Sex Education (2019) s03e04 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 4

["Don't Sweat the Technique"
by Eric B. & Rakim playing]
Don't sweat the technique ♪
Don't sweat the technique ♪
- Strawberry flavored.
- I love berries.
[grunts, exhales]
Let's trace the hints
And check the file ♪
Let see who bit to detect the style ♪
At least not now, it'll take a while ♪
I change the beat
They freak to sweat the technique ♪
I made my debut in '86 ♪
With a melody and a president's mix ♪
And now I stay on target
And refuse to miss ♪
And I still make hits with beats ♪
Can I put it in without a condom?
- Hmm?
- You know it feels so much better.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Just remember to pull out before you come.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm. Okay? [chuckles]
[song pauses]
- Babe?
- Yeah?
[both panting]
- Why do you look like Rocky Balboa?
- What do you mean?
Pencils and pens are swords ♪
[both moaning]
- I'm gonna come!
- [shouts]
Pull out! Pull out!
Into the tissues.
Not on the sheets, Malek!
I speak indiscreet
'Cause talk is cheap ♪
Then I get deep and the weak ♪
What the fuck?
When they sweat the technique ♪
- Okay.
- [moans]
[whimsical music playing]
What are you looking at?
Your eyebrows look bad today.
Mm, do you want to
smooth 'em out for me?
Not particularly, no.
[inhales deeply]
Well, I was thinking
maybe you could stay over tonight.
Watch a movie.
Maybe, uh [clears throat]you know?
- [meows]
- No, thanks.
- I've gotta go home.
- Oh.
Ruby, are you sure everything's all right?
Why do you keep asking me that?
Well, I have noticed you're being
meaner to me than usual.
- Like you're annoyed with me.
- What would I be annoyed about?
I can't give you a lift tomorrow,
so I'll just see you at school.
- Okay?
- Okay.
[whimsical music playing]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Maeve] That's really good. Is mine good?
[Elsie] Yeah, yours is really good.
Maeve, would you like to stay for dinner?
No, thanks.
- I've gotta get up early tomorrow.
- How come?
I have to finish this application
for an overseas study thing,
and I need to use a school computer, so
Well, why don't you use mine?
No, it's okay.
Honestly, it's fine.
Then you can stay for dinner too.
[Elsie humming]
[computer chimes]
Thanks, Anna.
I'll see you and Elsie on Saturday.
Weren't you going on a school trip?
- Do you need help paying for it?
- No, thanks. I don't need charity.
Mum, I can see you.
What are you doing here?
So, what, you're besties
with her now, are you?
No, I'm not besties with her.
I'm just visiting Elsie.
- What are you doing here?
- Just going for a quick evening run.
It's not illegal, is it?
You only wear hats
when you're doing something dodgy.
I walk past the house sometimes
to know she's safe.
Elsie's safe here.
You don't need to worry about that.
That woman's got
a "dance like nobody's watching" poster.
She's clearly a sociopath.
Do you think Elsie misses me?
Course she does.
You're her mum.
She just wants you to get better
so you can be together all the time.
Come on.
So what's happening with this Isaac?
I like him.
It's none of your business.
Stop being so nosy.
[Maeve chuckles]
[Dr. Cutton]
So, how has it been living together again?
It's been good.
No problems.
Yes, it's been good.
We've been, uh,
settling into the new family situation.
I think it's a big adjustment
for our kids.
How how are they feeling about things?
Well, Otis,
who's my son, has a girlfriend,
and so he's very much been asserting
his independence from me,
and I don't see him very much anymore,
which is a little painful,
but I'm trying to respect his boundaries.
- And
- [sighs]
And Ola,
who's Jakob's daughter,
I think she might be feeling uneasy
around me and
the new family setup.
What is the situation
with Ola's own mother?
Oh, she's dead.
She she passed away
a few years ago from cancer.
And is this loss something you can both
talk about openly?
[Jean] Yes.
I think we've talked about it, haven't we?
Yeah, well, I I don't like
to dwell on the past too much, but yeah.
Well, that went well?
Uh, yeah. Well,
then we don't have to do it again, or
[both laugh]
You do know that therapy isn't
a one-session process, right?
- That some people go for years.
- [sighs]
Yeah, I'm sure Dr. Cutton would love
to have our money for years.
