Sense8 (2015) s02e00 Episode Script

Christmas Special

1 ["Feeling Good" playing] Birds flying high You know how I feel Sun in the sky You know how I feel Breeze driftin' on by You know how I feel It's a new dawn It's a new day It's a new life For me, yeah And I'm feeling good Fish in the sea You know how I feel River running free You know how I feel Blossom on the tree You know how I feel It's a new dawn It's a new day It's a new life for me, yeah And I'm feeling good Yeah, I'm feeling good Dragonfly out in the sun You know what I mean Don't you know? Butterflies all havin' fun You know what I mean Sleep in peace when day is done That's what I mean And this old world is a new world And a bold world for me Stars, when you shine You know how I feel Scent of the pine You know how I feel Oh, freedom is mine And I know how I feel It's a new dawn It's a new day It's a new life for me Yes, it's a new dawn It's a new day It's a new life for me And I'm feeling good And I'm feeling good [Amanita] This is totally fascinating.
The last woman in England to be imprisoned for witchcraft was during World War II, because she somehow knew about a boat that had been sunk.
She described it as if she'd been on it.
I never really pictured you as one those people that believes in all this psychic stuff.
Oh, my mom's always been into it.
Well, we become our parents.
First scary thought of the day.
[door opens] And first scary face.
Agent Bendix.
What an unpleasant surprise.
- Amanita Caplan.
- Shall I fill in my answers now? I don't know.
I'm not sure.
I don't recall.
And Australia.
The problem is I don't believe you.
Well, I believe the rich should pay more taxes, which means believing in something doesn't make it so.
Let's cut the bullshit.
I know you've been in contact with Ms.
- You know it because I told you I was.
- Recently.
Nomi said you would still be illegally reading our texts.
It's not illegal if you're a wanted felon.
But I am not a wanted felon and since you don't have her phone number, that must mean you've been illegally reading my texts.
It is a crime to assist a felon.
How would you know I was assisting unless you yourself were committing a felony? I didn't come here to play games.
I came to promise you this: if I don't put Ms.
Marks behind bars, I will put you there.
One thing you should know about me, Amanita I keep my promises.
[door opens] - [exhales] - [door closes] [sighs] God, what a douche.
- [Amanita] Tell me about it.
- Are you okay? Probably need a shower when I get home.
And some Mission Chinese? Hey.
I thought you said no context of where we were.
That's just on the cell.
I bounce that signal from Australia.
This is a closed network.
It's safe.
[scoffs] Safe? That word seems to mean something different all the time.
[sighs] [Joong-Ki] The police are wrong.
He didn't kill himself.
It was shame.
Shame killed our father.
At least we still have each other.
[grunting] Hey! That's government property.
You want another two weeks? [grunts] Another two weeks.
[joints cracking] [heavy sigh] Feels like I'm hitting a wall.
I really made a mess of things this time.
I don't know.
[sighs] I was trying to fix everything.
I think I just fucked it all up.
I know you'd say that's what I always do.
Maybe it's true.
Maybe I do fuck everything up.
But this time this time it's cost me the only thing I've ever really wanted.
- [Jela] Hey, Capheus! - [Capheus] Hmm? I've been thinking why don't we hire one of those real good artists like Mozee to paint Jean-Claude this time? [grunts] That guy's expensive.
I know, but this comeback has to be legendary.
The Van Damn is back.
Badder than ever! We need to make a statement.
- Ah, have you seen the Go-bama? - Hmm? Ooh! That thing is sick! I mean, it looks just like him.
People care about that shit.
Face is important.
- You think so? - Yeah.
I don't know.
Jean-Claude doesn't look the same as he did.
Neither does Obama.
I'll bet the Go-bama used Hope Obama and not Now Obama.
Yeah, yeah.
No one wants a wrinkly gray-haired dude on their bus.
- Exactly.
- [chuckles] Faces change, you know? But not the heart.
True that.
True that.
To be legends we need a heart like Jean-Claude or Obama more than we need their face.
- [chuckles] Yeah? Then next stop? - Hmm? - Legendary! - Aah! [laughing] Speaking of faces I must say, you're looking a little different these days.
- New barbershop.
- Oh.
- You're looking good.
Very good.
- Yes! Thank you.
Art is material.
It is wed intractably to the real world, - bound by matter and matters.
- [phones beeping] - Art is political.
- [phone vibrates] Never more so than when insisting it is not.
Art is dialectic.
It is enriched when shared and impoverished by ownership and commodification.
It is a language of seeing and being seen.
[low chuckles, murmurs] Uh, would someone care to fill me in on the joke here? Yes.
[laughter] Is this art, Mr.
Fuentes? [low chuckles] Is it art, Mr.
Valles? What do you think? Why don't you tell us what you see? Looks like shit-packer porn.
[low murmurs, chuckles] "Shit-packer porn.
" That is That is very interesting.
'Cause this is where the relationship between subject and object reverses.
The proverbial shoe shifting to the other foot.
And what was seen now reveals the seer.
Because the eyes of the beholder find not just beauty where they want, but also shallowness, ugliness, confusion prejudice.
Which is to say the beholder will always see what they want to see, suggesting that what you, Mr.
Valles, want to see is in fact shit-packer porn.
[class chuckling] Whereas someone else someone with a set of eyes capable of seeing beyond societal conventions, beyond their defining biases, such a beholder might see an image of two men caught in an act of pleasure.
Erotic to be sure, but also vulnerable.
Neither aware of the camera.
Both of them connected to the moment, to each other.
To love.
And as I have suggested before in this class art is love made public.
[bell ringing] Joaquin kept his word.
It's It's all over the Internet.
I am sorry - No.
- about all this.
I It was worth it just to hear you describe it.
[chuckles] So Here we go.
Here we go.
[whispers echo] You were a cop? I am a cop.
I was an ecologist.
I used to be able to see so much beauty in the world.
