Servant (2019) s01e06 Episode Script


You must be drowning out there.
There you go.
- Okay.
- There it is.
- Thanks.
- Hey, little fella.
Oh, he's a bit cranky with strangers.
You gonna be able to fly in this? It's torrential.
It's a private charter.
I don't think safety crosses their mind.
Hey, have you been eating my sumac? I'm sure I had more than this.
Yes, dear.
That's precisely what I do.
I sneak down in the night, and I eat spoonfuls of your precious spices.
Should I not go? I mean, they could find someone else, you know, by tonight.
You do this every time you fly.
I think you have a phobia.
I don't have a phobia.
I have things I like and things I don't fucking like.
It just so happens that column two is full.
It's her first letter.
I was beginning to think no one cared about her.
- Who's it from? - [SCOFFS.]
- How should I know? - Open it.
You'll do no such thing.
Leanne? If you want that ride to the airport, we have to leave now.
Are you going on a trip, Mr.
Turner? Oh, Sean's traveling tonight with the Philadelphia Eagles.
They begged him to cook for them.
It's a huge honor.
I'll be back early tomorrow.
Oh, and there's something for you on the counter.
I'll see you tonight.
Rain, rain, go away Come again another day Rain, rain, go away Little baby wants to play [DOORBELL RINGS.]
Hello, little flower.
Are they home? [LEANNE.]
Well, let's have a proper look at him.
Dorothy doesn't allow shoes in the house.
The sewage pipes in Center City are over a hundred years old and today is the day they finally said, "Enough is enough".
- Leanne? Is everything o - [FLOORBOARD CREAKS.]
Dorothy Turner.
Do I know you? No.
But I know you.
This is my uncle George, Dorothy.
I'm sorry.
We weren't expecting anyone.
I'm just passing through town for the day.
Thought I'd surprise her.
Make sure she's behaving herself.
Well, she's no trouble to us at all.
Are you, Leanne? [JERICHO COOS.]
For the baby.
Oh, how generous.
It's elm.
From a very special tree that grows in our field.
- Oh, it's - Your husband.
Oh, of course.
It's a chef.
Oh, that's lovely.
Well, I was just gonna make some dinner.
Would you like to join us, George? [CHUCKLES.]
- Hey.
- Hey.
How was the flight? Bumpy.
Can't stay long.
- I gotta start service in a minute.
- Everything's fine.
It's still raining.
Are these done? Reduce the heat and turn 'em skin-side down.
Is that all for you? No, we have a guest.
Leanne's uncle is in town.
- Her what? - Her uncle George.
I don't know if he's a blood uncle or a family friend.
The term is so generic these days.
- Dorothy, who the fuck is in our house? - I already told you.
Dorothy, you're gonna have to ask him to leave.
Well, I can't do that.
I just invited him to dinner.
We have no idea who this man is! Leanne vouched for him.
Who the fuck vouched for her? Stop being hysterical.
He's an old man.
I think this is gonna be dry.
- Dorothy! - [SIGHS.]
Call me at bedtime and stop worrying so much.
Here we are.
Bon appétit.
As they say in Paris.
That was nice.
This is Sean's recipe.
Although personally, I always leave out the garlic.
It's such a shame you won't get to meet him.
But work is work.
Molecular gastronomy is his field of expertise.
Sean can bully a professional kitchen like no one else.
Not that he's a bad person.
Sometimes people need a firm hand to know their place.
That's exactly what Sean says.
So, what is your line of business, George? Salvage.
Ships? Sometimes.
This is very nice, Dorothy.
Such impeccable manners.
She was always a pleaser.
Most beautiful baby you ever saw.
Wouldn't know it to look at her now though.
I know it's still early days, but it feels like Leanne has been here forever.
Which, of course, we hope she will be.
I'm afraid there's been some issues back home.
Leanne will be needed there.
I'm not sure that fits in with our plans.
You have a contract? We have a verbal agreement.
A month's trial.
Yes, that's right, but we just included that In case you wanted to get rid of her.
Excuse me.
- Julian? - God! It is really coming down out there.
Why didn't you call? Sean's not here if you're just here to get drunk.
I know.
He called me from a kitchen in Boston.
This is my brother, Julian.
Julian, this is Leanne's uncle, George.
A pleasure.
Did you eat already? I'll have what you leave.
You have a large family, Leanne? Or is this just a one-off? [JERICHO CRYING OVER MONITOR.]
What hours do you work, girl? He probably just needs a feeding.
Mother knows best.
So how do you wanna do this? Clear the table for our host.
Why don't you start by telling me who the fuck you really are? I'm the same as you, Julian.
You figure? Uncles.
It's a greater responsibility than people realize.
In the event of a tragedy, that's when we step up.
Take the child under our wing, if we're good people.
We are both good people.
Aren't we, Julian? Dishes scraped? In the sink? Yes.
You can wash and I will dry.
Close the door behind you.
We have a problem.
No shit.
He wants to take Leanne from us.
Let him.
How can he possibly insinuate that this home isn't good enough for that girl? Honestly, Julian, I am so mad right now.
What exactly did he say to you? If that man thinks that he is taking her back, it is gonna be over my dead body.
- Here, burp him for me.
- Oh.
Wha [SIGHS.]