- [laughs]
- Wait. What are you saying?
Are you saying that therapy's just
a cynical money-making practice?
[sighs] I'm not sure I believe in it.
You don't believe in therapy?
[Jakob] Come on.
I'm not saying
you're not very good at your job,
but I'm not sure
that talking can fix everyone.
What? Did I make you upset?
You are entitled to your opinion.
Oh. Thank you.
My God.
[car engine starting]
My baby, all I know ♪
[phone chimes]
I could die from never letting go ♪
Oh, uh, what's your favorite food?
Food. Uh, lasagna?
No, pizza. And fish and chips.
I like peanut butter on toast,
but not too toasted and without crusts.
That's incredibly unhelpful.
Let's just get takeaway, then.
[Colin] Got much planned
for today, compadre?
Um [sighs]
No. Not really.
What about you?
Oh, I'll be spending the day
pretending I like teaching.
It's good to be busy.
Oh, is that the time?
I better skiddle-skaddle-doo.
Hey, listen. Why don't you,
me, and Emily have dinner tonight?
You can pick up the ingredients today.
How do you feel about Mexican?
I don't cook.
It comes in a packet, dude.
We'll cook it. You just gotta eat it.
Okay? We're on.
We're on like Donkey Kong.
[upbeat instrumental music playing]
[Otis groans]
How come Ruby didn't drive you in today?
I wanted to ride in with my best friend.
Hmm? You've had a fight, haven't you?
No. No, not had a fight exactly.
What did you do?
Okay. Um, all right.
So a few days ago, Ruby said,
"I love you," and I didn't say it back.
Oh my God!
Well, what did you say?
I said,
"That's nice."
- Hey! Hey, hey!
- Is that bad?
Very bad.
Very, very bad.
- [laughs] You said, "That's nice"?
- Yeah.
Yeah. Well, I couldn't lie, Eric.
And it's not like I don't really like her.
I do, but love is a big word,
and I don't think
I've felt that way about anyone.
Except Maeve.
Yes, but that is over.
I I don't even know if I believe in love.
It's all just
it's all just a chemical reaction.
you're the most romantic person I know.
Maybe you just don't feel that way
about Ruby yet, which is fine,
but you have to tell her the what?
- The truth.
- The truth.
Because the longer you leave it,
the more hurt she'll be. Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Come on!
[whimsical music playing]
I I was thinking that maybe if I got a B
on the test this afternoon,
that I might be able to move up a set.
Fingers crossed, Adam.
Okay. Um, all right. Come over.
Uh, remember what I said
about how sentences need full stops?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Show me here where they would go.
[whimsical music continues]
- What's happened to your face?
- What's happened to your face?
- Nothing.
- Nothing's happened to my face either.
Something's happened to your face, mate.
- Anwar, your face is hideous.
- I know. I look like a crazy fucking mofo.
- Well, should you go to hospital?
- No, I think it's just stress hives.
- What are you stressed about?
- [shouts] It's hard being me. Okay?
- [gasps]
- Ruby!
Want me to carry your bag to SRE for you?
Maybe we can have a little chat.
- You back in the game?
- Mm-hmm.
Ooh la la. Ooh la la. Ooh la la.
Are you sure that she said she loves you?
'Cause it seems more like she hates you.
[Hope] Attention, everyone.
I'm sure you've read today's news article
with Dr. Jean Milburn.
"After spending a length of time
on the Moordale campus,
I realized there is a battle happening
for the emotional
and sexual health of our teenagers."
I don't know about you,
but I am sick of hearing our school's name
being dragged through the mud,
which is why I'm implementing a plan
to put a stop to that.
It starts with a new syllabus for SRE,
which will now be called
Growth and Development.
And to put our parents'
and investors' minds at ease,
I want you all to follow
these new guidelines precisely.
That means no one will diverge
from the set topics,
and no one will talk to students
about their private lives.
The students usually have
quite a lot of personal questions.
School is not a place
for personal questions.
Jobs were lost over inappropriate events
that happened on this campus,
and I want you all to be protected
from that happening again.
I'm off to pregnancy yoga.
What are you doing?
[exhales] I'm building a tree house.
Okay. Why?
It will be fun for our baby to play in.
I made one for my daughters
when they were kids, and they loved it.
