Selling Sunset (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right

1 This is for my boss 'Cause who can't get it good We're rolling down the streets Yeah, but this ain't Hollywood You messing with who? Call me my crew Need somebody [vocalizing] Oh, my God.
- Hi! - [Chrishell] Hi! - How are you? - Good, how are you? Good.
[Chrishell] Mount Olympus is an area that was developed in 1969 and all the streets are named after Greek mythology, and a lot of the architecture was very kitschy.
A lot of the, like, big marble houses and a lot of that, like, white plaster, and so it was really hard to sell.
And now we're having a big resurgence.
There's been a huge amount of construction in that area.
You know, there's all different kinds of homes up there, and now it's a really sought after area in Los Angeles.
I feel like we have to see this first because this is just so incredible.
So this is obviously kind of like the crown-jewel moment for this home.
It's just a tiny bit over, this is 5,295.
- Okay.
- Um But I think you will see if there's any wiggle room, it's worth it.
[Alexandra] So it is beautiful, don't get me wrong, but my only fear is Norman.
He'll jump in the pool, go swim, and not realize that the edge is an edge.
- So that's my one concern with the pool.
- Oh.
It doesn't really hit the points I had envisioned, and, you know, I'm putting a lot of faith in you so I'm a little frustrated that it's not as close to work as we had discussed.
Um, obviously the price point, it's a little higher.
So I can work on something that's closer.
As of right now, it's a really small circumference so I'll try and scrounge up some other listings.
So just so you know, I took some time off work today to get here, so I just don't wanna be looking at houses that don't hit the points that we had discussed.
And obviously my time is important, so, just, I wanna see the home that we had discussed.
My squad goes We go hard No sleep until the top, baby Work hard till the day we die Till the day we die Easy with me Gonna hustle it till the day I die - [Jason] Team? - [Mary] Yeah? Can we get together for the meeting, please? Your favorite hour of the week.
[Chrishell] Yes, sir.
- Can you get through? - Yeah.
All right, all right, let's get going.
Well, I wanna get an update from everyone.
Chrishell? So there was that client Alexandra who wanted to meet with both me and Christine, which was a little odd.
Wait, so you guys were actually competing against each other? - We didn't know that going in - We didn't realize that.
But that's what it turned out to be.
- It was so awkward.
- Like an interview process or something? [Alexandra] After much thought I've decided to go with Chrishell.
Yeah, like all of a sudden I felt like I was in a audition, like trying to get the part.
Which you should be pretty good at.
Well, I did get the part, but - [laughs] - [Christine] She got the part.
No, I'm honestly glad that you have it.
I think it's [coughs] Bullshit! - No, I'm serious.
- [Brett] No, I had something in my throat.
But wait, it's not the greatest thing.
I just showed her a house, and unfortunately, she was a little hard on me because the owner of Wag has to be able to walk to work.
Where does she work? She works down the street on Sunset.
Oh, Chrishell, but I I'm actually getting a listing in Well, we got the listing.
We're just gonna put it on the market in two, three weeks, - on the corner of Queens and Sunset.
- Oh.
Like, literally right here.
You can see Wag and the office.
We're gonna list at 4,795.
They're beautiful, contemporary, sexy house.
Yes, this could work! I'm getting so excited.
This is exactly why we have these meetings.
So, perfect.
Yeah, I'm happy to show it to you.
Like, I mean, that's a great house.
[Brett] Okay, well, great.
Heather, what about you? Christine and I are actually gonna go look at one of her properties for one of my clients.
I have a feeling that your client's really gonna like it.
It's very modern, Jason-sized, like, bachelor-esque.
- You sure you guys can do a deal together? - [laughs] - [Brett] I know, it's good that you asked.
- They're always bickering with each other.
So we have Christine showing Heather a house, and then Maya, you'll show Chrishell your listing.
- Double end, I guess.
- Let's double end this stuff, guys.
All right, well, thank you, Heather.
It looks like everyone's got a lot going on.
Remember the sponsorship at the Food on Foot Organization next week.
- [Maya] When is that? - Next week, next Sunday.
[Maya] That'll be fun.
Yeah, that'll be fun.
And Brett and I have five new listings coming on this week.
So we'll send you photos and specifications as soon as possible.
- Yeah.
- Killing it.
Good job, guys.
Let's keep at it.
Thank you, everyone.
[Chrishell] That's a good one.
We're in a good spot, guys.
