Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) (2014) s03e09 Episode Script

A Promise to A Loved One

1 In order to fight the Ten Commandments, Meliodas and the others went to Istar, the Holy Land of the Druids, the sages of the forest.
Meliodas' power, which Merlin stole from him ten years ago, had been left in the care of the Druid chiefs.
Meliodas must undergo a painful, anguishing trial, and for some reason, he finds himself in Danafall.
And who should appear before him but I've been looking for you, Meliodas! Liz! I didn't see you around, so what have you been doing? Something fun.
PORT TOWN IVANLOAKE Mister, I wish you wouldn't mess with me.
A miracle potion that can bring the dead back to life? I don't know where you got your information, but if it were true, I'd sell it to some king for a million gold pieces and enjoy being retired.
So, the rumor was bogus.
Sorry for troubling you.
I did hear an odd rumor recently.
That a dead person was brought back to life in a nearby town.
A dead person was brought back to life? Yeah.
I don't know if the story's true, but Tell me the name of the town.
Joriko, let's go.
Okay! So, where are we headed next? The city of thieves, Ravens.
The most awful dump you'll ever see.
This is a tale of ancient times, when the human and non-human worlds had not yet split.
The 3,000-year-old seal has been broken.
The Demon race's elite troops, the Ten Commandments, now awakened, are about to bury Britannia in blood and fear.
Rising up to counter this threat is a group of great sinners, a legendary order of knights.
They are called the Seven Deadly Sins.
EPISODE NINE: A PROMISE TO A LOVED ONE Lady Zaneri! What's come over Sir Meliodas? This is the Tower of Trials.
Tower of Trials? Is this the trial for him to regain his power? Right now, Meliodas is being tested to see if his soul is worthy of receiving his power.
Being tested? Is it difficult to restore someone's power? No, the issue is what happens after it's restored.
Elizabeth I'm giving you this as your trial.
A goblet? That's correct.
A diseased flower seed has been planted in it.
Neither water nor light can make it bud now.
Try to make it bloom.
Who, me? Who else is there but you? If you have Druid blood, then you definitely have the power to heal.
If you can't even do this, you won't be able to keep up in the coming battle.
This is my test.
That Zaneri, what does she think she's doing, showing me something like this? Hey, you've been acting weird.
For a hallucination, you look pretty real! So soft! Squish, squish.
Squish, squish, squish, squish.
Don't do that in public! That hurt.
You're such a moron! Wandle! Got anything shiny? Jeez.
Stop fooling around, and let's go home.
Do they really need to make me see this illusion? It really feels like I'm back in that time, or Is that dinner? Wandle's dinner! This isn't your dinner, Wandle! Everything that happened in Liones, the revival of the Ten Commandments Was everything I saw just an illusion? Rain? Liz? Hey! A-Are you okay? You're as white as a sheet.
Is that what this is? So this is my test? Curse you, Zaneri! Sir Meliodas! Focus on your own test instead of worrying about others.
But Lady Zaneri-- I've never seen Sir Meliodas in this kind of pain before.
What kind of test is he going through? It's hell.
Hey, Meliodas! Don't just stand there! We're in the middle of a mission! The tranquil days with and cruel parting from the person he was madly in love with.
He's repeating it hundreds, if not thousands of times.
And each time, Meliodas is consumed by wrath, loses control, and destroys everything around him.
But that's This test is meant to erase-- no, to kill off his emotions.
Because if he's still likely to go berserk with rage after he regains his power it would be pointless.
This is where Druid warriors train themselves, the Cave of Training.
Hey, Jenna.
What are you planning to make us do? Rigorous training, what else? Rigorous training? I have to become even stronger than I already am? You people are way too fragile to fight the legendary Ten Commandments of the Demon race! Are you calling me fragile? You have to get into fighting shape and protect this world, or there will be trouble! By the way, another group arrived just before you.
I hear they're acquaintances of yours.
You think it might be Ban? No, she said group, so maybe Guila and Jericho? I'm sorry to disappoint you.
But that's What's this? You already came out, Hendy? Hendrickson! You're alive? Oh man.
What a pathetic little boy.
I know why you people have a grudge against this boy, but since he's back to normal now, won't you put aside your anger for my sake? Look! There's still something What is that? A tattered rag? No! This moderately scorched, delicious smell! My guess is that it's Druid scraps! I-It's not scraps, and it's not a tattered rag, either! These guys are the Tattered Trio! And what was with that drill today? It might boost morale, but we'll get yelled at for running up the bar tab! Try to rein it in for once.
Okay, Meliodas? Wait up, Liz! Meliodas, let's stay together forever.
Hey, Wandle! This is Why did you bring me back? It's obvious that you're unable to suppress your wrath, and have been repeating the cycle of mayhem and destruction over and over.
Just stop now.
If you continue, it won't be your emotions, but your spirit that will die! Damn it! It's all right.
