Sex Education (2019) s04e01 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 1

- Ooh ♪
- Don't talk, just hold me closer ♪
- Ooh ♪
- Let me sit on top of your knee ♪
- Ooh ♪
- Go ahead ♪
And take care of business for me ♪
For me, for me ♪
- Ooh ♪
- Oh Lord ♪
- Don't keep me waitin' ♪
- Ooh ♪
- Be as firm as can be ♪
- Ooh ♪
- Go ahead ♪
And take care of business for me ♪
- For me, for me ♪
- Ooh ♪
- And in all my life ♪
No one has touched me so close ♪
- Ooh ♪
- Nor made me feel so sweet ♪
- Mmm!
- Ooh ♪
- I say to you, you are God's gift ♪
- To all womanhood ♪
Take it from me, take it from me ♪
Hi, I forgot the sock. Sorry.
- Ooh ♪
- You know, you know ♪
- That I love you truly ♪
- And I want the whole round world ♪
- To see ♪
- How you can take care of business ♪
For me, for me ♪
- You know, you know that I love you ♪
- Lather it up
- Voilà.
- And I want ♪
- [ROOMMATE] Oh yeah!
- The whole world to see ♪
- Ooh ♪
- How you can take care ♪
- [ROOMMATE] Oh yeah! Oh yeah!
Of business for me, for me ♪
- For me ♪
- [ROOMMATE] Oh! Oh! Oh!
- [ROOMMATE] Oh God! Oh yeah! Oh! Oh!
[OTIS] Morning.
- Morning, darling.
- [OTIS] Hello, Joy.
You are making a noise this morning.
Hello, hello. What's up?
- [MIMICKING] Bwaaaaah!
Yes, you are.
Come on. Oh, what's the matter?
Hey, Mum.
- You all right?
- I forgot why I opened the fridge.
[CHUCKLES] You're dressed.
You going somewhere today?
I didn't tell you? I've
got a job interview.
It's to host a new radio show about sex.
Well, do you think it's a good idea?
- To be going back to work?
- Oh
Oh, it's just cabbage
leaves. It's all right.
I, uh
I've got a blocked duct.
- They help.
- Okay, well
I just think it might be a bit soon.
I had a baby, darling. Not a lobotomy.
- My agent thinks it's a good opportunity.
Oh, bollocks.
Do you mind popping to the shop with Joy
while I'm gone and picking some up?
Maybe some wet wipes,
and I'll send you a list.
Well, actually, Mum, it's my first
day at the new school, remember?
- What, today?
- Uh-huh.
- I totally forgot.
- Yeah, I should get going.
- But if you need me to stay
No, we'll be fine. Don't be silly.
We'll be fine! I'm fine!
We'll be fine.
- Bye.
- Bye. Don't worry.
- Morning.
- [ERIC] Good morning.
[OTIS] Wow, that's a new one.
- You look amazing.
- Thank you look tired.
What were you up all night doin'?
Hey. Heeeey!
- Uh-huh!
- Uh-huh!
- Uh-huh!
- Uh-heeeey!
Very profesh.
- So it's my new free
- Uh-huh.
totally transparent
sex therapy clinic.
- Ah!
- You were right.
I don't wanna give up helping people.
And I know it sounds silly, but
I think therapy is my calling.
[ERIC LAUGHS] Oh-ho-ho!
- Oh, I'm so proud of you.
- Thanks, man.
[ERIC] Aww! Come on.
- I am shitting myself.
- Why?
Well, what if people think
that we're losers again?
We're not.
We're literally different people now.
We're confident. We know who we are.
- Mmm.
- We're the cool guys.
[CAL] This is my voice
six months on testosterone.
List of pros. My eyebrows
are bushier. [CHUCKLES]
I have some facial hair
coming in, which feels amazing.
Shoulders getting broader.
Cons. Still sweating a lot
and have some dry skin patches.
My sex drive is out of control.
- I've waited hours for this ♪
- I've made myself so sick ♪
- [GASPING] Oh! Whew! Ooh!
- I wish I'd stayed asleep today ♪
- I never thought this day would end ♪
I never thought
tonight could ever be ♪
This close to me ♪
Three point five.
Had better.
Ooh! [SIGHS]
- Aah!
We might
need to start gettin'
- the bus.
So I was texting Maeve.
- She sent me a nude.
- What?
- [YELLS] Oatcake! Oh my God! That's huge!
- I haven't responded yet.
- Are you mad?
- Stop yelling!
- No! You have to send one back.
- There's sexting etiquette!
- Yeah
- You can't leave her hanging.
- Okay! I know! I know! I've
I took a load of pictures.
And I just didn't
send any. I hated them.
- I don't like nudes. I I feel anxious
- Oh my God. I don't get it.
