Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s03e01 Episode Script

Revival of the Demon Clan

1 Sir Meliodas! What is this? Sir Meliodas! Sir Meliodas! Don't you hurt anyone else! Don't give up! As long as we, the Seven Deadly Sins, are here! Revenge Counter! Really You're always so reckless.
Elizabeth! Sir Meliodas? You'll come with us, won't you? Yes! Okay, Bartra, there you have it! I-I'll be off, then! A dream? This is a tale of ancient times, when the human and non-human worlds had not yet split.
Where there were nations, there were Holy Knights.
In the largest nation of Britannia, the Kingdom of Liones, existed Holy Knights who had surpassed the Holy Knights.
In other words, a legendary order of knights comprised of seven great sinners.
The people called them the Seven Deadly Sins.
EPISODE ONE: REVIVAL OF THE DEMON RACE ELIZABETH LIONES To set off on a journey with Sir Meliodas and the others But What was that? Good morning, Father! BARTRA LIONES Is something wrong, Elizabeth? You look a little pale.
I had a strange dream, so I didn't sleep well.
A dream? You, setting off on a journey with the Seven Deadly Sins? It was nothing more than a dream.
The capital is peaceful once again, after all.
It couldn't be.
So anyway, what was it you wanted to see me about? The kingdom is well on the road to recovery, and the people's lives are becoming tranquil again.
Needless to say, if the Seven Deadly Sins hadn't barely stopped the Demon race's revival, this never would've come to pass.
Right! Therefore The king's giving all of us medals? ORDER OF SCRAPS DISPOSAL, HAWK Yes! He insisted on giving them to the Seven Deadly Sins! Of course, that means you, too! Come on, you mean I'm the star, and everyone else is extra! Huh? That wasn’t your cue to laugh.
Thanks for waiting.
DRAGON SIN OF WRATH, MELIODAS Ta-da! Do I look good in this, Elizabeth? This would make a great new uniform for the tavern, too! Y-Yes! It’s wonderful! Where’d you get that outfit? It was a gift from Elizabeth.
I thought you could wear it at the medal ceremony.
And it fits perfectly! That's because we share a bed every night! Hey! I, too, am ready to go.
GOAT SIN OF LUST, GOWTHER Sparkle! -Who picked that for you? -Who picked that for you? Hmm.
That would be my sweet beloved, of course! Beloved? Who are you talking about? Too much reading has blurred the line between dreams and reality, huh? Hey, hey.
Looks like everyone's having fun.
GRIZZLY SIN OF SLOTH, KING Dressed like always, huh, King? What’s going on with that hood? Is that a helmet? Oh, this? It was a gift from my best friend.
By the way, where's Diane? You guys, come look! Outside! You have a new outfit too, Diane! SERPENT SIN OF ENVY, DIANE Merlin made it for me! Well? Well? It was tough picking between the two you gave me, but I ended up choosing this one! I only remember giving you one.
BOAR SIN OF GLUTTONY, MERLIN I wonder? What's with all the commotion? Ban’s wearing his new costume-- FOX SIN OF GREED, BAN No, he's not! Ban, what happened to your new outfit? Outfit? Huh? You mean that thing hanging in my room? King and I picked it out just for you! How mean! All right, all right.
I’ll put it on later.
That is, if it’s not a total eyesore.
Is it? -What did you say? -Okay, okay.
All right, all right, all righty! The medal ceremony is tomorrow.
What do you say we celebrate in advance? Cheers! Captain, got a second? What’s up? Just follow me, okay? Come on, Ban.
What’s so important? I’m quitting as of today.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Ban! Look, your face is the only joke we need! If you quit, who’s gonna do the cooking? You can take over again, like before.
If I do the cooking, our revenue will go down 100 percent! Captain, I’m serious.
I’m leaving the Seven Deadly Sins.
So long, Captain.
Hey, Ban.
Leaving without saying anything? So surprised you can't talk? See, I kinda overheard you talking to the captain yesterday.
I'm pretty sure about what happened between you and Elaine.
To be honest, I’m really touched you feel so strongly about my sister.
But my sister’s dead now, and the Fairy King's Forest she protected for so long burned down.
So where would you be going now? To the Fairy King's Forest.
Don’t forget that we’re in front of His Majesty.
It's fine! It doesn’t bother me! He’s back to his original size, huh? So Ban and King are both absent, huh? Jeez, what are they doing? Why those guys? I mean, originally GRIAMORE, GILTHUNDER, HOWZER The Seven Deadly Sins, along with the Scraps Scraps Disposal? The Order of Scraps Disposal! The Order of Scraps Disposal.