It's okay?
[whimsical music playing]
[bell ringing]
[Jackson] Viv, wait up!
- So you're talking to me again?
- I was never not talking to you.
I was wondering
whether we could talk to Hope
about setting up something where people
could talk about what they need on campus.
- What kind of thing?
- [chuckles] A forum or something.
People could talk about
mental health or gender identity.
This is how far you'll go to get a girl.
- What?
- Person.
Do you even care about this,
or are you trying to get into Cal's pants?
Uh, okay.
Look, you were right.
I didn't take head boy seriously, okay?
I didn't care.
But I wanna be better.
Okay, um, I'll think about it.
All right.
[giggles] I just read your story.
It's amazing.
I can't believe Glenoxi had sex
with Starlanza after she ate her mother.
She's very complicated.
Do you think I've got a chance at winning?
Do you think The Moordale Gazette's
the right place for it?
I already applied.
Oh. Okay.
It might not be
to everyone's taste, you know?
I think I've got a pretty good shot.
I told you, you have to have
the perfect timing of the mushroom.
- How are you getting the perfect timing?
- When you see the blue shell
[Eric] Wow, Lily,
you look normal.
Your hair looks nice, Lily.
Yeah, you're almost pretty.
What happened to your face?
I was giving you a compliment.
Doesn't mean we're friends.
Did my hair really look that weird before?
I thought it looked really cute.
[Viv] Listen up, everyone.
If you haven't paid for the school trip,
please see Hope today.
[in bad French accent]
I cannot wait to eat baguettes with you!
- [chuckles] What?
- I'm being French.
Oh, okay.
Um, yeah, I'm not gonna go
on the school trip.
- Why?
- 'Cause it's too expensive.
It's not that much, is it?
It is expensive. My mum freaked out
when she saw how much it was.
- Really?
- Yeah.
[Viv claps]
For today's SRE class,
boys will be in this classroom
and girls in this one.
Can we please form
two orderly lines, please?
Uh, where do I go?
Yeah, I don't know.
So Cal wants to know
what line they should join.
Boys in this classroom
and girls in this one.
But I'm non-binary.
- I I don't know which line either.
- Um, wait here. I will ask for you.
What seems to be the problem?
Other than your uniform again.
We don't fit into the description
of boy or girl,
so where are we supposed to go?
You can both go in the girls' line.
But I'm not a girl.
They'll be discussing female anatomy,
which I'm sure will be helpful for you.
So we go to the vagina or penis line.
Is that what you're saying?
It's okay. I I don't wanna cause trouble.
I'll go with the girls.
[Hope] Thank you. That's very helpful.
Is there anything else, Cal?
Mm-hmm. This is complete bullshit.
Be careful, Jackson.
Wouldn't want
to see you going down the wrong path.
- [VCR button clicks]
- Okay, guys.
No questions, okay? No questions.
[man in video grunts]
You again! No!
Oh, hello there.
We all know what it's like to get
unwanted and unnecessary erections,
whether it's during your sleep,
at a disco, or kissing the girl
you've got a crush on for the first time.
Sleep for me.
How do you deal with the danger
of unexpected emissions
until you're ready
for procreating with your wife?
I'm here to tell you
about how a night of sex ruined my life.
Did me and my boyfriend use a condom?
Did it split?
Did my boyfriend tell me?
[man in video] Homosexual activities have
a much higher rate
of leading
to sexually transmitted diseases
such as herpes,
and AIDS.
Um, sir, this video is not talking
about safe sex at all.
It's just shaming gay people.
What do flying penises
have to do with STIs?
Remember, we're not asking questions.
We're just watching the video, so
- Why can't we ask questions?
- That's another question.
They're making valid points
about this video, which isn't informative.
It's just preaching abstinence
and homophobia,
which is dangerous,
and we're a bit old for flying penises.
- Stop saying "penis" to me.
- You can't put this on and expect us
Please, you're disrupting the class.
Get out.
- Seriously?
- Yes, seriously. Go.
He can't say "penis" in sex ed, sir?
I'm sorry, okay?
But I could lose my job
if I let you all ask me questions.
Just watch it, please.
I believe teenagers shouldn't have sex
because sex will ruin your life.