I send dick pics all
the time. No big deal.
Who are you sending them to?
Oh, I've been on a
couple of dating apps!
But all the hot, interesting
people live so far away.
But there's this gay
night at the Labour Club.
- You wanna come? Be my wingman?
- Sure.
- Yay!
- Yeah, I will come.
But what should I wear?
Um, preferably something
without baby sick.
Do I have b Ugh! Why
didn't you say anything?
- Because it's very funny.
- No, it's not!
- It's dripping down my back!
- Wow!
- Wow!
[ERIC] Oh my God!
- [OTIS] Hmm!
- [ERIC] Aha!
- [OTIS] Hah!
- [ERIC] A-hey!
[OTIS] Heh!
- It's like Amsterdam.
- [ERIC] But in space.
[OTIS] And everyone seems happy.
- Hi.
- Hi.
And queer.
[SWEETLY] No stopping in the bike lane.
Super queer.
- [MIMICS] "No stopping in the bike lane."
- [MOCKING] "Wah wah wah!"
Come on!
- Oh my God, Aimee!
- Hey!
Hiya, crumpets.
- [AIMEE] I haven't seen you in
- Oh my gosh!
This is a no-car zone.
- Where am I supposed to park, then?
- There's a car park across the road.
- Um
- Uh, she was rude.
- Yes! [LAUGHS]
Are you okay?
- Yes. Yeah.
- Yeah? [LAUGHS]
- I mean, thank you for saving my life!
- I'll see you around.
- Bye.
Well. Ruby's back.
[ERIC] Aah.
I wonder where Anwar and Olivia
are. They usually move as a pack.
I think they went to Taylor's
Secondary in Northbury.
- Don't you usually have a car?
- Yeah, I do.
I let a family of squirrels live in it,
and now it's having loads of repairs.
[OTIS] Shall we?
[ERIC] The time has come.
- Come on, Eric.
- I know.
- [OTIS] Gonna be late.
- I'm coming.
- [BOY] Whoo!
- Well, this is different.
Oh my God! Is that a slide?
[OTIS] This is kind of cool.
- [ERIC] Apparently, it's
all student-led. - Yes!
Look at that!
- Right. I could say that
- Yeah.
Have you played before?
My God. And all the gays, everywhere.
Starting a new school
in the middle of the year
is statistically very bad.
That's why me and
Eugene called things off.
We need to focus and stay
serious about the future.
Can I have all the Moordale
students over here, please?
- Okay. Hello, everyone.
- [RUBY] Car park's miles away.
- Can't do that every day. Not in heels.
- Sh, sh. Don't interrupt the Coven.
Hello. Welcome to Cavendish
College. My name is Abbi.
This is Aisha and my boyfriend, Roman.
And we're your sixth form reps.
We have got some tablets
to hand out to you all.
[AIMEE] Ooh, that's a bit fancy.
You will find your schedule, uh,
on our social media platform, Dolly.
It doesn't look like
I'm in the top sets.
How do you rank your students?
We don't.
We believe if one person does
well, then we all do well.
- [AIMEE] Aww!
- We have mock exams.
That makes zero sense.
- Why don't we talk about it later?
- But it doesn't make sense.
Anyway, grab your Cavendish tote
bags and your reusable water bottles.
Then I'll take you on a
little tour. Follow me!
There's daily meditation, silent discos,
sound baths, and yoga on offer
'cause we believe your
mental health matters.
[ABBI] Oh, and Cavendish
is a gossip-free zone.
Talking behind each other's backs
is not a healthy learning environment.
We encourage students
to help with cleaning, gardening,
and community fundraising.
Our motto is, "Why be mean
when you could be green?"
- Christ.
Our facilities are
obviously gender-neutral.
We just want everyone to feel
comfortable in themselves.
Awake, and see that people are sleeping.
It's time to bang your drum
and make them open their eyes.
Speakers' Corner is here for students
to express themselves
freely at any time.
Your voice matters to Cavendish,
and we wanna hear from you.
Does anyone have any questions?
Hi. Yeah. Um, I want to
set up a service on campus.
Who should I speak with?
No one. I suggest booking
a room and making it happen.
- I'm Otis.
- And I'm Eric.
I'm doing a free sex
therapy service on campus.
- Free sex therapy today.
- Lunchtime. Please pop down.
- [ERIC] Free sex therapy.
- [OTIS] One for you
- Complete confidentiality. No?
- [OTIS] Just keep it. Just keep it.
Erectile dysfunction? No?
- This guy is the walking Kama Sutra.
- Hello.
If you have discharge, vaginismus
Oh, look. It's my favorite
person. And the sparkly Pied Piper.
- Aww!
- What are you doing here, Isaac?