Chrishell, let's see who double ends this first.
Me and you or, like, Christine and Heather.
They say it ain't over, deal This ain't over, deal Leave your fear at the doorway [vocalizing] - You need me to open your door for you? - [laughs] I'm fixing my shoe.
- You're waiting for me to open it for you? - But yeah, thank you.
 My chauffeur.
[laughing] [Heather] Oh, let's see.
I'm excited.
- Here's the entrance.
- Okay.
[Christine] The house manager left it open for me.
- Ooh.
- Okay.
- What do you think? - I love it.
- It's incredible.
- Smells new and fresh, huh? Everything's all new.
Tell me about your client.
So he's a plastic surgeon.
- And he's a bachelor, so it's just him.
- Okay.
He's looking for something this style for sure, like, sexy, clean, very sleek.
- This is a five-bedroom, four-bath.
- Okay.
Just under 5,000 square feet and it's going for 10,695.
[Heather] I think this is gonna be very tempting.
The view, are you kidding me? - The house has it's own hiking trail, too.
- Stop it.
It's incredible.
I love that we're doing this together.
I know This is our first deal together.
It's exciting.
That's why we both have to come through.
It's not often that we work together in the office.
However, we try to as much as we can because we want to double end a property to get a higher commission.
She's not my first pick, but it doesn't matter to me.
As long as I'm on top and I'm number one, I'm willing to work with anyone to be at the top of my game.
Hell, I'll work with Satan if I need to.
I mean [chuckles] Do you need help? You got it? Do you need my strength? - Yes.
- [chuckles] - Oh, shit, sorry.
- [both chuckle] [Christine] Okay.
Teamwork, see? And now I'm sweating.
- Wow! - It's amazing, right? [Heather] So, what's down here? - So I'm gonna show you the master.
- Okay.
- This is the master.
- It's really pretty.
[Christine] Fireplace.
[Heather] Oh, that's sexy.
I love that.
This view is totally seamless, which continues into the bathroom.
[Heather] I'm hoping to get a deal done.
That's most important.
Then if Christine and I can maybe build some type of better working relationship and get this deal done, then we're both gonna be happy.
You know, I've always said that I think Christine has a sweet side deeper down that she doesn't show me, and if she would, we would get really close and, I think, get along well.
We're grown women.
I think by now we should be able to put things aside, work together, and move on from things.
- [Christine] Here's the pool area.
- [Heather] I love it.
So what do you think your client will think of the house? - I think he's gonna like it.
- Okay.
I'm concerned about the price, but that's ultimately up to him.
When do you think we could come back? How easy is it to show? So, you know, as long as you give me some time to wait for him to reply He's usually pretty good.
So just let me know a time Okay, let me text him actually right now.
- Probably a weekend or maybe evening? - Yeah, whatever works.
Let's figure it out and get it done, girl.
Okay, sounds good.
- Thanks for showing me.
- Of course! - Let's go check out that pilate room.
- I have to walk all the way up there? Show stopper, jaw dropper Got that get up and go Super nova when it's over Everybody will know [vocalizing] [Maya] All right.
- This is so beautiful.
- [Maya] I told you.
- [Chrishell] The location is perfect.
- [Maya] It's super nice.
Yeah, like, look at the finishes, like, high ceilings, recessed lighting.
It's a chef kitchen.
- Oh, my god, there's so much space.
- Are you looking for Jason again? My God, this is so perfect, Maya! - I told you! - [knock on door] - Oh, that's her.
- Yeah.
The house is cool.
It's sexy.
It's not too big.
It's, like, one minute walking to the Strip, and you're talking about being close to Sunset Tower, Chateau Marmont.
So those people that buys in the Hills, typically they wanna see more view, but some clients, the young, you know, professional person who just wanna be close to the action.
- [Chrishell] Come in! - [Alexandra] Hi.
I'm Alex, nice to meet you.
Good to see you.
Good to see you, too.
I took everything you said into account, so please come this way.
You still get to keep your infinity edge pool.
[Alexandra] I love the open floor plan and the windows.
- The sliding door is really nice.
- [Maya] Yeah.
Double-pane windows, by the way.
[Alexandra] Oh, wow.
I love this pool.
And it's still pretty private and you have the view, - so you get everything, really.
- Yeah.
Even though, being straight on Sunset, it still feels very cozy and homey.
And I love it.
I can see my office from here.
It's perfect.