I went from having dreams
to having a six-month-old baby
that left me with a leaky bladder
and a baggy vagina.
Sorry, is the boys' class being taught
about pregnancy as well,
or is it just us girls?
It's just us, is it?
- Very progressive.
- [Hope] Quiet, Maeve.
After getting pregnant,
I had no choice but to leave school.
There are always choices.
- Women do not have to have children.
- [Hope] Enough!
[Maeve] We shouldn't be shamed
for having sexual desires.
You make sex sound terrifying,
but it doesn't have to be.
It can be fun and
beautiful and teach you things
about yourself and your body.
You should be telling us
how to do that safely.
Not telling us to refrain
because it doesn't fucking work.
Okay. Out, now.
[door opens]
- [woman] Right.
- [door closes]
Now we're going to watch
a video of me giving birth,
where you'll see that I tore
from my vagina to my arsehole.
[screaming in video]
[gasping, groaning]
Oh, your poor vagina!
[whimsical music playing]
Aren't you supposed to be in class?
Yeah, but my opinions on abstinence
weren't appreciated, so I got kicked out.
Yeah, me too.
We need to tell Hope she can't be
teaching this stuff. It's backwards.
- She's not gonna listen.
- We need to do something.
Like what?
I dunno.
Maybe we could help people like before.
You mean take their money?
That wasn't the only thing
the clinic was about.
What else was it about?
Anyway, I'm not getting involved anymore.
It's not my problem.
It's not your problem?
Why? Because you're too cool?
You don't need to care anymore?
You didn't wanna do the clinic either.
Yeah, you're right.
And now I remember why.
I'm going to the library.
- Okay. Bye.
- Bye.
- Hey!
- Hey.
- I've been looking all over for you.
- Huh?
Uh, do you wanna talk about it?
- Nope.
- [Jackson chuckles]
Let's get baked.
Sometimes me and Malek
don't use a condom. He pulls out.
I thought that if something went wrong,
I would just get the morning-after pill.
- That's okay, right? Yeah, that's okay.
- No, that's not okay!
We've just watched a woman push
something the size of a watermelon
out of her vagina.
Nothing's okay.
My rash could be syphilis, herpes, or HIV.
- I think I'm gonna die.
- [gasps]
Okay, we must never have sex again.
- Agreed.
- Understood.
[Emily imitating bird call]
Um, I could get in trouble for this,
but realistically, you'll have sex again.
What I just witnessed
would make Helen Brook roll in her grave.
So, for the love of God,
please talk about contraception
to a sexual health professional.
There's a sexual health clinic
on Mayfield Road. Mayfield Road.
Oh. Yeah, thanks. Bye.
- Where the fuck is Mayfield Road?
- Who the fuck is Helen Brook?
I think she was an advocate
for reproductive rights.
Ruby, please can we talk?
Not now, Otis!
I've got to go
and protect myself from your penis!
- There's a time and a place.
- Yeah.
[soothing music playing]
[short fart]
[yoga teacher] Okay, ladies.
Let's move onto our sides,
using a bolster to support
your beautiful, blooming bellies.
[yoga teacher] Let's breathe in
and out.
- [soothing music swells]
- [heartbeat pounding]
[yoga teacher] Taking a moment
for ourselves.
[yoga teacher] Breathe in
and out.
[music builds to crescendo]
[breathing heavily]
You okay?
Jakob is building a tree house.
He's building a tree house for the baby,
which is really lovely, right?
Yeah, that's lovely.
Then why
am I feeling like I can't breathe?
You're just feeling panicky.
It's okay. It's normal.
I thought this was the right thing to do
[sighs]for me, for the baby.
I didn't want to raise
another child alone,
and now
I'm feeling like I'm losing control.
[breathing heavily]
I think I've made a really bad decision.
What makes you think that?
Well, we have nothing in common, Maureen.
I mean,
I feel like
I'm having a baby with a stranger.
You know, Michael and I used to have
a lot in common.
Wanted the same things in life.
Nice house, babies, a dog. [chuckles]
But in the end, we had all those things
but no connection.
- Jakob adores you.
- [groans]
I know these changes are scary,
but I think that counts for a lot.
[breathes deeply]
Thank you.
["Stormy Weather" by Etta James playing]
I needed that.
Shall we go back inside?
Do we have to?