I started last term.
Finishing my A-levels.
You should check out Otis's clinic.
It's completely free.
On the first floor.
With all due respect, I won't
be talking to you about my penis.
- Fine.
- The school's paperless, by the way.
- No! No, no, no!
- Yes! Yes!
That's my whole promotional plan!
Otis, we cannot be seen as tree killers.
Please remember to recycle.
- Oh my God. I'm so sorry. I'm so
- No worries. No worries.
Do you need help settin'
up at your clinic today?
No, I should be fine.
They prefer it sort of one-on-one.
- Keeps it anonymous.
- Mmm.
- You gonna be okay on your own?
- Yeah! Yeah, course.
- I'll see you later. Mmm!
- Cool.
Oh, remember to reply to Maeve.
It'll be awkward if you don't.
- I know.
- Just send her your dick.
- Shut up.
- Just send it. Root to tip.
- Get in the toilet.
- Shut up.
- Have a little rub. Okay?
- Eric!
Oh God! Sorry.
Oh, for fuck's sake!
- That didn't sound good. Are we stuck?
- Yep.
[SIGHS] They've got enough
money for a meditation room,
but not for a lift that works.
- I've complained so many times.
You don't remember me, do you?
Maeve's sort of ex.
Sorry. I'm good with names, not faces.
- What class are you off to?
- Art.
- Same.
- I switched from history.
I've never done art,
but I'm reading this book
that says art can help process trauma,
and I'm on a healing journey, so
Oh, is that why you do art?
To process trauma?
'Cause you're disabled.
Yes, I'm looking to find catharsis
from the daily emotional
torture of being in a wheelchair
through the magical outlet of painting.
So, it helps?
I don't need anything to help,
because I'm actually
very happy with my life.
I do art because I like painting.
But thank you very much
for your ableist projection.
- Did I just say the wrong thing?
Kind of wish I'd taken the stairs.
Me too.
- Yeah.
- Colorful.
Yeah, yeah.
[YELPS] Headmaster Groff!
Sor Um
You just
uh scared me.
"Mr. Groff" is fine.
I'm substitute teaching
now. It's my first day.
Did Adam start today as well?
I don't know.
Um, we're we're not
really friends anymore.
Very good.
[GIRL 1] I'm still debating
- Oh yeah.
- [GIRL 2] I really want
- Uh, do you want
- Uh just
- Take a
- Seat.
- Mm-hmm.
- Uh, yeah.
All right, maybe, maybe.
[ERIC] Hey.
Let's take the register
We sign in with Dolly, sir.
Is that the school receptionist?
No, it's this
Um Mmm. Uh
I assume you're all
familiar with algebra.
- And algebraic equations
- [ABBI] Sir.
- [MICHAEL] Huh?
- It's a projector screen.
So, um, you will need
to be able to expand
productions of algebraic expressions
and factorize quadratic expressions.
Excuse me, sir. My tablet isn't working.
Can we just wait a second? I
really don't wanna get behind.
Um, I'll take notes for you.
It's fine.
So I thought it would be a good idea
to do a refresher on
completing the square.
[GIRL] Like, I am a huge fan.
He's a visionary.
I just can't believe he
wrote this when he was 25.
He's a mad genius.
I heard his last intern got
selected for the Growcott Prize.
- What intern?
- Oh, Maeve. You're so naive sometimes.
Every year he chooses
someone to be his intern.
He mentors them, and they
almost always get published.
- We all know Tyrone's gonna get it.
[ROOMMATE] Hey, what about me?
[MAN] So
How many of you wanna be writers?
How many of you are thinking
about writing your novel already?
Okay. So here are some home truths.
Only a handful of you will be
talented enough to write well,
and even fewer of you will write
anything that will earn you any money.
- [GIRL] Sorry, sir.
In future, if you are late to
this class, you will not be let in.
I think they had you read my
book, Blood on a Rainbow Maze.
Any thoughts?
I think it's your masterpiece.
It's so vibrant, an incendiary
allegory for unregulated capitalism.
Do you disagree?
No. No, I liked it.
I, uh I preferred your
first novel, Night Tales.
I thought the relationship
between the mother and the son was
really complicated and quite moving.
Not many people have read
that book. And you're right.
Rainbow Maze is a pile of shit compared.
Although the critics seem to like it.
But with Night Tales,
it was actually quite a
painful experience to write,
but I believe that writing is
supposed to cost us something.
So as you begin to explore your
ideas for these novels in my class,
I want to remind you that
this will not be easy.
We'll be reading your first
chapters in the next class.
Okay, let's move on.
- What do we mean when we talk Ahem.
- [WHISPERS] Sorry.
- Mm-hmm.
- [WHISPERS] Can I see that for a sec?