That was very nice of you, but you didn't have to.
We have a machine.
We should be going.
Train leaves in the morning.
We'll find accommodation close to the station.
I won't hear of such a thing.
No, it's ghastly out there.
You'll stay right here with us.
We have plenty of room.
- I don't want to be any trouble to you.
- Please, Uncle? - He's staying the night.
- The fuck he is.
I know what I'm doing, Julian.
He's staying over.
No, he fucking isn't.
Dorothy insisted.
Okay? Don't worry, I'll take the couch.
What does he know? About us? About the baby? He's behind this whole thing.
I'm certain of it.
We converted the spare room into a nursery.
But Sean says this couch is very comfy.
You think she'd be better off with you.
She's such a sweet girl.
A credit to your family.
Leanne has a bright future in front of her and Sean and I will do everything we can to ensure she realizes her dreams.
Call me old-fashioned, Dorothy, but a child's place is with their family.
Yes, I couldn't agree more.
But Leanne is hardly a child anymore.
That's my mother.
How old were you when she died, Dottie? That's what she used to call me.
I'm sure Sean has some nightwear you can borrow.
I'll see what he has.
May I come in for a minute? I just wanted to have a little chat before bed.
I know your uncle was concerned, and he had every right to be.
We should've absolutely made your position official by now.
But you know how much Sean and I have on our plates, and it simply slipped our minds.
You'll see on page two I included an extra little pay bump.
It's an expensive city, and I want you to be comfortable here.
Oh, Jericho will be absolutely devastated if you were to leave us now.
He's grown so attached to you.
And I have to him.
We've all grown so fond of you over these last few weeks, Leanne.
Sean included, and you know how he hates everyone.
- Honestly, you feel like one of the family now.
Unless it's something else.
Unless you're not happy here with us.
No, I'm-I'm very happy here, Dorothy.
Then maybe you need to tell your uncle that.
So that he understands your wishes.
It won't make a difference.
If he says that I have to leave, then Then we just need to convince him you should stay.
Both of us.
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
We've got a good thing going here.
I will not let that smelly little man ruin it.
Honey, I want you to pack a bag of essentials and go to The Marriott, just until I get back in the morning.
I will not be driven out of my own home.
And you can stop worrying.
Julian's here.
Julian's 160 pounds.
Most of that's cocaine.
If this uncle wants to take Leanne back home, let him.
We'll find another nanny.
A good one.
The best.
You don't know what I saw in her eyes tonight, Sean.
She loves us, more than she loves her ow God, I don't want to say it.
Look, I don't know where Leanne is from, but it's clearly not a good place.
That's not our concern.
- [THUD.]
- [GASPS.]
It's just me! What the hell are you doing? [WHISPERS.]
He's gone AWOL.
Uncle George.
What? He's not in his bed.
I checked every room.
Did he Did he leave? Not unless you gave him the alarm code.
Of course I didn't give him the alarm code.
Well, then he's somewhere in the fucking house.
Dorothy, I think you and I need to get the fuck out of here.
I'm not letting some stranger drive me out of my own home.
- Wait, where are you going? - To find him.
I looked everywhere! Except her room.
- Why would he be in her room? - He is a blood uncle, isn't he? Or someone who calls himself uncle just to make you trust him.
Oh! Oh! - [CRYING.]
- What are you doing on the floor? Oh! Are you okay? That's it.
He's out of here.
No! Leave him in there.
What? He's in the fucking crib.
I can see that.
Look, if we throw him out on the street, we'll lose Leanne.
Then what do you suggest we do with him? Well, I can take Jericho in with me.
I'll lock the door.
You sit guard.
Make sure he stays in there.
I'll deal with him in the morning.
This is so fucked up.
Julian, not all families are as normal as we are.
Just don't let him out of your sight.
Good morning, sleepyhead.
How did you sleep? Like a baby.
The rain has cleared up.
He is smiling down on us all today.
Are you a size ten? So is Sean.
He's had those since 2012.
Good leather, but he never managed to break them in.
I'm sure he'd want them to go to a good home.
Thank him from me.
- [GASPS.]
- Leanne? Say your goodbyes.
She doesn't want to - I wasn't talking to you, lady.
Julian, I I've got this.
Is there something you'd like to say to your uncle? I want to stay.
What about the others? The ones who deserve your help.
You will abandon them for this? For her? - [JERICHO FUSSES.]
- Very well then.
I'll bring your Aunt May next time.
You know you can't say no to her.
This is a godless house.
That was all you.
- I'm gonna get him dressed.
What do you think he meant by that? Mumbo jumbo.
Who fucking knows? Dorothy? [DOROTHY.]
So that's the weekend of the ninth and I will confirm in writing.
That's perfect for us.
Thank you for being so accommodating.
And also with you.
Everything okay? Oh, honestly, you go away for one night and you think the whole world is gonna fall apart without you.
Everything is sorted.
Three weeks from Sunday.
Keep it free.
Why? Because I just booked the little church on Sansom.
Our son is being baptized.
You're not going to talk me out of it.
This is the perfect opportunity for everyone to finally meet him and see how perfect he is.
Wake him in 23 minutes or he'll be impossible all day.
- Okay.
Good job.
Good job.
Good job, good job.

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