[exhales] And now all I can see is what he sees.
I thought I was safe here.
But he found me.
Just like he'll find you.
But don't worry.
I have a secret.
A way out.
Somewhere where we can go where nobody can find us.
[gasps] What is it? What is it? It's him? - Is it him? - It was her.
- Angelica? - Angelica.
[whispers] It's okay.
You're safe.
You're safe.
[Riley sighs] - [metal door slams] - [buzzer sounds] Ah, Ms.
Please have a seat.
- Who are you? - I'm Mr.
Chen sends his apologies, but he's unable to continue your case.
Why? Conflict of interest.
Was he threatened? So why are you here? I believe in the law, and the law has failed you.
You do not belong in here and I'm gonna get you out.
Has the court agreed to a re-trial? No.
Without your father's testimony to authenticate the new documents they have rejected the appeal.
[soft scoff] This is the law you believe in? I'm going to subpoena your brother.
Stay away from Joong-Ki.
He is more dangerous than you think.
And when I get out, I want him where I can reach him.
What's up, Neets? - Heading to work? - Late shift.
That guy Bendix was here again.
They don't imprison a single banker for stealing billions of taxpayer dollars.
Instead they come after us.
[scoffs] Welcome to America.
How is she? Handling it better than most.
I'd go crazy trapped in that little room all day.
You and me both.
You know I heard that.
Oh, shit.
I thought I turned it off.
You should leave it on.
It'll give you a sense of what I'm going through.
I could handle you, but all those other voices? I'd have lobotomized myself by now.
I'm kind of getting the hang of it.
Lito can be a bit of a handful sometimes.
Drama queen? Definitely.
You know I heard that.
Oh, shit.
- Oh, no.
Is it Lito? - Yeah.
See you in a sec.
Why is it when I feel scared, I end up with you? I don't know.
I'm such a chicken compared to most of the others.
I'm worried for you.
I hope that what I said to you at the museum didn't make you do something you didn't want to do.
What you said was important to me.
I needed you to say it.
But it doesn't make what is going to happen any easier.
If you need anything Thank you.
I know I can be a bit dramatic.
But really, when you came out, did you have to deal with anything like this? [photographers clamoring] No.
[Rajan] I I know something's wrong.
[Kala] I feel trapped here.
Is it the villa, or is it Positano? We can go somewhere else.
It's not a place.
It's a feeling.
Are you, uh feeling trapped by me? - By this marriage? - No, I No.
Um What's trapping you? If I were to try and explain it to you, you would think I'm actually crazier than I sound.
Try me.
Okay, fine.
For starters, there are people, people that I feel connected to all over the world that are innocent and yet they're locked up in prison.
And they are trapped by circumstance or by things that have happened in the past.
And then there are people without the privilege that we have and they feel threatened because they love a person who the world has decided that they shouldn't love.
- [clamoring continues] - It's wrong.
Kala, Kala I think I know what's going on.
You do? I, uh talked to your mother.
You did not tell her that we haven't had sex yet.
- I did.
- [gasps] I mean, I needed some guidance.
You asked my mother if I was a Kala, I now recognize that this was inappropriate.
- Inappropriate? - I'm supposed to pretend I'm not up - set?! - Am I supposed to pretend this is okay? Hey.
Hey, calm down.
Okay? - I hate - that word.
- I hate that - word.
They're trying to provoke us.
They want us to be upset by it.
Of course I'm upset! But if you don't mind, maybe you can explain one thing to me.
Why is it even news? Who gives a fuck who I fuck? This is the 21st century, people.
[both] Get over it! [overlapping shouts] This is insane.
You can't go out there.
Fuck these pirañas! Come to my house.
You took me in.
Let me help you.
Rajan, we may be married, but my body is mine.
It is not a field of land to be purchased and plowed.
It is not for you or my mother to gossip about.
Kala! God, woman, you're a force of nature.
[breathing heavily] I've been an ass.
Please, just forgive me.
I was insecure.
I know there were a lot of issues.
The travel and other things.
But I began to wonder that, if now that the wedding was over - you were still having second thoughts.
- No.
I told you they were done.
And they are.
The more bullets I find, the more impossible it looks.
We were very lucky.
Come on, I know luck.
And this? It's not luck.
I get that some things are difficult for people to talk about, but when I think about the fact that we haven't talked about that day, - it gets me a little upset.
- Why? You're a damn good driver.
You are a loyal son.
You're even half a decent mechanic, if I'm here to instruct you.
However I've known you since you were ten years old.
And one thing you're not, Mr.
Van Damn, is a genius of martial arts.
It's me.
Come on, what happened that day with the Superpower? [sighs] Look, I know it's going to sound crazy, but a spirit.
You sure you want to tell him? - Maybe it's time.
- What's time? The spirit.
She's here.
Good to see you.
Where is this spirit from? - She lives in Seoul.
- Korea? She's a businesswoman.
My age exactly.
Born the same moment I was.
The first breath I took, she took too, but in Korea.
What a thing, yeah? She's here now? Sort of.
- Actually, she's in prison.
- Prison.
Why is she in prison? It's complicated.
The sad part is that while she was there, her father was murdered.
Does she know that your father was murdered? We have many things in common.
Why did the spirit pick you? That is a mystery I can't explain.
But I will always be grateful for.
Me, too.
I know we live in our little bubble world in this city, but, I mean, when I look at those pictures of Lito and Hernando, I think, "That's hot.
" Mmm! So hot.
I just don't get it.
Why can't the rest of the world see what we see? I don't know.
- [inaudible chatter] - [laughing] But they're in a safe place now.
- Mmm! - [giggling] Salud! You're nervous.
Someone's been following me.
Police? Cops made it clear they didn't give a shit about the shooting.
Sounds like cops.
If you need help I'm fine.
If you need some air I'm good.
It's not what you think.
[watch beeping] - Daddy? - Hmm? Can we go see the swans? Of course.
