Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s01e20 Episode Script

The Courage Charm

1 Get away from her! I'm going to rescue Elizabeth right away! Gwah I'm gonna die! You say something? I can't hear you.
Our only goal is to rescue Elizabeth! Keep the fighting to a minimum! You're the one who brought me here? Super Pork Illusion! Alright, let's go! That's just too bad, Gowther.
Looks like I'm the one that has returned.
Sorry, Gilthunder.
"Now the battle should be easier" Is that what you're thinking? Call of Inferno Now that it's not a crowded battle also means that I can do as I wish I won'tlet anyone die! The promise I made you seven hundred years ago let's fulfill it now.
Back then, the peaceful days King spent with Diane, are also days that he had lost the memory of his best friend, Helbram.
Helbram left the Fairy's Forest after he was tricked by the humans.
To avenge his sacrificed friends, he continued murdering humans.
To end the suffering of his best friend, he ended his life.
At the same time, Meliodas confronts the Great Holy Knight, Hendricksen.
Well, well, well Well, well, well Well, well, well I'll be taking Elizabeth back now.
It's been a long time, Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins.
Are you all by yourself? Yeah, we got separated along the way.
And you think you have a chance alone? You're as reckless as you were back then.
The Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins? Then, that person is Where is Elizabeth? Give her back now! Unfortunately that's impossible.
This is a tale of humans and beings from other worlds.
It is a story of ancient times.
Where there's a kingdom, there are Holy Knights.
Where there are Holy Knights, the kingdoms are at war.
And then, there are those who threaten the Holy Knights' justice and freedom.
Therefore, they are legends, the Holy Knights beyond Holy Knights.
In other words, the Seven Deadly Sins! Wow oh oh oh oh oh All er geth The to come the and pain sure plea no There is rea son why oh oh Wow oh oh oh Presented by FBI Fansubs sure come to geth er and pain the plea The All There's no son rea why de got my know mons They don't I to let them I'm go nough e fierce stran a fire A gle hold like It's I vin ble ci wish I in was my ' friend old e sire de lo Hel You're need But I don't you here a gain walk take a Just Go in side back see side you ther the o on I'll mo tou yo ma mo i ma no sa Those who wander and those that hesitated do mo to mo i kou no ko o te Will surpass all sin e no tsu be mi su Wow oh oh oh oh oh sure The pain and the plea All er geth to come rea son no There is why Wow oh oh oh oh oh All er geth to come and sure plea the pain The son why no rea There's Episode 20 Charm of Courage What's wrong, Lil Gil? Done already? I can't do it I can't become like father or Sir Meliodasafter all.
Good grief Do something about that negative thinking of yours first.
Your eyes are to discern evil, your mouth to speak the truth, your heart is filled with righteousness, and your sword is to purge evil.
To follow through the path he believes in, isn't that what's most important for a knight? Margaret Lord Meliodas and your father have nothing to do with it.
You are you Someday you'll be the kindest and strongest Holy Knight ever.
That's what I believe.
Looks like he's already under her thumb.
Here is fine Great Holy Knight Dreyfus, what happened back when you were fighting against Gowther? He saw through my spirit self a sin that I can't escape from.
Sin You should go back to the others.
I'll be fine over here.
Leave me alone for a while.
Alright then Quite a miserable sight for Great Holy Knight Dreyfus.
For him to throw in the towel just from a mind attack But, Hendricksen is different.
He's a suitable king for the forthcoming world.
The forthcoming world? Oh, come on, Gil.
It's the Utopia that the Great Holy Knight Hendricksen is trying to achieve.
A world where royalties and slaves mean nothing.
Only the strong ones will survive and can get whatever they want.
Will we even survive, after battling the Demon Clan? What's wrong? It's not like you who's always full of confidence.
I'm only saying the truth.
Don't worry If you're scared of dying, then I will fight the Demon Clan too.
I'll be counting on you.
Oh, Gil Was Princess Elizabeth transferred from the underground cells? I moved her to a place where no one can get to her.
By the way, when will the ritual begin? Oh? Looks like you have an interesting guest over.
Alright, I'll send you my adorable knight.
A thundercloud? Sorry for the trouble, bro.
You saved me.
Nah, don't mention it.
Think you can lend me a hand a bit longer? Yes, it's my pleasure! My name is Arthur Pendragon.
I've heard your name many a time.
Well, let's chat when things have settled down.
