Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

The Fearsome Pursuer

1 The Grizzly's Sin, King, the fourth of the Seven, is alive.
You walked right into my trap.
King stalked Ban, still harboring an intense grudge against him.
Ban also continued his own pursuit of something else.
Furthermore, a single woman is tailing the group.
I guess the Capital of the Dead does exist.
Wh-Who is this person? Don't tell me you're a Holy Knight? If you'd be so kind, please tell me how to get to the Capital of the Dead.
As if we'd tell you anything.
Brother, I I can't breathe Please tell me.
"A priceless memory shared with the deceased will open the path to the Capital" I don't quite understand that.
Then how are we supposed to get it?! How would we know about a city where dead people go? Dead people I see.
You have my gratitude.
S-Stop it This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
Long ago, the Holy Knights fought alongside three tribes to seal away the Demon Clan.
It was known as the Holy War, and memory of it has long left the minds of the people.
However, a new Holy War has begun.
The battle to banish the Seven Deadly Sins unto oblivion.
I'll shout out a love that doesn't cease to resound nariyamanu ai o sakebu yo subete o daite koko ni irun da I continue to take everything in my arms hikari wa soko ni aru yo For that's where our light lies With unyielding emotions in tow, yuzurenai omoi o kakete kibou no hate o boku wa ikiru yo I'll be the one to live on the edge of my hopes yume o tsunaida kimi to A dream connects me to you hajimari o itsuka bokura no te de umidasun da yo A beginning will someday be born from our own hands yasashii kimi no koe mo kitto sekai o kaerareru And with how kind you are, I'm sure your voice will be able to change the world dare mo hitori kiri ja tachiagare yashinai kara Since people can't totally stand up all on their own, we'll reach out our hands to one another tagai ni te o nobashite kagiri no koeta ashita e and head for a tomorrow that surpasses all limits nariyamanu ai o sakebu yo I'll shout out a love that doesn't cease to resound butsukariatte wakariaun da As we begin to butt heads and get to know one another better, hikari o tsukuridasu yo we'll create a path of light.
Guided by my tenacity, akiramenu omoi o kakete kibou no hate o boku wa ikiru yo I'll be the one to live on the edge of my hopes yume o tsunai da kimi to A dream connects me with you Episode 8 The Dreadful Pursuer Ban! King! Lord Ban! King! Jeez, where did those two go? Lord Meliodas? Someone's here.
But it doesn't seem like there's anyone here beside us.
There's not even a single ghost.
It's scary to imagine one being here.
W-We're not getting anything done hanging around here.
L-Let's hurry and go find those two! Y-You're right.
You think you can get away from me? It's you again? Impostor King! Impostor King? You heard me.
No, no, I'm actually King.
I'm busy right now.
Shoo, shoo.
Not happening.
Is that so? You haven't changed one bit.
You don't care what happens to anyone who gets in the way of your greedy pursuits.
Why, you You're really King? Didn't I say so? Then I won't feel bad clobbering you! That's exactly how you always used to try to hurt me, back in the old days.
If we're gonna dredge up the past, you showed yourself to us—no, to me.
If it were up to me, we wouldn't have been reunited on these terms.
Ten years ago, following my exile after being accused of overthrowing the kingdom, I headed back to my hometown, having nowhere else to go.
But what I returned to was a town cruelly burned to the ground and beyond recognition.
I didn't think much of it back when we were in the Sins together.
Why was a human like you immortal? I never would've imagined you obtained that power by killing the Saint and drinking from the Fountain.
How do you know about that woman? The Saint you killed Elaine was my sister! Oh, I see.
So you want to kill me for revenge.
But that won't do you any good.
I'm immortal! You know that my sacred treasure has many forms, right? I see.
Anything that doesn't interest you goes in one ear and out the other.
Spirit Spear Chastiefol Form Three, Fossilization! What now? Petrification.
I've been looking forward to this moment.
Are you watching, Elaine? I wish what Ban came to steal wasn't the Fountain of Youth but me Wanna make that happen? Y-You You said you were going to get food! I found some cowberries right over there.
All right, let's do this! Don't make fun of me! Nah, I'm being serious.
For some reason, I don't get along with other people particularly well.
And you're the first person to really listen to what I have to say.
I I can't.
I I'm happy, but I have to protect the Fountain of Youth, or this forest will— Now, just leave it to me.
