Shades of Blue (2016) s02e03 Episode Script

Ghost Hunt

1 Previously on "Shades of Blue" - What is it you want? - If you can't get me the mastermind behind this heist, I'm looking at exactly what I want.
Where's Linklater? If the money isn't deposited in a week, they'll send those incriminating photos to the Feds.
Miguel, I'm gonna give you the money I promised you, and you're gonna disappear.
You paid him to go away? - [screams] - [bones snap] Some weeks ago, you violently pulled one of my associates, Detective Donald Pomp, out of a deposition.
- Is there a question? - He's been missing for over three weeks.
Donnie's dead.
Loman killed him in self-defense.
I've never risked what we have.
Not for anything.
You know that, and you know how I feel about you.
That's Donnie.
The first one.
What? I want to be with you, Matt.
Spending time with your rat.
[grunting] - [gun cocks] - Let him go! Whose side are you on? I'm on your side! [faint music] [radio chatter] [Claire Guerreso's "Listen"] I keep my ears to the ground - My eyes wide shut - Oh, God.
- I'm boiling over baby - Oh, God.
Yeah hot to the touch I dance to the drum of my own heart Tells me when to move Says it's time to start Listen In an effort to put some room between herself and her opponent, mayoral candidate Julia Ayres touted her tough-on-crime position at a local rally.
I created the Community Crime Initiative to continue the sacred mission I took on as an NYPD officer, and I will keep up that fight as your next mayor.
[dramatic music] [radio chatter] Can you hear it Working on a new piece for the next recital? Yeah.
Something you're excited about? Uh-huh.
Anything you want to share with interested parties? Maybe a title? Um, the last two pages didn't print out.
Shut up, now I'm standing tall Gonna make my own luck Listen Can you hear it? Listen I can feel it In the air in my veins In the strength that awakes when my armor breaks Listen Can you hear it? [sirens wailing] Listen I got to go.
Break a leg.
- Thanks.
- Love you.
Love you too.
[siren blaring] [dramatic music] [doorbell rings] [radio chatter] - Hands! - Don't move.
- Hey, right there.
Don't move.
- Keep 'em up.
- Nate? - Hi, Dad.
[radio chatter] A full tactical unit? I guess if I was you, I wouldn't like my odds one-on-one lately either.
Everything's risk/reward, Harlee.
And lately, you are not worth the risk.
Yeah? Let me know when you really believe that.
Will you fan out please? Give us some space.
So, this is what? You're letting me know you're king of the mountain again? No.
I'm here to give you a ride.
I'm a big girl.
I can get to work on my own.
No, but then you'll miss a front-row seat to the arrests of Detective Nazario, Detective Tufo You don't want to do that, all right? It ends your case.
Wozniak is a big boy.
He made a deal.
He gives me evidence Councilwoman Julia Ayres is dirty, or your crew goes down.
Last night, he made his choice.
All right, let me talk to him.
The man nearly crushed my windpipe last night.
I think he's beyond listening to reason.
Look, if you knew Wozniak the way you think you do, you wouldn't have gone full scorched earth.
Deep down, he wants to forgive me.
Just let me get him down to a simmer, and maybe I can fix this.
Exploiting a man's attachment to you does seem to be your specialty.
Speaking of admirers, when's the last time you heard from Miguel? Hasn't bothered me in weeks.
Just the same, I promised I'd check up on him from time to time, and as you know, I'm a man of my word.
When it suits you.
Miguel dropped off the grid.
He's disappeared.
He's invisible.
And that makes him dangerous.
Well, maybe he realized I'm a game he can't win, and he gave up.
Hopeful theory.
I can confirm it when I track him down.
Unless there's some reason you don't want me looking into Miguel.
Whatever keeps you off my block.
[dramatic music] If you see Mom's leather coat, let me know.
I'll pick it up.
Whiskey breakfast, huh? Find any answers at the bottom of the bottle? No, but I've got two more.