- Stinks of farts in there.
- [chuckles]
At least they're not my farts.
Don't know why ♪
There's no sun up in the sky ♪
Stormy weather ♪
Since my man and I ain't together ♪
Keeps raining all of the time ♪
Oh yeah ♪
Life is bare ♪
Gloom and misery everywhere ♪
Stormy weather ♪
Sentences need full stops.
[exhales] Sentences need full stops.
[boy] Oi!
Shut up!
I'm trying to concentrate.
Here are your books, Rahim.
And the, um
and the poems you wrote me.
Why did you keep them?
I don't know. [chuckles]
Just No one's
ever written me poetry before.
I wanted to remember it.
- Adam doesn't write you poetry?
- Sorry?
Sorry. No, it's just, um
No, Adam does not write me poetry.
Well, that's sad.
Poetry is magic.
Heard you were talking about magic.
No, we were talking about poetry.
- Yeah.
- Right.
Eric doesn't like poetry. That's why
he's giving you your books back.
I never said I didn't like poetry.
The poet Ariana Brown said
about our various selves
that they are
"all names you wear in harmony."
"Until you can't."
Was he taking the piss?
I don't know.
Why did you say I didn't like poetry?
Well, I didn't think that you did.
- Why do you care what he thinks?
- I don't.
- Why are you getting upset about it?
- I We're arguing again!
I think it will be good for us
to get some space when I'm in Nigeria.
- You wanna get away from me?
- Adam, you are so defensive!
No, no, no. You just said
that you wanna get away from me.
How am I supposed to feel?
- I don't have the energy to fight.
- Fine. Don't, then.
- Hello, Hope.
- Hi.
I wanted to talk about what happened
with the girls' and boys' lines.
I think it made
some students feel really uncomfortable.
Well, I'm not sure
school is supposed to be comfortable.
I think it's supposed to be hard.
And challenging.
I agree 100%.
But I wonder if students
might have space to be challenged
if they felt we were listening
to their concerns.
Okay. What do you suggest?
I was thinking of setting up
a student forum to hear direct feedback
from students about what they wanna see
implemented on campus.
This shows great initiative, Vivienne.
I'll be interested
to see what you discover.
In the meantime,
I'd like you to keep an eye
on your peers during the trip.
- So can I have your number, please?
- Yeah.
I'll text you.
[door closes]
Ah, Maeve.
Have you calmed down
since your little outburst
in Growth and Development?
Well, what was being taught is bollocks.
That spirited energy would be
better channeled into your education,
especially if we're going
to find the funding for the GTIP.
Sorry for saying bollocks.
You wanted to see me
about the trip? I can't go.
Your fees have been paid.
By who?
It was an anonymous payment.
I'm serious about the hair.
Change it immediately.
[indistinct announcement over PA]
Oh, Michael.
How are you? [chuckles nervously]
- I didn't think you liked Mexican food.
- I don't.
Not that I've tried it.
I'm just shopping for dinner.
My friend is cooking
[chuckles nervously]
[splutters] It's pronounced "fajitas."
I think you might like them.
How are you coping with everything?
I'm very, very
How's Adam?
Why don't you ask him yourself?
I haven't heard from him, so
I think he'd appreciate it
if you reached out to him.
You're his father.
It's not too late to fix things, you know?
[whimsical music playing]
The pull-out method can lead
to unwanted pregnancy
if your partner doesn't pull out in time
or sperm gets into your vagina.
It also puts you at greater risk
of getting or transmitting an STI.
Is your boyfriend putting pressure on you
not use a condom?
He says it makes it feel better for him.
How does it feel for you?
Like I can't enjoy the sex
'cause I'm scared of getting pregnant.
Well, that's no good for anyone, is it?
- [Olivia sighs]
- Now, tell me.
[nurse] Do you engage in unprotected sex?
Every film I've seen with a gay person
ends with them having sex
and dying of AIDS.
I don't wanna die.
So, yeah, I always use a condom.
So long as you and your partner,
or partners, are practicing safer sex,
getting tested regularly,
you're very unlikely to contract HIV.
There's a medication now called PrEP
that protects people from contracting HIV
if they are engaging
in frequent casual sex
in situations
that might be putting them at high risk.
