Serangoon Road (2013) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

1 I destroyed your file.
I can't be certain that's the only one they have.
If they find out you've got a history, they will revoke your visa and they will send you home, because people with histories don't get study visas.
PATRICIA: A woman left this at our door last night.
Disappeared on the night you were murdered.
Now it's returned to me.
MILLER: Pretty girl.
CONRAD: You wanted me to find her file.
Don't worry.
We have many interesting photographs.
What's wrong? Frank, I've met someone.
I'm moving out.
You set me up, Kang! They were gonna hang me! We're done.
We've been done for a while, Sam! I was supposed to meet Sam.
He hasn't come back yet.
PATRICIA: You're sure you want to see this? Is he alright? He won't be going anywhere for a few hours.
Better to just let him sleep it off here.
(Both scream) (Door creaks) (Door slams) (Door rattles) (Both scream) Theme music Do you want to talk about it? Sam? Look, I said I'm sorry, but, you know Hey.
You were completely unconscious.
It's not like it happens every day.
You know, I haven't touched it since we met.
But you chose last night to start again.
We had an arrangement.
We were meant to meet.
That's all you're going to say about it? Kang was caught smuggling explosives.
I mean he said he was set up.
And because I believed him, an innocent man was shot.
Why didn't you wait, talk to me about it? (Chuckles) We're together, aren't we? Of course we are.
Listen, you still plan on telling Frank? Sam! Mrs Simpson.
Sorry, there's an Australian diplomat at the agency.
Can it wait? Not really.
Go, go.
Um I'll come back later.
As you can understand, this has to take complete priority, Mrs Cheng.
You know Mr Anderson from Australian Embassy.
God, Sam, you look like hell.
If I'd known you were gonna be here, I would've made the effort.
Heard you lost a couple of Australian girls.
What? No, I didn't They were on a freighter, bound for London.
Mr Anderson was to meet them and send them on a plane home, but they were gone when he arrived.
Since when do diplomats babysit tourists? Since one of the girls was Gary Edquist's daughter.
Edquist? I believe he owns half of your Northern Territory, give or take an acre.
What was she doing travelling on a freighter? Dad could have bought a liner.
Apparently, Daddy did not know.
Well, good for her.
I mean, come on, tell her old man to mind his own business! Problem solved, huh? The girls weren't on the ship when it docked.
And Customs has no record of disembarkation in Singapore.
And her father is a close friend of the Prime Minister.
(Chuckles) Oh, for fuck's sake.
We have to find the girls.
(Horn beeps) Camilla Edquist.
She's been accepted into law at Sydney Uni.
Who's her friend? Gina Kershaw.
She's the daughter of the station cook.
The girls grew up together.
Right, let's talk to this captain.
When was the last time you saw them? Dinner time.
They grabbed their food and took off to their cabin, just like always.
Did you get on with them? Did you like 'em? I don't have to get on with them.
They were paying passengers.
I like their money.
And you've got no idea where they could be? No.
We done? Yeah.
I'm bunkering fuel in half an hour.
We cast off by sunset.
Oh, look, they're not here.
You happy? Look, shouldn't we be in Chinatown trying to find them? Someone's had a go at that.
What? Looks like someone's tried to kick the door in.
What are you saying? It may be nothing.
It's an old boat.
Look, the ambassador promised Mr Edquist and I promised the ambassador.
Did you alert the Singapore police? What? No.
Look, I didn't think The girls have probably just gone into town.
They've gone sightseeing.
So why did they take their luggage? Maybe they decided to stay in Singapore and not tell anyone.
Snuck past Customs.
Did they know that you were coming to send 'em home? No.
Well, why did they sneak off, then? Why not go through Customs? Give me an hour.
If I can't find them I'll call the police.
(Bird twitters) Who are you? What do you want? You're Patricia Cheng? Who are you? I'm Mei Ling.
I Can we go somewhere to talk? About what? There's a tea house around here.
What I have to say You can say it right here.
I saw your husband on the night he died.
Did you see it? Do you know what happened? No.
Then what? We were together, earlier in the night.
Together? You were a client or friend? More than friends.
We met each other when I worked at Joo Ee's.
I had his baby.
A boy.
He's four now.
Winston used to provide for him.
But since his death I've run out of all my savings.
I've no-one else to turn to.
You have no sense of shame.
You dirty liar.
The watch.
I left it on your doorstep during Seventh Month.
If you follow me again, I'll call the police.
(Sam speaks local language) What you want today? I'm looking for two white girls.
Samboy, your heart.
They're Australians, off the Orion Star.
Probably got suitcases, rucksacks.
No see.