Alright! Well now, want to continue where we left off, Lil Gil?! I'll only do what I must.
I'll say this beforehand, I won't hold back.
That's some insane swordplay.
And they're not even serious yet.
The same can be said for us Right, King Arthur? Pursuit of the Lightning Beast! Pursuit of the Lightning Beast Full Counter! Full Counter A delay attack So I can't deflect at the same time.
Shoot! Iron Hammer of the Thunder Emperor! Iron Hammer of the Thunder Emperor B-Both the massive lightning and the strong thrust He stopped them with his fingers?! And that change in Sir Meliodas is? His Demon power has appeared.
Demon power? Dead people don't need an explanation.
Burn out! Hot! H-Hot! The black flames again? He got in the way earlier, but this time you'll turn to ash.
This is bad I can't put it out.
T-Thanks, you really saved me.
You're done over there? You rescued me, but enough of that now.
Fool More lightninghow much is that already? If that's Gilthunder then his opponent is definitely Captain, right? Yeah, I guess so.
Ban's presence has gone.
Wh-Whoa, you—! Where did he go? Th-This place is Margaret! Hawk! Answer me! Elizabeth Is that you, Elizabeth? Father! Ohh, Elizabeth.
Father Thank God, you're safe To be able to embrace you like this again— Please, don't strain yourself! Make the most of your touching reunion Since this will be the last time.
Soon, your precious criminal will be killed by my adorable knight.
Criminal? Lord Meliodas is here too! I wonder how long you can keep your hopes up.
Full Counter! Full Counter Thunder Scream Strike! Thunder Scream Strike How would you counter this? Good, keep it up! Huh? What's wrong? Are you going on a crusade again? Well, it's on your dad's orders.
I heard it could be long this time.
Yeah, maybe.
Then Please take me with you! Hey, hey, what are you saying? It might take years, you know.
Butif I'm separated from Sir Meliodas now I can't be stronger than I am now Then I'm I'm—! Calm down.
It hurts! What is your duty? To protect Margaret.
That's right.
Are you going to just abandon her and come with me? That's You should just focus on what you have to do.
But, the way I am now You're worried, huh Then I'll teach you a charm.
Charm? Up here! Lil Gil, you won't have any regrets going seriously against me, right? "Your eyes are to discern evil, your mouth to speak the truth, your heart is filled with righteousness, and your sword is to purge evil.
" I won't forget the Knight's Creed.
The Seven Deadly Sins have turned against that teaching and betrayed the kingdom.
And I'll say this again, I am stronger than any of the Seven Deadly Sins! I got it.
Let's finish this.
Oh, so you're able to dodge that.
Iwanted to buy more time but I'm ashamed Don't worry, just rest up! Let's end this at once! We're going to finish him off.
You come here, too! Oh my, I'm glad.
I've been called too.
I'll deliver any last words you have for your criminal as a special service.
Lord Meliodaswon't lose! You can keep praying for him, in your papa's warm embrace.
Freeze Coffin! Freeze Coffin It's over! What is? Iron Hammer of the Thunder Emperor! Iron Hammer of the Thunder Emperor Full Counter Full Counter! Bend Room Bend Room! What a shock waveeven at this distance! It appears Captain is currently fighting against three opponents.
King, please hurry and go help Captain! I can't just leave you here.
But! He'll be fine.
It felt like he purposely received that attack just now.
Captain is waiting for something! Hey, Gil You were always calm and kindhearted, when you were young, you took an oath I swear on my pride as a knight that I will always protect you.
not knowing that became a binding curse that tormented you.
For ten years, you've lied and hurt your own heart for my sake And now, you're trying to hurt the person you admired the most.
Please, I beg of you be freed from me.
Please don't betray your hero! Power Amplify No signs of Demon power, and he doesn't even retaliate! He's preparing for something.
We'll kill him before that.
Gilthunder! Please stop this! Divine Slayer Divine Slayer! Sword of the Thunder Emperor Sword of the Thunder Emperor! Enchantment: Hellblaze Enchantment: Hellblaze! Destroyer Quad Element Destroyer Quad Element! I see it! Die! When things get tough, too hard for you and you have no one to rely on, recite this charm.
"I am stronger than any of the Seven Deadly Sins!" I am than the Seven Deadly Sins I am stronger than any of the Seven Deadly Sins.
