Servant (2019) s03e08 Episode Script


1 Oh! You're the nanny.
- What was your name again? - Leanne.
- Right.
Grayman? - Grayson.
- What is it about her? - She's extraordinary.
- Courageous enough to rebel.
- Against who? Anyone who gets in her way.
You leave me no choice.
I forbid you to go back to that park.
Leanne is leaving today, and that's just the way it is.
I can't do this again.
Where is my son? He's asleep in the nursery.
He's been there this whole time.
I don't wanna lose my son again.
Leanne stays.
Thank you.
She's here.
Good morning, everyone.
Good morning, Leanne.
Thank you.
Do I get a balloon? Hi, Dorothy.
Good morning.
Three weeks on that fucking couch.
I don't know how I'm going to be on my feet all day today.
I'll have dinner waiting for you.
Aw, that's very sweet, but we're shooting back-to-back challenges, and then I have an interview with, uh Fuck, I can't remember.
Guess that's why I need an assistant.
We're so lucky.
We have two stars in the house.
Oh, shit, that's my car.
You wanna come join me on set for lunch? Uh, it's too chaotic for Jericho.
Well, Leanne could Yeah.
Oh! I told you I don't want you in my room.
I will do my own laundry.
Hello? Ugh.
No, I can't take that story.
I still don't have childcare.
Yes, I'm disappointed as well, but… … there's nothing I can do.
Dorothy, I really wish you'd just let me help you.
It's my job.
Since you seem so completely clueless, let me make this as clear as a bell.
You will never touch Jericho again.
We'll walk the block.
Check things out.
Leanne? Hey, I don't know if you remember me.
We met at the street fair.
I work with Dorothy.
You okay? Yes.
If you're sure.
Take care of yourself.
Hey, i-it's none of my business, like, for sure… but… look, Dorothy means well.
It's just Well, she can be tough.
How do you know it's about Dorothy? 'Cause, I recognize those tears.
I've shed them.
Did you know I started out as her intern? Yeah, right out of grad school.
Dorothy taught me so much.
She was open and generous, and she even shared some of her clothes with me.
And trust me, back then I really needed the fashion help.
But then sometimes she could be, as my mom would say, "A real b-hole.
" Then I'd hide in the bathroom and bawl till my cheap mascara made me look goth as hell.
Let me guess, did she criticize the way you held the baby? Or maybe did she say that your $30 haircut made you look like an out-of-work stripper? She wasn't wrong.
I really wished she'd let me help her.
But she just gets so mad.
Yeah, she's a perfectionist.
It can be tough to live up to those standards.
But I bet even she messes up sometimes.
Crap, that's work.
Supposed to be off today.
Look, I don't know if you'd be into this, but I have some time on Wednesday.
Maybe we could get a coffee? I could use a friend.
I'd like that.
Awesome, catch you then.
I think you hit it too hard.
Picture will cover it.
Uh, it's crooked.
What? You asked for my help.
I was worried about you.
I haven't seen you lurking around raiding our fridge.
I've years of experience of avoiding Dorothy's wrath.
- Think she'll like it? - Eh, she always did.
It's supposed to be about oppressed vaginas.
I just see a black hole.
Or are you asking me if it'll make Dorothy like you again? I'm doing everything I can think of.
I'm gonna fix some shit in Leanne's room.
Will you grab the tool bag? You go ahead.
I'll, uh, catch up.
They been at that all day? Since 6:00 a.
Drove Dorothy to leave.
Did you want something, Julian? Get me a glass.
Pour me some milk.
To the top.
I'm gonna go now.
If that's what you really want.
I know it's one of your favorites, so I thought it should be displayed proudly.
There's more.
I fixed Leanne's window, and then I fixed the loose handle on the bathroom.
And the guy said the basement will be done in an hour.
We just have to let it dry.
And I fixed the slat we broke.
This is a pathetically clumsy attempt to get back in our marriage bed.
Dorothy, my back is killing me from that shitty couch upstairs.
- Isn't that punishment enough? - You know what you need to do if you wanna fix this.
It's simple.
Dorothy, please.
Haven't we been through this already? Yes, and I still don't understand why you insist on keeping her here when I clearly want her gone.
Because she brought our family back together, can't you see that? Yes, we needed the help, but we were just fine before Leanne even showed up.
No, we weren't.
You're not telling me everything.
What does she have over you? Or on you? She doesn't have anybody, Dorothy.
We're her family.
And we owe her for what she went through.
You mean what I put her through? She had my baby, Sean.
I had no choice.
Our baby.