I'll leave you and your buddy to your search, then.
Hey, Nate? Tell your mom hi for me, will you? What did you do this time, Dad? [exhales sharply] You know, I was dating Jay four months before he finally cornered me and asked me to tell him just one story about you that doesn't end with, "Because my dad is an ass.
That's why.
" And he's still waiting.
I get it.
I get it.
Little league.
I missed a fly ball, and Coach yanked me out.
You and I practiced pop-ups for weeks.
He still wouldn't give me another shot, so you[chuckles], you walk me out to left field, tell the kid out there to get lost.
And that cocky little jerk nearly pissed himself.
[laughing] Yeah, and you stayed by the fence the whole game, daring Coach to take me out.
You know, when there's not a straight line to something, you always find another way.
It's the one thing I like about you.
I don't think I left myself a way back on this one.
So get a bulldozer.
Make one.
[dramatic music] Next time you put a gun to my head, make sure you pull the trigger.
Killing a federal officer is a death-penalty case.
So you're welcome.
Linda left me.
That spineless albino played a conversation for her.
From my private life.
Me and Donnie.
In my office.
That recording.
The one you made.
You could've let me know about that one.
I didn't say anything because it didn't change anything.
Doesn't change anything? You should've warned me, Harlee.
And what was I gonna say? Stahl has a nuke? That would've made you feel better? No, what's gonna make me feel better is to get everybody off the hook, and I'm gonna do it my way.
Woz, there's no road out of this that doesn't go through Julia.
Then I'll build a new one.
I'm ending this today.
Let me watch your back.
I'll go with somebody who hasn't plunged a knife in it.
[engine turns over] [knocking at door] I got an off-the-books mission.
Right now.
No questions asked.
Someone might get bloody.
Are you buying the coffee? I'll be outside.
All right.
And I thought kid's puke was a bad way to start off the day.
We're on the same shooting re-qualification schedule.
You shouldn't be due again for months.
It doesn't smell right.
Out of the blue, they move it up to this afternoon? But you're good to go.
I mean, your shoulder's holding up, right? Oh, yeah, painkillers and rest are a gunshot wound's best friend.
You might want to keep it down a few decibels.
The Internal Affairs guy's back, taking up residence.
Can he do that? How much you want to bet that ferret's the reason my re-qual got pushed up? Detective Espada.
You drew the short one today.
Can I see you in my office, please? Your office, is it? You know, squatting is illegal in this city.
Just 'cause I said "please" doesn't make it a request.
Detective Loman, you too, buddy.
Come on.
One, two, three.
Come on.
[grunting] Watch your toes, boys.
There we are.
Will this be acceptable, miss? I haven't been called "miss" since my debut.
- [laughs] - This guy.
Oh, Detective Loman, while I got you back there, do you mind if I throw a few questions at you? The rookie was about to step in on a line-up for me.
I got a tight schedule.
Find somebody else.
Shut the door behind you.
It's terrible, isn't it? That feeling that somebody's lurking, looking over your shoulder.
Drives me nuts.
No, I'm good.
Do you know why you're here, Detective Loman? Because you trapped me on the wrong side of your desk.
[chuckles] Yeah.
No, I mean here here.
On Wozniak's aptly named "Garbage Unit.
" - I was assigned here.
- Hmm.
After patrol.
Did you know that he specifically requested you? Went over people's heads.
Feelings were hurt.
I don't blame him.
You know, Phi Beta Kappa, top of your academy class.
I admire you, Michael.
May I call you Michael? If you have to.
Do you really think you're an ideal candidate for this crew? Yeah.
We take out the trash no one else can.
I get the concept.
You know, it's just that every member of his team has a role.
Right? Harlee is the surrogate daughter.
Tess is the perp whisperer.
Espada, the heavy lifter.
Tufo, a loyal foot soldier.
Ever wonder what yours is? I think I'll go with paperwork completer.