You are literally the first person to see this, because it hasn't even hit the market yet, so that's pretty special.
- That's awesome.
I really like this house.
- Shall we see the rest? [Alexandra] Yeah.
I love the fireplace.
- Is it marble? - [Maya] Yeah, it's marble.
Yeah, it's super cool, I love it.
You also have, like, a wine cooler, a nice open kitchen.
I like this kitchen layout.
It's really beautiful.
[Chrishell] When you're working with new clients, you try to get a feel for who they are.
It's hard to read Alexandra because her emotions are all, like, within this one little, you know, kind of bubble.
Being a really animated person, if I love something, you're gonna know it.
When Alexandra likes something, she'll say "Wow, I really like this house.
" When she doesn't like something, she will say, "I don't think this is the house for me.
" [chuckles] So it's hard to tell.
And you've got the light, white oak floors.
- It really brightens up the room.
- [Maya] Totally, yeah.
And obviously this is your suite.
This is your section.
Oh, wow.
The view's gorgeous.
Yeah, I like this space, it's really nice.
- [Maya] Wanna show you the master bath.
- [Alexandra] Oh, wow.
[Maya] Shower, bathtub.
[Alexandra] Oh, my gosh.
I walk right into the shower, and it has a rain shower, which is good.
You can literally be naked here and no one sees you.
[all chuckle] - [Maya] A very large balcony - [Alexandra] Nice.
- with fireplace again.
- I love the fireplace.
[Maya] And it's all enclosed.
[Alexandra] Yeah, the master was beautiful.
- The views are pretty cool, huh? - Yeah.
So, four point eight.
Again, off market, would love to do a deal with Chrishell.
Can you give us a second to talk for a minute? No.
I'm kidding, of course.
- Go ahead, talk, I'm gonna go outside.
- Okay, thank you.
- Yeah.
So you really stepped up your game.
- Yes! It definitely hits all the points that we talked about last time so I mean, I know it's a little over.
I know you said four-six is the top.
Do you know when it goes on the market? - Yes.
In two weeks.
- Okay.
But that doesn't mean she can't show it to other people off market, - in-house as well.
- Yeah.
I think just give me a day or two to just sit on it - and, you know, take it all in.
- [Chrishell] Of Course.
Okay, take one last, like, mental image.
- I do love it.
[chuckles] - Sleep on it.
- Thank you so much for coming.
- Thank you.
- Okay, we'll talk tomorrow.
- Yes, sounds good.
All right yes.
Here, let me get the door for you.
Maybe the next time you'll be getting the door for me.
[chuckles] - Bye.
- Bye.
[Maya] Chrishell? - Yes? - [Maya] All clear? [Chrishell] All clear.
So when are you gonna write me an offer? Um, so we'll see.
And honestly, like, with the price, we're asking four point eight, - a little bit of flexibility.
- A little bit of flexibility.
- Four point six.
- A little bit, a little bit.
Four point six is totally flexible.
It's a beautiful day [vocalizing] It's a beautiful day [Jason] It's good to be back here.
It's been a while.
Yeah, it's been almost a year.
[Jason] The Food on Foot charity for me is the most important organization I've ever been a part of because it really lets people that want to pull themselves up off the streets, it gives them an opportunity.
And it's also local.
It's really people in our community.
Because I think a lot of us lose perspective, and I'm guilty of it as well.
We have this beautiful office and we sell these beautiful homes, and we just lose track of reality to be quite honest.
And this is something that grounds me and I am adamant that everyone else be a part of it because I think it grounds all of us.
How are you, J? - Good to see you, man.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- What's up, man? Thank you.
- Hi, how are you? - Hey, how are you? [man] Thank you.
Thank you all for doing this.
So the Food on Foot charity event is important to me because it's something that I struggled with when I was a kid.
I think it's so imperative to give back to people, not only because you should, but it makes you feel good.
Like, this might change their life, you know? Hi.
- Hi.
- You're welcome.
- Hi, how are you? - I'm good.
How are you? - How are you? - You're welcome.
Oh, you're so cute.
Hi, cutie! Can I give this to you? Thank you.
Here you go.
I think there's a huge stigma with growing up in poverty or, you know, being homeless.
I mean, I think these charities are important because when you treat people in a bad situation with respect, that's when they really feel uplifted and maybe they can garner some change in their life.
It's a moving thing to be a part of.
Thank you, guys.
Thanks for doing this, J.
It was awesome.