Did you know swans mate for life? That's his daughter.
Fancies himself quite the family man.
Loves pretending to be one of them.
You're not the first one to try to hide in the corner of his mind, waiting for him to make a mistake.
The heroin helps, doesn't it? The connection feels vague.
He's usually meticulous with his pills, which means he's made a mistake or he wants us to see this.
Stratford? Maybe Cambridge.
What are the pills? We call them blockers.
Cuts you off from the psycellium.
Temporarily turns us into them.
Keeps hunters like him protected and prisoners like me isolated.
- [low humming] - You hear that? It's the blocker dissolving the connection.
Where are you? BPO has pits all over the world to throw us into.
We know BPO is receiving funding from governments all over the world, but we have very little on who they actually are.
Of course not.
This is an organization responsible for hunting and controlling what they see as a very dangerous species.
They're afraid of us.
So you and your cluster must be very careful.
How many hunters are there like Whispers? [low chuckle] No one is like him.
But there are others, collaborators, networks of recruiters working for BPO.
I keep having visions of Angelica.
I keep seeing her in a in a cabin.
[gasps] The cabin.
First place I ever considered a home.
But I've never been there.
How can I see that? A genetic birth transfers genes.
A sensate birth transfers sense experience and memory.
You are Angelica's children, so parts of her consciousness still echo in you.
We weren't her first cluster? No.
What happened to them? The same thing that's happened to me.
And that in all probability is going to happen to you.
[gasps] Sadly, they've realized I'm visiting.
Shit! Wait, wait.
What about Whispers? He must have been born into a cluster.
They're all dead.
In his sleep, he still talks to them.
- [gasps] - [Angelica] He's coming.
Go! [soft gasp] This is incredible.
9/11, World Trade Center, planes hit.
This guy was guided out of the building by a vivid physical presence.
- This guy, Kolovi - He's the professor in Chicago? Right.
He cites Freud's theory of pre-language communication and suggests the psychic synaptic field would explain a lot of things.
Like how inventions and scientific breakthroughs happen at the same time all over the world.
Has your mom contacted her anthropologist friend? - She's setting up a meeting.
- Good.
Because the more I read, the more I'm starting to believe this.
Me, too.
[Jela] Spanner.
[grunts] - You believe in miracles? - You know I do.
[laughing] Feast your eyes on the comeback of the century! They thought that he was done, that no one could come back from that kind of a beating.
They forgot one thing Van Damn always comes back! Whoo! Wham! Bam! Here comes the Van Damn! Muscles from Brussels never dies.
[engine turning] - [catches, sputtering] - Yes! Yes! - [loud squealing, hissing] - Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Hey - Hey, hey - Wait Wait, wait, wait.
- Hey! Whoa! Get out! Get out! Get out! - Whoa, whoa! I never thought I'd say this, but I think the king is dead.
- [buzzer sounds] - [metal door clangs] [door unlocks, opens] Hey.
Five minutes.
[whispers] We all chipped in and then bribed the guard.
Why? Because I knew it was your birthday.
You shouldn't be alone.
Come sit.
[Riley] Okay.
[no audio] Happy birthday.
[speaks Swahili] [all] Happy birthday, Van Damn! - What? - [chuckles] [crowd cheering] My God! How do you find all these places? Touring.
My friend Vincent owns it.
I had one of the best shows of my life and I celebrated staying here.
- Vincent - He's the one helping us with the drugs.
Should I be jealous? Only if it makes you want me more.
[laughing] It's your birthday.
I promised you a sex-nic.
Oh, I so need a sex-nic, but you promised before I became a fugitive.
I'm a woman of my word.
And besides, are we really gonna let Agent Bent-dick ruin all our fun? Hell, no.
- [gasps] - Happy Birthday.
- What? - [chuckling] Such a naughty boy.
[crowd continues cheering] I picked it out myself.
[alarm beeps] This is from me.
[cheering] [Jela] Oh, my God! Oh, my Oh, my God! Mr.
Kabaka, I can't accept this.
I just want to honor the gift you gave to me and my family.
This is a very small thing compared to that.
[Jela] Oh, my goodness! Ohhhh! Oh [kisses] - Oh, my! - [chuckles] I mean, look at this! [Jela] Are you kidding me? You said she was a Jindo.
I thought she could keep you company.
Thank you.
["Home We'll Go" playing] Don't let your head hang low You've seen the darkest skies I know Let your heart run, child Like horses in the wild So take my hand and home we'll go Ow! - Sorry.
- Just kidding.
Feeling warm as a burning coal Let your soul shine bright Like diamonds in the sky - Perfect.
- Yeah? - [song fades] - [distant music playing] Can you hear the music? Yeah [songs mixing, distant] It sounds like a radio that keeps changing stations.
I know.
We did agree that I shouldn't visit unless it was an emergency.
This is more than an emergency.
We shared our first breath.
Now it's time to celebrate that breath together.
["Home We'll Go" fades back up] [party favor squeaks] [cheering] [all] Whoo! [all cheering] Home we'll go Home we'll go Home we'll go Home we'll go [slow Latin dance music playing] - It is my birthday! - [man laughs] Lito! [people cheering] [indistinct chatter] [laughing] My friends.
Tonight, we're gonna dance.
["Huff+Puff" playing] La, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la - Have a good time - Ready to just go You gotta give me something And I'll give you something back La, la, la, la La, la, la, la We're gonna huff and puff and blow the house down Oh, so nice, play it twice - Twice, twice, twice, twice - ["Get Your Hands Up" fades in] Get your, get your hands up - Get your, get your hands up - Hey.
Can I play with you? Anything is possible in Positano.
Yeah, go ahead.
Get your, get your, get your Get your hands up [yelling] [music fades] [sighs] - That was fun.
- It was.
I don't know why I'm here.
I think we all know how this works by now.
Do we? It works very inconsistently for me.