Have you seen any crew off the ship? Big sadness for you, Samboy.
Yeah, OK.
Have you seen any crew off the ship? I no joke.
This serious.
I'm serious too.
Orion Star? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know.
How much it worth? (Screaming and crashing) MAN: Run, run, run! WOMAN: Get out of here! (People scream) Ugh! These guys off the Orion Star? Just that guy.
(Man grunts) Gentlemen? Mind if I have a word with this bloke before you kill him? Stay out of it.
Come on! (Grunts) (Crowd gasps) (Grunts) Your name Jack? Yeah.
I just about got my second wind when you showed up.
(Zipper zips) Thanks anyway.
Oh, don't mention it.
So, these girls, you were saying? Yeah.
Oh, kept to themselves.
(Chuckles) You know, most of the time.
How about the rest of the time? You ought to talk to Hawk about that.
Who's Hawk? Oh, mad Chinese bastard with a hawk tattoo on his arm.
The blonde-haired one was all over him.
What about the brunette? Was she with anyone? Nah, not that I saw.
Oh, they were friendly enough in the first few days, but they had no idea what they were in for.
What you mean? Look, you gotta understand it's only when he drinks.
We have a witness who says he saw you attack those girls.
That's bullshit.
Did you rape them? No.
But you followed them back to their cabin, kicked the door in.
I'm not saying anything.
I want a lawyer.
Screw the lawyer! Where the bloody hell are they? I don't know.
Maybe they threatened to go to the police so you shut 'em up.
No-one's going to find their bodies in the South China Seas.
What? Oh, Lord.
That's crazy.
You have to believe me.
I didn't touch 'em.
Well, what did you do? I was pissed.
Alright? I tried to get into their cabin, but Hawk and the others, they stopped me.
If you don't believe me, ask them.
SAM: What do you know about this Hawk guy? Real name, Do Tan.
Jumped bail and disappeared a couple of years ago.
Small-time street thug.
Known associate of the Red Dragons.
I'll round up the crew, find Hawk, and let's see what he has to say.
(Street conversations) (Food sizzles) Tommy.
(Sam speaks local language) 500.
Count it.
What's this? It's your half of the business.
I'm buying you out.
You know how some people make great friends but they're just lousy business partners? You shouldn't have brought her there.
You shouldn't have been there, man.
You know, I'm so glad you suggested this.
It got me out of lunch with the girls.
Where? Oh, that awful crab restaurant Lynette loves so much.
It's down on the river.
She said she tried to call you.
I haven't been home much.
I've left Frank.
Mmm I see.
Excuse me.
Can I get two gins and tonic? Doubles.
With lime.
May I ask for who? Does there have to be a who? Well, in my experience, yes.
Sam Callaghan.
Well one had speculated.
I mean, Sam, you know, he's awfully good-looking, he's dangerous, he's exciting.
But for the long haul, one would have thought Frank.
But, Sam, I've .
I've never felt anything like that with anyone.
You've got guts, Claire.
I'll give you that.
(Phone rings) Someone dropped it at the consulate about an hour ago.
'£10,000 or we kill 'em.
' Straight to the point, isn't it? Who do you think's got 'em? Well, it's obvious, isn't it? Who controls the waterfront? Kay Song and his thugs.
How else did they get off the boat? They don't operate like that.
What are you talking about? Tiger General runs the Red Dragons.
He's strictly old-school - gambling, prostitution.
They don't kidnap tourists.
They have now! We have no proof.
This is all the proof I need.
I want their premises raided and the girls found.
You have no authority.
I will soon enough.
I'm officially going over your head.
(Phone rings) (Shouting) (Screaming) (Shouting) (Whistle blows) (Shouting) Why do you colonials always think you know best? Hey.
(Scoffs) Alright.
(Speaks in native tongue) It's alright.
My grandfather is very unhappy.
Yeah? Well, he's not the only one.
(Grunts) Tell me about the raids.
Apparently, you kidnapped two Australian girls.
And why would the police think that? Well, let's just say they were persuaded to the view.
So someone put a gun to their head to make my life more exciting? I don't think they had much choice.
Weakness is no excuse.
We know one of your men's got them.
Do you? Bloke by the name of Hawk.
Hawk is no friend of the 13 Red Dragons.
In fact, he was last spotted in Hong Kong, probably catching the clap from some old prostitute.
He's back in Singapore.
You could help me find him.
(Speaks in local language) (Screaming) (Gunfire) (Screaming) Those Australians really have got their knickers in a knot.
Seems they've misplaced two of their breeders.
Still, with Singapore's finest now on the case, I'm sure they'll turn up sooner or later.
