, dementia? I don't know.
[Mary] We're always juggling a lot.
But at the end of the day, our clients always come first.
Welcome to your dream home, guys.
Baby, I'm the real thing Heather.
Heather, just make sure your offer's the first one in.
- Okay.
All right.
- [Jason] All right.
- [Heather] Thanks, guys.
- [man] I trust you.
[Heather] Perfect, I have your email [Jason] Listen, yes, of course you can show both of those.
[Christine] Um, we can get going with it, 'cause it's gonna Hey, bro, comma, did you ever get a call from those potential buyers? Hi, this is Christine Quinn from the Oppenheim Group.
How are you? Listen, I'm here with an associate of mine.
Actually, she - Do you have the plans for Doheny? - Yeah.
So let me look at it and I'll just call you back, okay? Cool, awesome.
All right.
- [Jason] Hey, Mary.
- Hey, babe.
- Hey.
- How did the showing go? Amazing! - [Christine] Go on.
- So, they like everything.
We got the offer in higher than we expected.
It's higher, so Our clients will take that.
Good, nice work.
- I want it in writing.
When are we - We got it.
- In writing? Okay, good.
- Yeah, she just sent it through.
You want to call them together or I mean, honestly, for 12 thousand, it's I think it's a steal.
Hey, Natalie.
So I've got Jason here with me.
Hey, Natalie.
The good news is Mary got them to step up to the three-five-fifty.
So, uh, I hope we have a deal.
- Yeah, we have a deal.
- [Jason chuckles] - Fantastic! - [Jason] Okay.
- All right, talk soon Natalie.
- [Mary] Our pleasure.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye.
Cool? - Hello.
- Hi.
- Wow.
- Good to meet you.
You too.
Good to see you.
[Jason] Girls, this is Chrishell, the girl I told you about.
Yeah, we have a new girl in the office and guess what? She's a pretty girl.
- Hi.
- Good to see you.
Good to see you.
I came bearing gifts.
Why would I want a Nico! You said there were dogs in the office.
Hi! [Christine] My first impression of Chrishell is that she's used to being a kiss-ass and she was always that girl in school that asked for extra credit.
That'll be interesting to see how she gets along with everybody, AKA me.
- Let me introduce you to some people.
- Okay.
Hi, guys.
- Hi, I'm Maya.
- Hi, Maya, Chrishell.
Nice to meet you.
First day on a new job is really scary.
They're all so beautiful, that was the first thing I noticed.
I know they're so successful.
I was a little intimidated, I'm not gonna lie.
It kind of felt like high school.
Beautiful, hi, nice to meet you.
I mean, whether is was the Ann Taylor, like, Driving Ms.
Daisy dress I don't know, I think she's, like, really nice.
I just want to work on her style a little bit.
- Is it welcome, Chris Chrishell? - Chrishell.
- Yes.
- Chrishell, okay.
I moved from Kentucky to Los Angeles to be an actress, and then I got a job on a soap opera, on All My Children.
But what happens with acting is there's a lot of downtime.
And I was like, "You know, I have the time.
I've always wanted to do it.
" So I went and got my license, and now it's kind of nice, because something that I did in my off time I've found is a real passion of mine.
Try to remember how nervous you guys were meeting everybody the first time you came in.
- You've been married for how long? - In October, it'll be one year.
- But we've been together five years.
- Ooh.
So my husband is Justin Hartley.
Maybe you've heard of him.
He's on a show This is Us.
I love him to death.
We've been together five years, but married almost one.
So do you live around the office? - I'm actually in Sherman Oaks.
- Cool.
Any open houses north of Mulholland, that's her.
[laughs] - We need someone, yeah.
- We need someone there.
- [Jason] I know.
- I'd love to.
You've got LA here.
You've got the Hills, the Hollywood Hills.
But then, over a big canyon behind all of that, is the Valley, and it's a little hotter, but the real estate, you get a lot more for your money and it's really residential.
You don't have to have a reservation every time you wanna go to dinner, and I personally think it's better.
And the newest person brings Starbucks, too.
I've got it.
I've got it.
If you have any questions or anything, I mean, I think we'll all try to be nice.
[chuckles] True, you have to watch out for her, but She can be I'm just sitting here.
What are you talking about? Maybe I'm a little cold, but I've always been honest out the gate, and I think a lot of people aren't necessarily honest because they wanna tell people what they think they want to hear, - and that's not what I'm here for.