That is a beautiful necklace.
I, um Rajan threw me a beautiful party.
And tonight, uh [stammers] Tonight, we're going to Have sex.
[chuckles] Uh Yeah.
When I'm in the ring there are times when my body moves without me telling it to.
It moves without me thinking, "I should do this, I shouldn't do that.
" It moves in harmony to the moment.
The first time something like that happened, I was 17.
I was invited to a major tournament.
My final opponent was a boy named Woojin.
[crowd cheering] He was a smart and skilled fighter.
But my father was in the audience.
I believed if I won, my father would let me compete in the Nationals.
[crowd cheers] But it had the opposite effect.
After the fight, my father forbade me from ever fighting again.
You are the best fighter I have ever fought in my life.
It was an honor to be in the ring with you.
I learned more about myself and about Woojin in that locker room than if I had fought him a hundred times.
We exist because of sex.
It's not something to be afraid of.
It's something to honor.
To enjoy.
["I'd Love to Change the World" playing] Everywhere is freaks and hairies Dykes and fairies Tell me where is sanity Tax the rich, feed the poor Till there are no rich no more I'd love to But I don't know what to do So I'll leave it up to you Oh But I don't know what to do But I don't know what to do Oh But I don't know what to do Whoa Oh, oh-oh-oh But I don't know what to do So I'll leave it up to you But I don't know what to do - [dance music playing] - [indistinct chatter] - Is that you? - Yeah.
What are you drinking? Champagne.
- Perfect.
- Why? - It's my birthday.
- Oh, lucky me.
Let's go.
[whispers] Looks good.
Yeah, okay.
[whistling indistinctly] [woman crying out] Oh, my God! Hi.
What are you doing? You just appeared.
I figured you wanted it.
Of course I want it! Give it to me! [both moaning] No, this is immoral.
- [door slams] - What? [woman moans loudly] [Rajan continues whistling] My wife! There aren't words that could make me happier.
- Make love to me.
- Except for those.
- Okay.
- Okay.
No! - That was you.
You did this.
- You did too! - Did what? - Never mind.
- I'm not going to watch this.
- Well, maybe you should.
- Uh, should what? - Be quiet.
- I'm silent.
- Enjoy yourself, Mrs.
Oh, I intend to! [woman moaning loudly] Can you please be more respectful? [shrieks] Yes! Yes! Slap it! - She likes it.
- Oh, I do! I do! I can hear you.
Stop listening.
[loud moaning] Kala.
- I can't.
I can't.
- What? Kala! Oh, no! Oh! - [shouts, groaning] - Oh, my God! What happened? - [panting] - What happened, baby? - What happened? - I think it snapped! I think it snapped! Oh, my God! Oh, it's broken! [groaning] - I'll call the ambulance! Just hold on! - [moaning] [woman] I mean, all we have is an image problem on our hands, Lito.
What matters most is everybody understands that that disgraceful picture is a violation of your privacy.
No one can prove it's even real.
It's obviously doctored, that picture.
[man] The reprobate who posted it online is going to regret it.
We will sue him to high heaven and then back to hell.
Gonna teach this country you don't question the manhood of their heroes.
Capiche? [Lito sighs] [stammers] I'm I love you guys.
You've been very good to me.
But I can't live a lie anymore.
You can't what? Is that a line from a movie? You're an actor.
You get paid to live lies.
Come on.
The audience is not legally entitled to truth.
This is who I am.
Okay? And I I don't want to deny it.
I'm gay.
I'm gay.
We get it.
- But there will be consequences.
- Legal consequences.
Career consequences.
Fuck consequences.
Fuck consequences.
Buongiorno, doctor.
So, how are you doing? Much better.
Well, you've dodged a bullet, eh? [chuckles] I don't see this often, I have to say.
A phantom fracture.
"Phantom"? Yes.
It's good news.
Rupture of the superficial dorsal vein.
Not a true fracture.
A sprain is all.
A bit of rest and you'll be out and able to enjoy your vacation.
We're here on our honeymoon.
[chuckles] Well, it could have been far worse, huh? Count your blessings.
Hopefully we will have no complications.
Comp Complications? Yes.
Penile problems.
Oh, my Ganesha.
Painful intercourse, painful erection, erectile dysfunction.
But it's looking good.
I'm not expecting any problems.
Is there anything I can do to aid the recovery? Well, your husband needs love.
You're just married.
Love cures all ills.
Well, most.
Well, some.
[chuckles] Good luck, hmm? - Thank you, doctor.
- Have a good day.
You'll be fine.
Don't worry, I think everything will be fine.
[moans] - Are you okay? - [stammers] Please don't.
Your love causes pain.
Sugar? Why are you here, Auntie? I don't know everything that happened in your past, but I'm aware my husband made his choices.
And you made him pay for them.
So are you here to forgive me or make me pay? One day I suspect you will pay a price for your choices, as my husband and his son paid for theirs.
But, rest assured, the finger on the trigger will not be mine.
As you know, over 20 years, your Uncle Sergei amassed a portfolio of business and property interests throughout East Berlin.
I've come equipped with a a map of the city, if I may? Berlin is presently divided into four major territories.
I call them "kingdoms.
" Nice dynastic ring to it, no? The kingdom of the west, run by Volker Bohm, I've marked in blue.
To the south, dominated by Khalil Dogan, is in yellow.
Sebastian Fuchs controls the north.
And your late uncle's kingdom is red.
As a consequence of, uh recent events, the east is without leadership, a situation that will not last much longer.
Am I supposed to care? By killing your uncle, you didn't just out-Hamlet Hamlet.
You might have pitched the city into a war.
But I am in negotiation with Volker and the other kings.
I believe it is not too late.
You can still stop the war from happening.
How? By coming home.
Your presence will calm everything.
It will forestall more unnecessary bloodshed.
Why? Because to me, to him, to anyone who understands this map you are still a Bogdanow.
