Servant (2019) s01e08 Episode Script


- Okay.
- I know.
I know.
- Oh, hey.
- [WOMAN.]
Fuck you! What do you have to do, huh? What do you do? [SIGHS.]
Reverse spherification.
When the calcium lactate meets the alginate, it forms an instant membrane, which encapsulates the liquid.
- [TOBE.]
Go fish.
You just can't help some people.
- The fuck are you doing here, Gollum? - [SEAN CHUCKLES.]
Tobe is here to take Leanne on a date.
It's not really a date, so That is why Uncle Julian is on babysitting duty.
Take him upstairs to the girls and tell Dorothy we need to go.
- [SIGHS.]
- You've been avoiding me all week.
- I know.
I've been busy.
How's Natalie? She hasn't left my apartment in three days.
She's taken me off dairy.
Apparently, these headaches are par for the course.
- What did you tell her? - Nothing incriminating.
Sold her on the whole adoption line.
How you and Dorothy can offer him a life he can never Blah, blah, blah.
- Well, you know.
- What did she say? She thinks it's a terrible idea that will ultimately end in long-term psychological damage.
I can't say I entirely disagree with her.
I wouldn't eat those if I were you.
Fuck it.
Well, I'm starving.
Dorothy's upset that she's stopped feeding.
So I wanted her to know that the excess milk is appreciated.
Oh, f [SPITS.]
- Jeez.
- Need a drink? Yeah.
Sean gave them to me for our first anniversary.
But has the tiniest little clasp.
You need the most delicate little fingers.
You must be going somewhere nice.
Annual Television Journalism Awards.
Sean's my plus one.
Have you been - Invited.
So, where's Tobe taking you? - Bowling.
- Oh.
His cousin works there, so we can get a lane for free.
Well, I think Tobe's very fond of you.
In that way.
He's such a nice boy, really.
You could do a whole lot worse.
Sean asked me to give him to you.
Some lucky boy has a date with his uncle Julian.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Oh, wait, wait, wait.
Hang on.
We need to get a picture.
Get together.
Put your arm around her, Tobe.
She's not gonna break.
- That's it.
- [SEAN.]
That's our car.
Uh - Julian, make sure you check on him.
- I got it.
The grizzly becomes an expert fisherman when it comes to Roscoe.
What are you doing tonight? Well, get off your fat ass and go bowling.
She's headed there with her boyfriend.
See if she makes contact with anyone.
tackle those hard-to-reach corners.
The secret OxiClean stain-fighting bubbles that power How safe is your family? How would you cope if you woke up tomorrow and they were all gone without leaving so much as a note? [SIGHS.]
Hey! [SIGHS.]
Hey! Are you awake? Little fuck.
Hey! Fuck.
Fuck! Hi.
This is Sean Turner.
Leave a message and make it brief.
Call me.
Seriously, dude, wash down the fucking foie gras and fucking call me.
It was all good.
I found her.
- Does she have a baby with her? - What? Are you with her? Show me her.
Fucking show me her! Hold on.
- Hang on.
I got another call.
Stay with her.
- Hey, you called me? - It's not here.
- What's not here? - What do you fucking think? - Hey, Julian.
- Hey, Dottie.
Are you having fun? Oh, it's a riot.
How's Jericho? Ah Quiet as a mouse.
Yeah, I was just asking Sean where he left the Ch√ɬĘteauneuf-du-Pape.
Don't you drink that.
Oh, Sean, we should probably take our seats.
But kiss him from Mama, please.
- Okay.
Call me when you - [LINE BEEPS.]
What are you doing here? Dottie.
You decent? There he is.
How 'bout a big smile for Grandpa, little fella? [CHUCKLES.]
They're out.
You could've said something.
I was rather caught up in your performance.
- What do they got open? - [SIGHS.]
Where are they? Some TV backslapping event.
So, she's well enough to swill free champagne then? Listen, Pa, it's great to see you, but I'm kinda in the middle of something right now.
You know she texted me this afternoon.
Wanted to know if it was appropriate to invite Aunt Jenna to the baptism.
She was always fond of Aunt Jenna.
A baptism? I've ridden out some pretty embarrassing moments in this family's history, but she will not be parading that sack of cloth in a church.
Sean and I are gently talking her out of the idea.
What is this? I need something with body.
They gotta get rid of this place.
Sooner the better.
Too many ghosts.
Yeah, I don't think the market's right.
Maybe in the spring.
When it's apple-blossom time.
What's the matter? You drying out? Nah.
If I were to show you something, Juju, would you swear to secrecy? I can try.
I want you to look at this.
Why don't you tell me what you see? [GROANS.]
Hmm? What do you see? You know what.
Say it.
It's a baby.
What baby? [SIGHS.]
It's Jericho.
What if I told you it wasn't? What if I told you this is Anders and his mother is Swedish.
And for a small contribution, he's looking for a home.