Today, I commend you for your heroics in protecting the kingdom, and hereby award you these medals.
-Step forward when your name is-- -I object! I object to those medals being bestowed! Wh-What did you say? Sir Meliodas? That’s what some here want to say.
If you have something to say, tell me to my face! I’ll be happy to listen.
H-Hey, those three.
Aren’t they the Pleiades of the Azure Sky? Did you say the Pleiades? You mean the ones who serve the assistant grand master, Sir Denzel those Pleiades of the Azure Sky? Platinum Dogedo! Platinum Waillo! Diamond Deathpierce! I could've sworn there were a few more grumblers here.
I guess we only have three people being honest right now.
So, what's the problem? We would like to see firsthand the power of the legendary knights who saved the kingdom from evil.
What do you say, captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, Sir Meliodas? Sir Deathpierce! We're in His Majesty's presence! Thanks to the plot of the two grand masters no, I mean those two traitors, we were unfortunately assigned to a remote post.
So unless we ascertain your power for ourselves, we can't accept this outcome.
Fine! Do as you wish.
Father! We are most grateful, Your Majesty.
I'll go first.
Hold on! Magic, 290.
Strength, 470.
Spirit, 100.
For a Power Level of 860.
This pig what is it? Sorry he's so arrogant.
Hey, not bad! But sadly, you're no match for me.
Meliodas will fight you in my place, okay? Actually, I was planning to from the start.
What's going on with you? The new earring the Scraps Disposal captain is wearing that's the Magical Eye, isn't it? That's right.
It's a present from me.
Balor's Magical Eye? Yes.
It's named after the one-eyed god who would bring disaster, and could assess his enemies.
That sounds like an awesomely cool new tag for me! Take a look at those knights walking outside the window.
All these weird numbers are flowing through my mind! From the right, 42.
That's their Power Level.
Your target's pure overall strength, quantified.
Wh-What? You mean I can actually see how strong someone is? And if you focus even more, you can see the breakdown.
Magic, 50.
Strength, 50.
Spirit, 45.
I see! By the way, what's my Power Level like? I mean, I am a hero who more or less saved the kingdom, right? Come on, Merlin, tell me! If you multiply by 100 it's 3,000.
Woo-hoo! Wouldn't you know it! Sorry, Hawk.
I couldn't help myself.
Just a token of my thanks to a key player in saving the kingdom, see.
Let's get started! Mr.
Hero! Whenever you're ready.
Will he be all right? Captain, don't tease him too much.
Yup, yup, yup! I can't see him at all.
All right! Is that all you got? I barely felt it! That's all it took to defeat them? Which means that neither Hendrickson nor Dreyfus were anything special! They were merely poor substitutes for the previous grand master who died suddenly.
Just props.
They didn't have what it takes to become grand masters on their own merits.
If I'd known that, I should've finished them off myself first! -Bastard! -Don't.
Not that I'm about to stand up for those two, but they would've killed a guy like you instantly.
What? I don't know what led them to carry out that idiotic plot.
But the men I knew were Holy Knights with the heart to try to do the right thing and also the strength to carry it all out.
Looks like you might have the strength, but you're lacking right here.
Which makes you a failure as a Holy Knight.
Don't give me that! A Holy Knight needs only one thing.
Devastating power to pulverize his enemies! Not good! Get out of the way, Meliodas! If you try to trade blows for real, you-- Who knew he'd counter with offense and defense at the same time? As expected from such a combat sense.
Looks like it's over.
I think you need to start over as an apprentice Holy Knight.
S-So that's the power of the legendary captain! He's beyond powerful! N-No way.
This is Meliodas' Amazing! Magic, 400.
Strength, 960.
Spirit, 2010.
Power Level, 3,370! Now then, now then, now then.
Which one of you wants to fight me next? Pardon us.
I'd like to apologize on behalf of Dogedo here.
Please forgive him.
You see, while we were away, his best friend lost his life in that battle.
Also, we're satisfied now.
We're more than convinced of your prowess, Sir Meliodas.
Oh? That was enough to convince you? Yes.
We're unable to determine its limit.
I admit that you might very well have been capable of defeating Hendrickson, who fell to the Demons.
And now, we will be taking our leave.
Good day! Power Level 1,690.
Power Level 1,710.
They're running away! Looks like my and Meliodas' Power Levels scared them off! That's not necessarily true.
These Power stats fluctuate due to various circumstances, compatibilities, and conditions.
Oh? So Gowther, you know about this, too? I already have it loaded.
Huh? Loaded? Oh no! Magic, 1,300.
Strength, 500.
Spirit, 1,300.