[sighs] Thanks for the tea.
- He found you, Will.
- [gasps] This is how Angelica wasted the end of her life.
Is that your plan? Killing yourself with a needle in some abandoned squat in Iceland? [Will chuckles softly] Oh, no.
It's not that easy.
You have no idea where we are.
We could be anywhere.
I could care less where you are, Will.
What I care about is how you are.
Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? You want to help me Milton? Just tell me where you are.
Well, I'm right here, Will.
Same place we are.
There are standard procedures for bringing in a new sensate.
You're a cop, Will.
You understand procedure.
I do.
I've been on that side of the table.
I know what you wanna do.
You want to keep me talking long enough hoping I'll reveal something about where we might be.
I could do the same hoping you might tell us something about your beautiful wife.
I'm not wearing a ring, Will.
But you are wearing a tan line, meaning you removed it before you walked in here and that you had a holiday recently.
And being someone who knows something about these kind of organizations, I would bet you were asked to take a voluntary leave after you fucked up in Iceland.
Huh? You're making a choice, Will.
A choice that will have consequences that will affect not just you.
The pain will be felt by everyone you are connected to.
Your partner, your friends on the force your father.
And of course Ms.
Are you ready for that? [gasps] Is it him? You need a shot? She reminds me of Angelica.
Beautiful creatures that you know are too fragile for this world.
When Angelica put the gun in her mouth, I wondered what was the thought that finally made her pull the trigger? If Riley comes to the same end do you think her last thought will be of you or of me? Angelica couldn't bear the weight of her choices.
Do you really think you're any different? I was thinking about my mom.
Remember her? There was this one night he was gone drinking and we were alone.
She told me that she had a secret inside of her.
That I was once a secret.
And that secrets are better than love, because they kept people together.
Your mother was crazy as cat shit.
You're awake? If I had to hear one more of your confessions, I was going to kill myself.
Ow! - Sorry! - [groans] Oh, fuck.
I missed you so much, brother.
- I need a beer.
- Okay.
[both laughing] [disco music playing] [shrill whistling] [Jela speaks Swahili] [in English Last stop! Everybody out! Downtown Nairobi.
Everybody out! Everybody out! Faster, faster, faster, faster, faster! [chattering in Swahili] [in English] Faster, faster, faster, faster! - Not bad, partner.
Not bad.
[chuckles] - Mmm! - Hey! Hello.
- Yes? - Mwisho.
End of the road.
- This is the end of our route.
- We know.
- What are you doing then? - Waiting for you to go back.
- Go - Why? - I had told my friend I was afraid to quit my job.
And then I rode your bus, and I am no longer afraid.
- Yeah? No.
- Is this a joke? - No, I swear.
- It is no joke.
We heard how the spirit of Jean-Claude guided you and protected you.
And helped you kick the ass of Superpower.
And now we're hoping the spirit of Jean-Claude can help us.
[both laughing] [whistles, speaks in Swahili] [indistinct chatter] and we can take care of that.
Can you take care of that? - What? [laughing] - [keypad beeps] [beeping] - [buzzing] - [Hernando] Everything okay? Code's not working.
Hello, Lito! Mr.
Sicaro! Good morning! My door code isn't working.
We had it changed.
Had it changed? We sent a letter.
- Where? - Your apartment.
But how am I supposed to get a letter if I cannot get into my apartment? I'm sorry, Lito.
Have a nice day! Bye! - Mr.
- [buzzing] What happened? - He's not answering.
- Call him again.
He has to answer.
I'm calling him! He's not answering! No, call him again! Call him again.
He has to answer.
He works there.
- Call him again, please.
- [buzzing] - He was the nice one.
- He was the nice guy.
He was.
[hitting buzzer continuously] - You said he was the nice one.
- He was the nice guy.
- This is not right.
- Lito, wait.
Lito - What are you gonna do? - Please.
- Give me some space.
- What are you gonna do? - No! Wait, Lito! - Wait! Lito! - [groans] - Lito! Hey! - Are you okay? - I'm all right! Give me that.
No, Lito! Lito, what are you What are you gonna do? [gasps] - [keypad beeps] - [door buzzes open] [Daniela laughs] Holy shit, Lito! Where did you learn how to do that? I was a burglar.
In The Devil Died at Dawn.
Also an assassin.
And a toreador.
I remember.
You were great.
Oh, you're my hero! [sighs] - Good to see you.
- You, too.
Rajan? Rajan? There you are.
What is it? What's wrong? Did the doctor have some bad news? No, he gave me a clean bill of health.
But this is good news.
You know, those are the siren islands.
I always thought the myth was about Odysseus or the sailors.
No one writes much about the sirens.
About why they sing, what they want.
Rajan are you going to tell me why the bags are packed? It's big, but What's wrong, baby? Ay They can't just do this.
They can't just take our stuff.
This is Mexico.
The sad truth is I've seen worse.
[Hernando] "Due to violations of Tenant Occupancy as well as proven instances of grave moral turpitude and in accordance to the Condominium Association's bylaws, Articles 69 and 70, the Owners' Council has unanimously decided to cancel the lease.
Eviction procedures to be initiated immediately.
" - [Hernando exhales] - [Rajan sighs] Whenever I wanted something, I focused everything on that goal usually refusing to hear or see anything but what I wanted.
And I've never wanted anything like I wanted you.
I've been so blind that I couldn't see the most obvious thing: that how I felt about you was not the same as how you felt about me.
That's But if I'm anything, I'm optimistic.
Which made me realize that it's not too late for either of us to come to a quick decision to Rajan, please, don't say anything more.
Right now, let us not make any decisions.
Whatever happens tomorrow, we will let the fates decide.
But what happens right now what happens for the rest of this night please let me decide.
- Teagan emailed.
- Your sister? - She's getting married.
- That's great! She wants me to be her maid of honor.