- Welcome to the team, Chrishell.
Thank you, guys, so much.
I appreciate it.
I'm so excited to join, so thank you.
[Chrishell] There's obviously a lot of nerves going into, you know, being the new girl going into such a tight-knit group.
But I think it was a good start.
Come to life [Mary] This is like the house that everyone's going to be talking about.
Oh, yeah, I'm already thinking about what buyers I'm getting up here.
[Davina] I know.
I was just gonna say that's what I want to do.
It's an awesome location, this place.
- I can't wait to see it.
- I wore the right shoes for this.
Yeah, genius.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, team.
This is incredible.
[Chrishell] Check out that view! - Right? - Wow, this is amazing.
This is a little different than the two bedroom condos I've been showing in the Valley.
This is actually the biggest house ever built in the Hollywood Hills.
Step back Here comes the queen I'm in charge Don't mess with me [Jason] This is the biggest listing that we've ever had.
When it's done, it will be over 20,000 square feet.
Five luxurious bedrooms and nine bathrooms.
- This is the master closet.
- Oh, wow.
This is the closet? I thought it was the master bedroom.
- It's a closet? - This is a closet, yeah.
[Chrishell chuckles] Just watch me now Just watch me, just watch me Just watch me now [Brett] Not only that, it has a 15-car garage, four hot tubs, 150-foot pool, 360-degree views from the rooftop deck and an elevator that takes you up there.
- Wow, look at that view.
- What? The view's gonna get even better.
All four of these power lines are going to be dropped at a cost of over $400,000.
Ugh, this is so Marilyn up here.
Like, look at this breeze.
This is actually where the television comes up, so you can watch the 16-foot television from the master bedroom.
Okay, as much as I like looking at a fake TV, can we please do the roof? - [Christine] Yeah, let's do that.
- Yes! - Let's see it.
- Wow.
This is sick.
It's amazing.
- [Maya] Wow.
- [Mary] These are the best views in LA.
[Chrishell] On top of the world.
[Jason] And you get the whole Sunset Strip from here.
In fact, you can even see our office right there.
It's over 4,000 square feet, this rooftop deck.
The largest rooftop deck of any property ever listed in the Hills.
[Chrishell] Can you imagine just doing, "Welcome to my humble abode?" [Jason] There's nothing humble about this, but yeah.
All right, find people who are worth at least 250 million dollars, even if they're not looking for a house.
The house will sell itself, just get 'em up here.
- All right, let's sell this, guys.
- All right, let's go.
Bring it in, team! - [all cheer] - All right! [Christine] Those glasses are dope as by the way.
- [Chrishell] Thanks! - They're, like, super reflecty.
Like, that's really cool.
[Brett] I'm not sure reflecty's a word, but [girls laughs] You ain't seen nothing yet No, you ain't seen nothing yet You ain't seen nothing yet No, you ain't seen nothing yet [Maya] There is something very sexy and appealing living up in Hollywood Hills.
Like, you're talking about the history of Hollywood.
Then you have the neighbors, like, you have a celebrity live right next door to you, and that's what sells.
All right, here we are.
- [Tal] Okay.
- [Maya chuckles] - This is a cool exterior.
- Yeah, look at that.
Huh? Another dollar, another day I ain't worried About a thing from yesterday All right, this is it.
[Tal] Okay.
[chuckles] Oh, my God, this is incredible.
[Maya] Me and Tal met at an open house.
He is Israeli, and obviously I am Israeli, in case you didn't recognize my accent.
He owns a nightclub in Hollywood.
When I take a bachelor guy, a single guy, up to see a home, yeah, I want him to not stress and come in with a suitcase and a toothbrush and all he needs to worry about is finding which chick he's gonna pick up that night.
Or a guy, you know, that could be, too.
- You see downtown.
- [Tal] Yeah.
[Maya] You see Century City.
And the ocean on a clear day.
 Literally, 180 degrees of unobstructed view.
- Beautiful.
What are you guys asking for? - Five point four-nine.
- Okay.
- Approximately 1,400 per square foot.
- That's - It's very comparable for the area.
[Tal] Yeah.
What's the history of this house? [Maya] So it's actually very interesting.
The house is built in 1958.
- It's very unique.
That's why I'm asking.
- Super unique.
So the owner of the house back then was a very, like, well known playboy.
