Servant (2019) s01e10 Episode Script


1 [SEAN.]
There are several conflicting theories regarding the disposal of your child's placenta.
Religious, superstitious and medicinal.
You can ingest it for nutritional value to cure or prevent post postpartum depression.
You can throw it into the river in the belief that your child's life will be carried on the constant stream.
Or you can bury it in the ground, smooth side up, to ward off evil spirits.
Whichever option you choose, the significance of your child's placenta is the same.
As one life comes into being, another ends.
They're on their way.
How was it? Jericho cried when they put the water on his head.
And everybody laughed.
Hey, Leanne.
Y-You look nice.
And here we all are.
Yes, you have.
Great house, right? [MAN 2.]
I haven't been inside in years.
Thank you.
[MAN 3.]
Is there a downstairs bathroom? - Thanks.
- [WOMAN.]
Thanks so much.
Colleen, how have you been? Nice to see you.
Do you want to hold him? Do you want to meet Colleen? You must come with me.
I swore I would never set foot in a church again, and there I was on my goddamn knees pretending to pray.
If there is a hell, rest assured, we'll burn down there together.
I don't think that's as flattering as you think it is.
Still here, Leanne? All things considered, I think that went pretty well.
Did you even hear a word the priest said? My fucking heart was beating so fast, I thought I was gonna have a coronary.
It's done now.
No one suspects a thing.
And Dorothy, she's okay, right? This is a party.
She couldn't be happier.
Well, we are standing right in the spot where Jericho was born [LAUGHS.]
after an 11-hour labor, that ended in a drug-free, natural water birth.
[WOMAN 2.]
You're so brave, Dorothy.
Well, it's just the bond that's everything.
When they placed him on my chest, I just [CELL PHONES BEEPING.]
Oh, God.
It's one of those AMBER Alerts.
I lost Matthew in a Macy's once.
The longest 13 minutes of my life.
How can she afford this place? And so close to the city.
What does her husband do? Sean challenges your gastronomic preconceptions.
Say again, sport.
He's a chef.
Bet mom and pop are loaded too.
We have picture.
And we have sound.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Where did you find him? Sort of fell into our laps.
How often in life do you get a do-over, Juju? - [MAN.]
Hey, man, careful with that.
- Go back! Rewind it.
Making sure our physical self and our mental self are in step.
Making sure they're in sync, you know? Because as we go through the world, there's so many things that pull at us and want to knock us off of our tracks.
I'm Dorothy.
Can I join you? Mm.
That's a pretty dolly.
What's her name? She's not a dolly.
She's Pamela.
Well, hello, Pamela.
She says you can hold her.
Did you see him? Yes and no.
He's not in the house.
Circle the block.
If you find him, take him down.
What do you mean "take him down"? You have a car.
Use your imagination.
Yeah, I can imagine myself going to jail.
Ah, don't be such a pussy.
So, they told you what she did.
Dorothy will wake up one day, and she will blame us all for what we did to her.
You included.
Now, where is he? Jericho? I mean, I might as well play along and hold him once in a while.
I'll find him for you, Natalie.
You do that.
Croquembouche? You're hungry, right? Yeah.
Oh, my God.
This is really good.
What's in this? Liver, I think.
Sean says it's a family recipe.
- Have you seen Jericho? - Who? The baby.
Well, he can't have gone far.
Take a day off for once.
Hello, little flower.
Julian? Hello, Sean.
- I'm - I know who you are.
Eighty-six grand.
It's everything I've got for you.
There isn't any more.
Not today, not ever.
So, take it and go.
"Give me neither poverty nor riches.
Feed me with the food that is my portion".
So, if it's not about money what do you want? The baby? Leanne? Do you know who you welcomed into your home, Sean? [WOMAN.]
When the wind blows the baby will rock When the bough breaks this baby will fall Down will come baby, cradle and all [WOMAN CHUCKLING.]
He likes "Itsy Bitsy Spider" better.
Dorothy sings it so nicely to him.
Puts him straight to sleep.
Then Dorothy must be the best mommy in the world.
- Shh.
What happened? [WOMAN.]
Hmm? What did she do? After the fire, it was easier to let everyone believe that we lost Leanne too.
So, my wife and I brought her to Pennsylvania and raised her as God instructed us.
What does that got to do with us? Why is she here? Your wife wouldn't remember meeting her.
It was so long ago.
But Leanne never stopped talking about that day.
Thought Dorothy was so pretty.
So kind.
And there she was, on the television telling Leanne stories.
Tucking her in after prayer.
Leanne likes to please the people she loves and hurt the people she doesn't.
It was an accident.
It wasn't his time to go.
God had a path for that woman.
He wanted her to suffer.
But you thought you knew better.
The air is still putrid.
I could smell it the moment I walked in the door.
She's kind to me.
She's going to hurt him again.
She's going to hurt you.
I fear Leanne has done something impetuous.
Something that can't so easily be put right.
I just want to know whose child it is.
You know the answer to that.
I don't actually.
Then why did you keep him if he wasn't yours? For Dorothy.
You don't know what she's been through.
She needed this.
And what does Sean need? What? What will mend poor, broken Sean? I'm-I'm not broken.