Power Level, 3,100.
Scraps Captain.
Magic, 0.
Strength, 25.
Spirit, 5.
Oh, my.
Darn you, Gowther! How dare you exceed my Power Level when you're the indoors-type! So sneaky! Actually, it would be harder to score lower than your Power Level of 30.
It's 3,000! Hey, hey, what's going on? You, too, Diane? Magic, 900.
Strength, 1,870.
Spirit, 480.
Power Level, 3,250! What's going on? No surprises there.
All seven of us in the order have Power Levels exceeding 3,000.
Does that mean Merlin, too? Magic, 3,540.
Strength, 70.
Spirit, 1,110.
Power Level, 4,710.
N-N-N-N-N-No way! It's way over my own Power Level of 3,000? The Scraps Captain seems quite distressed.
This just shows how Sir Hawk is gaining more and more prestige! The Scraps Captain's distress vanished just like that.
The signs of Holy War have hardly faded.
They're stronger now than ever.
Bartra, what did you see? The new omen is of ten shadows.
And a monstrous threat closing in on a kingdom to the south, Camelot.
Um, what should we do with Ban and King's medals? Hold on to them for now.
Those two took off.
Took off? It's like the dream I had.
And if it is then that, too.
I'm sure I'm overthinking it.
Hey, what's that look on your face? What? No, it's nothing! Hey, Diane.
Why did Sir Ban and Sir King leave? I wish I knew, too! And the captain won't tell me anything, either.
That was awful of King, too.
Leaving without saying a word.
The Fairy King's Forest has vanished completely, and now it's a barren land where nothing grows anymore.
I saw it with my own eyes ten years ago.
Why go there now? That's none of your business! Stop following me.
I'm following you.
That is, until you tell me the truth.
Wow, the whole town is lauding Sir Hawk's dazzling medal! Ouch! Look where you're going! Can't you see this medal? Oh, what are you guys doing here? Sir Meliodas.
I want to thank you for what you said before.
About my father.
I only said what was true.
Anyway, I heard the rumors, Howzer.
That as he was being taken in, Dreyfus inflicted a mortal wound on you and killed some members of the Roars of Dawn.
Is that true? Uh, yeah.
That had to be some kind of mistake! Father fought to protect Princess Elizabeth, to defeat Hendrickson.
And then he died! I wish I could believe that myself! But those are unshakable facts.
On one hand, he fled after killing an ally.
On the other, he risked his life to save his ally.
True, it's hardly consistent.
At least, for the actions of a grand master.
Lady Merlin.
When stories fail to add up, you need to run everything in reverse.
And when you give meaning to a seemingly unnatural action, a totally different answer will emerge.
Sincerity becomes spite.
The actual circumstances become pretense.
The meaningless suddenly gains meaning.
I-In other words? Think about it.
And discover the answer for yourselves.
When Humans stop thinking, it's all over.
Let's go, Captain.
See you, Howzer! Don't think too hard about it, you trio of troublemakers! Power Level, 1,910.
You're all still rookies, huh? Oh, well! Give it all you've got! I win! It's not that I'm a weakling.
It's that Meliodas and the others are ridiculous! Telling us to think about it and not to think about it.
Which do they want? T-Trio of troublemakers What's so funny, Griamore? Years ago, whenever you and Howzer caused trouble, I was always dragged into it, too.
And we'd get yelled at by Uncle Zaratras and my dad.
They'd call us the trio of troublemakers.
Oh, right, I remember that! I object.
I was the one who was dragged into your mischief.
Another thing.
They were always scolding us, but didn't Hendrickson stand up for us all the time? Hey.
Why don't we search for it, too? You know, for the truth.
B-But how would we? Well, you know Once more let's look in Grand Master Dreyfus' room.
From the valley of eternity From the other side of oblivion From infinite slumber Disappear Innocent curse! Captain, did you figure out what the king's omen meant? Now then, now then, now then.
What I do know is that something huge might happen in Camelot, and The new omen is of ten shadows.
What's this tremor? Hey! What's going on? Is the world coming to an end? What's the matter, Meliodas? It's not like you to freak out! The captain's acting strange.
I knew it.
It's them, huh? Drey fus? You did well.
The ceremony is complete.
You those eyes, and that pattern? As thanks for your usefulness, I'll allow you to live.
It's also what this man asked me to do.
You're free to go wherever you like.
Dreyfus, what are you talking about? What is this abnormal presence I'm sensing? It's been 3,000 years, eh? My comrades.
Three thousand years, huh? Please tell me he's still alive.
This voice belongs to That Meliodas.
Subtitle translation by Yuki Urakawa