It was honestly, like, so nice being here and, you know, just smile to people and make eye contact and give them That's what like, for me, our family was one of the families in that line, so it's been, like, so gratifying to be here but also, like, it's hard Yeah, a little emotional just because, you know, when you see that boy it's like I remember being in that line, so I'm so happy that you guys did this.
- I'm sorry.
I'm such a mess today.
- Oh, my gosh.
[Brett] It was interesting to learn that Chrishell had been homeless.
I mean, I can tell she's a tough woman, and, uh, I didn't know why, but it's in keeping with her personality.
You know, she doesn't back down.
She doesn't get intimidated.
And that makes sense because if you come from that type of background to where she is right now, that tells you something about somebody.
I admire her even more now.
Anyway, so I just think it's so awesome that you guys put your time and effort and money towards such a great cause.
It's really cool.
When Chrishell revealed she was homeless, I honestly was shocked.
I I had no clue that she ever went through anything like that and I think with all of us in the office, you know, we're so focused on real estate and work and money and success, and I don't know a lot about all their childhoods.
And I don't think they know a lot about mine, and I think if we sat down and really got to know each other on a deeper level, we would have more empathy towards each other.
- [Chrishell] This is team bonding.
- [Jason] Thank you, everyone.
- [Christine] Whoo! - [Jason] Love you guys, thank you.
Good work tonight.
Should we do one of our hoorahs? [all chuckle] But I never let it show Like a diamond, diamond Diamond, diamond I can never break apart I've never worn glasses or contacts, but I'm starting to, like, - far away vision is blurry.
- Yeah.
Like, I'm like, "Oh, yeah, I can't read that.
" Night driving, I can't drive at night without my glasses.
Do you wear glasses at night? - I've had to.
- Maybe that's what I need just for at nighttime, huh? I know.
I came back from Nicole's the other day in Woodland Hills and it was at night, and I didn't have my glasses with me and I was like, "This is scaring me.
" 'Cause I have to drive on the freeway.
Oh, no.
I'm like squinting to see the road signs.
I'm getting so old.
[chuckles] [Chrishell] The Food on Foot thing was really fun.
I feel like it was, like, a bonding experience.
Do you guys feel closer? It was a great event.
What did you like best about it? Well, I feel like everyone knows this now so it's not really secret, but, um, I used to be homeless when I was a kid a couple times.
- Really? - [Chrishell] Yeah, just kind of, like, one of those things that now I just, like, try to work with the charities.
- Really cool.
- Yeah.
I mean, I don't know.
I heard from a couple of the other girls that she was, you know, like, homeless for a week or something or they lived in a tent or in her car.
It doesn't matter.
Obviously, they were struggling and it sucked, but I have stories, too.
Everyone does.
So are you saying it to gain sympathy points? I don't know.
Well, you were missed.
Um, I was actually at Burning Man that I had planned for months.
- What's Burning Man? - It's a festival in the desert in Nevada.
- [Chrishell] Oh, it's like a concert? - No, it's actually like an art festival and a lot of camps.
It's really about art and culture, yeah.
Oh, well, we'll have to do it again, I guess.
You missed out.
It was like I think it was like really special.
You know, the charity, I think it's nice to just kind of, like, get us out of our own little bubbles where it's like [Davina] Yeah, no question.
You know, even if it's something like that, it's, like, that's not You're doing it because you want to, but there's some people, they don't have any other options.
Like, for instance, like, how much was your ticket for Burning Man? Four hundred ninety-five dollars.
But it was for a week, you know? Right, but I'm just saying, like, we do those kind of things and you don't even think.
How much was your dress? - This one? - Yeah.
Ooh, girl.
Ooh But that's my point, like, giving back and like reminding yourself It was an experience that totally changes your, like, perspective.
It's like traveling, you know? So So, anyway.
 Yeah, I'd love to join next time with you as well.
Could use some bonding.
No matter what you do I'm already black and blue So just hit me with the truth We can work it out We can work it out - We can hold it down - Ow! [Mary] Um I think I'm gonna box.
- Are you scared? - [chuckles] A little bit.
[both chuckle] You're like a kid.
[Mary laughs] So I've been talking to the girls and they keep asking me about the wedding.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Like, what's going to happen.
What are you thinking? Time frame? And where? I don't know.
I haven't thought about it.
Um - You haven't thought about it at all? - I mean I think sometime next year would be the best for us.