Nobody's blaming you.
You've always risked your life to fight for us, Sir Meliodas! Right? Elizabeth You need to focus on your own test.
R-Right! Zaneri, please send me back one more time.
Th-That's insane! Not even you can possibly withstand any more stress! It's not a problem.
I can keep going.
I'm going to become strong.
For the sake of those I have to protect.
Any more of that, and it might really break your spirit! One false move, and you could lose your life! I can never move forward unless I pass this test! Sir Meliodas.
All right.
But promise me you'll come back safely.
I promise.
I already know the answer.
To gain full control of my power, I just have to abandon my emotions.
Easy, right, Meliodas? Meliodas! Meliodas! Meliodas! All I have to do is forget all about Liz.
I just have to get used to Liz dying.
Easy, right, Meliodas? It's not a big deal.
There's no way I can do that! I can't watch any more of this! I'm bringing Meliodas back! Please wait, Lady Zaneri! Step aside! At this rate, he'll There's no way I can do it.
Forget about you.
Get used to losing you.
Hey, you.
Why did you save me? Damned do-gooder! Every time I repeat the cycle of meeting and saying goodbye to you, my love grows so strong, I can't contain it.
My wrath grows so strong, I can't contain it! For me it's impossible.
Sir Meliodas will come back safely, no matter what! He promised, remember? Once in a while, it crosses my mind.
That if I'd never met you, these completely ordinary days would never make me so happy.
I feel the same way.
That's why I never want to see this sight again.
I can't take it.
Please, believe in him! You don't know what you're talking about, little girl! I don't want to repeat it.
Never again! No matter what! Yo! I came back, like I promised! Meliodas! Elizabeth, why are you crying? This is when I saw your tears, they just started flowing.
What are you talking about? Meliodas! If you overcame that trial, does that mean you really abandoned your emotions? What are you talking about, Zaneri? Everything that's important to me is right here! But how did you do Since I've passed this test, I'm taking back my power.
Ban! Wake up already, for crying out loud! Keep your voice down, Joriko.
How long I sleep is up to me.
The people in this tavern have been staring at you.
You have no idea how uncomfortable I am.
They're not staring at me.
It's you, Joriko.
M-Me? These guys are quick to notice anyone well-dressed.
Not to mention money and the scent of a woman.
All that information gathering got us nowhere, so let's go.
Wai-- There's no telling how many of those guys are working together.
Try to avoid trouble as much as possible.
Yeah, but-- Hurry up.
I'm still sleepy.
I'll need five silver coins in advance.
She'll be paying.
Me? Second floor, at the very back, one bed.
I'll pay! I'll pay! I'll definitely pay! By the way, I heard a rumor that a dead person was resurrected here in Ravens.
Is that true? No idea.
I bet it's just a moronic lie some punks spread around.
Anyway, don't get too excited and break the bed.
It's rickety.
Bugs! Look! Right there! Bugs have a right to live, too.
This means five silver coins is a rip off! It's even worse than Baste Prison! This is one of the better inns in town.
Just go to sleep.
Aren't you going to sleep in the bed? There's room next to-- I'm more used to sleeping on the floor.
Really? I was being considerate and not wanting you to get sick.
You're surprisingly high-class, huh? You seem to know a lot about this town.
Have you been here before? I used to live here when I was a kid.
That was a long time ago.
Oh? -Tell me about when you were a kid! -Come on! Rough him up and grab everything he's got! Take this! H-Hey! Somebody's getting beat up by a bunch of thugs! Just let it go.
I told you not to get involved in any trouble.
It happens every day in this town.
I know, but We know all about it, you monster.
That you're the one bringing dead people back to life! What do you think you're doing? You said to avoid trouble as much as possible! I said "as much as possible.
" Not "no matter what!" A-A fox? A Beastman! A Werefox, huh? No wonder your moves looked so superhuman to me.
Pretending you were being beaten, but dodging all their blows by a hair.
Not only that, but you're quite the thief.
I'll return it to her for you.
M-My wallet? When did you do that? Not bad, youngster.
I can see that I've really lost my edge.
Is what they said about you bringing back dead people true? Sorry to disappoint you, but Beastmen have no such powers.
If we're done here, I'm heading out.
Hey! What's wrong? Jericho, give him your bed.
Till now, I've escaped from Humans numerous times, but I guess there's no running away from your life span.
We Beastmen have always been despised by Humans, driven off our own land, and deprived of sustenance.
You Humans probably don't have any idea.
How it feels to have to survive by stealing from others.
Wh-- You food thief! You again? This time I'm not letting you off easy! I'll have them throw you into Aberdeen Prison! You little punk! Hey, kid.
Want this? I'm about to bust out of this prison.
Want to come along? Those aren't the eyes of a kid.
Kid, what's your name? Ban.
How about you, old man? I'm Zhivago.
Nice to meet you, Ban.
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