Huh? I'll find your brother and bring him back.
You mentioned that a while ago, right? You have a brother that left some hundred years ago.
If I do that, you're free to get out of here.
Ban, pull yourself together! What in the world What kind of monster is that? It's from the Demon Clan.
Demon? If the Fairy King's Forest is being burned, then it must be purgatory fire! But they should have been sealed away after losing to the Holy Maiden Clan in an ancient war Where's the Fountain of Youth? Don't worry.
I managed to hold on to it.
All right.
Take that with you and run! You come with me! The demon hasn't noticed us yet.
That's why we've gotta take it down in one hit while we can! Now! See? One hit.
No, Ban! A demon has more than one hea— If you have any last confessions, I'll listen to them.
Not that I'm going to forgive you.
What's so funny? Don't act so tough.
You're really frustrated, aren't you? Good-bye, Ban.
They're not here.
Couldn't they have already returned to the real world? Who's that? Greetings, Dragon's Sin, Meliodas and Serpent's Sin, Diane.
I am Holy Knight Guila.
How did she get here? I got here by dying.
Did she just say "I got here by dying"? That she did.
Does she have something wrong with her? Yeah.
Very wrong.
Hawk, take Elizabeth and run as far away as you can.
Agreed! Get on, Elizabeth.
O-Okay! Go, eluding pig trivet! Please stay safe, you two! Piggyup! Piggyup! Hup, hup, hup! Ho! Ho! Ho! Hup! Piggyup! Piggyup! Ho! I sensed something really dangerous about that Holy Knight Guila It's just my animal instinct, though.
No, I sensed something too.
Oh, really? Pig tap! This should be far enough away.
Maybe we went a little too far Lord Meliodas? What are you still doing here? Keep running! You gotta be kidding me! Captain! So heavy.
That's mean! Don't you have any delicacy? How could you say that?! Now's not the time! Serpent's Sin, Diane.
Your superhuman strength is among the highest of the Seven Deadly Sins.
You wield an ability which has a deep connection to nature and is exclusive to the Giant Clan, Creation.
I've been looking forward to seeing it with my own eyes.
Well, what do you think? Honestly, I'm disappointed.
It's not as impressive as the stories I've heard.
Then how about this? Sand Whirl Sand Whirl! I can also turn minerals into sand.
Take good notes.
I see.
This is very informative.
Take that! I'd expect no less from the legendary captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas.
You really do have such remarkable abilities.
But it's strange.
Why do you not use your sword? Do you really think you can defeat me with your bare hands? Well, if you insist.
Captain's got this.
You did it, Captain! I see.
So that's your power.
Full Counter.
It reflects attacks targeting you back at the enemy with far greater force.
Very interesting.
So the stronger your opponent's attacks are, the stronger your power becomes.
But it has one weakness: you can't initiate your own attacks.
Why, you.
You figured that out, so you pulled your punches.
Come on, you two.
Bring it on.
Please satisfy me.
Unrepentant to the very end, huh? I can't say I'm surprised, Ban.
Well then, you can spend an agonizing eternity all alone in the Capital of the Dead, where you'll find neither peace nor release from suffering.
That's a suitable fate for you, in return for stealing everything from Elaine.
What is that? One of Ban's tricks? No, he should no longer be able to do anything.
No way Elaine? Is that you? What? The petrification was reversed? Yo, Elaine.
N-No way Ban, how did you get that scar? So you haven't been watching from this world at all? Th-That voice really is Elaine, it's me! You recognize me, don't you? Please, let me see you too! You should let him see you.
Those who still live and those who have passed on The Capital of the Dead is where the strong bond created by their memories allows them to see each other for the first time.
You're still mad at me, huh.
That I abandoned you Everything I left and threw it all away! What's that? A Holy Knight? Wait, Ban! Why did you come to see me? No reason.
I just wanted to say one thing.
Someday, I'll definitely make you mine.
Ban, what do you think you're doing to my sister? Thank you, Ban.
Why? No, Ban! A demon has more than one hea— Ba— Ela— Ban Ban Take this water Please, drink it Y-You drink it.
Idiot Wait here.
I'll put a swift end to this.
Let's have a contest.
Who'll be turned into mincemeat first?! I don't understand.
How can you forgive Ban, the man who stole everything from you? After you threw the country away, for 700 years I lived that whole time fighting loneliness by myself.