- Yeah, I know, almost like you.
- [chuckles] Okay.
But anyways.
- Okay.
- And then he commissioned this famous architect, Harry Gesner, to design this.
- [Tal] Wow.
- [Maya] Yeah.
He wanted, like, a cool, sexy bachelor pad right in prime Hollywood Hills.
So you have obviously your formal dining area.
This is perfect.
You see the observatory, Griffith Park, right there.
- I like this view.
- It's amazing.
I like it.
You can stay in there.
Beautiful, you add a lot of value to this.
I don't come with the property.
So beautiful chef kitchen open to your living room.
- Yeah, that's nice.
- To the pool.
Do you cook? I boil egg.
Is that considered cooking? We can cook together.
I don't know if my husband's gonna like that.
- [chuckles] - Oh, it's okay.
- Tell him it's just dinner.
- Right.
I've heard that before.
[chuckles] Oh, my God.
[Tal] I'm home.
- Exactly.
[chuckles] - Right? Don't push me No, no, no, no, no.
Even though I want you to be in the pool, but - Right.
- Yeah, this is beautiful.
Isn't it amazing? - Look.
Look at the view.
- Oh, my God.
This is great! You can see the whole city.
Show me the bedroom.
All right.
Your master bedroom.
Okay, that's the magic room.
Super nice.
So, obviously, your views again.
And then here, I want to show you something.
What a nice view, and this is comfy.
Come on, just jump.
I'm not joining you.
[chuckles] Look at this.
It's just meant to be.
It's flattering to get the attention, but at the same time, it's not the most professional, ideal situation.
You know, I have to kinda play the game and, like, laugh and, you know, ha, ha ha.
And here you go.
Look at this.
I'm home.
- It's beautiful, huh? - I like it all.
This house in general is exactly what I was looking for.
This will never go down in value.
It's beautiful.
I would love to talk more about this property.
Sure, yeah.
Yeah, let's do maybe lunch and some drinks? Can we Can we skip on the drinks? One drink and then maybe I'll put an offer, maybe we'll see where we're taking it from there.
[Maya] Like, do you want to go on a date? Do you want to buy something? Do you want me to make you dinner? Do you want me to be in the pool? Do you want to see more houses? Do you want to go to a happy hour? Like, he's all over the place, and I'm just sitting there trying to, you know, make it back onto selling him something.
- Sounds good.
- Okay.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
It's nothing.
Thank you.
- Let's go.
- All right.
Ladies first.
I think it's time That I take what's mine Feel a change in the tide [man] This is gonna be your table right over here.
- Thank you so much.
- All right, ladies, you're most welcome.
- Ah, this is nice.
- So cute! - Miss, here's your dinner menu for you.
- Thanks.
You're welcome.
And this for you, as well.
So cute.
- And I'm just so excited you're here! - Yay! Such good timing, I can't believe this worked out.
I wanna hear all about the new job.
OK, so this team has been working together very, like, close-knit for a long time, and so, it does kind of feel like, you know, you're entering high school as, like, the freshman.
- Nice, thank you.
- [woman] You're welcome.
Ladies, do you have any questions on food or would you like to order an appetizer? - I think you like the little gem lettuce? - Yeah, let's do the little gem lettuce.
- Maybe just to start.
- The little gem lettuces? - Okay.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
[Chrishell] So anyway, they're all really sweet.
They're nice.
Jason is a boss at real estate.
I think I have a lot to learn from him.
- That's a good opportunity.
- Yeah.
So, tell me about the girls.
Okay, so, Mary.
We're kinda the same age, some of the other girls are younger.
You know, she's a mom, I'm a stepmom, so we kinda have some things in common.
Christine is kinda like the head bee.
She's like 10 feet tall and, like, all legs and blonde and anyways - you can't miss her.
- No pressure! She's the one that's, like, cool, calm, and collected and very, like, you have to break through her wall a little bit to kind of get in.
So the little gem lettuces.
- [Shonda] Thank you.
- [Chrishell] Thank you.
You can tell you're gonna make more money if you work at this company.
Like earlier we saw this 40-million-dollar property and I just can't believe this is my life.
I don't think people know that I came from, you know, the life that I came from.
You know, with poverty and being homeless and kind of going through all this chaos growing up.
I'm not gonna sugar coat it.
It sucked.