- Ah.
- You know, they treat my desk like it's an inbox.
I hope you're right.
See, I have a different theory, Michael.
I think you're the fall guy.
[dark music] You keep popping those pain pills like they're breath mints.
Well, it's not about willpower.
Once I get through this shooting re-qual today, I'll go cold turkey.
Dozen cream-filleds.
On a scale of one to somebody died, how bad is it? A strong eight.
And rising.
We have a new guest.
Tom Verco.
IA bloodhound who brought down half the 42 precinct on that payola scam.
He's here sniffing around about Donnie.
And you guys are just sitting here while Loman gets in the ring with him? I tried to chaperone.
Invitation only.
Then you get one.
Sorry to interrupt.
I need Detective Loman.
Ah, Detective Santos.
We haven't met yet.
I'm Tom Verco.
Internal Affairs.
I know.
String of high-value burglaries that Loman's been working.
That longshoreman that we talked to last week, he called he said he might have some information on the Caruso shipment, but he leaves for Virginia in two hours.
Cargo containers on the docks.
I mean, Commissioner's office has been all over us on it.
Far be it for me to keep a case closure off the CompStat report, huh? May I see that? Have you seen Detective Tufo, by the way? I still haven't had the pleasure.
You working a case or running for office? No, no, I don't have the stomach for politics.
I am formally opening a file on Donnie Pomp's disappearance, though.
I look forward to interviewing you.
I'm ready whenever you are.
You'll know when I'm ready.
Hold up.
Donnie Pomp had an inside man? Posed as a DEA agent named Linklater.
And this guy helped Donnie rip us off? Well, Linklater's an alias.
The guy's a ghost.
Who do you think haunts this chop shop? I looked through three years' worth of mug shots before I found this messenger.
We don't do walk-ins, yo.
Make an exception, yo.
Hard to forget a pretty face like this, isn't it? Look.
You and me, we got no beef.
Oh, we have a big, juicy porterhouse, my friend.
- No, no, no.
- [grunts] This is the part where you tell us where you stashed our money.
- [grunts] - Linklater.
How do we find him? You don't.
Linklater ain't even his name.
I don't care if his name is Rumplestiltskin.
He's your boss.
How does he reach out to you? He's not my boss.
I run errands for him.
I get a call.
I get paid.
Come on, man.
I'm telling you straight.
I do a job.
I get paid.
I've never even met him.
I hope you can stroke with your other hand, or else you're in for a dry spell.
There's a dummy phone number.
You leave a message.
Maybe he calls you back.
Aah! Aah, please! Aah! - [knocks on glass] - Hey.
You got a search warrant for that? Going through my desk? Wozniak got locked out of Murphy's Tavern.
He needs the master keys.
He's hitting the bar before it even opens? That's a cry for help.
Did he call a freezer meet? No.
He wasn't filling in many blanks.
All right, well, I'll drop them off.
I need to fill him in on our little house mouse anyway.
[knocking] Mrs.
Zepeda? I'm not buying anything, and I already know my savior.
I'm not selling anything.
I promise.
William Clark.
I was hoping I could talk to Miguel.
Men who get in fights aren't the kind I want talking to my son.
Oh, no.
This this is from a parent upset over his visitation schedule.
I'm an investigator working with Baron and Rosenberg, attorneys-at-law.
Your son paid my associates a visit last month.
He's looking to establish paternity for his daughter.
He's fighting for custody of Cristina? I thought you needed the keys.
Patience ain't one of Wozniak's more pronounced virtues.
Looks like our bar tab just got bigger.
We got a lead on the heist money.
Turns out Donnie was working with a partner.
Some dude by the name of Linklater.
I doubt he's using Murphy's Tavern as a secret hideout.
We found the guy's errand boy, made him place a call.
Holding him in the freezer till his boss hits him back.
Head back to the precinct.
I'm tapping you out.