I wanna do, like, destination, someplace, I think.
Can be more expensive, but Tropical? I'm good with that.
Yeah? Your family won't mind? I don't think so.
So we could just do a destination wedding and then do like a reception in France? I guess it could work.
- I don't know, but - Are you sure? You just like, "No I gotta" No, I I like the - I like the tropical idea.
- Yeah.
No matter what, unless we do in France, and even in France, it doesn't mean that everyone's gonna be able to come, you know, with work, with, you know, everything.
So it doesn't matter really where we do it if I have to pick I guess it would be better uh and uh much fun to do it somewhere different.
Right? Wait, what? [Romain] I still think it's a girl's thing.
Not in a bad way, of course, but you know, it's like girls say, "Oh, I want a big wedding.
I want a small wedding.
Or I want it at the beach.
Or I want it in the mountain.
" Or whatever it is, you know what I mean? I really don't care.
And it's firing up inside Small explosions Small excursions like I've never seen Hey, has somebody given Nico a treat and Zelda a treat? Um, I don't think so.
I'm not gonna mention names, but [Chrishell] Sorry, one second.
I have to take this.
Hello, Alexandra, how are you? Hi, how are you doing? - Good.
- Good.
So, I wanna talk about the Queens house.
I wanna go ahead and put an offer on it.
You do? That is great news.
I was hoping you would say that.
So, um, my offer is four point five.
I wanted to go ahead and see about that.
Just give me one second, if you will.
The other agent is in the office right now, so can you hold that thought? - Okay.
- Okay, one second.
One second.
[Chrishell whsipers] Maya! - Okay.
- What's up? So, thank you for showing me your lovely property.
- I have an offer for you.
- No way! - Yes.
- Are you serious? Yes.
We're coming in at four point five, but it's all cash, 20-day close.
I like the terms.
 Those are great.
I know my seller gonna like that.
Four point five, uh I mean, look, we took the listing at four point eight, I know they are a little bit flexible with the price.
- I just don't know how much flexible.
- Okay.
But I like the terms and I think we can try to meet somewhere in the middle.
Well, or it could be the ending point? - Uh - [Chrishell chuckles] It's not gonna be the ending point, but it's a great house and I know she loved it.
I saw it.
So let me make a call to my client and see what she says.
- Hello.
- Rachel? - Hi, Maya.
- I have some good news.
I was showing Queens and we have an offer.
Oh, my God, that's amazing news.
Maya, you're incredible.
I know.
[chuckles] Okay, so here's the thing, it's all cash, 20-days close, and they are coming at four point five.
I mean, the all cash and the 20 day sounds amazing.
It's like Yeah, no bank, no appraisal contingency.
Everything sounds good, except for the four point five.
You know how I feel about my house, Maya, and I feel like that's way under what we were asking.
Here's the thing, Rachel, the agent that's bring me the offer, she's like literally standing right by, so please give me your number back and we'll try to do the best to make a deal.
Well I don't think I can go less than four point six five.
Four point six five.
Okay, let me see.
- Alexandra? - Yeah? Okay, so, um, they have agreed to accept four point six five.
Can we meet somewhere in the middle? Potentially four point six? - Is that your best and final? - Yeah.
Four point six is the highest she can go, that's best and final.
- Are you sure that's her best and final? - All cash, all cash.
- Twenty-day closing.
- I know.
[Chrishell] Four point six.
Just saying, that's pretty good.
Let's see what my client says.
- Rachel? - Hi, Maya.
So the client bid come up to a best and final, and she's offering four point six.
You think this is the best we can do, Maya? I don't know if I can get you the same if we go on the market, but just from experience, the first offer is usually always the best offer.
I do think it's it's a very good one.
Okay, Maya, I think I'm sold.
Four point six it is.
I trust you, so let's go for it.
All right.
I'm gonna send you the paperwork.
- Sounds good.
Thank you, Maya.
- No problem.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Good? Good? We got a deal? Wait, I gotta tell her, hold on.
Alexandra, I have very good news for you.
Congratulations, she accepted your offer.
- Awesome.
- Yay! - Thank you so much.
- [Chrishell] Yes! No, thank you.
I can't wait.
This house is absolutely stunning.
Okay, bye.
[Maya] I'm so excited.
Like, I can't believe it.
Like, I was supposed to put it on the MLS, like, literally in ten days.
- Good job, hon.
- You taught me that.
- A double ending.