- Yeah.
- Thank you so much.
- Now, where was I?
[TEACHER] Great eyes.
- Lovely detail.
- [BOY] Thanks.
I love the way you're
playing with form and light.
That's very nice.
Oh, that's interesting.
What is it?
It's boobs.
So it is.
Remember, you don't
have to be so literal.
- That's good.
- [GIRL] Thanks, miss.
[TEACHER] Very sensual.
Right there.
Lovely texture.
Ooh, I like that.
Keep going. Yes! Yes!
May I be excused?
What's wrong with you? Oh fuck.
- Hello.
- [JEAN] Hello, Maureen. Hi.
Uh, I know it's a long shot,
but you wouldn't be able to
take Joy for a couple of hours?
- Would you?
- Oh, Jean, I'd love to,
but I've got my self-defense class,
and I'm getting a belt today, so
- Any other time, I'd be there in a flash.
- All right, well, um, thanks anyway.
It was short notice.
- Is everything all right?
- Yeah!
Yeah. No, I'm fine. It's all good.
Okay, thanks. I'd better run. Bye.
Oh, okay. Bye.
I picked up these from
the Jobcentre for you.
Adam, I respect your decision
to not go back to school.
It isn't for everyone.
But you can't sit around
all day eating cereal
and looking at pictures
of your ex-boyfriend.
Hi, sir. I'm so sorry about my
phone. It won't happen again, promise.
- Maeve Wiley, right?
- Yeah.
I heard your application was impressive.
Look forward to reading your chapter.
- [TYRONE] He knew about your application.
- [MAEVE] He also threw my phone out.
- Who was calling you, anyway?
- My mum.
Oh, nice that she checks up on you.
- Are you close?
- Not really, no.
- She's a drug addict.
- Your mum is a drug addict?
Well, you're gonna
have so much cool stuff
to write about for this class.
I don't think you can say that.
I don't think I agree with the whole
"writing should cost you something."
Feel like stories can just be stories.
I found it.
Hypothetically speaking, if
you'd sent an intimate picture
to the person you're kind of dating,
and they hadn't replied,
what would you do?
[BOTH] Dump him.
I can't. He's not
technically my boyfriend.
Ghost him, then.
But what if he's ghosting her?
[SIGHS] Okay.
Hey, yah! ♪
My boyfriend wants to talk ♪
- My boyfriend talks too much ♪
- Hey, yah! ♪
Too much about our love ♪
- Our love is not enough ♪
- Hey ♪
Please take a seat. Please, take a seat.
My boyfriend wants to talk ♪
How can I help? How
can I help you today?
- My boyfriend talks too much ♪
- Are you listening to me? ♪
- Too much about our love ♪
You know, I just love you so much ♪
- Our love is not enough ♪
- Hey ♪
- Yah! ♪
- What do you mean? ♪
- He's just a ♪
- Repeat ♪
[WOMAN] The thing is, our
ratings are going down.
Nothing dramatic. It's
just everyone's listening
to "podcasts" these days.
So we really need this show to
be a little on the spicier side,
um, you know, to hook in new listeners.
So, do you have any ideas?
Well, yes.
My sessions with my clients
can be really quite dramatic,
so I was thinking that we could
recreate that one-on-one atmosphere,
- but live on air.
- Katie! What? Why? You okay?
- Oh.
She she asked me to watch her
kid, but now it won't stop crying.
[JEAN] Sorry. I couldn't find childcare.
- [INTERVIEWER] Oh, no worries.
So, is it just gonna
be a basic call-in show?
Uh, no, no, no. Not
not basic at all, actually.
Uh it could be really unfiltered, raw,
and, well, potentially
Oh, sorry.
- Do you wanna do this another time?
- No. No, this is perfect. Perfect timing.
Actually, what I was
trying to say is, uh
There you go.
What I was trying to say is that, um
you know, listening to real
people's sexual problems
can be quite, you know, quite exciting.
Wildly exciting.
And it can even demystify the
listeners' own relationships.
And that's something I'm quite
committed to in my in my work.
- I love it.
- Oh.
Yeah! Look, I loved your
book. I I dig your vibe.
Um Can you start this week?
Um Sorry.
Um, I didn't know that
it would be so quick.
See, Joy is only eight weeks old, and
Do you think you could
give me more time?
No. We have to fill the
slot. This is a now thing.
- We can keep you in mind for another time.
- No. I can start immediately.
Great! What a rollercoaster.
- Great.
- [LAUGHS] It's great.
Thank you.
[BOY] Abbi said she liked my trousers.
[GIRL] I heard the Coven
say that corduroy is in now.
- probably orange.
- [BOY] Good idea.
[GIRL] What do you reckon?