Aww! That's beautiful! Except that I'm a fugitive and even if I did try to go, my own parents would probably be the first ones to turn me in.
That's true.
- [four quick knocks] - The signal! This room is occupied by Maria but she's at work.
But, uh no thank you.
Watch her.
What's up? [whispers] I knew it was fucking Bent-Dick.
Excuse me.
[drawer rattles] This is a fugitive warrant for Nomi Marks.
We have solid information that she and her girlfriend are currently residing in this shelter.
I haven't seen Nomi for months.
Either you tell me where they are or I head straight downtown and I talk to every grant office, every politician I can, to shut this place down.
They are not here.
[door closes] [sighs] I wanted to come back first thing because if I didn't I knew I would never walk through that door again.
[soft chuckle] I've been thinking a lot about that day.
I said it was our revolution.
I forgot in revolutions people get shot.
I'm not you, Wolfie.
I'm not Conan.
[scoffs] I'm just a sidekick.
From Wuppertal.
What are you talking about? Huh? Maybe it's time to go home.
Find a nice girl, settle down.
You can come by.
Maybe we'll have pot roast, ride the Schwebebahn.
Not so bad a life, is it? No.
Not so bad.
[sighs] I just need you to do one thing for me.
- Talk me out of it! - [both laughing] The look on your face, man.
- Yeah, I got ya! - It was a hell of a performance.
Performance comes later.
I have been in the hospital a long time.
Horizontal, but no fun.
Tonight, horizontal and much fun.
Bogdanow? What? We didn't order this.
Compliments of the gentlemen sitting over there.
Who are they? Friends.
We have friends now? Things have changed, huh? [Felix chuckles] [door closes] Hello.
Where is my attorney? Regrettably, he has chosen this time to retire from practice.
He will be missed.
My associates and I have been hired to take on your case.
- These guys aren't lawyers.
- Surveillance camera just powered down.
We have reviewed all of the court reports.
These guys are the worst liars I've ever seen in my life.
They're killers.
Who hired you? I think you know who.
He wanted you to know that he has never been the forgiving type.
You think you can kill me inside a government institution? Everyone knows how unstable you are.
"She went crazy.
" "Jumped over the table.
" "We had no choice.
We had to defend ourselves.
" This is bad.
- Guard! - Guard! Coffee break.
Let's see how you fight with 50-thousand volts of electricity.
Wait, wait, wait! Wait! Let me ask you one more question, please.
How much is my brother paying you? A reputation is not for sale.
No? Not even for 30 billion won? - Sorry, baby.
- Wait.
- Keep talking.
- This is bullshit.
She's lying! [men grunting] [grunts] Wow! Are you all right? [exhales] Thanks to you.
That's what family's for.
I understand pricks like Bendix.
I deal with them every day.
We know.
But there's too many other women who need this shelter.
Do you know where you'll go? So where did you honeymoon? Positano, Italy.
Well, you're gonna love this place.
It has so much space.
There's an ideal room for a nursery just off the master suite.
And I'll miss that girl from Schmitten.
[indistinct] - What? - Yeah! [no audible dialogue] [woman] There's something I want to show you upstairs.
Are you sure about this? If I was sure about this, I would've suggested it a long time ago.
- So did you fuck her? - Ah.
No, but I - The plunge pool.
- [Rajan] Wow.
It's so lovely to watch the sunset from up here.
[voice fading] Just puts me in the mood.
Carry on without me.
I'm beat.
What? My man is calling quits? Say it isn't so.
What? Are you too drunk to get the key in the lock? Shh.
[indistinct whisper] Kala? - Hi.
- Hi.
[door closes, locks] How are you? Fine.
There is a story you put three men in the hospital.
It is not a story.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
Christian didn't believe one man could do what everyone is saying you did.
Volker Bohm.
Why don't you take a walk, Felix.
This is a conversation for adults.
We have nothing to talk about.
Take your weisswurst and get the fuck out of here.
Hello, Angels! [cackles] Get in here! Buddy! Welcome! [chuckling] Sorry.
I'll tidy this up.
We're just really grateful.
I don't get too many guests.
All right.
There's two cabins.
You are welcome to the big one.
Bug's Love Grotto.
I think we're happy with the small one.
Suit yourself.
It's down here.
Silas has wonderful news.
He's building a clinic to provide free healthcare to everyone in this area.
It is the right of all people to have health care.
Also a good way to smuggle drugs.
- Launder money.
- Capheus! [speaking Dutch] I also have some Narcon.
Thank you.
Anything else? A laxative.
I heard her.
I didn't understand the language, but if he had been here, he'd have heard it.
- Just takes one mistake.
- Yeah, I know.
I'll be more careful.
[softly] Listen to me.
Just do what they say.
If you don't, they may never let you out of here.
[guard] Hey.
Come on.
[door locking] What's this? I thought you might want to call your dad.
It's almost November.
You know they're watching them.
I can't do that.
Nomi said it would be fine if you threw it out right after.
He wouldn't be able to understand.
I'm sure everyone in Kibera would have the same idea.
I know I've done things to warrant your skepticism, Capheus.
But do you not believe a man can change? I've watched you.
All your life.
You have greatness in you, Wolfgang.
You don't belong in a shitty apartment.
Are you insulting my home? I mean no offense.
I've come here as one who understands your worth.
I've come to offer you wealth, power and pussy like you have never known.
Um whatever pussy you might be hiding under there, I can tell you we've no interest.
[coughs] You and I could own this city.
If I was interested, it'd already be mine.
[groans softly] What are you doing? Watching my career die in real time.
You promised you wouldn't do that anymore.
I know, but it's an addiction.
As painful as it is, that's still nothing compared to what I'm really afraid of.
Mama? [sighs] Mama.
[Western-themed ringtone plays] Hello.
Hello! [Will sighs over phone, sniffles] Will? [stammers] Is that you? [sniffles] Hey, Dad.
It's me.