You get a new set of L stripes when I wasn't looking? There has to be some sugar back here, right? There's an IA detective.
He's kicking up dirt on Donnie Pomp.
My phone ain't ringing.
That's not how this guy operates.
Go push paper around on the cargo burglaries.
Back up how I sprung Loman.
Yo, are we worried about this guy? Yo, where am I? Freezing.
Cold's good for the swelling.
I'm dying, and you got jokes.
I've seen dying, Cal.
You ain't there yet.
- Got a minute, boss? - Haven't you learned anything from gym class? When you don't get picked, be a big girl stay on the sideline.
And the game is Linklater? The FBI has priorities.
He's higher than Julia on their wish list.
If you can flush him out, if you can catch him.
See? This.
This is why I didn't tell you.
You should have.
This guy operates on a whole other level.
And even if I thought this was a suicide mission, and I do, I would've helped you.
And then Tufo wouldn't be involved.
Tufo does what he's asked.
And he protects the family.
Making things right is on me, is on my shoulders.
Not Tufo's.
Not the crew's.
You want to be a martyr? Make yourself comfortable.
[door shuts] Yeah.
We only met once, but I was very impressed with Miguel's courage and his resilience after being wrongfully incarcerated.
But we need more information from him if we're gonna take that next step.
And I just I haven't been able to reach him.
Miguel's out of town.
He sent me a text that an opportunity came up he couldn't say no to.
Well, that's exciting.
Did he say where he was headed? Oh, no, no.
But that's my son.
Before he went to prison, he'd come, he'd go.
Sometimes months in between.
- [pop music playing] - Monica! Apurate.
You can't rush beauty, Grandma.
And you're late again for choir, solving the mystery of why you can't get a solo.
You forget this part between raising your own and having grandchildren.
[chuckles] Yeah.
I'll bet.
Do I know you? Um, Mr.
Zepeda showed me a picture.
Your dad hired his law firm to force your mom to let you see us.
Well, he hasn't hired us yet.
Just the initial meeting.
He's trying to get custody? Yeah.
You almost sound disappointed.
He sees lawyers and then leaves town without saying good-bye? That makes zero sense.
Well, custody can be a very emotional issue.
He's probably just taking some time to think it through.
Do you always pay house calls to clients you've only met once? Is that a book on cross examination? Hey, cuz, I'm running late.
You got wheels, right? Yeah.
I'll give you a ride.
I should get going anyways.
Hey, if if you happen to hear from Miguel Could you let me know? Would it be unethical to let me know? Not at all.
I'll absolutely be in touch.
It's really nice to meet you, Cristina.
I hope we can stay on the same page after this.
One cold cup of coffee doesn't fix everything.
[phone rings] - Showtime.
- What if he doesn't buy it? Just take a breath and stick to the script.
He's too smart.
I can't convince him Can't is not an option.
[ringing continues] Thanks for hitting me back, sir.
This channel flows one way.
I'm not in the market for any assistance at the moment.
Yeah, that's actually not why I'm calling.
Some FBI agents showed up at my place asking questions about the heist.
Hello? How did they find you? Like they'd tell me.
I didn't give them nothing.
I've been dependable.
You say jump, I'm through the roof.
I need cash and IDs to disappear for a while before they come back.
That's a reasonable request.
- What are their names? - Whose names? The agents who paid you a visit.
All I heard was "heist" and "Feds.
" I didn't listen for names.
You should pay closer attention.
One of them was Agent Stahl.
Riverside Park in Brooklyn.
By the baseball diamond.
Park bench near the third base line.
Give me your description.
You there? I need to know what you look like so I can identify you.
Grey camo jacket.
I'll see you soon.
Just described Tufo.
Wish your buddy luck for me.
- What the hell? - Funny you say that, Detective Tufo.
I've been chilly in here all morning, but everybody that comes in complains about the heat.
Are you a Mets fan, Marcus? Queens.
Born and raised.