"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds".
What wounds do you have? What inflicts you, Sean? What has she done to you? - Splinters.
- [GASPS.]
- Yes, I get these splinters.
- Yes.
Food No, I haven't tasted food since she arrived.
- Get your fucking hands off him.
- Julian, no.
Ask him, Sean.
I don't know what you want me to say.
"Ask and you shall receive".
I want him to stay.
Who? Who, Sean? Ask.
I want my son back.
- I want him back.
- Yes.
We help the righteous.
Prayers that should be answered.
Why? Who says that they don't deserve a second chance? And if I can do this for them, then I can decide.
This house is changing you.
What have they done to my little flower? Hmm? [DOOR OPENS.]
Uh Oh.
I was just waking him up from his nap.
Praise the Lord for Dorothy Turner, living and breathing before our very eyes.
How kind.
Have we met? This is my Aunt May, Dorothy.
We are just so grateful for all the love and kindness you've shown to our little flower.
Well, she's one of the family now.
Aren't you, Leanne? Yes, Mrs.
Here, let me take him.
We're pouring champagne.
My father's gonna make a speech.
Please enjoy our hospitality, Aunt May.
Come home.
Both of you.
When she wakes tomorrow, he'll be gone.
No more dolls.
No more pretending.
As it was meant to be.
Mm? You're our servant, not hers.
Could I have everyone's attention? One minute.
- Here he is, folks.
- [WOMAN.]
We'll talk after again.
The reason we're all here today.
Isn't he perfect? Yes.
I'd like to say something to the beautiful family that fills these walls.
And it's this: It's tough, what you are embarking on.
But you'll do your best.
We know you will.
And you'll give him love.
You have it in abundance.
But you will make mistakes.
We all do.
We all had those AMBER Alerts on our phones earlier today.
When you're a parent, every day is an AMBER Alert.
It could all change in a heartbeat.
A wrong step, a look the other way.
You're in the hands of fate.
But if you're lucky, if you're real lucky in life and you get to be this ripe old age, I can promise you that you will only remember the good times.
Officially approved by him upstairs.
Hmm? Please welcome to the Turner family Jericho.
To Jericho.
Ooh! Okay.
- Thank you, Chef.
- You're welcome, Chef.
That's it.
He's ours now for life.
"What is sown is perishable.
What is raised is imperishable".
- What does - Hey.
Uh, it's lucky.
Give it to Jericho on his 21st birthday.
- Thanks, Chef.
- Congrats, Chef.
Are you sure we haven't met before? You look so familiar to me.
Oh, it's just impossible.
I'd remember meeting you, Dorothy.
Is there a Mrs.
Thank you.
Can I help you? Mrs.
Turner? Yes, I'm Dorothy Turner.
Ma'am, we were given your name and address in connection with a missing child.
Hannah? Hannah? Hannah! - Oh.
Come here, baby.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
I was so worried about you.
We think she may have just followed you guys home from church by accident.
Didn't you get the AMBER Alerts? Philly's finest, ladies and gentlemen.
Well, you folks have a good night.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go home.
Where are they? Did they go? Thought they called the cops on us.
I can't feel anything.
- What did you do? - I can't feel anything.
I can't taste anything, Julian.
She's doing this to me.
Don't let that crazy get inside your head.
Our satellites are tracking a powerful storm system moving in from the east tonight.
And this one's taking us by surprise.
Winds expected to be somewhere around 60 miles per hour, and structural damage is likely.
A high wind watch is in place for the Philadelphia area.
So, batten down those hatches and don't go out unless absolutely necessary.
Thanks, Diane.
Yeah, it's really picking up out there.
Now, what do you do with a linebacker with a dislocated shoulder? Here's Chris [NATALIE.]
Dante will be here in two minutes.
Be right with you, honey bear.
Did you give him the money? Wouldn't take it.
Religious fanatics.
They don't know the first thing about negotiation.
I prayed for him to come back, Julian.
You told him what he needed to hear.
I know my son when I hold him.
She brought him back.
I paid Roscoe to sit watch tonight.
I don't think anything's gonna happen, but just in case.
Get some rest.
Who names a fucking child Dante? [LEANNE CRYING.]
We did it.
We did.
Our little miracle.
I can't believe something so perfect came out of me.
I almost don't believe he's real.
He's real.
He's Jericho.
Hey, lady, are you okay? [TELEVISION INAUDIBLE.]
Car theft in the city has reached epidemic proportions.
The perpetrators? Teenagers.
Twenty-four hours ago, federal authorities surrounded the compound here in Wilmington after reports of gunshots.
Latest figures suggest there are still at least a dozen people inside, half of whom are believed to be children.
There is no predicting when or if there will be a resolution to this standoff between ATF agents and the Church of the Lesser Saints, or indeed if controversial cult leader May Markham is still inside the compound.
So, after three days of tense negotiations, the ATF noticed smoke coming out of the building.
They've decided they can't wait any longer and now they are moving in.
Don't know if you want to get any closer to this.
Let's see what's happening here.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Okay.
Nicky, you okay? There's been some kind of explosion and now I'm hearing gunshots.
- Oh, my God.

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