Dead or alive.
You wanted to see me.
Well, sit down.
How do you have your tea? I'll need to know.
We have many years happy collaboration ahead of us.
Excuse me? You're my new conduit into Langley.
I expect you take milk in first, hmm? You want me to spy on the CIA for you? Aren't we supposed to be on the same team? What on earth made you think that? It's always a pleasure, Mr Miller.
If it gets out that you destroyed a file relating to a potential Communist sleeper agent, and you did so for personal reasons, dictated by your penis, your career will be over.
Your own people might even hang you.
And then of course, there's Su Ling.
No America for her.
In fact, the Malaysian Special Branch might even arrest her tomorrow.
You have till tonight.
Make the sensible choice.
Imagine if I wasn't in the CIA.
That would be great.
And if you didn't want to go to college in the States.
We could just run away together.
To where? Australia.
Australia? Mmm.
Conrad, how about this? Let's go to America, let me get my degree and then maybe, just maybe, I'll let you marry me.
(Chuckles) No? Sounds crazy.
Alright, then let's go see the kangaroos.
No, no, no, I just thought Thought what? Nothing.
It's all gonna be fine.
Of course it will.
(Bird chirps) Mrs Cheng.
You knew my husband.
Oh, yes.
Everyone loved him.
He was here a lot.
Sometimes he get up and play with the band.
We all miss him.
He knew a girl who sometimes worked here? Mei Ling? Yes.
How well did he know her? I really don't know what the Did he Did he have an affair with her? I don't know.
Not for sure.
She says there is a child.
I need to know the truth.
I'm not sure it was his.
I never saw her with another man.
(Indistinct conversation) Mrs Cheng, are you alright? Is there something I can do? Yes.
Leave Sam alone.
Excuse me? Do him a favour.
Go back to your husband.
I can't.
Not anymore.
Then don't ruin his life too.
I think I paid a fair price, OK? If you wanna haggle over a few dollars I need your help.
It's not a favour.
I can pay.
If I wanted to get two girls off a freighter unnoticed, how would I do it? How much? How much what? You said you'd pay.
How much? Ten.
It's a fair price.
It's called a milk run.
Pimps will take the working girls out to the freighter for crew who can't make it ashore.
Then they bring them back, yeah? OK.
That's it? Oh, that's easy money.
I need you to find out if there was a milk run to Orion Star last night.
I got a business to run.
I think two girls were kidnapped off the ship.
They're being held for ransom.
Help me with this first.
Who are you working for? What? Someone murdered my husband, and now you arrive with this story, this fabrication.
Is this to muddy his reputation, so I don't go look for his killer? No.
How did you get his watch? What do you really want? There was no affair, was there? No pregnancy? No child? BOY: Mummy? (Speaks in native tongue) On the night he died, he was here.
He usually came on Wednesdays.
Wednesdays, he played mahjong.
But I wasn't expecting him that night.
He seemed worried, even scared.
He believed that someone was following him, that they meant to do him harm.
Before he left, he gave me the watch.
He said to give it to you, should anything happen.
I wanted to keep it, for our boy.
But I couldn't.
I've run out of money.
I've nowhere else to turn.
Did he love you? He loved our boy.
Did he love you? No, he didn't.
But he loved our son.
He said it was the one thing that you've always wished for.
How long? Not long.
A few nights, no more.
Hate me all you want, but not the boy.
What about Winston? What do I feel for my husband? Edquist is wiring the ransom money to me now.
I'll have it in an hour.
You could have saved yourself some trouble.
Oh! A man could die of thirst around here.
Thanks, Ange.
So, what's the latest on the Edquist girl? Officially, no comment.
Unofficially? Bugger off.
So you got something for me, or do I run with what I got? 'Grazier's Daughter Triad Horror'.
This story writes itself.
Back in a sec.
What have you got? A name.
He went out with two girls, came back with four, along with a few crew.
This is where he dropped them.
Hey, bring them back, yeah? (Both speak in local language) (Door hinge squeaks) (Speaks in local language) Hawk! (Sobbing) Hello? (Sobbing continues) It's OK, it's OK, it's alright.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Just relax, relax.
(Sobs) Camilla? I'm Sam.
I'm going to get you out of here.
Have you found Gina? Is she alright? I searched the place top to bottom.
There was no sign of Gina.
So when did Camilla see her last? About two hours ago.
She said they were kept separate so they wouldn't escape without each other.
(Door opens) Is she here? She's on the phone with her father.
Stuart Anderson from the Australian Consulate.
We're so glad that you're safe.
Daddy, there's a man from the government here.
He wants to talk to you.