And I'll say this again, I am stronger than any of the Seven Deadly Sins! You have released me from the curse that bound me for so long, my hero, Meliodas! Gilthunder, you have betrayed me! I didn't betray you, I was never on your side to begin with! G-Gil! Bastard! Meliodas, please leave the rest to me.
How long I've waited for the moment to exact revenge on my father's murderer! Now experience my wrath!! Margaret Gil Gil! Thanks, you've really helped me out.
No, it's all thanks to her.
How When did you realize? About Lil Gil? When we reunited back at the White Dream Forest.
Wh-What did you say?! When he recited the charm at the White Dream Forest, I realized he was being watched, and someone had been taken hostage.
Saying you knew from the beginning is absurd! You were fighting all-out against him! Lil Gil was risking his life for the woman he loves, risking my own life too is what bonds two men.
Unbelievable! I won't allow things to end this way! Where is this? Now, in which world do you want to die? Why you frail magician—! Haven't I told you enough to fix that habit of losing yourself to anger my disciple, Vivian.
That mark on your neck That crimson pig You You are To think that she was with Arthur this entire time Boar's Sin of the Seven Deadly Sins, Merlin! s n a i m i t o k k o n z a i d a d i e e w g i m s u o y k e a n m a a i d a e k With only your presence, the world starts to resemble a kaleidoscope i k i m o n o n s z a i d a k e d e s e a k i w a a m n g e y o k u m i t a i a d i e n w a i u m i s k a s h r a a a i z h d s h i k i r w i e a k u k u r o k The scenery is filled with color as you leap forwards a h h s i u r k i i m i n a w a s e k e i h s i k a w i r o d z u k u k a r a n o e k i m m n e a i d a w a t a t i m s a d h e m s i m o e a m i t h o r a a Here I am, with my tears showing yet again o h r a a m a t i k i m n o a m e d e a n m i d a o w m i e s e t s h i m a z o g a m e t t r a a d a t e u k r n e i o n n e a u a h n i a t a But you always remain by my side, no matter what n a n i g a a t e m o z u t o h a n a r e i a n d e u k e r t a a k e k a u r o i o u o t n t a s u k m i r n i u d m u s t w m w o u d a r e a r k By defending someone, you spawn a sin for someone else d a e r a k w o a m o m i r n u u k t o d a r e k a n i t s u i m o w t s u k u t i u k i o d r o h h i w o s i a r y o u k o r u n k s a u t a w e o k o r u Learning of love, you grow stronger the longer you live i i k r u h o d o i a w o i h s e t o k k o r o a w t s u y o u k a n u r o t u s i o k u o m e u r k k a u i k w u n o n a n z I'll absorb the wounds from your past m e n o o u k n i u t s u u r a k k o o n k i z u a w r i k a t a w a g n a a h m s u o o h i s Echoed in the chasms of your eyes a w a t h i s g a o n m i o h u s a k r a e s i d d z n e y s m n e g k a a e k o a u n i m w a o k a i t i a i m k i i o n With only your presence, the world starts to resemble a kaleidoscope k i i m o n s n o i a z d a k e e d s e a k i a w a m n e g o y k u m i a t i i n i k m u r g a u s a s k a i h a e t a w u r u u r k Rotating to and fro, spreading its glow k u u r u k r u m a a w e t i h a k i r a g s a s u k e o w a s a w r t t u k s a i a a u k r w i a i a n g o a r e The seasons pass while our jolly voices remain unchanged k a a w r u k i e s s u t t o k a w a a r a n i w a r a i o g e o m d o i w e m i i a r k n n o i n a y a i a But you'll never become a mere memory k i m i w a o o m i e d n i a n a r a n i y o u r n i i o o a k r k k a Because you're always with me k o k o n i i u r a k a r Seems like this is somewhere underground too.
That damn masked lady! Where is that shop owner and his employees in this dire situation?! What a useless bunch! In honor of the Captain of the Knight's Leftovers' name, I'll have to rescue Elizabeth on my own! Crap, someone's coming! Next Time It's Gilthunder.
Being released from my bound, I'm feeling really bright.
I feel like singing a song.
Next time on the Seven Deadly Sins: "Now, the Imminent Danger".
Well then, please listen Now, the Imminent Danger Episode 21 Maaaaaaaaar~ga— Until Next Week! Seriously, he's in this too?! He's in everything! Damn it, Eren/Meliodas/Issei/Lyon/Shu/Osamu!