[ABBI] Actually, I think
I'll go for ginger this time.
You know, I do love
"I am here. I am enough. I am
learning to be a better person."
- Honestly, do we not Hello!
- Hey!
- How are you today?
- Hungry!
[BOY] Have you had a good
Oh, you're so gorgeous, babe.
- Yeah. Uh
- [MAN] Yes?
- No, I'm fine. Yeah.
- [MAN] Okay.
- Thanks. Yeah.
- [MAN] No worries. What can I get you?
[AIMEE] Mmm I'll
have the burger, please.
I like lentils, but they
give me really runny poos.
[BOY] Every day!
This is a bit awkward, but
this is Abbi's favorite seat.
She loves the view.
Oh, well, I'm fine here, thanks.
I told her this is your seat.
Don't be silly. It's fine.
We'll sit somewhere else today.
I mean, I could move.
Or I could just stay sitting
here and hang out with you guys.
Hey, you're the girl with the car.
Have you considered getting a bike?
- It's so much greener.
- Yeah.
I'll think about it.
I love your coat. Where did you get it?
Thank you. I actually made it.
Anyway, enjoy your lunch and the view.
We all escaped ♪
From somewhere else ♪
To the cruel, cruel city ♪
Where the asphalt melts ♪
In the heat of our anger ♪
- Which finds no release ♪
In the lab rat maze ♪
Of ever-narrowing streets ♪
It's no surprise ♪
We've got blood in our eyes ♪
We've been alone too long ♪
- No, it's been
We belong together ♪
- With our weapons drawn ♪
- Hey, Savior. Come sit with us.
- Get out the way.
- Cool, thank you.
This guy literally
saved my life earlier.
- You're such a little hero.
- Aww! [LAUGHS]
It was nothing! [CHUCKLES]
- How are you finding Cavendish so far?
- Um
It's really different,
but it's very friendly.
Were people not friendly
at your old school?
Oh, no. No, no, no, no,
they they weren't.
Well, that's sad.
It takes so much more energy
to be negative than positive.
- Mmm!
- What is your star sign?
Oh, um, I'm a Virgo.
When were you born, and at what time?
Oh my God, yes. You have to get Aisha
to do your full chart.
She is incredible.
[ERIC] Wh Oh! Um
Oh, I don't know. I'm
gonna have to ask my mum.
Sorry, what what was that?
- Aisha needs to see your lips.
- Oh, sorry. Sorry.
- Sorry.
- Don't worry. It's fine.
I said I'll have to ask my mum.
- Let me know.
- I will do.
- Hey.
- Hi.
OMG! I forgot to tell you guys.
I found out that Ms.
Masters is on Tinder.
I bet you she is a Libra.
[ABBI] Remember, Aisha, no gossiping.
We're gonna donate the money to charity.
I mean, absolutely. I hate gossipin'.
Where's your friend, the
guy you were with earlier?
Okay, uh
Um, he [LAUGHS]
is setting up a sex
therapy clinic on campus.
[LAUGHS] No, I know it
sounds very weird, but, like,
he has just got a
gift for giving advice.
And he knows about O, right?
Ooh, hi. Hi. Welcome.
Take a seat. How can I help you?
Sorry, I'm looking for O.
There is no need to apologize.
Many women struggle to reach
orgasm. Please take a seat.
No, O, the other sex therapist.
[OTIS] What?
- Otis! Otis! Okay [WHEEZING]
- Otis! No! Otis!
- Eric. Eric!
Otis! Otis!
- Sh!
- Otis! Otis!
I think there is another
sex therapist on campus.
What? That
that's what I was coming to tell you.
- [GIRL] I know, really.
- I'm just
- I can't help
- It is a lot!
- going out with
- Okay, he is obviously a hack.
Probably just taking
people's money, like Sex King.
I need to I need to
tell him to shut it down.
[YELPS] Oh my God,
Otis! Look, free cookies.
- Actually, they're carob bites.
- What's your name?
- Timothy.
- Timothy. Nobody was asking you.
isn't just sex, right?
- [GIRL] What?
- [BOY] Yeah.
Okay, what's this?
You need an appointment
if you want to speak to O.
You need an appointment
to change your attitude.
[ERIC] Look. Oh my God.
- There's a free slot Friday at 12:00.
- Yeah. That's four days away.
Yeah, well, I guess he's
very popular, Oatcake.
I've just had a cancelation.
Would you like to come in?
- He's a she.
- Mmm.
[WHISPERS] She knows your name.
Come in, Otis.
I saw you handin' out
flyers about your new clinic.
Seems you wanna set up
a similar thing to me,
so I thought it might be good to chat.
Yeah. Uh well, I was
wondering what your setup is here.
Well, I just talk to
people, offer my advice.