I mean, it sucks being, you know, the kid living in poverty and the kid that, you know, a lot of times you're the smelly kid if you don't have running water and there's nothing you can do about it.
And it's just like a memory that still makes me sweat to this day.
It's not fun.
I remember just thinking back to a Christmas when we didn't have We had nothing.
And at church, you brought a box, and the box just had There was just totally random stuff.
It was so basic and simple, but I remember being so excited and thinking it was truly the best.
- I know, and to be honest with you - We were so excited.
that is the moment that I think of that keeps me so grateful every moment that I'm in these crazy situations and you want to complain about something.
- It's like, you try and just remember.
- I tell my kids all the time.
You need to be grateful.
You have no idea.
They have no idea.
I remember having a friend pick me up and I was trying to say, like, "Oh, we just live really far," so I had them drop me off here.
And I just had to explain to her why she was picking me up in this random location.
So that's why I think I have this heavy need to please people and fit in - [Shonda] Yeah.
- because I didn't.
- [Shonda] Yeah.
No, I totally get that.
- I was, like, the smelly kid.
I really was.
[chuckles] That stuff really does stay with you.
No matter what event I'm at, what red carpet, what 40-million-dollar house I'm in that is where I'm from and it won't ever change, and I just feel so happy to have gotten out of that situation.
It's like, okay, I need to really work hard to fit in and do well here because this is where I want to be, you know? It's awkward at first, but I know if I just stick with it, - it will be so worth it.
- Sounds like where you're meant to be.
- Sounds like a nice match.
- I think so, too.
- So, shall we toast? - We shall toast.
For it.
As far as we've come.
- To where we're going.
- To where we're going.
I love that! Where we've come to where we're going.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Don't make me cry.
[chuckles] I don't want your money I do all my own transactions You can be the opener But I'm the main attraction When you hear that sound I'm coming up [Christine] The advantage of a twilight showing is you can show them the most sexual house in the whole city during the day, and at night, it will just sell it so much more.
Okay, being that you guys are my favorite clients - Thank you, Christine.
- I saved the best for first.
- Wow! - This is 5,000 square feet of absolute zen.
[Christine] You can show them the lights and the fireplaces and the glamour.
I feel like that's when you can really call a house a home is in the nighttime.
Is this the only view, though? It is, and if you're looking for more of a view, we're gonna be three or four million dollars up in the price point.
- Yeah? - I'm not crazy about the flooring, but She's buying a ten-million-dollar home, she can just put in new floors.
- I wish it was a gas stove, though.
- Yeah.
Oh, I don't like gas stove.
Bitch, you don't even cook, okay? Come take a look at the master.
I think it's gonna awe and shock you.
- Okay.
- [Christine] Real estate is a mind game.
I mean, I Bobby Fischer the shit out of situations, because they don't know what they want until they see it.
[Christine] We love this bathroom.
Pocket sliding doors and the shower is amazing with the skylight.
[Christine] I knew real estate wasn't going to be easy, but I knew it would be easier for me than it would anyone else.
You're gonna love it.
Come take a look at the master.
Basically you just go to your doctor, you get a whole bunch of Adderall, and then you study for, like, three months and you take the test, and I passed it.
And I was so proud of myself.
So what do you guys think? I think we should write an offer.
I don't want this to get into a multiple situation.
- [man] You like it? - [woman] I don't like this neighborhood.
Fair enough.
Um Trousdale Estates is one of the most sought after private communities.
I'm just gonna work on finding something that they like, but, you know, not everyone has good taste, so what can you say? All right, baby, you've got to see this house.
Check this place out.
[Mary] Isn't this awesome? I love this house.
- [Romain] The view is amazing.
- [Mary] Right? [Romain] Yeah.
[Mary] Romain and I have been together almost a year.
I met Romain through a client referral.
His boss was bringing a few pastry chefs over from France and I was helping them find a place to stay while they were here.
[Mary] Okay, so on the second level, there's a movie theater, - which is pretty cool, right? - [Romain] Yeah.
So when he flew in, I went to pick him up to show him some properties, and he hopped in my car and my jaw, like, hit the floor.
[Mary] It's definitely in the cards that Romain and I purchase a property together in the near future.
This is the master bedroom.
- Oh, that's cool.
- Yeah, it's really cool.
I definitely think that guys that I've dated in the past were intimidated by me, by my situation.
They weren't man enough for me.