Double ending the deal.
- Good job, girls.
Christine and Heather, you guys are next.
- Good job, ladies.
- Good job, Chrishell.
Both of you.
- Thanks, guys.
Okay, I have work to do.
- Wow, so excited.
- Chrishell.
- Yes? Send me everything in Docusign.
- Okay, I'm doing it right this second.
- Cool.
Let me know if you need help.
- Okay.
- She probably does.
[Maya] Christine, didn't you just get ditched by a five-million-dollar buyer? - [chuckles] - Oh.
Been hated Screaming out You gotta stand your ground And if they knock you down Gotta get back up Gotta get back up Shit.
- [sighs] - [Heather] What's up? Hi, how are you? Um, we have a problem.
[Heather] What? Don't scare me.
What? I can't get into the house and the house manager's not here.
- What do you mean - I don't know.
- Maybe they're in there - I don't know.
- You tried knocking? Banged? - That's what I tried.
Hello? So you don't have the house manager's number, nothing? No, he didn't give it to me.
Just said he's gonna be there.
- What about the maid? You don't have her? - No.
It's not in your emails, like, the owner didn't give you anything.
Tsai's gonna be here, like, any minute.
- Uh-oh.
This is such bad timing.
- Let's just pretend nothing's going on.
Tsai] Hey.
How are you doing, Heather? - Good to see you.
- You, too.
- Thanks for coming to show me this house.
- Thanks for coming.
- I'm Christine.
- Roger Tsai, nice to meet you.
All right, so I'm excited to see this house.
Heather's been saying a lot of good stuff about it.
Yeah, we have a little bit of a problem right now.
The house manager that was supposed to unlock it is running behind.
I'm trying to get ahold of my client, but he's in Europe Do you know how much longer he will be? [sighs] I'm not sure.
I'm hoping he's just running behind in traffic.
- I mean, I can wait for a little bit.
- I understand.
But, I mean, did he pick up his phone? Did he answer or - [Christine] No.
- [Heather] I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm gonna try to call him again.
If you wanna look at the view over here, it's really gorgeous.
Can you leave him a message maybe, too? Yeah.
I left a few messages.
I will again, though.
Okay, so peek your head around.
I do have other commitments that I have to kind of go do, so - you know, I just can't wait forever.
- If he doesn't come Hey, guys, so I'm so sorry.
I can't get ahold of him right now.
- Okay.
- I know you have to go.
She built up this excitement.
Now I'm a little bummed out.
- [Christine] I know.
I understand.
- Yeah.
I was just as excited to show it as you are to see it.
You know, this is embarrassing for me.
Um But there's a lot of moving parts here when he's in another country and I'm depending on someone else.
So I'm not making excuses, but I mean, it's not ideal and I apologize.
- Thanks so much.
- It was good to meet you.
- It was so nice to meet you.
- Take care.
- Bye.
- See you soon.
I'm so sorry.
[Christine] This is so embarrassing.
This can't happen again.
If I bring Dr.
Tsai back up here, if I do, because I'm kind of embarrassed at this point to even wanna do this.
Don't put this on me.
- Don't put this on you? Excuse me.
- I didn't do this on purpose.
I know you didn't do it on purpose.
- You think I wanna sit here - Stop raising your voice at me.
Don't raise your voice at me and get defensive.
I know you're pissed.
This is irritating for me, too.
I thought we could work together, but clearly we can't, and this is not gonna work because you're yelling at me, you're getting defensive, and I can't do it.
I mean, I always knew she could be bitchy and aggressive, but my client may never wanna see this house again or see another home with me in general, so to turn it around on me, yell at me, be aggressive to me, it's so uncalled for.
Okay, Heather, you know, I don't give a flying if you wanna work with me or not 'cause one way or another, this house will get sold.
So if it's not from your client, I don't care who it is.
You're just like a big tough girl, aren't you? - I'm not trying to be friends with you.
- You've made that clear.
Business is business.
Like, I'm sorry that this got Like, I apologize for that.
I genuinely do, but if you're gonna tell me you don't wanna work with me, good luck with that.
Good luck with your home since you can't get your shit together.
I'm done making all the same mistakes It ain't worth it for the aftertaste I wouldn't miss it The praise gonna be great Gonna be great, gonna be good, babe The praise gonna be great Gonna be great, gonna be good, babe [vocalizing] The praise gonna be great Gonna be great, gonna be good, babe [vocalizing]