Please, take a wee seat.
- Yeah, get yourself comfy.
- Thanks.
I'm not I'm not a
very natural floor sitter.
So, when did you come
up with all this, then?
[CHUCKLES] I started
off making little videos
about sex and relationships,
and I put them online.
And then, I discovered the joy of
connecting to people face-to-face.
You've got a little stain on your back.
- It's sick. My mum's just had a baby.
- Oh,
Congratulations. I'm a
big fan of your mum's work.
That must be quite an
adjustment for you, though.
Having a newborn at home.
Is she a single parent?
- Well, yeah, but how how did
- I just say it 'cause you seem tired.
Like you've been helpin'
out a lot at home.
Joy was the baby was premature.
And my mum has gone through a breakup.
Now she wants to work again,
which is crazy, because
she is clearly overwhelmed.
- And so I'm
- Worried?
- Anyone you can ask for help?
You know, I'm not here to talk
about my personal troubles.
We need to discuss the
- The, uh
- Is it bad news?
No. It's the girl I'm seeing.
- She's in America. She's coming home soon.
- Ah.
- Have you had a fight?
- No.
Uh, I mean I mean, I don't know.
She sent me a text, and I didn't
respond, and now she's annoyed at me.
But can we please just get
back to talking about
Why didn't you respond?
It just seems a bit dickish
to leave her waiting.
She wanted me to send a nude.
That's illegal if you're under 18.
I would not survive in prison.
And is that the only reason
why you haven't replied?
Well, I did take some pictures,
and I wasn't very happy
with the way I looked in them.
Okay, well, many men
struggle with body image.
Taking photographs can feel confronting,
but could it be that you're afraid?
Maybe you're afraid of
allowing yourself to be intimate
when you're not sure
when she's coming back,
or if she's coming back at all?
- She is coming back.
- Okay.
Well, I don't think it's viable
- to have two sex therapy clinics.
Otis, I'm afraid that's actually
all we have time for today.
Um, no. No, because this
was not an appointment.
We need to discuss what we're
gonna do about our clinics.
I was here first, so I don't
really have to do anything.
- Well, I'm the original sex therapist, so
- The original?
- You have clearly stolen my idea.
- I haven't stolen anything, Otis.
Women do have brains of their own.
But good luck with your clinic.
I hope it works out for
you. Thanks for droppin' in.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Did you tell her she was a hack?
[STAMMERS] Hmm. Okay.
Oh my God! She has got
thousands of followers.
[OTIS] Well, then.
Hey, everyone. O here.
Thanks for joining me again on
this week's episode of Myth Busters,
where we're gonna talk about the hymen.
Popping your cherry.
I wanna make it clear
that there is no such thing
as popping your cherry.
- She's just like you!
Except she's doin' it on a
much bigger and better scale.
- which comes in all shapes and sizes
- And she's like
- She's famous.
- She's stolen my idea.
Mmm, I dunno. She has had
a page for a while now.
And her advice wasn't even that helpful.
She said I'm afraid
to send Maeve my nudes
because I'm scared
she's not coming back.
Ah! When is she comin' back?
I don't know. That's
not the point, Eric.
I'm not I'm not scared of anything.
In fact, I'm going to
send my nudes right now.
Oh my gosh. Ooh la la.
Not that one.
- How do you feel?
- So chill.
Really chill.
- Where are you going?
- To tell people about my clinic.
Wait. Wait!
Because public speaking
isn't your strong suit.
Do you remember your party?
Otis, I think that you just
need to think about this.
She is not stealing my clinic.
[GIRL] chocolate or cotton.
A healthy environment needs bees.
- And without bees, we'd all be
- I'm gonna go next.
I love bees.
Just remember to talk
slowly. And don't dance, okay?
- Never dance.
- Okay.
- Hi. Hi, I'm Eric.
I'm Eric.
- That's Otis.
- [OTIS] Hello!
[CLEARS THROAT] Hi, everyone.
Um, I'm Otis Milburn.
I'm new here. I'm with the
whole Moordale Secondary team.
- Yeah!
- Thank you.
I wanted to let you know
a little bit about myself.
So, uh, I'm 17 years old,
and I spend a lot of my
free time thinkin' about sex.
In fact, I live and breathe
sex all day, every day.
I think he's doing, like, a
sex addict confession thing.
Okay. Now, then. That came out wrong.
What I meant to say
thinking about sex
comes very naturally to me
because I learned everything
I know about sex from my mum.
- Jesus.
- Oh.
- [GIRL] This is dark.
- [BOY] Jesus.
We're here for you.
- You're brave for sharing.
- No. Wait, no.
That's not what I
Please, no, don't clap.
- No, no, no. No, no.