But he took those 700 years of solitude and buried them in just seven days.
Because Ban found out that you're my brother, he provoked you and took your spear.
What? He's not the person you think he is.
E-Elaine! A little more effort, please.
Attacks like those won't be able to stop my power, Explosion.
My bad, I think I just stopped it.
Ban! Fox's Sin, Ban.
Take your hand off my rapier.
That's no way to ask for a favor, Miss.
I'm not touching anything.
I see.
This is your power, Snatch.
Snatch Here's something more suitable for a little snitch like you.
I've been told that you're immortal, but from the looks of it, you'll be sitting out the rest of this one.
Captain! No matter how many times you try to reflect my attacks with your Full Counter, as long as I don't let you read the nature and timing of my attacks, it's not a problem.
Are you all right? Why do you look so happy? You alive, Cap'n? Impressive.
The legends of your immortality were true.
That's right.
You can't defeat me because I'm immortal.
Immortality and invincibility are two different things.
I can think of so many ways to dispose of you.
I don't like her one bit.
Ban, did she hit the mark? Come on, you two, save the chitchat for later.
How am I able to see— If you can see me, then it's because I want you to understand Ban.
I want you to help him.
Elaine I-I'm done.
I can't run anymore.
Ouch A girl and a pig? Elaine Um, you're Lord King, right? And you are? I'm Elizabeth.
As it happens, I'm traveling with Lord Meliodas's group.
And I'm the Captain of the Knights of Leftovers Disposal— With Captain's group? Yes.
Just now, a Holy Knight appeared here and attacked Lord Meliodas and Diane.
What? Um, weren't you with Lord Ban? He's probably a target as well, so we have to let him know.
And? You want me to help them out? Spear Spear? Please run away, Lord King! I'm going to borrow this spear.
What? You Can you really fight? Lord Meliodas and Diane are always helping me out So I want to help them out for a change! Elizabeth All right! We'll wipe that smug smile off her face! That's right, Hawk! Wait for me, Lord Meliodas! We'll be there soon, Diane! Lord Ban! All right! It came out! Piece of cake! What? My, my.
Even if it wasn't at full strength, to take my Explosion head-on and not be blown away The toughness of the Giant Clan is to be respected indeed.
Captain, are you all right? Thanks, Diane! If you're gonna take the hit, cover me too! Don't wanna.
Oh, 'kay.
Captain, I think I'm dying.
Can I have a parting kiss— Just rest there for a bit.
All right, time for the two of us to throw down! So these are the legendary knights? Were the legends just fairy tales after all? What? Yo, Ban.
We're going back and forth on a dead-end street, yo ittari kitari de ikidomari yo This abandoned dream is a bitter experience, yo mihatenu yume wa kori gori kori gori yo After all, this world we live in is transient, yo shosen konoyo wa ukiyo no sekai hirakinaoreba NORINORINORINORI yo Open up and defy them all to find high spirits, yo NORINORI yo High spirits, yo! Throw in the firewood to reignite maki wo kubero tayasu na sono hi wo tsuki ugokasu MONO wa sou kandou sa Your blazing passion before it goes out mirai wa tada kagayaite kurete ireba ii’nda The future will be fine as long as it shines brightly We switched our intense rampage on bokura wa Gan Gan abare MO-DO Making seven sounds of thunder todorokasu Boom Boom nanatsu no oto Rin Rin hikaru ashita e to susumou Heading toward an ever-bright tomorrow We're ready to shoot the place up bokura wa Bang Bang HAJI ke MO-DO Jumping here and there as we go buttobasu Ran Dom SUTAIRU de ikou yo Shining through like a diamond Bling Bling hikaru DAIYAMONDO Let's go, now we can fly high iku ze Now we can fly high Take this This forest's last seed Plant it somewhere.
You really All for this? Do it yourself! The forest must have known that you would protect it The forest doesn't matter! Stay with me, Elaine! I was really happy When you said "Wanna make that happen?" Hey, Ban Can you say it aga Yeah, Elaine.
Someday, I'll definitely make you— Come on, at least let me finish.
Next Episode's Report King loves Diane, and he's following her even to this day.
That King, where could he be? Even Ban ran off somewhere.
And now no one's around.
I'm hungry.
Green light.
Red light! Next time, on The Seven Deadly Sins: "Dark Pulse.
" By the way, all fairies can fly, but giants can't.
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