I'm from Flushing.
Had some lean years, but now that we got Céspedes, everybody wants on the bandwagon.
I'll stop you there.
I ain't your buddy, and there sure as hell ain't no "we," so ask what you want about Donnie Pomp, and let's get this over with.
I'd rather talk about you.
About your devotion to your fellow cops.
I get the sense that you'd take a bullet for any one of them.
Most of them, anyway.
They gave you a detective badge for all those keen observational skills? Here's a question: Prison sentence.
25-to-life variety.
Would you be willing to take one of those for your unit? Oh, that reminds me.
Here we go.
You recognize this man? He's my brother.
Wallace Tufo.
Street name Crazy Eight.
Banger doing year 5 of a 12-year bit on aggravated assault.
You know, I know a guy who works gang unit.
Says Crazy Eight was a good kid till he got six months on a grand theft auto.
15 years old.
Might've had a future.
But he got jumped in in juvie.
Wallace is a good man.
Made some bad friends is all.
Did you know that the original suspect in that GTA was a 13-year-old hopper named Marcus Tufo? Wallace doesn't cop to that joyride, save his baby brother, man, your life takes a whole different trajectory.
Your brother's been up for parole, what, three times? Four.
Up again next month.
I'd be willing to make a call on his behalf.
Oh, here we go, huh? We got an ID on one of the cargo thieves.
Detective Santos, do I need to hang a tie on my doorknob? You want privacy? Go back to your IA hole.
We do real police work here.
We're gonna set up at the suspect's place, hope to make a bust.
Well, as much as I hate to cut this short, you heard the lady.
Duty calls.
Something calls.
Aren't you gonna be, like, super late for choir? I haven't been to choir in, like, a week.
This boy I've been talking to, Toby, balls down at the courts.
I told him we'd stop by.
You're sloppy.
You know, sooner or later, Grandma Lorena's gonna figure it out.
Tell you a trick: go to choir, tell the teacher you feel really sick.
It's a free pass all day.
Look at you, bad girl.
Who have you been sneaking out to meet? Grandma Lorena.
And you.
You have to lie to your mom about seeing family? That's messed up.
If you met my mom, you'd understand.
Well, I'm glad you're taking a walk on the wild side.
It's cool to hang with my long-lost cousin.
Did you ever think about, you know, reaching out to me? Every time anyone mentioned you, Grandma would change the subject.
Said you lived out in Florida.
So, she basically pretended I didn't exist.
I guess it's just how she dealt with it Miguel in jail, and hating your mom for keeping you away.
No offense.
God, 15 years, and I've been 15 minutes away.
Just means we've got time to make up for.
Do you have a fake or something? No.
But I've got two hands and a baby-faced cousin.
Be cool, okay? The trick is to just buy everything else.
[glass clinks] What's in the bag? It's my books.
It's not too late to call this off.
No, it ain't stage fright that's eating me.
Then what? Internal Affairs? I'm good.
- [over radio] - Ten minute warning.
Tufo, wait another five, and then head to the middle of the bench by the baseball field.
When Linklater comes, we'll box him in.
Copy that.
Those gears grind any louder, I'm gonna have to turn up my walkie.
In my old hood, there was this guy at the courts.
Mean as he was big, and the dude was big.
One day, this young punk decides to step to.
How'd that work out for you? [kids shouting] Yeah, Rick is about to crack my skull when my brother Wallace shows up.
[dramatic music] The thing about Wallace is he was the only brother in Queens playing tennis.
He wanted to be the next Arthur Ashe.
He's standing there with his racket and his little short shorts and these goofy wrap-around glasses.
Rec Rec-Specs.
[laughs] He warns Rick not to touch me again.
And Rick just laughs.
And Wallace goes buck wild, breaks his racket on the dude's neck.
Rick never touched me again.
At least it has a happy ending.
The beat-down Wallace gave Rick was nothing on the hurt he gave me when we got home.