- [BOY] Yeah!
I'm not in a sexual
relationship with my mother.
I know that's what it sounded like.
I'm not. I promise. That'd be ugh!
But I am interested in the subject
because of her and what she gives me
For goodness' sake! Just tell
them you're a sex therapist!
Yes, I am.
Okay. Okay. I'm gonna start again.
I am a student sex therapist.
And what I was trying to say before
is that I learned to be a good therapist
because I grew up with my mum,
who is also a sex therapist.
It's my calling.
I have decided to set up my clinic here
and share my knowledge with you all.
Micro USB. Yes, very nice.
Thank you. Ooh, it worked. Ta-da!
We have a sex therapist already.
I know you do.
And I don't know how,
but she has stolen my idea.
And between me and O,
you should come to me,
because I am the original and the best.
- What do you mean she stole it?
Well, she
I'll get back to you.
One sec. Go away, text.
- Aah. Aaah!
- [ERIC] Oh my God!
[OTIS] That's not me! [LAUGHS]
Wow! Okay.
Thank you for listening. I'm
Otis. I'm a sex therapist
- I
- [PHONE] Bluetooth connected.
Bluetooth? Oh my God!
Oh my God. Okay. Cover your eyes.
- Cover your eyes!
- [OTIS] Go away! Stop!
Why is his penis flaccid?
Go away. Oh God. [CHUCKLES]
Why are his pubes shaved like that?
Cover your eyes.
[YELPS] Stop! Don't look.
That's incredibly embarrassing.
Please. Uh
- Oh God.
- Can someone help turn off the projector?
For the love of God,
please. Quickly. Quickly.
Thank you, Bee Lady.
Thanks for listening.
And I'll see you at
my clinic. Hopefully.
Jesus Christ.
[ERIC] Wait for me!
[YELPS] Tell me those
photos didn't send to Maeve.
[GASPS] Get inside. Sit down.
- They didn't.
- Hallelujah. Hallelujah, praise the Lord.
- Did that really just happen?
- Yes.
- Is everyone talking about me?
- Yes, but this college is weird.
Nobody's saying anything mean.
They all just feel sorry for you.
- Oh God!
Why was your penis flaccid?
People are more into
pictures of hard dicks.
Erect just felt aggressive.
Also, why were your pubes
shaved in that strange pattern?
- Why was the camera so far away, Oatcake?
- I just
I over-shaved the right. And I was
trying to capture natural light.
I can't believe this is happening.
No one's gonna come and have
therapy with Creepy Pube Man.
Hi, I need a therapy session.
Uh, come in.
- [CAL] Ahem.
Oh, uh, yes, I will go.
- [CAL] Oh.
- I will go. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
Have a good session.
Oh, God bless you.
- [CAL] Ahem.
- Ahem.
Ah. Um
How can I help you?
I just had an orgasm.
Um, good for you.
It wasn't great. It was very strange.
It happened now, in the middle of
college, after I saw your photos.
- [CHUCKLES] Uh, well, I'm flattered.
- No, I don't think you understand.
I'm not remotely attracted to you.
And your nudes were profoundly unsexy.
I started taking
testosterone six months ago.
The doctor warned me it could
feel like a second puberty.
But now I'm horny all the time.
Like, everything turns me on.
I jerked off twice this morning.
Art class made me feel
like I was gonna get off,
and then I saw your penis, and boom.
- Fu
- Of course.
Inexplicably, I came. So, I don't know.
I don't wanna stop taking T, but
I feel like I'm losing control,
and I don't wanna be walkin'
around, coming all the time.
Well, spontaneous orgasms are
rare, but they're not unheard of,
and it can happen to anyone.
It definitely doesn't happen to
everyone who takes testosterone.
And puberty makes us feel out
of control and unusually aroused.
It sounds like you're describing
how it feels to be a teenage boy.
[LAUGHS] Really?
Yeah. And believe me, I have had my
fair share of poorly timed orgasms,
and they are uncomfortable
and embarrassing.
- Mmm.
- But I promise it doesn't last forever.
So I'm just like a horny
teenage boy? [LAUGHS]
- I thought I was disgusting.
- No.
And I know it's hard, but you
should try and enjoy the journey.
It's an opportunity to get to
know yourself and your body better.
Thank you, Otis.
Can I ask why you decided
to come and speak with me?
You showed your flaccid
penis to the whole college,
so I figured you wouldn't judge me.
- [CAL] Hey.
- [JACKSON] Yeah, I think it's down there.
Wow. You're really not over them.
I'm workin' on it, all right?
Anyway, neither of us have time to date.
This year is make or break, okay?
[GIRL] Yeah, exactly!
- Hey.
- Hi!
- Did you get your tablet fixed?