And for those that do contract the virus,
there's medicines now
that enable them to live
a long and healthy life,
even get to the stage
where the virus is undetectable,
which means
it can't be passed on to somebody else.
So, I don't think
you're gonna be dying for a while yet.
Now have you changed your diet recently
or used any new detergents?
What about new condoms or lube?
[phone chimes]
Well, apparently, I'm allergic
to strawberry-flavored condoms.
Mm-hmm. And my boyfriend's a dickhead.
You gonna dump him?
No. I still love him, annoyingly.
Um, does he love you?
Yeah. Of course he does.
Ruby Matthews. You can come in now.
Otis doesn't love me.
What do you mean?
I told him that I loved him,
and he didn't say it back.
What did he say?
He said, "That's nice."
- [Anwar] What a dickhead.
- Everyone loves you.
I know. That's why I'm so confused.
I think I'm in the wrong place.
[whimsical music playing]
I couldn't decide
which of your favorite meals to make,
so I made them all.
Well, Joe did, but, um
I'm really trying here.
I can see that.
These chips are cold.
Well, you were late.
Yeah, well, I was cutting my hair.
New school rules.
- Looks nice.
- Thanks.
I think Anna paid for my France trip
without telling me.
- So you're going?
- I don't need charity from anyone.
Maeve, don't be proud.
Just go on the trip.
Don't tell me what to do.
So you're still angry at me, then?
That would be a lot easier
Than liking me?
Yeah, than liking you.
But you also fucked up.
Why did you do it?
I was threatened.
You just get me.
Like, we've both been through
so much of the same shit.
You understand me like nobody else does.
I didn't wanna give that up.
Well, I feel the same.
I'm truly, truly sorry.
You wanna know what I can feel?
[Maeve chuckles]
Well, I can't feel anything
below my level of injury.
If you put your hand on my chest,
I'll show you.
- Okay.
- I'll tell you when.
There you are.
[emotional music playing]
I can get hard.
I just need a little help.
Not that we're gonna do that yet.
would you be able to come or
Sort of, um
When I get touched
in the places that I can feel
it can get a little intense.
[emotional music continues]
Please may I take your T-shirt off?
There you go. Just like magic.
- Well, I feel somewhat exposed.
- [chuckles]
[clears throat]
Now we're equal.
Well, where do you like to be touched?
Above the waist.
I'm quite into my ears being touched.
- Please may I touch your ears?
- [both chuckle]
[smoke detector beeping]
That would be the other lasagna.
[Maeve chuckles]
Thanks for inviting me over.
I've been wanting to talk
because I know
why you're angry with me.
And I wanted to say
I've been having an amazing time with you,
and I do really like you.
Mm, you like me?
I like you a lot.
But you don't love me.
I just have to say that in my own time.
And I don't feel that way right now.
That's not to say I won't.
I just don't at the moment.
I've never said that to anyone.
I'm sorry.
We haven't been dating for that long,
and I don't know
if you actually lov e me love me.
I introduced you to my dad.
I've never introduced anyone
to him before.
Well, we could still keep hanging out
like we are.
You need to go.
[emotional music playing]
Do you mean go just now or go for good?
For good.
[door opens, closes]
[sniffles, whimpers]
[Olivia] One sec.
[whimsical music playing]
- [groans] Can't I just pull out?
- Do you wanna have a baby with me?
I mean, not until I've gone to uni
and I've got a job.
Mm, yeah. Well, put a condom on, then.
[phone chimes]
["What Cha Get"
by Angel and the Mambokats playing]
Uh, I gotta go. I gotta go.
Oh! This is incredible!
Mm. The balance of flavors
and the hint of fire.
It's so different!
- How was your day, Michael?
- Bumped into Maureen.
And she asked me how I was,
and we spoke about Adam briefly.
Mm. And then, just as she was leaving,
she said something about
it never being too late to fix things,
and then she touched my arm.
That's major! She wants you back!
Colin, that's not our business.
Unless that's something you want?
Well, you have to let her know
before it's too late.
Make a gesture.
Oh, send her a fruit basket.
- She's not in hospital, Colin.
- Helium balloon.
- Or five years old.
- Hot air balloon.
Way too much.
I think
she would appreciate something personal.
Something meaningful to your relationship.
Women like to feel like
they've been heard.
[Michael] Mm.