He's different than every other guy I've ever been with.
So this whole level is the master suite.
Big master bathroom and closet back there, but check out this view.
[Mary] I mean, isn't this amazing? What do you think? [Romain] Yeah, it's really nice.
- Yeah.
- I would live anywhere with you.
- I take that as a yes.
- Yes.
Let's go It's time to go, go, go It's time to go, go, go Let's go It's time to go, go, go [Mary] I miss your cooking.
- I know.
I miss my cooking, too.
- [chuckles] I don't get to cook because I have no one to cook for now.
It's sad.
[Mary] Christine and I have been friends for a while.
We used to be roommates.
I moved out because Romain and I moved in together, and he's way hotter than she is.
Mary and I are so connected because she is like a sister to me.
She is my ride-or-die bitch.
- What do you think about Chrishell? - [Mary] I don't know.
She seems nice.
She did bring a basket of dog toys, so that was sweet.
That was such a kiss-ass move.
No, that was a kiss-ass move.
It was an ass-kisser move.
It was still nice.
Yeah, they said that about Ted Bundy, too.
[chuckles] Christine and I have completely different styles.
Hers is black, gothic, hard, and mine is bright, open, airy.
Even when we go get our nails done, she gets black, I get white.
Like, we are polar opposite.
I don't know why we're friends, but it works somehow.
It's gonna be a huge leap, you know, and I feel like what's really gonna set her apart is the people she knows because of, you know, her industry and her husband's industry.
So she needs to really, like, take advantage of that and tap into that, yeah.
If she does, I think she'll do great.
But she's got to work hard.
Well, are you going to the party for Chrishell? Yeah, I am, by default.
I mean, obviously, I'm on for the free dinner, so I mean, but we didn't get a dinner celebrating us.
- Good point! - I know! Where's our dinner? - [Christine ]Teddy! - [barks] - What are you doing? Come on! - [barks] Hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey We got one life So we not gonna waste it Live a large life You're rich and you're famous [vocalizing] [Tal] Hello.
- Hey, Tal, how's it going? - How are you? - Good.
Good to see you.
- How are you? Good to see you, too.
How is everything? Good, just been busy, you know, between work, flying back and forth, and, you know, it's just hectic.
You fly to Miami all the time? Yeah, I was there last week for like two days, came back to LA.
I've been married one year.
My husband lives in Miami.
We used to live in Los Angeles.
Well, he used to live in Los Angeles.
Then he got a job, so he relocated.
I'm just flying back and forth.
It's been very challenging.
How is it going with you? Good, we have a big event coming up this afternoon.
Oh, for what? Ah, we have a big party.
- There is always a party, huh? - There's always a party, life is a party.
- [chuckles] Work hard, play hard.
- Exactly.
We should have a drink.
Let's get one drink.
We might celebrate soon.
I think I'm just gonna get water.
Like, this house is literally my priority.
- Okay.
- Of course, as a first-time home buyer, I really wanna make sure that I cover, you know, all my concerns.
Like what? Um, price Did you find a cocktail or something you want to have? I guess I'm having one.
So I'm just gonna go safe.
I'm gonna do a mimosa.
- Mimosa, cool.
- Thank you so much.
I'll have one, too.
No problem.
Thank you.
So, like, back to your concern, like, what are you Well, just the right price, the right location, the right agency.
This is the first house I'm gonna buy.
It's a big decision.
Right, no, I totally get it.
Thank you so much, thanks.
Thank you.
Well, cheers.
- L'chaim.
- L'chaim.
I really like what you show.
I like you as a person.
I like you as a woman.
I like the houses you show me.
It's just a matter of just, you know Yeah? Let's hang out a little bit more, see where we're going with this.
Well, yeah, but you know that I'm married, right? Yeah, no problem.
He's in Miami.
You in LA a lot.
I'm in LA.
We can just, you know, when you're in LA, hang out and see more houses, is all I'm saying.
I like everything about what you tell me and, uh, the houses that you show me.
I've been looking for two more houses with another two realtors.
What do you mean? You're working with other agents? Yeah.
I went with a realtor.
She's less prettier than you.
So you choose your realtor based on the way they look, or you choose No, no, no, no.
I just had to see what was out there.
You know, I've been showing you good stuff.
- Right - It's kind of, like, I didn't know you were working with other agents.
