Servant (2019) s03e01 Episode Script


1 London Bridge is falling down falling down Please don't leave me alone with her.
I want to stay with the Turners.
I will unite this child's soul.
You can't.
It's criminal.
It betrays everything you believe in.
He has two teeth, Julian.
He can't chew with two teeth.
This isn't a conversation.
Tell that to the toothless woman who sleeps outside my office.
I saw her eat a shoe once.
All I'm saying is we don't wanna limit his potential.
I think I feel a third coming in.
Oh, is someone gonna be fussy today? Yes.
Leanne, tell Julian how easily babies choke.
When was the last time you were actually in the office? Why is the door open? Oh, Sean, no.
Stop with the noise.
You're gonna scare him.
What's wrong with your face? I've been waiting a long time for this.
I think a lot of men feel inadequate because they can't breastfeed.
Yeah well, at some point, Sean, you need to do personal inventory.
Okay? Ask yourself, "Who am I really cooking for? Jericho or myself?" You've been to one fucking NA meeting.
I can't stand this much more.
You ready for food, buddy? Nom nom time.
It's a lot, but we said we'd be supportive I can hear you.
Why is the door open? Everybody, shut up! It's time.
Oh, Sean.
Look at his lips smacking.
- Like a little Italian baby.
- Aw, he loves it.
- I knew he had an excellent palette.
- Ooh.
- Here you go.
- Quick.
Give him another bite.
Look, look, he wants more.
Do you like that? Oh, we can have dinner on the Shore together tomorrow.
No one is out there.
We looked.
You wouldn't know what to look for.
Those Midwest dead eyes.
It's not my fault all cults look the same.
Put on a pair of sunglasses or something.
Spice it up.
They can slip into your life without you even noticing.
We should've kept the door closed.
It's been three months since Aunt Josephine, who you said isn't coming back.
If the rest were going to come for you, wouldn't they have done so already? They're patient.
Maybe we should cancel the trip to the Shore.
It's gonna be cold anyway.
We need air.
We need sunshine.
We need to feel the sand in our shoes.
What if I can't? Look at Jericho.
He's got a new tooth coming in.
Feel it.
It's sharp.
You're safe, Leanne.
Because if anyone comes for you, they're gonna have to come through us first.
Baby teeth and all.
I've never seen the ocean before.
Ah, you're gonna love it.
It's Jersey.
When you three go on your walk this afternoon, try and really make it to the park this time.
It's for her own good.
Bet if I left a trail of soup cans, she'd follow it there.
She'd follow you.
I've seen the little connection you two have.
Can make a lot of wives jealous.
But not you? You're too strong.
Jealousy looks ugly on you.
Please, darling.
Nothing looks ugly on me.
Do you remember the first meal I ever cooked for you? Bucatini with bottarga.
I'm gonna bring some to the beach.
- For Jericho.
- Aw.
Fatherhood's turned you into such a pussy.
I've always been a pussy.
Is Veera coming over tomorrow? Yeah.
She loves the Shore.
Says it's like being drunk while staying sober.
I like her.
Yeah, better than Natalie? Yeah, her popularity took a hit while dumping me while I was in rehab.
To be fair, she stuck with you the first two times.
- Yeah.
- Hey, I gotta head out.
So maybe you could take Jericho and Leanne on their walk? See if you could get her to the park.
But don't force it, you know? I was gonna make this a surprise but I got you and Dorothy a gift.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
So, can you take them on their walk? It's a very nice gift, Sean.
Julian, it's essentially what you're doing right now but outside, less annoying and actually helpful.
You know it's unhealthy for me to be around fragile people.
Trust me, if there was anyone else, I would've asked them first.
- What are you doing that's so precious? - I've got errands! Errands? You cryptic dog.
You're shopping for a new espresso machine.
Take me with you! Hi.
So I'm gonna be your companion escort.
Fuck! I'm gonna go on the walk with you.
Both of you.
I'll be downstairs.
This is good.
Being outside.
Real people.
So, Leanne, I, uh I asked Sean if I could, uh, take you on this walk.
I thought it would be emotionally Well, whatever.
This walk is bad enough.
Hear this sick puppy out.
We've been having, um Sex? Yes.
And I like that.
I like that a lot.
Uh, you may have noticed I'm trying to do things a little bit differently now.
You're trying to be a good person.
Well, I've always tried to be a good person.
I like it better when you don't try.
Let me clarify.
I feel like the creepy old fuck who's secretly sleeping with his sister's traumatized nanny.
Yes? You should be sleeping with someone your own age.
Someone with abs, defined hairline, a sparkle in his eye, that isn't soured by reality or intelligence.
Your father sees younger women.
My point exactly.
Okay, we found each other in a dark place, uh Two flies fucking on a sad flaming ball of shit.
- And now it's time I think we - No! I like our sex.
It feels good to me.
And I want you to stop trying to be something that you're not.
Veera's coming to the Shore with us tomorrow.
Leanne! Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
You know what I am? I'm not a bear.
I'm not a bull.
I'm an eagle.
Flying high, looking for some fresh meat! So, when they tell me that pork bellies are down, I don't care! When they tell me beef is down Whatever he says, do the opposite.
You know your dad's gonna pressure you to be a chef.
And I'm not saying you shouldn't learn to cook or enjoy it.
Just don't live your life in his shade, okay? $75,000 a year! - What the hell is this? - Thirty minutes, every day.