[sighs] Oh, my fucking God.
Oh, my fucking God.
I'm sorry I haven't called.
I just I don't know.
I I couldn't.
[sighs] Willie.
Oh [stammers] Where are you? Are you okay? I can't talk about that right now, Dad.
I just, uh wanted to hear your voice.
Listen to me, okay? Um You gotta get home.
I mean, it's it's Thanksgiving, for Christ's sakes.
- You love Thanksgiving.
- Dad, I just wanted to let you know that I'm okay.
I'm okay, Dad.
- I'm okay.
- You're not okay! There are government agents saying all kinds of fucked-up shit about you.
Dad, don't don't believe them.
Don't believe them.
It's not true.
If it's not true, good.
We got nothing to worry about.
Why can't you tell me what's going on? Because it's about Sara, Dad.
Oh, no.
- Dad, you gotta believe me.
- No.
Ah, fuck.
It's not just It's more than just her, okay? - Will - You've gotta believe me.
you need help.
- You need to get home.
- Are you drinking? [father snorts] - What do What do you care? - You're not supposed to be drinking.
You're not here! Four months! Four fucking months! - I don't know if you're dead or alive! - I gotta go.
- You're not here! - [sighs] - Bye, Dad.
- Wait a minute.
- Please? - I love you.
You gotta get home.
- Son - I can't.
I'm not saying he can't do it.
I'm just thinking out loud, or in your head? Or whatever I'm doing.
I'm just wondering, do we need to consider another strategy? Right now, Will is our strategy.
And that is enough for me.
Is it time? Are you sure you wanna do this? Because we don't have to do this.
We could talk about something? Anything? Like how we're working on a hack of the prison transfer system to get you out of there.
No, I have to watch it.
I just don't want it to upset you.
- I will not be upset.
- It's just that this is a new laptop and No, I will not be upset.
[exhales] Okay.
Welcome to Smart Money.
Our guest today is Joong-Ki Bak, CEO of Bak Industries.
So let me set the stage.
Bak Industries looked like it was on its last legs, first wrecked by embezzlement and scandal, and the death of your father, who began the company 25 years ago.
It was a terrible loss.
- [Nomi] Hey.
- [Amanita] Hey.
- Is that? - It's started.
Is she gonna bust your laptop again? you are the proverbial Phoenix from the ashes.
[Joong-Ki chuckles] [woman] To what do you attribute your amazing success? [Joong-Ki] Well, uh [Joong-Ki continues in Korean] - I didn't know she could speak Korean.
- Nom's full of surprises.
[chuckles] Buddy! [Joong-Ki] fresh start, a rebranding.
So you feel the company has fully recovered from your sister's actions? I understand she attacked you when you tried to visit her.
My sister is troubled.
But she's still my family and I love her.
People can change.
And it's my hope that prison will help her become the kind of person that our father would be proud of.
[chuckles] Sorry.
[Kala] Ooh! [laughing] Oh, my God! I have never seen snow! Wow! [giggles] [gasps] Ah, just give it a few days, when the oil and the soot and the dirt turns it into a mess.
Why do you have to do that? Do what? Ruin everything.
I don't know.
It's my nature? [both chuckle] - No, it isn't.
- No? You have something good and beautiful hidden inside of you.
Just as I have something dark and wicked inside of me.
We're perfect for each other.
Why? Because we have to change.
Become better people.
- What if I don't want to change? - [chuckles] You do.
You know what I want? Yes.
I'm afraid I do.
[giggling] - Oh, shit! - [laughing] [both laughing, shouting] I'm a badass motherfucker.
Wolfgang! Wolfgang! What the fuck are you on? And where can I get some? [camera clicks] [chuckles] - Check it out.
- Neets, come on! - We're gonna be late.
- [Amanita] One sec! What is this? Evil Santa.
I don't know about this, Riley.
Oh, come on.
He has a family.
He won't be looking for you tonight.
I would if I were him.
[sighs] We have to have one night that we're not afraid of him.
[door opening] - Felix, you better go inside.
- Come on.
I can't get shot again.
I just came out of the hospital.
That would be terrible plotting.
Going to Grace's? I love her to pieces but her idea of Christmas is like a triathlon.
Christmas Kitchen for the homeless, children's hospital, then home for dinner.
- Finally, midnight Queer Choir.
- [chuckles] Sounds intense.
[Daniela] Oh, my God, Lito! This is beautiful! You bought this for your mother? Yeah.
She, more than anyone, always believed in me.
With the check from my first big movie, I wanted to tell her thank you.
Wow! [chuckles] What is this for? A token of my respect and gratitude.
You did this city a huge service and it was high time someone said thank you.
- Ready? - Yeah.
What? [chuckling] What? - Ice-skating.
- Yeah.
- I don't know how to ice-skate.
- Yes, you do.
Because I do.
Wow! Kala, what's all this? - I felt like celebrating.
- [laughs] I usually just hang with the virts.
Virts? You know, virtual family, online community? We're all pretty tight.
Though we don't actually know each other.
Well, that's not true.
In some ways, they know more about me than anybody.
But we've never actually met, you know, physically.
- Make sense? - Yeah.
Hey whatever happens, I want you to know that I am here.
Come on.
- [Nomi gasps] - Let's X-mas! - You look amazing! - I know, right? [both laughing] You coming? Really? Yeah.
Mama? Mama? Mama? [sighs] [footsteps approaching] I always save your clippings.
The good, the bad and the inevitable.
- Mama - This wasn't the hard part.
And it wasn't the friends thrusting the pictures in my face with their sincerest condolences.
I never had so many friends call.
Who knew I was so popular? [laughs] Dear friends, dear colleagues, dear all: Now that my famous movie-star son is here, let me thank each and every one of you for showing me your true colors during this dark and difficult period.
Mama, I'm I'm sorry.
You have nothing to apologize for.
[sets down glass] Come here, my baby penguin.