Maybe you should get a new couch.
Hi, okay, come.
Come here, buddy.
- Hey.
- Hey.
If you wanted to come by set tomorrow, you're welcome.
I imagine it's been a lot to be holed up here with an angry Dorothy.
Do you wanna stay? Listen to the music.
You know, before I met Dorothy, I was never really lonely.
I mean I would spend a lot of time alone.
I just It didn't really bother me.
And then she stepped into my life and I, uh, never wanted to be without her.
Now I am, more than ever.
I just wanna sit down and have a meal, you know? Something stupid and delicious.
And then hold her and hold our son.
Is that too much to ask? No.
No, I'm still unavailable.
Yes, believe me, I'm as frustrated as you are.
Yeah You know, could you do me a little favor though? Could you give this story to Jeremy? Ye Oh, you're a dear.
Okay, I'm gonna be by a little later.
I'm gonna bring Jericho so you can give him a squeeze.
Okay, thanks.
- You're still here? - Yeah, they pushed a couple of hours, so I thought I'd make the stock for a special meal.
Why? Well, since you missed the premiere I thought, you know, we could have our own little celebration.
Watch the next episode tomorrow, and I'm making a traditional zampone on a bed of brown lentils with a whole little I'll call my dad, tell him to bring Kourtney with a K.
Well, no, I thought like a Maybe a small celebration.
Cocktails at 7:00.
Hi, Dad.
Yeah, how are you? Hi.
Never a dull day in the city.
Is everyone okay? Yeah, I think so.
An unhoused guy was passed out on the sidewalk.
He wouldn't wake up, so I called an ambulance.
They said he was dehydrated, but he should be fine.
I might have overreacted, but I couldn't just step over him.
- You know what I mean? - Yeah.
You did the right thing.
Um, best doughnuts in the state.
They go great with coffee.
I'll make some.
Uh, Dorothy's not here? No, she's been spending a lot of time out of the house recently.
- Cream or sugar? - Uh, just bitter and black, thank you.
Get a doughnut in there.
They're so darn good.
Does Dorothy keep all of her stories? Do you not keep yours? Yeah, right, 'cause my biographers need to see tape of me delivering the news in a bathing suit.
Might have kept this one though.
C'est la vie.
What's that one? Oh, it's nothing really.
Um… I got wind of an FBI raid on this rich hedge fund jerk for all kinds of illegal crap before it went down.
I even interviewed the target on a false story a few days before.
That sounds really scary.
I was terrified, but it was worth it.
But why is it in Dorothy's collection? I put the whole thing together and showed her.
She was really impressed, but she said I didn't have the clout to sell it.
That the higher-ups wouldn't take me seriously.
So she did it for me.
And then she got all the credit? Well, yeah, but the story got on the air.
That's what matters, right? And we haven't seen much of Dorothy lately.
We're all kinda worried about her.
Is she okay? She's fine.
Uh, she's just busy with Jericho.
Oh, is there anything wrong with him? No, he's perfect.
Oh, good.
I was worried he was sick or something scary happened.
Like with that whole ambulance thing last year.
- God.
- Oh! - Here.
- I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Oh, Leanne.
Did you hurt yourself? No, no.
Did someone else hurt you? No, nobody It wasn't Doroth She didn't do this.
Okay, I won't push.
But if you ever wanna talk about anything, I'm here.
Cool? Yeah, okay.
Open your eyes.
Tell me what happened today.
We were walking the block when we saw the ambulance.
But I don't know why they came.
The man seemed fine.
I noticed him in the park earlier.
Was he passed out? Not when we got there.
Nothing seemed to be wrong.
Did you hear what the pretty blonde lady was saying to the EMT? - The one who came to visit me after.
- No.
But it seemed serious.
The EMT looked angry.
We have something for you.
This is what they used to control us.
This was a symbol of our fear.
But I'm not afraid anymore.
Are you? No.
I'm not quite sure this is what Chef Stephen was going for.
Chef Stephen, I have some choice words about Oh.
I didn't know that you'd still be awake.
Don't concern yourself with me.
I was just visiting my friends.
They could be your friends too.
Good night, Dorothy.
Isabelle? What can I do for you? I know what you did.
Isabelle, Jeremy is just right for the story, okay? No.
This isn't about you undermining my career.
This is about me ending yours.
I don't know how you're not in jail, but you're not gonna get away with this.
I see.
Have you been talking to her? Mmm? What did she tell you? Because, trust me, it's not the full story.
Leanne? Uh, excuse me.
Did you call the EMTs to find out about Dorothy? Yes.