It's a nice, specific niche to work with, those bachelor guys who wants to buy something up in the hills.
At the same time, you have to be careful, you know? Are they really going to buy something? Just be honest with me.
Like, do you think you really want to buy a house at some point? - I'm interested.
- In me or in buying a house? Buying a house and we can hang out.
I'm sure you're lonely in LA sometimes.
I mean, you know, Tal I don't I don't bullshit around.
Just kind of, like, a little bit disappointed.
Seriously? You wasting my time.
I do it like this I do it like that 'Cause I like it like that Where are the girls at? You guys know? They're, like, a little late.
They're only 30 minutes late, which for them is like Shocking.
Four girls be late in LA? It's like so weird.
We were all on time.
That's pretty good.
- You guys got here on time.
- Thank you.
Well, I have an odd thing with punctuality.
Yeah, day one, she's like, oh.
- Hi! - Hey! - Hey! - Okay.
There you are.
Hi! Hi, how are you? You look pretty! I think Chrishell's gonna have the hardest time getting along with Christine.
Christine comes off tough but she's a sweet girl inside.
- Hi! - Hi, babe, you look beautiful.
Can we get just a bottle of nice, dry white? We already ate, so we're already on dessert.
That needs zero leads.
Mary's 37 and her boyfriend is barely just 25.
This is Chrishell.
She's the new girl.
This is my boyfriend Romain.
Nice to meet you.
 Nice to meet you.
Listen, I mean, Mary's hot.
Go get it, girl.
Do your thing.
Do you.
 I like it.
[Maya] I had a drink with a client earlier.
Well, I was on a date, but I didn't know I was on a date.
So how did it go? It started out fine, but then it got super flirtatious.
- [Heather] That's how they trap you! - Yeah, you're trapped.
So I'm sending them to lunch now.
Everyone going to lunch.
It's no more happy hour, no more dinners.
No, lunch is the best way to do it.
It's professional, it's safe.
- If you're serious, I bring Jason.
- Exactly.
Wait, Jason, what happened at your open house today? This guy comes in.
I'm like, "Oh, do you like the house?" "No, it's not really the price point I'm looking for.
" "What price point are you looking for?" He's like, "Oh, 20 to 40.
" - What? - Really? [Jason] Forty-million-dollar buyer from an open house, dude.
Just to give you guys a lesson on how awesome open houses are.
What are they, like, I Love Lucy, like, squishing the grapes right now? Like, I'm thirsty.
I need a glass of wine.
[Maya] Chrishelle.
Tell us about your engagement.
[Chrishell] Basically, we were travelling everywhere.
I thought he was gonna do it at each place and he ended up doing it in the kitchen.
So I was totally thrown off by it.
Let me see.
Let me see.
I'm sorry.
I'm such a bitch.
I didn't even notice.
[gasps] It's beautiful! So this is an emerald cut, right? Uh, it's actually radiant cut.
So did you design it? - Yeah.
- I want one! Okay, so this is going to sound really crazy.
But I met you once.
- You did? - Yes.
So, me and my girlfriend Erica, at this bar in the Valley, Black Market.
- Yes! - [Christine] Yes.
Tell me.
And Ryan is a mutual friend of ours.
Do you remember this? Um, yes, yes, yes.
And we all had a drink.
 I don't think you remember, but I remember your face - and put two and two together.
- So funny.
That's a great spot.
Hopefully I sold it that I remembered, but I didn't.
[Christine] I know she wouldn't have remembered me.
I've had plenty of blackout nights myself.
So we met before.
So you were doing real estate at the time, already? Okay, so, hold on, so Chrishell, good luck at the Oppenheim Group.
- [Chrishell] Thank you! - Cheers! - And welcome! - Thank you! I don't want to say it, but you're gonna need it.
- Okay.
- [Heather] Dang, girl.
[Jason] Be nice.
Yeah, be nice.
Christine is the one that Jason and Brett kind of warned me about.
She's like the one I feel like I have to prove myself to.
I'm not gonna make it hard for her to last.
I'm just gonna haze her a little bit.
[Chrishell] I have a long fuse.
You try to make things work, but there's also a limit that you give to where it's like, okay, I can tell I have to win them over a little bit.
Then if you hit a certain mark and you're still not getting it, you just kind of got to cut your losses and be like, that's because you're a bitch.
Ain't no more [vocalizing] Ain't no more, yeah