- Yeah, I fixed me.
Um, sorry. I I fixed it.
- Hey, I'm Beau.
- Jackson.
I'll send you those notes on Dolly.
- Oh.
- What's your last name?
Um, it's
Vivienne Odusanya. See
you in class tomorrow.
- See you in class tomorrow.
What was that about make or break?
Wow. Vivienne Odusanya.
- I'll see you in class tomorrow.
- This close.
[JEAN] How was school?
It was terrible.
There is another student doing therapy,
and they've got a bloody channel
with loads of videos and followers.
It just made my whole
thing feel pathetic.
You're not even listening.
I'm sorry.
I got the job!
They want me to start right away.
- Which I know is not ideal, but
- Who is gonna look after Joy?
Well, it's an early evening show.
So I thought I could take
her to the studio sometimes,
and sometimes you could watch her.
Mum, we are struggling as it is.
I've just started college. I really
don't think it's a good idea
Where's Joy?
Where's Joy? Where?
- I just got home, Mum.
- [JEAN] Oh! Oh!
[OTIS] What do you mean, where's Joy?
Whew. I must have put her to bed.
I completely forgot.
Panic over.
Hey, I am worried about Mum.
- Ah! Devastating.
- [BEATRICE] Eric!
The new pastor was asking me why
you're not baptized at church today.
- I think you should do his course.
- Oh!
Apparently, he's very progressive.
Mum, we have already spoken about
this, and you know I'm not sure.
- Okay? Ohhh!
- Please, Eric. All the girls are baptized.
- So what?
- You're the only one left.
- It'd mean so much to me and your grandma.
Storm or sun ♪
- You're the only one ♪
- Okay.
I'll think about it.
Oh, Mum, um, what time was I born?
- Ah!
- Ah?
Who have you been speaking to?
No one.
- Hmm.
- It's forever, not a year and a day ♪
Rain ♪
- No way.
- Shine ♪
Rain ♪
Thank you, Black Jesus.
- Fantasy come true ♪
- Rain ♪
- Rain or shine ♪
- Or shine ♪
- Adam didn't start at Cavendish today.
- No.
He's decided he doesn't
want to continue with school.
- Why didn't he tell me?
- [SIGHS] Michael.
He's scared of you.
I am working on myself.
I'm doing therapy.
Well, I'm glad to hear it.
But if you want Adam to tell you things,
you have to start making
an effort with him.
You ignored me all day.
I feel like an idiot.
I'm sorry. I didn't handle it
well. And I should have texted.
I think I'm scared to
make myself vulnerable
when I don't know you're coming back.
Why wouldn't I come back?
It sounds like you're having
a really great time over there.
I am, but it's also hard
being away from home.
And I miss you. A lot.
Yeah. I miss you too.
I am coming home.
I don't think that photos are my thing.
But maybe we could try something else.
Okay. What did you have in mind?
I don't know. Um
[LAUGHS] Oh, I'm terrible
at this kind of thing.
[CHUCKLES] It's okay.
What are you thinking about right now?
I'm thinking about
you being here with me.
And, uh I'm taking my trousers off.
Hang on a minute.
And I'm in my pants.
Hang on a second.
- You okay?
- What are you doing?
- I'm imagining you here with me.
And I'm taking off your
clothes, and I'm touching you.
- Where are you touching me?
- Your face.
- And your mouth.
- Are you kissing me?
- Where?
- On your lips.
- And down your neck.
[SIGHS] Are you touching yourself?
Yeah. Are you?
You got into my car ♪
"I don't care what you are" ♪
- Is what you said to me back then ♪
- Oh!
- I told you in my car ♪
I told you I was trouble, man ♪
The summer of the crash ♪
- The winter of survival mode ♪
- Okay.
You saw it in a flash ♪
We're entering survival mode ♪
It must be getting late for you.
It is.
What are you doing tonight?
- Um
Oh shit. I better go.
I'm grabbing pizza with Tyrone.
- Who's Tyrone?
- I've told you about him, haven't I?
He's on my course. He's
very smart and funny.
We get on really well.
We hang out a lot 'cause Ellen
and Chris keep hooking up.
Nice. He sounds sounds great.
- Have fun.
- Thanks.
I said you never learn ♪
You signaled as you turned ♪
Onto the wrong and binding road ♪
Do you remember when we
thought the world was ending? ♪
Seems funny now ♪
The future is a text message sending ♪
Out, out, out ♪
I live forever in sunset ♪
An ending not quite done yet ♪
Some people don't understand that ♪
You thought you understood ♪
When you said you believed in me ♪
I didn't think to ask ♪
The tank was full of gas ♪
Pulled onto highway 93 ♪
The sun was in your eyes ♪
You thought you could believe in me ♪
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