Said it was to teach me a lesson.
No one can save you from what you've got coming.
I told myself what we've been doing is right.
Bending the rules to fight the bad guys.
But with Sap and everything, I I don't know.
I wonder if we've been the bullies all along, Harlee.
I can't shake the feeling that somebody's about to give us what we got coming.
You need to relax.
Internal Affairs is setting up shop in there.
Look, the only way he gets anything is if we let him.
Four o'clock.
And I hate to keep the douchebags waiting.
Ugh! I know.
You're shocked.
Is that 15 rounds, center mass? Good to see your arm didn't slow you down.
You can play all the mind games you want.
Doesn't change the fact that I'm a good cop.
But are you a clean one? Drug test.
A female detective will meet you in the bathroom.
[dramatic music] Is this guy coming or what? I'm getting sideways looks from the Mommy and Me crowd.
Just keep your hands out of your pockets.
Our ghost's a no-show.
I'm switching to plan B.
Want to tell me what that is? You want to sound check your mic first? You know what? Throw all the bombs you want.
I'm not going anywhere.
The recording of me and Donnie.
Is that the only other one? No.
The night that you first told me that there was a rat in the crew.
Harlee, I swear to God, if I hear something else, - I'm gonna - No, that's it.
That's it.
I'm gonna leave a message for Linklater.
He'll pop his head out for that.
I'll call you when he does.
And get that idiot out of my freezer.
Hold on, Linklater.
I have trouble avoiding potholes.
[chuckles] I'm serious.
Are you sure he said four o'clock? [kids shouting] [baby cooing] Harlee? Hold on, Tufo.
[phone buzzing] Detective Santos.
Shoplifting 40s.
That will look great on your application to Juilliard.
Oh, 'cause musicians who drink never get anywhere in the world? You know, you're lucky that that officer called me instead of booking you.
I'm the one who convinced him to call you.
Well, am I supposed to be impressed by that, Cristina? I don't know.
God, I don't know.
But at some point, you're gonna have to let me out of the bubble wrap, Mom.
And don't think I don't know whose neighborhood that was.
You mean Miguel's? Yeah.
That's how family works.
His family is my family.
Baby, they are from a different world than you.
I don't want you making the same mistakes I did.
How much? How much did you pay him to go away? I mean, how much was his only daughter worth to him? [dramatic music] Baby, I'm so sorry.
That's the thing, Mom.
You're not sorry.
Keep the doors locked.
Oh, so Miguel's neighborhood is too sketchy, but I can just wait outside a bar.
Got it.
Tommy was looking for you about your guy in the freezer.
Don't worry.
I'm getting him out of your hair right now.
I told you I'd find you when I was ready.
Were you expecting to find somebody else back here? Yeah.
Tommy, the owner.
He special orders this from Cuba for me.
Can't get it in the store.
You know, the strangest thing happened to me when I flashed my badge out front.
Your friend Tommy told me to wait.
Then he scurried back here and he escorted a man out.
A man with a severely damaged hand.
Can be a rough place.
- And yet here you are.
- Yeah.
Not for long.
My daughter's waiting in the car.
Before you go, I've been meaning to ask: the morning after Detective Pomp was last seen, you showed up at the precinct with a cut under your eye.
I hope you stretched before a reach like that.
You're gonna pull something.
I know.
I know.
Normally I would agree with you.
But here's where it gets spooky.
Lieutenant Wozniak showed up on the same day with gashes on the left side of his face.
I box.
Local gym.
Guys there don't know how to treat a lady.
You want to know what happened to Wozniak? Knock on his office door.
It's the one right across from yours.
If you tap long enough, you will always find a weak spot.
How else do you think I found your freezer? You were in the Corps.
I was a Ranger myself.
But we had a lot of respect for you fellas.
Marines, first in, last out.
I read the manual too.
Establish a rapport with your captor.
Get him to lower his guard.
Just save it.