You alright? How's your father? Angry.
Glad that I'm OK.
So you were saying the Captain wasn't involved? No, um After he tried Just couldn't be on that ship anymore.
It's OK.
We understand.
Hawk said he could get us off the ship without the Captain knowing.
He made Singapore sound so exciting.
The Raffles and monkeys in the Botanical Gardens.
That's what Gina wanted to see.
She's going to be OK, isn't she? Sam, can I have a word? Why, what's the matter? It's a delicate situation.
Mr Edquist's money.
He's being very specific about what it can and cannot be used for.
What is he talking about? He won't pay for Gina's release.
What?! Look, I am sorry.
He blames Gina for getting you into this mess.
I will speak to Canberra.
I will try and raise the ransom money some other way.
How long will that take? Too long.
No, Sam.
This money is quarantined.
It is off the table.
Mr Anderson, is this really necessary? If things go bad, then I have an alibi.
You stole that money from me.
Mr Anderson not joining us? No, he's tied up right now.
(Speaks in local language) (Whistles) What do you think? Let's see what's going on first.
If we bust in, he might panic.
He's in there with at least one other.
(Gunshots) (Screaming) (Screams) (Gunfire) That was Kay Song's men.
I'll organise a raid.
She's not going to live that long.
Where are you going? To try and get her back.
Hey, Sam! Hey.
Touch me, you're dead.
Oh, come sit, my Ang mo friend.
We have much to celebrate.
Today I made a lot of money, spilled the blood of my enemy, restored my grandfather's honour.
I'm not quite sure how to thank you.
Just tell me where the girl is.
We don't kidnap white girls.
Didn't anyone tell you? Then where is she? (Chuckles) So that's your plan? Come in here, demand things from me.
You should be grateful I don't kill you where you stand.
You just said you wanted to thank me.
You don't see, do you? When my men arrived, your princess was counting money with Hawk.
So sit and eat.
Oh, don't go shedding tears for her.
(Speaks in native tongue) Camilla's fine, just worried about Gina.
Mr Anderson's gone into a steep decline.
I'm sure he'll live.
I don't understand.
Where would she go? What did Gina say? The places Hawk told them about? Yes, Raffles and The monkeys in the garden.
(Monkeys squeal, chatter) Gina Kershaw? Please, don't run.
It's alright.
Who are you? I'm Sam.
I was just with Camilla.
How is she? She's fine.
She's worried about you.
I know.
So you and Hawk were in this together, were you? She's your best friend.
Why would you do that? She and I, we planned it for a year.
I saved up every penny I had.
The two of us, all the way to London.
We were going to show the world we could do it on our own.
When the Captain attacked her, she just wanted to go home.
I begged her.
Money was never a problem for her and I couldn't afford to stay on alone, and if I went home, I would be left with nothing and I would have to start saving all over again.
We made a promise to each other.
Whisky? I'll do what you want.
Well, of course you will.
You're not stupid.
I'll expect a report, weekly, on what our friends at Langley are doing.
Every Friday.
Don't miss a report.
Are we clear? Harrison.
The shame goes away.
Chin up.
You're a real spy now.
Oh, darling, you really should come and join us for dinner.
I can't.
Frank will be in there.
You can't tell your husband you've left him for someone else and then sit down for dinner with him.
You don't belong in Chinatown.
Where do I belong? I have to be with Sam.
I want to be with him.
Well, off you go, then.
Well, I left Gina with Stuart.
Didn't mention the kidnapping.
I suppose if he's smart enough, he'll work it out for himself.
You alright? Did you know? Winston's affair? You must.
(Sighs) I I don't even get to scream at him and slap his face and chase him out of the house.
His whole family just wanted him to leave me and take a new wife.
That's the way it is in our culture.
Who wants a barren woman? Everything's been ruined.
What an awful day.
What? I wish we could live together.
Lady Tuckworth doesn't think it's a good idea.
She's right.
It's not going to work.
Don't leave Frank.
It's It's not a life here.
You don't you don't belong here.
You haven't told him yet, have you? So you can still Yes, of course.
Does that make sense? Yeah, it makes sense.
AMRAN: She's been stabbed.
He did it, Sam.
He had blood on him.
Any comment on getting away with murder 'cause the Australian government's Macca! .
too busy pandering to your lot to see justice done.
That man's a soldier! He's murdered an Australian girl.
Being a war hero will not help him.
It's hash.
She was digging into the drug trade.
Maybe she got further than Macca thought.
PATRICIA: Is it possible you got it wrong about your friend? Maybe I don't want to find out.
Maybe I did it.
Maybe there's nothing to find out except that.