Come here.
Come here.
I know you could have denied it all, like so many others.
And you didn't.
And I have never been prouder of you.
- Mama - Yes, I am your mama.
And I always knew this day was coming.
- You knew? - Of course.
You were too good a dancer to be a straight boy.
[soft chuckles] - [Lito laughs] - Whoo! [laughing] - I love you, Mama.
- [chuckles] [indistinct TV chatter] Why do you like watching this silly movie every year? I don't know.
I guess I like what it believes in.
What does it believe in? People.
["Hallelujah" playing] [choir] Ooh - Ooh - [muted laughter] - Ooh - [clucking tongue] [man] I heard there was a secret chord - [muted] Hi, Dads! - That David played And it pleased the Lord But you don't really care for music Do ya? Your faith was strong But you needed proof You saw her bathing on the roof Her beauty and the moonlight Overthrew ya She tied you to her kitchen chair - She broke your throne - I got you a little something.
She cut your hair And from your lips She drew the Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Baby I've been here before I know this room I've walked this floor I used to live alone before I knew ya I've seen your flag on the marble arch And love is not a victory march It's a cold And it's a broken Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hello, woman in my head.
Hello, man in my head.
Maybe there's a God above And all I ever learned from love Was how to shoot at someone Who outdrew ya It's not a cry you hear at night It's not somebody who's seen the light It's a cold And it's a broken Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Merry Christmas, Will.
- [Riley] What? - No! No! - What is it? Are you okay? - He's here.
[Riley] Oh, no.
[Will groans] I'm less interested in where you are, and more interested in where you should be.
- Shouldn't you be home? - [Will grunting] Shouldn't you be with your dad? He's a good man, your father.
[moaning] He misses you.
- [groaning] - [Riley] Okay Don't you miss him? Dad.
So normally these these would all be up.
Will'd come over, we'd do it together.
Have eggnog.
But Will's not here.
- He ain't fucking here.
- [voice quavers] Dad Dad.
Let me help you.
- [Riley panting] You're okay.
- [moaning] No, no, no Nah, fuck it, fuck it.
Forget it.
- Come here.
Be careful.
- Thank you.
- I probably shouldn't have come, but - It's okay, it's okay.
It's just when I heard your son was mixed up in all of this, I couldn't help but think about that young girl and everything we went though.
Well, you know what we say in AA: you're as sick as your secrets.
He doesn't look well, does he? My son is a good cop.
Way better cop than I ever was.
I am sure that Will got himself into all this trouble with the best of intentions.
Damn right.
He got that, um terrorist.
If it was intentional.
I was told that, uh Will probably was working with Jonas Maliki.
Dad, Dad, don't listen to him.
That's bullshit.
Well, he did use unauthorized codes to break into classified files, he was suspended, he did flee the country to Iceland where he terrorized one of our research facilities.
It's all on security footage.
- These are just the facts.
- They're lies! They're lies! I don't know what the fuck is going on.
Dad Should a man in his condition really be drinking? I am gonna fucking kill you.
I'll let you in on a little secret.
I don't care what my son did.
I just want him to come home.
So do I, Mr.
So do I.
[Riley panting] [Riley whispers] Okay What happened? He's with my dad.
Oh, Will.
I don't know, Riley.
I don't know if I can keep this up.
I don't know if I can beat him.
You don't have to.
We do.
And we will.
Grace said you were in some kind of trouble.
- We're working it out.
- You know you can always come home.
The Man won't find you up with us.
Neither will email.
You know we love you.
- Yes, we do, baby! - [all chuckling] Thanks, Dads! - You must stay for New Year's.
- Sorry, Mama.
New Year's, it's a bit complicated for us.
- Why? - Um My parents were killed in a car accident on New Year's.
How terrible.
They were beautiful people.
I miss them.
On New Year's, I like to think about everything they gave me and how short it all can be.
Hey - Are you okay? - Hey, Dani, what's wrong? My family is nothing like any of this.
Every day you tip-toe around, hoping you don't get in a fight.
This was probably the best Christmas I have ever had.
Is it horrible to think that it's because it had nothing to do with my own family? Oh, no.
You have been so kind to my son.
You will always be welcome in my home.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[door locks] Welcome home.
[electronic music playing] - [people chatter indistinctly] - What? [Felix laughs] What the fuck? Wolfie, check out the losers down there! [laughing] Hey.
- Welcome, Wolfie.
- Hello, Volker.
This place is amazing! It was built on the site of the very first sector of the wall that was pulled down.
The tooth, huh? All those people down there believed the wall was dividing the world.
That East and West were separating people into "us" or "them.
" But the real division, the only one that has ever mattered, was never horizontal.
It's vertical.
Enjoy yourselves.
[Hernando] Okay - Careful.
- I'll do it.
[fireworks crackle in distance] These or these? Dahlias.
Mom loved dahlias.
- [Rajan] Kala? - Yeah.
Are you all right? I I couldn't sleep.
- It's New Year's.
- Mmm.
Our first as a married couple.
- It is.
- [chuckles] That's a nice thought.
Since you were both taken from my life I have not felt so loved by another person as I do by this man.
You would love him, too.
When I think of my life just a year ago and now how different things would be if my father had died or you had said no instead of yes.
How fast everything can change.
[grunting] In my fucking house?! You'll start a war! [laughing, cheering] - Happy New Year! - Happy New Year! Whoo! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Please! Help me! Wolfgang! Please! Help me! Help! Help me! Get off me! Come on! - Get out of the way! Move it! This way! - [people shouting] Okay, you go this way! - Get the fuck out of here.
Go! - No! I'm not leaving you! [Felix] Hey! Take this rocket! Go on the other side! Come on, come on, come on.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
[grunting] [shouting] - [groans] - [grunts] - [shouting] - [groans] Be calm.
Look left! ["Auld Lang Syne" instrumental playing] Happy fucking New Year.