I thought we had an understanding, Marine.
I didn't come after you.
You didn't come after me.
You thought wrong, Ranger.
FBI picked you up right after the heist, didn't they? They must have ambitious plans for you since they let you walk away.
They're not driving the bus anymore.
I am.
And you never wondered why I didn't even blink when you cost me $12 million? It's because I'm a man who can afford to lose $12 million.
You have no idea how much I would pay for a man with your skill set.
[phone rings] Not being a rat is payment enough.
[grunts] [ringing continues] Agent Stahl.
How's your face? [knocking at door] Little on edge tonight? Put the piece away, Harlee, unless you're gonna shoot me on your front stoop.
Come at me when my daughter's home.
Find out.
Oh, I know what you're capable of, Harlee.
That's why I'm here.
Wozniak called for an emergency meet at a warehouse.
Is it an ambush? He doesn't share his playbook with me anymore.
You made sure of that.
You and I are gonna open his surprise together.
Would you holster your weapon, and let's go.
Let me say good-bye to Cristina.
Two minutes.
[phone dialing] You have him, don't you? Linklater? Did Stahl call you with a knot in his shaft? I thought we took a step today.
But you were playing me the whole time.
The only one I played was Linklater.
Whichever way this goes, you're in the clear.
Yeah, not so much.
Stahl is bringing me with him.
For some reason, he's wary of you.
Woz? Can I count on you to back me? [suspenseful music] You know, there was a moment when Wozniak was choking me to death when everything went dark.
There's no white lights.
There's no tunnel.
There's nothing.
I don't think there's anything more after this.
Maybe there is, and you're just not going there.
Maybe none of us are.
At times, I've been cavalier in my approach to you, Harlee.
And I'm sorry that things have gotten so - Disgusting? Pathetic? - Out of hand.
That was never my intention.
Yeah, I've seen the videos.
I know all about your intentions.
My feelings for you are nuanced.
I'll admit that.
But watching you these past months, watching you fight to keep your life whole, no matter how bad the deck's stacked against you, I admire you.
I hope we can at least be civil to each other from now on.
Let's just get this over with.
Leave it to Wozniak to call a meet on the set of a horror movie.
If it looks like a setup and feels like a setup You got no choice but to go in anyway.
[sighs] [chuckles] You brought your mommy along to hide behind her skirt again? Who the hell is this? One of your, uh, flings? Ha, ha.
Meet the artist formerly known as Terrence Linklater, AKA the ghost who masterminded the armored car heist, in the flesh.
Linklater was not your assignment.
It was yours.
And you said so yourself the night that you brought me in.
Deliver the guy who masterminded the heist, and my debt is paid.
That was when I thought it was impossible.
Well, be careful who you ask for the moon.
Some maniac just might bring it to you.
Yeah, well, too bad this maniac didn't read the fine print.
Yeah, I'll show you the fine print.
I'll stick my foot so far up your ass Okay, Woz, easy.
All right, Stahl is gonna fix this.
Because like you said to me this morning, you're a man of your word.
This is out of my hands, Harlee.
And it's not the agreement Wozniak signed onto.
Then why don't we just call Gail Baker, see who the bigger prize to the FBI is? A crooked councilwoman or an enemy of the state who's already humiliated the Bureau once.
I'd weigh my options if I were you, but you don't have anything to put on the scale.
Except proof of the dirt that you and you and your crew has done that I can submit to the NYPD.
Don't forget I've got your greatest hits that I can deliver to the FBI.
Mutually assured destruction.
You want to play? It's a win-win, Stahl.
This is a career-maker for you.
Take the bust and the corner office that goes with it, and leave us the hell alone.
[sighs] You know something? You two You do make one hell of a team.
[gunshot] We stick to the assignment.
Julia Ayres.
She got my partner killed.
Your DNA is gonna be all over that.
I suggest you get rid of the body.
You know how to do that, right, Harlee? [dramatic music]