What I'm sorry.
What? Hear me out.
We want rid of that doll.
We all agree on that.
What if we put this boy in its place? We don't say a word.
We let her find him.
We see how she reacts.
If she freaks, we take it straightaway.
But if she doesn't If she can't tell the difference In all but genetics, this boy can be Jericho Turner.
- And I will take that secret to - [CHUCKLES.]
- What? - I'm sorry.
It's not you.
Well, at least I'm looking for a solution.
What time are they due back? 12:00.
I can't wait that long.
The dogs will need to shit.
I am pressing "Accept" on the car.
Two minutes.
It isn't the worst idea.
Anders, whatever his name is.
It's not like we haven't considered something similar.
I will do anything to get that fucking doll outta this house.
And if we do it my way, it'll be like it never happened.
For Dorothy.
The rest of us will always know.
I don't know how you're coping, Juju, after what you found.
I didn't do anything.
You were always the strong one.
A fighter.
- Unlike Dottie.
- Don't start on her.
Not now.
I'm just glad we gave her a brother.
He's raced his way here.
I never know if that bodes well for the journey.
You'll talk to Sean, sound him out? I'm sure he'll be intrigued by the idea.
Kiss from Grandpa? Yeah.
That's the spirit.
Roscoe, where are you? 20th, coming up on Cypress.
Okay, I can take it from here.
Punch the clock and go home.
Here we are.
Thanks for walking me home.
Any Anytime.
I had a great time tonight.
- Me too.
- Good.
No, no, no.
I'm I'm sorry.
It's just It's It's not you.
Now, where's the real one? Do you really wanna play this game? [SIGHS.]
You really go all out, don't you? I'm impressed.
She'll be back in an hour and ten.
Should we get on with this? Will you get me some more diapers please, Julian? [SCOFFS.]
There we go.
How much? I'll give you 50K, cash.
But here's what I want for it.
When Dorothy gets back home tonight, the baby's gonna be in that crib.
The breathing, kicking, pissing one.
Agreed? Shh.
Is he on his way? The old fuck Is that who we're waiting for? Uncle George? He'll be at home by now.
With my aunt.
I went to Wisconsin.
I found Leanne Grayson's house.
I saw her school, her local store, her gravestone.
You took a dead girl's identity.
Big deal.
I don't actually give a fuck who you are anymore.
I wanna talk to whoever's in charge.
Does my breath smell, Julian? You're a real-life whack job, aren't you? I wonder how they make cotton candy.
I mean, I know it's just color and sugar.
But what does the machine do? Why does it need to spin? Bet Sean would know.
In under an hour, Dorothy is going to get here.
She's gonna kick off her shoes and scurry up the stairs and check the crib.
What will she find? That's a funny question.
Well, I'm in a funny mood.
What does she find? Jericho.
The baby she thinks is Jericho.
Let's work with that.
Where is it? He's in his crib.
Am I negotiating with someone with a reduced mental capacity? What do you want? What did you find, Julian? 75,000.
When you came to check on them, what did you see? 100.
But we're on the fucking ceiling here! Thank you for sitting with Jericho tonight.
I'm really glad you guys got to spend some time together.
But I can take it from here.
Dare me! Do you fucking dare me? If you think this is real, what happens if I let go? - You're not gonna drop him, Julian.
- Won't I? You would never intentionally hurt anyone.
Well, you might wanna get down there, because in five, four, three I'm gonna fucking do it! - Two, one! - [BABY CRIES.]
It's in the house.
It's downstairs.
Baby! Baby! Baby! Wake up, little baby! Baby.
Dorothy? [DOOR CREAKS.]
Baby! Baby! [SIGHS.]
I was the first one here.
Julian? [DOOR CLOSES.]
He opened the Neuf-du-Pape.
I can smell it.
I'm gonna check on him.
Oh, there you are.
How was he for you? Didn't hear a peep out of him all night.
Isn't he the best? [SIGHS.]
May I hold him? Oh, of course.
Why did you call earlier? It's not important now.
They sat us at a guest table.
I thought Dorothy was gonna lose her fucking shit.
But she was totally cool.
I mean, like a different person, better than before.
I don't know if it's the baby or having Leanne in the house.
She knows.
- She what? - Leanne.
She knows everything now.
Julian, what the fuck? [EARRING CLATTERS.]
I'm glad you're still awake.
Can you help me? [SIGHS.]
So, how was your night? Good.
You know what I'm asking.
Did you get a good-night kiss? [GIGGLES.]
He doesn't like me in that way.
Are you sure? You were wrong, Mrs.
Can you not get it? It's stiff.
Well, just use your nails.
If I didn't bite them so much.
Here, let me try it.
Oh! Leanne! - Oh! - [PEARLS CLATTERING.]
Oh, God.
You're so clumsy.
Help me find them! Do you see any more? I think I saw some go under the bed.

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