I'm sorry I lied to you, Leanne, - but it was part of my investigation.
- Leanne! The woman at the street fair got into my head.
And I did some digging on my own, but I couldn't find much.
But that EMT gave me a small lead.
One of them had been here on a call in August and he wouldn't spill the details, but he seemed horrified by what he saw.
So I went searching for death records.
That's not Jericho.
Is that your baby, Leanne? Has Dorothy taken him from you? So you didn't really wanna be friends? I No, I I like you, Leanne.
And I'm genuinely worried about you.
She She's hurt you.
And she killed her baby.
What are you gonna do? Expose her.
I mean, she should go to jail.
But I guess her rich daddy paid someone off.
But at least I can ruin her career.
Look, I honestly don't wanna do anything to hurt you, Leanne.
You've been hurt enough.
But I have to tell the truth.
Oh, I have to be air ready in an hour.
Don't worry, Leanne, I won't leave you out in the cold.
I'll help you find a new family.
Maybe one who appreciates a great nanny.
Were you just talking to Isabelle? Yes.
She wants to be my friend.
Friends? Is that why she showed up on my doorstep accusing me of Did you happen to mention your culpability in all of this? Did you tell her why I was forced to What is this, your petty revenge? Dorothy.
I don't hold a grudge against you.
You did what you had to do to get Jericho back.
Any good mother would have done the same thing.
What was that all about? I'll be in my room.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Don't be afraid of feeling good, Julian.
Leanne! Where have you been? I need help with the appetizers and I gotta prep the cocktails.
Will you get that? No way, it's my father.
I haven't done my deep breathing yet.
Leanne, could you put the polenta in the frico cups? And can you continue to be completely fucking useless? Hey.
- What? - Are you gonna change? What? Now I have to play dress-up for my husband? I'm sorry I'm an embarrassment to you.
- Hi.
How are you? - Hi.
- Oh.
- Aw.
I'm sorry about my appearance.
I just had so much on my plate with Jericho.
I've sort of let everything else fall away.
Leanne, help me prep the cocktails.
Still here.
There's some appetizers in the kitchen.
Uh, I'll just go see what that famous husband of yours has made.
- Chef Sean! - Kourtney.
- I tried to get her out of here.
- And I failed… …clearly.
Because you've always been too soft, Dorothy, not willing to go all the way.
It's held you back.
But I've been researching a new plan.
Mostly out of the house because I cannot trust anyone under this roof.
But I've come to the conclusion that Leanne should be sent away.
For her own health.
Institutionalized? That's a serious step, Dottie.
This girl needs help.
And I don't know what else to do.
I can't work.
I can't sleep.
I can't even think with her around.
Can you help me? Mushroom scallop with oyster foam? I'm gonna go change.
Thank God.
So excited.
You know? Don't mind if I do.
Thank you.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Thanks.
- Sean? - Thank you.
- Dorothy? - I'm fine.
I thought I told you… - I know.
- Yeah.
Life hasn't always been smooth for me.
Oh, no.
It's just a promo.
- Oh, you say that now.
- Homeless by 17.
Then cooking saved me.
- Whoo! Okay, apron.
- Taught me how to treat myself… - Did you get to bring that home? - … How to treat others.
'Cause I might need to borrow it.
I've learned it doesn't matter where you've been.
What matters is who you're feeding today.
- Yes, Chef.
- Yes, yes.
So if you can't stand the heat… What? …then get out of my fucking kitchen.
- Dorothy, my show's about to come on.
- Shut up, Sean.
It's being recorded.
We are live on the scene in Chester to keep you informed about the dangerous scene that's unfolding.
Jeremy was supposed to have this story.
But now he's got the flu or something, so Isabelle's got it.
Shots were fired from inside the house by the suspects.
She deserves to be there, Dorothy.
If you're just tuning in, what started as a simple arrest has escalated into what is now a standoff.
Agents tell us that there are at least three armed suspects inside the house.
This is a very tense situation.
This is the type of situation that can escalate into violence at a moment's notice.
Get down.
Come on.
Follow me.
Go, go, go.
Get outta here now! Oh.
Of course there's gunfire.
I mean, I have set this girl up to take my job.
I should be there.
Stay down.
Don't move any closer, all right? You'll be safe here.
Just stay here.
All right.
So, as you just heard, someone from inside the house has just started shooting.
We have an active shooter situation.
But we will continue to safely cover Shit! Columbus! Call an ambulance.
- He's got a gun! - Holy shit.
- She's not responding.
- Did we just see her die? Thank God you weren't there, Dorothy.

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