Imagine the calves on this family.
Dorothy's gonna kill you.
Where's Leanne? Did you make it to the park? Not even close.
After the last contractor couldn't fill it, I contacted the city.
They're gonna send out a guy.
A geologist or something.
Who knows when that'll happen, but we're still trying.
I still can't believe we're here.
On the other side of it.
You're gonna see the ocean tomorrow.
You're gonna play in the sand.
Feel it between your toes.
There you go.
Oh! I'm sorry.
I just put him down.
I'm actually here to see you.
I guessed your size, you twig.
But if it doesn't fit or if you don't like it, we can always take it back.
Whatever makes you comfortable.
It's not for tomorrow.
It will be far too cold.
But consider it aspirational.
I just thought, maybe you didn't have one.
Thank you, Dorothy.
My mother wouldn't let me wear a two-piece till I was 15.
As if a yard of spandex was gonna protect me from the world.
How's the journal coming? Um Just stick with it.
Putting your feelings down on paper, it makes them real.
Which can be terrifying.
But that will give you power over them.
And get some sleep.
It's a big day tomorrow.
Square-cut Torys or cat-eye Miu Mius? Cat-eye.
Oh, we'll be all right if the wind is in our sails I'm excited to see where this is going.
Forgive me.
- And the storm will soon pass by - And the storm will soon pass by It's a vacation tradition.
Be over soon.
And we'll stand fast and steady as she goes We'll stand fast and steady as she goes - And the storm will soon pass by - And the storm will soon pass by I bet you didn't know your mommy was a pirate.
Once the cooler's done, we're ready to go.
Now, I know you're from Wisconsin, Leanne, but you're gonna want warmer footwear.
Trust me.
I think it's just best if you guys go without me.
Absolutely not.
No, it wouldn't be right without you.
I don't wanna ruin it for you.
Well, that's why you need to come.
I told you she wasn't ready.
- It was gonna be a tight squeeze anyway.
- Julian.
It's better this way for Jericho.
Just, you know, please avoid strangers.
Traffic's getting worse by the second.
We'll be home after dinner.
Sean? Is everything okay? Yeah.
Everything's great.
Just calling to check on you.
You weren't followed? I don't think so.
There's a couple of meatheads behind us, but it's to be expected.
We're in their country.
Show me them.
They pray to a different god.
Totally harmless.
I think you're right.
Is it nice there? Yeah.
It's all right.
I mean, Dorothy's radioactive with joy any chance she gets to show off Jericho.
Julian nearly sued the parking attendant.
But look at him now! They look happy together.
I wouldn't have thought rehab was a place to hook up, but hell, who knows, maybe this one will stick.
You in the basement again? Right behind you.
Third row down.
Six bottles in from the right.
It's a '96 Petrus.
It's vivacious but it's got a smooth floor that's gonna pair really nicely with a bowl of tomato soup.
So try to relax, and enjoy it.
You deserve it.
Hey, Leanne.
How are you? Tobe.
You wanna come over? There's nobody home.
Oh Um I'm wearing a swimsuit.
It's two pieces.
That sounds cold.
Uh, I'm actually helping a friend move to West Philly right now, but I can come over around 10:00.
Dorothy? Is everything okay? I thought you'd wanna see this.
Oh, look at Oh, he likes it.
I thought you'd wanna see this too.
It's freezing here.
So, viewing from the comfort of home was a wise choice.
Thank you, Dorothy.
Next time.
We're headed home soon.
You're not gonna believe this, but Julian was attacked by a flock of rabid seagulls.
I mean, they thought he was a crab cake.
I don't blame them, but they did cut up his face.
Poor thing.
But he'll be fine after a couple booster shots or something.
I don't know.
We all need to be humbled every once in a while.
Don't tell him I said that.
See ya soon.
And there was another drive-by shooting today downtown.
It appears to have been gang-related, but there are no suspects yet.
Hey, we're still trying to get outta here.
Where are you? There's somebody in the house.
Are you serious? What's going on? Then hide.
Or Or get outta there.
I'll call the police.
There's someone in the house.
And there are three suspects now wanted in the murder of that Victoria girl found last week in the river.
And more coming up later.
A man who exposed himself to police officers in a doughnut shop claims that Who sent you? Who's in charge now? I was like you.
We weren't reborn just to follow.
We have our own light.
We have a choice.
Police! Police! Is anyone home? Oh, my God.
Are you okay? Is she okay? I'm okay, Dorothy.
I'm so sorry we left you.
We shouldn't have left you.
It was a mistake.
What happened? I just need to use the restroom.
What happened? Evening, Mrs.
From what your nanny, Miss Grayson, tells us, and a preliminary look through the house, this break-in is consistent with a string of burglaries in Society Hill.
The intruder waits until families leave for the weekend, like you, then he enters the home.
He was able to gain access through a skylight in your attic.
Unfortunately, Miss Grayson happened to be here at the time.
And it appears he may have taken several items from throughout the house.
We're gonna get security cameras.
Cover the entire house.
They are convinced it's a run-of-the-mill burglary.
Oh, look.
It's the problem with being a pattern-seeking creature.
It all must make sense.
There has to be a reason.
Things don't just happen, right? I don't know what's more cruel, really.
To live in an indifferent world or one that's constantly testing us.
Either which way, we're here for you, Leanne.

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