Ah, bleh, bleh.
[door closes]
Hello, darling.
- Hey.
- Nice day?
It was okay.
They're teaching us abstinence
in school now.
- What?
- [distant banging]
- What's Jakob doing?
- Building a tree house.
[door opens]
It's looking good, Jakob.
Do you need some help?
Yeah, come here.
[groans] If you hold this one like that.
You take this one.
- [Otis] Okay.
- And I hold here.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
I just hurt someone really badly,
and I kinda feel like shit.
Did you do it on purpose?
Ruby wanted me to say I loved her.
But I didn't feel the same.
You did the right thing.
I don't know.
She was really upset.
people deserve your whole heart, Otis.
If you can't give them that,
it's better they know.
It's the kinder thing to do.
[sentimental music playing]
[knocking at door]
Come on.
[knocking at door]
These are for you.
Oh. [chuckles]
Thank you. [splutters] Why?
Well, you said
it's not too late to fix things,
and I know we broke up
because I didn't want mangoes
I meant fix things between you and Adam.
But, Michael, we didn't break up
because you didn't want mangoes.
Then why did we?
- [man] Maureen! Everything okay?
- Um
Who's that?
It's, uh
I'm seeing someone new.
Right. Good.
- [chuckles]
- [Michael] Sorry. Uh
Well, congratulations.
Thank you. [chuckles]
["Mysterious Power"
by Ezra Furman & the Harpoons]
God, I am nothing but a boy in my room ♪
But when I stand at the windowsill
I look at the moon ♪
And I know something is rising
To another dimension ♪
Going out of my mind
Way across the midwestern expanses ♪
It dances out under the stars ♪
It's a prayer, and it's there
When I'm riding in cars ♪
And when I'm listening to music
When I'm watching TV ♪
I don't know how to say it
I get down on my knees ♪
I say no, no, don't fall through ♪
I need you ♪
Call me up right now ♪
I'd call you, but I don't know how ♪
Oya, shake body ♪
Oya, move body ♪
Make you ring alarm ♪
Oya, shake body ♪
Them girls just, dey feel me now
Cause I get money, them dey feel me now ♪
Back then, they do me anyhow
I don't get money, they wanna get down ♪
Them want hold me for ransom ♪
'Cause I'm young
And I'm rich and I'm handsome ♪
Somunto, kalopere, kalopere, kalopere ♪
All the blessings and love I dey see
Just dey make me dey shout hallelujah ♪
I say all the blessings
And love I dey see ♪
Just dey make me dey shout hallelujah ♪
They hold me for ransom
'Cause I'm young ♪
[stone rattles]
Adam! You know
you can ring the doorbell now. We go out!
Yeah, but I can't stay, I can't stay,
so can you come down?
Okay. Come to the front door.
[sucks teeth]
[door opens]
Hey. I I'm sorry I lost my temper. I
I know.
I know. It's just, I
I just wish you wouldn't get jealous.
I chose you.
I, uh
I don't want us to have space
'cause I love you.
I love you too.
[Adam laughs]
["La Ballade Des Gens Heureux"
by Gérard Lenorman playing]
Hi there. What's Ooh.
[indistinct chattering]
Glad to see
you took my advice seriously, Maeve.
Something tells me
you don't take advice from anyone, Cal.
- Your uniform's still shabby.
- I don't understand why it's a problem.
Perhaps you can attend
Vivienne's student forum next week
and raise your concerns there.
Do keep me updated on the trip, please.
[Jackson] Vivienne's forum?
- You didn't tell her it was my idea?
- Didn't come up.
Miss, how how did I do on the test?
You got a D.
You'll have to stay in the same set.
Please don't be disheartened. Keep trying.
What's the point?
I'm not good at anything.
Everyone's good at something, Adam.
Maybe start by thinking about
the things you like doing.
I'm I'm quite good at pretending
I'm Gandalf in Lord of the Rings.
But that's a start.
Excuse me, sir.
- Hey.
- All right.
Over to you two, then.
I'm trusting you
to maintain some discipline.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- You betcha.
[song continues playing]
[both laughing]
[song continues]
Okay! Let's go to France, motherfuckers!
Sorry, sorry.
[Colin] France!
Yo! [whooping]
[song continues]
[song ends]
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